Hormone evolution: Girls are developing faster than ever and doctors have no idea why

April 5, 2012 HEALTHBreast growth at age 5? Stop!  That can’t be a thing… Can it? It can. As Strollerderby has previously reported, girls as young as 7 are documented as having had their period. According to Jezebel, by age 7 an astounding 23% of African American girls are showing breast growth followed by 15% of Hispanic girls, 10% of Caucasian girls and only 2% of Asian girls. That can’t be what Mother Nature intended. But it’s happening and an increasing number of moms want to know why. A landmark study in the sixties suggested the average age at which girls hit puberty to be 11. But, as the NY Times reports, a doctor in the late eighties first noticed otherwise: Marcia Herman-Giddens, then a physician’s associate in the pediatric department of the Duke University Medical Center, started noticing that an awful lot of 8- and 9-year-olds in her clinic had sprouted pubic hair and breasts…So she started collecting data, eventually leading a study with the American Academy of Pediatrics that sampled 17,000 girls, finding that among white girls, the average age of breast budding was 9.96. Among black girls, it was 8.87. It’s true, girls are getting their periods earlier than ever and as Jezebel reports, no one knows why. It has been theorized that stress, environment and obesity could all be contributing factors (which narrows the cause down to…everything), so it would be interesting and perhaps beneficial to see a percentage breakdown based on socio-economic status as opposed to race. Does early puberty effect 23% of African American girls living in wealthy communities as it does girls living in lower-income areas? Are 10% of Caucasian girls developing prematurely across the board or is it more common for those living with less access to nutrition? To dig a little deeper I checked out the NY Times article Jezebel cites. In Puberty Before Age 10: A New ‘Normal’? Elizabeth Weil interviews Tracee Sioux, whose 9-year-old daughter Ainsley began developing pubic hair at age 6. Test after test with doctor after doctor turned up nothing unusual. “The doctors always come back with these blank looks on their faces, and then they start redefining what normal is,” Tracee tells Weil. “And I always just sit there thinking, What are you talking about, normal? Who gets pubic hair in first grade?” –Babble
See: Is it estrogen in the meat?
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66 Responses to Hormone evolution: Girls are developing faster than ever and doctors have no idea why

  1. katey says:

    HGH (human growth hormone fed to animals are passing into our diet.
    As familys serve up more and more chicken -what do they think is going to happen!

  2. eric says:

    my guess is all the hormones they pump into produce nowadays to speed up production. Or, could it be all the pills people take getting flushed into our water supply, inadvertently seeping into our bodies?

  3. Artemis says:

    That is so true. I’m shocked. That’s so young…too young actually to get their period and pubic hair.

  4. Beverly Mills says:

    I believe girls are developing earlier because of the hormones and steroids in our food. Eggs, milk, meat, etc. I find it really hard to believe that a doctor didn’t even suggest this.

    • grace says:

      i know lot of farmers and they all have female children. So much so that everyone assumes their babies will be girls!

    • Bobi says:

      Unfortunately, Doctor’s believe in Pharmaceuticals, which in fact, are poisons,. Chemicals, that cause more problems than what your original complaint was. If everyone started eating organic and non-processed foods, the Medical community would lose millions of $$$ and that is their bottom line. We are what we eat, and many are beginning to see the effects of a non healthy diet. The grocery stores also would lose $$$ as they are all part of the processed food push. Some markets state that they have organic’s however if you look closely, they are NOT organic. Organic means, grown naturally without pesticides and growth enhancers that are poisons. We all need to read the labels, and if you cannot pronounce an ingredient, do not eat it. AND do not trust the FDA recommendations as their bottom line is also $$$. They have been known to soft pedal and push through medications that in fact have caused deaths.

      • Susan says:

        I agree with everything you just said Bobi!! FDA scientists even say that GMO foods are poisonous, yet FDA ignores their input.

  5. Ted says:

    Someone should look into all the hormones that are in our food chain as a cause.

  6. chondram says:

    Hum…shock (yawn), this was being questioned in the 90’s when girls at 8-9 were reaching puberty. Now that we have 6 ft + women and 7 foot tall young men, is anyone going to admit it’s the hormones given to live stock? Geez, we get it in dairy products as well, and these brilliant “Doctors” don’t have a clue?

