The potential war beween China and the Philippines that the U.S. is being snared into that Americans know little about

May 10, 2012PHILIPPINESWar talk, it seems, is all the rage in China at the minute. Yes, there are serious people in serious publications seriously advocating war. You might have missed it during all the fuss about Chen Guangcheng, but, for a month now, China has been embroiled in an increasingly bellicose dispute with the Philippines. So what is going on? Well, strange as it may seem, the two stories may be connected. At the heart of the issue is what is called Scarborough Shoal by the Philippines and Huangyan Island by China, a little more than 100 miles (160km) from the Philippines and 500 miles from China. The names are a bit misleading because this is a series of rocks, reefs and small islands stretching across an area of about 150sq km (58 sq miles) of the South China Sea, claimed by both the Philippines and China. For a month now, there has been a standoff between Chinese and Philippine fishing and coastguard vessels near the outcrops. The Global Times, a highly nationalistic English language paper produced by the Communist Party’s People’s Daily Group, has a useful map that shows how far China‘s territorial claims extend, on this special page it is now devoting to this ‘conflict.’ On Tuesday, China’s Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying summoned a Philippine diplomat for the third time in this standoff, and delivered a warning, that China has “made all preparations to respond to any escalation of the situation by the Philippine side.” On Wednesday, the Global Times helpfully explained in its editorial that Ms Fu’s “remarks are seen as China sending a sign that it will not rule out the use of force.” The paper explained: “The Philippines needs to be taught a lesson for its aggressive nationalism. For China, the standoff over Huangyan Island is a matter of sovereignty. And now Manila needs to be defeated in this area… If the standoff escalates into a military clash, the international community should not be completely surprised.” For China, sovereignty is one of the key issues it says it will not compromise on, so it is sending strong signals but also boxing itself in. But there are dangers here too. The president of the Philippines has tweeted this statement this week, making clear that the Philippines believes America will help protect it from any Chinese aggression. So a dispute could lead to a very tense situation. And now we have more escalation. China is now piling commercial pressure on top of the diplomatic and military pressure, halting tourism to the Philippines, tightening inspections of fruit imports and warning its citizens to be careful of their safety during demonstrations planned for Manila on Friday. It’s a dangerous dynamic that could escalate much further yet. We will keep watching. -BBC
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95 Responses to The potential war beween China and the Philippines that the U.S. is being snared into that Americans know little about

  1. cdkanas says:

    Does the president of the Philippines understand that the USA only protects countries in which there is a corporate interest and material goods to be gained?

    • nickk0 says:

      I see no easy way out for the US, in this dispute.

      Granted, we owe to China, unfortunately.
      And as Garth points out below, International Law would back up the Phillipinos on this dispute, so the US can’t support China’s claim.
      I suppose the US could officially declare itself ‘neutral’ on the issue, but that would be cowardly.

      • Lau Guan Kim says:

        What are you talking about?

        UNCLOS, by its codification under Article 121, paras (1) and (3) already disqualifies the Philippine claims.

        Para (1) says, ” An island is a naturally formed area of land, surrounded by water, which is above water at high tide. ”

        Para (3) says, ” Rocks which cannot sustain human habitation or economic life of their own shall have no exclusive economic zone or continental shelf.”

        What do we confer from here?

        Simply put, the Philippines claim a piece of estate which is not an island at high tide, that is, fully submerged under water.

        That Scarborough Shoal cannot come under its Exclusive Economic Zone or continental shelf because it cannot sustain “human habitation or economic life of their own.”

        It cannot be terra nullius (no one owns it) as China already laid claim to it almost a thousand years before and ever since it exercises sovereignty over it.

        It all boils down to the Philippines concocting Panatag Shoal (Scarborough Shoal) as it own by renaming the rocks which name has never been acknowledged or inserted in contemporary Philippine map.

        Panatag Shoal is a concoction since April this year.

    • henrietta says:

      well you speak of self interest. i dont think that america is only looking for personal gain. i dont think they’re as greedy like what you say. you see, how they support the israel from the threats of iran, and i dont see any benefit they will get from saving the chosen people of God. so what im saying is, as a mother country, what they are doing is to protect other nation from bullies, and to keep the peace and order of the world. the thing is, china is fighting for sovereignity, whereas philippines is fighting for its territory, their home. removing one part of the land is like removing parts of your body.

