What are they? Mysterious unexplained noises now being reported across the globe

January 17, 2012WorldA series of unexplained noises are being reported across the globe and the frequency of these events appear to be increasing. The sounds range in description from “bizarre and creepy” to “industrial and mechanical.” The sounds appear to be omni-directional and seem to have no single traced source of origin or horizontal source of degree graduation- leaving one with the impression they are coming from directly overhead or directly underneath the earth. The videos below are reports of the unexplained acoustic phenomenon. Are these sounds omens of an impending disaster, or the deep-churching in the Earth an indication the lithosphere is becoming unsettled, mistpouffers, or something else? You decide. – The Extinction Protocol
Unexplained noise recorded in Colorado by two hikers in August, 2011 some time before the 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck the state.
This incident occurred on January 11, 2012 in Malaysia. The sound is heard for three hours and the noise appears every three seconds from 3 am until dawn. The second incident occurred on the morning of January 12, 2012, the sound is heard for three hours and the noise that appears every three seconds from 3 am until dawn. This audio is successfully captured by one of the people of Kota Samarahan in Malaysia.
Unexplained noises and mysterious sounds reported from various locations across the globe
This incident was recorded in Verde Valley in December of 2012 and remains unexplained
Mysterious noise and rumbling reported in Windsor, On – compiled August 2011 by The Windsor Star
UK village residents hit by mysterious rumbling, shaking noise – June, 2011. Minnesota residents experienced mysterious rattling noise as early as 2009.
contributions Vicky, Suanne , Tim
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245 Responses to What are they? Mysterious unexplained noises now being reported across the globe

  1. Phyllis says:

    I thought it might be the earth groaning as mentioned in the Bible.

    • Certainly, sounds like it. Might be one more indication we’re on the eve of some massive change.

    • Did you ever think maybe it’s sounds coming from the planet Jupiter like it did in the 90s, and maybe it took 22 years for the sound to finally reach earth.

      • Joe Lello says:

        Sound is vibrating air. There is no air in space and sound could not propagate here from the moon, much less Jupiter- basic physics.

      • Shubham Jain says:

        You do realize that sound cannot travel in space right?

      • Mike Means says:

        SETI, the search project for Extra Terrestrials, listens for SOUNDS coming from
        distant sources constantly. Do not let these other two posters deter you. Although
        I do not believe these noises are extraterrestrial. I believe this whole thing is a hoax.

      • Chris says:

        Who knows what sort of waves (radio or otherwise) might be impacting earth and how they would manifest themselves in our atmosphere? “Worldwide’ seems to be VERY localized on each occation Which would lead me to believe local sources, but I have yet to hear anything that could account for the phenom in so many places at different times except perhaps a hoax being perpetrated by unkowing participants. Hey, the more saturation this story gets, more and more mundane sounds will be recorded with NO way of identifying the true source.

      • This could be one potential source of some of the artificial sounds in some of the hoax videos. I found this in the Iron Man movie 2008. Listen to the effect noise which happens when Iron Man lowers his arms 23 seconds into the clip.

    • Tina L Dybry says:

      Yes the earth groaning as mentioned makes good sense especially with the global earthquakes ect. Also mentioned in the Bible. But the sounds do sound industrial or like a metal structure swaying in wind. I suppose deep in the earth the compisition could make these sounds. Very interesting indeed.Pray God to protect us.

      • really don’t think that it is the Bible and the “End Times” like some of you seem to want. no such thing. some think it is Earth Sounds. ….. so who knows really.

    • joe schmo says:

      it appears to have a regular interval and distinct frequency, it sounds at regular intervals too, almost like some sort of deep-space sonar maybe…

  2. Rachael Kavanagh says:

    Any chance were being contacted? I can’t believe the things I say these days?

    • That’s something, I don’t think that something earth people can’t ponder in mass, presently…but it could be paranormal event.

      • Danny Joshua Israel, says:

        yep, paranormal!!! the sound of the tormented in hell, maybe a warning that hell is a reality???????

      • The Bible teaches no such place of eternal torment. It’s more immortality of the soul that finds its doctrines in the New Age and Catholicism.

        The Bible is clear, “The soul that sinneth; it shall die.” Ezekiel 18:4

      • Godsendization says:

        To say that the Bible teaches no such place of torment is completely erroneous. What then did Jesus Christ die for? To spare our souls from eternal separation from God and the just penalty for our sins – torment in Hell! The Bible actually makes it clear there is such a place…Matthew 10:28
        “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” In where? “HELL!” The reference to Ezekiel 18:4 is true (as is all Scripture). The soul who sins shall die – this is pertaining to the SECOND DEATH also mentioned in the Bible – death of the soul. Every man is destined to die once (the death of the flesh), but not all will die the second death. That is the death that Jesus Christ rescues us from. Actually, many New Age philosophies teach there is no hell – so be aware!

      • The Bible uses several words for hell which are: Sheol is translated from the word, ‘pit’, Hades – grave, Gehenna – place of burning trash and bodies in the Valley of Hinnon outside Jerusalem. It was a garbage pit. The last word used for hell Tartaro, and in none of these instances do any of the words refer to a place of eternal torment. The idea of eternal burning hell and purgatory was a doctrine of paganism that was adopted by Catholicism.

        I ask you where will this so-called virtual hell be, because “the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.” 2 Peter 3:10

        This comes
        “And fire came down from heaven and devoured them. And the devil that deceiveth them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone…” Rev. 21:9

        Before this
        “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.” Revelation 21:1

        The soul is not immortal. “The soul that sinneth, it shall die.” Ezekiel 18:4 “And every lving soul died in the sea.” Revelation 16:3

        Immortality of the soul is the cornerstone of the occult and spiritualism. The serpent said to Eve, “Ye shall not surely die.” Genesis 3:4. This is direct contradiction to what God told Adam, “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die…for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” Genesis 2:17, 3:19

        Now if you want immortality of the soul – turn to the occult




      • johnny obritz says:

        i heard a lot of noise in the summer of 2010. voices, extremely intimidating rumbles, and a variety of different sounds. all these noises were strangely unnoticed by others around me. there was no one that could confirm these things i was hearing CONSTANTLY. i am not crazy! i went to the phsyc. hospital 3 times over this. nothing wrong upstairs. my dog is the only thing that i can say has heard what i heard. i know this because her ears would perk up and she would begin to growl or look very uneasy..

  3. LouAnn says:

    It mean”s that they are here! This time they will eventually land. They have come to help undo ALL THE DAMAGE the gov. has done to it’s own people. They are also here to help us ascend to the fifth demention.

  4. LouAnn says:

    culminating on December 21, 2012

  5. Tim says:

    1/16/2012 — ‘Strange sounds’ heard WORLDWIDE
    Chicago, IL – Czech Republic – Oklahoma – Glasgow Scotland – Conklin, Alberta Canada – Budapest, Hungary – Acosta, Costa Rica – Montreal, Canada – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada – Poland – Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    • Added to the line-up. Thanks, Tim.


    • Wiseguy says:

      @Tim, I was in Montreal Canada yesterday and the windows were opened, didn’t hear a thing, where did you get this info. I’m always ready to record something with my iPhone and my HD camera…

      • Apple IIGS says:

        I live in Montreal, Canada, and a daily follower of Alvin’s site.

        Interestingly, yesterday afternoon I experienced and felt a very strange sound. I thought it was caused by someone playing loud music with a sub-woofer, or some kind of construction going on in the area. It was getting on my nerves at one point, but I couldn’t figure out what it was or where it was coming from. I can say it would end in a “thump” or booming noise at the end of each cycle. It was faint, but I could still hear and feel it.

        At the time I didn’t even connect it to any Earth changing event.

        It actually was real.

    • Aurora says:

      Add me, I am in Otis Massachuetts and on Saturday I heard what sounded like rumbling, but it’s vibrations penetrated my house. My pets, afraid of thunder were NOT afraid. They appeared to not have noticed. Which is VERY odd. I felt the vibrations of that rumbling. It lasted longer than thunder rumbles. It has been freezing cold here with NO warm winds at all. It is winter and temps over the weekend were O degrees.

      • Tina L Dubry says:

        That is indeed odd about the animals???? Hmmmm
        Any other neighbors experience this or news coverage?

    • you can add North carolina to that list. 3am last night. A shofar horn lasting 30-40 seconds.

    • Deborah says:

      Last nite on the outskirts off Waterford city Ireland my Son and myslef heard the strangest sound , noice i have ever heard in my life . It happened at 01.52 am the only way i can decribe it is it sounded like indstrial or like a metal structure swaying in wind or this might sound crazy but the first thing that crossed my mind was a ufo over our house . It was very very loud. It lasted for a good ten minutes then a humming noice remained for a good 30 mins to 45 mins after .Then i thought it could be an airoplane trying to land in our airport , so we went outside too investigate what had happened and we found the sky was misty and vision was bad .Can anyone explain what this could be or did anyone else hear this last nite 24 July 2012 .

  6. Rachael Kavanagh says:

    Haarp? – or both?

    • Joe Lello says:

      HAARP was my guess, too. HAARP uses multi-million watt transmitters to heat the ionosphere. Rapidly heating the air could be causing vibrations and creating sounds like thunder.

    • Amanda says:

      Project Blue beam. They have the technology to make us hear and see things that will manipulate our thinking process.

      • Tiffany Rae says:

        I heard this and didn’t connect it all together till now. I was scared when I heard it but thought to myself oh its nothing. Then a friend posted this and i recalled the sound and tried to describe it …then I watch the videos. it just totally blew my mind. It felt like that whole day I was having mixed moods and emotions…and it was also a very beautiful moon that night…I don’t know i’m not going on facts. I don’t know what to think. I did hear this exact vibration and sounds!

  7. How come no noise has been heard in Australia……..All these things happen over there makes you wonder same places same ppl

    • Sheree Andersen says:

      What happened to the Melbourne video?

      • Perhaps, it would be helpful to ask someone if they heard a sound before you start filming it, otherwise if no one heard it, why would the video camera be on?

      • Elizabeth says:

        nothing ever happens in vt.

      • Bill Watts says:

        I came across this sight looking for something that might explain what i have been hearing. I live in Melbourne and hear a constant noise that sounds like an aircraft of some sort (constant humming), that does not fade into any distance. The times i have heard it have been around 3.30am to about 1st light. I hear it every few weeks but the last few times i have typed in strange sounds in Melbourne to see if anyone else has heard or experienced the same thing.

      • jeff says:

        I am in Sydney, and I hear the same, at the same time.
        You know Syd International closes to all aircraft at 11pm, and yet I hear what can only be described as the hum of an aircraft.

        This thread of conversations goes back to January, a few of my posts and what I have heard are through the thread.

        I vaguely recall the first talk on this site, on this subject was back in 2011……….if not correct someone will come forward and clarify.

    • noyz says:

      I am in Melbourne (inner northern suburbs), Australia, and at night i hear a constant low frequency sub woofer type of sound. Various times I have walked out early in the morning (3 a.m – 5 a.m.) walking the streets, and cannot find any source. On the weekend i could probably blame party mode, but i hear it weekdays and it’s wrecking havoc with my sleep pattern.

      • jeff says:

        you need to scroll through comments. i live in sydney and until frustration set in i contributed the experiences up here…………

      • peter says:

        I know the noise your talking about I live in lalor and could hear it found part of it was from the boring machine that was run bout 20kms underground from coburg to epping for the sewrage pipe extention and the other was night works for the south morang rail project and they have a train that grinds the tracks level running lately at night

      • ELIZABETH says:

        im from lalor too and hear these sounds constantly!
        at first i thought it was just at the strange times of the morning, you can hear it so well then because its quite in the streets. But ive been sitting outside in the lovely weather, and can actually hear these strange rumbling sounds during the day!
        It almost sounds like distant jets that have flown over – thats the only way i can explain what im hearing!

