69 Responses to Debt, threat of terrorism, fear of US hegemony: everything is pushing nations toward a New World Order

    • Cody Steawrt says:

      I saw this on infowars.com, and I couldn’t believe what I had just watched! Here are 4 economists on CNBC blatantly telling us that the banking cartels control things!!!! The bailout money in Europe doesn’t go to the people! It goes to the BANKS! Goldman Sach’s JP Morgan Chase, all of them! They control it all. Our Federal Reserve system isn’t even part of the government!!! It is privately owned! As Henry Ford said, “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” Listen people, It doesn’t matter who we vote for as President. It doesn’t matter one bit. Obama and Romney are both bought and paid for by the same people. Corporations, private interests, and international NGO’s control it all. Our government truly is wicked, corrupt, and has no spirit of the Constitution left in it. The time has come…

    • FoxTrapper says:

      When was this video made?

  1. J Guffey says:

    “What sensible reason explains why we would allow foreign countries to train on US soil”?

    • atterro says:

      J Guffey, i don’t believe you understand. Read what David Rockefeller said.

      ”For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

      Don’t miss the part ”Working AGAINST THE BEST INTEREST OF THE UNITED STATES”

      They’ve been telling the plan to the public for quite some time.

    • wibbys1 says:

      I think J G, that they have some very unpleasant things planned for the citizens of this country and indeed it appears, citizens of other countries too. The diffeerence is the others are relatively accustomed to living without liberties such as we have.

      • J Guffey says:

        I agree wibbys1. That is one part of this whole thing I do understand. Sinister things being planned Worldwide is how I see it too.

  2. wibbys1 says:

    I have been studying these prophectic events for 30+ years and when I began there were a bunch of assorted pieces on the table. You could see lots of the parts but not make too much sense of it. Now with increasing rapidity the pieces are flying together. Revelation events, prophectic events being revealed right before our eyes.We are being swept along toward some major events.
    I personally want to thank Extinction Protocol for the diligent reporting of these events.

    • Thank you friend for tuning in.


    • Irene C says:

      I have also been studying Biblical prophecy since the 60′s. And no, it didn’t all make sense back then and I couldn’t see how it would all fall together. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. I can now see the picture. I still find it hard to believe how fast it is all happening. I agree Dennis E. It won’t last seven years. Just saying…


  3. elijahsmom3 says:

    Oh, Alvin. It really is all happening. It is all unfolding faster and faster.

  4. sharon mary yount says:

    there is a group of people who are behind this, they have money and power in time god will deal with these people..the group is call the builderburges it lines up with prophecy, we all must be strong in the lord.

  5. alex says:

    the first day i see the new world order on the news or any other kinda way of pushing towards full tyranny i will take up arms and get a mega phone. no protesting thats what they want we will just fight. but then again what do we do. they will take away water food and electricity.

  6. Marie-Louise says:

    Humanity and the Earth have been led for millenia by delusional entities, whose main characteristics are envy, contempt, destruction, and sadism. Unfortunately, these entities are very, very powerful. Fortunately, Christ is all-powerful and true humans are eternal.

  7. sKeptical citizen says:

    I dont like it. However I really had very little say in the matter. I dont believe something a big and unwieldy as a one world goverment would last very long. When the pole shifts the whole thing will fall apart. Folks will learn to fend for themselves or perish. The coming clatyclismic disasters will be overwelming for the goverments to cope with.

  8. FoxTrapper says:

    It’ll all be interesting to say the least..Just be prepared to take care of yourself and your family

  9. todd says:

    Please prepare yourself and your loved ones, for life as you know it will soon be a distant memory. We must all unite as one humanity, thoughts and prayers to all.

  10. TB
    Tower of Babel

    And here is a pic of the NEW Tower of Babel…the European Parliament Building…notice any similarities?

    I believe part of the plan for global governance is consolidating the world’s militaries. There are many ‘joint exercises’ going on around the world, as well as countries conducting joint actions far outside their usual theatres eg diverse NATO contributors fighting in Afghanistan and Libya. The largest of all is RIMPAC, 22 countries in joint exercises commencing on June 29:

    RIMPAC 2012 is scheduled to start on 29 June 2012. 42 ships, six submarines, 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel from 22 different nations will take part in Hawaii. The US Navy will demonstrate its Great Green Fleet of biofuel-driven vessels for which it purchased 450,000 gallons of biofuel, the largest single purchase of biofuel in history at a cost of $12m. (Source Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RIMPAC)

