Mystery sound felt or heard in all corners of San Diego County leaves experts puzzled

June 30, 2012SAN DIEGOResidents from Chula Vista to Oceanside reported a large rumble around 12:45 p.m. Friday. The mysterious sensation was described by some people as sounding like a door slamming while others said it was strong enough to rattle windows. A check of the U.S. Geological Survey website showed no earthquake activity. NBC 7 San Diego’s Dagmar Midcap was in Del Mar at the time and described it as a “Sonic rumble” She tweeted, “according to my contacts at USGS, not seismic but rather sonic.” Two months ago, when San Diegans heard a similar sound, there was evidence of chaff on weather radar. Chaff is a material sometimes emitted during military exercises. On Friday, however, Tina Stall with the National Weather Service said there was no visible chaff in the area at the time the noise was reported. The mysterious sound had both residents and experts scratching their heads. Scripps Institution of Oceanography scientist Kristoffer Walker said he felt it too, and looked into microphones recorded from MCAS Miramar. Evidence from his research revealed an answer. “There was indeed an atmospheric tremor, or “skyquake,” Walker said. “The likely cause of these ‘skyquakes’ is routine military activity very far off the coast of San Diego (at least 50 miles away) in zones that are designated military training zones.” Typically, we don’t hear these “skyquakes.” But when the wind reaches speeds of over 100 miles per hour, the sound can reach parts of San Diego, Walker said. A spokesperson from Camp Pendleton said Marines are not training with anything unusual. They often train with various military equipment and will be training with tanks both Saturday and Sunday. -NBCSD
contribution by Emanni
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51 Responses to Mystery sound felt or heard in all corners of San Diego County leaves experts puzzled

  1. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Chaff ? from military operations…skyquakes from normal military operations very far away…when the so called answers are stranger than the questions I tthink we all might be in trouble, and it does seem like trouble is brewing!

  2. CherylOfTheNorthwoods says:

    I have heard strange prolonged rumblings in a totally clear sky over north eastern Wisconsin. It was heard 10 miles away by friends. Sounded like a jet taking off but didn’t “move” overhead. It drove my livestock and dog pretty nuts. I have never EVER heard anything like it. In my mid 50;s so I have been around awhile. I think something big is coming, not sure what. Growing season is drastically off as well.

    • Carolyn says:

      Cheryl, we heard that in West Palm Beach, Florida about 1.5 years ago. We all just stood outside and listened to the sound that lasted for about 30 minutes and then just stopped abruptly. We’re used to airplanes and engines and that sound was NOT that. My Attorney, son, who is very logical, was standing there scratching his head in amazement.

      • CherylOfTheNorthwoods says:

        Same here.. it lasted about 1/2 an hour and then just “quit”. I wonder about things like HAARP, etc. Who knows.. but after that it was over 80 degrees here. Normal highs are in the upper 20’s to upper 30’s that time of year. REALLY bothers me.

  3. Carla says:

    My thoughts exactly, I had never heard of any reason like so far. These noises have been heard all over the world now. I am waiting to hear noises up here in Northern Cali.

  4. Dennis E. says:

    I think we need to broaden our thinking here. Not only do we interact with physical objects, objects that we hear, see, touch and smell, we are also connected to the unseen things which
    we cannot see at times or so, but can sense, smell sometimes and hear, This is often refer to as the paranormal(inter-dimensional) or the spiritual realm…. (Don’t laugh me off the post please)
    Is it possible that some of these incidents being reported are not because of an action by man? Do you know that it is being reported that 38 per cent of the country or so believes Obama is more capable of handling an alien invasion than Romney. ( I wonder if they really meant cross border immigration?)
    We all know that the purpose of this site is. It’s primary mission goal is the reporting of ongoing and future earth changes events to unfold in this physical world and to warn us to prepare for it. Correct me if I am wrong, please, I am not perfect.
    Also, we all know that at times, spiritual issues are posted based on scriptures/events pointing towards the end of time or end of age issues.
    So, if we are to believe that we, the human race, have a physical and a spiritual connection,
    then what is to say that there are events unfolding in the spiritual realm that causes movement in and out of the spiritual universe I would call it too? Could it be good for us or could it lead to our demise?
    Last thought……..Consider this. The world is moving into chaos. Much confusion and misdirection. No real leadership. Some are looking for help. Some have been for years looking for help from the stars. I have heard the songs and you may have too.
    Is it possible that we are on the brink of 1st contact?
    Just a thought…….. to provoke thought and feedback………