      • Jeff belli says:

        Last comment for me was September and then this one (above or below) in June of 2012.
        Because of the airport curfew here there is NO air traffic in or out after 11 pm at night. AND YET!
        We still hear what sounds like the rumble of jets which is impossible……and not momentary like take off or reverse thrust landing but (a) continual roar………….Whoa,this is such a long thread now………………….

      • Well, one common factor in the noises, other than the recordings of one noise which people reused and posted it in videos from different locations around the world, is energy. If you area christian at all you may have heard bible scripture about the earth sinking and not rising. this seems to be a scientifically proven occurrence when the earth molten core begins to slow down in the process involved in its heating, the process that produces volcanoe activity and earthquakes. As the process slows which it inevitably will to thepoint where there will be no volcanoes, the earth on the top settles and sinks somehow. This is written by one of the Old Testament prophets and now along with the scientific proof is understood to be true. I have absolutly no idea what the noises are but with a sinking earth it is possible such large chucks of the earth surface sinking that it creates pressures along with noises. It is a guess. All other bible prophecy has come true and some is still to come true.I shall trust in it all becasue the definition of god being all good things is becoming to prove itself, I think you can understand. So along with the truths coming true all the other things that are also said to be true it is even logical they are good things too. Soon an understanding of truth grows with the time spent looking at the truth and spending time with Christians who know truth become the outlet of the knowledge that is written and so the way the One God of truth is communicating.The scripture also says it is the last days God is pouring out his spirit and this is becoming the intensity of the numbers of people ahving dreams about god and jesus and having visons also. There are the imposters too.

      • Richard says:

        I can give you a scientific explanation. Electromagnetic energy can be converted into sound waves if there is a mechanical object that resonates at that frequency. The human ear, at the level of consciousness, can hear sound at 20Hz to 20 kHz. When it is at that level of 20Hz it is going to be more of a rumble. As far as the subconscious goes, your mind hears everything as your brain works at sub frequencies all the way down to 1 Hz, but mainly around the 7.83 Hz of the earth frequency. There is a lot of artificial noise happening around the world due to these ever increasing so called ionosphere heaters that operate at extremely high power and extremely low frequency. This is almost certainly the source of your experience. If it is not that, then it would most likely be an earthquake.

        There are lots of folks having odd dreams as of late. Radio…especially at the low frequency, can act as a carrier. In other words, other electromagnetic frequencies can ride long distances on one carrier. This is modulation interference that you would hear when tuning your AM radio as certain frequencies cross the outer bands…harmonics. Since a persons brain operates at the Schumann frequencies with the fundamental being that of 7.83 and at a constant gain of harmonics hence forth, it is logical that dreams themselves could be the result of electromagnetic reception of the brain picking up signals coming from space originating on the planet or anywhere else for that matter. I am just an engineer and a radio enthusiast so I can not give too much detail on the brain, but if it works like I think it does, the information and messages are always being sent, it is just a matter if we are perceptive and listening.

      • Michael R says:

        I HEAR THE SAME THING! it’s so bloody annoying, I just hope whatever it is it stops.

    • Fen says:

      I heard a pounding like the one in the colorado vid. at around 3 am on June 18th, 2012. Then there was the earthquake in Victoria a day or so later. I live in Coonabarabran, NSW.

  8. BrianSJ says:

    How do animals respond?

  9. Sorry…
    However, from those areas in which I had time to view the videos, they are extremely adapted to high sound reverberant potential; and thus, these noises, if one concentrates on similar physical or ambient related sources > could be explainable as being mere Earth related sounds generating from actual physically existing producers, or creative and artistic individuals.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I heard the booms last night, exactly like the ones in the first video. I live in the rural mounatins, and I know what all the guns and stuff out here sound like, and this was NOT any of those things. It really freaked me out. I heard the other sound a month ago, the industrial, whirring noise, also at my house and like it was coming from the air. I seriously thought at the time it was HAARP, so I didn’t make too much of it, but those booms really bothered me. Now, I didn’t make any videos, so I have no reason to lie about it, and I know how different sounds move thruout my valley (gunshots, fireworks, farm equipment, hammers, ect) and I’m telling you, BOTH these cases were sounds I just cannot explain, and did not sound very ‘natural’.

      • Amanda says:

        Where I am currently living, we hear those low boom like noises all the time. We always brushed them off thinking it was missile test firing in Columbus Georgia. But they are getting more frequent and louder so I am ready to assume it is NOT test fires at all.

    • nickk0 says:

      I happen to agree with F.Gregg on this – on MOST of these videos.
      It is rather funny, how they all sound ‘similar’.
      They remind me of the ‘unexplained noises’ in the Ukraine, such as the ones in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=84V5eySzQf0

      However, the 1st and 2nd videos, are unique – and look like the real deal.

  10. pagan66 says:

    Definite shades of Spielberg’s 2005 movie adaptation of H.G Well’s classic sci fi novel War of the Worlds, even down to the same sort of noise which is very curious.I wouldnt even venture to suggest what this may be except it sounds very creepy & quite disturbing.

    Below is a link for underground UFO entrances worldwide. Interesting reading :)


  11. Skuggi says:

    Perfectly normal, within the Expanding Earth theory.
    Now , with massive electrical input the earth is in a rapid growth spur.

  12. Mette Themsen says:

    It sounds like the soundtrack from a doomsday movie… I’m thinking, how can we know the sounds hasn’t been added after recording? Anyway, the most believeable video, is the one from the woods, where you Can the see the surprise in the mens faces. If it’s real, it’s quite spooky…

    • Amanda says:

      Have you also noticed that some of the sounds on other videos are the exact same sounds as in War of the Worlds? Remember how those things sounded?

      • nickk0 says:

        Amanda – I agree, which is why I think some of these YouTube videos, are copycat hoaxes.

        As Alvin points out, however – Not ALL these reports are hoaxes, and there are some ‘verified’ strange sound phenomena being reported around the world.
        The YouTube video of the “Strange Sounds in Colorado Before Earthquake” are a good example – I imagine these approximate the sounds of the so-called “seneca guns”, or “mistpoufers”.

        Apparently, the USGS doesn’t deny these exist, even if they have no official explanation :

  13. I have not heard anything in Texas, and so far, I accept the fact that these videos could have sounds overlaid on the original sound from the actual video. Some of them just sound to “pure and clear”, though I do know how they could be paranormal and manifest that clearly on recording equipment. I’m not saying I don’t believe these are real, but I’m still waiting to hear some of this here in Texas. Then I’ll change my beliefs.

    • ashlinstereo says:

      i live in Dallas and I hear these sounds pretty frequently. rather, more frequently than I would like. probably every 4 to 6 months. I have honestly never even thought to record them, but I do hear them and I start to feel pretty uneasy once I realize I don’t recognize the sound I am hearing.

      • Stan Clarke says:

        This morning (15/7/12) While walking my dog out the backyard & noticing the tail end of a meteor shower here in Port Victoria, South Australia.. I Heard sounds very similar to what everyone has been describing. There are a lot of Steelwork areas but not close enough for these kind of sounds and they sounded very different to what you would normally hear.. very unearthly!!!

  14. I think this is the noice of underground digging to build shelters for the rich. Never heard of NWO (Illuminati) ? They want to exterminate 90 % of world population, so control will be easier.

    • Lady Zen says:

      This was my first reaction to seeing a video that I saw earlier today and it was from Colorado where the govenment is known to be building an underground town for the rich and for the politicians. They are making a safe place so that they will survive and most will be exterminated that are not in these safe places. It is the governments way of getting rid of those considered to be poor and those that are middle class, the elderly and the people that use unemployment, welfare, social security because without having to pay out these benefits the rich will then have all of the money. LOVE!!!

      • Tamzen says:

        That makes no sense to me. With 90% of the population gone, their money would just be pieces of paper. You use money to buy things… that wouldn’t be produced if other people didn’t exist.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    I want to report that I have recently heard both the ‘booming’ noise like in the first video (last night, the 16th), and about a month ago, I heard the ‘industrial’ noise from the other videos.

    The booms I heard last night (Jan 16th), and there were maybe 15 of them. I live about 25 minutes NW of Asheville, NC, and out here in the country, we shoot off a lot of guns. This was NOT a gun, I know what all kinds of guns sound like, and this wasn’t it. I live on a large ridge, above an even larger valley, and when someone shoots off a shotgun, the sounds bounces around. This sounded very similiar to a shotgun in it’s force and the length of the boom, but in addition to not bouncing off the valley AT ALL, it just was not a gun. I know the difference. My dogs were scared to death; whenever people shoot off guns, they don’t react much, but for these booms, all 3 of my dogs peeled across the yard, bolted into the house, and looked at me like I was trying to end their little world or something. There were maybe 15 of the booms that went off, in about 25 minutes, then it was over.

    The industrial sounds, about a month ago, lasted a few hours and were during the day (again at my home). What it sounded like to me was some kind of a plane overhead, but it just didn’t go away for hours. My hubsand and I know most of the normal sounds of the area; machinary, yardwork, construction, farming equipment, ect; we’ve lived in the country a long time, and this was NOTHING I have heard before, especially nothing that stuck around and didn’t fly away; if it had passed over, I would have said it was some kind of aircraft, but it just filled the valley behind our house with that humming, whirling, whining noise and stayed around for a few hours. It sounded just like those videos. At the time, we were (uneasily) joking about HAARP, but that’s exactly what we thought it was.

    So, add Weaverville (and Asheville) NC to the list. I had been wondering all month about that industrial sound, and then those booms last night REALLY bothered me. Now that I see that people all over the world are experiencing the exact same TWO different sounds I heard, well, I don’t know if that comforts me or not. I just know that I finally have first hand experience of one of these Earthchange anomalies, or whatever their source is, so I am a little more unsettled, especially after the booms last night. I plan to spend the rest of the night sending my good graces out to the Divine, and to reassure myself that no matter what it is, it’s all going to be okay. Even if it’s a sign of the end, in whatever way it comes, it’s okay, as this mortal coil is only the beginning of this experience (or, as I believe, a continuation of the journey, before the next phase) . I am curious about what is causing the sounds, though. Peace, love and blessings to you all.

  16. If our perceptions are Heightening then our ability to hear sounds we didn’t hear before is probable.

  17. Glenn Rice says:

    Be wary people, for not everything in this world is as it seems. The build up in the media for a 2012 doomsday mentality in the masses is very real. Some of these or maybe even most may be fabricated. The Kiev type of sounds do impress me as very mechanical in nature, and are easily recorded and reproduced in our digital world. If these are from the creation, then God is speaking. If these are from people, then they are scamming us. We desperately need discernment in these last days, and God will give us that if we ask.

    • We have to look for collateral physical effects if these sounds are actually being generated by natual terrestrial processes. What effects are they having on animals? Are they driving fish out of the sea? Are there any signs of unusual animal behavior prior to during, or after the recorded events, ect? Or they being mass reported? There is a possibility that some may be fabricated and its possible they may not be phyiscal at all. You’re right, we need discernment because we have to figure out what it is before we can figure out what they mean.


    • Martin says:

      “We desperately need discernment in these last days, and God will give us that if we ask.” I agree 100% Would these happenings bring people closer to God? No. Like in days of Jesus. Sadly.

  18. Sure sounds like the trumpets from the book of Revelations to me!

    • Linda K. says:

      Amen Kim!! My thoughts exactly. Whether you are super genious or just the average “joe” intilectually, all you simply have to do is follow the prophecies of God’s word (which even science is proving historical accounts in the bible to be very acurate. Certainly not for me to judge; however, I find it very sad for what the non-beleiver have to face in the “final days” and worse for eternity. My prayers go out to believers and non-believers alike!

  19. The first thing I thought was foghorn. I went to see if I could find anything online and came across a site with some reasonable sound similes. I was reasonably convinced after listening Someone mentioned foghorns in one of the films. I’ve heard thumping noises in my own village but I know them to come from the gravel pit-works. These are very loud, whatever they are…

    Is anyone going to try and investigate further? You know, like, government officials, or someone? Or is that the last thing you want? !!!

