Catastrophism proven dominant force in geology once again: Scientists stunned by dramatic change in seafloor in two weeks

May 13, 2012TONGAResearchers studying the Monowai volcano, near Tonga, recorded huge changes in height in just two weeks. Lead author Tony Watts of Oxford University told the BBC that the revelation was “a wake-up call that the sea-floor may be more dynamic than we previously thought. I’ve spent my career studying the seabed and have generally thought it pretty stable so it’s stunning to see so much change in such a short space of time.” As many as 32,000 underwater mountains have been identified around the world and the majority are believed to be volcanic in origin. Several thousand of these may be active but a combination of ocean depth and remoteness means that very few have been studied. The team then left the area to carry on with planned research elsewhere but three days later were warned that seismic detectors on the Cook Islands had detected violent activity around the volcano over a five-day period. “If we had been over the volcano during the eruption, rocks could have hit the hull of the ship – that could have been potentially dangerous.” Later the ship returned to the scene and the scientists were surprised to see how much the volcano had changed. In the space of a fortnight, one part of the volcano’s summit had collapsed by as much as 18.8m while new lava flows had raised another area by 79.1m. Most striking was the creation of an entirely new volcanic cone. The researchers believe the changes are larger than at most other volcanoes. Only Vesuvius and Mount St Helens have recorded larger growth rates. The paper says the speed of growth and change is “a reminder of how rapidly geological processes such as submarine land-sliding and volcanism can occur.” Professor Watts said: “Any movement on the seabed has the potential to create a tsunami. An earthquake suddenly dislocates the seabed. Here a violent disturbance lasted five days with magma oozing out which might be too slow to trigger a tsunami – but it’s unknown. “This is a violent exchange of rock into the water – it could destabilize the cone and cause a landslide which in principle could cause a tsunami.  –BBC
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26 Responses to Catastrophism proven dominant force in geology once again: Scientists stunned by dramatic change in seafloor in two weeks

  1. Joseph t. Repas says:

    I wonder if this is how some of those rogue giant waves develop out in the ocean ?isn’t it great that the more we learn about this planet the less we know?

    • Yes, it is and as I have said, the face of the planet can change overnight. It doesn’t take millions of years for this to happen. Continents can be split in two and new land masses can rise and fall at the mighty whim of nature over the course of a few days.

      • Yes, the earth’s crust can change in moments. While the Bible does not directly use the word Volcano, The prophet Isaiah certainly refers to Volcanoes in Isaiah 5:14 when he says, “Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure:…”
        Hell was originally made for the angels that fell, but now mankind is inhabiting hell and it has need of more space for their occupancy. Unfortunately it is not only the population on earth that is growing exponentially, but those that are entering into hell are going into the bowels of the earth at a staggering rate. I would to God that we could convince people we care about that Hell is a real place. Jesus talked more about hell than he did about heaven. Anyone that can not see the travail of our planet should check their pulse. The earth abides forever, but the signs of the times Jesus spoke about are upon us.

      • IM

        That’s right, it can. That’s what the Great Deluge was mostly about; volcanism. The crust was doing the same thing under the flood waters that it’s doing now in the South Pacific- sprouting up 79.1 meters in a few days. Where do people think Mount Ararat came from where the Ark rested? Mount Ararat is a volcano. It erupted in 1840. Ararat sprang up from the waters in the deluge by the same process at work on the sea-floor in the Tonga Trench.

        Mount Ararat Volcano:

      • Artoro says:


        This is the reality of our world isn’t it? It’s really scary to think those scientists that allegedly study these matters on a regular basis are surprised or stunned that this has happened. It makes it difficult to believe other hypotheses that they render. And sad that they spend so, so much time trying to explain God’s component in these events away.

      • The face of this entire planet could be rearranged in a matter of days; not thousands or millions of years. If we haven’t learned that by now because of the hardness of the scientific heart; we’re about to.

      • Artoro says:


      • Garth Colin Whelan says:

        If you believe the bible literally,m then everything in the earth, including creation, happened at the most, 6,000 years ago. I believe that. Now look at some stories in the bible:

        The most famous geological event of the bible; the flood. It says waters came from above, and from under the earth. Massive geological changes happened then. Imagine the pressure of water at ground level when the waters were as high or higher than Everest (yes, even the Himalayas show signs of flooding. The pressure would have turned chalky rocks in to marble, other rock in to granite. Scientists have even found evidence of beach heads more than 100m under the sea in the Mediterranean.

        Another biblical grological event not many may have noticed, but in Gen 11, it says that when the Lord brought confusion in their language (at Babel), that “HE scattered them abroad”… Now, scientists today are aware of the shape of the continents, and how at one time, they appear to have been joined together as one big landmass some time ago, but they say it happened over billions of years. I am saying, I believe this separation of the continential shelves, happened in Genesis 11. Just a thought. God did this to prevent rebellion, as God had commanded man to ‘fill the earth and subdue it’, but they wanted wanted to stay together lest they be spread abroad..