      • Eduardo says:

        A defense treaty would be void if Philippines attacks first. All China has to do is to avoid engaging the Philippines. Besides those two aren’t the only countries claiming that place, Vietnam is also claiming the islands and they already control most of them.

    • carlos agasi says:

      In my own observation china is already having advance technology in military equipment and weapon but lucking of resources in gasoline/ fuel and base in the study the part of Scarborough Shoal. That By force calming by china is reach in natural crude oil… what is the use of tank, war ship, fighter plane, etc. without gasoline/ fuel right? Now what do you think well happened if china is having a unlimited sour’s of fuel to run all there military equipment?… let’s think about it???????,,,

  2. Garth Colin Whelan says:

    In the Philippines, the islands are known as the ‘Kalaya-an islands.

    They are also being claimed by Taiwan.

    China is being a bully, Their claim is not even real. They think that because they used to trade around there, that they are the owners. According to international maritime law, anything within 200 nautical miles of significant land, belongs to the country it is near. Most of these islands are well within to 200 mile limit to the island of Palawan. In China however, hey have started including Palawan on their maps so their children will grow up with a strong belief that Palawan is theirs. Resource wise, the Philippines is among the richest countries in the world; among the top in gold, copper, nickel, manganese, magnetite, inexhaustible supply of deuterium, and recently discovered, from Luzon to Mindanao, has more oil than any other nation in the world except Saudi. China wants the Spratly’s now, because there are vast oil deposits there, plus it’s one of the richest fishing grounds in the world.

    • Xiangcao Liu says:

      the 200 miles doesn’t make sense here. 200 economic zone can’t conflict with claim of territory. So let’s forget about 200 miles stuff. Alaska is much closer to Canada, but you can’t claim it belongs to Canada. China has begin officially claim Huangyan island as its territory at least from 1947. but Philippine only start making this territory claim starting late 1990s.

      • Garth Colin Whelan says:

        China has no claim whatsoever to that land. They are just being a spoiled brat child. They didn’t care about the islands at all until there was oil discovered there, and now China’s lust for greed are like that little spoiled child crying ‘Give me, give me, give me!’
        What else can you expect from a godless, atheist society that shows no respect for human life, sells cheap junk to the world, claim to be communist, but all they are, is being hypocrites, because they have the same lust for mammon as capitalists.

        It’s China’s bogus claim that makes no sense. The 200 mile zone stands…

      • jet says:

        how does the island belongs to china when people lives there are filipino… it’s called grid!!!!!

      • jadetvm says:

        Well said Garth.

      • Edwin Pun says:

        I think that it is time for Canada to claim Alaska, and maybe for the United States to claim Mexico, and the South Americas due to the logic of the 200 miles zone? That 200 miles zone is a joke.

      • Garth Colin Whelan says:

        @Edwin Pun,

        The 200 miles is over waters, not over land. Alaska doesn’t count as it’s a significant vast land, as is Mexico, etc. The 200Nauticla mile zone is an international treaty which China is abusing. Check your facts before you blurt out nonsense.

      • Edwin Pun says:

        Nonsense. The Scarborough Shoals has belong to China for 2000 years. Do not even for one moment think that countries like the United States of America can help other countries take one inch of China’s property by means of gunboat policy. This is a greater country than the United States can even dream of becoming;.

      • IM

        Gentlemen, we’ve just been through one civil war; let’s not start another.” -Captain Kirk to a feuding Spock and McCoy, Patterns of Force

      • henrietta says:

        this is just the opposite of what you have said. all islands of the philippines has been declared on the commonwealth times, that is when all nation has to declare their national flag and borders and national anthem. and because philippine itself has vast land and due to lack of fundings they were not able to secure all its territory. in fact, they stuck their flag there, signifying its territory. and chinese fishermen were illegally fishing on its sea waters. for so many years they were not caught, because filipino by nature is lenient. chinese used to trade goods with philippines before but it doesnt give you the right to over take another land from its aborigin not because you used to fish there it doesnt give you the right to own it. yes, filipinos are so friendly and kind enough to let you fish in their territory but that is just because they dont have vessel that will drive you away. you see, there are so many illegal chinese immigrants in philippines doing monkey business like drugs and pirated cds, and all its fake goods, while others are really doing business but it doesnt mean you own the land. you were given the privilege to live and enjoy a better life in philippines compared to china to where you belong but still you are ungrateful, and this is how you repay philippines? so after all former president marcos was right when he thought of deporting all illegal chinese living in the philippines. they should strike while its hot. I think it is spain who has the right to claim all the island of philippines but because they left us until america came to rescue philippines from the cruelty of the japanese and gave us independence. so if there is anyone who has the right for this land it is the filipinos and the americans. we all know that among all asian countries, it is really philippines who is pro-america. i hope their plans of moving out all the american companies from china will really push through. because with the us dollar, china learns how to over use its power.