    • gandyjs says:

      As a single guy of normal height here in America, I’ve been so turned off by the near-“Amazon” physique of so many women! Too tall, too stocky! I think this is why I gravitate toward the dainty, petite, and more feminine physiques of Asian females. I don’t care for husky and overweight women with bad complexions (I know, men are victims too!) like how we have here. It’s unfeminine to me. Too much meat and crap in the diet.

      • pagan66 says:

        gandyjs – what on Earth makes a dainty, petite asian woman more “FEMININE” than her more amply proportioned sisters? That is what I’d really like to know. Not every woman with breasts & hips is obese & unattractive with bad skin. What a load of codswallop. Beauty standards change, it is all a myth for instance – Degas, Renoir & Cezanne all painted voluptuous women, hardly ever painting thinner women as they were thought “sickly” & by today’s reckoning with women like kate Moss & Paris Hilton leading the way, women like Marilyn Monroe & the gorgeous Sophia Loren would have been labelled obese.

    • Bobi says:

      Doctors have the clue and its all about $$$. If you are healthy, then they do not make lots of money, which is the bottom line for many Doctors. A good friend of mine, back in the early 70’s whom was a Physical Therapist and trained at a number one medical school, told me that 9 out of 10 Med students only cared about the prestige of MD behind their name and all the money they were going to make. That is a huge wake up call in itself…

  7. Patrice says:

    I think it has to be all the hormones they are feeding animals before slaughter. Personally I think they also should check out all of the women that have developed Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain diseases, as well as auto immune diseases (such as Lupus) and see why women in there 30s, 40s, and 50s are coming down with this as well. I have thought so much that the diseases my doctors tell me I have must have come from my environment. Hormones play a huge part in , many of these diseases for some reason. I personally know about 10 women that are around my same age (and we grew up together), they also have these diseases as well. Coincidence? Not likely, not likely at all.

  8. radiogirl says:

    Hormones added to the food supply …maybe a possible factor.I also wonder what the increased energy flowing to or planet might to doing to our physical bodies.

  9. tonic says:

    Headlines get worse everyday it seems. Children with a limited childhood. Sy fi horror, but happening in our world today. The quest for profit, has no bounds.
    Very disturbing post.

  10. Helen Parks says:

    Plastic bottles produce an oestrogen mimicker…google
    “Plastic (Not) Fantastic: Food Containers Leach a Potentially Harmful …
    http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=plastic-not-fantastic…a19 Feb 2008 – Is bisphenol A, a major ingredient in many plastics, healthy for children and … baby bottles–leach a chemical that is known to mimic estrogens in the body. … to be sufficient to produce the levels observed in human serum.”

    • grace says:

      Just look at how difficult it is to buy sauces and other liquids in glass containers now. Plastic, plastic everywhere. I use greaseproof paper for sandwiches, ban clingfilm!

    • Corona says:

      That`s the first thing I thought of as well. I also heard of a study where girls were born above average near industrial plants involved with producing plastics…

  11. Bobi says:

    The number one culprit is GROWTH HORMONE which is injected into animals for faster growth. It stays in the animal and humans ingest it by consuming the meat you buy at your local grocery stores…. It also affects adults, creating a myriad of different problems. People need to wake up and start buying meat that is from local farms and/or ranches with a guaranteed no artificial feeds or growth hormones. Do the research as your health depends on that fact.

    • Susan says:

      Everyone here should watch Food Inc and King Korn on netflix, you would be amazed at what goes into our meat and food supply!!

  12. In my opinion, early maturity in girls can be attributed to processed foods, hormone injected meat products and BPA,
    All of which would play havoc with hormone rates in young children. In Canada we have banned the use of BPA in baby bottles, and the public is quite educated on it’s risks.
    I see in the US this issue has become bogged down in department bickering and is dying a slow death of ” we will continue to monitor it ”
    ( swept away )

    Interesting about the Asian percentage,
    Perhaps due to a culture based thinking about cooking from scratch with fresh vegetables and much less meat in their diet.
    Obesity causes so many health concerns that it would seem quite plausible that it would also tax the developmental stage of a girls puberty as well,
    I wonder if all this might also explain the growing violence among young girls?.

