Israel prepares for possible Iranian strike: Palestinian president warns an attack would be ‘the end of the world’

May 18, 2012ISRAEL - Time for that decision is fast running out and the mood in Jerusalem is hardening. Iran continues to enrich uranium in defiance of international pressure, saying it needs the fuel for its civilian nuclear program. The West is convinced that Tehran’s real objective is to build an atomic bomb – something which the Jewish state will never accept because its leaders consider a nuclear armed-Iran a threat to its very existence. Adding to the international pressure, U.S. ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro said this week American military plans to strike Iran were “ready” and the option was “fully available.” The central role Iran plays in Netanyahu’s deliberations is reflected in the huge map of the Middle East hanging by the door of his office. Israel lies on one edge, with Iran taking pride of place in the centre. Experts say that within a few months, much of Iran’s nuclear program will have been moved deep underground beneath the Fordow mountain, making a successful military strike much more difficult. Diplomats are divided. “I think the Iran thing is a red herring,” said one senior Western envoy. “This is 98 percent about domestic politics.” Others are less convinced. Mofaz himself refuses to speak about military action against Iran, even in the theoretical. A military veteran with almost 40 years’ operational experience, whose office in the Israeli parliament displays a poster of Israeli warplanes flying low over the Auschwitz concentration camp, he scoffs at the idea that his Iranian descent gives him special influence on an Iran attack decision. He derides the idea any serious official in the know would talk to visiting journalists about such a sensitive military subject. But behind the carefully evasive language of top officials, basic facts are clear. Time is running out. Iran’s nuclear program – regarded by Netanyahu as an existential threat to the state of Israel – will soon be buried deep enough underground to render an Israeli attack impossible. The Jewish state’s options are narrowing. “I think they’ve gone into lockdown mode now,” the senior Western diplomat said. “Whatever happens next, whatever they decide, we will not find out until it happens. I think they have made a decision to attack,” said one senior Israeli figure with close ties to the leadership. “It is going to happen. The window of opportunity is before the U.S. presidential election in November. This way they will bounce the Americans into supporting them.” Those close to Netanyahu are more cautious, saying no assumptions should be made about an attack on Iran – an attack with such potentially devastating consequences across the volatile Middle East that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas even went so far as to predict in an interview with Reuters last week that it would be “the end of the world.” –Reuters
contribution by Preppin P.
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72 Responses to Israel prepares for possible Iranian strike: Palestinian president warns an attack would be ‘the end of the world’

  1. So many people on Christian sites are rooting for war, to bring the rapture. Anyone of us can fall into that hope but it’s not a good hope, thinking of the suffering war will bring. What tension! Living in tension all the time now.

    • I

      Nobody, and I mean not even the experts can see where all this is headed. The world is fast spiraling headfirst towards oblivion. The suffering and death soon to be seen on this planet will pale even the worst and grimmest of human nightmares. No one should be wishing for anything of the such. ‘He that shall come will come and shall not tarry.’ (Heb 10:37) Our only part in the drama is getting ready, sharing the loving message of the gospel, and telling others what is about to soon break forth on the world scene.

      • Bravo for good reply, Alvin. Agreement here.

        Michele and Dennis, I hope for the pre-trib rapture. I do not think it is escapism in the usual sense, because the trib will be, as Jesus said, more horrible than anything coming before. And the most awful part of the trib will not be just physical misery and grief, but the ability of Satan’s forces to take control of our minds through various technical means.
        And then there is the mutant problem which many say will be God’s “last straw” which will cause Him to remove His people so that they will not be in the hands of genetic scientists. I have long thought these things, but I know many Christians are still preparing for a long stay. I am preparing for a short stay. I don’t know the score, though, it’s just what I discern in the signs of the times.

      • Agree..its deception wishing for such atrocity to bring the rapture! Have these escapist christians read their bibles? They are soon going to wake up with a huge shock….only OBEDIENCE leads to revelation.

      • Brandon says:

        Is it possible we may be on the brink of a nuclear WW3? A nuclear war with seven billion people on the earth!!! Are we just about to see the Tribulation Period?

      • It may have already started Brandon. There were skirmishes and wars in the Balkans leading up to World War I. I think a lot of economists think there is no conceivable way to spur enough economic growth by manufacturing to pull the world out of its current massive sovereign debt crisis without a war. World Wars have been seen as a drastic final fail-safe to stop a depressionary spiral, because you destroy things that need to be rebuilt and you diminish the number of consumers on the planet- particularly males, by shipping them off to the frontlines. We haven’t had a World War in 70 years- and in many parts of the world, particularly the Middle East, there is a youth explosion and a population boom. Many see war as a self-corrective measure. It’s disturbing we’ve progressed to this point at the hands of international financeers but here we are as prophecy predicted.