    • “We asked for signs, the signs were sent; The birth betrayed, the marriage spent, the widowhood of all govornments, signs for all to see.” Leonard Cohen – Ring the Bells
      As far as Religion goes, we are finally getting it. We’ve extended a hand to the poor via Obamacare and most of us are opening to the Golden Rule. Go to Spotify and listen to some L. Cohen songs. He tells it like it is in song. jmo

    • Kindred Spirit says:

      I, too, believe in the existence of ‘inconceivable realms'; primarily regarding heaven and hell and their constituents…humans, as a whole, are only capable of perceiving 3 dimensions…it’s substantially obvious that there are more than 3 simple dimensions…for any thinking this is “silly” try explaining the “color” red to someone blind from birth; try explaining the “sound” of a songbird to someone born deaf…blind/deaf people (from birth) must rely solely on “faith” that a dimension, imperceptable to them, truly exists, even though they have no ability to experience it…so in our present miniscule “3D realm” it’s enthralling to imagine the effects the “other realms” (spritual realm) have upon our present state of existence…..

    • chris says:

      I believe that there are strange things happening on this Earth, things that are unexplain able. I have not heard any of those loud noises. But who is to say when and where they will occur.

    • Amy Sheets-Williams says:

      Dennis E, have you ever heard of Zecharia Sitchin? He is the author of “The 12th Planet”. If not, you should look him up. If so, do you think he may have been on to something?

      • Dennis E. says:

        No Amy I have not but looking at the universe and how disorganize it acts and looks with comets here and there, rogue floating planets and the damage in our system, it is possible. The goverment
        and NASA scientists I believe are withholding vital information………………

  5. Kathy says:

    It’s amazing how, with all of our advanced scientific knowledge, no one knows anything!!
    Maybe someone will know something, before the sky falls or the earth blows up.

    God bless us all!

  6. Therese D says:

    I saw that there was nothing recorded on the USGS :/ and I was hoping to hear that it was from Military excercises … Serbia had one post about a Sonic event but no shaking. Very odd. San Diego was pre China Quake and Serbia post China event.

  7. molassis says:

    Aren’t they (military) experimenting with some sort of lightning guns? I wonder if that’s what is causing it?

    • Sam Beckett says:

      The United States military has been trying to perfect the use of weather as a weapon since Vietnam. The did successfully use the weather as a weapon by seeding clouds to flood enemy supply lines. That was over 40 years ago…it is obvious our military indeed does have new aircraft, weapons, etc….that are only known to a few people, so yes it is plausible these sounds could be a new jet, weapon, etc…

      • Dennis E. says:

        The US Air Force is trying to develop weather warfare as a force multiplier by 2025.
        The Russians and The Chinese are doing their thing too.
        Other than what Alvin has reported, this is probably another reason why the weather
        is out of order, man’s meddling……….
        Just an observation………

  8. Sam Beckett says:

    There have been a lot of these so called “mysterious” and/or “strange” sounds…I however believe every single one of them has a logical scientific reason. These people are just confusing, construction, jets, cars backfiring, a gun shot, & so on for something else. If these strange sounds really do exist, but I know they do not, I will believe it when I experience it.

    • CherylOfTheNorthwoods says:

      Well, I HAVE experienced it first hand!! I live in a very remote area, no industry, closest store/town/gas station is well over 20 miles away. So many many people have reported this exact same sound all over the world, now that I have researched it out. I have lived way up here for 28 years. This is the VERY FIRST time I have heard the sounds and my animals were affected too. Sky was totally clear, and this sound vibrated the ground. It was very REAL. I respect your view of “Seeing (or in this case hearing) is believing” but to quote an old saying.. “we can’t see the wind but can see what it does”. I will believe if someone comes up with a logical explanation they can prove.

      • Dennis E. says:

        As a youth, the night my mom’s mother died, I was home alone watching TV. The neighbors dog kept a fuss outside our home and without warning I overheard what sounded like chains hitting our roof. I reported this to my parents when they came home and nothing was found and the neighbors dog ran around our house all night barking .

