27 Responses to U.S. officials believe Iran sanctions will fail, making military action likely- Russia prepares military response

  1. gman4721 says:

    In light of all the sabre rattling and posturing going on,all the war preparation that is going on ,i wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Russia did a pre-emptive nuclear attack on the U.S..We really don’t have a first rate deterrance capability anymore and Russia has a different mindset that we do:that is,they are willing to absorb the great casualty losses if they can see a victory. We are the ones in great danger right now,not Iran.

    • It’s a crazy world we live in. No one could even imagined the stuff that’s being banied about in the headlines, even 2 years ago. It’s almost surreal.

      • jeffrey krueger says:

        It really is almost like the people don’t even exist….we are just being used to pay for everything in the govt. and what they do…It is plain and simple SIN…..Most Americans have no clue at all they are in the dark and the elite knows that… Most people are like battered wives that stay with there abusive husbands.

      • Yasmine says:

        I am so tired of humans and their blind arrogance to war. They are so primitive in their mind set if they think war is nessacary. Where is the love? Where is god?

      • I

        The Bible describes the “End time,” unlike any other time, as a time where events will escalate very quickly to a state known by the Greek word ‘aporeó‘ – which means literally ‘backed into a corner with no way out‘ at a ‘point of complete loss‘, the Apostle Paul uses the word to say believers are “hemmed in by unmoveable cirmcustance on every side” but are not forsaken by God despite the trials of faith. It’s a condition like turning down a street and not seeing there is a no exit or dead-end sign at night. At this point in history, this is why this crisis is so dangerous and why most of the world doesn’t realize it can blow up into a planetary crisis in a moment’s notice.

      • Johann says:

        World War III will occur sometime before May 27, 2012.

        May 27, 2012 is Pentecost and is also the date Jesus Christ returns to destroy those who are destroying the earth. After all of the world’s (man’s) governments are annihilated then Jesus will establish His father’s (the almighty God) government for 1,000 years.

        As we get closer to May 27, 2012.., events like the above article will keep happening at an acclerated pace until World War III happens.

        Watch for it….., time has run out for man’s world.

      • Louise says:

        Thanks for your words, Alvin.
        Humans tend to really turn to the Absolute only when they are destitute, cornered, and utterly helpless. And still…. It is just the way it is. Let’s hope that most of us, humans, will give our spirit into His hands, His love.
        Didn’t Christ say: “Let the dead bury the dead.” This is not Home. Beautiful Earth is a provisory locus of experience. Maybe in such a time, faith and loving kindness are what is left to us.
        By the way, most humans are completely against war. Mostly those satanic souls and their brainwashed humans like those ritualistic genocides to feed the power franzy of their lord, Satan, whose end is around the corner. The Book of Revelation does not say that our liberation would be easy. I am blessed to have faith in Christ and Mary, the New Jerusalem.
        It is a period of tribulations, but let’s experience it aware and awake, not in fear.
        Peace to all, Louise

      • You’re welcome. Unfortunately, most never notice the sky until adversity puts us on our backs. The genie is out of the bottle and the events are starting to cascading is a series, soon we won’t be able to solve one, let alone 20. Fear not, and buckle your seatbelts.


      • Peter says:

        Wars and rumors of war!

  2. Glenn Rice says:

    A crazy world is correct, Alvin. Those in charge of our country have been steadily ratcheting up the political and military pressure against the old Bear, and it may be that they are the ultimate target beyond Iran. The Pentagon’s full spectrum dominance agenda is one that must bring an eventual confrontation with the other super powers of the world. I do not think it is likely that they will strike us preemptively, but I believe it is highly probable that they will respond to an attack on Iran. Such an action could result in the end of our modern American Babylon, and be the catalyst for the beast out of the sea to appear, and the commencement of the Day of the Lord, which begins with the great tribulation period. Hang on to your faith, the world is heating up. Peace and grace in Christ to all.