      • Carpenter777 says:

        I think I read somewhere that Iran is hoping for WW III so that Allah will return this year or next.

      • WW

        You probably mean the Mahdi and a lot of the eschatology of the last days involves the appearance of AntiChrist figures, the Dajjal and the final wars between good and evil before millennial kingdoms are set up on the Earth. If religious fanatics can push a button and destructively end the misery in their lives with the hopes of floating to paradise, rather than working creatively, to bring about a better world here and now, I’m inclined to believe most will do it. We live on the edge of a knife and people should always be cognizant of that.

      • Carpenter777 says:

        I had a dream a month ago that on September 5th, the U.S. had fired off one third of its ballistic missiles. First time ever that I have been given a date in one of my predictive dreams. God bless us all in the coming year.

    • Michele B. says:

      For those of us Christians (in the minority I know) who do NOT believe in the pre-tribulation rapture war would be very BAD news. As Alvin so correctly observes, we should be calmly getting out the Gospel and if anything else, praying that He will tarry for more to hear that good news. If Christians are rooting for war, that, in my opinion, is not godly.

      • Michele B. says:

        To All: It seems to me that most everyone here is very humble and not saying that their opinion cannot possibly be wrong. Honestly, I too hope that the Lord takes us home before the worst comes. My big fear for those who think they know everything for sure is that they will think “Well this can’t be the tribulation” or “He can’t be the antichrist”… simply because… “I’m still here.” That could be a big mistake. No one but God knows exactly what is going to happen and when, and everyone here seems to be on that same page, thank Heaven! We are just waiting and watching, with the amazing knowledge and help of friend Alvin.

      • To God be the glory. I’m honored to be of service and amongst so many I count as friends.

        Thank you for you,


    • Paul Inverso says:

      Iam a Christian and love israel. I pray daily for peace but Israel must defend herself in the face of this threat. It will bring suffering but the consequences will be worse if they allow this rogue nation to continue any further.

    • Dennis E. says:

      Mariel Strauss: Dennis E. Here:
      In my opinion, many christians are making a big mistake. There is nothing wrong to hope for the appearance of Christ Jesus. Scripture do indeed say he will come in the nick of time to save israel from destruction. Many believers is using the rapture or the great assembly or the catching away, however you want to say it as escapism. i for one do not want to go through the mess on this earth but so many are just sitting still, not preparing for anything. They are like the three little pigs.

      There is no guarantee that The Body of Christ will be removed before any of the major wars with the exception of the 200,000,000 man Army from the East.
      My main point is that the body of christ does not know what it may have to endure in persecution before its removal. I do believe the Bible speaks that the saints will be removed before the entrance of the anti-christ. Those who are rooting for war would probably be the first to cuss God for allowing something bad to happen to them.
      perhaps the best way to go is this The enemy can destroy the body, but he can’t touch your soul or your spirit. But to be killed for the testimony of Jesus Christ is not a sin.
      I am not traying to preach to you, but you make a good point. Some people need to shut up because they don’t know what they are wishing in.
      Just my opinion……………………..

      • Garth Colin Whelan says:

        It will happen the way God has decreed it to happen; not because of one’s personal opinion about it. I refuse to solidly say I am pre/mid/post trib. As you start floating up on the sky, you’re not going to suddenly say to yourself “But I’m post trib!”

        The best way, is to be prepared for a worst case scenario, then you can be prepared for going through the tribulation. If the correct theory turns out to be pre-trib, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you get raptured ahead of the tribulation.

        EVEN IF IT IS PRE-TRIB – it doesn’t mean you won’t go through tribulations. When the Eastern bloc, China, North Korea became Communist, they murdered Christians en masse. That wasn’t the Great Tribulation, but was severe tribulation nevertheless in thoise countries. Include being a Christian in many Islamic nations; or even in the USA today, where the government now appears to call righteousness evil, and evil righteousness.

    • Jerry says:

      I don’t think that Christians “root” for war. But we do realize that war is coming.

      • Jerry you are probably right that most Christians do not root for war, but some do and some of them are the vocal ones, even those in power in government. We should not start a war. It may come anyway, as you say. And of course the earthchanges may trump the whole thing.

  2. posted Jenny M.

    President Bashar al-Assad has promised to display captured foreign ”mercenaries” who have been fighting his regime and denounced Western governments for failing to protest at the violence being perpetrated by his enemies.

    In his first interview in many months, Dr Assad told Russian state TV that the Syrian opposition had shown itself to be insignificant by calling for a boycott of the recent parliamentary elections – dismissed as a sham by critics in Syria and abroad.

    ”How can you boycott the people of whom you consider yourself the representative?” Dr Assad asked. ”I don’t think that they have any kind of weight or significance within Syria.”

