31 Responses to Dismantling public healthcare: Spain cuts subsidies for more than 450 medicines

  1. Sam Beckett says:

    And now we have the dismantling of our American health care system now that the Supreme Court upheld Obama care. This is the nail in the coffin for our economy, this will destroy millions of jobs, lower wages, higher prices on everything…

  2. Belinda says:

    This WILL be us (USA) in the future….So bad, so sad….too late.

  3. James says:

    First thing I read about in my news feeds this morning saying the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare. That did not come as a surprise to me. I had hoped they would over rule it but I figured Bully Obama would have gotten it through. Then the first one I see from you in my wordpress feeds this morning is this. This is just a part of the depopulation agenda.

    • Sam Beckett says:

      What I cannot wrap my mind around is many that support this law are people that are low income, because retail & many many places sadly only pay minimum wage…I myself am low income despite that I work 2 jobs, I make under $25k a year..but I do not support this law…anyways, what I cannot wrap my mind around is that these low income people are big Obama supporters, they are very happy this law passed…yet how are these low income people going to be able to afford health insurance now that the law requires they do & this law will make health insurance more expensive!? I am lucky I have health insurance through one of my two jobs…I feel very fortunate today.

      • Marilyn says:

        Is. 10:1-3. “Woe to those who enact evil statutes, and to those who continually record unjust decisions, so as to deprive the needy of justice, and rob the poor of My people of their rights… Now what will you do in the day of punishment, and in the devastation which will come from afar?”

        I am not rich nor am I poor. I work hard every day as a farmer….I have been unemployed for over to years from my main job. I thank God everyday that I grew up in a household where I learned to love God, and to work hard every day. God still blesses my family to be able to give food to people who are in need. I believe that a nation that does not take of its old and its very young only dooms itself . This is my belief , I personally just want to do Gods will. I want to live each day of my life trying to help someone other than myself. I am not a big time farmer, I do not receive or ask for farm subsidy. I don’t have everything I want, I have everything that I need and I am grateful for President Obama. I believe that he will do all that he can to help the citizens of the United States. My father was very sick and he had medicare, even though medicare paid for 80% of his healthcare, his private insurance paid for as little as possible. My family and I were had to take up the slack.
        I would love Medicaid for everyone. I always wondered why the insurance premiums that I paid for the past 40 years couldn’t just be use for medicaid for everyone. If all the working people paid into Medicare/Medicaid instead of private insurance, there would be no disparity in healthcare……Everthing cannot be about profit in this world. I am a living witness that you can live comfortably and still help others. My parents did it on less and my grandparents on even less. I just don’t understand why we are so angry about helping each other…..
        Alvin I am sorry for the long post. I read your blog everyday for a couple years now and I am speechless sometimes about some of the comments here. I will keep the faith and walk the walk that God has laid out for me. If anyone in my neck of the woods is hungry and I have food, etc., I will gladly share. God has not failed me yet.

      • Nor will He and as long as you guys continue to get the message out, there’s a reason to keep smiling.

        God bless,

  4. sKeptical citizen says:

    The Timing is perfect. On the same day as the Obama care ruling? I detest the idea of a person to be forced to pay for goods or service that they did not personally order.

  5. Marilyn says:

    I am happy that the Healthcare law was upheld, now if they would just get rid of corporate welfare maybe things will get a whole lot better.

    • Paul says:

      Why are there no news stories of outrage from the corporate healthcare complex? This bill was written for them.

  6. suz says:

    We have healthcare in Canada and we wouldn’t give it up for the world. Canada is doing really well economically as a country and you can too.
    Starting in August, insurance companies will not be able to charge a copay for many forms of preventative care … treatments like colonoscopies and mammograms will now be free for patients. A few months later, people who make more than $200,000 per year will start having to pay an extra 0.9% tax which will help fund health care. Small changes you won’t even notice and the end results will be worth it.

    Good luck with your brave new world.

    • Rhonda says:

      you must realize that all doctors in Canada make the same amount of money no matter if they see 10 patients a day or 100. Your health care is rationed because of it. Many of your citizens come to the USA to be treated because the waiting list is so long in Canada they can’t get timely treatment! My own doctor’s office is a practice of 6 doctors, all from Canada, who came to the USA to open a practice, so they COULD practice medicine without being told what and how to treat their patients! This is a terrible turn for our country.

      And for those who say their illness ruined them financially….hospitals are always willing to work with patients financially and help out with payment plans. They don’t make you pay all your bill up front. They also have plans where if you cannot afford your bill you can apply for financial assistance whereby all or most of your bill is forgiven and paid by a RICH donor patron of the hospital!!!

      • suz says:

        Most of our doctors are not in it for the money…..otherwise they go where the money is. But none-the-less they make really good money here. Many people from USA go to India for healthcare because they have some of the best specialists there and the costs are so cheap. Doesn’t matter what country you live in, if you can afford it you will search out the experts no matter the cost for a serious illness. I, nor anyone I’ve ever met had to wait for healthcare for a serious illness. If it is serious you are looked after in a timely manner. It’s all propoganda what is being said about our health care and the health care of all the other modern countries. Sure its not perfect, we are not #1 in the world…I believe that is France…Canada #30, USA is #37. The majority of us in Canada would not want your system of healthcare and I believe none of the other countries with this type of system would not want your system. So it must be pretty good. Change is scary but you will look back and wonder why you fought it so much.