    Nice touch that $12m in bio-fuel…war-games, great way to ‘save the planet’…

  11. Dennis E. says:

    Several years ago I read that there has been a silent coupe in the USA a long time ago.
    When I was in the military, we were surveyed in regard to using deadly force against u.s. citizens and how we felt wearing UN insignias . Most of us were appalled at the nerve to be asked that question. That is not saying there are those who would.
    Now, to the comment regarding foreign soldiers training here. In the past we have trained Israelis,Arabs, Germans and a host of others to fly combat aircraft. we have also allowed Chinese Naval Officers to attend torpedo training. I read about that in the eighties.
    Ok, if a race/culture war was to break out or some type of other disturbances, these foreign troops will be used to restore order. Also, we can perhaps expect the country to be divided into regions with Russian, Chinese, South American troops. Something like the Balkens after the 1990′ ethic cleaning.
    In the end, all you and me will have, will what we have stored up in heaven…….
    All of this is not happening by accident. It is on purpose.
    I concur fully with the comments made by sKEPTICAL CITIZEN.
    I doubt it will last seven years………….
    Just my opinion……………..

  12. harald says:

    There is an organization higher than the rest, and hardly ever mentioned. B’nai B’rith International. They are the controlling NGO with a permanent office at the U.N. The name means ‘Messengers of the Sons of the Covenant’. The Rothschilds believe they are the sons of the Covenant. Their covenant is with Baal (B’ryth). See Luke 4:5-6. BBI is involved in every leadership discussion around the world to ensure the safety of the Jews where ever they want to live. They have been around officially for about 170 years, and unofficially since about 1500 AD. I found out about them through the word of God. Surely Jesus is coming soon. Only he can save us. Amen. Blessings.

  13. BIG AL says:

    I am always wary of conspiracy theories, as they always spell doom and gloom for US sovereignty. Whether it’s anti-Catholics screaming a Papal take over of American politics or the Freemasons are plotting and planning to erect a modern Tower of Babel in Washington, D.C.; America is always getting the short-end of the stick in conspiracy theories. You never hear, about the Skull and Bones society planning to take over the Canary Islands, that does not sound as fun and tasty. The pod people aren’t coming for you to replicate you and make them as they are, that’s Hollywood ( with a little bit of silly history). Heed the words of Christ, don’t worry, God has our back. The world is not going to end, that would make God himself a lair ( would break his covenent he made with us through Christ) . So chill out.

  14. A world war is a new world order. Where do you think the United Nations, NATO and the Warsaw Pact came from? That’s what wars do— overturn society.

  15. FoxTrapper says:

    Revelations prophised the rise of the NWO. If we are indeed in the end times, the NWO will soon be in power. You should prepare to take care of yourself and your family..

  16. M C says:

    Much like my wifes seizures this to will happen, the push to the “new world order” and there isnt a whole lot we can do to stop it.

    Just get through as best you can and pick up the pieces after.

  17. Sam Beckett says:

    I honestly truly believe there is absolutely nothing to fear in the idea of a world government. There is no logical reason why the same rights we enjoy as Americans, can not be in a one world government for everybody. Maybe I am just an optimist but I see a bright future for humanity if we could unite as one. Perhaps then we can stop fighting amongst each other & put our efforts into fighting disease, poverty, hunger, & expanding our technology in all aspects. Realistically, we truly need to put a lot of effort into the space program. There is now over 7 billion people on our planet & we need to colonize other planets, & as a world working towards all those goals, we can & will accomplish them & many more. So, lastly do not fear what you really do not understand…fear has set us back as a civilization & fear has impacted my life & yours..it is time to stop being afraid

    • atterro says:

      Sam Backet.

      You cannot be that naive. World government led by men that have sacrificed millions and millions of people by declairing wars in order to achieve that goal?

      That won’t be a ”World Government” that would be more like ”Blood Government”

      You won’t be allowed to ANY of your todays privileges, because you will be under military controle the entire time, no one will be allowed to even breath freely, let alone move freely.

      We’re talking about global imprisonment where wardens will be careless government that only cares for you as long as you work hard and earn them money, try stopping and you will be either executed, or locked up in a dungeon somewhere untill you start working again, beacuse they don’t care to muffins about you.