      • Floyd says:

        Canada is another story as it was sold to U.S by Russia…while the Scaborough Shoal is a shoal…which means the China cant even said they occupy the shoal as it was unihabitable or cannot be said as integral teritory because it is very far to China..if chinese said they were fishing there for centuries…how can’t Philippino fish to this seas as it is very near.

        The one said the philippines only claimed Scarborough in 1990′s was very mindless and no idea of what his writing…as the Philippines already built a lighthouse there many decades ago…there is also a philippine flag decades ago…the U.S and Philippine Navy also uses that rea in their naval drill when the U.S bases is still in the Philippines.

    • john says:

      Garth Colin Whelan your statements appear racist and biased. Your comments are concentrating China in a view of your belief and ideas. These past years China has contributed a lot to the world. You also have to remember that China is not “a godless, atheist society that shows no respect for human life, sells cheap junk to the world, claim to be communist, but all they are, is being hypocrites, because they have the same lust for mammon as capitalists.” there are 1,347,350,000 people in china. Have you observed every single Chinese person. In the future please do not stereotype a whole race. You have to think of what you are saying. In other words, I mean stop implying prejudicial remarks.

  3. Rob says:

    GREAT bit of info there Garth! Thank You for sharing that with us! :-)

  4. Stephen says:

    Mexican UFOlogist and journalist Jaime Maussan is predicting on the basis of the crop circles, that something big will take place between May 20, day of annular solar eclipse, and June 6, Venus Transit. My guess, perhaps a war in Asia, or Middle East, or both. Or another global economic chaos, especially Europe. I have been living here in Manila since birth, and I am also Chinese. We are living in difficult times now. Problem is not whether your black, white, yellow or whoever you are. We all are the problem because we only care about what is ours and forgetting the needs of other people. We are all wrong. Let God strike the world with one blow so we all open our eyes to reality, and to spirituality.

  5. professorcurtis says:

    In which way can the Philippine Nation stop the island of Palawan from being seized by China? Or should I say, how much is China willing to pay for one of the most beautiful islands in the world? P.S. Don’t count on United States intervention.

    • enrique says:

      well philippine island is priceless thats why spain showed ineterest on it. if only they were united, philippines would be a great place and they dont have to rely on other nation for protection. i hope this dispute will open their eyes and realize how other nation is looking down on them. el filipinas isla del valiente.

      • professorcurtis says:

        Every conquer has robbed the Philippines of its riches and still there are many riches that are undiscovered, such as the beauty of the people. What can be done to save Palawan from being taken by China? War is not the answer.

  6. gus the grilla says:

    unfortunately it is a matter of when a 3rd world war happens not if. We are all on borrowed time as of the turn of the millenia. Get to hot climate and high ground is my reccomendation.

  7. Artoro says:

    I think The USA already has a fleet and troops in that area, it is of great strategic value.

    • Edwin Pun says:

      You think that the American people will go to war over the Philippines. Not likely. Besides, the defence agreement between the United States and the Philippines is vague, especially on a matter such as the Scarborough Shoal. Read that agreement carefully first.

      • henrietta says:

        well actually an agreement is a binding that time cannot change. dont question americans credibility because they have word of honor. before you even boast about your country think again. i believe hongkong will never be a developed city if not because of the british. you see, british made hongkong progressive does it also mean hongkong belongs to great britain? they did all trading and invested a lot of money just to make those people civilized. and dont assume that america will be intimidated by china’s population. hahaha this is exactly what the afghan said before the war started and this is also what sadam believed before iraq was destroyed. but look at these countries now, sadam is even dead. i think God blessed america for a greater purpose, and that is to be a defender of weak nation. so if you think philippines cant pay back america, i guess it is God who will repay its people for its goodness.

  8. Artoro says:

    At one time, we had troops stationed in the Philippines. When Mt. Pinatubo blow its top in 1991 they closed all the bases because of massive damage. If it wasn’t for that event, I think we would still be there. That being said, counting all the forces still in that region (Korea and Japan), I would guess over fifty thousand and if you count those in our Pacific State (Hawaii) there’s even more.

