20 Responses to Republic in ruins: Obama sets record for number of natural disaster declarations

  1. Peter says:

    Republic in ruins: Obama sets record for number of natural disaster declarations.
    With all these disasters in the United States and the US military machine it imposes on innocent people and killing thousands in the Middle East God moves in mysterious ways.

  2. Jeanie says:

    Interesting slant on your headline…its as if you want people to some how fault Obama for these natural events.

    • It’s no one’s fault but what should be of more immediate concern to you than worldly politics is my repeated warning that natural disasters will bring financial ruin to America and will be one of the final straws that breaks the world’s back.

      “As natural disasters increase and the Earth begins to unravel; the pace of talks for global unity and ecumenicalism takes on added urgency. Natural disasters have created an unforeseen crisis to the world’s financiers and politicians stealthily plotting for a New World Order and one world government. Their scheming and devising is now in jeopardy from a world rapidly spinning out of control. Their gold and riches will become canker. Nearly every country in the world is crumbling under the weight of debt…the West can no longer sustain the idea of economic capital liberalism nor does it have the money to rebuild a world that increasingly lies in ruins. A call goes forth to all nations; it is time to Join or Die.” -The Extinction Protocol, page 516

      October 28, 2011: Pope meets with 300 world religious leaders –

      October 29, 2011: EU leaders under pressure to finalize plan to preserve unity

      October 28, 2011: Tsunami, Earthquake and Fukushima disaster to bankrupt Japan’s largest utility company

  3. Evo says:

    I never thought I would say this, but I hope George W Bush wins this one. President Obama, has not got very many cheques, left in his book….

  4. Dennis E. says:

    Well, there are several ways a person could look at this:

    It seemed that our country had less disasters when we had a respect and a fear of God. For example, I remember the day, prayer was taken out of school. And since then, we’ve been rewarded with metal detectors, school shootings, reduction in achievement, chaos in the classroom, increase in sexual conduct/transmitted diseases. To make a long story short; Psalm 9:17 says: The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God.

    Secondly, There are those who say that there is a little nation in the Middle East that is the Apple of His Eye and you touch it, you touch his eye.

    Thirdly, The current president and the previous one just had the misfortune(Bad Luck) to be elected when in a time that The Earth is entering a Earth Change Transitional Period brought about by a continual evolutional process of the Planet itself.

    Just a thought………………. and a choice

    • Evo says:

      Dennis E; In your post you mentioned the day prayer was taken out of your school. You awoke a memory in me that I feel you should know about. The wonder of this site, is that I can share it with someone.
      At the age of seven in the 60′s in Ireland, a priest walked into our classroom. He asked me a question on “catechism”, I got it wrong. He hit me hit across the face. I went reeling past two desks behind me. To say that fear gripped the classroom would be a huge understatement. Then he moved onto another kid in the room, by the time he left, we were all terrified. (and stayed terrified while we were at this school and under his control) This is a true story, I have no reasons to make it up.
      That same year my Dad died of leukaemia. (that I period I will not go into)
      What I am trying to say, in a very mixed up way, is that I have always loved God. Long before the events above. Love of God is not dictated by events in your life, it’s inside you from the start. God got me through all of these horrors.
      The trick is to grasp it (when the opportunity arises, shows itself, as it always will in life) and never let go!. Please, never fear God, He is the your best ever friend in your transition through this life.
      The post above is merely yet another dramas, in our lifetime.
      Trust in God has never failed me, even though it’s Blind trust.

    • Well said Dennis E.


  5. Jason says:

    Its not like Obama is to blame…our planet is transforming. Obama just happened to be the poor guy elected to office during this time of turmoil,

    • Jamie says:

      There is no electoral process. It is an illusion. Please watch Aaron Russo’s interview with Alex Jones. Please read, ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’ : A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin, ‘The truth about Rockefeller, public enemy no.1;: Studies in criminal psychopathy’, by Emanuel Mann Josephson, ‘Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden History That Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids’ by Jim Marrs, anything by Zecheria Sitchin ( this explains the why we have “royal” bloodlines, why gold is considered precious and slavery is an accepted part of life ).
      There are numerous documentaries, books and interviews with insiders that shatter the high priests illusion of a left/right, balck.white paradigm. Anything by John Perkins is another eye opener about the kind of “governance” we have in place.
      We must move out of the state of blind obediance and ignorance and into the light which is wisdom and compassion. In order to become wise we must educate ourselves rather than allow anyone to indoctrinate us. There are two very good interviews, one with Charlotte Iserbyt and another with Norman Dodd here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8cC21jB9EE, that explains the intentional dumbing down of the populace.

      Jordan Maxwell is also a a must see and read, and, my very favorite teacher is J. Krishnamurthy and he has the same message as those of antiquity. You can view his message here, http://www.youtube.com/user/espana76?feature=mhee#p/f/150/-4kwSaJEVGg. Cathy O’Brien’s interviews are an eyeopener as to the level of debauchery and criminality of those that populate the seat of evey governmental body. It is pure darkness.
      We cannot rid ourselves of this dark force if we do not understand it,
      This is part of the process of maturation and evolution.

