54 Responses to Iran points 1000 missiles at U.S. bases in the Middle East: ‘there will be war and we will win,’ says Republican Guard

  1. k-80-123 says:

    I would not believe the 100% accuracy that the Islamic Republic News Agency states. They tend to be 100% inaccurate with statements.

    • Roy says:

      there will be a war…Banks that own the world make more in a day of war…than they do in a year of peace…it is all about them…Iran is a straw man …they need to create enemies among us

    • gimotan12 says:

      were not in middle ages, nor WAR from the past. What were facing here is a NUCLEAR WAR. Leader of great nation pls consider your civilian, in times of war leaders are consealed in their bunker, what about us, the civilians outside. I’ve play alots of games but what if its like the new game like Ghost Recon Future Soldier, what if we could win a war with only 4 highly trained man with least casualties but its only a dream. One Muslim county say war is “inevitble” thats a lie, we can prevent war if we want it to. Soldiers of other Nation wont be at the doorstep of one Nation if that nation good in many ways. But some Nation want to be at the top of other with hidden and dengerous agendas and funds terrorist. You can be a prosferous and glorious nation but pls dont use this advantages to frighten other nation with your might and terror. They dont want to talk, but have they consult their people. People will die and in most terror case annihilation of other race. They have great relegion, they say their prayer many times a day. But did their God told them to hate people of other nation its definitely NOT, its only because of few men’s hunger for power and greediness. — sorry for bad english….

  2. Antilluminati says:

    You Americans must stand up and protest to this war!!! Your coverment must be destroyed or else you all have a big problem. Wy is the hole world sleeping????? If we don’t do something then the world will be in WAR!!! I feel so sad that 99% of the world don’t want to see in what kind of time we live :( I’m from the Nederlands and here are the people also in a sleep :( I can’t understand wy people don’t get up there lazy chair and protest? Soon, we all experiens a war that is bigger than WW2!!!! So, for the last time WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! ( Sorry for my englisch)

    I want peace, not war!

    • Adam Taylor says:

      Everyone I talk to here in the US do not want war. Unfortunately the people of the United States don’t believe their elected officials listen to them anymore. I don’t either, but instead of resorting to apathy I resort to vocal retort. Most here resort to apathy. “I’ll continue to live the life I’m used to and everything will be ok. I won’t be touched by this problem.” This is the predominant mindset here. God, please grace us with your forgiveness and patience. We don’t know what we are doing, or are not doing. Move in the hearts of our people a desire to see the right and wrong in society and politics that we so often ignore. Move each and every one of us to speak out. To demand a more Godly response to everything. Lord our God please shine your Grace upon us. Please.

    • alex says:

      Iam .100% with you on this and sleep yes why are things like this and i ponder this everyday. Then i think well the middle east is not sleeping their fighting back but americas and europe they are because of the fact they brain wash us in school they tell us false history and they took away culture of the whites and blacks and what ever race you may be and i know that this history and religon and righteous destroyer started in ww2 but to get all this back we must look at history you cant trimpuh over evil without a cause and without money and weapons something the elites have taken control of so the main thing is to destroy and ambolish money and the austerity system created. Like our fathers who have created the constitution stated that if one government becomes to powerful it is the right of the people to abolish it and create a new one based on the one document the constitution. Their will come a time but as of right now this next war wont be country vs country or red vs blue it will be evil vs good thats it.

    • tonic says:

      Do you have an app.? Otherwise, sorry. This is our world now.

    • Helen says:

      I so agree with you, even though I am down here in New Zealand it will affect us big time also . I wish all governements would wake up, this is a nightmare

    • James Dumas says:

      The people of our nation, and MOST Nations are good, peaceful people. The governments of few Nations are as good as the people. The 1% of wealth holders are even worse than the governments. There is but one solution . . . to make the PEOPLE stronger than the minority who enslave them. We are on the edge of a GREAT time in Human History if the majority will find the courage to stand up in a PEACEFUL manner. There are ways to disarm the machine . . . liquidation of all investments, purchase of precious metals, termination of payment of taxes and termination in payment of debt. This will stop the machine COLD in its tracks, and a shot will never be fired. From the chaos will come a new beginniing where the leaders of the world will understand that the PEOPLE have more power than those governments designed to SERVE the people. Collapse MUST preceed the creation of the new age of humanity.

  3. Eduardo says:

    This does not sounds good :( I hope all goes well

    • Steve Kinkle says:

      My friend, Our country has turned their back on Almighty God who has blessed and protected us. God will allow our country to get punished for turning against God and the Bible. The only way to get God’s protection back is to repent of our sins and turn back to HIM. Thats the only WAY!!!!

