66 Responses to ‘We want civil war’ Anarchist group vows to spread mayhem throughout UK

  1. Fillade says:

    Im my tree, it smells of CIA/MI6/Mosad, not a word of the Great Muslim struggle in Britton for more social handouts for a non productive, non assiminillating immagrant blight. This is too neat, and in this deception it fails. More de stabelizing, more tightening of the world wide police state. I can’t fathom when it happens here in a constitutionally civilian armed nation the news imiages. Apparently these whooples are not that bright when a blind man can see thru their physcops.

  2. Sam Beckett says:

    These anarchist groups are 100% pure evil & a great danger to our civilized world. They care nothing about law & order, democracy, freedom & so on..all they care about is causing chaos, murder, riots, lawlessness….they just want to see the world burn.

    • Bobi says:

      And what exactly do you think our governments care about? And if you look closely, the 100% pure evil and a great danger to our civilized world IS our governments.

    • atterro says:

      They are a product of todays system and what you call ”Society”! This system that embraces corruption, greed and all the horrible things human beings can get today.

      They are merely a mirror of todays society failing at provinding for human beings. People with no empathy are known fact to be brain damaged individuals!

      Depression, stress, anger, violence, insanity etc, they are natural symptoms of totally unatural and negative enviroment. They are only a symptom, and then they give you all sort of medication to treat the symptoms. Don’t treat the symptoms, find out the source of the problem.

      It’s as clear as a day, that todays civilization was lead on a totally wrong direction from what it was meant to be. Hence why everything is falling appart! It’s doomed to fail!

      • mad maxi says:

        Good comment Attero. I fear that the world will have to be severely shaken before too many will be willing to change their ways and face the problem which in most societies is each of us. I know I want a better world, but yet how much do I do to really affect that change in action? Sadly, very little- but a million, or billion people doing a very little in a positive way can still make a sea change to address and fix the source problems in our heads,hearts, and world. The vines that bear bad fruit must be pruned away. Going to be another ‘interesting’ year.

      • Sam Beckett says:

        Perhaps you are right, the worlds population is now over 7 billion & when I was just a lad back in the early 90’s it was 4 billion. My point is with the # of people rapidly increasing with space, resources, etc..rapidly declining, it increases the need/want for control, power, greed, etc….the only way I see to change us humans as a whole is a global catasrophe that kills off 90% + of life, sadly humans only change when forced to their knees…fortunately I see that change coming soon

  3. Taffyduff says:

    ‘Weeds’ are sprouting up everywhere, accross al nations. As the economy subsides, giving way to extreme political opportunists, the cause of civil war will be ‘bubbled’ up from among even the most stable of countries. Under the guise of FAI, they make their excuses to distrupt the society we live in, but the truth of the matter is – the guise is another pawn of the uprising of evil.

  4. radiogirl says:

    So those “facets of life” don’t have enough struggle as it is?Selfish.

  5. British realist says:

    I guess they need to have some kind radical threat out there to justify having a warship in the thames and surface to air missile batteries on surrounding tower blocks. Then there are the draconian policing laws that will be introduced only for the Olympics, But somehow they will be extended or altered for a permanent solution. I read somewhere that there will be 10,000 + US security services here as well. Do you know anything about that and what powers they will have.

    • Marie-Louise says:

      Yep! These groups do not exist except as pons of the NWO and orchestrations by the governments, for the governements. Let’s stay calm. Cheers!

  6. Cookie's mum says:

    I personally am dreading the Olympics…most of my family are in England..me being a transplant and they are all staying as far away from London during the games as possible. I have sen these groups in action..there is so much pent up anger and hatred and unfortunately the ‘class’ system is still live and well..that has as much to do with it as anything….

  7. You have to wonder how many of the disenfranchised have entertained similar thoughts of action, while I certainly do not condone violence in any form, I can see where some people have reached their breaking point, the rise in suicides, substance abuse and this, radical behavior that goes beyond civil unrest. No one in charge seems to understand the deep dispair so many are living with, and what that dispair can drive someone to do….. It really feels that we are on the precipice of major upheaval!