    • Im
      Rates of prostate cancer among countries

      This is definitely a mimicking multi-chemical assault of both an estrogenic and testosterone nature. If it was only estrogen, the rates of prostate cancer for men wouldn’t be skyrocketing as is the rates of permature baldness for young men, along with gender-bending births among males. Testosterone would also explain the increased aggression in both sexes. The entire endocrine system is thrown out of whack.

      Júlia Várady, Hungarian born opera singer (1941)

      And here is something else that’s interesting, I found. There hasn’t been a soprano sfogato born in the world since about 1950. Júlia Várady (Hungary, born 1941) and Adelaida Negri (Buenos Aires, born 1950) are believed, by some, to be the last two. A soprano sfogato means ‘ultimate soprano‘ or someone whose voice can easily span 3 octaves and the highest notes on the scale reaching F6. Mozart’s opera Die Zauberflöte calls for F6 pitch. There were a cluster of these women born in the late 19th and early 20th century but since then, they are an anomaly. Is this another indication of how chemicals in the environment are affecting the development of women?


      • Dennis E. says:

        Alvin, regarding the posted subject; so can these girls also get pregnant at that age?
        Pregnant at at 8-9?( I read where one female reported at seven years of age of having a period). If their bodies are developing that fast?? It seems abnormal….
        Just a question…..

      • Yes, in many cases- this is already happening. A burden born unfortunately by many young victims of child abuse.

        Giving birth at age 9: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1247889/Chinese-girl-9-gives-birth-health-baby-boy.html


        Mahabharata, Vana Parva, Section CLXXXIX – Signs of the End

        “In the Kali Yuga, even pre-teenage girls will get pregnant. The primary cause will be the social acceptance of sexual intercourse as being a central requirement of life.” -The Extinction Protocol, p.38

  13. Nkosazana says:

    I think it is hormones in the production of milk with the dairy cows. I think all milk bottles should be labeled as to whether or not they have hormones in them.

  14. What about the amount of SOY that is now in everything processed, manufactured and even in pharmaceuticals? I would have thought this would plqy a rather large part in this.

    ALVIN and readers, I pray the Lord’s Blessing on you all in the wonderful Redemptive Season….. God be with you all.

    Clare in Tassie

  15. Julie says:

    My daughter, a 5th grader who just turned 11, is still flat chested. And, if you look around her classroom, is one of the few. Many of her friends are beyond “budding” and are full on “bloomed”. I didn’t read the article (yet) about meat and estrogen, but it is interesting to note that she (my daughter) labels herself a vegetarian and eats very little meat. A little chicken, a little tuna, mostly nuts and eggs. Makes you wonder. . .
    And thanks for all the great work you do, Alvin. You are always in my prayers. :-)

  16. a. watcher says:

    Contaminated food and water. Bovine growth hormone; genetically modified food organisms; birth control in city water supplies, etc. Food is not a required course of study for doctors of medicine; hence the blank looks. This is not the work of God, it is the work of Man playing God.

  17. Anon says:

    Hormones in milk? GMO Franken-foods?

  18. jake says:

    while i am no expert, i have looked into some of these issues. as far as early development in girls, you need look no further than Bisphenol A (BPA), and other estrogen mimickers that function as endocrine disruptors. These compounds also have devastating effects on the development of young boys. As far as early periods, there is compelling evidence that fluoride is also a likely culprit. it collects around, and impairs the function of the pineal gland (which helps regulate circadian cycles), thus confusing the body’s sense of timing in regard to biological functions. that might seem like a stretch to some, but I’ve heard/read about it in more than one place..
    please keep your children (and yourselves) away from it! do your best to go organic!

  19. spaceotteradam says:

    It’s the hormones that are being fed and injected into our livestock. I’m near 40 and don’t remember this being an issue when I was a child. Neither do my elders. My grandfather was a Black Angus rancher when I was a child. According to him hormones were not common place then. He still receives publications on the trade to this day and they are prevalent now. To me it’s a no brainer.

