Climate chaos: Super storms to pound regions of northern Europe

December 2, 2011 PARISClimatology, there are several indices or indicators that quantify the climate anomalies of pressure, wind and temperatures in some regions (for the atmosphere but also to the ocean). These anomalies are associated with natural oscillations whose frequency can vary from several months to several decades, and sometimes almost a century. These are the natural variability (including solar activity is also included) who are responsible for “change” climate as it is wrongly described in most media. The climate has indeed never been stable in the past. It went through phases of warming (as the Medieval Warm Period between the tenth and the fourteenth century) and then by cooling phases (such as the Little Ice Age from the late sixteenth century and the nineteenth century). Since the beginning of this fall, the temperatures of the atmosphere in the stratosphere (20 to 50 km altitude) began to fall over the North Pole. This decrease is quite usual in this season as well as the polar vortex weakening in summer, then re-forms in winter as the sun’s influence is diminishing. However, the current temperatures have gone below the average climate, indicating a strong enhancement of the vortex. It is customary to quantify the intensity of the strengthening of the polar vortex by a climatic index called Arctic Oscillation (AO), which measures the pressure difference between Greenland and the middle latitudes (about 45 ° North). The higher the value of AO is high (positive values ​​so) over the vortex is strong and vice versa. Yet the intensity of the polar vortex partly determines the position of the jet stream. There is a persistent anomaly in the equatorial stratosphere winds since last winter. This anomaly is associated with the quasi-biennial oscillation mentioned above which, as its name suggests, at a frequency of about 24 to 30 months. During this period, winds in the middle stratosphere are now accelerating towards the west (called a westerly QBO phase), and sometimes accelerating to the east (from east QBO phase).
We thus understand better why the circumstances of the next few days will promote the development of frequent depressions. This is even more rapid and intense that the jet stream is powerful: in extreme cases, it is called “weather bomb” to describe these storms suddenly exploding a few hours before landfall, generating widespread destruction of property and life. This was the case of Lothar and Martin storms that occurred in December 1999. In this context, a strong storm, named “Berit” has already swept the weekend Norway, causing millions of euros in damage. The winds had blown close to 140-150 km / h, lifting heavy seas with waves of 6 to 10 meters away several people who were near the coast. Finally, the cumulative rainfall amounted to almost 100 mm in places. A second storm occurred last night between Iceland and the British Isles. Dubbed “Zafer” by the German weather service, it concerned Ireland and the UK before  weakening towards the Norwegian Sea. It generated sales of close to 140-150 km / h on the hills of Highlands (northwest Scotland) and more generally from 70 to 100 km / h on the rest of the UK and Ireland. The sea is removed with the palm of 5 to 8 m making conditions even more dangerous near the coast. A very disturbed rail will fall into place between the south of Iceland and Central Europe. Along the rail (formed by the jet stream), a new depression will emerge, deepening into a very short period of time and resulting in real weather bomblets. These storms, more violent than Zafer, Saturday and Sunday will affect the regions of northern Europe from the British Isles, the Benelux, Germany, Poland and a number of other neighboring countries- it is difficult to list at the moment due to the still large uncertainty about the path of these storms. Similarly, the exact violence of these phenomena needs to be clarified in the coming days. Other very shallow depressions are expected next week but should cover regions with latitudes north. The situation in northern Europe looks very hectic in the coming days with frequent notice of gale and storm, with sea conditions very degraded (Wed strong to very strong) in the North Atlantic, North Sea and Norwegian Sea. Rainfall will be locally supported. Cold air tumbling to the back of these disturbances will cause some heavy snowfall from northern Ireland, Scotland, Scandinavia and Russia, also with snow in the mountains both in France or Central Europe. In short, a time more season. This could then remain a part of next week due to the blockage caused by the maintenance of high pressure over the North Atlantic and the persistence of a strong polar vortex over the Arctic.  –Meteo  translated
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21 Responses to Climate chaos: Super storms to pound regions of northern Europe

  1. kristoffer94 says:

    I know about “Berit”. it was an intense storm. Never have the sea been so high before
    the record has been on 4.05 meter, but now was it 4.10 meter.

  2. K says:

    Woah everything is just crazy. Just want to share also that ships stranded, crops in jeopardy, power shortages across Eastern Europe, I saw that headline. Unusual drought across the Balkans, and the Danube river is so low that is why the ships got stuck. Unbelievable events happening. Praying always praying. God Bless everyone.

  3. Irene C says:

    Time to batten down the hatches and hold on. This appears to be affecting a good portion of the Northern Hemisphere.