  8. Betsy Weggesser says:

    These anarchist are needless to say very sick hatefull people, who have nothing better to do than cause pain where ever they go!!! PURE EVIL !!! IT SURE IS POINTING TO THE END OF TIMES !!! I HOPE THEIR SOULS ARE READY FOR GOD’S JUDGEMENT !!! But it’s still not too late TO PRAY FOR THEM FOR A CHANGE OF HEART !!! LORD HAVE MERCY !!!

  9. Mary says:

    Those days of being glued to the TV watching the games are gone. I started with watching the Winter games in 1960 – Squaw Valley, Calif. Those exciting times are now just memories.

  10. Bobi says:

    Interesting, as peaceful demonstrations get no where and are pretty much ignored, so where do we go from there?????? Civil War, stirred by the “Powers That Be”, so they can declare Martial Law….Hummmmmm All about total control of the masses.

  11. tellthetruth1 says:

    I don’t know if I should tell you what went through my mind when I read this one, Alvin! It certainly was not any PC nonsense. Phew, what a world, and this after I read, earlier today about a man tanked up on LSD and the attack he brought to someone who was likely homeless. The attack was horrific. So bad, I don’t think I ought to explain it any further. Save to say that if we don’t think the tribulation has begun, we ought to open our eyes. Man, what a world.

    • I heard about the incident in Maimi and you’re right; the demons are being let loose and are interfacing human experiences like this one and the incident in Norway.

      We live in perilous times and may we consoled with the promises of God’s word.

      • prayntongues says:

        The first thing that popped up in my head when I read about the man chewing up another man’s face …ZOMBIE ATTACK!! what if this drug is slipped into a food or water supply??? I shudder to think that the idea of zombies could be a reality. I’ve seen several programs on how to survive a zombie attack. I was sure it was a joke but there are survivalist groups that are prepared for such an attack. CDC website also uses zombies to make people interested in reading their page on disaster preparedness.

      • Columbine says:

        I am in complete agreement – the pit has been opened. A respected seminary professor said he believed the pit was opened in the late ’50’s or early ’60’s when the huge change in society world-wide happened, and it continues to degenerate. I think dispensationalism is a form of deceit that keeps people’s eyes blinded to the truth of what is happening, caught up in their cocoon of “this won’t happen while I’m here on earth”.

        Anyone who has worked with orphans from the former USSR (and possibly other countries as well) for any length of time has seen what a psychopath is: absolutely NO empathy for others, a COMPLETE self-centeredness. You don’t have to be a “zombie” created by the ‘govment’ to be and do such things. All a young child needs is to have a traumatic experience without loving parents/caretakers to help them process it correctly (a good dose of genetic damage from parents who abuse alcohol and drugs will top it off). Some are born that way naturally, some are created by overworked, emotionally/physically abusive parents/caretakers. How many of these children are there in the world, many now adults? How many more are WE as a world-wide society creating? Without the Holy Spirit in their lives, there is no hope at all and things are only going to get worse. Add in those demons from the pit gaining more and more control and to put it mildly: we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

      • tellthetruth1 says:

        In response to Columbine: I wish there was a private messaging thing here. I could tell you a story I heard within the last few weeks that made me go cold. I completely, and, admittedly with sadness, agree with every single word you’ve written. Without the Lord guiding us, we’d be in terrible trouble. The Lord warned His believers not to be alarmed, but to pray unceasingly. It’s all we can do.

    • Marie-Louise says:

      I also heard about this supposed attack, but I am not sure that this is not another false news offered by the press to provoke fear in the population. One should never, never believe what is offered by the media, mean stream or alternative. The CDC even publisehd a report last year warning the US population of an imminent attack by hords of zombies (and the word “zombies” was explicitely used by the Center for Disease Control). This is like the War of the Worlds read by Orson on the radio 80 years ago. Come on ! This is a big, big joke, even though I know demons exist. Cheers!

      • tellthetruth1 says:

        Well, I live in England, Marie, and even though I was nowhere near this event, (I live well away from London), it still makes uncomfortable reading to see this going on in one’s own country. The Bible predicts perilous times. As far as I’m concerned, we’re in them. I’m sorry to read a so-called professional body as having shown themselves up for what they are: (without Christ) in that they spew out stupid sayings, but that’s what lack of Biblical wisdom does, it provokes anything BUT the goodness of God and His promises.

