Ground deformation and seismic activity continue to plague El Hierro

July 1, 2012 CANARY ISLANDS - The pressure of the magma detected in El Hierro has caused in the past four days on the island deformation of four to five inches vertically and three to four horizontal, as reported by the Security Directorate of the Canary Islands. The energy released has reached 420,000 million joules, a fact which, together with the ground deformation evidence magmatic process acceleration on the Canary Island, where there is an inflation process is centered in the area which earthquakes occur. The General Directorate of Security, who coordinates the Civil Protection Plan Risk Volcanic Islands, said that since the beginning were found in magmatic process, last Sunday, have occurred in El Hierro over 750 earthquakes. The earthquake with greater magnitude of 4.0 degrees on the Richter scale occurred on Wednesday at 18.55 hours in the Sea of Calm, 2 km from the coast and 20 kilometers deep. The seismic activity began in the Sea of the Gulf (north of El Hierro) and then move to the center of the island, coinciding with the point of intersection of the ridges, to subsequently migrate to the west. From noon on June 25 the seismicity is concentrated in an area that includes the west and the dorsal side of the Julan, and from 1200 hours on June 27 the focus of the earthquake begins to migrate towards the Sea of Calm. –World Mysteries
50 more quakes reported on Sunday: The volcano monitoring network monitoring 24 hours of National Geographic Institute (IGN) recorded a total of 50 earthquakes of small intensity in El Hierro, the strongest of them a 2.9 magnitude tremor was felt by the population. The 2.9 magnitude earthquake on Sunday occurred at a depth of 19 kilometers southwest of El Pinar. –Canarias  (translated)
Live El Hierro seismic activity link:
contribution by Emanni
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29 Responses to Ground deformation and seismic activity continue to plague El Hierro

  1. robert dunn says:


  2. Dave says:

    There is some very odd and indeed dangerous things going on this year, the Earthquakes are getting bigger, they are more often, the weather has gone wrong all over the world, the Bee is dieing in Hives, people are hearing odd sounds in the sky, wow the world is odd.

  3. yamkin says:

    1153171 01/07/2012 10:11:40 27.6569 -18.1288 22 III 4.0 mbLg SW EL PINAR.IHI

    • A 4.2 magnitude around the region also. There was also a 4.6 magnitude earthquake just now also in Eritrea near the Nabro volcano — we’ll have to wait and see if that’s fires up the volcanic eruption again.

      • Vegeta9000 says:

        My question is, what if the Government use some form of explosives to try to blow off the island piece by piece? What would the results be? Or perhaps even using bombs on the tsunami threat? Could it make these waves less damaging???

      • IMg
        Past eruptions of Yellowstone have blasted holes in the ground the size of Rhode Island

        It’s a magma plume, which means the theory of ‘hot-spots’ if that’s was fueling El Hierro (and there is every indication it is), the source of magma effsuing from the mantle is virtually endless. Yellowstone is a hot-spot and if there was ever a super-eruption, it could create a hole in the ground the size of a city. Past eruptions created super-holes the size of Tokyo. I don’t think Yellowstone will stop erupting, the next time it goes off or at the very least this will be an incredibly prolonged event. My point is, many volcanoes blows themselves out and are capped only with parts of a mountain fall or collapse inside the caldera and plug the hole. If you break up the mountain- you’re essentially uncorking the bottle of champagne.

      • Vegeta9000 says:

        Is there any chance it will NOT erupt???

      • It’s already erupting. The entire island is sitting on the top of a giant volcano.

  4. JP says:

    If this gets worse, will this trigger the East Coast Mega Tsunami!?

  5. Greg says:

    When this thing blows, a tsunami will hit the east coast.

  6. Therese D says:

    I was impressed over the last couple of days that the activity spiked at midnight. A dream that I had recently occurred at night and fits the activity. Several other rational pieces that I ran across at the onset of all activity have matched as well.

  7. Woody Forest says:

    What’s happening with La Palma?

    • Nothing at present but there is enough to worry about with El Hierro in the fact that there is now magma intrusion in the midst of such a large rocky land mass that has precipitous mountains and cliffs. If that island disintegrates in a series of massive volcanic blasts, it will be the worst disaster this planet has ever seen.

      • Vegeta9000 says:

        Until the Fukushima reactor #4 tower comes crashing down and kills everybody in the Western hemisphere.

      • Vegeta9000 says:

        So will the hell is nobody in the mainstream talking about this thing? Everyone is so worried about some fake alien invasion at the London games instead of this and it is getting me angry! Also, why is it that nobody is responding to any of my questions???

      • The scenario is simply too much for most to handle- quite frankly. El Hierro is a stimulant and celebrity weddings and divorces are an opiate.

  8. Alvin, is there a site you can link to to check either a working web cam or realtime graphing of the EQ activity on el heirro? I have several I am finding, but nothing in real time…

  9. TexasRedNeck says:

    Any place in the Atlantic basin would be in danger.

  10. bob says:

    gonna be a wild summer

  11. EarthAbides says:

    For those interested in the probable impact of a La Palma landslide on Florida, here is a link to the modeling paper.

  12. Just me says:

    Ok. Is it just me but I don’t see the quakes on the USGS site. I only see them on I earthquake in fact 58 min ago there was a 3.4. But nothing on USGS????

  13. Jon K. Stew says:

    Yeah its scary. I first heard about this island a few years back. I heard of it in a documentary on mega tsunamis. I’ve been trying to tell my loved ones bout it, but they don’t care. When el hierro erupts i don’t want to be in times square

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