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Just my own opinion and nothing more but I think when God made the flood happen it was something like a large asteroid hiting what we now call the Gulf of Mexico and that splashed water all through the atmosphere creating the earth’s first rain storm and started weather as we know it as there was no rain before this event.

    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      Rogue waves are normally caused usually, where two oceans meet and the energy of the waves combine. Every now and then, the energy of one wave synchronizes with the energy of another wave, so that’s now double the energy. That increase in energy demands more water to travel through so it ‘sucks’ water, hence the increase in height.

      Some could be volcanic however. We’ll find out soon…

      • Tom says:

        I think the earth is ancient and really old. A lot more than 6000years but man could have been put on the earth around then(8000-4000bc)
        When the ice from the last iceage melted it surely contributed to the flooding and noas escape in the ark
        I live on a place with old geological history and clear signs from the iceage, the land still rises 8mm per year(northern sweden) in denmark for ex which also had ice the rise is around zero mm. The signs from the ice is clearly visible though with sand and polished stones and scratched bedrock. When we were
        building a house we had to dig 3meters down to solid bedrock to
        make the ground. The rock had
        clear signs and marks from the last

    • Artoro says:

      Joseph t. Repas:

      I agree. They have identified one possible cause of rogue waves in an area where these waves are reported to happen with greater frequency, and I believe sub oceanic volcanic activity could very well be another, and perhaps taking place in a rogue area of Earth’s oceans.

      The one they have identified in a area of prevalence is, as the ocean waters from the East meet those coming from the West while churning or swirling around the ends of various continents (I think they used The African Continent as one example), they crash into one another creating these large waves.

      I’m sure there’s many more rogue waves occurring throughout the oceans then we know or here about. I think of it as the old philosophical question “If a tree feel in the forest and no one was around to here it would it make a sound?”

    • Jonathan E. Kiser says:

      Joseph, very good correlative reasoning, I think you might be very correct in your question. You are a wise guy, in a good way :)

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Thanks Jonathan E.Kiser ! I must say however I learned much from what our other friends wrote on this post as well such as the converging of ocean currents which probably is the most common reason for these rogue waves. I thank God for letting me find this site and that Alvin will continue to be blessed for this tremendous undertaking.

  2. ashuka says:

    Alvin that’s all a very scary and i guess all very real.

  3. yves says:

    the earth is talking to us .. i thing we should listen…

  4. Irene C says:

    This is just amazing. I am in awe.


  5. Emanni says:

    Volcano Behind Atlantis Legend Re-Awakens

    September 2011 to January 2012 showed the land near the volcano was swelling at an accelerating rate, reaching 7 inches (180 mm) of growth per year.

    Computer models of the deforming Earth suggested the swelling was due to an influx of nearly 500 million cubic feet (14.1 million cubic meters) of magma into a chamber 2.5 to 3.1 miles (4 to 5 kilometers) below the surface.

  6. John David says:

    Hmmm seems like the only constant is change!!

  7. Irene C says:

    A little off topic, but this article was just sent to me and I found it amazing.

    Chilean Earthquake Reverses Effects of Beach Erosion
    May 12, 2012; 10:30 AM ET

    In 2010, a massive, magnitude-8.8 earthquake struck the south central coast of Chile, rupturing beaches and launching a tsunami that rode inland with devastating effect. In an instant, whole sections of the coastline were transformed, with large swaths of sand and rock lifted from beneath the waves.

    For Chile, it was a disaster of sobering proportions. But for Eduardo Jaramillo and Jenifer Dugan — researchers who have spent years studying the effects of coastal erosion on beach ecology — it was also a rare opportunity to see one of climate change’s more immediate effects put in reverse.
    “It was like setting the clock backward,” said Dugan, a researcher at the Marine Science Institute of the University of California, Santa Barbara. “The whole coast went up in places. Beaches that had been much lower elevation relative to sea level came up a couple of meters. They regained a lot of lost ground.” …

  8. But Mount Ararat must have been formed before the flood or at least before the ark settle there or it would have been destroyed and now we even have the Turkish Government proving that it has been found. Discovery of the real Noah’s Ark Part 2
    God Bless, Caroline

    • It came after the flood when the planet was rearranged by a violent episode of catastrophism and before the Ark landed there. There were no volcanoes on the planet prior to this event. The flood waters were upon the Earth 150 days. The Monowai volcano grew 23 stories in 14 days.

  9. What an excellent thought provoking post!!!
    My thoughts as well lie in the harden minds of scientist ( I’m not bashing them justing pointing out what I have thought and seen over time)
    I also thought this explained the rogue wave phenomena .
    God bless you Alvin <3

  10. I just want to say thank you again ~Extinction Protocol~ for supplying us with many interesting ‘Facts’ about our Earth Changes.. They are indeed happening, and we all of us need to be aware that Change can come swiftly.. Science needs to wake up to many factors which keeps its head buried beneath the sand.. Our Earth has Changed Many times before and the cycle of events are giving us ALL the ‘Signs’ once again that Gaia is changing again right now we are in the Change Now. ~Blessings for all you do in waking up many to these changes.

  11. nickk0 says:

    Found an interesting article today, this helps to back up what Alvin has been stating all along :

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