Australia to adapt nuclear power by 2030

June 5, 2012 AUSTRALIA - Professor Barry Brook, Director of Climate Science at the University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute, says Australia will eventually turn to nuclear power to meet our sustainable energy needs – and when we do, we will choose to focus on next-generation nuclear technology that provides major safety, waste and cost benefits. Speaking on the eve of World Environment Day (5 June), Professor Brook says: “Coal, oil, and natural gas are the main cause of recent global warming, and these fossil fuels must be completely replaced with clean sustainable energy sources in the coming decades if serious climate change impacts are to be avoided. One particularly attractive sustainable nuclear technology for Australia is the Integral Fast Reactor (IFR). Although the scientific community has known about the benefits of IFR-type designs for many years, there are currently none in commercial operation because the energy utilities are typically too risk averse to ‘bet on’ new technologies. This is a wasted opportunity for Australia and for the rest of the world. “Integral Fast Reactors are much more efficient at extracting energy from uranium, can use existing nuclear waste for fuel, produce far smaller volumes of waste that does not require long-term geological isolation, and can be operated at low cost and high reliability. They are also inherently safer than past nuclear reactors due to passive systems based on the laws of physics,” Professor Brook says. “In order to re-start the nuclear power debate in Australia, it is best to have a solution that overcomes as many public objections as possible: safety, constraints on uranium supplies, long-lived waste, cost, and proliferation. The IFR technology offers a vast improvement in all of these areas.” -Physics
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21 Responses to Australia to adapt nuclear power by 2030

  1. FunCoTech says:

    No, no, no! Not Uranium based reactors, if we must continue with massive centralized power stations (an obsolete idea in my opinion) we should go with Thorium technology.
    It should be a crime to mine uranium.

    But seriously there are two Seperate LENR “free energy” systems rapidly being developed currently that will make such dinosaurs obsolete before they are built.
    Do a google on eCat and Rossi for the cruder of the two (it only makes heat – thus needing a turbine for electricity). Rossi has found a way to transmute Nickle and hydrogen into copper and heat.
    But check out BlackLight Power for a fully validated (Scientificly) device that directly converts water into electricity and oxygen.
    Both the developers are aiming at household scale devices for the mass market. Imagine the effect on society!

    • pagan66 says:

      “It should be a crime to mine uranium”

      Agreed 100% I live a few hours away from the world’s largest known uranium deposit. They are not only plundering it, they are now planning to expand operations & turn this mine into the world’s largest. When will enough ever be enough? Shame on them.


  2. Kim Burnet says:

    NO way NOT Happy Jan…. Don’t they ever learn

  3. Tom E. says:

    I am going to attempt to type this with all due respect.

    And yes, I do believe they do in fact learn. And here lies the rub, I would encourage the nuclear skeptics to read up on the current designs of nuclear power, be willing to pull your stake out of the ground.

    With “next” generation reactors, I also believe it will be more practical to have smaller installations as well.

    But I will agree, we do not need to mine for more Uranium ore; we need to reprocess all of the spent fuel, use it to produce power and create the most inert waste possible. The current pile of waste is unacceptable, it needs to be cleaned up, and luckily, we can produce energy when we do it.

    Hindsight being 20/20, but *I BELIEVE* it is very possible that instead of the boondogles called solar wind and ethanol, the Federal government could have kick started the “*next generation*” nuclear power in the United States, and electric cars/trains could be a practical reality.

    • Magenta says:

      Tom, can you tell us how the current waste pile will be cleaned up? What about when another big earthquake strikes near another nuclear power plant, how do we clean that up?

      • Tom E. says:

        So yeah, Fukashima was a big mistake. Who in the hell decides sea level is a good place for backup generators. It took several mistakes to make the disaster that Chernoble and Fukishama are.

        Again, re-process the fuel pellets.

