The April 11, 2012 Event: cluster of large earthquakes rattle the globe from Indonesia to Mexico

April 12, 2012WORLDA strong earthquake hit Mexico on Wednesday, shaking buildings and sending people running out of offices onto the streets of the capital Mexico City. The U.S. Geological Survey said the 6.5 -magnitude quake was centered on Mexico’s Pacific coast near Michoacan and struck fairly deep under the earth at 65 km or 40 miles. Prior to the Mexico earthquake, a powerful and shallow 5.9 struck near the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate off the coast of Oregon- indicating tectonic plates worldwide are being rattled by planetary seismic tension. Prior to Oregon earthquake, two massive 8.0+ magnitude earthquakes (8.6 and 8.2) struck the ocean floor off the north coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. As I warned in my book The Extinction Protocol, the power unleashed in these seismic events is growing. This is testament to the dangers and seriousness of the earth-changes facing us and how these events are unleashing more unbridled force with each successive eruption. The Indian Ocean strike-slip fault earthquakes are very unusual. As a matter of fact, I’ve never heard of a strike-slip lateral earthquake of this great a magnitude; especially under water. Preliminary assessment of the Indonesian quakes by U.S. geologists suggests one plate lurched past each other as much as 70 feet. San Andreas is a strike-slip, lateral- can we even imagine two sections of ground moving 70 feet near San Francisco? Had the force of the Sumatra quakes been unleashed upon San Andreas, the city would have been completely destroyed. Ironically, the largest surface displacement ever recorded in a lateral strike-slip fault was 21 feet and that was in the 1906 7.9 San Andreas earthquake. Just so we understand the significance of what transpired today; the Japanese March 11, 2011 earthquake move the ocean floor 79 feet sideways and 10 ft upwards, but today’s earthquakes happened in double 8.0+ magnitude sequence and moved the earth nearly as far. Worst, the seismic tension from the event ricocheted around the world and contributed to other earthquakes. On April 12, additional earthquakes hit the Gulf of California – a 6.2 and 6.9 magnitude earthquakes. The seismic tension appears to be far from over and now appears to be agitating the Pacific Plate subduction zones near Japan. –The Extinction Protocol
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114 Responses to The April 11, 2012 Event: cluster of large earthquakes rattle the globe from Indonesia to Mexico

  1. les says:

    wow…im starting to believe that the world is going to end..what should we do…this is not normal at all

    • jorge bassman says:

      its very normal! its just something we have never experienced.

      • Brandon says:

        Sorry Jorge, but this isn’t normal. Read the link below that Alvin posted about scientists calling the quake an odd duck and unusual.

      • prayntongues says:

        Normal is when they occur on a regular basis, therefore no alarm is raised. So far, 2012 has been ABNORMAL…by the way, have you ever heard of SPRING FIREBALL SEASON?? look that one up, a new lie from NASA. Don’t let the media tell you it is normal, they know it is not. You won’t be saying that when Yellowstone cadera blows!! the unusual weather, the increased volcanic activity and earthquakes are not “normal”.

    • BWX says:

      Normal. Just because we haven’t experienced similar things with our measurement technology (which hasn’t been around long compared to the age of the earth), doesn’t mean it isn’t ”normal”.. Maybe fewer earthquakes is abnormal, and we are moving into a more normal amount. Who knows.

    • lora says:

      oh as long as you have an earthquake emergency evactuation plan and an earthquake emergency kit you’ll b just fine! then again…probably not. it’s out of our hands dont worry and embrace the moment!

  2. Dennis E. says:

    So, the earth seems to be staging for a major earthquake event, as to say todays event was not in the least interesting as posted. So, whatever earth event is about to occur, it could effect/alter the daily activity of the countries involved for sometime.
    Just an opinion………….

  3. Stewart says:


    Should we expect to see more of these strong quakes in the next few days? Is it likely? Can you go into more detail on the Earth moving 70 feet?

  4. Dennis E. says:

    Ok, this is what I think. I think that we are about to witness an event, perhaps a earth change event, that is going to steal the headlines and could be very terrifying.

    • nickk0 says:

      Dennis….. Personally, I don’t think there will be an ‘event’.
      There will be ‘eventS’.

