21 Responses to Exiles warn Iran has more than 60 scientists working on clandestine nuclear weapons program

  1. Scott Andrews says:

    Hi Alvin, this is my first comment to your site. Reading the article I’m reminded of the Iraqi “exiles” and the lurid yet wholely false and trumped up nonsense they spread about Saddam and his non-existant arsenal…..I say fool me once….

  2. Scott Andrews says:

    Alvin, just an update. The information in the article was released by the National Council of Iran (NCIR) which is the political arm of Muiahedin-e-Khalk (MEK) a group on the State Dept. list of terrorist organizations who are being used by the CIA and Mossad to destabilize Iran and justify yet another needless war. I’m sure you’re aware of the source of the B.S. but didn’t include it. Knowing where the information comes from always helps separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. Keep up the great work. God Bess.

    • IM

      All wars are needless. Forget this article. There is something else however behind the headlines that most people on both sides of the aisle maybe missing.

      Quote: “Ahmadinejad has long questioned the existence of the Holocaust and, months after taking office in October 2005, he participated in a lengthy protest called “World Without Zionism” and has repeatedly derided Israel. “With the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world without the United States and Zionism,” he said then, according to another IRNA report.”

      If the leadership of China or Russia made a similar statement about the U.S. ceasing to exist; we would be in a World War 3 tomorrow. The U.S. is not going to allow Iran to become a nation powerful enough to threaten it or its interest in the Middle East, which includes closing the Strait of Hormuz (as the Iranian leadership has repeated warned it will do), by cutting off western oil supplies. Iran has already made itself a national security threat to the U.S. – point blank. This is not going to evaporate tomorrow, or in the next 5 years. Iran is on a collision course. These nuclear talks in Baghdad are merely window-dressing and are buying time for all sides in the conflict to perfect war strategy for the inevitable confrontation that will come sooner or later. Now, this brings us back to the important question of why Iran is making such bold statements about America’s end that even North Korea, China and Russia are not publicly making. Either, they are stupid, which no one believes, or they have the means to back up their rhetoric with weapons of mass destruction. Military planners both in the U.S. and Israel work and make military contingency plans based on the latter… So what I’m telling you is we’re about to enter the Age of Horrors where some nations will soon cease to exist and the world will soon be turned upside down with mass acts of terror unsettling cities. Why do you think so many nations are conducting nuclear-capable missile tests?

      God bless you as well.
      Dark days are almost upon us


      • AWM says:

        I fear you are right on, Alvin. All planned long ago by 3 different sides, all who will fail against the Almighty Lord. Evil sides of the same madness.

        Blessed are the believers in Jesus.

  3. Rob says:

    Thank you for the information, as always :-)

  4. niebo says:

    If a “corporate-run” government is fascism, then we, at the very least, approach a fascist state, where policy is for sale to those who profit the most…so why not? The dwindling reserves are worth killing for. So are the on-going (20 years, since the Gulf War) record quarters posted by the Big Oil. The military-industrial complex could use an influx of contracts. The healthcare system needs to fill the beds that are empty from the “market correction” that left too many unemployed and without coverage. I call it now: a little terrorism is good for the nation, just you watch. Markets boom. Benzes fly off the lots. Gas reaches ten dollars a gallon, and everything is perfect!

    Oops, no, wait. Forgive me. I got lost in a boardroom daydream, not in a moment of reality…because, when we entered the Gulf, we started the worst kind of guerilla war, one where the “guerillas” bring the war to you. The Iraqis hated Saddam. The Afghanis hated the Taliban. Iran hates us.

    I fear that the Giant now goes toe-to-toe with Jack.

    • Jim Randall says:

      Niebo , Good points you make. Also, interesting range of views and different comments from others. Just like to make a couple of my own observations :Those politicians or special interest groups-lobbies calling / pushing for another war against Iran ,have amongst them those who did the same against Iraq. Ever noticed how the drumbeat of war , with the accompanying concern ( or lack of it) for human rights seems mysteriously , or by amazing coincidence , to beat loudest where there are mineral / oil / gas resources involved. ? The Brookings Institute pushed the regime change agenda in its 2009 report ” Which Path to Persia ” suggesting methods to overthrow the Syrian Government to eventually lead to regime change in Iran .The dreaded Iranian nuclear sites are actually regularly monitered by the IAEA. Nuclear contamination / fallout , by whatever cause, would know no boundary and would certainly not differentiate between people.

