Elevated seismic risks due to mounting tectonic plate tension

Region: Pacific Ring of Fire

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32 Responses to Elevated seismic risks due to mounting tectonic plate tension

  1. ONTHEMARK55 says:

    Alvin, I’ve recently came across video’s/info regarding Fracking causing Earthquakes. The USGS believes that it’s the main cause of quakes in in previously stable area’s. I would apreciate your opinion on this matter, sincerely, Denton

    • It is a factor but the dynamics of the planet likewise is also shifting. The entire sub-strata of the ground is becoming more dynamic from fault eruptions, hydrocarbon reservoir depletion, and the seepage of magma. Every day, geologists are discovering new faults, some were unknown but many more are recent fractures in the ground from previous quake stresses.

      Take the earthquakes in Italy- one day; events of this magnitude will only be a precursor to more ominous changes to come. In some cases, magma will rupture the surface and volcanic fissures and chasms will open up in the vicinity where populous towns once stood.

      • ONTHEMARK55 says:

        For every action, there’s a reaction. Stress loads change, shift pressures, “knee bone connected to the thight bone”, makes sense. I’m more inclined to believe we’ve created more issue’s by diverting our ground water directly into piping,canals and various waterways and/or eliminating natural absorption through building,paving,clear cutting forests, etc.,etc. Add overpopulation, you increase the odds people will be affected by “natural occurences”, law of averages. One last question, is it true that the recent dam/reservoir built in China actually shifted the Earth on it’s axis 1deg?

  2. Phyllis says:

    This is real bad isnt it?

    • Sue says:

      Don’t worry Phyllis. You are one step ahead (at least) Be glad that you see that unusual activites are afoot.
      Our media is trying to distract us with ‘Oh look over here, look what J’Lo and Kim K. are doing / wearing”
      I know so many people who are having a hard time admitting that the American Dream is not the same dream now, that brought people to Ellis Island long ago. A friend of mine said , “It helps if you realize the USA is no longer a government, but that it is a corporation.” I think that may also be true of the world…. and we are the employees.
      They hate having to deal with these mounting pesky earthquakes.
      Again, you are awake and aware. So many just want to pull the covers over their eyes.

  3. Sharon says:

    Hello there – am I missing the text, or is this a general warning for the Pacific Ring of Fire countries to be on alert. I live in NZ, and have noted animals very tense for last 3-4 weeks so I would not be surprised if something rumbled again………..

    • No text. I just wanted to issue a watch out alert for what shows every indication of being mounting tension on tectonic plates in the Ring of Fire. No predictions, just everyone should be on the look out for potetential seismic activity.

    • ONTHEMARK55 says:

      Were you directly afected by the quakes around Christchurch?

      • Sharon says:

        Yes. Most homes and property in Canterbury were damaged either by the 7.1 or the 6.2 quakes or the huge number of aftershocks. My home was primarily damaged in the first one as it hit pretty close to here but my house was still liveable so a lot luckier than many. But property stress is only one component, there is a big toll in human and animal stress too. Before the quakes my horses were locked securely into stables each night. I now leave the doors open and the horses choose whether they go in or not. One dog hates going outside as when the ground shakes he likes to jump on the chair. People look around for exits when they enter an unfamiliar building. I had not heard about the earthquake drill planned for NZ, but I have noticed the Govt is running the Civil Defence adverts on planning for emergencies a lot more frequently again. People say move, but I do travel and have noticed that wherever I go, I look around, I watch the animals and think…….so its not that easy. And I think better in a community with people around you that you know in familiar surroundings than all alone in an emergency. Everyone has their own perspective, we can only do what we think is right at the time!

    • nickk0 says:

      Sharon – That is NOT good.
      Thank you for the “on the spot” information, and the update.

      – Nick

  4. barbara says:

    All of the earthquake and volcanic activity that has been happening in recent months doesn’t surprise me in the least..with the planet long overdue for her geological/geographical changing plus add to the fact of fracking and humans are using up way too many of the planets natural resources without taking into consideration the long lasting effects that it would have on everyone and everything including our precious home… for example we need oil for lubricating man made materials..anybody ever stop to think that maybe the planet needs that same oil to keep things running smoothly underneath our feet..namely the tectonic plates. And what about crystals,diamonds,silver, and whathave you..the planet needs them to maintain the energy and balance of the earths inner and outer core among other things..i’m not saying that everything that is going on is our fault..it’s not i’m just saying that we need to be more cautious/resourceful in what we’re taking..after all the earth is the only home we have for now..we have to learn to respect and take care of her….
    outer core among other things… i’m not saying that everything that is going on is our fault which i’m sure some of it is i’m just saying that we need to be cautious/resourceful with what we’re already taking… the earht is the only home we have for now

  5. angeli olson says:

    well i know we never felt an earthquake here until 2 years ago and gas drilling has recently exploded in my area… it was pretty scary.

