4th case of flesh-eating bacteria reported in Georgia

May 24, 2012GEORGIA - Doctors amputated a Milledgeville man’s leg Wednesday because it’s infected with the flesh-eating bacteria. That’s according to the man’s son, Mike Bales of Dacula. Wednesday evening, Mike Bales told 13WMAZ that his father, Paul Bales was out of surgery and in stable condition. He said his dad lives on Lake Sinclair near Milledgeville and injured his leg when he slipped and fell on his dock May 2. Paul Bales bandaged the cut and went golfing the next day but started feeling pain in his leg. He was admitted to the Oconee Regional Medical Center on May 5, then sent to the Medical Center of Central Georgia a week later. Mike Bales says doctors have told the family that his father suffers from necrotizing fasciitis, the same flesh-eating bacteria that struck north Georgia student Aimee Copeland and at least two other Georgians. “He’s gotten to be stable, but they can’t get the infection from his leg,” he said. The leg had to be amputated because the bacteria damaged blood vessels in his leg, Mike Bales said. After the surgery, he told us that doctors found more infected tissue in his father’s leg and will have to operate again. Despite the bizarre outbreak of the disease, Dr Mike Green, of Macon, said people shouldn’t over-react and become paranoid about becoming infected. It remains very rare, he said. He said they could remove more of the leg. Medical Center spokeswoman Janie Poulnott said Paul Bales is in stable condition but would not comment further. -13WMAZ
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60 Responses to 4th case of flesh-eating bacteria reported in Georgia

  1. -oi!gracias says:

    DO WE ALWAYS do what doc says? … what if every infection we got an amputation … huhuhu

    • elijahsmom3 says:

      This is definitely NOT like “every infection”. You can’t just put some peroxide and a band aid on it and go on your merry way. In these cases, you amputate or you die. And even then, sometimes that’s not enough.

  2. Colleen says:

    What is going on in Georgia? I wonder if this nasty bug will become an epidemic soon? God have mercy on us all! What is next?

    • Discordian says:

      I really hope that this will not be an epidemic, particularly since I live in Georgia! Any kind of ground zero is not for me…

      Though it’s interesting that you mention nasty bugs. The warm winter and record temperatures in March have also produced a plague of ticks down here, an unprecedented swarming of termites (every bait station hit and devoured at my place), and even a large centipede in the bathroom! One wonders if the decline of our species is not in some mysterious way indicated by this surge of nasties.

  3. MISH says:

    Lana Kuykendall is incorrectly listed as being in Atlanta, Ga. Lana is from and is being treated in the Greenville, SC area.

    • Lisa says:

      Yes, she is in South Carolina now, but delivered her twins at Emory in Atlanta just days before a strange mark on her leg appeared after returning to South Carolina…so it IS odd about Georgia.

    • Lana Kuykendall was giving birth in an Atlanta hospital when she contracted the bacteria–notice the other three are near if not in bodies of water in Georgia. This is where the people were when they contracted the bacteria not where they lived

  4. Why don’t your docters investigate the decompression tank (divers use this method) help. Please i do plead with you whoever read here, let these drs investigate! God stay with you. Greetings from South Africa.

    • elijahsmom3 says:

      Yes!! This is so true! My ex-husband works at the air force base here in the decompression chamber, and they do treat serious infections this way.

  5. Candi Bishop-Knowlton says:

    I am concerned that this and other diseases are being spread on purpose to make humans sick. Like the chemtrails, or the new strain of drug resistant malaria.

    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      Biological warfare came across my mind too. Has there been a security breach somewhere? Or, is the army experimenting with this? Or, is it simply one of the pestilences coming in these last days?

      • This is what microbes do. That’s why I devoted an entire chapter to the rapid evolution of microbes in my first book called The Sinister Shadow of Pestilence. This bugs are out there and traditional remedies will continue to fail and cannot possibly keep pace with the rapid genetic evolution of a microbe. This is only the beginning of a problem I’ve been warning about for years.

  6. richfish30 says:

    He slipt on a wet dock and the other case in a town on a river…maybe these bacterias are growing from the water!

  7. Theresa says:

    There IS a cure of these bugs, it is called SILVER. It has been proven through extensive research for millenium that silver Ions kill germs, bugs of all kinds, bacteria, etc. here is a link to some of the research. http://www.silvermedicine.org/robertobecker.html

    I think my question is with this knowledge why isn’t it being used?