      Even todays system is not far from that. You’re not optimistic, but rather naive, i just can’t believe people still think that way. It’s time for you to absorb as to what wrong path humanity took, accepting this system taht has promoted corruption to raise on top, decide who lives and who dies, and has caused nothing but destruction and death to our planet earth, in order to feed their addiction which is ”Money”

      You want to allow blood thirsty government to rule over you and rest of the world, the same people who are responsible for deaths of millions and millions of people? If you ask how they are responsible, than check out my top comment and David Rockefellers words. ”Conspiring with others around the world” take that in consideration, they promote other governmets to cause distrubance, and declair wars which they NEVER fight themselves, but send people into their death.

      They devide nations against each other, and people follow their governments and start killing each other, while governments sit back observe and wait for people to kill each other. If you haven’t figured out that’s how it all works, than you need to start learning about it, read about it and research it.

      NWO will be much like kings in the old days, where they would treat people like slaves and deny them food, while having guard forcing them to work. You think those days are over? NWO is a modern day of that mid evil cruelty, which is about to get real once more, if people allow it.

      Wake up please!

      • Sam Beckett says:

        I refuse to accept we can not be an united world under one government with the same freedoms & rights we have as Americans, and even expanding those rights. I also refuse to accept that same government will be evil, greedy, corrupt, etc…as you & others make it out to be, as we the united peoples of the world, can make all that be. This idea may sound “utopian”, so did the idea of our forefathers breaking away from the crown to establish what many called utopian, crazy, silly, new world order, etc…they established the United States of America.

    • m c says:

      SAM I’d love for it to be so.
      A world where we all work towards the betterment of all mankind, sadly that is the lie, there are evil forces behind it all that will twist it into something far different than your utopian view.

      Actually it will happen but not at the hands of the current and upcoming leaders but by GOD alone.

      People as a whole need an additude adjustment before anything will really change to the positive.

    • Phil says:

      Simple as this. Because of the fall of man, we will never be able to just all get along and fight injustice till the definition of the word no longer exists, as I so wish we would. Not until we are all reconciled back to God through Jesus/Yeshua can we all live harmoniously with one another and our planet. Th~

      • Phil says:

        Thank God there is a prophecied plan to bring this about. Evil itself will be tied up and eventually obliterated. We are witnessing the peak of evil and the culmination of prophecy today. Without faith and trust is Christ, we will not ever see this day.

  18. Carla says:

    Thank you all so much for your posts. It makes me glad that I know Jesus and he is my strength and my victory. I so believe that we need to start gathering supplies for our families. Something is better than nothing.

  19. Rob says:

    @Sam Beckett-There is no “overpopulation”, other than in the Cities they are & plan to continue funneling the Worlds Population into. Research Agenda 21, it’s truly amazing what these Evil Criminals will do to get what they want.

  20. kris says:

    For those of you who argue against a NWO being posssible, look to Nazi Germany. So much of what happened then is occuring now and when the world economy collapses, we will rapidly see a new diabolical political and social reality take shape. It will be very ugly. Germany was almost successful. This period of so called peace since the end of WWII has been spent preparing for another and final attempt at ultimate evil power and the reign of the anti-christ until the return of Jesus Christ.
    Add to all the above, all the natural catastrophies and catclysmic events we are seeing increase in intensity and frequency and you have chaos around the corner.
    It is only complete trust in Jesus Christ and docility to the Holy Spirit that will get us through.

    • Phil says:

      These disasters and catastophies are described as birth pangs in child labor. Imagine a woman having contractions. They get closer and closer together until the child is born. Likewise, so are the events happening today like a woman giving birth

    • EA says:

      i totally agree with you Kris. And this time anti-Christ is going to make Hitler look like a choirboy…

  21. did anyone notice that that last soilder was wearing the united states flag upside down? strange and facinating times we live in tho,keep God close to yourself and loved ones. I think that people are sensing Gods messages in more personal ways right now ,we have to keep alert and listening ,the Lord will keep us and guide us!!

    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      Many nations put flags upside-down when they are at war with another nation…

    • Rick says:

      The US Flag was NOT upside down, Nancy, it was reversed right-to-left, as always when worn on the right arm. Think of the soldier as a flagpole and you get the idea. Another
      US soldier earlier on in the video had the same positioning of the flag if you look again.