      At some point, there will be a major event, that will grab the headlines.
      The media might even stop reporting on the color of Kim Kardasian’s underwear and people might forget about her completely. That will come at the point, when people will start to realize, that things have REALLY changed, and that the old ‘normal’ will be gone.

      If such tectonic ‘destablization’ starts, (it looks like it is),:( it could be years, decades, maybe even centuries, before things ever return to ‘normal’….. If they return to what people consider ‘normal’ today, at all.
      The problem is, whatever is driving this ‘overheating’ process in the earth’s interior, has started ‘ramping up’, over decades, and maybe centuries….. If whatever is causing the condition is suddenly removed, I would imagine that it will take some time, for pressures and temperatures to return to normal.

      • Xavier says:

        Things simply wont return to normal….we are now living in the last days / months / years of the present era. Soon a new “Era of Peace” will begin with Christianity as the only surviving religion. Nothing of the present Era (not even science or technology) will be taken / used or followed in the coming new Era of Peace.


      • Well the scripture seems to indicate there will be a “BIG” one.

        17 And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done.

        18 And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.

      • vick musi says:

        interesting info being presented…like the idea that continental plates are subducting to the lower mantle region and piling up down there… the upper-&-lower mantle convection currents are getting clogged up thus making the hotter lower mantle rise up to where
        lower temperature mantle used to be the ‘norm’..
        see this PDF among other articles:

        The thermochemical structure and evolution of Earth’s mantle …
        File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
        by PJ Tackley – Cited by 34 – Related articles
        problem crossing it, so substantial mass exchange occurs between upper and ….. subducted oceanic crust has built up at the base of the mantle, with a thin crust …

      • Dennis E. says:

        That is what I meant, an event. Will not be the only event, regarding on what is happening now, something is going to give and it could be very terrifying. As alvin has written, it is just the beginning……….

      • Dennis E. says:

        Nickko, I am in full agreement….My comment was to address that there is going to be an event, not saying there will not be other events as a result
        of what is presently occurring. Something we have not seen in our lifetime.
        I am still watching Japan…………..

  5. Barry says:

    Yeah…happy birthday, I turned half a century old today. Earthquakes are popping off all over the World and we’re on the verge of WWIII. I’m reading ’77 Days in September’ right now. It is just a matter of time before we’re hit with an EMP or CME that fries the grid. Friends, it really isn’t going to be pleasant in the years to come. Stay close to the Lord and have faith. God Bless.

    • Julie says:

      Happy Birthday! Find joy in the moment –

      If you can stay in the belief that it will all be all right in the end – you’ll be ok.
      Keep the faith!

  6. mspat2 says:

    Global shaking – hope the east coast is not hit. Prayers for all.

  7. Brandon says:

    If this is a sign that it is about to come down, what can we do? Could this day awaken people finally to what is about to hit us? Could governments behind the scenes know what’s going on and about to happen but they just don’t want to panic the world?

    • IM

      Earthquake awareness is growing for the simple fact that nobody really believed large scale events like this was capable of striking the planet. Half a billion people today live in high-risk sesimic zones and its only a matter of time before a major earthquake destroys one of the world’s major cities and we’ll be facing death-tolls that exceed a million souls. Earth is a violent planet. These are the realities. These things shouldn’t induce fear so much as they should raise awareness that we’ve practiced very bad ecology erecting cities and nuclear power plants in places where the ground will be utterly overturned. Before the Lord returns, much of the Earth we now know will be in ruins.

      • K.J. says:

        You absolutely nailed it with your statement here Alvin. I could not agree more.

      • Brandon says:

        Looking at everything in concert here. What about volcanism? How many volcanoes have erupted now? Is it still forty-seven? Is everything increasing still?

      • V

        Volcanism is the nail in the coffin for terrestrial planets and large earthquake have the pernicious collateral effect of further pressurizing magma reservoirs. Magma doesn’t just erupt from volcanoes; it also devours the mantle which causes more tremors and earthquakes. The problem with Earth is there is only so many volcanoes on land that can erupt- and then you’ve got serious problems. As of now, we’re already at 48 volcanic eruptions in four months and there was 50 volcanic eruptions in all of 2011.