      • Jim Randall says:

        Another observation is : Saudi Arabia , where most of the 9/11 hijackers were from , and whose government encourages /financed the Salafi groups responsible for the majority of the terrorist tragedies in the ME , Pakistan , Caucasus region of Russia and some of the attacks in Europe during the past decade ,but because of close links to some politicians in Europe and the USA ( e. g Bush family ), and large scale arms purchases,, gets a “free pass “, and Israel , which has its own nuclear arsenal , and is certainly not averse to doing activities it regards as in its own interests, even if this means damaging US interests , (e.g such as blowing up US installations in Egypt in the md-1950s -Lavon Affair , attacking the ship USS Liberty in 1967 with surviving crew members contradicting Israeli claims of mistaken identity ,plus ignoring US requests/ demands on other matters ,) may both find they have gotten regime change not in Iran , but elsewhere in the region, esp.if nuclear contamination spreads to other countries.

  5. Fernando says:

    If the USA enters war again, it will detonate WWIII. I am afraid this will be the last one and not convenient for any body in this planet and specially to the US.

    • IM

      Well, it looking very likely that it’s building towards this scenario and it’s not just U.S. driven. We’re in the Age of the breakdown of the Nation-state, whether the cause is political dissatisfaction like Syria and Egypt or drug violence like in Mexico, or civil war fighting like in Afghanistan and Iraq, or corruption like in Somalia, or a war over natural resources like in Sudan, or economic disintegration like in Greece, Latvia, and Spain, or from a religious war between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria, or from natural disasters which are tearing Japan in pieces…the handwriting is clearly on the wall that this planet is in serious trouble. We’ve run out resources, money, and consensus agreement to grow the world’s global economy any further and the victims of the agressive corporate militarism that has rolled over the world and left mountains of debt in its wake are the poor and a wrecked environment, which is now in ruins and beginning to fall apart. Rather than any of us trying to find a boogey man, and I’m not speaking about you, I think we all need to shift to survival mode and ready ourselves for what amounts to some very troubling times ahead.

  6. Philippino Bob says:

    What is more dangerous than Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, China, Russia, Etc combined?
    Answer: The National debt http://www.usdebtclock.org/
    The enemy is within!

  7. Luis A. says:

    Hi, Alvin
    The western governments and the MSM are not talking about the real danger coming from Iran, because the common citizen don’t understand what is a modern bio – war with re-combined DNA viruses and toxins.
    In Iran, the military bio program, is running at a very fast pace for the last 20 years, using experts from the former USSR.
    All of us know, if Iran in a future conflict decides for the use of some sort of nuclear device, chemical or fuel air explosives, will receive a nuclear counter-strike.
    The problem, are the probable cells, spread all around, who can deliver all kinds of viruses and toxins.
    A modern World War with 21st Century weapons, it’s not survival by the Human Race!
    Unless happens some sort of divine intervention, like Lord Jesus Himself!

    God help us all
    Bet wishes,

    • Jim Randall says:

      Luis. For all of the talk about Iran , believe it or not , we may all have been ” nuked ” in a different way. The disaster at Fukushima may be worse than Chernobyl. And on another note , depleted uranium particles, the result of the use of depleted uranium munitions in Iraq and elsewhere,, which have have caused documented but not-dared-to be-discussed in MSM, birth defect horrors, plus soldiers developing Gulf War Syndrome after serving in depleted uranium battlegrounds,, have been detected at high levels in the UK, and other parts of Europe on a number of occasions.

      • Mel says:

        Indeed, indeed. Friends on the US West Coast have their own radiation counter; it used to get a “click” once every 7-8 minutes. As of around a week ago, it was up to 72 clicks a minute. We were living on the West Coast when the earthquake and tsunami hit, and flew back to the East Coast over the summer.

        Our hair is falling out, our hands look like we are in our 80’s, not mid 40s, and we have been nothing but sick since late summer of last year. With enough radiation being spread, and no one sounding the alarm, what a mess indeed.

        Only the Almighty Lord can restore this earth, and His wrath is about to be poured out. He promised that Jerusalem would become a cup of trembling for the whole world, and it has.

  8. TexasRedNeck says:

    A survival mode as in the 1800’s, an EMP would do just that to America.

  9. Dennis E. says:

    Well, it was posted on the internet today that Ahmadinejad, said it was not necessary for Iran to destroy Israel by War. Paraphrasing, he said that if the countries of the region and cut ties with the Zionest Regime and give them dirty looks, it would spell the end of this puppet regime.

    Now figure that!!

    • IM

      Again, Iranians are Persians and not Arab. They have no dog in the fight quite frankly in the conflict going on in the so-called holy land between Arabs and Jews neither do they speak for Pan-Arab nations like UAE, Saudia Arabia, Qatar. They’re not even members of the Arab league. What’s it to them what happens to Israel? They’re manipulating the Arab-Israeli turbulence in the Middle East for personal reasons. Most Muslims in the Middle East are Sunni and have major ideological differences with Shi’a Iran. This is beginning to sound more and more like the out-of-town kid in high school trying every antic imaginable to get people to notice and like him.

  10. elijahsmom3 says:

    Iran boasts US has abandoned Israel, paving the way for their defeat.

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