The 7th Protocol

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  1. 1250miller says:

    Is this a new book or movie?

  2. Help please Alvin…. brain not in gear today, please explain this

  3. k says:

    lovely, scary picture…how about a story to gowith?

      • k says:

        I did not realise this was a cover for your book at first look. Good luck with that : =)

        Revelation 6:12, 13
        12And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;
        13 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.

        .. (His) will be done on Earth, as it is in heaven.

    • Ben Eden says:

      The story will be writtin shortly.

  4. Irene C says:

    Alvin, did you hear about the tornadoes that have happened? One in the UK, one outside of Stuttgart, Germany, and one in South America (can’t remember which country). Although they have happened in those areas before, they are rare. That on top of the one they had in Japan, definitely caught my attention.


  5. Dr. Brian says:

    Hi Alvin,
    I’m assuming this is a reference to your book. Any idea when the e-book version of The Extinction Protocol might be available? I’ll buy it as soon as the e-book version is up.

  6. gabe says:

    what effects do you think the transit of venus will have on us and the earth?

  7. J Guffey says:

    Looking forward to reading this one too!! Could you give us a few more tidbits of info on this one Alvin?

    • TEP challenged the standard notions of geology. Now, I’m going to turn your understanding of the solar system on its head.

      • J Guffey says:

        Can hardly wait!!! I knew it would be something out of the ordinary. Over the last few years I have come to realize how little we know.

        It’s a shame most scientists refuse to acknowledge much of what they teach us is simply theory, much of which have been dis-proven. The balanced information you present is both welcome and enlightening. I have learned much from your book and this site. Thanks!!!

  8. Dennis E. says:

    New project available from lulu books on may 16th 2012 by Alvin Conway

  9. Marilyn says:

    Will I be able to get it as an e-book.

  10. mtnwolf63 says:

    Alvin, why May 16th? I see that in the lower left corner of the photo. Just curious. You had a post on here awhile back about the Solar eclipse on May 20. And the red sphere? Or shouldn’t I ask?

    • May 16th is about the release date of my new book. However, this is not about an eclipse. It’s something more serious.

      • mtnwolf63 says:

        Thank you Alvin, that’s an interesting coincidence. I’m planning to watch the eclipse May 20th. My departure date is May 16th. Maybe something unexpected will become visible that day? Whatever happens, Earth is about to experience unthinkable, and unimaginable events. Mankind’s earliest civilizations warned us this day would come. Egyptian, Mayan, and Native American, among others. Our governments have either ignored the warnings or they’re quietly preparing in secret, leaving the masses totally uninformed and unprepared. “Strange things will happen to the sun, moon, and stars. The nations on earth will be afraid of the roaring sea and tides, and they won’t know what to do. People will be so frightened that they will faint because of what is happening to the world. Every power in the sky will be shaken. Then the Son of Man will be seen, coming in a cloud with great power and glory. When all of this starts happening, stand up straight and be brave. You will soon be set free.”
        Luke 21:25-28 (Contemporary English Version)

      • Brandon says:

        What do you think it could be? Scripture says there is a global earthquake that displaces every mountain and island on earth, and then the sun turning dark and the moon turning blood red. Could this be volcanic ash covering the earth due to the quake?

      • IMG

        I think it’s something much bigger than that. There are forces bigger than Yellowstone that we’re going to have to contend with before time winds to a close as we know it. One of the problems with humanity is the disconnection we have with our past. Mathematician and chaos theorist Ralph Abraham called it a crisis involving cognitive mapping. Immanuel Velikovsky called it Mankind in a state of amnesia. I don’t think we can fully understand what’s going on with the planet in the future until we understand what it did in the past and why. To do this, we have to overturn a lot of the theoretical scientific dogmas and figure this out before it’s too late.

      • Suzan says:

        When the sun turns black could that mean the coronal hole in the sun could expand to cover its surface facing earth? Also when you said ‘before time winds to a close as we know it.’ does that mean time not existing like in quantum physics (no before or after, left or right)? Is the fabric of the universe going to rip? (I only understand this a little from the elegant universe film).

        Also, I’d love to buy your book but until I can afford to do you know when and if the libraries will have it?

      • Let me know where you are. This has nothing to do with a coronal hole. When I say time, I mean our physical world is about to be swallowed up into the greater universe in a quantum sense. We’re over here….it’s out there. There is a disconnect. A singularity is coming as mentioned in the Bible and things will change.

      • Suzan says:

        Southern Illinois; libraries are in Olive Branch and Cairo Illinois. Its very small rural towns near Missouri and Kentucky.


  11. Mary says:

    There is nothing here to click or read

  12. Kartik says:

    What does this mean?..Is this a protocol, i mean this post has no explanations unlike other posts!