    Dr Assad also mentioned religious extremists and al-Qaeda members from abroad. ”There are foreign mercenaries, some of them still alive,” he told Rossiya-24 TV. ”They are being detained and we are preparing to show them to the world.”Syria previously mentioned 12 foreign terrorists killed in Syria. The US and other Western governments say they have detected a jihadi or al-Qaeda presence there. Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has urged all good Muslims to fight Dr Assad’s ”pernicious, cancerous regime”.

    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      It’s only a matter of a SHORT time before Isaiah 17v1 is fulfilled…

      By the way, to others who mentioned this (in other posts also) – I don’t think Christians gloat at war, but rather that Jesus told us in Matthew 24 that these are the sign of His coming (which appears to be one of the main reasons for EP [the sign, wars, rumors of wars, pestilence, etc.]). The church has been waiting for nearly 2,000 years for the rapture and His second coming, and we’re now at the threshold of that. That’s why all this is exciting. Of course, we grieve, mourn those who die, and pray for survivors, for healing, emotional healing, overcoming grief, provision to get back on their feet, salvation, etc.

      So please don’t misinterpret a Christian’s excitement with calamities and war; it’s not the destruction they like, but the fact that the Savior they love and so much want to see, is closer coming to pass.

  3. Meridian says:

    End of the world? That’s in God’s hands and no one else’s. Typical Palestinian ego trip.

    • Paul Inverso says:

      Thats right, God has everything under control.

    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      But you can see the tactic of Satan in all this. The Lord warned us there will be a great tribulation; but also that there will be a great harvest. Satan is trying to cause a holocaust before there can be a harvest, to kill as many as possible before they have a chance to repent.

  4. Melissa says:

    I just read on facebook that the Christian pastor in Iran was hanged last week on the 9th… can anyone confirm that? I haven’t read any kind of news article on it… Thanks!

    • Granny Bear says:

      Hi Melissa,
      As of four days ago, he was still living.

      Nadarkhani thanks supporters in open letter‎
      ChristianToday – 4 days ago
      Christian Today > Iranian Christian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who has … Nadarkhani had received an execution order from Iran’s high court.
      Iran House Church Pastor Still Beaten In Prison‎ Worthy News

    • I think someone has this wrong…I also saw it…don’t believe everything you read..

    • Melissa, I think this must be a rumor. We have signed petitions for Pastor Youcef since the beginning (with ALCJ), and receive continuous updates. On May 7th, for the first time in over a year, Pastor Youcef was able to get a letter out to his supporters, so grateful to them for their support and prayers. This man has the light and grace of Jesus Christ, he has given himself over completely to God’s Will, what an example to all of us! May the Lord continue to shine His light through this brave young pastor and his family, as we continue to pray for them. (And for ourselves, for perseverance, grace, strength, and obedience to God’s Holy Will, no matter what).

  5. elaine says:

    This is INSANE!!
    Hey all, (am a subscriber & occasional “lurker” of comments )!!
    Does Israel understand that both Russia AND Venezuela, have BOTH stated to would come to the aid of Iran IF Israel OR the US strikes first. And China? They stated they “won’t rule out” coming to Iran’s aid.
    I understand that rumors over there are rampant-both in the Muslim AND Jewish communities. But my brother, a recently retired Naval Officer of 32 years says there’s ALWAYS “rumors”-just lately it seems both sides are working themselves up into an eventual disastrous conclusion.
    That the US would even suggest-never mind plan for & even vote on an attack is beyond our comprehension. Do ANY of these idiots EVER step back for 5 minutes and think about the consequences of, what would eventually turn in to World War 3-likely WITH nuclear weapons??!! Or are they all to oil-greedy & war-hungry that they don’t care about the millions of lives that would be lost??!!
    Sorry, I guess as a 50-something yr old lady who’s seen far too much war, and lost far too many friends already-all this Iran/Israel “inevitable war” talk, just REALLY frustrates & angers me. I’ve also gotten to know some incredible Iranian youth over the past 3 years, (My Son & I ran proxy servers & opened Sat connections for them during the “Green Revolution” in 2009). They don’t want war even worse than me & are HOPING, that with the knowledge, skills, (and US Military training in Nevada), that they have gained over the past 3 years are going to soon result in a change of power in their country. And THEY no more want a nuclear weapon than Israel doesn’t want them to have one!!
    I just pray these greed/war driven beaurocrats learn some actual common sense and empathy of what this nightmare would mean…..then again, none of THEIR kids would ever be put in harms way….

    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      I have noticed that a large number of Iranians who are fortunate to leave Iran, quite often become Christians, and no longer want to go back home out of a fear of being reindoctrinated. Near my original home in the UK, one church has a special Faarsi service for the Iranian believers. Where I’m living now, they are the most populous mid-east ethnic group, and many are also Christians.