  8. Rita Lamont says:

    JESUS is coming Soon :)

  9. Thank god the people the people of Indonesia were sparred the horror of the previous quakes,
    I was watching feeds this morning, as I was sure there was to be an after affect around the pacific rim, sure enough….

    Alvin what you describe happening to the Sanfrancisco Area if it had struck there is quite sobering, I’d say after the Jaun de Fuca went , that they dodged a bullet.

    I really feel events are speeding up, as too time seems to be moving faster as well, it seems we are all on the edge of out seats waiting…

    God bless you and keep you safe.

  10. Peter says:

    I guess all you guys follow the EQs as a matter of course as I do but did you notice that on the Tuesday there was an entire lull globally and nothing much happend at all,only 2 and 3 quakes on the Richter scale.Very odd indeed.Talk about all or nothing.Comments welcome.
    Best Wishes
    Peter UK

    • Michele B. says:

      Calm before the storm?

    • Hannah says:

      I noticed too. I have an Quake alert on my phone and it was quiet for maybe 2 days. I know that smaller earthquakes are somewhat good as it eases tension and they say if the smaller quakes stop ………watch out. I just knew something big was about to happen. Very interested to see what happens next.

  11. Lauren says:

    Earth is a violent planet. Look at the Colorado Rockies. That’s an example of our ever changing Earth. We are more aware of earthquakes now because of social media and 24 hour news channels. Today was quite the event. People will survive somehow, some way if something catastrophic were to happen. The indigenous people of the world are more prepared than those of us living in cities.

  12. nickk0 says:

    Regarding Alvin’s comment:
    “As of now, we’re already at 48 volcanic eruptions in four months and there was 50 volcanic eruptions in all of 2011.”
    Uh, wow…… Now that really hits home. :(

  13. I guess there is nothing “they” can do to stop earthquakes and vulcanism. And moving megacities and nuclear plants would be very expensive, and we are broke. People could move out of megacities on their own if they used their ingenuity, that is, if they are not too poor, sick, or old to do so. The gov’t could move the sites of nuke plants if they really wanted to spend that money, but they have other agendas on which to spend money. So “they” won’t fix it. So different from what I was taught as a child in a progressive home, that things would get better, that everyone will be cured of their ailments, that computers would diagnose and suggest cures….
    So my son wonders why I believe the Bible.

    • I

      And the geology books said the planet was eons old and the violent geological events that created much of Earth’s surface topography features and orogeny was tucked away millions of years ago in the past and couldn’t happen again. Well, like the sequel to bad horror movie, ‘It’s alive again.’

  14. SLK says:

    you know what, though? how good of our God to keep people safe and that there have been no deaths from this literal SHAKING of the planet! What is it going to take for us to finally WAKE UP??

  15. frank says:

    I found your website 3 months ago and I have thanked god I found it ever since. You have confirmed my beliefs I have had for the last three years since the sun has gone so far done with it’s magnetic force due to this lowering effect there are very few sunspots destabilizing and weakening the magnetic field in and around earth. The magnetic field is already the lowest it has been since the last ice age. I wounder if we have reached or are getting close to the breaking piont of no return that our magnetic field has lowered to the point that the crust may be slipping. The sun regulates everything like a thermastat. The earth seems it was just waiting for this time our sun has weakened causing havoc on this planet we have never seen since the last ice age.

    Thanks again, thank god…pray…lets all hope jesus returns and takes us away from all of this before it happens. :)

  16. Hanuman says:

    Yesterday we felt lot of vibrations in Bangalore in our office uildings. People started getting panic and running out of buildings. In Chennai the rattling was even more that people feared tsunami was already started. The people were under an impression that Bangalore was a safe zone from earth quakes and it seems it may not be that true. If that Indonesia quake occurred nearer we would be seeing lot of ruins in this city.

    I have no idea how we are going to survive in case a major CME or earth quake destroys our power supply systems and other operation infrastructure. Seriously we should be prepared.

  17. Wiseguy says:

    I really don’t know why everybody is expecting our government to warn us. THEY WILL NEVER WARN US. That’s it… They already know as much as we know something is happening but they will NEVER protect us. They will save their own lives and too bad for us. Imagine if Obama would make a speech on national TV telling us the world is going to major catastrophies. Everybody would panic and it would be chaos everywhere, so forget it, they will never tell the truth… We are the lucky one, maybe the chosen one who knows what’s going on. I’m giving you a clue… fix your bicycle a.s.a.p…

  18. Dan says:

    This “event” is not over yet….