  13. Desmond Ballance says:

    Can not wait to read.

    Thanks Alvin

  14. nickk0 says:

    This must be ‘the sequel’, and I would like to know more about it.

  15. Wiseguy says:

    Whatever you are forecasting, I spent last week-end in the country, looking at everything nature has to offer, beautiful sunset, warm weather, I enjoyed every minutes because I never know if I’ll get another chance to look at nature in it’s friendly way.

    • Wiseguy, and i think that’s how every moment should be, in Gratitude to the Lord who made ALL!

      Just looking at one flower can sometimes overwhelm me.

      Somehow we can miss it if we get out of this present moment, this is where the Lord speaks to us, in the q-u-i-e-t, and are hearts are opened. He is Awesome and He will carry us through whatever He allows!

  16. Desmond Ballance says:

    Alivin can you give us links to the book as Lulu does not have it on their list yet.

  17. curcie says:

    I missed 1 thru 6,

  18. Louise says:

    Yep, and there will be solar eclipses on May 20th and November 13, 2012.

  19. Craig says:

    so how do i get a signed copy?

  20. charleydog97 says:

    well i think uve answered all my questions, cant wait looks like a fascinating read

  21. Preppin Pawpaw says:

    Can you tell us if this new book is an updated version of your last book or is it an all new book? I ask, because unfortunately I never got your last one as I like books in E-book format and was never able to find it in that format.
    Can you also give us a preview on it? and possibly a cost associated with it? (Lost my 9-5 job so have to watch my dollars closely now :( )
    P.S. Thank you for all the information and time you put into this wonderful site, it is much appreciated !!

  22. tellthetruth1 says:

    Can I get this as before with your last one, via Amazon UK? I must read it if possible. Thanks Alvin.

  23. Wendy Barr says:

    Last fall I was sitting at home at my computer with my daughter going over the days events.
    In the upper left hand corner of the room I was given a sight of the sun….black… with a red
    fire ring around it. I was shown that at first the heat would melt the pavement and later it
    would set forests on fire.



  24. Peter says:

    There was a crop circle with info about 20 may 2012 and the date 6 june, so we have to keep an eye on those dates….

  25. Lee Pillow says:

    There’s a “remote viewer” prophecy about the Sun or sky doing something so nuts that it brings warfare, communications, and distribution to a dead halt. ….like an X-100 (yeah, beyond the scale) Mega-CME. The remote viewer gives lots of precursors, to warn us it’s coming.

    Just some random thing that ran through my Youtube ‘recommendations’ the other day =)… called ‘The End…’ or something like that.

  26. nanoduck says:

    Historically, there have been several unexplained periods of darkness that cannot be attributed to an eclipse or smoke in air. Makes me wonder if there are some unseen or undiscovered heavenly bodies that periodically eclipse the sun, causing darkness that lasts for hours (i.e. comets can possibly obstruct the sun if it comes in between earth and sun). Also, there is no such thing as “normal” star…all stars, including our sun, cycles through low and high activity, sometimes dimming so much that almost no light is given off, and sometimes giving off solar bursts (like a mini-nova). Our sun is no exception…it is a sleeping giant that is unpredictable and can destroy all life at a moment notice without warning.

  27. ELFINSONG says:

    Black Earth, Black Sky………….. Mayans

  28. Peter says:

    About the remote viewing: Before the sunflare, a space craf of us have to return home because of debris in space.

    about the darkness, its because we are in the field of the dark rift, there is so much power, that it sucks up electrons. so no electricity and no light. ( electricity and light has mass )

  29. Ryan says:

    Boy this sure has me interested!! Can’t wait till the release of your book to know whats going on? Got any other teasers besides this pic? Can you give us anymore clues that may lead us to do some research on it?

  30. MalachiYAH says:

    June 5th comes to mind…. and that is following the May 20th summit in Chicago… Kinda scary stuff!

  31. Elizabeth says:

    What about Cuno? That is kind of strange timing… and it’s huge.

  32. “Mankind in a state of amnesia”… well, we’re there alright.

    Alvin, how long has this book been in your head? Best wishes with your newest publication (-:

  33. That’s exactly my point. I lecture on processes as you know from reading the 600 page book you have. When I drew a diagram for someone the other day explaining celestial energy processes; he said it was way over his head. Unless you understand what’s you’re looking at- it’ll make as much sense to you as this diagram.

    • so okay, alvin, i have to ask… is there any chance of maybe coming out with a companion piece, The 7th Protocol for Dummines anytime soon… (-:
      God Bless!
      Your friend in Christ
      (but not a genius)

      • IM

        That’s what you’ll love about it. It’s a very comprehenible walk-through of science, physics, and astronomy. Geniuses may understand but it is often said they make poor teachers. ‘Wisdom is the principle thing. Therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting get understanding.’ Proverbs 4:7

        A fool takes something simple and makes it hard
        A wise man takes something hard and makes it simple.

