49 Responses to Russia massing troops near northern Iranian border?

  1. Helen Parks says:

    I know I have placed this comment before, from the Hidden Texts of Nostradamus:

    2 4 4 Que par Barbares pillé soit et vollee Oppose quarrels – be little variable……………….
    SEES BARB (Turkey? Or Mongol)
    I.E. see LOSE oil
    Barbares gives BEARS (Ursa/Russia) REB ARABS BAR (Bar is obsol. for in Cancer

    • Melvin says:

      What we are witnessing is the countdown to what the bible calls the battle of Gog from the land of Magog. This battle will take place after the coming destruction of Damascus.
      President Barack Hussein Obama will be reelected in November and sometime during his second term in office is when Russia will be brought from the north.

      • Joe says:

        This could very well set end times wars and rumors of wars in action, however, I do believe that Russia is neither Gog or Magog. I think Gog and Magog make up what is Turkey and many other EU nations including France. We can see the attitudes toward Israel rapidly changing in those countries as well right before our eyes.

    • Ort says:

      Helen: instead of wasting your time quoting some highly questionable (at best) “sage”, read the Word of God. Everything that will happen in the end times has already been written down there in the book of Daniel, the book of Ezekiel, and in Revelation. The Lord also spoke of it in Matthew. Nostradamus didn’t get one blessed “prediction” correct.

      The only Truth is found in the Word of Almighty God, and His Word is not anything like the vague, garbled nonsense uttered by Nostradamus.

      • Ort, everyone is entitled to their path. Yes, God is true and God is love and He also has power to bend a heart and lend an ear beyond the imagning of our own power or words. To this end, should be our prayers.

  2. nickk0 says:

    “War is good for the economy”

  3. Columbine says:

    “The influential Russian Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper has quoted a Russian military source as saying that the situation forming around Syria and Iran “causes Russia to expedite the course of improvement of its military groups in the South Caucasus, the Caspian, Mediterranean and Black Sea regions.”
    Black Sea = Sevastopol, Ukraine
    Ukraine was not mentioned by name in the article, but that is what is meant.

  4. Ajibola Temitope Johnson says:

    Israel should attack those nuclear sites, iran and Russia are just making empty treaths. Russia will not attack Israel, at least not now otherwise it will meets its DOOM

  5. W. BEASON says:


  6. Christian says:

    What about the battle of Magogg from the bilble? A Russian! Iranian alliance !! It’s more accurate in describing that war then Nostradamus!!

    • TexasRedNeck says:

      Yes, this is all leading up to the “last war” on this earth, let’s hurry up and do it so Jesus can return and set up His Kingdom on the earth.
      Nostradamus is NOT the one to put your faith in, Jesus is the ONLY one to believe in He is the truth the light and the way to eternal salvation.

      • José. says:

        Very well said TexasRedNeck. I agree.

      • Joeygirl says:

        @ TexasRedNeck…..Amen Brother!! The stage is set and the players are getting in place. Come Lord Jesus Come. Too bad there are still so many people who refuse to see… The time is coming soon and EVERY knee shall bow and EVERY tongue shall confess that Jesus IS Lord. Time to pray for our nation as we, the US of A are not mentioned in the book of Revelation at all but all the ones mentioned in this article are. Food for Thought… I love watching Prophecy in action…

      • Gary Tomasch says:

        Heres a big AMEN brother to that statement. This is so shaping up to what the Bible tells is in the near future that I cant believe any aithiests out there could still think that there is not God ( Jeusus) in control of events. Come Lord Jesus even so come!

    • Rose says:

      Torah Codes at ark.com states, Gog is Iran, interesting site.

  7. All countries that are aganist israel will be under God’s chargement, remember israel is a chosen land!

    • TexasRedNeck says:

      Exactly, whatever you do to Israel will be done unto you.
      If you seek to destroy Israel, you will be destroyed by God.
      If you seek to bless Israel, you will be blessed by God.
      The Bible is a wonderful history book, when the Jews followed God’s orders they prospered, when they did’nt they suffered. God allowed them to live in Israel when they
      followed Him, when they turned to idolatry they were given over to an enemy and were driven from “their land” but now the time has come for them to live in Israel for all eternity, Israel belongs to the Jews and no one else forever more. The Jews will soon live in peace along with the rest of God’s creation forever more. AMEN AND AMEN !!!!!!
      The chosen land and people of God Almighty has been reborn after 2000 years, they have returned to their home for the final time. The Rapture is coming very soon and then 7 years later we will ALL be in PARADISE FOR ETERNITY.