      • pagan66 says:

        I admire your faith, I respect your belief but today, reading all the global news with a heavy heart & an awful sense of foreboding maybe an imp has my tongue – or fingers, or maybe it’s just me & I am at my wits end with it all & I know I cannot respect this God. I am asking how much more blood does this jealous Christian God want? When will enough be enough? When everyone on Earth is dead maybe? Certainly more than the 33,041,220 deaths attributed to Him in the Bible alone. How anyone can believe in/worship a deity who is responsible for bashing out the brains of children against rocks, telling a father to slit his sons throat, causing women to be raped & one who literally demands infinite blood through the slaughter of millions is quite beyond me. Maybe I’ve missed something vital but no way can I put my faith into such a killing machine. What sort of Creator/Father demands so much blood & causes such misery, what sort of God says if you do not worship Him, He will sentence you to eternal damnation in a pit of fire? If my daughter was still alive & somebody did those things to her, well I’d do anything & everything to protect her & punish those responsible. I am serious, I’d really like to know how people can justify their Faith in such a brutal deity.

        I thought God was a perfected being, I am not seeing it because isnt perfection a state of utter grace, peace & love? Why the fear? Why the blood? Why the agony? I remember why I turned my back on Catholicism & the Christian God. One passage in the Bible always stood out to me, it terrified me as a kid & still makes me queasy as I read it
        Anyone who is captured will be run through with a sword. Their little children will be dashed to death right before their eyes. Their homes will be sacked and their wives raped by the attacking hordes. For I will stir up the Medes against Babylon, and no amount of silver or gold will buy them off. The attacking armies will shoot down the young people with arrows. They will have no mercy on helpless babies and will show no compassion for the children. (Isaiah 13:15-18)

        Alvin, forgive me the length of this post, not even sure if you will post it anyway, it’s just something that is playing on my mind, turning me inside out at the moment. How such a supposed tolerant, loving & merciful God can condone, demand & expect all this bloodshed & horror.


      • I’ll allow the post —– but response only from the party it was directed to, otherwise this will evolve into an international shooting match.

        peace and love,

  4. Dennis E. says:

    Another rumor for war comment to be added to the pile already stacked.
    For those of you who remember the Cold War Era and those of you who do not, this sort of forceful speech sometimes was quite common. For example, one Russian General boasted that no US Missile targeted at Moscow would reach its target. One of the latter soviet premiers said that in the event of an nuclear exchange between the USA and The Soviet Union, we would be gone, but we (USSR) would get it in the neck.
    One point to remember is that the Russians were communists and allegedly did not believe in God.
    Here we have a theology that believes in a god and and that there has be a great war to bring forth their Messiah, the person we believe could be the Anti-Christ.
    And its seems that, that war could coming soon……maybe not this year hopefully
    Just a thought……….

  5. m c says:

    The war is going to happen, thats all there is to it!
    It has to happen to fulfill all thats been told and in the end the worlrd will be far far better with GOD in control.

    I know how you feel, it makes me sad to see all this going on and the suffering but no MAN can stop it, it’s beyond mankinds control.

    I worry that china or russia has nukes in space and will lay waste to the states, my home in less than an hours time from first launch.I dont worry about irans puffing out of the chest so much but the others are a concern.

  6. rodjo says:

    Iran indicated that they were in collaboration with China, and yet this administration sells our land, oil and mineral rights to them. What the hell is going on.

  7. Fillade says:

    It is time, the SHI have been delayed but successful, they have destabelized the mid east, spread the muslum extreamists, propelled Iran to the path it’s on, Israel is encircled with vengefull enimies.
    barry and Hillery are jumping with joy, Germany is negioating with Italy for the person to lead the refined EU, the position of the Man Of Sin, he will take his place shortly and watch the US disolve into civil chaos. One year from today the US will be no more, this is the last 4th of July holiday.


  8. Roy Hinkley says:

    We all want peace. This is beyond us.