        Your friend in Christ,

    • tonic says:

      Forgive me, but is this about electricty and magnetism, and feedback?

      • I discuss those things, Tonic but that’s not what the book is about. Someone asked what subjects should they read up on to better understand some of the processes science doesn’t talk about or openly embrace as a prelude to reading the book. I suggested they explore the electric universe theorm.

  34. radiogirl says:

    What is going to happen when we are at the center of the rift?

    • IMG

      I think the problems inherent in the planetary solar model are there and getting worse all the time, irrespective of the rift. We’ve just never been told about them. The reality is, smooth highway is vanishing in the rearview mirror and we’re about to hit the outback.

      • Brandon says:

        Better have your seatbelts on. I have a few questions. How soon will we hit the outback? Ten years? How bad will it be? And also I remember a while back you showed me a line representing the severity level of the earth changes. Bad, worse, horrific, unthinkable. Where are we now on that line? You’re book is great.

      • I

        Thanks. The universe is dynamic and always resides on a hair-trigger between equilibrium and chaos. In the middle is energy- and it is always in a state of flux. Any second, with little or no warning at all, anything could go terribly awry.

      • nickk0 says:

        I happen to agree with Alvin on this.

        I do not think, that civilization will crash and burn *because of* an alignment with the galactic rift, or *because of* Venus transiting –
        However, these might be ‘mileposts’ for mankind.

        Perhaps the Ancient prophesies have been misunderstood by stooopid Modern Man. :)
        It’s NOT ‘because of’, but ‘when’.

  35. You didn’t, Brandon. I discuss them in the new book.

    By the way, in the news today: 78% of California 8th graders failed a national science test. The passion for learning science has vanished from the public curriculum.

    • I think we should always be prepared with God- in Christ — then why worry about anything.

    • Mel says:

      That figure staggers me, Alvin. I cannot believe the educational system in the US any more; technology has “dumbed” down the younger generation to the point that they don’t really “learn” much of anything. What a loss in the days and years to come when there might well be a total loss of all this “technology”.

      Just a 150 years ago people were living quite fine with out all this mumbo jumbo.
      And I thank you for your website, and waiting to have the money to buy both books. May G-d bless!

      • Innocence lost is many cases Mel. It’s sad and many of the children are falling through the cracks in the U.S. system. They’re not left behind. Many never got on the bus. You’ll find this video an interesting eye-opener comparing educational systems. Thanks for the support, always.

        God bless,

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        I think part of the dumbing down of America is twofold… We are in the information age therefore it is easy to offer counterfeit information and also that educators are able to be very biased in what they teach as truth because there is so much information to choose from that an educator just needs to omit what they do not want students to know while still overwhelming them with { information].

  36. Candi Bishop-Knowlton says:

    What book stores have it? Would love to include it in my research.

  37. and a great teacher makes a student WANT to learn, and you just did that…
    thanks, alvin, now i can’t wait to order your book!
    (the biblical references are great, of course)

  38. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Currently I am reading through the Bible again front to back { #4 }and am currently going through the ten plagues that God had Moses and Aaron perform in front of Pharoah. I see today’s world in this book of Genesis. Mankind [ Pharoah ] thinks God is a concept and feels that man has all the answers as well as the power to make or destroy the Earth. The first three plagues Pharoah’s magicians [ scientists ] create the same miracles as God had Moses do and so Pharoah remains indignant and arrogant but then the magicians are totally incapable of duplicating the miracles being performed yet Pharoah refuses to acknowledge God then finally God kills the first born of every human and animal not covered by the blood of the passover lamb, then Pharoah releases the Hebrews but changes his mind and pursues them to the edge of the sea and God sends the wind when Moses stretches out his hands to open a pathway through the sea but when Pharoah who now hates the Hebrews more than ever chases them the waters rush back and drown the entire army of Egypt. The point being that God will perform amazing miracles to try to bring souls back to Him because he loves them but if the people continue to reject him HE will bring the chastisement of destruction NOT man. Remember at Calvary the sun went dark also and there was no eclipse to do it. Could it be explained with a scientific reasoning? YES! but we don’t know what physics caused that darkening of the sun. It is more important to know that God found a way to do it to wake us up to his reality.

    • G

      Noble and commendable project. True, and Genesis if you notice is virtually a mirror of the book of Revelation – thus completing an elaborate circle. The beginning and the End.