  20. Phyllis says:

    well i believe its all the growth hormones in our food,but they wont admit that.

  21. Mike says:

    Commercial beef and pasteurised dairy products consistently have the highest levels of persistent hormone disruptors. As of 1995, the US Food and Drug Administration allowed the use of implanted hormonal agents for raising beef cattle. These include the female hormones oestradiol and progesterone, the synthetic progesterone norgestomet, the male hormone testosterone and the synthetic anabolic steroids trenbolene and Zeranol. Growth agents that do not have to be implanted include a progestin that can be added to the animals’ feed. Animals given these hormonal agents are not required to go through a withdrawal period prior to slaughter. Indeed, the FDA does not require mandatory recording of medication or treatment of animals destined for our plates.

    Three natural hormones (oestradiol-17�, testosterone and progesterone) and two synthetic substances (trenbolone and Zeranol) are also approved for use in many other countries, including Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

    Hormones in beef have serious oestrogenic and carcinogenic effects-effects which the cancer establishment, the FDA and the cattle industry have been well aware of for decades. Yet the real dangers they pose, especially when it comes to women and breast cancer, have remained in the shadows until only recently.18 (Non-organic meats like pork, veal, lamb and poultry, although uncontaminated by sex hormones, contain pesticides and a wide range of veterinary drugs.)

  22. dublinmick says:

    No doubt estrogen. They now have goats that produce their own malaria vaccine in the milk. No worries on malaria anymore.

  23. Artoro says:

    Could it be that Mother Nature is setting the stage for re-population to preserve the human speices because a major life annihilating disaster is looming?

    • Carla Burgers says:

      Artoro, Mother Nature has absolutely no fault in this issue, again it’s people with their suposedly “progressive” stance on making money. It’s such a no-brainer, please all, buy organic only for your children ( and for yourself), if you can’t afford it, don’t eat meat or get yourself some chickens and grow your own vegetables. I’ve had an organic/biological farm for many years: chickens, sheep, now goats and cows and so many young families and people told me stories that their specialsts had advised them to eat organic only due to the variety of hormones in all meats. At one stage I was researching growing Turkeys and went to a locale free-range Turkey farm. The good man gave me his turkey feed diet, I was sooooooooooo shocked about the % of chemical and hormones and antibiotics in their feed just to make them grow faster , avoid illness etc.

  24. ValereB says:

    It is the hormones in milk and the estrogen in meat! From the age of 5 on, I fed my son organic milk and meat and he looked younger and was physically less developed than his peers until he hit the age of 15 – then sprouted! Notice how the Asian population is mentioned as having only 2% of the girls developing early – they don’t drink milk!

  25. simple simon says:

    The human species is changing… part of what it means to have reached 2012 is that evolution is switching from a slow to a fast track. For us humans this includes body changes, children who are born ‘knowing everything’, technological advances, healthcare advances, consciousness advances, and much much more.

    As Kryon says, its the recalibration of all things which we thought we knew.

    The changes will be generational; one only has to look at how much life has changed since 1900 to see that the process has been underway for a while. Especially people who are aged over 70 would never have comtemplated such things when they were young.

    At a deep level all things are interconnected and the advances in technology are starting to be matched by advances in us. In time we will outgrow many of our technologies; however that is generations away.


    • SC

      Change is not always a good thing and I certainly wouldn’t classify this as progressive human evolution. Natural selection is a response from natural environmental factors. The fact that it has stricken girls at such a young age is indication the catalyst has already become multi-generational and genetically-transmissible. Besides early maturation, especially from an endocrine stand-point, also means a hyperactive metabolic rate which regulates how fast cells oxidate and die. The faster they mature; the faster the body wears down through aging.

  26. Donna says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re sneaking stuff into food and immunisations. Thanks goodness it’s nearly all over.

  27. Garth Colin Whelan says:

    Could it be something to do with an increase of GMO foods? Increase of junk food???