    • radiogirl says:

      Yes my brother had this and sheets of silver were impacted into the wound and dressed …it saved his foot from being amputated.They may have tried that as I was told at the time of my brothers infection it is a wait and see if it will work and no guarantee that it will.Silver can be a miracle for some who don’t respond to other treatments.Regards,R

    • Jay Young says:

      Very good point Theresa. Information on Colloidal Silver has been largely repressed. Keep spreading the word. In my opinion, it will become the most widely used form of water purification devices and the most effective anti-biotics available to post industrialist man. The term silver spoon? Royalty and scholarly have known about the abundant effects of silver since way back when. They would drop a bar of silver in the bottom of a barrel of water or milk to keep it fresh and pure. The effects of argyria./silver poisoning are that your skin takes on a faint blue hue. Thus, the silverware using, wine chalice swilling, and ornate ‘Blue Bloods’

  8. nanoduck says:

    Staphylococcus bacteria is universal…present in environment and on skin everywhere. If you get a pimple, it is likely staphyl infection. If you get a cut and pour peroxide on it, and it bubbles, it is staphyl. Most of the time people can fight it off. There seems to be something unusual going on here…4 healthy people getting infected via small cut or wound, and all from around the same area and same time. I am thinking this particular strain of bacteria is more aggressive and virluent than normal strains. Not good at all, if that is true, lots of people can die from simple cut or wound. This could a natural development or something deliberate and sinister.

    • jenn says:

      Chemtrails spraying or disease frequency via a scalar device (ala T. Bearden), imop. Elite depopulation agenda. Makes people afraid of the water, more easy to herd them into Agenda 21 defined areas. Stay vigilant – use allicin c (the active principle in garlic), colloidal silver, manuka honey, or a bioelectrification device if you can get one. Better choice than amputation.

  9. Nu says:

    Whenever I cut myself, I rub a slice of organic garlic straight away. It stops infections in their tracks from entering the wound 100%.

    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      That’s because all spicy foods, not just garlic, but chili, ginger, and onion, the chemicals that cause the spicy hot part of the food, are natural antibiotics, provided taken raw.

  10. Tracey says:

    Ouch bet that garlic stings like mad!!!

  11. This bacteria is very resistant to medications. So wash your hands well with soap and water. Remember your health is your own responsibility. As a former Nurse now retired, I lived when polio was active. These diseases are dangerous to life and preventable. Get your vaccinations or suffer the disease. Ignorance is no excuse. When I cut myself I make sure I have a tetanus injection after washing a small cut with soap and water then I apply an ointment that has antibiotic and cover it. Skin is the body’s first defense.

    Bacteria and viruses are spread by water, foods, kissing and blood. And yes, even the air can spread them through water droplets from lungs of infected persons.

    • Kai says:

      In my opinion I being native Indian rather suffer the disease naturally and let my immune system fight off the virus/microorganisms of course with help from the earth natural herbal plants, vaccines just aren’t safe for the body and sometimes do more harm than good.

      • Garth Colin Whelan says:

        That’s true Kai, especially with all the turmeric you add to curry powder, the chilli, and (I haven’t studied yet) I’m sure coriander, cumin, and fenugreek, etc. are all herbs with great healing and preventive medical properties. By the way, I am grateful that India have exported their menus throughout the world – I love a good curry…

      • Mo says:

        I agree Kai. Vaccinations would hinder the immune system.

  12. Georgia – where the guidestones are??

  13. K says:

    Terribly sad. I am wondering though since our winter was so mild do you think that has anything to do with it? I don’t know exactly how to ask but I guess doesn’t the cold kill off some bacteria, bugs, etc. and since we had such a mild winter it didn’t kill off a lot of the bacteria and so it has made it spread or affect people more after getting cuts and being near or in the water. I hope what I am saying makes sense.