        I wonder if the person who spoke on Zombies would know one if they saw it?

        God bless.

    • Sam Beckett says:

      Wow…..I read your post, looked it up…the continual downward spiral of humanity..the other day where I live a garbage truck accidentally ran over & killed a 70 year old man in a motorized wheel chair, dragging him to his death…& s huge crowd gathered with many taking pictures & videos with their cell phones. My point is, the world is far past the tipping point on the scale on any hope of redemption, change, etc..without a mass kill off of 90%+ of life…the end is upon us & that great change will happen this year, it already is

      • tellthetruth1 says:

        Sam, I wish I could remember exactly what it was a few months ago in the news which prompted me to believe that God had finally taken His hand off the world. I’m just waiting for the “man of sin” to be revealed. I’ve got my beadies on one such person at present. :(

    • Sam Beckett says:

      About the man that ate 75 percent of his victims face off, the reports I have read stated he was snarling & growling..behaving as a wild beast. Personally, I do not buy into the spoon feed story he was on lsd…as there are conflicting reports about it. Do you think this may be a gov’t virus deliberately set loose, or perhaps the demons of Satan taking control over peoples bodies? Or? What are your thoughts? I am interested in everbodys opinion on this…our gov’t his hiding something

      • tellthetruth1 says:

        Alex: The government are simple men without God and act likewise. You see that through the laws that are passed and the way Christ is being kicked out of most countries. They will stand before Him as we all will. As for this horrific news, Romans 1; 2 Timothy 3 and other Scriptures are where we must take our warnings from and keep on praying. It’s all we can do. We’re seeing terrible times, now.

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Hi tellthetruth1 ! We who are Christian do need to pray, we need to pray for strength and direction. This is not the time for christians to sit back in their lazy boy chairs scoffing at the world. It is time for us to truly be the light of the world. The hands and feet of Jesus, the mouth of Jesus, the prophets for Jesus. We must speak and act boldly in God’s love so that some may see. Also, we must be prepared to be hated and persecuted. If they hated the Son of God will they not also hate us? Jesus said a light is not hid under a bushell basket but put on the lamp stand for all to see. there are many ways that we become involved in helping those that need help, If we die to ourselves he will direct us where he needs us.

  12. alex says:

    Alvin. I dont get this why dont we have groups where we fight for whats right. Iam young and i go what are we doing why do we destroy ourselves starve attack and kill each other. What is wrong with humans. Why cant it be like the good days where theirs peace and harmony all their is is dectruction and nothing else i say in our time their will be a force of good and ill be a part of it.

    • Because humans have not progressed beyond their hate, prejudice and hostilies to see anything like a human heart. Hope rests in the few who do.

    • ONTHEMARK55 says:

      Don’t become discouraged Alex, the World needs you,people like you. when you feel peace has no chance, watch the clips of the Birmingham AL. demonstrations and see how, first hand, peaceful people can overcome brutality. I was 8yrs old and from a small “white” town in the Northwest. After seeing what people that looked like me did to people that didn’t, who were “peaceful” i new what was right, what was wrong. I truly believe, if the black demonstrators had “fought” back, justified or not, the justification for racism would have been perpetuated. Those demonstrations, view’d by the world, were the beginning of the end of racism, as we knew it, in our country. Also investigate the history of the christians that refused to denounce their Faith while being put to death without fighting back. Many onlookers converted to Chritianity because of the “courage these martyrs displayed, “peacefully”. Alex, you be that force for good, people will follow! God Bless You

  13. tonic says:

    Someone helped me in an earlier post, saying, “God is giving us signs” This could be one. Of what events will be like, around the world, after all hell breaks loose.

  14. prayntongues says:

    This article TOTALLY VALIDATES AND IS A CONFIRMATION of the vision I saw of the destruction in the UK!!! My youtube channel is same as my username here…prayntongues, the video is called “Destruction Vision”.

  15. sKeptical citizen says:

    Ive got mixed feelings? Our nation was born out of terrorist acts. A known smuggler john Hancock tarred and feathered the kings tax man. The Tax man died from the burns. Dumping all that tea in the harbor was a terrorist act. I dont condone it but the fact is sometines terrorism works! Now when the clatyclismic events are so bad there isnt any goverment help available how are the desperate citizens going to react? Its not a very optimistic outlook.