      Peace be with us……..

    • Luke says:

      I agree to a point. Simple fact is, the further from God we get, the worse we and the planet seem to get. Thats just simple math. A house with no foundation, will crumble. Abortion. Gay marriage. Putting church above God. And many more abominations. And look at our world. It just progressively gets worse.

      • Pagan says:

        Luke – The Bible never specifically mentions abortion. It’s position on abortion, like its position on so many other issues, can be described as extremely ambiguous. It treats the death of a fetus as a non-homicide and makes no attempt to punish women who have abortions. On the other hand, it does not suggest or imply that personhood begins at the moment of birth. This is why the Judeo-Christian tradition has long struggled with the question of abortion. A theological approach to abortion, if it is to be found at all, it cannot explicitly be found within the texts of the Bible. As for gay marriage – it too is also never mentioned in the Bible, most likely because it was never considered during biblical times. Jesus himself never mentioned homosexuality – but He did condemn all forms of sexual immorality. I suppose the phrase “sexual immorality” is open to differing interpretations. I, as a Celtic Pagan tend to believe it refers to something else far more sinister than homosexuality – beastiality, incest, rape & paedophilia. I cannot believe a God goes from bedroom to bedroom snooping for supposed sin & if finds it, causes earthquakes, famines, storms, flooding etc.

        With many Bible topics, there are uncertainties and different opinions about how the Biblical evidence should be interpreted. The challenge of accurate interpretation is to determine what message was originally intended and how it was understood by people of that time. That involves a lot of specialized knowledge of the original Biblical languages as well as the culture and issues of the time. The Bible often speaks of sexual matters in euphemistic and vague terms, and there is a lack of understanding of how the people of several thousand years ago used and understood those terms.

        In His preachings Jesus told us to eliminate the sins in our own lives rather than passing judgment or llooking down on others. For if we judge other people harshly, we will, in turn, be judged harshly:

        “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. ( Matthew 7:1-2)

        Christians are never to take upon themselves the task of judgment that belongs to God alone.


      • Luca says:

        I don’t think he is slighting Obama but he is the president when all these things are happening and past present Presidents have led to Americas economic problems .Interesting though I watched a documentary Inside Job and Obama hired the same wall street people CEO of the corporations that led to the 2008 crisis. Not to offend anyone but the American government is run by Wall Street. My country is not any better, actually it’s worse. However I don’t fault Obama for many of the things happening but he hasn’t tried to fix it. One thing that irritates me is that people put Christ and mix him with capitalism, that itself is an abomination. Anyone will vote for a man when he says he follows God but they don’t look deeper and see what type of men they are. They are being led by wolves and yet they do not know it. Christ said blessed is the poor, meek, those who mourn, etc. and somehow they twisted it to say Christ blesses the nation that rises in wealth and power. Oh Jamie thanks for posting those links. Eye opening indeed.

  6. Ronni says:

    Speaking of natural disasters, I wonder what Sunday will be like after the snowstorm hits the northeastern part of the US. They are already predicting power loss for millions.

  7. Tina Marie says:

    Dennis, I have to say that was one of the best comments I have read in a long time. It pulled every aspect I was thinking of together in a much more articulate way than I ever could have. Well done and thanks.

  8. j says:

    we are living on the last days. do sad to see people who subscribe to ext pro attacking the person who runs it…. why hate so much. if you don’t like what he posts there’s the unsubscribe button. be nice. you subscribed to it. I font agree w some things sometimes but I’m not here to agree or disagree. I’m the to see how close we are to the end if this wicked system of things Jesus foretold these things the webmaster posts would happen. please take your hate elsewhere or unsubscribe. have a great Fay and thank you for posting all these things!!

  9. luisport says:

    State of Emergency delcared in New Jersey
    Half a million are without power in New Jersey, including Gov. Chris Christie, who declared a state of emergency.

    Utilities in Pennsylvania say 428,000 customers have lost power. PPL spokeswoman Lissette Santana said Saturday that 200 crews were working to restore it. The company serves northeast and central Pennsylvania.

  10. Luke says:

    Pagan. Checkout Leviticus18 chapter verses 20-25. That might help address the homosexual aspect, as well as the beastiality.
    As far as abortion goes checkout Exodus 21 chapter 22 verse. That speaks of strictly an accidental harming of a pregnant woman, which results in the babies death.
    And Psalms 106 verses 36-40. That addresses more of the purposeful harming.
    And as far as judging goes, im not judging, im rebuking sin. Luke 17 chapter 3 verse.

    Ephesians 6 chapter 12 verse. ”For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    See, im not juding the sinner, that isnt my place, im rebuking the sin itself. And Pagan, its so much easier for us all to keep our mouths shut, so we dont offend anyone. Just let everyone do what they want whenever they want. Well, thats why we are in the shape we are now.

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