53 Responses to Sign of the Times: global grids fail, plunging the planet into darkness in new NBC series

  1. richard says:

    Why…you call an electrician of course. On a more serious and then hopeful note, When the power goes out and the water stops flowing…people will get desperate after a short while…especially in urban areas. Fortunately, even if the digital technology stops working, there is always energy available. It will take cool minds, strong leadership and a little bit of entrepreneurship to make things work again. The one thing man has at his/her disposal, is knowledge and understanding. People do not have to be a Tesla, but only understand his the basic concept of the Tesla Coil, induction and power generation. Many of those coils, primary and secondary windings will be available. It may be that we need to go back to water mills and steam generation as the primary motivator to make it happen. Lets pray it does not come to that anytime soon though

  2. wayne says:

    just goes to show how we are,,if there is a way to make a buck lets cash in haha even if nothing happens i still dont find it amusing and i will never watch a single frame of it,,its real life it is not a movie or a fantasy.blessings in CHRIST

  3. Bobi says:

    Looks like this may be an interesting series….

  4. Mary says:

    I’m not afraid if this does happen. It is called FAITH.

    • ningnomaningnong says:

      Plus those who believe know it wont last long if this did happen, the man of sin will come out at crisis point and ‘fix’ it…at a price of course.
      For the whole mark of the beast to appear that indicates power is required…monitoring such large populations and their buying/selling may be difficult otherwise.

    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      Faith also requires ‘Preparing now’ for the miracle/provision to happen or come.

  5. The Wiseman says:

    a hundred years ago, everything was run by steam. It can easily be done again – all the technology exists in Scranton PA at the “Steamtown” museum and in many other places.

    • Bone Idle says:

      Yes, but this steam was generated by burning coal and wood in a world population with only 20% of what today’s is.

      • cr42ymax says:

        one option would be to use methane produced by feces instead of wood as fuel, it is totaly renewable, and if you have livestock, you can easily produce a huge amount of methane daily.

  6. Carla Burgers says:

    Quite unreal, shame it couldn’t be more realistic with showing lots of people ( millions !) around searching for water and food etc. Typical hero movie :(

    • jcf186 says:

      Most would not be able to handle the reality of the first 6 months.Google-how horrific will it be for the non prepper[SHTF site has the full article] A well written article on the reality we would see and which most of us never think about.You know…… because it could never happen here

    • susanjac says:

      I totally agree Carla. Might have been a series to teach something if this did happen. There would be so much panic, death, suffering. Time would stand still. Money useless. Skills, knowledge and hard work would be your survival but unfortunately stealing, killing, fearing, following bullies would ensue for others No food. No shipments or supplies would come easy. Medical equipment gone and so on. The scope of human suffering would be unfathomable and the biggest test of the human spirit upon all for survival. This looks to be just another sensationalized movie to make money and a reflection of the current times we live in that we all so loath.

      • Massora says:

        I think the movie is set 15 years out for a reason – the population would stabilize and deal with the new reality in that time.

        As far as shows to show you what to do – there is a show called “Preppers” that highlight different ways people are preparing, and critiques their preparations to help them improve what they need to do for the scenario they are concerned about…. There is LOTS of info out there on what we should all have on hand… I remember a few years ago Richmond, VA was mostly without power for over 2 weeks in some areas, because of a snowstorm. It can happen anywhere….

    • There would be mass chaos and violence in such an event. All classes of Americans have developed an entitlement mentality to where self centeredness reigns.

      Our modern day society would disintergrate in the law of the jungle within hours.

      A massive X-flare or EMP bomb, compliments of Iran could happen at any given time and this terrifying scenario would instantly be reality.

      That is why we need to all have Jeusus as Lord so He can be our refuge and our strength as well as our salvation!