  9. Sacredlight says:

    It seems that China has already started it’s imperial plans…. They’re underestimating a small country like the Philippines…
    They still don’t know what Filipinos is capable of….

    • SPG: Orion S. Hunter says:

      1) Philippines has much more experience in real combat due to that because of a war going on in Southern most of Philippines which is the Mindanao Region, unlike the Chinese training who only trains and trains without experiencing the real combat life.

      2) Philippines has a capable of destroying the entire system (Hacking capabilities). Always remember that.
      Source ::
      stated in the 9th Paragraph :: “The Philippines, meanwhile, has been tagged one of the world’s top sources of a dangerous kind of cyber attack designed to take down entire computer networks and shut down key consumer services.”

      3) Lastly, Filipinos are everywhere in the world, in lands, seas nor skies.

  10. RealUniverse says:

    The island is CHINA’s teritory since the yuan dynasty (800 yeras!) Philipines out! ALSO is wasnt Philipine territory on the philipines map MADE by the USA in 1961!!!!!!!!! So WHO is going to tell China the island isnt their territory? the bully boys??? USA UK …. NO SORRY
    Western history of ancient Chinese territory is abismal.

    • Artoro says:

      Unfortunately, history reveals that wars have been started over much smaller and simpler issues.

    • kevssss says:

      Sorry by that logic, you’re also saying that China is property of the Mongols since Genghis Khan conquered most of it during his time. Your point is invalid since territory changes during the course of history. Such is partly the reason for the start of WW2, Germany tried to get back what “was” theirs by “their” history and said “sovereignty”.

    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      China never claimed that area during the Yuan dynasty, they only visited there because of trade.With that logic your using, then Norway can claim America belongs them, because they send ships and trade there. China needs get out, and stay out of the Kalaya-an islands.

    • lourdess says:

      Greediness and Arrogance!! this kind of behaviour will destroy us all!! This is an Evil act, GREEDY and ARROGANT POWER!!…If we will not stop this….We, the mankind will destroy ourselves…and the nature too, let’s not wait for this….We have no rigth to claim anything in this world…we’ve only barrowed all what we’re having, also our Lives. Why this endless claiming? Why this unsatisfaction?

    • Moloy says:

      I’m sorry but the Philippines was established as a country since the 1500s. And before that it was even preceded by thousand year old sultanates and kingdoms such as the Sultanate of Sulu, which had laid historical claims on the islands many centuries ago. The United STates did not carve or shape anything in the Philippine map, they only acquired it for a short while from Spain through a Peace Treaty. 1961? Where did you get that? Please stop making things up and don’t even dare to talk about things you have little knowledge about.

    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      Another thing; according to your logic, the England can have a claim over USA, Canada, South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, British Guyana, etc. because England has been there in the past. Why not? USA wasn’t even a nation when England went there. If your logic stand, then the main dispute in the USA would be where to put the boundary between Spanish America, and English America. The Rockies maybe?

    • professorcurtis says:

      Distance means nothing to greedy little men! If you want Palawan, you buy it!

  11. Granny Bear says:

    . China Reality Check. The Caspian Report, 7 minutes:

  12. Lily says:

    God is the owner of that Island. Not China, not Philippines or any other country, but it’s so funny that they are willing to fight for that when that island is given to us by the lord for free.

    • Granny Bear says:

      It seems similar to Iran and the Saudis. Or Argentina and the U.K. North and South Korea dispute ownership of some islands, also. There are probably many, many more such dangerous disputes.

  13. The use of military might to resolve the issue is STUPIDITY on both camps. The best to resolve the standoff is for both country to sit down in a neutral country which can help defuse the situation. It would be disastrous to indulge in exchange of fire, but the use of diplomacy and perhaps the situation would turn more of advantage to both country to help each other to turn the place to economic activities that will turn out productive. There is a Chinese saying which runs this way,” Adverse situation such as calamities bring about the best among the wise”.

    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      If one is coming at a nation with aggression, and weapons of war, then the other nation has to think about how to defend themselves. The other claimant nations have tried for many years, but China is being uncompromising, stubborn, and aggressive. It might be good Pete, if you could remind the Chinese about that wise saying, which ironically came from China. They appear to have forgotten about their wisdom.

      • lovely says:

        “Be Content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” By Lao Tzu
        The moment China forgets its wisdom is the moment China loses itself.