  20. Harry says:

    Without sounding, close minded, could this be some audio dubbing, or some kind of hoax? Is there any official investigation into these sounds, or any real media coverage.

  21. Lisa says:

    Hey Alvin here is another video. It’s from today 1/17/12 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuKzWiIKAPY&feature=player_embedded

  22. Me says:

    This is a hoax by either those of the same bent as the creators of crop circles, or, government distraction from the real deal, ie, the much more boring notion that bankers and corporate elites are stealing governments and your money. If you show me a recording with people reacting en masse in a natural situation like the centre of Tokyo, or even where there are people (all the footage is from isolated locations) I’d be more inclined to take a second look. There’s not even footage of animals reacting, or even the cameramen themselves saying anything like “wtf!”. Nothing. Sounds recorded after the footage was shot.

  23. Lorraine says:

    To me it sounds like the harmonics you can achieve on a stringed instrument like a cello or string bass. The drum like noises that supposedly preceded the earth quake, I haven’t a clue about. However, I do believe that there is a terestrial explanation for all of them. Some of the recordings sounded very much like movie sound effects and not exactly believeable to me. People walking about and not even flinching at such a loud and disconcerting sound? COME ON!!

  24. Steve Forbes says:

    These are all very interesting videos. I think that a few of them may be a deliberate hoax.

    As with everything like this though, I wont believe it till I hear for myself.

    • Amanda says:

      Well I have personally heard them, tho I havent filmed them yet. Hard to capture those sounds accurately with 7 kids and animals running about making noises. But I am going to get those on film!

      • Penelope says:

        Last night after I was reading all these posts, I posted on my facebook page asking if anyone has heard any weird noises or noises that are unusual. My friend who lives in Kennewick WA sent me this note:

        “I didn’t know other people around the world had heard it…me and my hubby heard it one morning and went outside and some of our neighbors came out to listen too. My hubby thought it sounded like jets powering up and down; I thought it sounded like trains and also steel being bent or twisted; our school teacher couple across the street said it sounded like a ship and its horns blowing and another neighbor said it sounded like noises he heard in Viet Nam during the war. It was freaky and if anyone tells you its not real don’t believe it. I’ve heard it several times in the last year and a half, 2 times with my grandsons and it scared them so bad we had to pray and ask Jesus to stop it and it quit! Once it was so loud it woke me up. After listening to that link you posted I thought wow, what if it were the trump of God…or what if its the Angels battling demons? Weird I know but its not noise of humans…it must be supernatural, what are your thoughts?”

        I truly believe something is happening and it’s something we don’t quite understand just yet!

  25. Ghost says:

    We are due for a magnetic shift. In my belief this shift will PROBABLY not make a major difference in our day-to-day life, but things like these may be the direct result of a magnetic shift.

  26. In following the Ben Fulford /David Wilcox story the sounds are the same of those in Co. & Va. when the D.U.M.P.S were being destroyed and the only explanation was “benevolent”.

  27. Kim says:

    Several websites are reporting a record amts of UFO sightings during the first weeks of 2012…here is a link. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/10/2012-ufos-are-off-and-run_n_1194310.html#s307060&title=Lanterns
    Strange feelings about all this. I’m with you Alvin..the earth is getting ready for some event.

  28. Valerie Heinze says:

    This is very interesting indeed! I would rather think that the celestial beings of the netherworld are calling the faithful of the world. If you have an ear, then listen to the sound and be prepared to meet Jesus in the air along with his celestial angels. If not, then just keep on having faith that HE will come for his children who ever you are!!
    PS Girl….

  29. summerburkes says:

    Don’t let the freaks in charge exploit your faith, be it in the Apocalypse or the Bible. They have been planning to do so for a long time. Sounds like “Cloverfield,” “Lost” and “War of the Worlds” monsters…. They couldn’t even pick a new noise? No, they couldn’t. It’s called “predictive programming” so don’t fall for it!

    short clip on the upcoming Fake Alien Attack – the father of rocketry said it, not me!

    - just a guess -

  30. PAT2 says:

    I was looking at other sites yesterday on this subject and thought about the sounds on my way home from work today. I came to a conclusion that some of these sounds are repeated (I believe folks are copying them). Google (or what ever you use) and put in mysterious noise and shaking around the world. The list is very long and the sounds on everyother video sounds the same. Why not get a neighbor or folks to come outside while videoing (I know…that would be hard maybe), but try to draw a crowd if you may. Any animals in the neighborhood barking or acting strange? I believe someone at one point submitted the true strange sound/rumbling and “some” others re-recorded the sound into their video (or however they do it) and on and on….. Bottom line, many (not saying all) of these videos are truly FAKE (in my opinion), and that is sad that some folks are looking for attention that way. Until I hear and feel this myself, I will not believe it. Also, did anyone call the cops out? Did anyone contact the news media to investigate this? (Although Costa Rica’s video is weird and was reported to the media – and what happened later was active Volcano’s – correct me if I am wrong on this) This is fearmongering for 2012 and I can imagine the internet is beaming with this mess. P.S. If I do hear this noise and rumbling, I will report it and I am going to get others involved, if possible. Otherwise who will believe me.

  31. Fred Zeake says:

    Well, I live in Mn on a pretty big farm. My spread is about 200 acres and last Thursday evening I heard this loud, monotone humming or vibration and my livestock were going crazy. My cows were banging into one another and head butting each other. My chickens were trying to take off in flight and two smashed into the side of the barn. It was madness and I have to tell you I was scared. Something is happening, thats for sure.

  32. turkeyridge says:

    Just a thought but what is happening on the other side of the globe compared to where these sounds are being heard?

  33. anonimous says:

    Hey everybody i have heard that some people has listen to this same sound’s here in Chile, South America too.. a friend of mine actually did in December of 2011 ..

    the sounds are scary and they sound like coming from a horror movie… i can do this sound´s with plugins (i am a producer) … and they are the same sounds lolz…

    but very interesting videos..it is true that in some videos , there are some people walking when this sounds came up .. and they Dont do anything, they just keep walking like nothing happens…

    would this be a YouTube conspiracy maybe?

  34. Stan Clarke says:

    My thought, even though a lot of these possibilities i would agree with.. is this..

    I was reading from NASA’s website a while ago, about the reality of “Spacequakes” Due to the Weather in Space from the particle stream eminating from the sun, it hits the magnetic sheilding (our ozone layer) and every now and again..they collide and the waves get sent back to earth. It’s possible that with the sun starting to ramp up into a Solar Maximum, that this could very well be a possibility!

    Here’s a link that explains what im thinking..

  35. Edmond says:

    I never gave the noises much thought and I live in Northwest Indiana at 1st I thought it might have been a new sort of Jet but I never spotted a plane or anything and the sound seemed like you could not pinpoint what direction it was coming from, The last time I heard it was about 3 or 4 months ago and then I seen this on another site or in the news and checked it out and the 1st thing I thought was holy cow thats what I’m hearing, Its definately strange thats for sure

  36. Liam says:

    Noises heard last two nights In Montana,
    It’s a good spot for the sounds from whenever and wherever to mass up because of the direction the nations winds have been carrying sound from Washington and the mountain areas.

    I want to say it sounds like a crash, or a thud,

    I can’t dismiss any of it and label it a hoax, because family and friends have heard it as well
    It doesnt sound like it -can- have a location.

  37. Brandon says:

    You and Kim said that the earth is getting ready for some event. What do you think this event could be, with all the UFO sightings, the sounds and hums reported across the globe, and the usual increasing earth changes, quakes, etc? And when do you think it might take place?

  38. Rey chavez says:

    Seems like my comment never got approved but there’s something that’s really bugging me about these videos, in two of them it seems they are using the same audio that was recorded in Ukraine, how do I know this ? Cuz there are some birds that chirp in it and the same exact chirps are heard in two other videos which leads me to think that some people are hoaxing. While others might be legit. I hope this message gets approved.

    • Wading through the very heavy volume of comments is the issue. As I have said before, this is a scientific treatise on effects of the hum, noise, rumblings (on peoople, objects, earth) not a CIA audio sound engineering room testing the authenticity of acoustics or Youtube videos. The message of what’s happening to the growing masses of people legitmately being affected and disturbed by rumblings, earth agitations, electromagnetic interferences, acoustic anomalies, and white noise, shouldn’t be lost in all this. In general, I think there is a witchhunt to indict Youtube for what the videos are saying while missing the underlying point of what the Earth has already spoken.

      • Believing says:

        To the naysayers, this isn’t a hoax, I have heard the hum with my own ears in Windsor Ontario, along with a good portion of the entire population here. It’s been in the news for months, with no affirmative answers from Environment Canada. It sounds like a jet engine idling and the earth seems to rumble from beneath. There’s no conspiracy; something is indeed happening here with the erratic weather patterns around the globe and this rumbling noise!

      • Mette Themsen says:

        Beautifully said, Alvin

    • belle says:

      Yes. I heard that too and just posted a comment below.
      The exact same bird screech can be heard at :
      then again at 10:35
      and then again at 13:38. That also led me to believe that some people are faking these. I believe some are legit and some are very not. Disappointing.

  39. Gen says:

    Sounds like War of the Worlds. Where did the idea for that music come from I wonder.

    Here are sounds of the planets as recorded by NASA’s Voyager. Sound familiar?

    Maybe there is much much more going on in our earth and in the heavens above than we are aware of. Perhaps the sound is getting through to us more because of the magnetic field weakening, the wobble and the shape of the earth as shown in a previous post.

    I was looking for the older post on the noise in Kiev and the link I posted but can’t find it. I think from memory the sounds of Uranus were almost identical to the noise in Kiev.

    As mentioned by Stan Clarke maybe it has to do with spacequakes, especially the boom noises.

  40. Nick Jones says:

    Listen to the Video titled
    1/16/2012 — ‘Strange sounds’ heard WORLDWIDE -
    or visit here :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZ2ZcmMxehk

    Explain – at :47 and 13:35 they are the exact same sound and then bird noise but different place. Could be a bunch of gathered random footage and the effects added and altered a bit. What do you all think ??? Could it be real or one huge PRANK ???

  41. Steve Forbes says:

    Seems that the videos with the “trumpeting” sound are fake (or many of them anyway).

  42. Jenny says:

    So call me crazy, but I keep having dreams every night of being on the Gulf of Mexico, when a whale comes close to shore and sings. Shortly after his song, the sky goes dark and ships with no passengers start crashing ashore. Then I wake up. This post has been on my mind the last few days. I showed it to my mother and she swears up and down she heard the booming sound after midnight in New Hampshire two days ago. I was very skeptical until she informed me of this. My mother isn’t one to falsify stories. I had the dream again last night, but the song was longer. It contained lower pitches that held and then sweepingly shifted up to an elevated pitch. Emphasis was put on the low rumble of a male whales lower tone. Similar to the sounds I’ve heard in these videos.

    They contain the same low frequency.
    Don’t really know what to make of this. It sounds similar to me. But then again maybe it’s the power of the brains suggestion. Anyone else hear the similarity?

  43. Adair Key says:

    I was in Lafayette LA when I heard the sounds , I kept asking people if they could hear it and asked what it was , I thought it was a local thing since I am new to the area , a few people couldn’t hear it at all and a few could and told me they just didnt know what it was.

  44. Brandon says:


    What do you think about this possible explanation for the worldwide sounds?

  45. Chris M says:

    Honestly sounds like a test run or practice for Project Bluebeam, as many have alreayd mentioned. For one thing’s for certain, it is succeeding in getting a lot of people to look up at the sky.

  46. tess says:

    even if some of the videos are fake, and the sounds are copyied from other sources, the bottom line is that people, animals and places are feeling the effects of the real ones.
    One comment above mentioned the idea of pre programing people to expect this kind of sound (war or the worlds, etc) i would like to mention that the game battlefield 2 (which my partner has just finished playing) has the exact same sound (which in the game is associated with a sonic weapon on a plane).. i agree with the fact that there could be influances from games, sci fi, etc which are producing the fake sounds and clips people are seeing. (in the most recent mission impossible film, the opening sceane has a sonic weapon used to break into a jail!)

