37 Responses to Federal Reserve coordinates global effort for central bank printing to avoid 2012 year of reckoning

  1. Becky says:

    I don’t quite understand… what does this mean for the general population?
    Are we printing more money? Going deeper in debt? Will we have to pay more in taxes in the end? Does it mean high inflation and when will the inflation start to show its ugly head?
    This is enough to make a person sick to their stomach.

    • All of the above.


      Sovereign government debt by countries in U.S. dollars:

      Greece: $400 billion
      Italy: $1.7 trillion
      United Kingdom: $1.8 trillion
      China: $5.68 trillion
      Japan: $12 trillion
      U.S: $15 trillion

      • Becky says:

        Thank you Alvin. I was reading on zerohedge that this is only enough money to last a week. Are we going to be doing this every week until it can no longer be done?
        All of this is so mind-boggling…makes a person want to cry…and I do shed tears for all of humanity. Breaks my heart but I try to protect my soul. That is all I may be left with in the end….

      • As long as the system can be propped up like this- it will continue until a cashless alternative takes shape. You can print money like the Weimar Republic did in Germany and create a hyper-inflationary scenario that will eventually destroy your currency. What followed the Germany action of over-printing money was a remanufacturing blitz and remilitrazation of the country and World War II. When American banks withdrew their loans to German companies in 1930, the onset of severe unemployment could not be stopped by conventional economic measures- and the presses went crazy in Germany. The cycle seldom fails to be repeated with fiat currencies.

        Boom -Bust -Recession – Hyperinflation – Destruction War -Manufacturing Creation – Growth

  2. Major Marduk says:

    “But while men slept, his enemy came”, meaning that the U.S. is the “enemy”, Alvin ?

    • Meaning Satan is the ememy…and he will use the powers and economic structure of this world to bring the world into one united system of rebellion against God- and most of it will be done while men slept. That’s the essence of what the 13th chapter of Revelation is about. When you militarize the justice system- the rule of law comes at the barrel of the gun not through civil court system established by English common law which guarantees individual rights.

  3. Chris says:

    Wow, everything they do is so deliberately evil… Clearly they just want to hold onto their power for as long as possible and prevent anybody who opposes from doing anything about it

  4. Gen says:

    This is sounding like a very similar scenario to the one who guarantees Israel peace for 7 years.

    • For when they shall say peace and safety, sudden destruction cometh upon them.” 1 Thess 5:3. With the Dow rising 400 points, for no reason (industry is creating no jobs, and banks are liquidating no debt), it’s an opportune time to reshuffle assets.

  5. nanoduck says:

    If the Eurozone goes under, would it not also drag U.S. along with it?

    • Yes, because banks are internationally linked by loans, assurance contracts, and the credit system. This is why the world will be blackmailed into supporting a global one world financial order because they will do it thinking they are saving their economies. Meanwhile, the red-ink increases from printing money that has no real value and that is not backed up by hard assets. It’s just postponing the Day of Reckoning when the bill will come due in the mail.

  6. JC Didit says:

    The Federal Reserve move to stabilize the world’s financial system through the year of 2012 is practically a red herring that something ominous is going to follow, most likely with Iran.
    Be ready! – Have the tounge of a ready writer, and the endurance that will be required.
    The joy that was set before Him (Jesus); that will be the enduring strenght – Be filled. 2 Cor 3: 12-18

  7. sandelane says:

    Alvin, are you saying they are trying to put off the money crisis until 2013 because they want to deal with Iran now and into 2012? thanks

    • I think they are trying to stabilize the global financial system because major bond and loan redemptions, as well as loan interest rate hikes are due in 2012. I think the Eurocrisis represents an opportune time to do that. In a fragile economic structure such as currently exists, the disruption of oil by Iran if they are attacked, would be enough to crack economies. See the latest post of an article many of you may have missed…

  8. Clevyrclovyr says:

    I am suprised and disappointed that the Bank of Canada jumped on this bandwagon. Is this REALLY going to change anything? If 2012 is going to be the “big year” nothing is going to stop it.

  9. frank says:

    i have always thought that 2012 will be a year of revelation. we will thanks to you and others see the lies and deceptions that usually remain hidden or obscured many things will come to the surface even for those who have their head stuck in the sand.

  10. [Sovereign government debt by countries in U.S. dollars:
    Greece: $400 billion
    Italy: $1.7 trillion
    United Kingdom: $1.8 trillion
    China: $5.68 trillion
    Japan: $12 trillion
    U.S: $15 trillion]

    Now how on earth would the IMF be able to bail out all these countries if they only have; [ "current available resources of about $540 billion to effect a bailout."]

    [The sitituation has only grown progressively worst with time. Italy currently has $2.2 trillion in gross external debt, far exceeding the IMF’s current available resources of about $540 billion to effect a bailout. The point of no-return that was only once looming for Greece is now threatening the entire EU. -The Extinction Protocol]

    The answer; WWIII because presently no country has the “sovereing” capability to repay the other, the IMF cannnot help either and printing more paper will not solve the problem!

  11. prayntongues says:

    This is what I strongly feel in my spirit after reading this article:
    1. Violent thugs, planted by the government will be sent to all OWS protests and on cue, they will burn and destroy. Then…
    2. Martial Law will be declared and with new Detention Bill, many will be arrested in the name of “terrorism”.
    3. Obama can guarantee that he remains in the White House, the 2012 election will be “post-poned” under martial law/national emergency.