  14. Tom Hua says:

    It belongs to Philippines.
    Enough said.

  15. Etienne says:

    As an outsider here in South Africa i can only say that I’m watching this one with bated breath.

    • Granny Bear says:

      China is trying to make colonies in Africa, as well. Worked very well in Tibet. Just overrun the place. Sprawl all over everything.

  16. George Jose says:

    Why do they even bother fighting over and risking the lives of hundreds for the sake of small pieces of sea water?

    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      Because those small islands in that stretch of water has vast oil reserves, and has a practically inexhaustible supply of fish. It’s not the size that matters in this case, but the resources within it.

      • jadetvm says:

        Yes, they’re not that stupid to risk war, and lives, just over a “small pieces of sea water”. China is being a bully. It only takes one look at the map to see under whose territory the shoals fall under, and China is the farthest, among all the other countries claiming sovereignty over the shoal.

  17. Tom says:

    If China want to claim the “South China Sea”, that mean Vietnam should claim all of Quangdong, and Quangxi provinces because they were belong to the Viet several thousands of years ago. Before then, the Han was a little tribe. You all can dig deep into Chinese & Asian history to find out this. And if this should happen, mean Vietnam should return all of its land to Cambodia, and Canada should return their land to the Aborginal people. Common funny bully China leaders, you just so greedy, and arrogant, learn your own “real history”, and the world do have record of your real history, not your made up or propaganda history that you “manufactured” to brain wash your own people.

    • Edwin Pun says:

      Please try and remember that Indochina were paying homage to China centuries before. Please get your history right!

      • Garth Colin Whelan says:

        What about you Edwin? All you’ve done in this thread is to arrogantly say the whole world belongs to China by only the word of your mouth, with no legitimate argument or anything to support your claim. You are treating the whole world as if it is a game of ‘Risk’. We’re talking about people who lose their lives, not counters on a board game, in these wars which China is starting. Your own arrogance is a witness against you and Chinese aggression. Are all Chinese people like you, or are you just an exception? You speak like Adolf Hitler, or Napoleon, or Caesar. You should realize that as a Chinese national, you are an ambassador for that nation (we all are ambassadors for our respective nations), and it is that attitude that gives China a bad name.

  18. Ed says:

    if distant is really matter in claimant than guam island which muct closer to china , should be surrender to china.No one question about American military expansion & its wars in the middle east. Looking for a simple excuses just to invade Iraq. Using weapons of mass destruction as an excuses to go into a war that drag American economy to a down turn. and Phillipine is another excuses they used to expand their influences in asia pacific. Is it an American policy to kill innocent life of the muslim ppl & to incited hatred among the muslim. American want to rule & contain any country that might surpass them in fututre. Chinese side had been tolerant for so long but but the phillipine are using its US alliances to threaten china claim. American are always at war , so this what you called a friendly country??

    • David Jonathan says:

      It is a friendly country. We could even give the shoal willingly had China asked nicely (I mean I would if it was mine). But then they used force, and we had to respond. We cannot tolerate bullies. If we die, then so be it. At least we died being unfriendly in the hands of a Chinese big bully.!!

  19. Amokks says:

    Talk peacefully WAR is not the answer! innocent people will be harm! just think what or even imagine what’s War after math looks like…Greed is a Deadly sin…

    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      That’s what Neville Chamberlain did just before WWII started. If we used ‘Talk peace’ during WWII, Europe would’ve been run by Hitler. When a nation is coming in your territory, claiming your land, you would be cowardly to not defend it. David was a warrior, and engaged in many wars, but was recognized by God Himself, as ‘A man after God’s own heart.’ Pacifism is NOT a godly trait. In Revelation, it says that ‘the cowardly shall not see the Kingdom of heaven. Besides, peace talks have been going on for decades over the Spratlys. If peaceful talks is the answer, then tell the Chinese that; they are the ones inciting war.

      • Edwin Pun says:

        No, it was the act of using warships to try to arrest Chinese fishermen that was an act to incite war. it was thinking that the United States will help the Philippines by gunboat policy that make the Philippines aggressive this time.

        Sorry, it is not the old days when China will give away territories due to gunboats!