  6. Shelley Paet says:


    thanks for the heads up…. the Big Island is still rumbling away (i track it on my app and check it every couple hours or so). i still remember how strong the 6.7 felt back in 2006 and we were 200 miles away from it. i tell you, it was strong. so the little tremors we’re having wouldn’t surprise me if a large one happens soon on the Big Island. the Ring of Fire has been so agitated that (i’ll be honest) it’s kinda creepy. i wouldn’t be surprised what the Full Moon will produce since we are just a few days away. i find it amazing at how active the Ring of Fire has become in just the past 5 years, interesting stuff…

    thank you for all you do,

  7. Carla Burgers says:

    Sharon, Canterbury province and Christchurch had the following earthquakes today:
    31/05/2012: M 4.55, M 4.3 and some smaller ones. Something is brewing here alright ! keep safe.

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you!! Yes, quite a few people seem to have headaches. I have started to see that sometimes lots of headaches noted in people can mean a build up of pressure. Usually once a quake hits, the headaches clear. My horse lets me know when they are coming as he watches the direction they will come from. Very good communicator and very sensitive. We have had thousands of aftershocks so we are getting pretty tuned in watching animals and our own bodies for reactions now. Lucky to live in open country.

  8. You have reported numerous volcano alerts all around the globe! Some are erupting, others are at elevated alerts, is there an increase in volcanic activity and is it connected to recent increase in earthquake activity?

  9. Joe venter says:

    The polar ice caps were built very slowly over eons. Their weight on the earth’s crust was absorbed by the planet over long periods of time keeping things in equilibrium. The ‘sudden’ melting of the caps due to global warming is causing the crust to also respond dynamically to the disturbed stresses, resulting in increased tectonic movement of the plates. This will excelerate exponentially as more methane is released from melting permafrost causing runaway warming. Our (‘loving’) mother earth is finally getting fed up with her delinquent children. Our planet is not dying, it is only changing into another form. If we will be able to survive in the new world is an open question. If we do not anialate one another, we will most probably die of hunger.
    Joe Venter.

  10. iamnotashamedofthegospelofchrist says:

    Thank you.

  11. Billy Ray says:

    Exactly what is an “tense appearance” in an animal look like? I have a dog, in Texas, and granted we do not have a lot of seismic activity, but I would be interested in what the pooch has to offer as far as warnings.

    • Sharon says:

      Hi there – my dogs are clever!! Before a quake they will stay close and not let you out their sight, and when they lie down, they will watch the direction it will come from. When more than one does that – something is up! One of my Labradors is especially sensitive and will come and nudge my hand seconds just before they hit to try and get me outside. Other friends dogs will stand and bark and bark looking in the direction of the impending quake and be super over protective of the kids. Other dogs shiver or whine just before they hit. My horse is a super star and can sense them coming up to 2-3 hours before they hit. He stands with head up on alert watching the direction. If over a 3.5 he will also sweat and tremble. I got WEEKS notice before the big one, but course did not realize what he was trying to communicate in those early days. He has NEVER been wrong – the day before yesterday and in the morning, he looked South – bang, Ashburton (south of us) got a 4.5. I really pay attention to where animals look & their body language. They have more ground contact than us. I think they can feel vibrations coming.

  12. Emanni says:

    Seattle Fault Zone — 900-930 AD earthquake larger than previously thought

  13. Shane says:

    Hi there. Yeah Great WebSite! Yup, who’s going to get it next. I laugh now, at the “NO uptick” in Earthquake Depunkers. I heard that NZ was going to be running a “National Wide earthQuake Drill” in the near future. Thats a fairly big effort!

  14. Dave H. says:

    I live in the greater Seattle area. We have been due for the “big one” for quite some time on our cascadia subduction zone. My question is, how do the experts know that the tension is “mounting” There is always tension on the oceanic and continental plates. There has been activity all around the ring, but nothing much to speak of in the Pacific Northwest. Is that how they measure tension, the lesser activity, the more tension? Just curious. Thanks for keeping us updated and inform.

  15. I think it’s all connected, Warren.

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