  7. Irene C says:

    Well, the first thing I thought about when I read this headline in my email was the ObamaCare ruling in our Supreme Court. I see several others have beat me to it. This will be the U.S. soon and I agree Sam Beckett, it is a nail in the coffin for our economy. And James, I do agree that this could be a part of a depopulation plan. Now, if we could just force our government “leaders” to have to take the same healthcare that we have to have.


  8. Foresightt says:

    People with the feeling of them being better than others, makes me sick. Plus many do not relize now what this means to healthcare. Government is not allowed to mandate the cost of insurance that is charged. However they do get huge contributions from these insurance companys. What was done was not done for the better lifes for the people but for bigger and better handouts to politicians. I feel that all of these handouts being received by the government should be completly illegal. If they are not being paid to vote for the big companys then the people might stand a chance again.

  9. Deb says:

    Thanks SUZ
    I don’t think most americans read the health care law that was upheld by the supreme court. Most listened to Raving Rush. I’ve been in the situation where I had healthcare but also had a pre-existing condition. 25,000 dollars later 18 days in a hospital and our lives were ruined. So was our excellent credit. All those big premiums we had already paid did nothing. I do wish people would read every piece of this bill! Canda is just smart. What they understand in the long run it helps their people to stay afloat and healthy.

    • yardley7 says:

      Deb, I heard that members of SCOTUS did not even read the entire health care proposal; if fact few people have read it through. I think the frustration is people do not want to be ‘mandated’. What happened to our choice? Plus, it looks like it may benefit some, like yourself with pre-existing conditions. However, overall it looks like it may stop small businesses due to the high costs of insuring employees (unless the business can get a waiver– apparently McDonald’s has a waiver). That will affect our fragile economy to the breaking point. Finally, in doing this, a new ‘tax’ (that is how the penalty of not having insurance will be collected) has been established, and will be monitored by IRS. But, taxes are not legal unless initiated in the House….this was a tax initiated in Senate and approved by SCOTUS. By the way, Mr Obama promised this would not be viewed as a tax–but a penalty. SCOTUS ruled a penalty unconstitutional, and so gave us the tax. Anyway your look at it, healthcare is a loaded topic. Whew…

    • suz says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that Deb. I have a friend with cancer. The price of his drugs are astronomical….I can’t imagine having to deal with an illness like that and then have to sell everything you own to afford the drugs. Just doesn’t seem right to me.

      • Anne says:

        Suz, it may be too late for your friend that has paid astronomical prices for the draconian treatment that doctors in Canada and the U.S. practice. They are only allowed one type of treatment for cancer – the poison and burn treatment that further destroys the immune system.

        Big Pharma makes trillions of $ and the doctors pimp for them. That sounds harsh, I am sorry, but when you go through the system, that is exactly what is happening. It is a miracle that anyone survives the TREATMENTS!

        For cancer there are herbs such as Chaparral, certain foods such as Noni Fruit, and trace minerals – all God’s medicine. The Native Indians are very succesfull in preventing and curing cancers and other illnesses. They always begin with cleaning the bowls! Why? Cancer is a fungal disease.
        People with heart disease lack chromium and selenium. Everyone can find this out easily with just a little homework. God will help you.

  10. Marie-Louise says:

    I heard that one can claim to have the freedom to refuse the Obamacare on religious basis, such as your religion forbids you to accept any insurance or healthcare being forced upon you. You need to check it out, but the religious waver has worked in public schools where the acceptance of my children would have been denied because they had not had all the vaccinations made mandatory by a recent regulation.

    Does someone else know about this?

    • Dennis E. says:

      It was reported on the news at 6:00 PM where I lived but the news anchor people read their news bullets so fast, but they did say there is a provision for religious beliefs……….
      Where it is located in the bill, I don’t know………

  11. kylie kleeven says:

    smh…. seriously….. the news gets more depressing each time l read things… trying to look at the bright side of light when things are turning to doom and gloom.. sad.

  12. me says:

    I am sad to see some of these comments. My husband has worked for small local businesses all his life and has never had healthcare insurance. We make too much to be on medicaid. I truly hope this will provide us with affordable healthcare for him.

    Kids n i have ndn coverage.

  13. Granny Bear says:

    Well the elderly and those with chronic or terminal illnesses be euthanized? Is that done already in the UK? Looks to me as there will be conflict with big pharma. It saves the insurance and the hospital $$ if expensive long term treatments can be replaced with cheap pain killers and death. But Big Pharma makes more $$ if we hang on a long time, being Rx consumers using expensive medicines, and not improving.


    I suppose that big pharma will have to be the insurance and the pill pusher, both. Like Caremark, prescription insurance, Caremark mail order retail prescriptions and CVS pharmacy retail stores are now the same entity. They may insist of following Spain’s example. Already quite a few of the less expensive, but effective, medecine are “”on back order”, which seems to equal discontinued. Which also equals that insurance nor medi-anything will pay for them. Those meds just don’t exist. They have been phased out over the last (about) two years in anticipation of the new guidelines.