    • David Jonathan says:

      War and destruction is the only answer left if all the other answers fail. :)

  20. BRAVEHEART says:

    Fighting for something that you own is not STUPIDITY. Maybe your not a Filipino Pete, well, I am.We don’t need Math to measure how far or near the island is, “just naked eyes on a map”. China has a very vast area, why not cultivate what they have and just let others have what they own. Have an open mind and evaluate according to what is right. Thanks Garth, gave me guts to speak up!^^

    • Edwin Pun says:

      Fighting for something that is not yours is stupidity. Relying on the United States to come to your aid without any benefits from the Philippine is sheer stupidity. All China needs to do is to destroy the fleet of old Filipino warships and do a stratigic withdrawal back to Chinese waters, before anyone could even raise voices in the United Nations, and the Philippines would have been taught a lesson. This is not the 1800′s when China could be bullied into giving up territories.

      • Granny Bear says:

        If the Kalaya-an are preserved as beautiful islands and the shoal is preserved as a fishery, the entire world benefits. Not only the United States. If these Islands and waters, which do not even carry Chinese names, are left unmolested, then the inhabitants will be grateful and honor those who do no harm, even though they are capable of harm. Those honorable People will be remembered with poetry and song.

        And if you consider your viewpoint, you will ask, suggest, convince, insist, that your beloved China learn to use different energy sources, such as wind, thermal, and solar energy, then you will know that you have done a magnanimous, wise, and generous act. You will know that your grandsons will honor you for thinking of them, so far in the future, as only one with great wisdom can do. You will also notice that in order to use the solar energy effectively, that the smog from burning petroleum products and coal, must be reduced, so you will use the wind, which China has in abundance, to help transition smoothly. And you will know that you are a honorable man. Not that greedy, whatever it was. You and your country are better than that. You do not need this insignificant place. You are China. You have vast wealth in your lands and in the strength of your people, who love their homeland. Let those Chinese peoples, in all their ethnicities, stay in their home that they love, and care for China. Let these resilient Chinese people restore China’s vast spaces to the lush abundance and variety that is possible. That is what a man who would be honored by his grandsons would do.

        A wise man knows that he who seeks war for profit is cursed by the Mothers of this Earth. Cursed. A wise man does not do this.

  21. Bruce says:

    Russia is also in a stare with China and in the case of Russia they are big enough to stand their ground. However they are also in a very tough spot they can’t back out they would lose face with their own people and the rest of the world but if they hold their ground a military conflict maybe quite possible. So Russia like the people in the rest of the China sea’s are now at an impasse the question is who will flinch first?

    • Granny Bear says:

      There is no shame or loss of face by acting in a mature and sensible manner. Only small people are concerned with such petty, old-fashioned trivia, as the passe and quaint customs that reference face. Wise do not concern themselves with the opinions of low persons who do not understand that more important and more interesting matters require the attention of sensible and pragmatic wise men. Wise men know that Russia and China have several admirable similarities. Both are vast Lands filled with yet undiscovered wonders and resilient, strong, creative people. Wise men know that these countries do not need to make themselves weary and their eyes tired by staring at one another. A mere glance is enough. Russia and China have more important things to do than to bother with rearranging established borders. It is much more pleasant to drink tea and discuss how to keep warm in the winter without making a mess. Is it possible? After all, so many serious problems have already been solved, surely with a shared cooperative effort, this problem of polluting fuels can be solved. Did you know that several European countries have actually made some progress, in this area. …………

  22. Adonis Capalla says:

    It is absurd for China to claim the whole “South China Sea, or West Philippine Sea” as its own as China hardly qualify as a South East Asian nation. It is the farther most, and northern most among the claimant nations. China’s claim and assertion is baseless and would not stand in world court, as evidence by its vehement refusal to join other claimants to bring the conflict through the United Nations ITLOS for a peaceful resolution and neutral judgement .

  23. Granny Bear says:

    Sea-bed oil wells, sooner or later, poison the sea. One can have sea-food, or One can destroy the sea-food with the oil wells that are required to evacuate the the oil. Personally, I think the resident Philippinos are husbanding the the most useful resources in the best manner, so far. As long as mega-catch commercial poachers don’t deplete the waters Fishermen and farmers and ranchers and hunters know what they have to do, to be able to eat next year, as well as today. Prospectors and corporations don’t. Crude crud does not taste good, nor is it digestible.

  24. Sirjoseph says:

    China claim is based on the historical fact that it discovered it,and draw it in a map as early as 1279 during the Yuan dynasty.Chinese seem to forget that Yuan Dynasty is a foreign dynasty and the descendants of Gengkis khan that ruled china as part of Mongol empire. China seem to forget that China was a colony of Mongol empire 1271-1368,Qing Empire 1644-1911.

