20 tons of dead fish wash up on Norway beaches- cause of massive fishkill unknown

January 2, 2012NORWAYThe inhabitants of Troms could hardly believe their eyes on the morning of New Year’s Eve, a very large amount, an estimated 10 to 20 tons of dead herring washed up on the beach, writes Northern Lights. Tromsø city is the ninth largest urban area in Norway by population. The city is warmer than most other places located on the same latitude, due to the warming effect of the Gulf Stream which originates at the tip of Florida. Various theories abound for the incident but no one knows for sure what’s happened in the popular hiking area in Nordreisa municipality. However, various theories have been tossed around, explains Jan-Petter Jorgensen (44), who stumbled upon the mass death in sight on the beach with his dog Molly. People say that something similar happened in the 80’s, and there is speculation among others on the river which flows into the ocean behind a promontory on the site, may have had something to do with it. Maybe the fish have been caught in a deprived oxygen environment, and then died of fresh water? Jorgensen estimates each individual fish to be of 100-150 grams, and that the total might be about up to 20 tons. Now he’s worried about what might happen if no one comes and removing carcasses. -Dagbladet -translated
contribution Mr. B, Roger Aak
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28 Responses to 20 tons of dead fish wash up on Norway beaches- cause of massive fishkill unknown

  1. What is going on in Norway?? Sturm’s, landslide, and now fishkill.

  2. Pelle Hyltoft says:

    happy new year norway.
    wellcome to the year of 2012
    but we all live in the same world.
    this gonna be a punitive year for all living here.
    but get use to it we gonna get more.
    and more many years to come.
    By P.H.Hyltoft…

  3. Philippino Bob says:

    We are dangerously approaching the point where even the mass media who is usually conservative in their approach on how to disseminate information, will have no choice but to say the truth.
    If this goes under the carpet then it means we are in deep trouble!

  4. Sean Adams says:

    I think we know where the BP oil spill went?

  5. Mike H says:

    I dont know ? Is it just me, or do the 2 events in Norway seem somewhat related..could there be subduction zone activity, say,some type of venting that is causing the mass loss of oxygen below sea level to the Herring and magnetic anamolies to the local environment, agitating the weather systems? Hmmmm…

  6. Bill reeder says:

    The fish kill is similar to the scene in the Gulf of Mexico from BP applying millions of Gallons of Exxon horrifically toxic dispersant, which Shell has been carrying out in the North sea. Have a necroscopy performed and see if you find DOSS, 2 butoxy ethanol, propylene glycol and or hydrocarbon distillates, and you will have your source

  7. Jim Brown says:

    Msybe another unreported nuclearsubmarine spill: almost everbody around there has them like Russia and England, France snd probsbly Germany and no doubt the USA sends s few that way to spy

  8. joebuss says:

    a global climate change

  9. Such ocurrences are having a common cause science tells. Because these are all preceded by the action of the world’s dams on the earth’s crust so heating up the earth by friction and causing massive continuous temperature rise throughout large parts of the crust depleting oxygen in the oceans, aided by greenhouse gas build up. See Predicting Peak Magnitude Earthquakes.

  10. 2 Chronicles 7:14
    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  11. Bonnie says:

    Agree with Bill. This happened last year in various parts of the world too.

  12. Kay Theary says:

    Keep in mind that they were all herring… no other species apparently. Oxygen deprivation would affect other sea creatures yet only herring died? Same with a toxin theory…

    • jones2012 says:

      Yes, it seems to be a selection process. In Arkansas they were all bottom feeder Drum fish and the birds that fell from the sky in a mile stretch were all the same species save for a red wing and a duck.

    • elijahsmom3 says:

      Agreed. It’s the same with the black birds falling out of the sky that they are blaming on fireworks. Why just black birds? It seems that when this happens, many times, it is in groups of one species…..pilot whales in New Zealand, sperm whales in Australia, seals in three New England states, pilot whales again in Scotland, penguins in New Zealand…..

    • Lasse says:

      I’m gonna go ahead and assume no one has looked trough the 20 tons of dead fish yet, so there could easily be other fish in there.

      • Lasse says:

        Besides herrings have been known to swim in schools of several billion herrings (I kid you not), so it wouldn’t be unlikely to see a much higher concentration of herring in a given area.

  13. UFO says:

    According too some “experts” in Norway, they have either run out of oxygen, hit freshwater or a Coalfish scared them too death.


  14. Only Christians are seeing the signs. What a shame, I wish more people would open their eyes and call upon the Lord.

  15. AQP says:

    All that toxic Corexit used for the BP oil spill in Florida spreads through ocean currents and will linger for decades to come killing ocean life and eventually getting into the food chain.

  16. rebecca says:

    Can anyone determine…in the last 10..20..30 years if we have had this amount of dead fish washing up on the shore? And what about the thousand of birds that died on New Years Eve in Arkansas, Louisiana in 2011 and exactly a year later 2012? Not to mention the thousands of fish that died on both those same dates….and here is the real question. I MEAN ..It’s not random. The anomaly is happening or concurred on the beginning of New Years…how is THAT possible? 2 years running…on the same time frame? This is not random selection. If I had the means..I would Sherlock Holmes the phenomenon and shock the world!!

  17. Mark Nett says:

    There should be some end to any point ! & the expression less fishes are the sufferer here.But where the culprits!
    May be 2012 is the dead end for fishes & not humanity

  18. janehickman says:

    Just wondering would the herring be migrating at this time? With the magnetic changes would they be one of the groups disturbed by the changes? Whales have been known to beach when subs are in the area using radar. So many species are affected by the earths magnetic field. Why is this happening at the same time of year as last years incidents? There must be a connection. It will be interesting to see if there is a quake in this area in the coming few days. Has anyone checked to see how long it was between the last die-off and the quakes of last year?

  19. Lita Liana says:

    This is the sign from GOD… In bible Hosea 4: 1-3

  20. In America, of course, because America wants to commit suicide anyway and drag the rest of the planet down with it—-culturally, morally, economically, financially and every other way. I would think the Norwegians, having been in Scandinavia myself, would have far better sense and more sanity.

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