      The youth you know don’t want nuclear weapons, but the government is another story. Are you aware that Ahmedinejad is Jewish by birth? He was born in Jerusalem, and when he was still small, his father converted to Islam, and they moved to Iran. As is common with many people who convert to Islam when they are from non-Islamic nations, they teach you how to hate your own nationality as you embrace the Muslim nation you are now living in.

    • Artoro says:

      I don’t think it’s ever us or them (in that I mean the regular people of a given nation) that wants to go to war. It is almost always the ones in charge who don’t have to go, or send their young ones in to fight.

      On an interesting note, in a past experience being around many guys (an entire company) that had recently returned from Vietnam, many with stories on numerous accounts coming face to face, one on one with the enemy, both armed and having the opportunity to shot or kill each other, both would just walk away not having the heart to kill another human being. I found that very interesting, and I think I would respond the same way.

    • Phyllis says:

      of course they dont care,they have their bunkers to go in and they really want us all dead,read aganda 21,this is what they want.yes they are all greedy evil and demonic!

  6. Dennis E. says:

    If Israel has gone into lock down mode, then something could be up. The US always goes into lock down mode before a military action is taken.
    On a lighter note, Alvin, yesterday, sent me an email that my book had shipped, quicker than expected.

  7. Fernando says:

    Wouldn´t be the possibility that the press and internet is magnyfying the events or is it REAL that military tension is scalating not only in the Hormuz Straight but all over the orient region. Are the Russians and Chinesse willing to enter a war with the US but only to persuade or is it that war is inevitable ?

    • Lest we forget, there is a New World Order agenda coming behind all this. A new Eurozone, the United Gulf States is already forming with Saudi Arabi and Bahrain, ect. Russia wants to be apart of this. What other reason would there be for them training troops in the U.S. unless they were going to help America enforce the NWO mandates. Before this happens, certain countries need to be out of the way- like Iran and Syria who oppose Israel. This is the real struggle going on in the world. Who will be apart of this NWO system and who won’t be. Iranian nukes and bringing democracy to the Middle East is just window-dressing.

      Russia seeks NWO:

      See below post by Jenny M.

      “Hasty military operations in foreign states usually bring radicals to power,” Medvedev, president for four years until Vladimir Putin’s inauguration on May 7, told a conference in St. Petersburg in remarks posted on the government’s website. “At some point such actions which undermine state sovereignty may lead to a full-scale regional war, even, although I do not want to frighten anyone, with the use of nuclear weapons,” Medvedev said. “Everyone should bear this in mind.” Medvedev gave no further explanation. Nuclear-armed Russia has said publicly that it is under no obligation to protect Syria if it is attacked, and analysts and diplomats say Russia would not get involved in military action if Iran were attacked. Russia has adamantly urged Western nations not to attack Iran to neutralize its nuclear program or intervene against the Syrian government over bloodshed in which the United Nations says its forces have killed more than 9,000 people. Medvedev will represent Russia at the Group of Eight summit in place of Putin, whose decision to stay away from the meeting in the United States was seen as muscle-flexing in the face of the West.

      • tonic says:

        This is probably why intervention has to occur. If all this takes place, could you look anyone normal in the eye, and give them a reason to be part of all this.?
        That man in Tunisia who douced himself in petrol , and died, showed clearly what the limit of humans are. Sometimes public opinion cannot be ignoerd, and if you do, well who knows where the road will lead.

  8. k says:

    We humans always think our thinking can bring answers, when in fact the only power I have witnessed in my own life that actually works is the power of prayer. It seems obvious to me very few people believe in this power, and I encourage anyone who does to pray for our leaders – and the innocents among us. Humans have been persecuted through the ages, and in the face of torture and death have been able to give meaning to their existence in the way they meet death. If you are a believer you know the soul is eternal and God is real- and so is evil. Faith is a conscious choice made without having proof, but from.. instinct, for lack of a better word. You either make the choice or you don’t. All this drama and fear comes from not having it. We are in God’s hands now.

    • Amen to the power of prayer!

      • Yes, Amen to the power of prayer!

        I really believe that is why we find ourselves here in this time, in this moment of Salvation history. Prayer and Faith can move mountains! Our brothers and sisters all over the world are suffering, and we cannot separate ourselves from any of this (soon it will be our turn). We pray for God’s Mercy, especially as someone here wrote the other day, for the 70 million abortions in the US alone. We are our brother’s keeper.

    • tonic says:

      We are always in the hands of God. Sometimes events in our lives divert us. And we forget.