    • Edwin Pun says:

      Sirjoseph seems to also forget that the Mongolia is part of China and the Mongolia is one of the tribes of China.

      No matter what it does not alter the fact that is Chinese territory, and nobody can make us give up our own territory. This is not gunboat time.

      We must not also forget that the dispute has been going on for a very long time. However, using warships to try and arrest Chinese fishermen could be construed as an act of war. The Philippines started it. Maybe thinking that the Americans will back the Philippines, however, please look at the defence treaties and you can see that the United States is not liable to defend the Philippines for the Shoals.

      • ozadnemnitax says:

        you always say this is not gunboat times this and that, sighting history from long ago whats important now don’t be stubborn you are right this is the modern times we must solve this in a modern way. bring this dispute in the UN court your a civilized modern person right… so how about convincing those Chinese leader to bring this matter to the UN and if the decision favors your claim via history then we will gladly withdraw and admit that we are wrong and if it favors the Philippines please withdraw claims and admit that you are wrong

      • Edwin Pun says:

        Why should we go to anyone to prove that what belongs to China belongs to China? This is laughable.

        For those who said that the fishermen should be arrested, let me remind you, what I was saying was using “Warships” to do that could be construed as an act of war. If the Philippines had used coast guard boats, the entire matter would not have gone to such a stage.

        In any case, there is no need for China to go to war. There are two courses of action that China can take:

        1. Destroy the Filipino navy by missile attack: or
        2. Economic measures against the Philippines, or
        3. Do both.

        Do not forget that a missile attack could be completed and the Chinese fleet back in Chinese ports before anyone could even utter a word. No tourism and no purchase of goods from the Philippines can strangle the Filipino economy without a shot being fired.

      • Edwin Pun says:

        Thinking that the United States will go to war for the Philippines for the shoal is gunboat policy!

      • “Act of war” you say? Those Chinese fishermen strayed within 200 miles close to Philippine shores. Those Filipinos were just enforcing their laws . Had Filipino fishermen strayed 200 miles close to Chinese shores, the Chinese would have done the same thing, and probably worse.

      • Lau Guan Kim says:

        The Mongol Dynasty lasted only 98 years. Even after that, under the Ming Dynasty (A Chinese Dynasty), China still claims sovereignty over Huangyan.

        Get your Chinese history right.

  25. Edwin Pun says:

    The Chinese had never use warships to arrest any fishing fleet. As I said earlier, there is such a thing as coast guard boats. Or are you telling me Granny Bear that the Filipino coast guard is so incompetent to enforce the law as to need to use warships? Mind you, I do not see their navy as being competent, running out of fuel in an operation and having to run for it.

    • Granny Bear says:

      Edwin Pun
      I don’t believe that I referred to the Philippine coast guard. ?????

      What I would have said, is that wise men don’t use up the precious hours, of their allotted days, stirring up squabbles and trying to make fights by pretending to have some petty grievance that needs avenging. Fools allow themselves to indulge in the luxury of babyish temper tantrums. Fools assume that avoiding responsible behavior and hard work makes them macho, Would you like to try and guess some of the terms that we women (quite a few of us, anyway), the world over, in many different languages, use to describe that sort of idiot attitude?

      Polite humans, do not take and take and take, until there is almost nothing left , and then foul that. That is what rats and pigs do. Did you know that there are people, actual human beings, who behave in this manner? They tear up someone else’s garden to avoid tending their own. Doesn’t anyone remember what happens to creatures who persist in this bad behavior? Here is a clue. The pigs are butchered.
      My suggestion is this:
      China, being wealthy and powerful, (relatively speaking) could make a ceremony and gift the disputed area to the Philippines. That way sovereignty is not denied. However it should never be overtly referred to (which would cost the Philippines face) but assumed, so as to not provoke an overt denial. By accepting the “gift” of the disputed area, sovereignty is tacitly acknowledged. The line, that everyone is aware of is drawn, the oil stays in the ground and the fish swim into nets. There should be a local holiday. Perhaps China might make this territory concession with the stipulation that no one is to drill in this area. Only fish. Some sort of joint patrol agreement could be brokered. Some of the other claimants might not be happy with that, but what can they do if Philippines and China are allies? At least in the North West waters of the the Philippines.

      What would you add, or change,to make a pact that might work to avoid bloodshed? Only the sharks would like that.