  9. buff24seven says:

    More rumors of war…….and he is right in regard to a quick response. They have surrounded Israel
    with Thousands of Rockets in Lebanon and it is being reported that Syria has redeployed some of its short range missiles. We need to remember that Syria has a large contingent of Iranian(Perisan) troops within its borders and has a large Chemical and Biological arsenal, pre-mounted on certain Scud missiles. I will say without regard to skepticism,that the use of those weapons will result in the destruction of Damascus by a nuclear strike by Israel.
    Furthermore, if Israel strikes Iran, it would set in motion the Perisan led invasion of Israel with its supporters, to include Russia.
    Additionally, we would have to respond to terror strikes within the USA itself of the likes we will never had seen, excelling past the horrors of 9-11. I don’t think sometimes Americans realize how much we are hated. Already, no doubt there are sleeper agents in place in the USA as there were and perhaps is, sleeper agents from the cold war era awaiting orders.
    What has kept us, God’s restraining hand

    • I think we could see a lot of mushroom clouds over the Middle East if Israel is attacked with WMDs. Israel has subs on 24-7 alert. Iran, nor Syria is no match for the Israeli arsenal…and I hope and pray a few mad men and mullahs are not crazy enough to sentence the entire population of their countries to a radioactive fate worse than death.

      You’re right, God’s restraining hand is the only thing standing between us and a poisonous world crumbling in ashes.

  10. Kindred Spirit says:

    I don’t doubt that ‘the other side’ has a generous supply of missles…but so does ‘our side’…this just amounts to more rhetoric ‘chest-thumping’…seriously disheartening that so many innocents are going to be ‘affected’ once the ‘rumble’ begins.

  11. krystal says:

    Sounds like Cuba Missile Crisis in making…

  12. Helen says:

    It is time for God to sort this mess out, and get rid of the evil

  13. Warren says:

    Hi Alvin,

    Seem like events across the world are speeding up and close to getting out of control. Keep up the awesome work!


    • Hey, friend. Good to hear from you. I thought about you the other day when I posted that piece on Seattle’s fault. It’s getting crazy for sure…one can just see the progression just over the course of this year.

      Hope all is well,

  14. TexasRedNeck says:

    For those that believe because America is 6,000 miles from the Middle East that we are isolated from attack by Iran believe me we are not. Iran and Russia are both friends with Venezuela and have access to Venezuelas naval ports and military bases, Russia helped to built and AK47 factory there.
    Living on the Texas Gulf Coast means that we would be vulnerable to attack of our petro-chemical industries. It would be extremely easy for Iran or anyother hostile country to launch missiles from a couple of hundred miles offshore onto American soil from junk freighters that were
    easily passed off as just that, junk freighters. Once the missles were launched the freighters could be sunk, the crew picked up by submarines and transported to Venezuela and all Iranian involvement denied.

  15. Sam Beckett says:

    I remember as a kid during the Gulf War, Saddam made those same ridiculous stupidness comments right before the United States of Americas military defeated his forced in a few days….& we will do the same if this moron keeps running his mouth

    • Pauly says:

      Iraq is no Iran.

      • Dennis E. says:

        10-4 — I believe that the US Military Senior Leadership may be quite hesitant in actually mounting a ground assault on Iran, considering the casualties we’ll suffer.
        Plus, I think we must consider what type of intervention Russia and China might impose.

  16. Singh says:

    We just got to accept what will happen in the future because these things have to come to pass.

  17. LUIS A. says:

    Hi, Alvin

    And to add to this mess, please check “Fukushima Diary”, regarding the current situation of Reactor 4 (MOX).
    Definitely, we are in the End Times.

    Greetings from Portugal and God Bless

  18. niebo says:

    Alvin, this might be offensive to some, but I post it as food for thought….

    If I followed after a god who blesses men for killing non-believers, and if I had an arsenal so vast that that the soldiers who followed me and my god had to share bunks with warheads, and I if I believed that terrorism would crush from within the will of my enemy and had means to make it happen with brainwashed suicide bombers and piles of explosives, then I would bomb every bridge that crosses the Mississippi, in order to isolate the eastern US from the western US. Then would strike internally in the U.S.

    I thought of all of this in the ten minutes since I read this article, and if I can plan a nation’s destruction in a few minutes, just imagine what someome who hates us, our beliefs, and our country can put together over a lifetime, or several of them. The extremist Shi’ite Muslims DO NOT fight by our “civilized” rules of warfare. No one, no man, woman, or child, is safe or immune from destruction. Collateral damage is a strategy, and nothing (of ours) is sacred.

    That said, the Lion of Judah will crush them. But we have tribulation to face until He does.

    • Gotcha…I know what you’re saying but I don’t want to give anyone inspiration or ideas or someone remember reading something here if something happened later. When Iran makes statements like: “Iran has complete control of all the enemy’s interests around the world and is on a path to reach equivalency with world powers.” – The only equivalency they are talking about is nuclear weapons.