  9. Irene C says:

    As a Christian who does believe in the rapture (harpazo) and am looking up for my Redeemer, I do not wish for war. My prayer is that we have more time so more people can come to believe in the saving grace of Jesus. Personally, I would also love to watch my grandchildren grow up and I would like to enjoy my retirement. Any “christian” who wishes for war, does not understand the nature of God. He does not wish for any to perish. But I also believe in Bibical prophecy and know that war is enevitable. I also know that there will be no peace until the Prince of Peace comes. These people, who are ready to wage war, are pawns of satan and the anti-christ. That being said, I also understand that this is all in God’s timing and I pray that I, and all of us here, will be ready to endure whatever is to come. For those who think this is bad, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. …just my opinion.


  10. Joel Carter says:

    Pre-trib Rapture is a real deal. I do believe that Rapture with all my heart. I am pleased that Jesus promised the true Church that the real Bride will not suffer the tribulation in the Book of Revealtion. Look it up, my brothers and sisters.

    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      It doesn’t mean you won’t go through tribulation though, it only means you won’t go through the great tribulation. Pyongyang used to be known as the second Jerusalem, because of the high percentage of Christians living there. When communism took over, they massacred the whole Christian population… That was severe tribulation; but not the GREAT tribulation. Remember that…

  11. Linda says:

    Russia would benefit if the other oil producing countries were nuked, then Russia with all it’s infrastructure in place would become even more powerful with its oil/gas reserves. So really Russia could be playing an interesting long game and gamble. They could nuke Iran, and oops, Saudi Arabia etc, meanwhile Israel, Middle East, USA will be blaming and going on revenge mode while Russia laughs and starts to count the money rolling in and the feeling the power they have over all the western countries. Talk about a long game pay back with clever chess moves for the collapse of the USSR, the USA will be begging Russia. Also begging Venezuela, etc, and trying to fight all the other oil rich countries oil, and use of their refineries since the USA, oops, hasn’t built any new ones in decades.

    Interesting times indeed. I am most disheartened when I hear supposed Christians yelling for war and hate, they do not see the disconnect from Jesus’ teaching within their desires. I personally do not believe in the Rapture, but do believe that there will be innocent ones and select few who will be allowed to pass away before the worse starts happening. But trying to survive through the horror of the Tribulations will cement our faith, trust and actions towards all things Goodly. We shall take up our cross and follow Jesus’ example in trust, love and hope if those times come in our lifetimes. Jesus and the early martyrs suffered greatly, and the early Church survived and even grew stronger during the Roman purges. So I think then, God will make sure we have the graces needed to survive in a newer, deeper level of faith that even we cannot fathom now, to do what He created us to do. Miracles in that time will be even more obvious showing His love for us.

  12. I know ol amehdijaiad wants that kid to spring forth from the well, as much as we and Israel want to shut down Iran, but for some reason, I keep thinking and getting the impression “Bay of Pigs..” anyone else feel like this?

    • Irene C says:

      Yes, I have also thought about the Bay of Pigs, except we don’t have JFK and Khrushchev facing each other. We have Obama and Ahmadinejad. And, back in the 60’s, both sides understood the ramifications of a nuclear war and decided they wanted to avoid it. Ahmadinejad, on the other hand, understands and seems to welcome it so his messiah will come. I do pray for our nations leaders, but I feel it will take a miracle from God to stop this. As many have already said, this is now in God’s hands. And many prayers for all of you, my TEP family.

  13. sKeptical citizen says:

    Ive stated before we are closer to nuclear war than we where way back in the sixties during the cold war. I keep having dreams and visions of the planet being burnt. the ground is burnt completely free of organic material just blackened gravel and charred limestone. Burnt melted steel from vehicles & machinery. I really hope the visions and dreams are wrong and everything turns out OK. But no matter what we all need to avoid doing anything that could endanger our soul, astrial being or whatever you wish to call it.

  14. cdkanas says:

    Certainly not wanting war as a Christian. But, being honest, I want Christ’s return as soon as possible. I’m frankly tired of this world. If war is what is said to bring it on, then so be it. Sure, I’d love to be alive to see Christ’s return without death, but if I die, well, so did the millions before me waiting too. Who am I to be that special?

  15. I have seen this coming since the early 80s when i started my journey into Nostradamus and Catholic schooling. I see before us the greed that is destroying nations, if not economically than under duress of war. Greed is the worst part of our society. As people go hungry, no shelter from the storms of life, and no peace in their hearts because there is no money to be made to help those that suffer. I see the current events and can choose to believe that this is just another phase of capitalism, that we will come through this in time, but then i sit and see the events for what they are, and then i see our fate unraveling before our very eyes. Its been long said that the end of days would start with a war in Persia and it would spread. I see the world entering into a dark abyss and i wonder where those that survive will be after for it will be those that die that will be the lucky ones, for those that remain will experience a new form of hunger, pain and suffering..