  28. 2Tonsils says:

    I think its down to the hormones in food and in our environment. The trend to force feed animals antibiotics and growth hormones, along with the mass idea that soya is good for you has led to this. Examine any mass produced item and it will probably have large amounts of soya in it. The girls reaching puberty early is a sad sign that their bodies are reacting to the excess hormones. Likewise with boys and men, only they are putting on female pattern body fat and developing hormone problems instead. Wake up world, before its too late for all of us!

  29. Roel says:

    This phenomenon appears to be primarily present in North America. I believe that it is related to the consumption of red meat. I am told that much of this meat comes from animals that had hormone injections and Americans definitely consume too much of it. I am too lazy to look up the exact figures, but if I recall correctly they consume about twice as much red meat as people in Europe do. One and one makes two.

  30. onecowco says:

    I believe part of the problem is all the conventionally grown (GMO) soy that is put into everything. It’s in much of the pre-packaged, processed foods, and has been for years.
    It also doesn’t help that most of the meat AND meat replacement items found in your grocery has been fed lots of GM soybeans/crops, adding to the issue. Knowing what you (and your critters) are eating is never a bad idea.

    Soy is good IF you ferment it or cook it properly (traditional methods); the dry processing they use nowdays (to save time) doesn’t destroy the natural toxciity of the bean.

  31. Gloria says:

    It chemicals. Not only in the food but in shampoos, lotions etc.
    I read somewhere that more african american girls were affected because they, on average, use more hair products. We are being chemicaly changed.

  32. Bill says:

    how about the BPA (Bisphenol A, look it up) in packaging? it has been shown to make young girls develop faster and has been linked to cancer and obesity and it feminizes young boys. what do african american and hispanic girls (the top 2 ethnicities with advanced hormone growth in this study) have in common? that a majority of them live in poverty. eating crap food from crap containers containing BPA because that is all they can afford to buy. eating healthy and fresh food is becoming something only the rich will be able to indulge in.

  33. Thera says:

    It’s certainly getting to the day where it isn’t safe to ingest anything one hasn’t grown oneself. Probably they’ll outlaw home gardens in mass. The Globalists have shown their hand. They are driven to eliminate the so-called “moral gene,” so “culling” can ostensibly proceed without impediment.

    Remember raw milk? They raised and are still raising a stink about that.

    There is nothing wrong with it under sanitary conditions – I drank it a child right after my grandmamma had finished milking the farm animal, most often it was still warm which could be one reason I love warm milk to this day.

    Health officials say they don’t know what’s causing girls, etc to develope earlier – yeah, right!

    • tonic says:

      I remember raw milk. My Mom used to pour it through a filter thing in case any insects had dropped into it. And I remember it being warm as-well.
      Insects were everywhere. Keeping caterpillars off the cabbage was like a military campaign.! Butterflies were part of the farm. And today, if I seen caterpillars anywhere on my veg plot, I would welcome them. Something has changed, might be us and our chemicals, or something that we do not know about yet.

  34. Mike P says:

    Is it possible that the testosterone in our foods helps give Americans the highest murder rate in the world? – It certainly will increase ones agression.

  35. Columbine says:

    My two cents worth – I think it’s more than just hormones in the food. We Americans have been exposed to radiation for more than one generation. I am nearing 60 years old. I have 3 sisters – all three have thryroid problems. I have pituitary problems which cause my hormones to be totally out of whack. I’m a woman but I have very high testosterone levels and have had them for 30 years. THIRTY years. As far as I understand, that is before they started adding all the hormones to our meat. I was also raised on grass fed beef off my grandparents’ ranch, so no hormones there. However, the government did extensive atomic bomb testing and the radiation from that fell over a large part of our country. We talk about Fukishima and the potential damage from that radiation and forget what happened in our own country – America – during the 40’s, 50’s and ??? when did it stop? Add that to all of the soy, GMO wheat and other crops, pesticides, herbicides and growth hormones and voila’! A recipe for DNA damage and who knows what else for our kids, grandkids and the coming generations. maybe this is one of the “plagues” the Apostle John saw in his vision of the End? Could very well be.

    • DJ says:

      The polio vaccine has a connection to radiation via Dr. Mary Sherman who was brutally murdered in the 1960s. Try a google search on “Dr. Mary’s Monkey”.