      • Dennis E. says:

        There is a rumor on the internet from a good source that they already have at least two, purchased from Pakistan in 2002. Not overlooking the fact they are trying to produce their own but it seems they lack a dependable delivery system capable of reaching us or Israel.
        Nothing can happen until God allows it to happen.
        Good morning, 08:02:12 EST Sunday, already 79 degrees in my residence and my air has been on 74 since Friday. Last night at 9:45 it was 83 degrees. But, no sweat, comfortable, floor fans makes a difference….redirect flow of air from vents.
        Its all good……..

      • They no doubt have the weapons and the problem is, like most islamlic fundamentalists, they’ve tied the power of splitting the hotamah or atom, to the final battle of overcoming evil, defeating Zionism, and ushering in the reign of the Mahdi.

        God has no part in the human religious hell-bent madness of war and destruction.

      • Dennis E. says:

        Roger that……..

      • spaceotteradam says:

        Dennis E. It is and will continue to be a hot summer. This pattern will be hard to break. I live in a second story apartment in Kansas and when I decided it was going to be an exceptional summer I foiled my windows. Cheaper than window treatments and it’s working great. Air is actually kicking off during the day and my apartment is at 70°. Might look trashy but I don’t need the high electric bills.

      • Dennis E. says:

        Thank you, had not considered that.

  19. Mann says:

    Scary as it may be, I, for one, is very excited when I read about events like this. More and more each day, I’m feeling alienated from this planet and its people – yearning for the Kingdom of God to come down and take over this society that has become obsessed with themselves and their perversed pleasures.

    Then, there’s the middle east threat, every bit as important as the collaps of cociety, but probably the thing that is driving the events of this time more than anything else. It simply can’t be much longer!

    Ps. Love this site Alvin! Keep up the good work!

  20. sKeptical citizen says:

    Any goverment can pass all the laws it wants and their country still isnt safe from terrorist. look what supposively some terrorist has done just by shooting propane tanks out in colorado! This country used terrorism to gain independence. Tarring & feathering tax men, tossing tea in the harbor, ect. Unfortunately many times terrorism works. The IRS uses terrorism to collect taxes. Now the UN has caused the USA to be hated by folks who dont think life is as sacred as we do, Its likely some cowardly madman will set this event in motion. And when this happens there wont be a winner. What can We do? Only thing we can do is Pray and dont do anything that could endanger our soul.

  21. Batty says:

    It is all planned

  22. Sonic Brain says:

    kind sad ….. the evil that mans do ….. remember , we are in the Olympics Games montly , if start a War just before the games start , how perfect will be a false flag ” the Olympic False Flag theory to happen in London ” a dirt bomb to blow in London ” it’s the talk talk conspirecy are talking about ” to give a perfect excuse to accuse Iran and nuke Iran with nuclear weapons ! …. scared :(

  23. Rush Limburger says:

    I noticed the article claimed the Iranian’s nuclear program is ‘illicit’. Hmmm, must be an UPI or AP ‘story’. They’ll lie us into destruction. True sociopaths always do. The ‘leadership’ of the ‘free’ world has certainly devolved into an ongoing insanity. This looming war will mainly function to obscure their theft of our remaining wealth.

  24. James says:

    No one wins in human war. Also war does not determine who is right. It determines who is left.

  25. I just discovered your site: I am impressed at the information you have gathered here. Thanks for taking the time and effort to put this all together. I am passing this on to my friends. I will be checkin in often and you are now on my favorites list. God Bless.

  26. Jacques says:

    Guys, come on. Do you really think there will be a world war 3 ? If you do then you obviously think that our Most High and All Mighty Heavenly Father has forsaken us ?

    World War 3 will not be faught by Nukes or nuclear weapons. The evidence is right infront of us, do your research people.

    • The Bible neither predicts nor prevents World Wars….two has already happened. Nuclear weapons have already been used twice before and they will be used again. God will intervene only when man threatens to destroy his remnant flock or the planet but the choices of our fate are in our own hands. It must be. Man is a free moral agent. War and bloodshed have waged on this planet since the wicked Cain struck down Abel, and it will continue to do so until God pulls the plug on human history.

  27. Ok, I’m new at this so if this winds up being a repeat of a comment I made a little while ago, sorry. The war that is coming is in Ezekiel, Daniel and several other Books in the Word. The result of nuclear attack is discribed with uncanny accuracy in the Old Testament. God has a Plan and always has had one. There are no suprises for Him, only for us. And if we will ask for wisdom, pray and spend time LISTENING to Him, we will understand His Word. He warns us of what is coming so we will not be afraid but will warn those around us who are unbelievers. We are to spread the Good News as quickly as possible for surely time is running out. God Bless.

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