      • José. says:

        True. Look at what is happening to Hugo Chavez, he cursed Israel some time back (you can see it on Youtube, it is in Spanish, though) and now he’s got cancer. Blessed be Israel! And it is not about military might. Look at the six days war. it was militarily impossible for Israel to survive, let alone to win, and yet, with only 213 war planes in the country, they defeated and humiliated three much more powerful countries and their allies. God Bless Israel!

      • Supreme Siddha says:

        I believe people have misunderstood the Bible scriptures. God is the support and source of all existence. Israel just like every other nation, supports war, and has an advanced army. Whats basically happening is that Under the name of God they are supporting satanic forces or destructive forces. Not only that people distort the meaning of bible.

        Meaning of Israel – which we get from the Greek, is originally in the Hebrew, “Yisrael”.
        Yisrael means, quite literally, “He has striven with God,” or “He has been saved by God,” based on which translation of “sra” was meant to be used. If there is various meanings for the word “Israel” then most likely people have misunderstand and also purposely distorted the bible to make it seem as if the nation “Israel” is the chosen land.

        If GOD is love, and if one of the commandments are to treat your neighbour as yourself, the isn’t neighbouring countries also included? Not only that, if everybody and every nation treats all races as they treat themselves war and hate would never even exist. Even borders might not even exist. Instead of supporting imaginary lines which are called countries on the Earth, people will begin to see the Unity. Then finally the bible’s purpose will be fulfilled. Not until, Ignorance has its last days of dominance, and finally the Christ Spirit will Emerge worldwide. When we find the Kingdom of Heaven within, it will manifest without on the material plane of existence worldwide. Peace, Love, Joy, and Harmony will reign on Earth.

      • Joeygirl says:

        @ Supreme Siddha … I believe you have misunderstood the bible. It reads clear as day to all who believe in the Almighty. Your words and ideas are New Age “religion”, another false religion that people really like because you can “design” it to mans ideas and to fit your life style therefore holding you accountable to no one. To have a “relationship” with the One and Only God means to deny yourself and receive His Grace and Gift of Eternal Life. It’s awesome and beyond description. But once you receive it, you know you found it because you will never search again to be filled. Even when the storms come, you are free because of the Hand you hold on to… He never leaves you nor forsakes you. Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for our nation… and our loved ones.

      • Ort says:

        Texas Redneck: AMEN AND AMEN!!!! Genesis 12:3 is no less relevant today, then it was over 3000 years ago when God made that promise! The Lord is returning for His church very soon. I am ready to go!!

    • Supreme Siddha says:

      @Joeygirl just to be clear. You have greatly misunderstood my statements. I come from a standpoint of love, understanding balance and spiritual experience. This is not new age, it is very ancient esoteric knowledge. It is also common sense. You have been biased in your accusation. Jesus cared for all with compassion and understanding, if we sow hate within our minds and hearts, I really dont think we can ever reap goodness and peace in the future. The law of sowing and reaping, cause and effect is a fundamental truth in almost all religions. If we truly want peace in this world, we cannot take revenge. Israel is not exempt from the natural laws of existence governed by the Almighty. They too must stop their war tactics, in order to bring about peace. They too can suffer if they commit mistakes even under the name of God. This includes all nations, and people. Even those who dont know Christ and but follow his ways will survive. Christ’s teachings are universal and eternal, they dont just belong to specific religions that have been created after his crucifixion. Personally I am getting closer to Christ and yes it is amazing. I dont specifically follow the Christian religion, but that does not prevent me from following Christ and live within Christ’s protection and Love. For too long man has been ignorant by only sticking to religious morals, man must take it to the next level and truly experience spiritual realities. Without these revelations humans can only love and show compassion superficially with no true essence behind it. New age teachings are just distorted ancient spiritual science.

  8. Bullmarket72 says:

    And so it begins.

  9. Sam mas says:

    Go Russia do it, the battle of Ezekiel is coming , for years the Israelis will be bury your bodies along with your Islamic allies , shame on you , you So called Russian Christians , read your bible properly and see that your allegiance should be with Issael not against her. Ignorance is not an excuse , you can’t pick and chose what you want to believe out of the bible its all or nothing . As for the Communist Atheist and lefties well we expect nothing less from Agents of Satan.

    • Sam mas says:

      Its Suppose to be Israel and pick and choose , damn IPhone

    • TexasRedNeck says:

      Read Ezekiel 38, God is going to put hooks in their jaws and drag them down to Israel for war. It will take 7 years to bury the dead and 7 years to burn all of the weapons of war.
      7 years on earth for Satan during the Tribulation Time. The number 7 has great significance to God.
      The number 7 is the sign on completeness, perfection, it is the sign of God.