  4. Ezra says:

    Having read the above comments I fully understand that people will be somewhat concerned regarding nuclear waste and the way that some of it is handled. There is no doubt that nuclear power is the way to go but this problem has to be solved on an international scale. I also believe that there are people who have been misled by sensationalism in regard the actual dangers of spent fuel. Having worked in the nuclear power industry all of my life it grieves me to read comments regarding how dangerous nuclear power is. The truth regarding the reactor destruction at Chernobyl has never been told, it was not a nuclear problem and was not a nuclear explosion. The Nuclear power plant in Japan should never have been built on a fault line to start with plus the fact that that particular reactor design was so poor that a number of designers quit their jobs when the company they worked for decided to go ahead and build them. The vast majority of spent fuel has a short half life and is almost inert in a very short time, much of this long term spent fuel is stored above ground in secure containers and is of no danger to the environment including ground water. I could go on but sufficient to say many of the peoples concerns are really not concerns at all. I agree with Tom above, wind power and solar are an expensive,destructive and inefficient joke just allowing certain people in the know to make very large profits and produce very little energy.

  5. John F Cook says:

    I’m sickened by the idea that nuclear is “the way to go”. Those reactors we are saddled with were built to provide raw materials to make Bombs. No other explanation makes sense. Filthy inefficient and primative technology.
    How can you accept spent fuel pools that need continuous cooling for Years if not decades if they are not to catastrophically melt down. If we have a EMP event, deliberate attack or just the Sun spitting out another “Carrington event” there will be hundreds of such disasters ready to go as soon as the back-up generator fuel is gone…
    And it seems none of you freaks that like nukes are even aware of Thorium reactors – but then you can’t make bombs with Thorium cycle reactors…

    • Tom E. says:

      Again, please, please read. Take a look at the Can-do reactors. As Ezra stated, you are making global decisions about nuclear energy based old technology.

      Basically you are saying all modern cars are unsafe because the model T had terrible brakes and virtually no safety features. And if you did not fit a starter motor to it, and where not careful you would break your arm starting it.

      Yes, we must review every reactor. Keep the safe, mothball those that are not, reprocess the spent fuel pellets.

  6. pagan66 says:

    “So yeah, Fukashima was a big mistake.” says Tom E. Never have truer words been spoken & if this is the general concensus – which I believe it is – it is just plain madness that our species continue to gamble with our planet in this way. Ezra says that “Having worked in the nuclear power industry all of my life it grieves me to read comments regarding how dangerous nuclear power is” Please. I have heard it all before, I live in a state that relies upon the proceeds of mining for uranium amongst other things. I’ve spent the last 30 years protesting against it, several times being arrested for doing so. If it is so clean & so safe & does no damage why the debates? Why the precautions? Why now the clean up of fukushima & other accidents? When did Man decide he was king of this planet? How can we who are guardians of this Earth, plunder, rape & scourge for this most toxic of minerals? Alvin is right, this is against EVERY law of nature. To mine for something that has the capability of destroying us, is just plain insanity. Please stop the madness.


    • Granny Bear says:

      Yes. Stop. No more digging uranium. None. At all. Never. Ever. Not again. Zero.
      All that will be left of Us, the Animals, the Plants is Nothing. No hope. No future. No past. Nothing. Empty. Vast Forever. Never was. Never will be. Nothing. Here and there unstable elementary particles firing bits of themselves coalescing into Nothing. Again. Nothingness. A forever swirling of Nothing.

      All reactors are mistakes. It is a sin to indulge in activities that cannot tolerate a mistake without threatening to turn Everything into Horror and Ugly. There is NOWHERE on this entire Earth that does not have tectonic events in its history and it the future, and now. There are faults EVERYWHERE. Some are horizontal, as in the Eastern USA, as in Northern Pakistan, and even on the so called stable areas there or orogenesis events that are ongoing forever on this Earth. Unless we so destroy everything, that it does not matter. If the Earth is destroyed, let it not be for a frivolous intellectual whim. An excited “Well, lets just try it and see!” You absolutely must think it out to the end. If there is a mistake. What happens next? Have you never made a mistake? Is there any human who ever lived who did not make a mistake? or maybe even two mistakes. Are the consequences to be children with eyes on the sides of their heads? No eyes? grossly overgrown small bits of themselves and other bits and pieces missing entirely or rearranged? tumors poking out the babies heads? the howls of nightmares living everywhere and death and decay and the empty forever Nothing. Hideous. Insanity.

      Leave it. Turn your wonderful intelligence towards something good. We can all do without lots of the things we have, until some better ways of doing things are worked out.
      But always keep in mind that this Earth is dynamic. Cataclysmic forces are always at work, here. Everywhere. There is nowhere,except the rifts, that is not covered by tectonic plates. And they move. The rifts rip and spew magma. The plates break apart and slam together and override each other and dive below and push up mountains and crack apart. That is our Earth. There is no beach that has never seen a tsunami. There is no mountain that gently appeared.