      • Dan Sherwood says:

        Yes we need the Lord, but He still expects us to plan and prepare. (My child, don’t lose sight of good planning and insight. Hang on to them, for they fill you with life and bring you honor and respect. They keep you safe and on your way and keep your feet from stumbling. You can lie down without fear and enjoy pleasant dreams. You need not be afraid of disaster or destruction that comes upon the wicked, for the Lord is your security. He will keep your foot from being caught in a trap. Prov. 3:21-26)

  7. Info says:

    Posted on The Watchers. Intereting
    @TheWatchers_: GM super-bugs mutate in India, rendering antibiotics impotent – and they are spreading http://t.co/iTY1b3er

  8. nickk0 says:

    KUDOS to NBC, for having the GUTS to come out with this.
    It takes something like this, to call attention to the issue, before governments, people, and authorities take it seriously and start taking preventative counter-measures.

    NOW, we need one of the networks, to make a ‘doomsday’ movie about what would happen, if the No.4 building at Fukushima collapses.

    • richard says:

      NBC is only doing these shorts now because it is profitable for them to do so. Many…and I mean many other people have been warning about these things for years

  9. TLindemann says:

    Two words:

    Predictive programming.

    • Rick says:

      Yes, TLindemann, it seems more than coincidence that life imitates art (read: “TV” in this case). Search “The Lone Gunman” on youtube for a prime example.

      This new “Revolution” TV series doesn’t look too technical, and remember it’s mostly a human interest story (woman searches for uncle to clues to murdered father’s mysteries).

      I’m now re-reading the 1959 novel “Alas, Babylon” (read it when I was nine). It was probably the first modern apocalyptic novel, based on life after a massive nuclear strike in the 60’s. (Much like William Forstchen’s “One Second After”–same plot but EMP not nuclear strike–perhaps where Forstchen got his idea as the main character and plot is so similar.)

      Are we all somehow wishing for an event to cleanse us from our current corrupted world? Does anyone deny the existing situation is unsustainable? (pollution, over population, greed, Fukushima, Gulf of Mexico/BP spill, genetically modified crops, diseases, and more.)

  10. Shuracane says:

    Here we go again, hollywood has long been associated with the nwo, this will no doubt be to famliarize the world with what is going to come, eg plant the seed. Same as they did before 911. 911 exactely as it happened was talked about in mainstream media way before it even happened. Its called pre conditioning. Get the masses used to the idea so they beleive it better, and go along with it. eg easier to control. What better way to fix the world economy than to create panic, crash the dollar, wipe out the power computers etc to cover your tracks, blame the sun, turn the power back on, save the world, bingo their heroes, and there solution of one economy, one government., New World Order has begun. We had better wake up or we may sleep forever.

  11. hotchkiss says:

    If the grid goes, so do the nuke plants, there wont be anyone left.

    • Massora says:

      Very true… better shut them down now! If we used renewables, it would be easier to get a grid back up and running…..

  12. m c says:

    it looks interesting but i cant help but think someone is trying to prepare people for the coming future.

    The one thing I found strange about this show is that nothing electrical worked and am curious as to the explanation of that.

    i probably wont watch it since I rarely/never get locked into a show, I have a life with things to do in it.

  13. charleydog97 says:

    this looks wkd!! when’s it coming to the UK?

    • Rick says:

      Most NBC programming is available online, so you can watch the episodes on the ‘net (and whenever you want to watch it!).

  14. Just dont get caught up in the Fear-Factor.. And yes if and when changes occur, there is chaos and upheaval. And yes Change is Coming!!!~ But there will always be pockets of survival where ever.. Mans/womans basic instincts kick in, and when they do we see another side to the human psyche, not always pleasant. I agree with Carla Burges there would be ‘Millions’ more people and lots more gangs. .. Glad I don’t watch much TV ~ As we THINK~ So we Create! ~Blessings

  15. Gotham says:

    The premise of the series is flawed. Everything will not stop working.