    However, i do feel thats this is a real thing taking place, and that once again, humans are being givin a WAKE UP CALL. has anybody else noticed the infultration of new technoligys into movies, and life in genral.. up till last week i had no idea there was such a thing as a magnetic bomb. therefore it would not surprise me if 1) This was a form of sonic weapon 2) this was the earths magnetic field, or effects from solar winds/ quakes or 3) this is associated with Harrp.

    either way, the bottom line is change is coming. people like ourselfs who are aware of the changes on this planet, are also going to be the ones who are able to cope when change comes.
    so thanks to all for your views, because through our collective knowlege, we are educating each other, even if we disagree with some of the ideas..

    good luck to the people living in the areas affected by these sounds…i have yet to experiance them first hand..

  47. Alex says:

    I live in rural Texas and I occasionally hear booming noises, quiet enough to where you almost miss it if you’re not paying attention to your surroundings. I always thought that people were blasting, but upon reading this has made more sense to the cause

  48. Nicole Guimond says:

    I’ m not a scientist and far from it.The only thing I know is there is someone who created us and I’m sure we have been abusing our beautiful world. It wouldn’t surprise me that one of these days that something is going to be done about it. Hopefully it will not be soon but at the rate we are abusing our planet it want take too long.It’s our own fault. We have created Monsters ( money is involved) which are destroying our world and now we are going to pay for it. It doesn’t surprise me at all! Lets take it one day at a time and enjoy what we have now. What will be will be!

  49. Susan says:

    I’ve read about the Taos Hum in Taos, New Mexico…a low frequency hum noise…..no explanation.
    But it seems like most places have heard this hum noise. It’s world wide.

  50. Dawn says:

    I am in Christchurch NZ and I have experienced some weird noises over the last several months. Like jet boats in the distance or a giant waterfall just out of sight. Sometimes like a plane flying overhead—for 30 straight minutes. It is almost a white noise—seems to blend into the background. The first time I noticed it (and it may have come many times that I didn’t notice it) was when I clued in on the fact that an airplane (what it initially sounded like) wouldn’t be a continuous noise for that long. Then I started to pay attention. I made my husband come out and listen too. It went on 30+ minutes that time.
    I think you wouldn’t hear it or notice it unless you are outside. And even then, it seems to sort of blend into the noise of life—cars, planes, trains etc. It’s only if you notice and pay attention that you realize it is a sound of no known origin or explanation.
    When I hear it and ask others if they hear it, they say no. And then they listen and say “yeah but I don’t know what it is” and kind of shrug it off.

  51. birdie says:

    I posted this entry on my FB page yesterday and one of my friends responded that she heard these exact noises last week, around the 12th. She lives right on the water of Puget Sound in Poulsbo, WA. SHe thought it was construction noises.

  52. ThatOneKidOnThisSite says:

    I dont know much about this…
    But maybe its something to do with HAARP?

  53. Dave McGrath says:

    It’s the sound of gabriel’s trumpet

  54. Richard says:

    I encourage everyone to read this document that wants to better understand the sounds. These sounds are real although I have not heard them personally, they are part of a larger picture that has to do with using the Ionosphere as a superconductor. This document is from early years of testing. They have had a long time perfect it. Out of everything going on in the world, this is the most frightening as it is part of a weapon that is capable of unimaginable things as well as unintentional consequences. Global warming…and the so called, global dimming techniques of spraying Barium in the atmosphere is just a front for furthering this technology and perhaps as well as a wealth distribution scheme which I won’t get into here. Barium is a metal used in superconductors. I have an abundance of this information I have been collecting for many years. Many of the things going on, from the massive increase in Autism to the dying bees, to an extraordinary year of solar maximum, could and most likely is related to what I am talking about.


  55. Dan says:

    What seems obvious: The type of sounds being emitted closely resemble those recorded at the South Pole (and possibly the North Pole as well). Also at the poles of Saturn and Jupiter according to NASA recordings!! Best speculation is that it is progressive destabilization of the magnetic pole. Almost as though if the magnetism of the inner Earth had become like a bowl of jello, it would slosh here, slosh there, slosh there, if it were going unstable. Note that even the aurora borealis has been spotted as far south as Alabama, which is HIGHLY unusual. This could also well be connected to the sudden mass animal deaths, as birds, fish and the like travel in schools, swarms, flocks — i.e., guided by MAGNETISM. But how can this be measured scientifically? Amazing that a bird could register what human scientific instruments cannot? Is that the bottom line?

  56. This is absolutely amazing. The only thing that makes me a little weary is that the recordings seem isolated and the people don’t seem shocked. The first video in Colorado for instance, the hikers look at each other and don’t say anything to each other? The ground is shaking, there is a pounding (That almost reminded me of the pounding when T-Rex came in Jurassic Park) If my buddy and I witnessed that, we would have been yelling WTF to each other.

    I still hope this to be real. I have always believed in a world changing event coming sometime this year. Not necessarily the apocalypse, but something is going to happen.

    I also would like to witness something like this… It is these kind of events that make me excited and make me feel alive

  57. Mona Ellefsen says:

    I heard it, I was so in shock I could not speak or move!!!

  58. katleen says:

    heard the sound in spruce grove alberta on january 2oth 2012 at 11pm and again at 2am , eery and creepy if you ask me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Concerned Citizen says:

    I’m in Lancaster, CA. I’ve grown up near an Air Force Base and several Aerospace facilities and I’ve heard the ‘booming’ sound just a few weeks ago while walking out in the desert. My son noticed it (he’s 4), my dog seemed agitated but there was a lot going on that day (plus he’s never been in that part of the desert).. The sound was a monotone sound intervals were around the same… At first I thought it was small explosions, but from my experience being so close to an AirForce base…. Explosions, gun fire, canons etc are not a monotone sound and it echos… This booming didn’t echo nor could I place where the sound was coming from. No one I know has come forward saying they have heard this sound on that day and time. I felt very nervous hearing those sounds.

  60. alan solar says:

    I heard this unexplained here in washington, illinios @ the time I thoght tI was construction its winter and there isn’t any this time of year.now that same sound is all over the internet I have no clue what it could be.

  61. Bob V says:

    I live on Long Island, NY and I heard those same sounds Saturday night January 21, 2012 and made my son go outside to listen too…SOMETHING is Definitely going on….

  62. missy says:

    Well add tulsa, and Owasso Oklahoma to the list. I was living in Owasso when I first heard them. I was sitting outside very late at night having a cigarette when I heard what sounded like a jet enhine, no biggie, the guard base isnt too far away. But then, I heard an unnatural woh woh woh woh sound that the best description I had at the time was the sound the Transformers made in the movie. i threw my cigarette and ran inside not knowing to call the police or what.

    I kinda dismissed it and didnt want to sound crazy to people so I eventually forgot about it.Then when living in Tulsa, again, having a cig late at night I heard that unnatural sound along with what sounded like metal groaning. I high tailed it inside again. I just put it at the back of my mind and forgot about it again.I didnt even talk to my husband about it. Last night my husband texted me saying he heards what sounded like engine jets firing up and then the woh woh woh woh sound. He works with machines and he said it didnt sound like anything he had ever heard before, I told him what I had heard before and he thought this was the same thing. If it ever happens agaiin were getting a video camera out to record it.

    So thats 3 times in the last year. Oklahoma, especially Tulsa are not known for earthquakes, only tornadoes. But in the last year we have had several minor earthquakes that has shook houses. Not sure if they are connected or not.

  63. Maybe somebody figured it out Tesla’s earthquake machine after all…

  64. Brandon says:


    You said that the Bible says there is no such place as hell? What was Jesus referring to when He said that hell is a place where there shall be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth? And what about the story of the rich man who was looking up from hell and begging for a drop of water to cool his tongue?


    • I said, no place of eternal torment…the parable of Lazarus and rich young ruler was a well-known Jewish fable. Hell was prepared for the devil and his angels and this hell is the fire raining down from God out of heaven on them and the wicked along with the lake of fire, which is the 2nd death, and from which there is no resurrection.

      “And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the LORD of hosts.” Malachi 4:3

      God says to Lucifer: “Thou hast defiled thy sanctuaries by the multitude of thine iniquities, by the iniquity of thy traffick; therefore will I bring forth a fire from the midst of thee, it shall devour thee, and I will bring thee to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all them that behold thee…All they that know thee among the people shall be astonished at thee: thou shalt be a terror, and never shalt thou be any more. Ezekiel 28:18, 19

      “And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the 2nd death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. And I saw a new heavean and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth was passed away; and there was no more sea.” Revelation 20:14, 15, 21:1

      Ashes, devour, ashes under your feet, gone, no more…that’s pretty definite and the Earth will be recreated aferwards. You can read more about the fable Jesus used in the story of Lazarus here: http://www.tentmaker.org/books/abrahams_bosom.html

  65. Vladimir JT@ says:

    I have experienced this kind of sounds , but the sound was constant and more melodic , like some bells hitting some barrel , but highly distorted almost at some point psychedelic…
    i can not recall exactly the date but it was middle of December, December is cold , rainy and snowy in my city BELGRADE (city i live in) [Serbia,Balkans,Europe] but this day was mostly clear sky , with some clouds(Like it was Spring)..
    it was happen twice and always in 6 in the morning and it was time just before the sun come up… First time it wakes me up , but when i was reasonable enough to understand what was happening it was over… so i thought it was some strange dream i was heaving…
    Second time it was maby 5-10 day after , it wakes me up, but now i have time to go to window … the day was bright like and hear it little longer… and there was some parts when i heard 2 or 3 different sound intersecting and creating some kind of melodically noise… the duration was more that 1 min , but sadly i heaven`t any camera near to record ,
    What was strange is that sound disappeared vary fast ,almost instantly,
    everything after that was completely normal, like nothing heapend.

    I em sorry i cant provide more information , and some video pruf,
    Now i em sleeping with camera on my table hoping to record it…
    If some one has similar experience he can contact me via mail…

    P.s. Sorry for my bad English…

    • Richard says:

      The sound you are hearing is known as a formant. “A formant is a concentration of acoustic energy around a particular frequency in the speech wave. There are several formants, each at a different frequency, roughly one in each 1000Hz band. Or, to put it differently, formants occur at roughly 1000Hz intervals. Each formant corresponds to a resonance in the vocal tract.” In this case it is not a voice or speech, but something else that is causing a physical element to resonate. To get something to generate the resonance that people are experiencing on a large scale has to be coupled with something of great power and at a very low frequency. Formants are essentially harmonics built off the fundamental frequency. The important thing to know is not so much the science, but the fact that whatever is causing this resonance is coming from a source that is very powerful…and controlled. Here is a link where anyone can learn more about formants. It pertains to sound in general and not just speech.


  66. Brandon says:

    So another person has heard these sounds. What’s going on? People on here are hearung these sounds, but yet you have simebody on youtube saying it’s all a hoax and a viral marketing campaign. Who’s right? If these sounds are real then what are they and should the world be concerned?

    • One of the things I’ve done since the beginning is put out the information and lay out the science and let you guys do your own investigation, push the data through the rigors of the scientific process and see what holds up. If people say they’re experiencing the sounds personally, then that changes the equation.

    • jeff says:

      Hi Brandon, I am that somebody who said it was marketing. Play the video that features the sounds from around the world, then suddenly it breaks into the next transformers movie. I was so angry.
      Iam in Australia. We have not heard these noises but we have the unexplained booms which are NOT THUNDER SONIC BOOMS ETC. I have posted here previously our experiences but they have never been posted.

      • Brandon says:

        Hi, Jeff. Well it really doesn’t matter if these sounds are a hoax or not. The earth is still pretty much dying. You have all the earth changes taking place and now Iran is saying they are preparing for Armageddon. We are in the very last of the last days. Sometimes you can play with fire and not get burned but if you play with God you will get burned every time. Like Alvin said, “God’s message and work will prevail.” Case closed.