  36. I recommend the following documentaries to educate yourself more on the state of what you are really eating,

    ” What’s on your plate ”
    ” Food Inc. ”
    ” Forks over Knives ”
    ” Simply Raw ”
    ” Food Matters ”
    ” Meet your Meat ”
    Thanks again Alvin for consistently bring us informative , relavent information and uncensored news!

  37. in Australia they DO NOT use hormones……… in meat etc, but we still have lots of young girls entering puberty early, so it is also from other unnatural substances in the food supply…. I still go for SOY as being one of the majoir culprits as well as all the chemical rubbish in the processed foods.

    Clare in Tassie

    • Carlos says:

      If soy is in fact plays a role in this, wouldn’t Asians who eat lots more soybean products also be as high as the other racial groups?

      • Carlos it is a myth that Asians eat more soy than westerners. They soy they did consume until they met the SAD diet was fermented soy. We are being force fed GM soy which is non fermented. And when did it become the ‘norm’ to feed cattle soy? they are grass eating animals.

        I personally have an allergy to soy and all legumes as well. It is nigh on impossible to buy any shop bought product that dies not have soy or a derivative in its ingredients. Ever tried purchasing bread that has NO SOY in it? Even designer bakeries use a prepared bread mix which contains soy.

  38. simple simon says:

    I’ve heard through a grapevine that some ‘alternative’ film makers are working on an expose of ‘big pharma’ in the USA and as a result one of the ‘big pharma’ corporations will fall.

    I don’t know dates (supposed to be ‘this year, 2012′), nor which corporation.


  39. AWM says:

    I guess the fans of Sharia law will be pleased with this one.
    As far as big Pharma, any company or assortment of companies operating like they do need to fail, and fail badly.
    Remember quinine (used for malaria for years and years and more commonly here is the US for leg cramps), from pennies to 5 bucks a cap, or colchicine (for gout), from 4 cents to 5 dollars a pill. The list goes on and on, clobetasol cream, one version went fron $1.70 to $52.50 for a less than 2 ounce tube.
    Back in 1997, I remember clorazepate 7.5mg tablets going from $4.99 for a 500 count bottle, to $499.95. You read it right, 500 bucks, it wasn’t a typo. This was back when we had a bunch of the brand name Pharma Companies buy up a bunch of the Generic Companies. That sure was the writing on the wall!

    The exposures resulting in this early puberty in girls, and the feminization of boys is certainly no accident, some causes are unintended, but more are not. Chemicals, hormones, toxins, and other waste products probably play a big role, but I’d still be willing to bet genetic manipulation is a key factor here. Just look at all those vaccinations, they can and probably have contained some pretty frightening stuff.
    Sterilization of sub saharan African women with “tetanus vaccine” is an example of what has been done with our tax dollars. This “vaccine” contained a little “extra” ingredient and some one had to be puzzled when it was only given to women and girls that potentialy could become pregnant now, or in the future. As far as I know, no one has been charged on this, or the exposure to hepatitis, HIV, Bird Flu or a whole host of other infectious/toxic agents that were accidentally on purpose included in these various vaccines, including the Flu vaccine available with no appointment at your local CVS/Walgreens/Rite Aid.

    I’m with Donna on this one, thank goodness it’s almost over!

  40. Karen L. says:

    There are many more hormone disruptors in our environment in this country besides what we get in foods. The biggest one I know about are the clothes washing detergents we use every day in this country. They contain powerful xeno estrogenic chemicals that are banned in most other countries. So if you wash your clothes in Tide or Cheer for example, it is like wearing an estrogen patch all day long! Another problem is that many skin lotions (even from health food stores) have bio- identical hormones in them. A Doctor friend has sent off many samples for testing and finds estogens and progesterones in the same doses that she would prescribe to patients! The companies that sell these products profess they don’t know they are in there! So this Doctor won’t let her patients use any skin care products beyond basic organic ingredients like coconut oil.

  41. tim says:

    its amazing to read this article. just last week i saw a girl that could not have been more than 8 or 9 WITH CLEVAGE and WEARING A BRA. i also noticed her hair was thinning and she was wearing glasses.

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