    But the one thing I wish these “experts” would do – is get their stories together. This one says the atmosphere is cooling down and another one says it’s warming up. It can’t do both.


  4. james says:

    Alvin what exactly do you think is in store judging from this this something to be worried about for europeans further north

    • I think it is a concern as global weather patterns overall appear to becoming more erractic and larger in both scope and intensity. Authorities originally said the Santa Anna wind storms would be a once in-a-decade event. Now they’ve changed it to once-in-generation event, showing it has exceeded the scope of even forecasting. Europe could get pummeled as well.

      Massive ‘unprecedented’ 2010 snowstorm covers 3/4 of U.S. -CNN

      The latest crop of these storms show extremely large, very organized circulating systems. We could be witnessing the birth of planetary storm systems- something we’ve never seen before because the planet’s atmosphere is cordoned off by massive atmospheric cell systems, latitude trade winds, and the Coriolis effect. In 2009, I said there were early indications that the planet’s climate appeared to be unraveling in many respects.

  5. The US, Russia, Norway and China have been manipulating weather for a long time now. HAARP, CERN and other ionospheric heaters are changing the magnetosphere and we are heading toward the solar maximum 2012-2013, It’s crazy cuz none of these Countries are checking in with each other and they all say they are “experimenting.” Now we have a twisted magnetosphere, and insane storms – some natural and some not. I directed a film in the late 90′s called, “Holes in Heaven.” It was all about weather modification, HAARP, etc. I found a document from Cheney back then talking about how the US was able to create earthquakes, and change the weather – all these countries are looking to dominate and militarize our weather… great results huh? It’s just beginning – get prepared. Thanks Alvin for this awesome site. I look at it daily with compassion and love for our world.

  6. SSS says:

    Lift up the trumpet, and loud let it ring:
    Jesus is coming again!
    Cheer up, ye pilgrims, be joyful and sing:
    Jesus is coming again!


    Coming again, coming again,
    Jesus is coming again!

    Echo it, hilltops; proclaim it, ye plains:
    Jesus is coming again!
    Coming in glory, the Lamb that was slain;
    Jesus is coming again!


    Heavings of earth, tell the vast, wondering throng:
    Jesus is coming again!
    Tempests and whirlwinds, the anthem prolong;
    Jesus is coming again!


    Nations are angry—by this we do know
    Jesus is coming again!
    Knowledge increases; men run to and fro;
    Jesus is coming again!



  7. Colleen says:

    Thumbs up to you, SSS. How true this song is. It repeats itself in my mind quite often. Christ Jesus is coming sooner than we all know or think. His hand is on the doorknob right now. All He has to do is open it. I think He is beginning to turn the doorknob now. There is too much happening globally to ignore. I also love this song! It is what we are living right now! WOW! What a time we are living in!

  8. Gen says:

    Just found this report of a surprise storm with high winds that battered Richmond, east of Mt Isa in north western Queensland.

  9. Colleen says:

    I am beginning to wonder if the four angels are beginning to loosen their deadly winds? We are in for something stupendous, I can feel it. There is an urgency that I am feeling, that cannot be shaken. Pray that the people will wake up! God has been trying to warn us. I live in Kentucky and the winds here are rather fierce. Why so much wind? What is happening!

    • I think if people are not stirred now by the signs…chances are, they won’t ever awake. As the parable of Lazarus taught: ‘If they believe not Moses and the prophets; neither will they be persuaded by one who rose from the dead.’

  10. MalachiYAH says:

    Alvin… What do you make of the dramatic increase in the frequency of airplane crashes and falling satellites here in the last 6 months? Could it be possible that the navigation systems are being affected by the shifting magnetic poles of the earth? Or could the gallatic disturbances be directly cause a destortion of the earths magnetism which inturn is causeing it to spike at very degrees of increasing frequency? In addition to that… The increase of earthquakes might also be caused by this as well becasue the magma is a liquid that is affected in the same manner as that of high tides being affected by the gravitational pull of the moon… Hmmm… Please give us some feedback on your opinion in these matters.

    • Did you see the post on the Japan earthquake and gravitational field of the planet being changed?

    • nickk0 says:

      Hi, Malachi,
      As far as the falling satellites go: This is due to the earth’s atmosphere being heated up, and therefore *expanding*, more than usual.
      This affects satellites in ‘low orbits’, which are now getting subjected to minute atmospheric drag, which was not there before.

      - Nick

  11. SamanthaH says:

    We have these winds in Sydney at the moment. its horrible…

  12. Colleen says:

    I believe there is much more to come our way. We must stay close to Jesus. God help us.

  13. yamkin says:

    The Sun Is In The Process Of Hibernation – Space Weather

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