  19. James says:

    Can anyone tell me if there was a earthquake in Montana on April 11th around 2 to 3 pm? My wife and I were in the back yard. She is 7 months pregnant and was sitting in a folding chair and I was working in the garden. I felt the earth drop beneath me and so did she. To me it felt like someone dropped something heavy on the floor of the second floor of my house when I am up there. However I was on the ground and there was nothing around. My wife and I both felt it and nobody can explain it. From my sources the last quake in Montana happened on Sunday. This is definitely signs of the times. The only hope for humanity is to repent and come to Jesus.

    • Deirdre says:

      I dont know where in Montana you are…but if you look at the seismograph readings around the state for that day you can see alot of activity triggered as Alvin mentioned by the Global shaking. I check the seismographs for Yellowstone everytime there is a major shake and no matter where the quake strikes globally it appears on the graphs there. The internal workings of our planet seems to be a series of interconnected parts. Check out the links to see what I’m referring to.

    • Cali man says:

      The only recent quake in Montana I found was a 2.9 on Saturday night about 8:00 pm

  20. Columbine says:

    I am not sure why people want the government(s) to warn us of what is coming. What would we do? The idea of moving out of the cities and into the country side is a nice one – but totally unrealistic. Where would people move? Kansas? Hard to fit the populations of our major cities in such a small place and expect anyone to survive the crime, social unrest and destruction of cultivated land (no food). Where else could people go? In the US, look at the geology of the land and I’m not sure there is any place “safe” to go. The West is covered in ancient volcanoes from the Texas border to Montana to the West Coast, plus a rift valley (Mexico to Colorado), plus at least one super volcano (Yellowstone, but there are more). The East has proven to be unstable as well – think earthquake in Virgina last year and the New Madrid fault for starters. If the government “knows” what’s happening – what should they do? An announcement would cause unimaginable panic with the resulting looting, shootings, suicides, and so forth. Godly preachers have been saying for years that this time is coming and people scoffed at them – still scoff at them. So – take your pick – government or the Truth. Every one of us is going to die one day, the earth is going to be destroyed one day soon. The best advice I can think of is: Prepare to meet your Maker, share the Good News of Jesus Christ with family, friends and neighbors and live every day like today is your last. It may very well be.

  21. Blacktail says:

    You can add 2 news quake :
    MAP 6.9 2012/04/12 07:15:49 28.790 -113.142
    MAP 6.2 2012/04/12 07:06:01 28.841 -113.072 10.1 GULF OF CALIFORNIA

    Have a good day.

  22. Colleen says:

    Folks there has been another large quake in the gulf of California. It measured a magnitude of 6.9. It make you wonder what is going on with all the high magnitude quakes. Scary, is it not?

  23. kiares07 says:

    Alvin. Your site has become my daily news almost as soon as i wake. Thankyou. I have been awoken over the past year and no longer consider to be amongst the “sheeple”. I believe the powers that be are aware of cataclysms to come and choose not to cause panic they have no control of. In america people seem to be becoming more aware creating groups and making friends with like minded people.
    I live in sussex England and feel.completely alone in my views. It would be really great if we could start somehow to do the same here or even to.just hear from people near one another with the same views. A support network with like minded people after a disaster could be the difference between life and death

  24. v.karthik says:

    does this quake related to the 180 days cycle, anybody knows about this ?

  25. Xavier says:

    Hi Alvin,

    News FYI.

    4/12/2012 — TWO LARGE QUAKES = 6.9M and 6.2M strike southern California / Baja Mexico

  26. Big Daddy says:

    All kinds of tremors on the west coast of the US & Canada.

  27. Could those earthquakes be man made? Haarp? I read sowhere the typical Haarp quake were at 10 km dept… All the quakes from yesterday (and still occuring) around Sumatra and the Indian Ocean are at 10 km dept…

    • M

      It would be the equivalent lunancy of microwaving a can of soda in a plane at 30,000 feet. There is no way you can have a sustained controlled event when you’re attempting to manipulate such dynamic forces that are already under mind-bending amounts of heat and pressure. No, this is the Earth going critical and there is nothing man can do to control or stop it. We’re going to find out just how much we are at the mercy of nature.