      Earth without form and void (Creation) ————– reverts back to bottomless pit (abussos) (Recreation)

      Genesis —————————– Revelation

      Paradise Lost ———————– Paradise restored
      River of Eden ———————– River of Life
      Destruction by flood —————- Destruction by fire
      12 Tribes of Jacob —————– 12 Tribes of Israel (144,000)
      Pharaoh bondage ———————- The Beast
      Tower of Babel (confusion) ———- Mystery Babylon the Great
      Tree of Life ————————– Tree of Life
      Salem (city) Melchizedek ————— New Jerusalem (Christ our High Priest)
      Earth divided by tongues ————– Earth united in one world government
      Serpent cast out of Eden ————— Serpent, Dragon cast out of heaven
      Angels warn Lot ————————- Angels warn Babylon is Fallen
      The call of Abram ——————- The Call from Babylon
      New name given to Abram ———- New name given to the redeemed
      Joseph cast into the pit —————- Satan casted into the bottomless pit
      Mark of Cain ———————- Mark of the Beast
      Burning of Sodom and Gomorrah —— Burning of Babylon, Rev. 18:8 (Angels call righteous out of both cities)
      Lamb offered by Abel —————– Christ, the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world
      Battle of the Kings (Gen 14) ———————- Armageddon
      The promise land ———————– The ultimate fulfillment of the promise

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Thanks Alvin, and you are correct. Everything in the Bible has a connection to Genesis including Revelation. I am going to pray on whether there is a significant correlation to the ten plagues of Egypt with breaking of the ten commandments as I read through Exodus. Plus I remember there is a place in the scriptures where it states that those who do not follow God’s commands will have to face the same plagues that Egypt faced.

      • merle says:

        “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” the most profound words said by GOD!

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Absolutely merle ! What I find to be one of the strongest points in the correlation between the plagues of Egypt in Exodus and the plagues in revelation is that man has NO power to stop or change it. In other words, this man made global warming / climate change debate has been about man being in power to change the world . even if in a negative way physically all the while ignoring the moral ways that man has been truly changing the world, mostly in a negative way,this can be found early in Genesis when God tells Adam you will have to scrape for food at the sweat of your brow from now on etc.

  39. Bryan says:

    Hey Alvin! Just wondering if you know why NASA says the dark rift is a quadrillion years away from earth? So how is it possible for us to be getting ready to enter it when it is so far away? I’m a big fan and looking forward to hear your reply!

    • IM

      The Sun will move along the ellipitcal plane of the Dark Rift on December 21, 2012 – the date of the winter solstice. This is the essence of the passage or entry many are referring to.

      “As the Sun moves along the elliptic in 2012, it intersects with the Dark Rift of the Galaxy creating a shape that somewhat resembles a cross. In Mayan cosmology, the cross was referred to as the Sacred Tree of Life. We see the symbolism of the Sacred Tree again if we can imagine an axis mundi running down the galactic center of the Milky Way Galaxy, a galaxy known in the Maya tongue as ‘Sak beh‘ meaning the ‘White Road.’ Running through the center of the Galaxy or world axis was the Cosmic Tree or Time of the Tree of Life, which the Mayans called ‘The Yaxche Tree.’ To the Maya, death was the experience of walking down the ‘Sak beh‘ or ‘White Road’ or ‘Milky Way’ to the Underworld which they referred to as ‘Xibalba,’ the Dark Rift or the ‘Place of Fear.’ This spiritual journey carried with it promises of rebirth and resurrection. Both the Mesoamerican gods Quetzalcoatl and Texcatlipoca traveled the White Road to end up in the heavens together.” –The Extinction Protocol, page 294


      Because of the cross, it is therefore understandable why some Christians have believed Christ will come in 2012 but this concept is from pagan Maya cosmology about the return of the savior serpent Sun god Quetzalcoatl. Oddly enough, the Beatles recorded a song called ‘The Long and Winding Road‘ which Paul McCartney wrote in Scotland when he thought the end of the Beatles was happening. Although the song was not written about the Maya death experince of walking down the great White Road, the song pretty much typlifies the essence of the death or end of the road experience in Mayan cosmology and consequently, it has been adopted by many New Age followers as a theme of this experience.

      Glad you’re a fan of the site, and hope this sheds some light on the subject for you.


  40. AWM says:

    The universe is dynamic and always resides on a hair-trigger between equilibrium and chaos. In the middle is energy- and it is always in a state of flux.”

    Well put, it has been pretty smooth sailing, but as we have seen, that seems to be coming to an end. A pretty abrupt one.
    Please consider the e-book formats, it would be fantastic to be able to carry the texts for study with very little bulk.

  41. tonic says:

    Alvin, Unable to buy this from lulu, But will it be available from Amazon at some time? And if so, when might it be available?

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