      What are the consequences of mistakes? All of My Relatives are Nothing. we become the Nothingness.

      Also keep in mind, there are beings who DO NOT care, at all. They will gladly exploit your eagerness to help, push you to conclusions that omit alternative conclusions that are just a likely, or perhaps more likely, but not yet known or not so immediately profitable. To them.
      And when the inevitable mistake happens they will also gladly let you absorb the guilt. They do not care.

      The Abyss looks back with the eyeless vision of Nothingness.

  7. "Dreamtime" Dreamings says:

    Australian inventor James Kwok has invented a green and clean energy
    The technology is being used to built a 1 MW power station in Jakarta Indonesia.
    I always hoped Australia could be a leader and do things new and differently.
    The area in north Australia where uranium is mined was a very important sacred site to the aboriginal people – it is known as the “crown chakra” of the Rainbow serpent. They very much opposed the mining of Uranium, declaring this will break the balance that holds the earth forces in check. Alvin, i am curious of what you foresee for the continent of Australia ? In the 1980’a movie was made called “The Last Wave” starring Richard Chamberlain. It was based on the prophecy of the aboriginal people whose ancestral lands were around Sydney. Since i am a child i dream of huge waves (that was before the movie came out !) and i know of others also who have this dream…. later i learnt that the central Australian Aboriginals foretell that the continent will have an inland sea, and the rest of australia will become three large islands.
    Much thanks for all the time you put into this wonderful website and the chance for interaction with you and the EP family. Really appreciate this portal.

    • There is a concern if there is a crustal displacement that Australia could be innundated. How much should anyone worry about this? Not much…because the whole planet would be in trouble by then. I heard about the movie, The Last Wave by Peter Weir years ago, but never ever saw it. Beside the climate chaos and natural geological hazards, we’ll have to wait and see what the migration of the magnetic south pole does – which is of particular interest to me. Glad you like the site and thanks for making it one of your stops. We’re fortunate to have you.

      all the best +

    • pagan66 says:

      Dreamtime you are right about the Anangu Pitjantjatjara legends of Central Australia. I spent a large chunk of my life nursing out on the lands & was blessed to have been told many of their Dreamtime stories. They certainly believe that Central Australia was once a huge inland sea & will return to that state again & I believe it too because I have seen fossilized sea creatures & shells etc out there. Not sure about the Eastern coastal tribes though, E.A Bryant from Wollongong Uni did a paper in 2007 titled “Cosmogenic mega-tsunami in the Australia region: are they supported by Aboriginal and Maori legends?” If you can get your hands on it, it’s well worth a read, backs up what you are saying.


      • John F Cook says:

        Pagan, I took the liberty of copying your reference ” E.A Bryant from Wollongong Uni did a paper in 2007 titled “Cosmogenic mega-tsunami in the Australia region: are they supported by Aboriginal and Maori legends?” to pass along to a researcher in ancient cosmological events and their effects on people/cultures/myths etc. Thank you very much it will be appreciated.

      • pagan66 says:

        You”re very welcome John, & Alvin – just received my books! Less than a week to Australia, that you wrote them is very much appreciated & once I read the 7th Protocol will have pride of place in my “special” book section, next to The Golden Bough & other such classics :)

      • That was a fast arrival. I’m excited for you to have some of the new material.


  8. Helen Parks says:

    After Fukushima is finished with is – will we still be here in 2030?
    And does Australia have enough water to spare for that little enterprise?

    • John F Cook says:

      Australia is much protected by being in the southern hemisphere – the air flow patterns around the equator prevent mixing to a large degree.
      You are right to identify Fukushima a major hazard – if that fuel rod pool loses its water within a day there will be a worse, by far, than Chernoble event – heading straight for the west coast of the USA. Glad I don’t live there. But ultimately it will poison the whole northern hemisphere the us southerners will get what left.

      • "Dreamtime" Dreamings says:

        The aboriginal people also said that the whole ocean will be DEAD !
        I heard that in 1982. It was hard to believe at that time. It seemed so far in the future.
        Thanks Pagan66 for the reference.

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