  3. michelle says:

    Dear USA, please don’t attack Iran and please don’t support Israel attacking Iran. You had no WMD’s in Iraq and there is no proof Iran is not just developing energy. Your citizens are not behind you on this possible attack. It’s time for peace, you are all big boys, figure it out. We are BROKE in case you haven’t noticed.

  4. Darlene LaMar says:

    Almost two years or so back I heard that a U.S. politician had approved a 10 billion dollar fund to help with rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan. Then later the money set aside was “mysteriously” misplaced before it even reached either place. Then around sometime last year it was found out cases of money totaling around 6 million U.S. dollars were “somehow” making their way daily across the border of Iran. Then not long after that about three thousand pounds of weapons grade nuclear waste, uranium and plutonium just “disapears” from the U.S.. Not to mention Fort Bragg of all placed just happens to “lose” like 3 thousand M16′s and several hundred thousand rounds of ammunition. Now all of the sudden Iran is picking a fight. Am I the only one who thinks this is NOT A COINCIDENCE?

  5. Russsia, would only say tings like this is they believed us as weak as we truely are..on top of this, we want to cut the armed forces, and reduce our neclear warhead count, not to mention putting all our eggs into the F35 basket which is cost overrun and behind scedule, while canning, the air superiority F22 raptor which is in service….has someone given this administraition some drugs and pistol and offered up a game of russian roulette?

  6. carl says:

    Its simply a race to the bottom, (in everything now economic/social EVERYTHING)
    what will get you first? war or totally economic collapse? Do you remember the cold war? all those hippies campaigning for disarmament ? well they got what they wanted, the cold war ended and with it all the stability the western world needed to prosper .When I watched the pictures of the Berlin wall being torn down my heart sank .9 November 1989 is the real date that WW3 started frankly I’m amazed we lasted so long!We will go to war and not JUST because Israel wants us too
    its a perfect storm ,the powers that be cant think of a better way to hide there totally incompetent handling of the global economy,the dept will be paid just not with there money but with our children blood (yet again)
    find yourself a big hole to hide or failing that get a shovel and start digging now,you have till March or April max

  7. I was reading the English speaking news this morning, concerning the coming new war. It looks like the world is getting prepared mentally for the Amargedon and apocalypse. How they dare ( US officials and others) to give us even a date for the start of it. “Leon Panetta, told the Washington Post that he thought the window for an Israeli attack on Iran is between April and June.” and “Growing view in key parts of the administration that a strike will happen, with ‘sweet spot’ identified as September or October”—-Does this mean humanity must sit and wait for the final countdown?—
    Is there a new (old) super virus called global madness, sneaking out of some insane laboratory, after being changed into a more cultivated variety to kill us all? And all with the approvel of UN?
    Could somebody please remember what we, as humanity, already know in case of a nuclear war? Are an estimated deaths of 2 to 3 billions not enough?
    How very nice that Russia (“Russia says it will use nuclear weapons if war broke out with NATO”), and Pakistan (“Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has assured his Iranian counterpart, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, that Islamabad would not assist the US if it attacks his country amid rising tensions over Tehran’s nuclear program”), and some other nations are stating now, whom they support and that they will go for Nukes just in case.
    So what will we do? What will I do? Except praying for peace, go on for some more demonstrations. Or / and trusting in God and the love god has for humanity..( Very difficult for me sometimes…)

  8. It’s as if everything is following a script that will make 2012 the year when humanity either stays or goes.

    • Peter says:

      The script was written … Read Bible prophecy!
      But 2012 is not the end but the beginning of terrible times upon the Earth..
      The Lord will keep and guide His children.. And then we will see heaven on Earth..
      That is the Hope That as believers we hold on to.

      Don’t be deceived … Dig out the truth of Jesus for the sake of yourself and your family.