    I see the world in its darkness and i sit in the shadows myself, on the sidelines and wait..I observe the world and its undoings, and i look to the sky and am prepareing myself for the comeing…What makes life what it is? Its not the Ipads we buy, the big cars and cabins in the woods, or the vacations we take in exotic places, or the money we have or jewlery we own that make life, its the small things that make us human, the smiles on the faces of those we care for, the eyes that light up when we come home, its feeling you get in y our heart when you see miracles, when you see others happy. We forget these things in our everday lives, when we have *more important things to do* or *we want more and more*. Mankind has lost its way and it will need to be thined out by a few billion people so that maybe those that survive can bring in a new beginning…

  16. Incredible14U says:

    Psalm 83 is being fulfilled right now through Syria. Assyria(modern Germany) along with the other nations in this prophecy, namely Turkey and Saudi Arabia will defeat Iran and then go to war with the modern day descendents of Israel, USA/UK/Israel and defeat defeat. The scene is set in the EU for nations to leave and only ten will be left with one leader controling them all. Also Peter the Roman the last pope is next. Why Peter The Roman, because he will be the false prophet and be pro-a new Roman empire led by the new EU leader. WW3 began with the war on serbia when the king of terror bomed serbia from 35000 feet, the german air force was used in combat for the first time since WW2 aginst serbia, Germany EU is the king of terror. When Iran is defeated then saudi arabia will lead the islamic caliphate along with the antichrist in the EU will have control of the world for a short time. They will do everything that the new world order leaders do not want them to do. Take the human race to the brink of annihilation, satans plan to defeat Gods plan of reproducing through mankind.

  17. Dan Sherwood says:

    I have to start by saying it is a shame that the appointed leader of “God’s People” residing in “a land given to them by God” is apparently not much of a student of “Gods Word”. Or is showing much trust in “God’s Provision”. That being said, I have to address this. The Lords watchmen are doing a huge disservice to the Lords faithful. Pastors the world wide are letting their congregations believe that there will be no trials or tribulation for the church and that the Lord will remove them before anything really bad happens.
    Folks, this is not what God’s Word says.
    Alvin, I know this is going to be a bit long and I apologize and understand if you have to remove it, but it needs to be explained Biblically.
    In Matt. 24:7, Mark 13:8 and Luke 21:11 Jesus describes, a terrible time in the future at the end of the age, when earth quakes, famine, plagues and death, are happening all over the earth. In each case Jesus follows this by telling us that this is just the beginning of that terrible time, and after that, will come the abomination in the temple and the gathering of armies against Jerusalem. Now let’s compare those descriptions to what the Lord revealed to John concerning the Seal Judgments. In Rev. 6:1&2 the Lord breaks the First Seal, and the rider of the white horse is appointed to ride out and conquer in many battles. In Rev. 6:3&4 the Lord breaks the Second Seal, and the rider of the red horse is appointed to banish peace and bring anarchy to the whole earth. In Rev. 6:5&6 the Lord breaks the Third Seal, and the rider of the black horse is appointed to make food costly and scarce. In Rev. 6:7&8 the Lord breaks the Fourth Seal and the rider of the pale horse whose name is Death and he is followed by another rider, whose name was Hell, and they were appointed to kill ¼ of the earth with war, famine, disease, and wild animals. And in Rev. 6:12-14 the Lord breaks the Sixth Seal, and there was a vast earthquake and the sun became dark like black cloth, and the moon was blood red, then the stars of heaven appeared to be falling to earth, and the stars disappeared, and every mountain and island shook and shifted.
    I think you might agree that the Seal Judgments described in John’s Revelation are a very close match to the events foretold by Jesus in the gospels.
    So if we are convinced that these terrible things are going to happen, do we have any idea when? Well our first clue may come in Rev. 6:15&16. “The Kings of the earth, and the World Leaders, and High Ranking Military Officers, and all men great and small slave and free, hid themselves in the caves and rocks of the mountains.” Think about this, how would all the World Leaders know when to go to the shelters unless there was going to be a specific event already predicted to happen at a specific time. Only one event both matches the events described by the Sixth Seal and has a predetermined date attached to it. That is the planetary alignment foretold by the Mayans to occur in Dec. of 2012.
    Now you may be thinking OK I can buy that the Mayan prediction and the sixth seal may line up, but at that point haven’t there been all the death and destruction of the first four seals already taken place? But wait, let’s take a look at Rev. 7:1-3 “ Then I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds from blowing, so that not a leaf rustled in the trees, and the ocean became as smooth as glass. And I saw another angel coming from the east, carrying the great seal of the living God. And he shouted out to those angels who had been given power to injure the earth and sea, “Wait! Don’t do anything yet- hurt neither earth nor sea nor trees- until we have placed the Seal of God upon the foreheads of His servants.” So even though the four (no five) horsemen have been given their orders one at a time, it would appear that they all will pretty much start at or near the same time, that being shortly before the whole Sixth Seal shakeup thing.
    This leads to the obvious next question, if I am a believer in Christ, wouldn’t I be avoiding the Seal Judgments?
    Many Christians believe that the catching up of the church (the rapture) is the starting point of the tribulation period, but the truth is, that event could happen any time between now and the start of the Trumpet Judgments (Gods Word is clear that the timing of the rapture will remain a secret until it happens). In Rev. 3:10 believers are told that because they persevered they would be protected from that great time of testing that come upon the whole world (some versions even describe it as avoiding the woes of the tribulation and the woes come with the trumpets). In many of Clarence Larkin’s famous end-times illustrations, he describes the Great tribulation as consisting of just the trumpet and vial judgments. If this is accurate, then it would be another confirmation that the saints may experience the Seals before the rapture and that the timing of the start of the seven years of Great Tribulation (the trumpets and the vials) could come after the sixth seal.
    Now I hate to throw this out there, but it has to be mentioned. When the Lord breaks open the Seventh Seal Rev. 8:1, John says there was a silence throughout all Heaven for what seemed like half an hour. Now at first thought that may sound insignificant, but when you do the Heaven – Earth time difference math thing (a day is as a thousand years) that could mean that the earth recovers for a period of about 21 years. Which, when you think about it makes a lot of sense. With all that shifting and shaking of the mountains and the islands taking place, there may even be a polar shift occur. So you couldn’t just have everyone crawl out from under a rock and go about their lives without a rebuilding or reorganizing period. It could take years for all the chaos to settle. This would also be a great opportunity for the anti-Christ to step up and take charge of the world, or what is left of it. This also gives the 144,000 21 years to witness to the last of the lost before they run out of time and the choice is made for them.
    So there you have it. Read the scriptures, do the math, pray and ask God for wisdom and then decide for yourself. But one thing is for sure. At some point in the near future, The Lamb of God will step up and break the seals and the last of Bible Prophecy will be put in motion.