  22. ONTHEMARK55 says:

    Is it just me, or does that look like a Harlot riding a Horned Beast on the cover of Der Spiegel???Hmmmm…………

    • Img
      Woman on beast on back of European coin

      I’m glad you noticed that. It’s a play on the Revelation 17:3 imagery with the woman holding the EU flag. Their motive for the German ad is unclear but it is misdirection as the Revelation 17:3 reference is about a religious power who not only blasphemes God, but is also drunken with the blood of the saints ( a persecuting power) and that points to the Vatican in Rome. The Bible says “And I saw a woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and the martyrs of Jesus” Revelation 17:6. If she was drunkenPAST TENSE, when John saw her, she has already historically committed the act of persecution against God’s true followers- the Inquistion. If Christ’s true church is “presented as a chaste virgin” (2 Corinthians 11:2) to Christ, then a whore has to be a false church who claims to be Christian but is, in effect, a church of darkness that makes false claims and carries titles which are blasphemy to God.

      • The inquisitor says:

        John wrote Revelation around 65ad, so if the woman being drunk is past tense, how do you explain it being the Roman Catholic Church when it wasn’t even around then?

      • Because he was looking into the future; not the present or the past. Hence the name “Revelation.”

        “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave (past tense) to show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass (future); [meaning had not yet happened] and he sent it and signified it by his angel unto his servant John.” Revelation 1:1

    • ole says:

      Princess Europe being snatched away by Zeus as a bull.

  23. brian says:

    And all most of us can do is go on living life like none of this is happening. What can we do? We need to do something they want see coming, because as far as the major bankers are concerned, we’re going to do exactly what they planned. We don’t have much of a choice. It’s going to take something huge to throw them off course, may not even be possible. It’s time for us as citizens to stand up and do something.

  24. niebo says:

    Alvin, I hope this is brief enough, but, if it is not, I apologize, even though it’s a little bit your fault! :)

    In ten years of study, cross-referring the text, researching concordances, encyclopaedia, lexicons, and apocryphal (both the excluded and the unavailable for consideration into the canon) texts, not to mention the hours and hours and hours (drive-time “job”) of listening, considering, and weighing the Word as delivered by Pastors from across the country, I have never encountered a more succinct, stark, and chilling explanation for the “harlot”. Thanks, Alvin.

    FoxTrapper, MC, Atterro, Kris, Sam Beckett, etc.:

    While I hate to think it true, it appears that the world powers are just cynical enough, when the economies of every industrialized nation have tanked, to incite, allow, provoke another major war, but it seems that such is inevitable. My fear, however, which appears to be reasonable, is that it will be the powermad versus the citizen, with special emphasis on/against anyone who does not obey the centralized ruler of this world. Ooops. I said it: Satan is the new world order.

    If obedience to him is a problem, prepare! LUKE 25, re: Five wise and five foolish virgins: The Greek reads: “Give to us the oil of you, for the lamps of us are going out.” Oil is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. Is it peace, joy, love, that you have that others want (though you cannot give it “into” them)? And, while you wait for the bridegroom, what will keep the Spirit at work in you, and your lamp lighted?

  25. Frank in Africa says:

    For those who might not know: There is an excellent DVD documentary by the ministry of David Hathaway entitled, “The Rape of Europe”. He has really done his homework and the evidence of how Europe is reincarnating the Holy Roman Empire of the middle ages is overwhelming. He interviewed people concerning the Euro parliament building being deliberately modeled after Bruegel’s painting. But the heaviest information is what he presents about Germany and the rebuilding of the Ishtar gate of Babylon there, as well as the “seat of Satan” from the Pergamum temple. It was made in 2007 and after 5 years is even MORE timely. It is worth watching.

  26. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Many great comments and I thank you ALL. Please bear with me with my thoughts as many of the things happening today God’s spirit had me feel many years ago….First of all the majority of the earth’s population has already been groomed to accept the NWO and it’s leader. We have been groomed much like the way Jerry Sandusky groomed his victims before becoming sexually deviant with them. Many people say let’s store up food now and prepare. Sorry but storing up food will not save you , it will either be contaminated by radiation, or destroyed by fire , flood, or you will be overtaken violently by the beast. You will not be able to buy unless you accept the mark of the beast.. are we truly in spiritual shape to reject that? You see, we can store up a little, it will help a little but then we will succumb if we have not strtengthened ourselves spiritually. Human power or cunning will NOT get us through this! Only Divine guidance and intervention…”Not by might- Not by power but by my spirit says the Lord. One of the first signs I saw of this[NWO] was John Lennon’s song Imagine, it grooms us into thinking that all people will again be one in peace because we will throw God out and therefore all responsibility, it is because of the replacement of our Father God with man as being god. ” Imagine no hell below us, above us only sky….no countries, no posessions…” etc.Rememeber that we are not fighting against flesh and blood but against spiritual powers of darkness using people to act out their evil. Thank you for reading this.