        We under estimate the involvement of the spiritual world in this physical world.
        Consider this:::::::Prayer and what it does
        Meditation:::::::::rather for good or bad involves invitations from the spirit world.
        God lives in the spiritual world
        The Devil lives in the spiritual world

        Just a thought……………….

    • Amy Sheets-Williams says:

      Sam Beckett, I have noticed that every comment you have posted has implied that we are all crazy. Do you think that we haven’t run through all the possible scenarios in our head. We’ve heard things our neighbors have said and know the opinions of the general public. These feelings we have of “something is just not right,” are coming from a place within ourselves that we just can’t put our fingers on. It’s easy for the majority of people to try and explain it away with something they think is logical because the truth is just too overwhelming and seems unrealistic. I think that maybe deep down you know something is not right but you are looking to prove yourself wrong because the truth is down right terrifying.

  9. Rebecca says:

    We had Mystery shaking here in Orange County, Ca. a couple of times a few years ago. It must have been some kind of secret military testing. You think it’s an earthquake at first, windows shake and roof sounds like powerful waves going across it,but ground doesn’t shake like an earthquake. Here’s a link to story. Read comments how people describe it.
    Sciencedude opens X-File on mystery shaking in O.C.

    Another round of shaking:

  10. Eric G says:

    “There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, NATIONS will be in ANGUISH and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. Men will FAINT from terror, apprehensive of what is COMING on the world, for the HEAVENLY BODIES will be SHAKEN.
    At that time they will see the SON of MAN COMING in a cloud with power and great glory. When these things BEGIN to TAKE PLACE, STAND UP and lift up your HEADS, because your redemption is drawing near.” (Luke 21:25-28 Niv)
    Its a call to HOLY Preparedness Precious people, in absolute HOLINESS the MESSIAH our KING is COMING…. REPENT then in Christ Jesus and turn away from all sin the COMING of the Lord is Now IMMINENT

  11. Jack Boats says:

    I suspect this was the Navy testing it’s new Rail Gun equipped stealth destroyers.

  12. wendy says:

    It is conceivable that colliding or combusting cosmic debris, if large enough, would send sound/shock waves in our direction if the path were clear of orbiting obstacles for a brief moment, aligned such that there is an open window for the sound to travel to earth.

  13. victor says:

    I felt something like that earlier this yr. Would start and stop,,with binocs I was able to see an F-35 fighter at extremly high altitude with afterburner on while the rumbling was happening. I couldn’t see it with naked eye,,but the sound would stop when it turned away, and when the after burner was off.

    Also,,I’ve heard fighters go ultra sonic before,,I live in a training area. But this was much louder and lasted for an entended amount of time. I hadn’t heard anything like it before

  14. Richie says:

    I believe we may turn to the Bible, the Kolbrin and Nostradamus for some insight on this. All three of these vastly different sources all proclaim that around the time before and during the appearance of ‘wormwood’ or, ‘the destroyer’ that loud noises will be heard in the sky, seemingly coming from nowhere. In both sacred texts, they are attributed as being trumpet-like sound-wise often. Nostradamus mentions war-like noises some time (shortly I’d assume) after the transit of Venus, heralding the appearance of some cesletial body/bodies. So this is something that should be being watched out for. Seeing as how there are different types of noises being heard, I’d say there are 3 distinct, and all equally-likely possibilities; the sound of exploding meteorites, energetic waves coming from Planet X, the Sun, or both, and of course the option of the noise being the result of the interaction between the solar energies and our weakened magnetic field. Just theories though, they seem likely when you read the words for yourself.

    • ONTHEMARK55 says:

      The Kolbrin is NOt a sacred text, it’s not even a text, it dosn’t exist! To mention the Holy Bible alongside that nonsense is sacrilegious. Nostradamas was a man that seemed to work the edges of science and mysticism to his social and financial advantage, writing in quatrains to appear mystical yet inoffense to avoid the wrath of the Church. Your basic, although gifted, “Ciarlatano”.