    • radiogirl says:

      I am not sure what if anything our Russian brothers and sisters in Christ have to do with what their government does…..I know my government makes untold amount of decisions I have zero approval of.Take care,R

  10. Aaron Brett says:

    Military hostilities with Iran should start on September the 19th

  11. Doğan Rahil says:


  12. Qwhiz says:

    I bet none of this will hit mainstream media outlets in the u.s. Russia is ready to defend Iran they have costly interests. U.s is in shambles right now, racial tension, finacial collaspe. U.s won’t be here in 5 years.

  13. kaat says:

    religion in war is the worst of all human inventions…

  14. mich says:

    i really feel its kind of sad when people are making isreal out to be some kind of “blameless zone of perfection”. look how they continue to settle on land, keep palestinians prisoners in their own country, and then they wonder why they are hated?
    they have the ultimate power to (probably to late now) to bring piece to that whole region but they have consistantly chosen to be more and more antogonistic, and why?, because there are SO many jewish politicians pulling strings in america and other countries (but predominantly the USA)
    how much money goes to israel from the US to fund what? ilegal settlements, arms development…
    isreal has destroyed any chance for peace not just for them but for everyone its just a shame so many could die for a jewish (and apparently some others as well) view that they are gods chosen people? surely it would be accurate to say that at that time in history both jew and muslim lived together just as many cultures do in other parts of the world, after ww2 they seemed to feel they had a right to take that which was not theirs (or just theres) and which particular country was it that added so much pressure to insure they could have a “jewish state” ? the US.
    money is said to be the root of all evil is it not? well in this case it seemed that the country with the most money has/had the biggest say .
    i know some would perhaps view what i have said as some kind of anti semetic anti US rant. this is however not what is meant.
    i think that all sides in this are wrong. Once again man interprets religion to serve his own needs.

    take care all

  15. Bob Miethe says:

    Texas Red neck , If i am not mistaken wasnt the Jews whom put Jesus to death ?

    • Susan says:

      It was the Romans who killed Jesus.

      But we are all sinners in need of a Savior. Come quickly, Lord Jesus

  16. Reason says:

    Russia has a corrupt and undisciplined military..

  17. Korheg says:

    Now I really see what Jesus meant when he said: “Wars & Rumours of wars” in the end times.

  18. Nox says:

    This is concerning. Just as concerning, however, is this religious nut ideologhy and pro-war rhetoric. Get a grip!

  19. Andrea says:

    Why all knifes against the Russians they are there to defend their rights

  20. Dennis E. says:

    Very interesting postings by EP family and friends. Very interesting posturing by Russia. Now……….for those who believe that the rapture or catching away of the church will occur prior to the war of gog and magog, this is a sudden stunning turn of events. For those who believe that the rapture or the catching away of the church will occur during/after the war of gog and magog, much the same.
    On the other hand, it just be military posturing by Russia telling the west, if you
    come to Iran, you will us there.
    Just a thought………………………..

    • Korheg says:

      It’s cool to see so many people coming together who know about the Lord.

      Most places on the Internet, it’s just nickers and scoffers who are allied with man.

  21. gerry says:

    hocus pocus

  22. david says:


  23. Ryan Platz says:

    More people have been killed because of god than for any other reason god is the reason we live in dismay It is his will that this world’s suffering He is the one who first tempted man by throwing the serpent into the garden of eden when he could have sent him anywhere else he murdered his own son then blames it on man who is he to call himself a god, one that I will never serve I would rather reign in hell We need to remove any trace of the semitic roots from this earth and what they have to offer people.

    • And replace it with what may I ask? Humanism? May I suggest you please study your history in regard to the mistaken notion that religion is the cause of the world’s ills. The religiousless experiment was tried with Nimrod, Atilla the Hun, Napoleon, Stalin, Mao Se Tung, and Hitler. The problem comes not from extolling virtue; the problem is no one is living up to it. If they were; the world wouldn’t be in the dilemma it’s in. I look at human history and I see nothing but sorted tales of barbarians, monsters, and atrocities. Even man’s so called most glorious achievements in these modern 20th and 21st centuries are tainted by the plagues of record global debt, wars, bigotry, drug-trafficking, the nuclear arms race, sexual exploitation, organized crime, greed, and vice. Maybe I missed something, but what do any of these cancers rotting society have to do with religion or the Russians massing troops on the Iranian border does for that matter? You rail in your choice to live without religion and that is your right but condemn God for giving Adam the same freedom of choice in the garden of Eden. You can’t exempt yourself from the same axiom you condemn others with.