  16. Artoro says:

    The FAI has voiced concerns about a general segment of society who have seemingly been deprived the quality of life that others in a somewhat upper class have enjoyed. I fell to see where this turmoil will help their plight.

  17. radiogirl says:

    I suppose as more become enraged and violent I will have to become more peaceful and encourage my family to do the same.God bless,R

  18. TexasRedNeck says:

    God is begining to allow Satan to have more control over earth and it’s only going to get worse.

  19. Sally says:

    Hi – first, to Maponas. Gee thanks for that; lovely to know that you don’t care as long as it doesn’t affect you; this sort of thing will affect everyone in the West sooner or later given our downward trajectory. As for this particular group I’m fairly sure that Mi5 have them in their sights already, naive though that may sound to some of you. As for the ‘draconian laws’ put in place for the Olympics – what else do you suggest they do, given the world we currently live in of terrorism, groups like this and other people – just let the dice fall where they may? Yes, the UK is in a mess right now and not likely to come out of it very soon, but at least the Olympics will bring in some money and perhaps even something to celebrate, even if it’s just for a moment. I remember when London was chosen, everyone was so proud the – what happened?

    • Sally ,
      I totally get where your coming from, we hosted the 2010 Olympics , and while I was upset with the money that was spent hosting it, thinking of much better things to put it towards , my attitude changed once the games began, people smiled more, there was a boost of country pride, and a comradely that was tangible in the air,
      It did lift spirits and hearts, something we all needed , a distraction!
      So half of me still treasures the memories of it ,
      The other half , more pragmatic sees the huge price tag for the opportunity to bury our heads in the sand for 14 days.
      Wishing you and your countrymen a splendid 14 days!

    • Lisa says:

      I agree with you Sally.

  20. Gary says:

    As a poster above said these “incidents” will only be used to further the draconian “big brother” state that the UK is becoming. Where we live in the UK part of the Olympics is to be held so they have installed lots of CCTV to watch for any “terrorists” (yeah right!). And we have just found out that these cameras will be staying after the Olympics is finished. If they were only needed for security during the games then why are they staying AFTER?!

    Funny how these “anarchists” are getting the spotlight now as the Olympics will be starting soon. It’s to frighten the “sheeple” into calling for tougher security measures to catch these “anarchists” (so they won’t mind in a few years when we get TSA style “grope downs” and have to show our papers at the no doubt much needed checkpoints). So sad!

    • Gary says:

      And to the poster above who said the Olympics will bring in money i have a little story to tell about that. When we were told that part of the Olympics would be held in our city we were told “how much it would financially benefit the local community” by the Olympic “big wigs” and that “jobs would be created during the games”.

      Would it then shock you if i told you that many of the local businesses who would have benefited financially from the games are being FORCED to close (without financial assistance) during the peak “season” for some of them. Even the local taxi firms are not allowed to benefit and are being made to purchase an “Olympic pass” to be allowed to drive around the area!! (never mind they already have the official license to carry passengers). The only people who will make money are the MP’s on the take and the big corporations who they represent.

      While local people here will lose out much needed summer trade WITHOUT being compensated for it.

    • Sally says:

      Tell you what, as the UK is clearly heading for a dictatorship in your eyes, why don’t you try living in a ‘free’ country where there are no CCTV cameras like say the Congo or Kazakhstan or maybe Saudi Arabia?

      • ONTHEMARK55 says:

        “FREE” and “FREEDOM are 2 differnet things. Freedom comes with a price people aren’t willing to pay anymore, nothing good comes for “FREE”!