  18. Tom says:

    Prophecy unfolding daily, very intresting times we live in.
    I think we will have some sort of nuclear terrorism and then the NWO will truly begin with gated communities and cities on a large scale. 100% control of the population thtough new economic system and ID system incorporated in our bodys somehow(forehead, hand)
    Move out of large cities and become selfsufficient is the only way to cope with this

  19. sealed says:

    The end of time as we know it will not be kind, whether it’s just around the corner or a thousand years away. Nevertheless, the bride of Christ yearns to be with the bridegroom. “The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who hears say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who desires take the water of life without price” (Revelation 22:17). I, for one, desire to be with Him, the One who gives “the right to the tree of life” (verse 14).

  20. Mann says:

    It’s not that Christians are routing for war so that the rapture may happen! What is about to unfold will happen without anybody wishing for it. We know it’s coming and Jesus encouraged us to look out for the signs. These signs are becoming kinda in your face, hard to wish them away. Nothing we do can influence what is to happen, other than to warn as many as would listen!

  21. niebo says:

    The “doctrine” of the rapture did not appear before 1830, when it was popularized by John Darby.

    Of the tribulation, Christ says: “And if the Lord had not shortened the days, no flesh would be saved, but because of the elect, whom He chose, He has shortened the days. And then if anyone says to you, Behold, here is the Christ! Or, Behold, there! You shall not believe. For false christs and false prophets will be raised, and they will give signs and wonders in order to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. But you be careful. Behold, I have foretold you all things.” Mark 13:20-23. A similar passage appears in Matthew 24, verses 22-28.

    If “the elect” are “taken up” already, what does it matter, the length of those days? Also, for an idea that has become a cornerstone of modern faith, I find it most interesting that none of the early fathers of the Christian church devoted time to teach it. Instead, Paul warns of apostasy and the revelation of the “Man of sin” (2 Thess 2:3); John reveals idolatry (1 John 5:21) to be the “sin leading to death” (1 John 5:16) , and Peter warns us that our adversary “walks about as a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour” (1 Peter 4:8).

    In the “rapture”, I believe, is a seed for the great apostasy of which Paul speaks, for what better way to alienate millions of believers–who find themselves unraptured and neck-deep in the tribulation–than to give reason for them to believe that God has lied to them. . .when it was really a man? Please, please, beware, my friends. The Rapture is NOT Biblical.