    • S

      Not this type of bacteria. It’s called staphylococcus and its quite common. As a matter of fact, it’s found on the skin and in the nose. Many boils are the result of staphyloccous infection. This happens to be a drug-resistant strain that has mutated because of the over use of antibiotics in medicine, in livestock feed, and the over use of antibacterial soaps and lotions. We’ve aided in the genetic transmutation of the microbes by over-feeding the bacteria its enemy (antimicrobials) until it figured out a way to alter its genetic sequence and produce successive generations of microbes that was completely resistant to most antibiotics, particularly methicillin. In hospitals, it is one of the most dreaded types of infections and is known by the name of MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). It began showing up in 1999 and the problem has only progressively worsened over time. Heavy flesh diets are probably not helping the auto-immune system combat these afflictions when most of the antibiotics used in the U.S. are pumped into livestock. These microbes are extremely lethal and is just the beginning of the great war with pathogens that is soon to break-out across the planet. C Diff, and gram-negative bacteria (Pseudomonas aeruginosa) are some of the other dangerous super-bugs. Vibrio vulnificus lives in open water and can enter the body through a sratch, cut or abrasion on the skin. Never ever swim in open water at a beach or pond if you have a cut or abrasion. (Swimming pools of course have chlorine). The virus is extremely lethal and has a 25% mortality rate.

      “The overuse of antibiotics and the liberal use of antibacterial agents are certainly amplifying the evolutionary pace of this new generation of super-bugs. Unless we curb our overuse of antimicrobials and related products, we will be pitted in a race with the microbe that we are destined to lose. The consequence of failure, as we noted, is extinction.” -The Extinction Protocol, page 236


      • justmeint says:

        when society went helter skelter mad with the use of hand sanitizers I did my own research and decided good old soap and water was the answer to germs and dirt, not a chemical/artificial substance, so have never used them. Again I mention collodial silver as a good alternative for cuts sores and scratches…. it can also be used internally as it is a great natural antibiotic, and has been shown to be effective in cases of MRSA. http://tinyurl.com/c49x52m
        Clare in Tassie

      • Smart move, Clare and thanks for the link —

    • Jim says:

      Yes, it makes perfect sense and is, in fact, very true!

  14. isn’t it the dispersant bp used the “clean”/ (eat) the oil spill? Many reported a flesh eating bacteria that came in contact with that dispersant.

  15. pagan66 says:

    Up home in North Australia sometimes during the Wet season a nasty, antibiotic resistant, flesh eating disease called Nightcliff gardener’s disease does the rounds. It’s caused by bacteria that live in moist soil & enters the body via cuts etc. It is recommended to always wear gloves & boots whilst gardening or being outdoors.

  16. Phyllis says:

    out of everything,I think this scares me the most,I am terrified of the idea of something that eats your flesh and cant be stopped,oh dear God, stop this,Please!

  17. Katy Schade says:

    I live in Lincoln, Nebraska and the local news featured a middle aged woman at the hospital who barely saved her foot. Also, I have a quadriplegic client who has had some scary bouts with staph of some strain, producing large weeping sores, but luckily his slowly respond to abx.

  18. Sue says:

    Alvin. I know personally the devastating effects of necrotising. My beautiful daughter while backpacking in Australia had a vehicle accident while working on a cattle station. Unfortunately, they didn’t take her to hospital until 4 days later,she was flown to Darwin and when I recieved a phone call from the hospital I immediately flew over from Wales not knowing how poorly she was and in a coma.
    I was told when I arrived that they should amputate her leg as the infection was not under control. I was adamant that they save her leg and her life.
    I prayed for angels and they came. Doctors and nurses, so dedicated in their profession, were so kind and worked so hard. She was in a coma for almost 2 weeks, so many visits to the operating theatre. 7 weeks in hospital and 9 weeks before I could bring her home.
    That was 2 years ago and she’ll bear the horrendous scars (her badge of honour) for the rest of her life.
    God Bless those that suffer this life threatening infection.

    • I’m very sorry to hear this, Sue. That’s a very unfortunate story but I’m relieved to hear she pulled through the ordeal and that your faith prevailed in behalf of her recovery. Thanks for sharing your story with me.

  19. Patty says:

    About ten years ago, we had an outbreak of this flesh-eating bacteria in one area of Colorado. It was an area where the hikers, bikers, and runners came in contact with the dirt as it was scuffed up in recreational areas. In those particular years, the weather was very wet for our high desert environment. It did not turn into a huge epidemic. I am sure the victims would have preferred hearing about colloidal silver as opposed to amputation, but then we weren’t reading the Extinction Protocol then!!!