  28. Dennis E. says:

    This morning the news reports two more earthquakes today 04.12.12 with one being in the gulf of california 6.9 or a 6.2.

  29. Stephen says:

    Bad things happen when they’re the least expected. It is wrong to say that things will remain the same as they were before. Though the 8.6 + 8.2 quakes caused minimal damage, it is the oddness of such makes the mystery ‘more mysterious’. When I say mysterious, there are hidden dangers beneath the earth’s surface, and the latest earthquake is a sign from above. People should start looking above, build trust and love, and stop treating wealth as the ultimate god. This is an awakening, as our ancestors had warned us through their calendars, monuments, and customs. We are, indeed, in the year 2012. The year of Re-alignments.

  30. This shows me that they do know and the governments have prepared to survive Physically in order to usher in the rest of the New World Order. The plans of mice and men, God is in control. Notice when disaster happens everyone thanks God that they survived. All things work for the Glory of God. People are mentally returning to HIM. Now if they would just act on what they are thinking we would really have a new world order , HIS KINGDOM on Earth. Bless HIS HOLY NAME. In Christ,

    • Ken Sierk says:

      I couldn’t agree more Caroline with God being in control but I’m not so sure people are coming back to Him. These world events have certainly caused some nervous aprehension and people do have a sense of impending doom but I don’t see any mad rush to God. In fact I see the opposite. By nature, man hates God and cannot come to him unless called. My personal pain comes from the fact that the Church in the US has softened to the point that most have forgotten God and are giving a false gospel. The Church has muddied the water so badly that seekers don’t know what is true about God and what isn’t anymore.
      We know these ever increasing natural disasters are the “birthpangs” Jesus warned us would come. There is only one hope of survival and it isn’t hoarding food and ammunition. (man’s solution)
      In Christ

  31. Luke says:

    Need to see this God Bless you all my friends

    • Marshallrn says:

      Watch this video on mute. If you look at the siemographs for the most active place in the USA California there is very small amounts of movement showen. “the whole world is shaking” is wrong and fear mongering. Yes the areas closer te the large 8.0s is going to be a bit blacked out for a day or so but in about 72 hours try will go back to normal. On a more sizable note, the seismographs from California did indeed show the movement from the 8.0s in a very light fashion. But that proves that the whole world was shaken for a moment by the BIG earthquakes and faults and plates may show signs of movement from that all around the world. It’s like kicking a table with a card house on it. The building with the table in it won’t come down but the table might bump another item in the house and cause a pen to roll off it or a book to hit the floor.

    • Linda says:

      Luke……….these charts are hard to believe! I don’t see any dates on them…did these come from the activity on the 12th?
      Thanks and God Bless,

  32. MONICA AVILA says:

    Exelente pagina ..desde Chile un abrazo…esperando que se haga la voluntad de Dios…

  33. k-80 says:

    Worries me since I have family in San Fransisco, this area is due for another large quake and with the recent disturbances in the Gulf of California is a cause to worry.

  34. streams13 says:

    Just noticed that in the past 24 hours, there have been 6 earthquakes above M6.0. I wonder if that is some kind of record.

  35. James says:

    Quakes and volcanoes seem to be on the uptick for a couple years now it’s all starting to feel “normal” to me. And it’s scary feeling normal about something that might not be “normal”.

  36. birdie says:

    The 6.5 Michoacan quake and the 5.9 Oregon quake occured less than 15 minutes apart.

  37. birdie says:

    Also, we had a large rumbling sound here in San Diego about 30 minutes after the Michoacan quake. There were no exercises going on at Camp Pendleton.

  38. Tectontic plates are seeking a new dynamic equilbrium and everything has to settle down. There is not much we can do but watch, be alert to the potential threats in our area and wait.

  39. annepelgrims says:

    Hi: The group I belong to has been watching earth changes for years and there is a book called ‘The New Renaissance – A Prophecy of 2012 and Beyond.’ Here is a link to a video that describes a bit of what is in the book.