      • Jeffinoz says:

        One final comment so you don’t think I am detracting from your original comments.
        I agree with what you said, I further agree that the world is shifting and to this end a new beginning, what ever that is; is taking place.
        I am a believer in God, I just don’t believe in an angry God and I don’t believe in a God that throws thunder bolts and punishes.
        We are here with ‘free will’, it is our greedy corrupt society that is bringing our world to a close as we know it.
        The sounds? What sparked my original reply to you is the YOUTUBE link I watched that, and it was so convincing my jaw was on the keyboard, then suddenly out come the Transformers.
        So slick! and really? so cruel.
        This site has given lots of time to everyone that has made a claim of hearing something strange and to have ‘trolls’ jumping on people like that makes an individual consider not saying anything.
        To this end; we have the booms (here in New South Wales), like thunder here, yes, it effects the dogs here in my flat.
        We are a very controlled society down here and there are no flight(s), planes, or helicopters permitted to fly after curfew which is at 11pm, Sydney time…………….and yet I have watched blacked out helicopters chase something up and down the harbour, heard these thunder sounds that are coming from Botany Bay (south of me)………………….and yet no explanation.
        I meant nothing derogatory by my comments directed to you and if they have been taken out of context, sincere apologies.
        Life is short, everyday is precious.

  67. Duane Mondor says:

    I’m from southern Saskatchewan, Canada and we’ve been hearing reports all over the province. Is this some type of infrasound? I’ve also been personally experiencing weird ringing in my ears off and on now for about 1.5 weeks now, the same time as the reports have been circulating in. Could they possibly be linked? I had a physical exam 2 months ago and my ears were fine. The sound is the same as the reports from Mexico, Puerto Rico etc.(metallic grinding metal on metal)
    If anyone has been experiencing weird auditory symptoms in reported areas please speak up.

  68. Kent says:

    If there are people really hearing these sounds, they need to commence recording and submit reports to authorities and scientific groups. ALL of the videos I’ve found and dissected (as well as several other de-bunkers) so far are proven fakes, many blatantly outright so. Hence, we have a conundrum – All the *existing* videos and all the *known* “reports” of this phenomenon are proven fakes. Yet, people are coming out of the woodwork saying they have experienced these exact, or similar, sounds (again, of positively fake videos). Something doesn’t smell right. Until someone can put forward more evidence with credibility, it’s going to be akin to any UFO or Bigfoot “sighting”, of which the web is brimming, and with, obviously, no closure. Just another story. *Evidence.* That’s what the world needs.

    • Bob V says:

      I heard the sounds last Saturday. I also made my son listen to them, to prove to myself that I wasn’t hearing things. I never listened to these until 2 days later so I had no reference. It was freaky when the sounds were the SAME as the ones I heard…So… I DON’T THINK IT’S A HOAX….

    • Jeffinoz says:

      @Kent, Buddy……………..no one in ‘officialdom’ wants to listen.
      You make perfect sense.
      However if the powers that ‘be’ don’t want to take any notice of people(s) questions, all that is left for people is to air their experiences between each other on sites like this.
      Yes, there are a fair few ‘Trolls’ on these sites but there are also quite a bit of heartfelt genuine people with unexplained experiences.

      • Mona Ellefsen says:

        What unsettles me the most in fact is that there is no media coverage about all of this. Why?

        The Local /National Awareness – The North American Homeland Security, require that some Federal, State, Regional, and Municipal/City government protocols where designed to make misleading and deceptive statements to the public in order to allay public fears and to protect an extraordinarily sensitive national security project or to give false or misleading reports when conducting a public interest investigation . The scope of the investigation will vary, depending on the nature of the position and the degree of harm that could cause. But don’t panic; a little bit of effort can help you in understanding the law terms, meanings and definitions.

        That is why in my opinion…… I heard the sound loud and clear in Conklin, AB the same day as the recording of the slasher workers in the forest. They would have been only a few km from where I live. The sound is identical on the video as I heard it live exept it was louder live.

        I have children and grand-children, they mean the whole world to me, and I would not make some stupid story up, and humiliate them. I love and respect them too much.



  69. Brandon says:

    Well if people are hearing the sounds personally then that means the claims it is a hoax is nonsense.

  70. I just keep wondering why, if this is not the hoax I believe it to be, is no one in any of the videos freaking the hell out? I know I would be if I heard something like that coming out of a clear, blue sky. Nobody seems to be falling to their knees, praying to their Invisible Friend in the Sky, nobody is sobbing or even just saying, “WTF is THAT?!” On the 14 minute video you posted there is a clip from Russia where the cameraman zooms in on 3 people walking across a parking lot, seemingly oblivious to whatever it is the camera is recording. Which makes me think, of course, that they don’t hear it because it’s a con job.

    All that being said, last night my 16 year old son came out to the garage/smoking room where I was reading The Dark Tower to ask me if I’d heard that weird noise. I asked what weird noise and he said, “Just wait a second.” I then heard what sounded to me to be thunder but he claims it wasn’t. It was a booming, rumbling noise. Of course, there were no clouds, rain or lightning to be seen.

  71. Mogens says:

    I have no idea what these sounds may be, but whether physical or not may be further indications that we are in the last days spoken of in God’s Word. We may very likely be near to what the bible calls ‘the tribulation’ or ‘the time of Jacob’s trouble’ or ‘the day of the Lord’ or ‘Daniel’s seventieth week’. The great increase in all the matters which are mentioned on The extinction Protocol’ are evidences of this – earthquakes, wars, pestilences, the new world order, Israel beset by the nations and more are all predicted in the Bible – God’s ONLY Word. There is a judgement coming upon the earth, and an everlasting judgement to those who WILL not believe in Jesus as their only possible saviour and will end up as the bible teaches, in outer darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, in the lake of fire along with the devil, the antichrist and the one world religious leader who will be tormented ‘FOREVER and EVER’ Revelation Ch21 v10. There will be a be a ‘new heavens and new earth’ but those who have refused God’s love and His way of salvation will be outside of it. Purgatory – the temporal holding place for further purging of sins does not exist but everyones soul does exist forever either living with Jesus the Christ who is life itself or without Him which is the absence of of He who is ‘The Way, The Truth, and The Life’ ie in death. Search the scriptures and ask God to show you the truth – He IS COMING SOON!
    My prayers are for all of you to know Jesus personally, and spend eternity with me – with Him – our creator and sustainer of life.

    • nickk0 says:

      Richard – Thanks for posting that link.
      Very interesting explanation, from Professor Jean-Pierre St.Maurice.

      He states that it is ‘natural’, but is it really ‘normal’ ??
      If it is ‘normal’, why are folks hearing this just now ??
      OR, PERHAPS these noises have always existed, but that such stories have been dismissed, as local myths.

      I’m interested in hearing more, about what local legends and ‘myths’ may have to say about this.

      - Nick

      • Richard says:

        THe answer is…they are natural…sometimes. If you have ever heard thunder without a storm being present, then you have experienced it. However, nature is being helped along with technology.

        Back in the 70′s NASA experimented with putting Barium particles in the upper atmosphere and then igniting them in an attempt to artificially ionize that portion. One of the side effects was sonic booms, low frequency rumble and formants/harmonics. These experiments where the start of understanding how that ionization can be used for long range, dependable communication. This led to the idea that a thing known as the ELECTROJET, which is a natural stream of ionized particles in the lower D layer of the atmosphere can be created by spraying metals such as Barium and Aluminum and Alkili into the atmosphere to artificially lower the electrojet and use it for low frequency hops, “Over The Horizon Radar” So why are we hearing more of these strange things? They…including the UN are doing what is known as cloud seeding. They are spraying Barium at high altitude…40K feet just in front of a weather front. Instead of setting off an explosion like they did in the 70′s, the warm and cool air that comes together is sometimes sufficient to set it off. The UN says they do this for Global Dimming, but it is just a front for the real purpose. It is to lower the electrojet so that it acts more predictable for the use of ELF and VLF technology…HAARP. It is a weapon that is capable of doing everything the people that have wrote about it including weather manipulation and mind behavioral manipulation. There are other implications as well which has led to my discoveries over a period of 6 years in a search for the causes of Autism. The trend of this cloud seeding and the use of Tesla’s magnifying transmitter technology “electromagnetic radiation” coincides with the rise of Autism, dementia, Depression and other brain disorders. Not only does radio have an effect on living tissue, but these heavy metals eventually fall down and coat the environment in which gets ingested. The decline of the bees also trends along with the funding of HARRP and increases of its use and other electromagnetic producing devices. I believe that all of this misuse of technology is behind everything we are witnessing. Barium Nitrate is also used in superconductors, so it makes sense why they would use it. It is also highly reactive to water in its natural state. Heavy metal does not evaporate so there is no way to explain how it is getting into my rain water other than they are spraying it. To really understand it, one must go to the original source of the technology…Tesla, read his words, his ambitions and his observations during his discoveries. Perhaps It is no coincidence that the last time Virgina had an earthquake the size of their last one was when Tesla was testing his first Magnifying transmitter in 1895. This blog has been a big help in confirming things that I have been looking to happen for some time. Like everything though, no one person could have all the answers and I am almost certainly missing some things, but confident that I am very close to the very scary truth. Like many, I want to know what is of man and what is of God so I am not deceived in the end. Being aware is the first step to being prepared. I hope what I write here prompts others to do more of their own research into it and spread the word. 1 in 100 kids are born with Autism today. It was 1 in 10000 in 1992. In less than 5 years, every child born will have some form of it unless the cause is found and a stop put to it. Unfortunately, Autism is just a condition of a lessor importance to the evil that is behind what is happening.


      • Deirdre Moore says:

        Richard…as you, I likewise have many years of research into exactly what you have written, and believe there definitely is some truth to what you say. The cold hard truth is that we must play Sherlock Holmes to discover the truth and risk being considered a “conspiracy theorist” even though so much of this info you speak of is right there in plain sight right under our noses. I so appreciate informed likeminded people seeking truth. That said…I’m not fully convinced that this phenomenon that seems to be occurring on a very large scale does not have some spiritual significance. All in all it comes down to faith. Faith in an ultimate beautiful magnificent Creator who loves His creation, faith that He will rescue us from the monstor egos in this world that believe the Titanic myth…”The Unsinkable Ship”. Faith in humankind to rise above the insanity and become aware of the world around them…for the sake of their fellow man. I pray that we will understand the mystery soon. Ominous happenings the world over to be sure.
        In peace,

      • Jeffinoz says:

        Hi Richard, While I welcome the scientific explanation for the phenomenon I can not understand why the U.N. or any other Govt. or organization would do this with out first telling the public.
        Rather then reading your explanation, I should be reading in the press or hearing on the TV about this being done by the U.N. or the military or who ever.
        I think the silence around this shows even the scientific community has no explanation. The silence around this tells me it has taken governments by surprise as well.

        We are told; that we are NOT told about the UFOs or entities from other planets because it would cause mass hysteria………….so it gets spun as swamp gas, helicopters, weather balloons,and over active imaginations, and yet; we have this phenomena taking place around the world and there is not even ‘spin’ coming out from anywhere about it.
        Just look at how long the thread is on this website about the phenomenon…………….that has got to tell you, there is more to this then meets the ears.

      • Mona Ellefsen says:

        Well said, simple as that!

      • Richard says:

        I appreciate your comment. The short answer why THEY do what they do is simple, human nature to gain power…it is Evil. Although I have a good understanding of what I am talking about and what I believe; what I am offering you and anyone else is simply a possible explanation to these things and nothing more. You may wish to consider it, expand upon it or dismiss it completely. That is the beauty of free will.

      • Serpent says:

        this is real! I am in Michigan and months ago I was woke up by the strange humming sound. I have never heard anything like this before. There is is no logical explanation for it. It was so loud that it woke us up from a dead sleep. We looked outside, and still no explanation for it. It lasted for hours.It did not seem natural. maybe this is a sign of the times. theres is something definately wrong with this picture. Is our planet in peril? then look at japan and the nuclear disaster…and the super storm in the Phillipines…this does not look good. Each day we are blessed to wake up and be with our loved ones should be cherished..Man kind snuffs himself out….who knows what may happen live each day to the fullest…this may be just the tip of the iceberg.