  21. callyrox says:

    the London 2012 Olympics. will be the last Olympics open to the public. or worse, the last Olympics ever.. i am 18 years i old, i get it i’m a young man becoming an adult, and i don’t fully understand the situation we are all facing today, i have watched countless youtube videos, Wikipedia articles the whole shabam and still, i fail to understand how Civilisations can crumble like ours is right now. But i’m starting to realize something. If you look down on an ant colony and you squirt it with water, the ants run for their safe place. i know that has nothing to do with this Particular situation. But in the long run, are we about to get squirted with water “so to say”. anyone advice? do i just chin up, grin up, and fight each day as it comes? or do i cower and hide from the world. i’m sure many can relate to my situation

    • tonic says:

      When you have awareness of the world around you, as you have, it comes with a truckload of questions. I am in no position to give advice but the only way I handle it is giving complete trust to God. And when/if you are faced with difficult decisions listen to what your heart tells you.
      The only other thing I would say, is that there is a lot of amazing people on this site, and if you listen to how they deal with all that is going on, the advice you are looking for will appear somewhere.

      • ONTHEMARK55 says:

        Tonic, I must disagree with a statement of yours, seems to me, by your wonderful words, you’re positioned well to advise. Remember, you’re one of those “amazing” people that take’s time to talk and comfort someone else. May God bless you and yours

  22. Fillade says:

    Alex, Great question “Why can’t it be like the good old days”, because it was a beautiful dream, and there isn’t ample space to answer here. In the near future we all will look back at the days (post Tribulation) as the good old days, the very beginning of the Millennium of Jesus Christ, of God’s Kingdom on earth, of Peace, and only Peace, and forever Peace. With what is just over the hill for this deceived world we will fear never to again see Peace.

  23. Joan Rogers says:

    This is the beginning of the very end.Nations cannot stand without God,they will crumble.Having done away with Father God ,His Word,His ordinances and commandments.Without God and His ordiances,they have chosen satan(the god of this world 2Cor.4:4)This is not even the beginning.It will continue to escallate everywhere to Armageddon.No Jesus No Peace,Know Jesus Know Peace.All lawlessness everywhere will abound .

  24. Doğan Rahil says:

    Every soul shall have taste of death , why should we men fear what’s to come? evil will always be evil and its a given formula in this Life of this World………..In the end, Those who join forces for evil will be answerable for it…We have nothing to fear if we have sincere faith to our creator…. “bring them on”!!

  25. Gary says:

    Hi Sally. I would say that there are no “free countries” now as you have to live under someones “rule” wherever you live. I’m not sure where you live but i have to say the UK isn’t what i remember growing up as a boy. the fact that London has the most CCTV cameras of any capitol city (was the case when i read the article a while ago). No one asked me if i mind being recorded during my day.

    They say on the little labels below the cameras “for your safety and security” well i felt just as safe before i was constantly recorded going about my business. I bet if i was to follow David Cameron around all day with a hand held camera i would eventually be ushered out of the way by burly henchmen yet i’m not afforded the same “luxury”.

    I would love to see just how much “terrorist” activity has been stopped by CCTV i doubt much as they spend most of the time looking at US.

  26. Colleen says:

    Folks we must read Psalm 91 everyday. Read it aloud! The article about the man chewing another’s mans face off is beyond crazy. That is why we must stay close our Savior, and read His Word everyday. When the enemy trys to attack us, we will have His Two-Edged Sword to help us. I always pray for God to bless everything my family and I eat and drink. We don’t know what they are spraying down from the skies. Just when you think you have heard it all, then comes along something more sinister and bizarre. Lord help us all!

    • The incidents of tainted illicit drug use are increasing.

      • ONTHEMARK55 says:

        I thought it was so strange, the fascination with, and the sheer volume of “Zombie” movies and shows, now “Zombie” drugs? Were the masses being conditioned for this garbage. What next, “Homosexual” drugs since half the people in movies/shows are portrayed that way? I’m serious, what next?

      • People don’t need drugs to become zombies. All it takes is being out of touch with the Creator and creation around you. Most of the world is sleep-walking zombies and are headed for a cliff. Consider another disturbing story coming out of Qatar about the Mall Fire.

        CNN reports on the mall fire in Qatar that killed 19 people, mostly children: ‘Christine Wigton, an American living in Doha, told CNN she heard “a buzzer, not very loud” as she walked into the mall, but heard no loud alarms as smoke built up inside. Elementary school-age children were eating at some of the restaurants and no one was trying to escape, she said. “When I got a little bit closer, I realized the smoke was just increasing and people were still shopping. And the smoke kept getting heavier and heavier,” Wigton said. She said she left when the smoke became “too much.” “There were no sprinklers, and there was nothing that would tell somebody that something was wrong,” she said. Built in 2006, the mall advertises itself as “the newest and the largest entertainment center in Doha.” The Venice-themed complex features gondola rides down an indoor canal, an artificial sky, a 13-screen movie theater, a theme park, skating rink and a bowling alley.’