  40. J.carlisle says:

    Read 2008 Gods final witness it explains what is going on!!

  41. godsfingers says:

    I noted the 4.5 (what was it before USGS reduced it) off the the New England coast. That I haven’t seen and I’ve been using Earthquake 3D for a couple years now. I’ve kind of scoffed at the Tsunamis on both coasts, but this and earthquakes(?) in mid to northern Wisconsin need to be noted.

    • merle says:

      I agree. I’ve never noticed earthquakes recorded in this region, which doesn’t mean there haven’t been any…but now I’m paying attention! This is my neck of the woods. Hmmm.

  42. CAT says:

    Wow Alvin, this is one of the most active articles I have seen on EP for a very long time. People can’t help but notice the quakes now. We up here in New England are now seeing the uptick. God Bless.

  43. Colleen says:

    I had a terrible dream about the state of California. I posted the dream on another forum. Shocking events in the dream, that terrified me even after awakening. I would like to share the dream if anyone would be interested in reading it. God bless all!

    • Dennis E. says:

      Colleen: Dennis E. here; I would, post it.
      Also, in the last sentence of the subject posting, a comment was made about Japan. Alvin has warned us about siginficant earth change conditions concerning Japan, so I am open to your dream about California…….nearly all of us have been told or heard about THE BIG ONE and it would happen in California. I don’t think it will be the BIG one, but a big one could happen.

  44. kristoffer94 says:

    Do you believe that maybe the world will really end? We will end up with mega-earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions?

    I am pretty sure more will happen this year

    • N

      The world has ended 5 times according to the geological record. There have been five mass extinctions with the Permian-Triassic coming the closest to wiping the planet clean of all life. People need to understand, preaching the ‘world ends ‘ comes more from geological science than it does from the Bible. Periodically, the planet is overturned from great events. The Hopi Elders tell us four worlds have ended in great catastrophes. We also never had 7 billion people living on the planet before pilfering less than 5% of the earth’s arable land while systematically destroying the rest through ecological mismanagement. Any dramatic event that happens on Earth will be a game-changer, in terms of impact on this planet because, as I said, life already hangs by a thread on Earth by the slimest of margins. There are even larger concerns beyond today’s concerns of escalating planetary activity. Periodically, the planet goes beserk and nobody knows why this happens. I think what has raised concerns in our modern world are potential threats that are deemed ‘managable’ (water, war, pestilence, climate change ) by avoiding a crisis of communication or resource managment and that has bred a certain collective security and hubris in our world but according to every ancient text record I’ve examined and especially those handed down in legends from indigenous people from Brazil to Africa- these are not the types of scenarios that end ‘Worlds’ or ‘World Ages,’ instead the dangers comes from something totally unforeseen that ‘overwhelms’ the planet and the threats usually involve a massive earth upheavel or something coming from space or in most cases, the simultaneous occurrence of both. These events happen with almost no ‘warning.’ This is specifically the area of concern that raises alarms because this is the nature of the foreboding warnings echoing from the Bible, the indigenous Elders of the Americas, and even the messages coming from Marian apparitions about an era of horrors approaching and there is no amount of ‘planning’ that can be done to be an effective remedial defense against these Age Omens.

  45. sharon phipps says:

    Please keep me posted! I think we are experiencing some kind of change coming from the lord God. Keep the faith!

  46. richfish30 says:

    I believe these earthquakes that have been more common than usual have to do with the pole shift. But i dont know how. Maybe as the poles move so are the plates due to some kind of force. It has been said the northpole is now over Northern Siberia which might explain all the
    phenominal weather that has been happening. From extreme freezes in europe and asia to mild winters in the americas. Could be a possibilitly, Also Alvin i have noticed many 5.0+ earthquakes in the atlantic ridge area lately and i have never seen so many or really have never seen any of them there before. Do you believe the plate is moving?? and put age: 7 and you’ll see the dramtic increase!

  47. pete moss says:

    I keep trying to wake peaple to what is happening but they keep brushing me off. I beleive it is better to be aware and prepare in whatever way I can. This site is great and very imformative and I have suggested to many to check the site out. It appears our time is short and I,am doing my best to go about my daily life knowing it may end soon,but needles to say thats not easy! God Bless You All.