      • Shondra says:

        I just read this article about this giant atom smasher, it’s huge…like 17 miles huge! Giant magnets being used and since they are magnets well metals are attracted to it. I don’t care what anyone says about this atom smasher…they can’t possibly know the effects of what’s going to happen to the earth…


  72. Brian H. says:

    Just heard these strange “thunderous, booming, explosive” sounds in the atmosphere over here in Scottsdale, Arizona (close to Phoenix). Happened on Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012 at approx. 10-10:30pm. They started off in regular intervals and then ended in a louder and longer finally like rumbling boom! The whole ordeal lasted about 15 to 20 minutes. From the sound of it, I imagine it was pretty far from my location. But the way it sounded, it had some deep bass and rumbling like thunder to me. To top it off, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky nor was there much of a breeze. No news of this reported in my area to determine what it was. Even my neighbors were looking out their windows to try and figure it out. This is strange! Anyway, I managed to record a little bit of it. My girlfriend caught some of it on her iPhone as well. We posted it on youtube…

  73. sumkjd says:

    Sound can travel in space, at least in radiowaves according to this show I watched, which I think was an episode of Through the Wormhole, on of my favorites. They were able to catch the sound of knocking picked up by the waves. Or did I misinterpret that episode?

    • Lynn says:

      Radio waves travel in space… but, in order to translate them to sound, you need a mechanism. A “radio”. They can’t be heard by the human ear. Whatever this is, it is within the earths atmosphere.

  74. S. says:

    I live in southern NH and a couple weeks ago I had trouble sleeping because my window was open and there was a LOUD noise.Like an airplane hovering above my house, or a generator or something, only lower pitched. What ever it was, it was a longated sound, unlike some of the videos I’m seeing. There are woods behind my house so I don’t know what it was. I woke up my husband and said what the hell is that noise? I shut my window so I could sleep, when I woke up it was gone. I wondered what it was until I just saw this on msn news. Maybe it was the same thing…but some of these videos have high pitched or creaky sounds, this sound I heard sounded mechanical, but with out the spooky creaky sounds. It was more like a loud hum. and it was LOUD.

    • S. says:

      It sounded closest to the video from the Czech Republic, and the one at the end of the canada video….only constant..not breaks or gaps or squeeky noises. it went on for more than an hour that I know of.

  75. Debra says:

    ALIENS! :O

  76. Matt L.I., NY says:

    ok so just to add my experience.. i live on long island, NY , it was like 2 A.M, february 2nd and i started hearing what i thought was a low flying loud plane, i live relatively close to an airport so figure it was just that, but like 3 mins went by and since i live close to the airport im use to plane noises and i knew this was weird so i got outa bed and was staring out my window for like 30 mins expecting somekinda aircraft or well, ufo to pop outa the clouds. It was cloudy, but there was like an eerie opening in the clouds so i guess i let my imagination go , but i literally heard and felt the rumblling sound for over 30 mins, and it sounded like a mix between the engine of a plane, a strong wind blowinging into a hollow barrel, or somekinda transformer exploding for a long period of time, (btw recently in my area a few blocks away a bunch of transformers just randomly started exploding, or atleast thats what we were told, the entire area for like 3 miles heard it and came outside thinking it was a ufo crash or plane crash) or like the mechanical sounds from war of the worlds or one of those movies. I was freaked out by it, and couldnt go back to sleep for a while cuz i was bewlidered by it. Next day i just kinda forgot about it, then tonight i was just looking something unrelated up on youtube, and accidently stumbled on the videos of the sound. Then i spoke to a freind and he said hes been hearing it for a while and wondering what it was. So after having heard it my self with no prejudice cuz i didnt know about ppl hearing it all over the world until tonight, ide say im pretty freaked out, cuz it was def a spooky sound. who knows it is 2012 and alot of other signs and evidence have been occuring recently around the world to give credence to the end or atleast major global change or shift theory. The bible says the trumpets will sound, i dont know about any one else but hell, i could say those were some kinda trumpets. or the begining of a pole switch or maybe there is some giant ufo flying over earth, or maybe its just invisible. It could be some kinda quantem phenomenon like the earths energy reacting to the energy of people believing its the end, or giving so much thought to the year 2012 and leading up to it. Well just wanted to add my thoughts and experience so that its documented being heard over here. If any one else heard it in Long island, let me know, would love to hear your opinion, and where you heard it.

  77. Noreen says:

    Hi, I’m new here I live right outside of Boston Ma. I hadn’t heard of any of this until a couple of days ago when I received an email from a friend. I haven’t heard the noise personally but when I listen I get the strange feeling I’ve heard them before and I can’t figure out where or when. Anyway I work late at night and there were 3 or 4 times last year that my house shook, slightly but definitely noticeable. Does anyone remember the story about the noises recorded under the ocean a few years ago?? They sounded (if they were real) like souls being tormented in “hell.” Recorded by the Russians I just can’t get that out of my mind:)
    Ok just wanted to add my .2 cents and to say hello.

    • Joseph t. Repas says:

      Hi Noreen!
      I have heard the sounds just like Matt described along with my adult daughter and that was before I heard of all of this going on. we live in New Jersey near Philadelphia PA. As people were first commenting on what they thought it could be my thought, especially with so many rumblings that hoards of demons were getting restless anxious for their temporary release from prison. Remember that what is seen is manifested through what is unseen, so man can rightly say this or that physical event caused such and such but that event was manifested in the unseen realm and felt in this one. The main thing to remember I believe is that instead of standing on the railroad track looking at the headlight of the train and wondering when we will get run over we should get off the track and onto the platform so we can ride that train. In other words instead of just looking at the cataclysmic events that are building up to destroy this current world, let’s get away from the worldly system and cling to God, who gave us Jesus whose sacrifice of love for us will get us on the platform so we can ride with Him. We will be hated by the world and there will be suffering for believers and non believers but since when does a ride not need the price of a ticket? Better than getting run over as we look for the end. Be blessed!

  78. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Someone mentioned in this forum of transformers blowing out etc. I recently saw a bunch of lights go out in our town in N.J. one night recently, I have heard of strange things happening with the solar storms going on but I am curious if many people are experiencing this type of event in their local areas. Ground surges?

  79. Noreen says:

    Thanks for the welcome Joseph:))) And the advice! We actually had a transformer blow out a couple of months ago across the street from my house hmmmm.

    • Joseph t. Repas says:

      Thanks Noreen!
      Now this is getting very interesting..also I just took a short course from COMET [ meteorological studies ] on space weather and part of it shows what could happen from strong Sun storms of the three various types. Even animals can be affected in migration with severe storms. Now of course the sun has had these episodes on a rather regular basis but I never heard of these noises and I’ve already been around the sun 55 times. Also, none of the noises are electrical although I suppose some ground vibrations may be so? I think we need to find out if others are have various mini blackouts where they normally do not get them.

  80. Tim says:

    Mr. Khalilov, what is the nature of the unusual very low-pitched sounds reported by a great number of people in different parts of the planet since the summer of 2011? Many call them “The Sound of the Apocalypse”. Information about that comes from all over the world: US, UK, Costa Rica, Russia, Czech Republic, Australia, etc.

    We have analyzed records of these sounds and found that most of their spectrum lies within the infrasound range, i.e. is not audible to humans. What people hear is only a small fraction of the actual power of these sounds. They are low-frequency acoustic emissions in the range between 20 and 100 Hz modulated by ultra-low infrasonic waves from 0.1 to 15 Hz. In geophysics, they are called acoustic-gravity waves; they are formed in the upper atmosphere, at the atmosphere-ionosphere boundary in particular. There can be quite a lot of causes why those waves are generated: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, storms, tsunamis, etc. However, the scale of the observed humming sound in terms of both the area covered and its power far exceeds those that can be generated by the above-mentioned phenomena.

    In that case, what could be causing this humming in the sky?
    In our opinion, the source of such powerful and immense manifestation of acoustic-gravity waves must be very large-scale energy processes. These processes include powerful solar flares and huge energy flows generated by them, rushing towards Earth’s surface and destabilizing the magnetosphere, ionosphere and upper atmosphere. Thus, the effects of powerful solar flares: the impact of shock waves in the solar wind, streams of corpuscles and bursts of electromagnetic radiation are the main causes of generation of acoustic-gravitation waves following increased solar activity.

    • Kent says:

      To make sure two issues are not confused — “The Hum”, also know as the “Taos Hum”, is a documented, and mostly answered “phenomena”. After investigations, many were found to be coming from normal, everyday sources, but under unusual circumstance.
      The subject of this OP post are the apocalyptic “trumpet” and other mechanical sounds that are well within the range of human hearing (mainly because they were ripped from a couple of movies and layered in over video).

      To de-confuse, here is the low-frequency, mostly-felt by a few people “Hum” –

      The two events are night and day. One is real, one is not. We have yet to receive a credible report that is anything near “proof”, and not an out-and-out hoax of the audible kind.

  81. Lynn says:

    Or, it could be a natural occurrence. Not necessarily one that is a good omen, but natural.

  82. Jake says:

    check out the story out of Clintonville… no explanation yet as to what is causing reoccuring booms that are shaking residents’ houses nightly

  83. Bob V says:

    I heard the noises AGAIN Sunday March 17 at approximately 1:30 am. This is the second time I heard these noises. I also heard them in January

  84. CLAIRE says:

    I live in London and I haven’t heard any of these sounds, and to tell you the truth I hope I never do. I have just started hearing about these stories and they do scare the hell out of me. I’ve checked the news in the UK and they don’t say nothings about these strange experience. I’m not sure what to think these strange occurrences are to do with, but i pray that nothing bad will happen.

    You know when you watch them films and the government know what is going on before the public do. What scares me is that they tell the world what is going on way to late, like 2weeks before the world ends.

    Well if I do hear anything in the UK I’ll let you know.

  85. c/o Emanni

    April 14, 2012 – Bizarre Sounds in the Oregon Sky

    Like a woman in travail

  86. It was Thrusday April 19th 2012 at 3:15ish am. I work the nights so I was getting my delivery together in Smithfield off 301. It was like every other night, clear sky, saw the stars and moon. ( I am weird I talk to God all the time. I just look up and say good morning God, thank you for another day. ) I was listening to talk radio and I hear this strange noise coming from the sky. ( I am sure you are a bit skeptic, but I know it came from the sky. As when you know Thunder comes from the sky.) That is how sure I am. So I ran to the truck to shut the radio off to get a better listen to the noise and I immediately knew what It was. I heard a horn or trumpet coming from the heavens. All of a sudden my body was filled with the holy sprit. From my head to my toes I felt weightlessness. I was overcome with grace. It felt like waves, one after another of these warm chills going threw out my entire body. It lasted 30-40 seconds. I started crying happy tears. Once the noise stopped the feeling was gone also. But it did leave me filled with the feeling of love .Like all the hate was erased from my heart and I felt changed.I looked at my phone and it was3:20am. After doing some bible study with a friend we looked at revelation 3-20 If anybody hears my knock let me in………. From that point on, I was I’m all in, you got me lord, I am yours to use.Just telling this to anybody that wanted to listen, I feel I changed a lot peoples lifes for the good , so I know this was his plan the whole time.On Friday the 20th. I was loading the truck and at 3:15 nothing but silence. No horns,no chills nothing but a truck passing once and awhile. (later, I found out the horn I heard is called a Shofar Katar. It is used to assembly gods people to start an event of gathering.) I was praising Jesus all morning. I was feeling great. I was overflowing with love. All the hate and anger from my heart was gone (it is truly amazing). Later that morning I simply looked up and said” why God?” “Why did you miss lead me?”” Was it all just a dream about my 33rd birthday” ……….. I promise you, not a second after I stopped talking I got my answer.Speaking to myself in the third person “Daniel, you needed to test yourself and your faith. I never left you, I was there the entire time. You turned your back on me and after years of being away you came back to me. You thought I left you but your faith in me brought me back into your life stronger and better then you ever thought possible”. ( I started crying like a baby) and again My body was full of the grace of god and I just praised god!Since then I am working on all parts of my life, my familys life, and trying to help others that need help. I know I am just a toddler in faith but I am sure I will grow my faith more then I can ever imagine.

