26 Responses to Battles reach Syrian capital: Assad declares ‘Syria at war’

  1. iamnotashamedofthegospelofchrist says:

    No way to put the genie back in the bottle with this one. Hang on, it’s gonna get rough.

    • The speed at which the world is changing and unraveling…

    • Debbie says:

      Isaiah 17 might sadly be coming to pass really soon.

      (Isaiah 17:1)The oracle concerning Damascus. “Behold, Damascus is about to be removed from being a city
      And will become a fallen ruin.

      • Jacklyn says:

        Yes it is prophecied about Demascus being in ruins. Looks like the time is here! Also the time for God’s judgement on this sinful world. To bring sin to an end and bring on the milennium.

  2. Cody says:

    It has started! WW3 is upon us. Better be praying people…

  3. Linda says:

    The Syrian immigrants and refuges who attend my Maronite Catholic church have been hearing from relatives how the rebels are concentrating more on eliminating Christians from parts of Syria by violent means. The Vatican also came out with reports from exiled church leaders on how the rebel forces are trying to purge Christians and are desecrating churches. Please pray for all of Syria to find peace within their hearts and for the foreign governments to stop stirring the pots of hatred for greed’s and power’s sake.

  4. Eduardo says:

    This is badddd :(

  5. Philippino Bob says:

    OMG Alvin !
    Our country Israel will soon cease to exist… pray the Lord!

    • T Lindemann says:

      Philipino Bob,

      No worried about Israel being “driven into the Mediterranean Sea” or “annihilated off the map” or whatever other rhetoric Israel’s enemies comes up with. The fact is, so long as the sun, moon and stars are in the sky, Israel will exist. Will she face NEAR annihilation? Yes. But Abba YHWH has His people scattered all over the world, getting ready for the second and last great exodus.

      Another thought. The Anti-Messiah is to (soon) set up shop if you will, in Jerusalem. Believe it, no one is going to obliterate Israel.

    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      Another thing. Look at every time someone tries to destroy Israel; they only get stronger. WWII, Hitler tried to kill the Jews, after WWII, they got their nation back. In 1967, Egypt and Syria tried to destroy Israel; and after a miraculous 6 day defeat, they got their whole capital city back. Now, whatever happens this time, is it possible they will get the Temple Mount back? I believe so. Some of Syria is also squatting on Israel’s land..

      • T Lindemann says:

        Very true. However, scripture is clear (Ezekiel, Zechariah, Jeremiah, Revelation and many more) indicate a battle soon coming that will bring Israel to its knees. Why? Because Abba Yahweh is going to deal with Israel face to face and remove the unrighteousness. Also, Israel’s ruling religious elite (among other organizations) is preventing the Northern Ten Tribes (Ephraim) from returning to their land. Those who are just now beckoning Ephraim are telling us we can return, but we must renounce Yehoshua HaMoshiach (Jesus Christ) and observe the Noachide laws only, as opposed to the entire Torah. The Torah is our ketubah (marriage certificate) with Yahweh.

        These ten tribes were scattered throughout the earth, their identity removed as a consequence of their sin (book of Hosea speaks about Ephraim). Something threatening Israel’s existence will force her to open her borders to Ephraim. Yahweh is bringing His people back to His land.

        This commentor is excited, but very sober about the days ahead. Days of great deliverance that will eclipse the first exodus, but also days of great destruction, the likes of which the world has never seen.

        Honestly the best way to prepare for the coming days is to have the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) search our hearts and see if there be any wicked way in us, so we may repent and return to His ways.

      • iamnotashamedofthegospelofchrist says:

        To T. Lindemann, God Bless you, I agree wtih everything you say, but I was not totally aware of Israel preventing or putting stipulations on Ephraim returning. I would really like to read more about this. I am continuing to pray for you and others. And yes come quickly Lord Jesus. God Bless you, and protect you.

    • Dennis E. says:

      I don’t think so Philippino Bob. The thing that is keeping Israel alive is the unseen hand.
      However, we can expect a lot of damage and deaths, but it will survive.

    • Jacklyn says:

      Israel will never cease to exist! That is the goal of all the Muslim nations,especially Iran! God is bigger than any human power and He says Israel will not fall!

  6. Colleen says:

    We certainly are living in pre tribulation times. Just when you think things could not get any worse. The headlines in today’s newspapers and tv news media is shocking! How much longer can America stand on her own two legs? I can sense something stupendous is coming our way. I think people all around our globe is sensing some really extraordinary changes. The thing that really bothers me is mans hearts getting colder and colder with each passing day. When there is no love or compassion in our world, then there is great division amongst our nations, tongues, multitudes and people. Where there is division, there is strife and commotion. May God help us all!

    • tonic says:

      Empaty is also dying. The ability to feel and understand the pain of another. If it was alive and well, so would everything else be.

  7. Irene C says:

    Wow, this is escalating fast, I agree. I am speechless. Time is getting shorter as we speak. So many prayers that my prayer list is sooooo long. @T Lindemann, I agree, our Holy God will protect Israel. Isaiah 17 is coming.


    • Gill says:

      If i was God and made mankind, then for whatever reason protected a few, what kind of a god would that make me !

      • Irene C says:

        Well, I am not one who will question a Holy God. The nation of Israel belongs to Him as does the land. This is an everlasting covenant. As for protecting a few – He will protect all who repent and call on the name of Jesus (Yeshua) to be saved. That is an individual choice. Also, when we talk about Israel, we talk about the nation, not necessarily the individual people.

      • iamnotashamedofthegospelofchrist says:

        I use to think just like that Gill, then I started on a quest to find the truth. God gives everyone a choice, he doesn’t want anyone to perish, that is why he sent his Son into the world. I pray everyday for mercy and for God to guide all to him. God Bless.

      • tonic says:

        “If i was God and made mankind, then for whatever reason protected a few, what kind of a god would that make me !”
        If I was God and made mankind, I would allow those who choose to leave the pathway to my love, to leave. Forgiveness is also mine.
        Just a different take on it.

      • Jacklyn says:

        It is a God who allows free will among mankind! His Word makes it clear that He is not willing ANY should perish 2 Peter 3:9! Man chooses willingly to walk his own way and not have any part with God. What kind of God would force man to walk with Him, have an unconditional love relationship and spend eternity with? John 14:6 friend!

  8. suz says:

    I hear what your saying Gill. Not the kind of God I would look up to. We are responsible for ourselves, not God. I also see lots of love in the world but we have to look for it. If we look for bad we will find bad. What we choose to focus our attention on grows stronger in our lives. Always. I do a lot of traveling…Egypt, Turkey, Greece, South America, India, Europe, US, Thailand, Cambodia, etc. I have always seen kind, caring wonderful people. The world is full of them.

    Christians equal to their Muslim neighbors has been a dream for Christians in Syria. I have a friend from Syria that believes if the present leader falls a Muslim theocracy will strip Christians and other minorities of their rights….especially the right to practice their religion in peace. Right now the present regime protects Christians. I hope that is not the case. Just as the women in Egypt are now worried because the Muslim Brotherhood has been voted in government. They say they will protect womens rights….but the big question is… will they? We will have to wait and see.

  9. Could it be that the Damascus war is coming? Only time will tell.

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