  20. Garth Colin Whelan says:

    For those of us not familiar with the map, what is the radius of the area where people are infected?

  21. Colleen says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, we should use extra caution when it comes to shaving. My poor daughter cut her legs while shaving, and now I am very worried about her. She has been using alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to clean her cuts from shaving. I am a registered nurse, and have seen what microbes can do the human body and the skin. She says her legs are scabbing over, and that makes me feel a little better. Be safe everyone! God be with us all!

  22. rehan says:

    thanks for share all this information with us Alvin , you dedication is very welcome and aprecciated , tv in this days informs very few, thanks again keep doing this great job, please

  23. Gunasekhar says:

    I am so scared to hear about this flesh eating bacteria. Dying any other way is one thing and being eaten alive by this kind of bacteria is another. It’s strange how all those advanced technologies are of no use in treating this devil of a disease.

    I pray for those unfortunate beings being infected with this. May God help us.

  24. Nancy says:

    Has anyone heard of animals getting this or is it just people who are contracting this?

  25. radiogirl says:

    This is also a good time to rethink elective surgery.Hospitals are loaded with this stuff as thats where my brother aquired his MRSA infection…..but he had alot of problems going in to begin with.Take Care,R

  26. suz says:

    I can’t imagine what this girl is going through. She’s so young, pretty and full of life….her legs, hands, and part of her stomach gone from this disease. I’m in tears just reading how brave she is. Her father is on facebook….I think they need all the support they can get. I believe in the power of prayer and that the more people sending you positive energy the better for your recovery.


    • Todd says:

      Amen Suz. God hears our Prayers and it is most certainly a very heart wrenching story but to hear of this girls humor and the way she is dealing and coping with this horrendous disease is amazing. May God Bless her and her family and I will surely continue to Pray for everyone who has been infected by this terrible disease.

  27. k b says:

    I got a MRSA infection, here in Atlanta, in 2009.
    Day 1 – A pimple-like bump on my knee one morning- looked like a spider bite or ant bite. No red, white pimple-like. But it didn’t drain with a compress, it cratered.
    Day 2 – Reddening about a silver dollar – by evening, entire knee cap area.
    Day 3 – Stiffening in the evening, slight swelling of knee, red 3/4 around.
    Day 4 – Second dot appeared an inch away from the first. I went to the doctor that afternoon. They cut my knee open & tunneled to the second opening, swabbing, disinfecting & draining flu-like stuff, fibrous & sticky. Doc said I probably had about 2 more days to a major limb losing event – minimum. Immediate ant-biotic ‘Big guns’. Swelling goes down, reddening dissipates…..
    Day 7 – Pimple reappears at beginning of incision. I call into work & start with a hot compress. 3 hours later, squeezing the hell out of my knee, a grey ball of mucus/ fibrous (firm in the center) slime pops out – about 80mm in diameter – or (2) q-tips. Pulling it out, strands of super-dense mucus like grey, hot munster cheese – pulled out from under my skin. It left a black hole in my knee 1/4″ in diameter. That was the end of that, except for the scar on my knee.

    • Todd says:

      I had 1 also. They are definitely no fun and extremely painful. Glad you did not have to go through an amputation and caught it in time.

  28. Emanni says:

    FIFTH victim has emergency surgery as flesh-eating bacteria strikes again

  29. Crystal says:

    Omg I wounder whats goin to happen next in georgia … Im worried tht its goin to spred all ova an we all go crazy

  30. Glenn Brazzi says:

    There are many natural antibiotics that you can utilize. For example, grapeseed extract is a good natural anti-microbial.”.:;*

    Kind thanks http://healthmedicinelab.com/inner-ear-infection/

  31. Colleen says:

    Now we are dealing with the West Nile Virus. They say it has spread to 47 states. End times for certain!

  32. Emanni says:

    Woman Who Contracted Bacterial Infection Caused By Dog’s Saliva Dies

    DECATUR, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) — A woman who was battling a rare bacterial infection that is primarily found in the saliva of dogs has died.

    Hannah Rinehart, 32, a three-time cancer survivor, died early Wednesday morning at Northside Hospital from the capnocytophaga bacterial infection she had been battling since July.

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