    God Bless.


  87. jeff says:

    Hey Alvin?
    You are not posting my comment about Thrive? The movie?
    I hope you watch it yourself it gives a lot of punctuation to your posts.


    • No offense, Jeff but that’s not an agenda I support nor do I wish this blog to be a platform for it. It has no relevancy to the subject it was posted under and I get 25 such solicitive links like this every day. If I make exception for one; I have to make exception for all. I know in your heart you are sincere and mean well but let this grow on its own if you believe in it.

      Mine did…

  88. Mayra says:

    Have u guys seen the movie legion? When the archangel Gabriel is coming down to earth the trumpet sounds to announce he’s coming? It sounds exactly like that.

  89. Cassandra says:

    They are happening right now in Melbourne Australia! Loud rumbling noises like the neighbours are playing loud music our there is a demolition going on somewhere nearby. It’s impossible to identify where the noises are coming from. Melbourne just had an earthquake a couple of weeks ago….could this be related? How can I get more info?

  90. Fillade says:

    The world sounds we here are originating from one of three sources, 1. The Father, 2. Satan, 3. the earth.
    1. The Creator God needs no sound to announce his operations, he gave us the KJB, read.
    2. Satan, very possiable, he is the God of this world until removed by Jesus Christ.
    3. Earth, very possiable it is being used as a physical trumpet by Satan, the bottomless pit is very soon to be opened. His demons are far more powerful than humans, they could be playing the earth like a tuneing fork. The Father controls the weather and the continuance of the earth, he will release the great earthquake, as he is witholding the rain in the growing season in this nation now.

  91. Bob V says:

    Last Friday Night July 21, I heard those sounds for the third time in Island Park, NY

  92. Ken says:

    I am seeing a few things on here that have no credibility. On the headline section on the right hand side about this “earth warms” stuff. Good grief – that is NOT science !!
    Even seeing stuff like that makes me never want to come back here. I’m not sure if those headlines are automatically generated or not. I might suggest a little education on that subject by checking iceagenow.info – it’s called the ice age cycle. All of these ice age cycles are due right here and now. Ships are still stuck in thick ice as of mid July up there in the Bering Sea because of all the massive ice buildup last winter, Greenland ice is GROWING by 3.5 cm yearly and Antarctica now has the thickest ice on record. Alaskan glaciers in 2008 were growing for the first time in 250 years……

    • Please scientifically explain to me how a planet enters an Ice Age…because I would love to know. Explain the processes, without volcanic eruptions, that turn landmasses into ice, causes glaciers to protrude, and causes temperatures to plunge across the globe. Tell me how wind patterns are altered and how a magnetic field excursion plays into altering the planet’s climate. If you could develop a scientific thesis on the subject that is at least halfway credible; my guess is you wouldn’t be directing someone to somebody else’s website.

      I think if anybody is buying into an Ice Age, with record high temperatures and record rainfall torturing the planet; they need to re-enroll in elementary science class. Excessive evaporation is indication of warming oceans. Earth operates on a thermal cycle. There is no such thing as cold; cold is the absence of thermal energy. So, it’s either the thermal cycle on the planet is balanced or it’s chaotic. Earth is not entering an Ice-Age. I put the Ice Age and man-made global warming on the same misinformation coin. The planet would cool, only if volcanoes erupt and emit ash particulate in the air—- which is a sign of planetary interior overheating; not cooling. The climate is unraveling and entering a period of chaos and disorder- no one knows what’s going to happen, but an Ice Age is certainly not in the cards- neither is it predicted in the Bible for this time-period. What is predicted is “men were scorched with great heat and blasphemed the name of God.” Revelation 18:8.

      Grand Canyon, tied to ice loss, found under Antarctic Ice Sheet: http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/07/26/12952321-grand-canyon-under-antarctica-tied-to-ice-loss-researchers-report?lite


      • Richard says:

        While I agree with you Alvin on most things, I would not discount any kind of planet freeze. My personal assumptions made off of at least 6 years of research suggest that there is electromagnetic disturbances happening that are rather unusual. We are seeing record heat in one portion of the earth and record cold on the other. Perhaps the rule that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction applies here as well. Maybe not in this case, but what does apply touches upon what you mentioned about volcanoes. Whether it is an super CME hitting the earth or perhaps some science that manipulates the earth/ionosphere relationship, these things have proven to cause magnetic influx that cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It may be that we may be scorched first and then frozen later. Nuclear fallout would certainly be another contributor to a global freeze.

      • Disorder, is one thing; an ice age is another. The whole Ice Age theory on Earth is being supported on the flimsy hypothesis of thicking ices at the poles, which is not only in increasing discrepancy, with the changes we are seeing…but scientist found that warming poles, not cooling poles is what triggered a so-called Ice Age on Mars.

        “A new radar map shows extensive ice deposits at mid-latitudes. The ice might be left over from an ice age triggered by Mars’ wobbly axis. That timing would seem to support the idea that Mars can have very long-term climate changes caused by the gradual wobble in the tilt of the planet’s axis. The wide wobble creates periods when Mars’ poles dip very low, allowing the sun to shine more on the poles in their respective summer times. That means warmer poles which would cause polar ice to sublime into gas, thickening Mars’ atmosphere so the water could fall as snow at lower, latitudes. This idea was put forth earlier this decade by James Head III of Brown University, who five years ago presented numerous features in this same region that looked suspiciously like glaciated terrain on Earth.” –Discovery News, March 4, 2010 http://news.discovery.com/space/mars-ice-sheet-map-climate.html

        What is even more incredous is no one can explain how an Ice Age can happen on Earth (which is closer to the Sun), when it’s not happening on Mars, or on a warming Triton, or Pluto, which are even further from the Sun than Earth?

        Warming on Triton since 1989: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v393/n6687/abs/393765a0.html
        Warming on Pluto: http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg17623714.900-plutos-warming.html

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Well said Alvin. Thank you. I still remember the headlines from the early 1980′s that stated that scientists were saying that we were going to enter a huge ice age. All they were doing was reacting to a few colder than normal winters, kind of how the masses do with their stock market investments! The scientists had absolutely NOTHING to back up their claim and it is the same with so called man made global warming which has the theory that carbon emitted into the atmosphere would warm the global climate by retaining heat in the atmosphere, well, there are so many variables that cause climate that if I had a dollar for each one that contributes to cooling or heating I would never have to work another day in my life.. and yes, I have intensley studied meteorology and climatology for over 50 years.

  93. Ok this is what I researched and came up with, it’s called Fracking. This is the reason for the booming sounds heard within the woods/ forest. They are drailing eight thousand feet into Mother Earth for the purpose of obtaining natural gas. As a result of this, causing fractures in the Earth, thus causing the Booming sounds heard all over. It’s much more than this in detail, but I have to stay brief. So research it yourself…..FRACKING

    • Gail says:

      Along with fracking; another good source of information would be to look up ‘refraction of sound’ and learn about how warm air/cool air effects sound; also, seimic waves; along with primary waves, secondary waves; and then perhaps earthquakes and Rayleigh waves.
      No doubt, sound is moving in all of these testimonies…

      • Steve in CT says:

        We have found the the source of the Hum going on inside our homes and other buildings since mid 2009 here in western Connecticut is from the high pressure natrual gas lines that span the state (as well as North NJ and Central PA). ILFN / LFN surface waves (Rayleigh and maybe Love) are emanating and depending on geology, and water bodies (aquifiers, rivers) reaching out and measurable over 25 miles away (hearable inside stationary vehicles you can use your car as a mobile sounding lab). The lines are always the epicenter of the sound source. So this iss a down stream issue of NG expansion that will only worsen unless attention is brought to this exposed revelation.

  94. As for the sounds heard above, unlike booming we hear down below. This could be as a result of HAARP taking effect together with the Chemtrails. The Chemtrails releasing different compounds within the atmosphere/ air. This effect, along with the electromagnetic by HAARP, are the right elements for creating a giant sound recorder/radio within the ionosphere. As a result, strange sounds being heard; collective sounds coming from earth itself that we make, bouncing into the electromagnetic ionosphere. What comes out of this are sounds that are distorted, combined, broken up. Some of the sounds can mimic that environment in which they come from. 
    The whole process is long and very complicated to go on about in words.

  95. A major breach in the planet’s ionosphere, on top of its already weakened magnetosphere, could change the effect of a major solar event from severe to potentially disastrous. The ionosphere is part of a complex system responsible for stabilizing the planet’s atmosphere. The hole in the ozone layer, which has been caused by the human production of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), is an example of the kind of negative impact human activity can unexpectedly have on the sensitive upper atmosphere.

  96. Mother Earth is profoundly disturbed, messed up, destroyed.
    She has been raped a thousand times over by man, far beyond her limit. 
    Man has manipulated her and changed her direction in many different way.
    She has endured total destruction by man for many years to come.
    Mother earth will come back at us with a fierce and fatal  BLOW!!!
    She will let it linger as man has done to her, and we will suffer a slow

  97. Check these out cloud pictures, they are all fake man made by Chemtrails… I know this to br real because as a photographer, I have many strange looking photos of these same clouds.

  98. Ken says:

    It’s the exact opposite from these “cry babies” who think man has ANYTHING to do with ANY of these phenomenon. Man and species continuously get destroyed and changed by nature – thru magnetic reversals – that have for hundreds of million of years caused mass extinctions and rebirth of new and different species. Ice ages and interglacial periods are tied to the magnetic reversals, and sinking/rising land/earthquakes, volcanoes and radiation falling from the sky (including carbon-14) all ravage the planet every time in the geologic record when we experience a reversal. WE HAVE nothing to do with ANY of this. Ever heard of the K-T extinction 65 million years ago, when the dinosaurs went extinct ?? For crying out loud, people need to get an education of these re-occurring cycles of extinction. Don’t listen to all the bla bla from the mainstream media. I don’t think dinosaurs had ANYTHING to do with their own extinction…… We can’t do anything to destroy the planet – our planet is about to destroy us due to natural re-occurring magnetic reversal cycles. Cosmic radiation is a huge factor in changing species thru mutation during past reversals. Check the Lake Mungo magnetic reversal on youtube – (under the Darwin was wrong) – a great educational resource.

  99. AlleyCat says:

    I can not speak for every video I see here, and I only wish I had a video available for what I am about to tell you. I swear upon my mothers grave, it is true. Every word. I live in Wasilla., Alaska, and I was out front of my home with my neighbor, and her father talking about some problem trees. This was about 3:15 PM. The sky was completely overcast with low lying clouds.
    We suddenly heard a very loud, and sustained noise of wrenching twisting, and ripping metal. It is best described as if two large ships passing each other in opposite directions got too close and were scraping their sides. I expected an aircraft to fall from the sky thjrough the clouds, and all of us stood there staring. The sound was clearly right above and just in front of us. I heard no aircraft engines, and it was only then that I realized this fact. (When I was about to run for cover).
    In all my 55 years, I have never heard such a thing before, nor had my neighbor, or her father whgo is even older than I. The next morning, my wife got out of bed first, as I was waking, and she walked to the window which looks out over our yard. She points immediately, and says to me..hon, what is that? Do we have a crop circle? I thought she was kidding around but her voice said otherwise, and so I looked, and sure enough a ten foot (small, I know) area of our 1 acre lawn had been smoothly, and spirally flattened, where it had stood normal the previous evening.

    I will not connect one to the other, except to say that both are strange, and both have never been experienced before.

    • jeff says:

      Those Palins! They are such kidders!