    • henrietta says:

      @ed: why you, and people from china are afraid to face the United nation to prove your claim? you see philippines is not afraid to show evidence that proves the shoal belongs to them. taking the issue to the UN is a sign of respect and this is what intellectual people do but if china provoke filipinos to war, they will not step back or be crowd. they will just reunite and call all allies. having a lot of allies shows how friendly they are.

      • Lau Guan Kim says:

        Strictly speaking, going by the provisions of article 121 of UNCLOS, if China went before the the UN, the Philippines case would be thrown out.

        For China to agree to go before the UN tribunal tantamount to saying it is not sure of its ownership of Huangyang.

        I put it to the Philippines to put their case to the UN.

        Why wait for China to do so, if the Philippines is sure of their claim.

        Justice is a two-edge sword.

    • jude francis says:

      Yes! America will go to WAR with china!!! It’s bound to happen anyway!! And when it happens you would wish you will never been born!! Because we will station balistic missile within stricking distance of beijing, over our old navy station in the, these is the fact…

      • Edwin Pun says:

        I think it might do your country a lot more good if your Government and your people concentrate on sorting out the problems of your country, such as improving the drainage system of Manila, improving the infrastructures of the country, getting rid of corruption, getting rid of a system where only a couple of wealthy families controls each province, and instead of so many children being without their mothers create jobs for the men. War will not help! Do not fall into the trap of looking at war instead of looking at the problems of your own country. The recent floods could have been avoided if the Government had taken steps to just improve the drainage system.

  26. Granny Bear says:

    6 Global Conflicts That Have Flared Up Over Oil and Gas
    Consider these flash-points as signals that we are entering an era of intensified conflict over energy. READ MORE
    Michael T. Klare /

  27. Emanni says:

    Thursday, 24 May, 2012
    Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Epidemic in Philippines

    Efforts of the local government to contain the spread of dengue hemorrhagic fever, which has reached the outbreak level, appeared to be an uphill battle as the number of cases continues to rise.City Health Officer Dr. Rodelin Agbulos disclosed that a child died on Monday bringing the total death toll to 12 out of 864 cases recorded from January to May 21 this year.The latest recorded death was the third for the month of May, Agbulos said, adding. 130 of the total 864 cases were also recorded during the same month.

  28. Demetrio says:

    Filipino only wants their property that China claims as their own. Filipino might lose the war but they will win because of their dignity. Now I know that China is greedier than a pig. They uses their brute force to scare off the Filipino. Remember that the Filipino can destroy China’s networking and the Filipino is a trained soldier and not afraid to waste their live for the freedom of their own country.

    • Henris says:

      No the philippines will not lose the war if we pray and ask God to go to battle with us. How many miracles do we need before we believe in the supremacy of God? Dont follow the examples of israel instead of relying on God they rely on their golden idols and we saw how God abandoned them when they rely on their idols the baal and when they rely on their own strength. Their stories are writen in the bible in the old testament. So filipinos proclaim to be christian therefore we must rely on our faith.

      • Edwin Pun says:

        Henris, I do not think that you are reading the Bible correctly, or if you are, you are only reading the Old Testament. Did Jesus tell you to kill? Or did Jesus tell you to turn the other cheek? Did Jesus tell you to go to war, or if someone wants your outer coat, to give them the inner coat as well? Did Jesus tell you that as Christians you need to fight other fellow human beings? Or did he tell you to LOVE OTHERS? Or maybe the Roman Catholic Church teaches differently.


    • bessy says:

      I agree with you Demetrio,

  29. growup says:

    simply put, if Philippines has a strong military, competent government, didnt rest our claim on sabah(same story as scarborough shoal, we claim sabah but rest the case afterwards and china is using the same strategy), the story is much different, we Filipinos must learn that in this world, its either you can defend your own home or don’t count on the police to defend it for you, your dead before the police will come and take photographs, grow strong or rest the claim, its for the good of all Filipinos, dont count on the police. nationalism is only good if you have a strong military.

  30. China has become a bully since taking over Hongkong. But it was the British Empire that educated the people of Hongkong, and made them prosperous. Aside from the Philippines, China is also bullying Japan, and other surrounding countires. There are so many Chinese liiving in the Philippines. Many of them are tax evaders.

  31. karl crossman says:

    as i dont own real estate in the south china sea and to prevent war, maybe i should sail there build on the rock and declaire the island a country to the international community. As a neutral party both china and philippeans will have to respect my ownership.


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