  16. Tom says:

    If the lights go out we are going to have a lot of baby’s

  17. why is there always a black guy thats bad and teenagers or early 20’s that are “good looking” in all these type of films. What i’d like to see is the big fat comic store guy and some old granny and grandad and maybe some hicks, and then make a show about what it “MIGHT” be like instead of of this bullshit stereotypes. Personaly, I wont watch it because its yet more crap about crap. Why is noone using solar energy, i am right now. Windfarm energy? Utter crap for couch potatos.

  18. Mike says:

    The series will more than likely be like others, interesting first few episodes then drama on moving across to deliver the gadget. I will watch it and more than likely and I hope that its not shut down mid cycle like Jericho. This might have been better off as a movie like the one discovery channel made of the famly surviving the pandemic that shut the world down.

  19. mike says:

    so is there somthing to store your electricity on?? would be pretty handy if the grid go out!!

    • Rick says:

      Yes, Mike, it’s called a solar panel connected to a 12v deep cycle battery–how most preppers plan on dealing with short-term power outages. Scale up the number of panels and batteries and you can go completely off-grid (given enough sunny days, that is).

  20. me says:

    I think this show looks fascinating. Course, i have thought that before based on previews. Anyone watch Falling Skies? Looking forward to it’s return next month.

  21. suz says:

    When disaster hits a community people come together. When a disaster strikes and people loose everything and they have no food, water, electricity. When people are brought to their knees, they help each other. They become stronger than ever. You can read these types of stories all the time and it’s world wide.

  22. Janos says:

    Revelation, chapter 9. Fifth trumpet. Sun and air are darkened. 5 months of chaos. Could it be that there will be 5 months of darkness, with no daylight? Just a little something to consider.

    • me says:

      interestingly, that’s what the Webbot project predicts for early next year….

      • nickk0 says:

        Really !! :o Where did you read this ?

        Not that it would surprise me…. at all. Mankind is ripe for chastisement. :(

  23. suz says:

    Remember Joseph and his coat of many colours!…“I had the strangest dream last night. I was standing by the river and seven fat, happy looking cows came out of the water and started to eat the grass by the bank. Then a little later, seven thin and awful looking cows came out from the water, and they ate up the fat cows. It was so weird. If only some wise man could tell me what it means.” When the lean years come take the food out of the storage, and make sure that the people do not starve.

  24. Angie says:

    This reminds me of book I read 1 Mminute After..Book depicted scenerios that would happen with EMP.

  25. Kauai Station says:

    Sadly..this bypasses the reality that the worlds 400+ known nuclear plants, as well as the hundreds if not thousands of covert, military, medical and other nuclear facilities would be suddenly uncooled. ELE. Period. No discussion.

  26. Gamina says:

    After blaming everything & everyone else – We adapt. (many will still go looting in the dark for the latest 100″ flat screen TV, even though there will be no power!, they can use this to bludgeon their neighbour & steal their camping stove. Get the microwave popcorn cooked up! Sorted!, )

  27. Tom says:

    I lived in a poor nation of Africa for 3 years and did not have electricity or at times running water. I survived with kerosene lamps and water from a well as many people do all over the world. No need to panic.

    • richard says:

      Just assuming, you probably lived with people that were already accustomed to living without. Those groups of people are the ones to look for if you can get to them and if they will accept you.

  28. don't fear says:

    I am a qualified electronics engineer and this joke was brought to my attention. And this is exactly what it is except people believe this utter rubbish. In 1989, I believe, a solar storm hit Canada it caused one power station to fail for 9 hours. This problem was then looked into and was RESOLVED easily, without going into technical data it works in very much the same way as the earthing present in every single home/building in case we get hit by lightning. STOP READING RUBBISH ON THE INTERNET, IT IS PURELY FEAR MONGERS.

  29. suz says:

    I used to have a little cabin on a lake as a getaway in cottage country. I was never so happy there. We had no running water, no toilet, no stove or fridge…..we used a BBQ and rigged up a cold shower and toilet outside. My husband and I and the two kids did everything in one room. We built the entire thing by ourselves using bits and pieces. I loved it. Life is what you make it. That experience has made be realize that I could live quite well with very, very little and be happy.

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