  9. BZ says:

    China will put a big mouth; Russia will growl but i don’t think either will do something when the USA/Israel attacks Iran. Neither party will really use nukes, they of course say that all options are open but it takes quite some more to be willing to face mutual destruction. Iran does not border Russia, Russia is just afraid of losing influence in the region. Neither does Russia want a convential war with the USA, because they aren’t going to win it. Wars nowadays aren’t won with manpower but with technology and no way that Russia will win a full scale convential war with the USA or NATO. Don’t confuse this with the poor results in Afghanistan and Iraq, these are not full scale wars. It is possible that the relation between Russia and Iran is purely economic, because Russia (and China) isn’t too fond of theocratic governments or the Islam in general. Its easier to let a friend down with whom you only have an economic relation.

  10. Sonic Brain says:

    remember that new 5.000 bunkers Russia buiding for 2012 ?! …. humn but if Russia ( don’t forget CHINA ! really goes to a surprise iron punch in the western mouth … that it’s not surprise at all …think how arrogantly they became … the kings of the world , invading any country they want , assassination of presidents , the terror war !? , the debit that USA can’t pay and want to run away destroying the dollar etc etc , these people RUSSIA and CHINA are not stupid , you think they don’t know about the shadow government and their plan ? a GREAT WAR most happen anyway … for they all survive , and this confrontation looks alike being on the way …. Danm 2012 becoming real doonsday possibility with in or with out MAYAN CALLENDAR , NOSTRADAMUS , BIBLE , THE ALL OTHERS PREDICTIONS together …. I think we are f..ck !

  11. Shellee says:

    It’s just about home time. AKA The RAPTURE Praise his Holy Name. Can’t wait to look up on the face of the one who saved me by his grace. And bow before his mighty throne! God Bless you all.

  12. Dennis E. says:

    I must agree with gman4751 and disagree with BZ.
    Both Iran,Russia,israel,usa and china are acting out the parts assigned to them in this scene
    by the almighty. Both are good observations.
    However, with removal of the usa, israel will have only one other to depend upon for protection and according to scriptures, he will defend his people. When that happens, a major spiritual awakening not seen since the gathering at MT. sinai will occur in israel.
    I agree that the US is in grave danger, in danger of judgment……………

    • Study History..are we all that blind..HR654.. a evil plan..toxic to everything..remove HR654.. and how to Add the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution..thus preventing future morphs of HR654.. ask Pennsylvania Senator who introduced and Mr.Cohen Senator from Tennesee Ask Them for Full Disclosure of HR654 Hillary Clinton is Aware of HR654 her hubbie helped impliment HR654 and backed by huge insider trading?? HR654 protects the criminals better than??

  13. Mike says:

    Lets not panic just jet, this is just more sabre rattling. At the end of WW1 and 2 one and all thought is was the end then, Charlamaine conqest made the end of the world seem nigh, as was the time of the black plagues and spanish flues etc.
    The people in the new world lost an estimated 100 million during the conquests and the Chinese prior to unification lost more people in civil wars than peeople during WW2.
    Let put things into perspective here, despite the famines etc currently they do not measure in comparison to those from history.
    So please lets not panic, however i must say that my prayer have been much more fervent lately, and we have been preparing spitritualy and physicaly by having a veggie patch water tanks etc.
    The greates prep has been exercising more trust and faith in the Lord.

  14. Yasmine says:

    Dear Louise

    Peace and blessing to you too.

    If what you say is so then why are we all to suffer at the cost of the blinded, why hasn’t god done anything about them yet? Why doesn’t god just take the hate and leave us to evolve?


    • K says:

      God doesn’t want to wipe the slate clean He wants to work through His creation to save us. Nothing makes sense anymore no point in trying to understand it.

  15. Kennedy says:

    Which state has the right to nuclear weapons? And why? If any state has WMD (weapöns of mass destructions) they re not to be used on its citizen when they protest but used for defence purposes if attacked by enemies,therefore every state has a riht to security.If Iran has the capacity to produce WMDs for dence and not threats,in my opinion the IAEA should grant Iran a go ahead,if certain states have WMDs then nothing will stop Iran.The IAEA should first clear existing nuclear warheads with US and Israel if any state making or planning to make nuclear weapons are to stop.

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