    • sKeptical citizen says:

      I tend to agree with what jesus taught at the sermon on the mount. Take care of your soul and everything else will take care of itself. We dont know anything it could happen today or 100 thousand years from now. You can hasten ot stop it so why worry about it?

    • Phyllis says:

      my bible says very plainly that the anti christ will make war with the saints,yes it does in revelations,,now I am not a genius but if the saints are raptured up,how does the anti christ make war with the saints,no I do not believe in a pre trib rapture,I belive it is a man made doctrine that will cause many to lose their love and faith in God and they will fall by the wayside and grow cold.

    • Irene C says:

      Well, I’m not going to get into a theological discussion here on Alvin’s blog, but the first person to mention the “rapture” was Paul n 1 Thessalonians 4:17. In the KJV, the term used is “caught up”. The original Greek work was harpazo, which means snatched away. When the Scriptures were translated into Latin, the term rapturo was used which is where we get the term rapture.

      Romans 5:9 says “Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him”. And since the tribulation time is a time of judgement and wrath, the Church, whom Jesus bought with His live, is spared.

      Now that being said, there’s a big difference between the tribulation and the hard times and persecution that we might face. And yes, we need to be prepared for those times.

      Now, instead of saying we’re apostate, how about we just agree to disagree like we do with those of other faiths.

    • Jerry says:

      The idea of the Rapture of the Church is certainly not a new idea. Christ said that he will come as a thief in the night. If we are to believe Him (and we certainly should) then it can only stand to reason that He is referring to the Rapture of His Church/Bride.
      Christ clearly states that when the 7 year covenant with Israel is signed with the AC, then mankind has 2, 1,260 day cycles before Christ returns. (doesn’t seem like that would be much of a surprise, does it?)

      Besides, whether you agree with the Rapture or not, is irrelevant. If you are redeemed by the blood of Christ, you’re going home with him.

  22. Jerry says:

    When Satan is the god of this world, there can be no other outcome.
    He is a liar and a murderer from the beginning.

  23. tonic says:

    This is probably a really stupid question. But if I do not ask it I will never understand what it means. What is an “escapist christian”? If this question is even remotely controversial please do not post it. I have no wish to get into any more trouble.

    • Dennis E. says:

      Hi tonic: Dennis E. Here: I used that term and perhaps i should not had, but I made the remark in regard to some of our brothers and sisters who seem to hold the belief that up to the time that the man of sin makes his appearance, everything will be as is and there is no need to do anything and that The Lord will pull The Body of Christ out of the World before any of the earth change events in prophetic scriptures come to pass.
      I was raised on the doctrine that Christ could return at anytime to rapture the church(catching away). I have nothing against that doctrine. What I was saying and saying now is that: We, the Body of Christ cannot sit and say, well Jesus will come before all of that. No guarentee. Suppose tomorrow, the world goverment(UN) declares christianity a crime and comes takes all our possessions, places us in prison, will Jesus rapture the Church then?
      What I said probably does not apply to you and another person made a comment but it seems that
      could we fall into a trap thinking that The Rapture will rescue us and nothing will happen to us?
      I hold the belief that The Body of Christ will not be here after The anti-Christ walks into The Jewish Temple in Jerusalem declares himself to be god and the world accepts and worships him as god.
      So, your question in my opinion was not stupid…………..and sometimes we all get in trouble here.
      We really have some interesting debates/opinions………debate is good…….disrespect is not………
      and we do not do that here………
      Have a wonderful day.

      • Irene C says:

        That was a very good answer, Dennis E. and I agree, that wasn’t a stupid question. Although we are told that we should long for his coming, the way the bride longs to be with her bridegroom, that doesn’t mean we sit around on our duffs and do nothing but wait. We need to be out doing the work that Jesus called us to do. Are there days I want to be an “escapist christian”? Yep, there sure are, many days. I think we would all love to escape everything that is to come. But things like severe financial difficulties, major natural disasters, war, and persecution are already happening all around the world, and will come to the U.S. one day, probably soon. And that is what we need to be prepared for, where our faith will be tested severely. And even though I am a pre-trib believer, I understand the things that can and will happen before the tribulation (actually, Biblically it’s called Daniel’s 70th week).


      • tonic says:

        Thank you for taking the time, and having patience with me. I am very grateful and have learned something new. God bless.

  24. Mann says:

    I think that not too much of the rapture was revealed in order to keep it a matter of faith. Like most everything in the bible, if you don’t use faith to believe it (making the choice), you will never believe without concrete evindence. We all have no problem believing that Jesus bought us with his blood, but for other things we want more proof.

    But, like many have said before me, it’s about your soul and where it’s headed. Everything else will happen regardless of what you choose not to believe.

  25. luisport says:

    FLASH: Russian deputy foreign minister says military action on Iran is being considered in some western countries!/zerohedge

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