      • Richie says:

        You’ve got to be joking. Of course the Kolbrin Bible is real, and it’s just as legitimate as the Christian Bible. Please be respectful. Also, Nostradamus indeed has had quite a few predictions come to pass, one being very recently.

      • ONTHEMARK55 says:

        Richie, i’m not trying to be disrepectful, seriously i’m not. Obviously your searching for information and enlightenment, which i respect very much, but one needs to be cautious of the path we’re lead to. First, as for Nostradamas, he is a man of great mystery, which is the concern. Did he recieve visions and because of The Church and heresy concerns, he wrote them in quatrains which were left open to a VERY WIDE scope of interpertation. Honestly, does he have predictions come true, or do people take events and attach quatrains to them as proof, never very precise or convincing to anyone that’s skeptical to begin with. As for the Bible(one example) the Lord says he will scatter his people amongst the world for a specific period of time, oddly, they don’t assimilate into different cultures, remain Jews regardless of persecution, and returns them to their rightful homeland on schedule.(note: Reference the BIble for specific’s). If you have a Nostradamas PREDICITION, something specific comming, please share now, not after the fact. Seriously if someone has done some serious interpretation of his writings, i’d truly be interested,seriously. As for the kolbrin….. I’m going to ask you to do some research and apply only common sense the old 2+2=4 theory to the information you gather, then formulate your opinion. #1-Lolo Morganwg…#2-Glenn Kimball…#3-Marshall Masters….#4-the correlation of ancient Egyptian language and middle ages Celtic/Druid paganism and the formation of sacred ancient teaches/prophecies…..#5 that the original(ancient) text wasn’t published until 2005!! no prior complete manuscript?…..#6-Planet X it’s supposed to wipe us out in a couple of months, yet remains undescovered? Good luck Richie, let me know what you come up with, honestly interested in your search, all due respect, God Bless you and yours :)

      • suzz1 says:

        They’ve dated the ruins called Gobekli Tepe in Turkey to 12,000 years old. It’s been confirmed a highly developed civilization built it. We are taught that our civilization started 6,000 years ago. What does this say about any of our anient texts such as the Bible. Our megalithic archaeological and astronomical theories are looking better all the time. I think it’s a good thing to keep our minds open…..

  15. Rob says:

    Also of note is that we have entered the Photon Belt(I think they prefer to call it the “ENA Ribbon” or something like that) & are, any time, due to intersect the the Galactic Wave. Just food for thought.

  16. tonic says:

    If the ground starts vibrating under your feet this must take a lot of energy from somewhere. Probably/hopefully more than our technologh is capable of. If there is technologh out there capable of doing this for a prolonged period, then we might be winessing testing of some sort, and I hope never to see the final product.

    I agree with Dennis E, that its origin is outside of the Earth. We are living deep inside a huge magnetic field. I dabble in electronics, and electromagnetism plays a big part in most circuits. I have seen some electronic components produce both a whine, and vibration, where magnetism is involved.

    What could be producing the same effects that are happening here is beyond me, but the similarities are uncanny. Only my opinion.

  17. Rick M says:

    The story from San Diego says that two FA-18s went supersonic at the same time on a “family day” outing on the Carl VIncent, 35 miles off the coast. It felt like a sonic pulse when we felt it here in San Diego.

  18. Don Downes says:

    Turns out it was a couple of F-18’s breaking the sound barrier 32 miles from shore from the carrier Carl Vincent. Some things can be explained.

  19. Rob says:

    I couldn’t think of a “good” place to pose this question however, since we did touch on man meddling with the forces of Nature in the comments of THIS post……Have you heard the rumor floating ’round about Cern inviting all the “Big Names” in Physicysts(I can’t recall the other fields mentioned as possible attendees) to a meeting, supposedly THIS coming week, to announce that they have found “The God Particle”? It sure would be nice to find out when they “found it” & see how that correlates to Solar or other Earth activity. I’ll reserve any theorys until THAT post, if it happens, that is ;-)

    • chris says:

      I have heard several stories on something called Higgs bonson. I am not to sure what it is about. I read that some scientists have been looking for it a long time and now someone has found it. Maybe this is what is causing all the noise in the sky.

  20. suz says:

    Knowledge is always our friend. CERN physicists have said they will not make an announcement until they have proof and the announcement would rank among the most important scientific breakthroughs of the last century.