        Source- http://articles.cnn.com/2012-05-28/middleeast/world_meast_qatar-fire_1_qatar-doha-bin-khalifa-al-thani?_s=PM:MIDDLEEAST

      • Hatchettman says:

        Thank you for saying it. What most people don’t think about is tainted alcohol such as beer, wine and hard liquor. It is very easy to do when you work for these companies. Think about it, when tainted food is an issue, the source is always inside these systems. Most will not admit that they hired illegals to work these positions and quickly fire them if there is a problem with no slap on the hand because monies to cover up and “good ole boy” practices sheild them. How many must die before accountibility is levied against these devils? We must pray, true. But we should not turn our backs to it. Quality used to mean something. Be proud that you are quality, not ashamed.

  27. Dan Sherwood says:

    Folks, what ever starts up in the UK this summer will surely and quickly spread across the pond. When that happens you will not want to be seen on the streets, you will need to be invisible.
    If you are not making plans and preparations to avoid the coming calamity you will be stuck in the middle of it. folks if you are not prepping yet, it is almost too late to start. If you need to know how to start look me up and I will help.

  28. Dan Sherwood says:

    Expanded Prepping Plan
    The following is a ten category list (and break down) of my prepping plan.
    This includes canned, dried, unprepared mixes, spices, seasonings, cooking oils, and food for pets.
    This includes pre-stored water, manual well pump plan, rain water collection plan, desalinization plan, and general water purification.
    This includes various non electric methods for preparing meals, at home and on the road cook ware, and plans for both indoor and outdoor cooking.
    This includes gardening, farming, hunting, and collecting.
    LIGHTING: This includes indoor lighting options that are non electrical in nature, outdoor lighting options and also fire starting options (for both home and on the road).
    This includes regularly used medications, trauma care, topical treatments, simple bandaging, vitamins, splints, raps, sutures, and minor surgery needs.
    This includes cleaning supplies, toiletries, feminine needs, waste disposal, clothes cleaning (and seasonal changes), and a water usage plan.
    This includes weapons, ammo, defensive and offensive strategies, perimeter warning, and 24 hr plan.
    COMMUNITY: This includes neighbor relations, key role plug- ins, shared prepping, plans for refugees.
    RELOCATION: This includes transportation options, shelter along the way, downsizing of supplies plan, destination options, route options. This also includes plans for safe barter, safe passage through road blocks, and ways of acceptance in a new community.

    • jehjeh007 says:

      Dan, I remember having this kit. Allow me to share how it worked out. Hurricane Ike was heading our way. Evacuations start 3 days before it hit BUT the company I worked for wouldn’t release anyone, if they bailed out, they had no job to come back to. You guessed it, I stayed until 1 day before the Ike was to make landfall, my company finally release us. The highways where packed with babies becoming mosquito bait as they sat in overheated, staled vehicles with no water, food, shelter for 2 days. Meantime Ike was barreling to Texas at 145 mph. My family out of town pleaded with me to leave and I could not get them to understand that my family could not go anywhere even if we had a ultra 4-wheeler with a 50-gallon tank (yep, a few tried that and got stuck or stopped by the Feds), we had to “hunker down”. We rode out the storm that BY THE GRACE OF GOD decrease in speed to 48 mph. The kit lasted 13 days in 98 degree weather, which the first 3 was apycoliptic with debri everywhere. A FEW neighbors help me clear the roads, the rest where frozen in fear gripping to no end but doing nothing to work as a group. No sounds of nature, people wandering and stealing. All the people that died from this was not from the storm itself, it was from bullets or mother nature (113 last I heard). Three main things helped. 1. Big Freezer, 2. Generator, 3 Can foods. All water was collected from the storm itself, my tub leaked most of our water out by the 4th day. BTW, the natural gas line continued to work throughout the entire event unimpeded. Mr. Dan Sherwood is right!

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