      World’s leaders, regimes, dictators and their atrocities: Most were not Christian

      Napoleon Bonaparte: 3.5 million died in the Napoleonic wars
      Mao-Se Tung: 40 million is believed to have perished under Mao’s brutal regime
      Joseph Stalin: 20 million Russian died in concentration and labor camps
      Adolf Hitler: 6 million Jews were exterminated
      Jiang Qing: 3 million
      Kim II North Korea: 2 million
      Pol Pot: 1.5 million
      Idi Amin: 1 million deaths
      Number of people killed in WWI: 16 million
      Number of people killed in WWII: 50 million
      Number of people estimated killed by Catholics during Inquisition: 68-75 million
      Number of people estimated killed by Roman Empire: 12-15 million
      Number of Africans estimated killed by slavery: 100 million
      Number of indigenous people killed in conquest of Americas: 100 million
      Genocide in the Congo: estimates range from 5 to 20 million people
      Pakistan Bangladesh war of 1971: 3 million civilians killed

  24. thearcheologist says:

    This article is based on the belief that Magog of Ezekiel 38-39 represents Russia and that Russia will soon come to invade Israel. However, the ancient Assyrians had dealings with Magog, and their Court records clearly identify Magog and it is not Russia. Russia has absolutely nothing to do with Magog and being the nation that will lead an invasion of Israel.

    The Assyrian Royal Court dealt with each of these nations directly about 100 years before Ezekiel wrote, and their records are reliable, clear and detailed. These are the same records that are referred to in Ezra 4:15 and the same records used to verify the historical events written about in scripture from circa 800 B.C. to 400 B.C. These records represent the primary source on this subject as opposed to secondary sources which are often not based on facts.

    It has been mistakenly believed that the ancient nation of “Magog” in western Asia Minor was the ancient “tribal name” of the “Scythians,” a group of Iranian speaking nomadic tribes from Central Asia that traveled across the Russian steppes, and came to live in the territory north of the Black Sea. Then, in turn, and again in error, it has been believed that the ancient Scythians were the progenitors of the modern Russians. The truth is that modern scholars have unequivocally documented that a group of Scandinavian Viking traders called the Rus began the Russian state during the mid AD 800’s, and gave their name to Russia. Therefore there is no historical or factual basis for any connection of Russia to Magog.

    This error in associating Magog with Russia got impetus from a book by the first century Jewish historian Josephus. In his book The Antiquity of the Jews Josephus says that the Greeks called Magog the Scythians. But, reference to Josephus is of no avail because historians and archeologists know from a multitude of written records, that the Greeks (such as Herodotus) did not call Magog the Scythians. All of our earliest copies of Josephus’ book The Antiquity of the Jews come from eleventh century Monks and the passage that is often referred to is clearly a forgery for several reasons obvious to historians and archeologists who study the ancient Near East. In this same passage there are other errors in the identification of other ancient nations of Asia Minor. For example, this passage shows that the forger did not understand that Ashkenaz was the Hebrew word for the Scythians. (Interestingly, the Assyrian word for the Scythians, Ishkuza or Ashguza is similar to the Hebrew word for the Scythians – Ashkenaz.)

    Within academia today, no professional archeologists, historians or serious Bible researchers associate Magog with the Scythians or the Scythians with the Russians.

    • andy veevers says:

      Hi All. Lets be right and clear on everything, my words like all others are futile in what may or may not happen, however the USA has prooven it is a true democrasy by the election of a Muslim president, Obama. The USA won the 2nd world war and rid the world of an evil tyrant, it won the vietnam war which would if lost have given Russia a communist stronghold tipping the scales of power to untold consiquences, its rid the world of many tyrants like hussain a mass murderer, and has many more attributes. God Bless America. It also won the cold war with the star wars program rendering nuclear attacks impossible when a laser from space could explode ballistic missiles before they had even left the silo s, bringing the iron curtain crashing down as Russia could no longer compete in the arms race. The only mistake the USA has made, is by allowing Russia and such nations who threaten us with a nuclear holocaust to continue and regroup forces as we see today, Russia has no pride, nore does it keep to treaties made with the USA during the end of the cold war, ie we will never threaten the USA again and we will bring down the iron curtain as long as America stops the star wars program. And now look, empty promises made by empty heads, I hope we will be rid of russia for good one day and the USA should have taken further action at that time, i m not saying nuclear action, but it should have marched into russia and brought down this evil communistic rubbish. The USA and its allies have always been benevolent, truely democratic and kindly to other nations. If you want to live like RUSSIAN people then you just visit Russia and see how they live and you will see poverty and oppression. Communism is a terrible way to have to live and that is now yet again a direct threat to us, in fact the threat never went away. i hope the USA will again prevail and rid the free world once again of threats to our freedom. I hope its star wars program will be very much up and running again, but of course by giving these tyrants more time to regroup they will surely now have the same technology. We are idiots to have trusted them and allowed this to see what we now see today.

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