  21. Jim Randall says:

    Interesting are the reactions of animals to such sounds. A far more plausible explanation ,,rather than a “scientific/mechanical” one needing an amazing variety of coincidences or whatever which ends up being more far-fetched than the experiences described of people ,is to say the noises are of “Origin Unknown.” …(X-Files sound more plausible)

  22. Tracy says:

    I recently read a book that speaks to the military research and development of a new weapon that harnesses the power of sound and vibrations. Specifically, vibration frequency and duration (harmonics). This science from what I understand is founded upon the fact that everything in the physical realm has its own unique fibration frequency and energy signature. How this is quantified, focused and remade into a constructed force for use – I don’t know; but, wouldn’t a focused application of harmonic technology cause sonic booms, fibrations and possible electromagnetic disturbances ??

  23. Irene Santos says:

    Hello, Alvin. I recorded this noise on July 3rd of this year and only recently uploaded to Youtube ( been very busy ). It was nerve-wracking, to say the least, so instead of being agitated for 3 long hours I decided to record the noise…as well as call my local municipality to find out where this noise was coming from. We do have a grain elevator in our town but, I was told, the noise was not coming from the elevator. The woman told me that several other people in town had complained of the noise and that they were having it investigated. She made it very plain that this noise was not originating from our town. Since we live in a rural, farming area I found that explanation rather disturbing. Sandusky, Kingston, Brown City and Clifford would be the closest towns to us and they are all at least 7 miles ( plus or minus ) from where I live and recorded this noise.

    You will also hear a thunderstorm approaching ( as well as traffic ) during the 5 minute video.

  24. Irene Santos says:

    Sorry, Alvin. I only check new headlines and just remembered I had posted this.( Time is definitely speeding up.) I never did check back with the city but, in all honesty, they have actually engaged in stealing from me before ( in the form of overcharging me 100 dollars on my water bill ) so I am not inclined to think that they would tell me anything that had a sliver of truth in it. It seems like many people are engaging in deceit in order to keep their current standard of living, and, this was clearly a case of an official abusing his power.
    Anyway, I can tell you that the woman I spoke to kept reiterating that it was not coming from our town and that is just difficult to believe as we are surrounded by Monsanto corn and soybean fields in all directions. This noise appeared to be coming from the sky. I could tell the the woman at city hall was disturbed by this sound as well from the way that she spoke. I suppose, just for me, the fact that she kept reiterating that the sound was not coming from our town led me to believe that this was not something they could explain. I had never heard a sound like that either.

    I could always check back with city hall.

  25. Ok this is all REAL! In the month of early mid July I heard the booming noise coming from the ground. In this up above link/video listen and watch the whole video, that’s the exact Booming sound I heard that day in the park. How can this identical sound be heard, on a different day, different state ; New York Upstate area at that…something is up. I did research this event till I exhausted all possible reasons, and I came up with is something called Fracking. but this would be impossible because the area I went to was Harriman State Park, there should be none of this going on in state land that you would think would be protected from all…So how can this be??

  26. So if you watch the above video, you would of heard the identical booming sound I heard too, the likelihood of that occurring different times, different place, same exact Booming is astronomical!!

  27. The experience of this event gets more interesting. The next day, instead of going to this same state park, which by the way is suppose to be protected state land, I decided to stay local, Instead and went to Depew park located in Peekskill NY. So I ventured off into the woods, not even ten minutes into my walk, I started hearing the very same Booming coming from the ground. Now thats strange, because in the city of Peekskill their is no Fracking going on… Hmmm, what could this strange event be? Here’s the point if you map out the geographic area between Harriman State park, than Depew park in Peekskill way over on the other side of the Hudson across the Bridge miles apart how could this be? The likelihood of fracking going on twice one day after the other Upstate New York, does not Happen.

  28. brad bourland says:

    A TON of these weird sounds were recorded all over the world in january and february: One Astute follower of the story Figured out what the sounds were and reported they were from the soundtrack of Steven Spielberg’s “War of the Worlds”. Needless to say, this does not “solve” the Mystery, but only Deepens it! WHO…has the Means to Broadcast this Stuff from the Sky?
    And why would someone…DO such a Thing ?

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