    • JC Didit says:

      Martial Law will be declared and with new Detention Bill, many will be arrested in the name of “terrorism”.
      Obama can guarantee that he remains in the White House, the 2012 election will be “post-poned” under martial law/national emergency.

      I think you could be spot on; The sad part: The majority thinks this is just another economic phase and the USA will remain intact. Here’s what the Word says!
      ( Luke 21 / Matthew 24- The end of the Age of the Gentiles )

  12. Irene C says:

    I was amazed when I checked the Dow this morning and saw how far it had risen. Everyone seemed to be celebrating, well at least on TV they were celebrating. I have a feeling that we will head into a small period of “peace and safety” where people will lower their guard, then the bottom will drop out completely and “sudden destruction” will fall.

    Well, enough of that, I have bills to pay so I’d better head to the basement and fire up my printing machine. :D (And if any feds are reading this, I’m only kidding.)


    • radiogirl says:

      Irene…pay mine too, while you’re at it! Funny money for everyone!!!!!

    • Heather says:

      I, too, never cease to be amazed at the short-sightedness of those on Wall Street. They celebrate at the “record Black Friday sales” – never mind that profit margins are down. Then they send stocks soaring because the U.S. is throwing money at the Eurozone – incredible, really. Even more incredible that we’d go to jail if we tried the same thing the feds are doing – perhaps indefinitely & without trial, now, as well.

  13. RainMan says:

    Tip…buy printing ink shares.

  14. Ian says:

    It’s all very well listing the major debtor nations, with their debts, but what about the creditor nations (or entities) – who are they and how did they get hold of so much money?

  15. Dennis E. says:

    Irene: Dennis E. Here: Short term , transparent, very deceptive I think..

  16. northerntreck says:

    Alvin, I dont know much about the markets, Is this – there will be a great nation – is this the beginning? I am on my own here in trying to understand. even prophets are not understood in their own country. have people turned to their own way preventing them from seeing the outcome of these things that are happening upon this earth… it is almost like – we have been taught in schools long enough to distinguish between reality and make-believe…

    • I think it’s making the world more connected by putting everybody in the same ICU and spreading the germs. Now if any one country collapses- they will all collapse and I suspect that is the blackmail device that will be used against nations to force the one world order and global economic system that precipitates what the Bible describes as the Mark of the Beast. It’s virtually unconsciousnable that large banks are borrowing lump sums of up to $100 billion dollar alotments from the Federal Reserve at virtually 0% interest and there is absolutely no accountability to shareholders or anyone else as to what they are doing with such large sums of money and exactly how much debt is on their books.

      • northerntreck says:

        it is but a season of warning… I strongly believe the voice in my dream I had at the beginning of this year, means it is coming… a great nation.

      • radiogirl says:

        What exactly are the bankers doing with the money?Surely they know stealing would eventually make them a target.Are they continuing on until the collapse and then heading undergroung?

      • I think most have taken the money and have long left Wall Street. Check for recent real-estate purchases in Aruba, Antigua, and elsewhere.

  17. Gen says:

    Meant to add regarding “the one who guarantees Israel peace for 7 years” – no doubt this will be done in secret also. Depending how far the world has degenerated at that time, we may not even get to hear about it.

  18. Money as they say is the root of all evil…… but while all this back room stuff is taking place in the world, we also have evidence (proof?) that Rome is working towards some sort of ‘undersatnding’ in the scientific world, across multi religious groups to do with things happening in the cosmos! Which do you think will come first ALVIN – a common currency, one world religion, one world government. One thing is for sure Satan is alive and active and getting more so…..

    Why is The Pope meeting with world leaders (scientists) and discussing Quantum Physics? Is God no longer necessary? What will come first – One World Government or One World Religion?
    A recent symposium – summoned by the Vatican bringing in the world’s top scientists in the fields of astro-astronomy, particle physics, and quantum physics. Their purpose is to discuss the origin, current, and future status of quantum physics as it relates to the full spectrum of charged particles. From the smallest known particle known as galactic cosmic rays, to mid-size particles known as gamma rays, to the largest particles which come in the form of (Solar) solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and coronal holes.


    • Wlf

      Considering the powers that be’s track records —- we will be the last to know until the trap is sprung. Too many things are going on behind closed doors. That’s exactly how Satan works as Christ eluded in the parable of the tares. Satan sowed tares in the wheat field while men slept. (Matt 13:25, 39) If we’re not wide awake and watching; this crisis will steal upon us like a thief. Christ warned us the final events will come like a snare over the whole Earth. I caution all to remain steadfast, vigilant and sober… for now is our salvation nearer than we first believed.

      For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole Earth.” Luke 21:35

    • Moco says:

      Evil is the root of all evil. Whether it be greed, corruption and the blatant fraud we are witnessesing.
      When people in masses do not care about others because their shallow lives are still intact, then the system pits everone against each other.
      Easy plan for the elites to bestow apon the rest of us. Like taking candy from a baby.
      All of us are babies, wanting me me me, and I want want want, and now the bill is due, just like they expected. Clusterfuck nation, at its best.

  19. Gen says:

    Interesting Sydney Morning Herald article on US Federal Reserve and Ron Paul.


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