      Seriously, sounds very frightening, first time I have read about a circle appearing after hearing the sounds………
      The length of this thread of comments, the time line and geographic diversity is really quite astounding.

  100. sandy says:

    I live in Bowmanville, ON, Canada. At about 2:00 am on September 18th, 2012, I heard loud, unexplained noices that continued until approximately 3:30 am. The sound can only be described as what I thought was a large aircraft-like /hovercraft landing directly on my house. My house and contents were rattling at the same time. I have a family of four, and was the only one in my house who heard these noices/experienced the rattling (which woke me out of a deep sleep). I have never experienced or heard anything like this in my 50 years. At first, I thought the noices could be explained by the fact that the clouds were very low, and were perhaps amplyifying aircraft sounds flying between Toronto and Europe (we live directly under a flight path), but after speaking with others in my town, I realized that other people had heard these unexplained aircraft-like noises and rattling of their houses as well. The ordeal was terrifying to me, and if anyone can provide an explanation, or, if others experienced similar phenomena, I would greatly appreciate it.

  101. marshabar1 says:

    I am visiting near Fort Carson in Colorado right now. Early this morning between 6:30 and 7:00 I heard two sounds together. There was a muffled sound that reminded me of the sound of a flame blower in a hot air balloon accompanied by an 8 note chime sound. The second note was higher than the first and then the notes descended. This was repeated over and over again in groups of about a dozen chimes. Then silence, then the two sounds with the repetition of identical chimes. I looked out the window and I stepped outside. I didn’t see anything. The tone of the chime was just like a typical tubular wind chime with a wood knocker, a high pitched smaller one. But the sound was not in the least random.

  102. Shannon says:

    For about a year now I have been hearing a noise which I would describe as a buzzing similar to an obnoxious light-bulb which buzzes consistently for hours at a time some nights and in a pattern that is similar to a cellphone ringing on vibrate. I have been bothered by the buzzing, but never searched for an explanation because, well, where would I even begin? Today I randomly came across these noise phenomena and a light-bulb just went off in my head. Who knows if it is of a the same nature- I didn’t encounter any who reported a buzzing like mine, but certainly it’s worth sharing. For anyone’s personal research purposes, I live in Tucson, Arizona, I have experimented with turning of all the electricity in my house to assure that it’s not related to any lights, appliances, etc., and I have excellent ears!

    Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories and videos. There are absolutely some strange occurrences happening and the lack of coverage by the media is a huge cause of concern. It’s so important to do research on your own and to share your findings with others who are seeking the truth!

  103. Wow, I’ve been hearing these noises since last winter, didn’t realise it was a global phenomenon. They sound just like NASA’s recordings of planetary radio emissions, particularly Io.

  104. Kenneth says:

    Well, after all – I sure do NOT see any Mayan apocalypse today or tomorrow. Blizzard and bitter cold ? Yes – apocalypse ? no. I’d be more concerned about the bitter cold and record snowfall expected this winter now……………….
    Prepare and Merry snowy X’mas !!

  105. Michael says:

    Toronto Canada here. These noise are real, though I don’t know about those videos. I tried to record the noises, but they didn’t show up, though my computer indicated there was a noise in the air that didn’t play back later. BTW, I started hearing this noise on Friday around 9PM and they got to their loudest and most frequent after 1PM, continuing on long after I fell asleep. Everyone except my mother could hear it, but I actually felt a slight vibration in my skull.

    The noise sounded mechanical due to its timing (every 3 min) and how long it lasted (about 1 min) It didn’t sound like it came into the area or drew away, it just started and stopped without warning, seeming to just appear overhead and vanish the same way. It was also completely even, never rising in volume or changing tone, always droning at the exact same level. It also sounded natural, like it was a deep earthquake or thunder.

    And the Mayan ‘prophecy of the End of the World,’ was just a misinterpretation of the Mayan calendar. It was merely the end of a cycle, not the end of the world. (think of it as putting up a new calendar)

  106. Yea, I live in Oregon, I heard some strange sounds starting at 4 to 5 A.M. last night on the 21st. It was a faint low rumble. nothing to scary, Then I go type it in google AND BAAM this has me thinking about Doomsday LOL

  107. Just an afterthought, I used to hear what sounded like a distant radio talk show every time the heater would kick on. At the time I was living in a trailer, and it had electric heat. I remember wondering if the heating elements or the fan or both could be picking up a radio signal somehow, like when the radio in a ’73 Monte Carlo used to pick up coil oscillations, know what I mean?
    Maybe a condenser in the heating circuitry was acting as a microphone? Who knows…(?)

    • the air may have carried the radio noises, whoa the heater started by itself….hmm There is people following what they call heavy mass objects in our solar system, things large enough and larger than the earth, which have magnetic fields like the earth does so that when they get close to the earth the magnetic fields combine. The core of the earth is magnetic, it is molten iron spinning and magnetic and when the magnetic fields of the earth and the heavy mass object they pull on the molten metal in the earth and the core of the object. The earths core slows. They notice the magnetic pole in the earth shifting. Magnetism is also energy so it may be affecting electrical stuff on earth too. Awesome stuff to see happening. Be a christian, believe in the God of truth. The earth is going through changes and so is the solar system. God gave us Jesus for a reason, we can be saved through Jesus, choose Jesus please. Jesus is also truth, Jesus is the way, and the truth, and the life.

  108. Stacey E. says:

    The “unexplained” noise from the hikers (the first video) is at least one person out there shooting off a rifle. It’s not a mystery. It’s an inconsiderate gun nut shooting his gun off in a place that should be peaceful. Unfortunately, decent people can’t go out into nature without having stupidity inflicted on them. The sould travels because of the configuation of the land and valleys. (and lack of man-made structures) It’s not supernatural.

  109. sams says:

    Dear Friends !
    thanks for the opportunity to share here – i heard a very interesting sound in 1993 when i was 16 years old it was in the eastern coastal area in Sri Lanka
    i heard a loud sound around 1:30 night as if millions of birds singing
    but i didnt see anything in the sky – it was a moonlit night
    if anybody knows please share with me -

  110. Dejan Cortez says:

    of course sound can travel from space. sound is a wave. and space is a vaccuum. it would travel faster

    • Kent says:

      No, sound can not travel through space. It’s not a wave, it’s AIR MOVING..a compression wave of air. Space is a vacuum. Sound does not travel in a vacuum. Your science is really, really bad.

  111. LaWanda says:

    On jan11,2014 I experinced a lound ramble and shaken from the ground I was the only one to hear it felt like the gorund ,eath was bout to open

  112. Nicholas Baker says:

    not sure if I mentioned this here before but the earth will sink and not rise. According to the truth e read in the god given bible scriptures. We see sink holes open up. give your life to Jesus. Say Jesus is Lord and follow Jesus. look to bible scripture and to them who learn about who Jesus is, be saved. I have heard it too. A noise like a sonic boom and a building shaking for 5 seconds and that’s it. The first earthquake I experienced was the rolling of the ground in wave motions here in Auckland New Zealand in around 1968. The shock wave type seems like massive amounts of earth sinking and compressing air deep beneath. Thee is no fear in Christ for you will be saved through him, amen. Seek first the kingdom of God which is within first, before all other things and the lord will add to your life amen.

  113. Paula Green says:

    I live In. Manchester, UK and this has been happening for months. The sounds are like a slow low flying large plane. It’s really weird and not any of my family hear it with me, which is stranger.
    What on earth is going on. Also I’ve been suffering from the most excruciating headaches, even bad enough to send me t the hospital for a CT.
    Don’t you think its time we demand action to find out what is happening to our world.
    Peace and light.

    • Shondra says:

      I believe it’s the big atom smasher that is a huge, giant magnet and it’s causing sink holes and because some have stated a mechanical sound…well on the surface and the metals in the earth have metals…this giant smasher is a magnet so hmmm, wouldn’t one think that a magnet “moves” metal? I think so, that’s my theory…could be right but may not be but the best explaination I can think of.

    • Kenneth says:

      I’m still waiting for these noises (or other atmospheric phenomenon) here in Charleston,SC but haven’t yet seen much. The other week when I was taking a nap I did hear a possible jet but it seemed stationary for at least 30 seconds – suddenly stopped, then started again for another 30 seconds. It seemed like the noise was not moving much. I’m not sure if that’s normal or not. But I’m not familiar with that at all. Nothing strange since. Have to wait now.

    • Kenneth says:

      wow that seems strange! Good luck in getting rid of those headaches – they are no fun! I occasionally get headaches that last for 24 hours.

  114. nicholas a baker says:

    Wow, that is weird. Never thought it could be something only an individual would hear and if the person is with someone else and they do not hear anything. Wow, this really makes things completely otherwise sort of thing. I might have thought all the noises people have heard, including me, would have all been for the same reason but I must say now, I would be sure they are not if only one person in a group heard one of them. And I can add that I have had a massive headache that made me want to hold my head. Not a usual headache. I honestly now believe the lord did this as a part of making my body new. I have understood that all my aches and pains are now being highlighted by the fact that, I know my spirit has been quickened and also my mortal body has been quickened by the Lord God. The reason for saying this is because I have experience the excitement, the joy of the Lord on some more than a few occasions and noticed these quickenings not only in my flesh but by the Spirit of the lord, quickenings of the spiritual kind that can be out into words. The pitfalls are many. I think I have thought to be tough guy and put up with all the aches and pains I get but still think this the reason why. This flesh will belong to the Lord and after the quickenings and now having to follow a new life, that new spirit the lord puts in us, the flesh is going to get dragged around by that new spirit until it is totally subject to the spirit, amen and thank you Jesus for dieing and living again for me and for your children amen.

    • nicholas a baker says:

      Forgot to mention, many other people heard the noise and felt the shake immediately after hearing the noise I heard. Maybe the other people needed to stand in the exact same place you stood.

  115. Kat says:

    I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado and when we get any seismic activity the rocks make a loud popping noise. It seems to come from every where at once and sounds a lot like an explosion. What I would like to know is WTH the loud noise is that I hear at 3 am every morning. It wakes me from a dead sleep.

  116. Kevin says:

    In East Tn, 2013, heard sounds from all around in the sky like metal ripping, twisting, bending, and scraping. Decided to Google strange sounds in the sky and found all of this. Was impressed to hear those sounds on the youtube videos. So, it’s real. But, what is it?

  117. Kenneth says:

    Now I have a book I read about that could offer some insight of magnetic reversals – earth changes and allot of what we are experiencing. Cosmic radiation increases dramatically when our magnetic field weakens – as it is now. The rate of weakening is picking up – 5 percent – per decade now. In the last 2,000 years our magnetic field has weakened by some 65 percent – meaning we are due very soon for a reversal again. Cosmic rays are known to cause mutation of existing species (DNA changes) and then when the field reverses completely, an extinction occurs of most land mammals followed by brand new species rapidly appear right after. Sea life becomes extinct before mammals do as underwater volcanoes intensity – and we’re witnessing allot of this too. This happened before with many of these magnetic reversals in a typical dependable cycle. The last one was called the Gothenburg Magnetic Reversal some 12,000 years ago (when the last ice age ended) and the one before that was called Mono Lake reversal about 23,500 years ago. Every one of these reversals causes rapid shifts in climate, (from interglacials to ice ages and vice versa) radiation, (Beryllium 10 and Carbon-14 specifically) iridium and also increases in cosmic rays. That also means more noctilucant high level clouds on the increase, lower cloud ceilings and more severe blizzards, hail, severe weather…etc due to colder upper level storm systems migrating further southward toward lower latitudes as the polar jet experiences more amplification (north-south swings) as global cooling intensifies. So we will see larger snow storms, hail, more flooding…etc. as a result. The magnetic field also keeps seismic activity in check – so during a reversal that suddenly becomes unleashed – and massive volcanoes and earthquakes rip across the planet, such as Yellowstone…etc. So it appears logical these changes also could result in some alteration to the human body just prior to a magnetic reversal. We must pay attention!

  118. crystal rodriguez says:

    this was in kennewick washington

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