  27. Joseph t. Repas says:

    .. Oh, by the way….Because you can not eat Gold it will soon become nearly worthless…just saying.

  28. suz says:

    Sam Beckett has Hope! Once you choose hope…anything is possible. Hope is the spiritual grace you get from God. When the World says, give up! Hope says, try it one more time!

    It seems to me that the galactic creation cycle that the Mayans talk about is really the same as the popular Christian apocalypse. The meaning of apocalypse is ‘a revealing’. I think we are going through a process of revelation and realization. We are navigating our way through the shadowy and threatening hallway of the ‘End Times’I. wonder what waits on the other side of the door at the end of the hallway? Whatever it is, I choose to believe it’s the next step on our way up the cosmic pyramid toward global enlightenment.
    So keep dreaming Sam Beckett!

    • Sam Beckett says:

      Thank you, it makes me feel good to have a little support. Maybe my hope for humanity is just a fools hope but darn it, I am not going to go through life full of mistrust, having the mindset doomsday is around the corner, there is no hope for humanity etc…fear has created all the bad situations we find ourselves in as a whole. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering….& for humanity to advance, to survive, to be better…well part of that is coming together as one world united towards common goals, freedom for all & this sounds “geeky” but I truly believe, I know, we must have top notch space program so we can colonize other worlds, branch out of our planet…that will allow Earths population to decrease, less strain on the environment & resources, & who knows what we will discover! So lastly, yes..I will remain hopeful…till my last breath

      • ONTHEMARK55 says:

        You have support Sam. You may feel “geeky”, your hope for a better mankind may be “naive” and “foolish”, But the fact you refuse to become bitter and jaded speaks volumns for your inner strength and courage. Personally i’d like to live in “Sam’s World”(alot of us would), and we’re all better off for “knowing” you. God Bless You, Sam

      • niebo says:


        30 years ago, we, as a species, were unable to unite to see that the starving children in Ethiopia got a steady supplies of meals, and we had a really nice “hit” song (that all of the coolest pop stars sang) to get us all in the “unite” spirit. A ton of money was raised and spent on a ton of rice and beans and jerky and twinkies that were crated and shipped and air-dropped at the outskirts of the refugee camps, where some warlords and gangs with guns staked claim and let a lot of innocent women and children die while they got fat on the proceeds. And we did nothing to stop them. Politics stopped us. Lack of long-term concern stopped us. Atari stopped us. We bought the record, hummed the song, watched the stupid video, yet the starvation continued for years because the drought and poor soil did not care that we were the world, united for a cause. Neither did the war-lords and gangs with guns. And if we dropped everything right now, every one of us, worldwide, and invested ourselves in such a “tower of Babel” space program, one aimed at another system, another habitable planet, somewhere other than here, we would still be decades away from landing our first astronaut on said soil. Meanwhile, warlords are in control of this planet, And people are starving. So . . . pick a side.

      • ONTHEMARK55 says:

        I have an idea. let’s take Sam’s space ships, load up Niebo’s warloads and gangs who want to rule over unproductive drought stricken soil, oh and the twinkies,( keep Mrs. President Obama happy!) and launch it to the moon!!!. We can do that right away(been there before) !!! SEE HOW EASY IT EASY WHEN WE DON’T PICK SIDES AND WORK TOGETHER!!! Question, what do think Jesus would do, Keep dropping food, or stop dropping food and keep making guns??? ….

  29. ProphetOnTheWeekends says:

    Disconnect from the economic system if u can(get together with others and start small farming and become selfsufficient) Soon there will be a economic system like revelations “mark of the beast”. And if you dont have the “mark” you wont be able to buy or sell

    The 100% digital and cashless society with incorporated ID will soon be here, and after sometime itll be a part of the body(hand or forehead)

  30. Emanni says:

    Four presidents propose power of eurozone authorities over national governments

    European leaders have drafted a radical plan to turn the 17 countries of the eurozone into a full-fledged political federation within a decade in an attempt to placate the financial markets by demonstrating a political will to save the single currency in the medium-term.

    The incendiary proposals for a banking, fiscal, and economic unions resulting in a “political union” are to be debated at an EU summit on Thursday and Friday. Following two bad-tempered meetings of European leaders in Mexico and Rome over the past week, the Brussels summit looks likely to see major clashes over the future of Europe as well as the immediate crisis surrounding sovereign debt, bad banks, and the euro’s survival.

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