  48. Candi Bishop-Knowlton says:

    We need to focus here. This is not going to be plesant. It will be hard and deadly. Outside forces are about to change the face of this planet forever. Many are doing nothing to get ready. Dig a shallow trench with some kind of tin to cover with if nothing else. Build your emergency supplies as best as you can. Two years worth if possiable. If not you can live by eating bugs! Survival 101. Learn how to purify water!!!! Grow your own food. Get a couple of chickens THEY ARE 6.00 for two and they eat bugs!!! Buy a goat if possiable for milk, goats eat almost anything and give milk and cheese. Help others who can not prepare!!!
    Time is quikly appraching. The last seven weeks YOU will have no doubts. Lastly move away form water, and mountain building. Stay out of tall buildings, And help each other!

  49. David says:

    You would think that Japan’s nuclear woes would have pushed humanity a little harder in terms of figuring out what to do about nuclear power plants with spent fuel rods sitting around and the nuclear industry doesn’t have a clue as to what it should do with them. Millions upon millions of tons of toxic chemicals stored in tanks near waterways. Starting over with sticks and stones will be a lesson to us. One will be to keep a watchful eye on mad scientists.

  50. I’m not keeping up with the 6.0 + but I’m sure they can be found on the USGS website.

  51. Ernestisms says:

    Alvin good afternoon, big fan of the site and I make it a point to visit no less than 4-6 times a day!

  52. lyhtyll says:

    Watch out the New Madrid Fault Line Zone, San Andreas Fault Line Zone, Cascadia Fault Line Zone & Yellowstone these will cause mega earthquakes, mega tsunamis and mega volcanic eruptions that will hit the US!!!):

  53. Heatherross says:

    Ever had a baby? Birth pains are increasing, more intense, longer duration and stronger until the pressure pushes out the baby. The whole earth will pay attention and stop what they are doing. Are you ready for your deliverer?

  54. Tina Marie says:

    As someone who lived near military bases for almost two decades, I’m wondering how much of these strange booming noises and rattlings have to do with the military moving supplies late at night where they are preparing to hunker down and ride out the coming catastorphies. I’ve noticed many reports also mention what sounds like a heliocopter going along with them is why I say that. I don’t doubt for one minute they are trying to make safe places for the select to go and the rest of us will be left to fend for ourselves. All we can do is pray and prepare as best we can. I don’t believe it’s the end of the world but I do believe life as we know it will change drastically.

  55. barbara says:

    with all the eq and volcanic activity in the recent weeks not to mention the solar/geomagnetic storms this year so far, gotta wonder what’s next. I’m concerned about the pacific,australian, and the juan de fuca plates more than i am about new madrid and yellowstone..the human race has really never been in this situation before and we’re scared/concerned. it’s the earths time for a rebirth and we’re starting to finally see it but not quite comprehend how we’re going to “handle” things..

  56. Something with a spiritual connection took place here in Jerusalem on April 10, 2012 and I was looking for something like a dynamic earthquake somewhere in the world on the 11th of April to confirm what took place on the 10th. It all has to do with the book of Daniel and the time of Jacob’s trouble. Even with much prayer it does not change the fact that the earth appears to be in travail. The earthquake on the 4/11/2012 was far from being the normal and not business as usual! Heaven forbid if that would have taken place in a heavily populated region of the world.

  57. EarthBrowser says:

    All things in the universe are interconnected. Cycles of life have come and gone on many planets because of earth changes, sun cycles and cosmic events. Theses changes are all going to happen and will happen again. Everything in our “modern and fragile” society’s is falling out of place at a alarming rate and the only thing we as human beings can do is live in the present and be good,
    We will all have to leave our bodies eventually and religion will have nothing to do with it.

  58. Yes i do think this is true ,almost like a domino effect . We seem to be in for a real eye opener but i hope that all this evidence is just a cows tail swatting flies er somthin….god give us strength and then hang on

  59. First of all I would like to say wonderful blog! I had a quick question in
    which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. I was interested
    to know how you center yourself and clear your thoughts before writing.
    I’ve had a tough time clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts out. I do enjoy writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes tend to be lost simply just trying to figure out how to begin. Any ideas or tips? Thank you!

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