    I am a health care consumer, and I am grateful to be able to have the Rx that are still available. But it is still all a racket.

    • Vickie says:

      The Uk do NOT kill off their elderly or those with chronic or terminal illnesses, what an absurd thing to say. They have one of the best health care systems in the world, their wait times for common operations like knee surgery are short compared with New Zealand which has serious problems with it’s health care due to cut backs over many decades. The UK like the USA has contributed extensively to the advances in health care we have all enjoyed this past centruary. In New Zealand I have been told that we can’t afford patients like me with chronic conditions so have to be treated in the community rather than in the hospital only the dying or acute are supposed to be treated in the hospital these days but we have had goverments trying to cut the tax rate for top end earners and unlike other state run health care round the world, the ‘tax’ to pay for it does not appear as a separate ring fenced payment. We also have too few people in our country to fund this care. We pay the least of the Oc countries for our health care and the USA pays the most neither of those situations are compendable. Our per head cost is now so streamlined a recent CEO resigned from our local hospital because he said he could not make any more cuts without effecting core services. Core services are those that keep people alive , so even in our country we do not kill off the elderly , chronic or terminal illnesses. in fact if your terminal your care will be top class, it’s the chronic like me who are expected to cope with immense pain in the community when I should be in hospital. However if I become septic than sure I can go as my life would be on the line.
      I speak to American people who are very ill and they tell me that unless you have a common easily treated illness than you have to be your own advocate and work very hard to get the right care.In fact unless you have healthy family members to help you than it will be very difficult to get that care. I know of a hairdresser with a very ill husband, she pays $500 a month for his insurance but can not afford healthcare for herself and she is obviously the only bread winner. Her husband has been ill for 20 years. She didn’t find out about the ability to wave the bill until after she put the bill for taking out her husbands pancreas against her small two bedroomed house. He is finally no longer in severe pain but a brittle diabetic and has had a stroke in recent years, he is only in his 50’s.
      I would much rather have a state run health system even one as bad as NZ has right now than a system where the poor can’t get care. There are patients with terminal disease in the USA that can not afford the cancer medication–if there are ways to get free care this is not advertised up front by the hospitals.
      I have had care in both the Uk and New Zealand as my condition is life long. The UK are starting to get cutbacks due to the financial crisis caused by the bankers but they are to do with minor conditions, joint surgery, cataracts etc. I would still be able to go in to hospital with cholangitis and would still see a doctor ten days after being in hospital, I can only go into hospital now In NZ because I am on the second to last IV antibiotic available as we are running out for me but I won’t see a doc until November I will be back in Hospital before than. In the UK I would get the surgery I need this year but in NZ it will be sometime next year probably later in the year but there was a time 20 years ago when it would have been done within about 5 weeks if they knew I needed it. (I’ve had 7 surgeries since birth.)

  14. Anne says:

    We had better start thinking out of the box about the care of our health. I suggest a quick course in herbal medicine – it’s worked well for 1,000’s of years – as well as homeopathics. Time to stock up on these remedies while they are still available.

    • suz says:

      I agree Anne and yr comment reminds me of a story I heard recently about Rosario Schielzeth, a woman who turned 104 in June. They wanted to know her secret for a long life. Her answer consisted of just two simple rules that she’s always lived by –
      1.Watching what she eats, and
      2.Staying away from doctors and avoiding drugs

      • Anne says:

        Yes, Suz, I read that on Dr. Mercola’s site. Lots of important info that he gives out – and for free!

  15. Anne says:

    Vickie, unless you are Elitists in England, healthcare is dreadful, almost as dreadful as Canada – where doctors are leaving to come to the U.S. to practice medicine! You cannot possibly compare England to American medical care as it stands today.
    An adjunct is necessary here – until Obamacare comes into play. Then we will be in for a rude awakening, waiting in line for days – weeks, to see a physician. At my age the line ends with the Death Panels.

  16. suz says:

    Why doesn’t the US try to emulate France’s Healthcare system…it’s No. 1 in the world and they have universal healthcare available for everyone. People in the other 36 countries with better health care than the USA are not standing in line, waiting. Their citizens are healthier and happier.

  17. Anne says:

    Suz, let’s not leave out how the French lifestyle and cuisine is far healthier than what we Americans consume daily – GMO pesticide-loaded foods, chlorinated and fluoridated water, processed meat, and Big Pharma tainted drugs when we become ill from our low immune systems from vaccinations!

    The doctors in France recommend/use homeopathics for their patients that prevent and cure many ailments. Where is Preventive medicine in the U.S.? Outside of the country, thanks to Big Pharma and the AMA.
    We as individuals, must take charge of our health esp. now that the draconian ‘healthcare bill’ was passed! Many States are refusing the Bill. Good for them!

    • suz says:

      You are making some good points Anne. I would like to see doctors recommend homeopathics for patients as well. Right now we have to pay extra if we search out a homeopathic doctor. I guess that’s why France is #1. We should all follow their example.

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