Extinction Protocol Dream portal 1: September 14, 2011

This is an end-event dream portal. If you have had a recent dream about the end of the world or a coming series of catastrophic events that befell the world in your dream, you can post it here. Please include only one dream experience in your post and keep it as brief as possible due to the number of entries submitted. Unfortunately, due to space confines- lengthy narrations will not be considered. Thanks and enjoy…
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583 Responses to Extinction Protocol Dream portal 1: September 14, 2011

  1. Laura says:

    I had a dream maybe 6 months ago that was very disturbing and stuck with me to this day. I have a recurring town/landscape in my dreams, and so I was driving in the town and drove past a hotel where children had overtaken the place. They were filthy and naked, maybe even violent, and I remember they were in the swimming pool that was empty, and it looked like they were dying, and that people were just dropping kids off at this hotel maybe that they couldn’t take care of anymore. There was a man at the hotel and I took him with me. I asked if any of the kids were his and he said it is too late for them. Then I drove up a long paved then dirt road to a “safe” feeling place where I had a cabin type of setup with supplies. We had a well type of water pumping mechanism and the man from the hotel said, “You are so rich. You have running water.” There was a little more to it, but basically then I woke up. I am glad you posted this because I am interested in knowing what others have been dreaming about as well. THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME Alvin. God bless you!

    • I thank God for this and you Laura.

      peace and blessings in love,

      • meena says:

        I have been having these dreams quite often(I have premonition dreams)I saw that I and my two kids along with mom are taking out all my jewelry and putting it in a red bag.And as I am doing this there is huge crack in the earth and I save my mom who is on the other side.
        The second dream is that there are huge floods and again my mom and two kids are with me as we are praying that we be safe,but luckily the huge huge waves don’t touch us.

      • rugiada dew says:

        Usually my dreams are premonitory because they are clear …
        about six months ago I dreamed of being on the beach with my family
        To a certain point, the sea began to grow bigger and began forming the tsunami that invaded the beach … we ran, and jumped for not getting caught, then I woke up

    • Dr. Will says:

      Howdy Laura:

      Many folks I communicate with are having dreams of mostly kids surviving what may be about to happen. All these separate folks are dreaming of going house to house and gathering kids from homes and streets where their parents and adults around them have died seemingly from a biological attack. The dreams continue of the kids gathered by surviving adults placed and cared for in hospitals, schools etc. Food and needed articles were scavenged from the homes of the dead and stores to keep the kids alive. In all of the dreams and predictions it was adults in their 40’s and 50’s caring for kids mostly 10 and under.

      • Laura says:

        Hi Dr. Will,

        That is really interesting… I’m definitely hopeful that the kids will survive. Thank you for sharing that with me! ~Laura~

      • Haily says:

        a few years ago me and my best friend had dreams about quiding childeren throught mountains and away from danger.Not many adults where left, but indeed a lot of childeren! Interesting to read that we are not the only ones dreaming that the kids survive.
        Only that adult between 40-50 survive aswel?? hmm i don’t now I don’t think it will be age related with the adults that survive more how evolved in consciousness is what I think.

        well anyway
        sweet dreams all :)

      • Tamara says:

        I think its very interesting that you should say that… Have you ever heard of or seen the murals at baggage claim in DIA (Denver International Airport)? If not, please google them! They depict a military type ghost/ alien being destroying everything and killing women and children! But then the next mural over shows all the kids of every world defeating this monster and coming together in peace, but there are no adults. Then another set of murals shows 3 different girls of different races dead in caskets while their children friends cry over them and there are dead animals and destruction. But then in the next one the kids are all coming together in nature worshiping this plant thing. They are REALLY weird! And no one can explain why they are there! But I think this fits with your dreams!… Strange things are happening I think!
        Take care everyone!

      • maria vonstettina says:

        Many other prophecies over the last few years also indicate the survival of younger children and older adults. You hint at a part of the explanation, which may be due to both the children’s innocence as well as their greater immunity to genetically engineered diseases. Few people understand that part of the reason vaccines are mandatory is that they prepare a certain segment of the population for susceptibility to common or genetically engineered disease. Genetic and biological warfare are a certainty. Younger children my not have succumbed to the genetic programming as yet, while their 30 something parents will die in great numbers. .Existing older adults have already been selected genetically to survive such plagues, and the wisest among them have long since taken their health into their own hands, and ignored allopathic medicine.

        God bless the Hippie grandmas and grandpas!,They also have a certain “gestalt” which could better enable them to be caretakers in a national crisis.They are the ones who were pre-programmed to expect catastrophe in their latter years as they” ducked for cover” under their desks back in the 60’s.. No doubt that experience strengthened them

      • 2pead says:

        I too’ve been having dreams this whole week, (every single night!) in which I am somewhere watching for kids whom I’ve never seen.So today I started looking the web of what’s going on…so stumbled on this blog! The only thing is that I cannot say for sure on which side we are…maybe me and all the kids are the dead ones…

    • Guide Bobby Fleury says:

      what a dream! prepare. you have been shown something not everyone gets to see. don’t ignore it.

    • laura says:

      my whole life i’ve had a reoccurring dream. different sinerio but always same backround. the sky is red and there is burning debris falling. massive flooding. military . and in 1 i was trying to barter for food with my gold jewelry. the first dream i ever remember of this was when i was eight. in that dream a small pale martian came down then i f dont remember what happened

    • bindi says:

      To me it sounds as though your hope for the kids of our generation, are not prepared or taught enough about themsleves or the outside world, that they would stay inside and die , through lack of freedom, running water is a sign of purity and cleansing and healing…i think in your dream it denotes your awareness of what you see in the world, and the kaos and problems that could be . Hope that helps Bindix

    • my mother is nearing her 90th b-day, last week she had another bizarre futuristic dream: in here dream, she just had been relocated to a large hall with lots of beds,here she began talking to another women whom was also new to the faciliy,when they discoverd a weird fruit enlongated like a small mellon,only the peel looked just like an orange,deciding to crack it open they discoverd that it had an oderlesss orange slime inside on one side of the fruit and some rubbery orange napkins,perfectly layerd on the other side,seemingly grown in there!!!! she and the other women were marveling over this weirdness untill they went outside,looking around they discoverd miles of long buldings with people everywhere looking up. so looking up thereselves they discoverd many of these odd fruits floating down and people excitedly catching them cracking them and eating them!!! then she woke up feeling like this might be something in the future..but not to close future.

  2. Chris Damon Craig Brown says:

    I had repeated dreams when I was a kid where I came back from Patrol to our retreat about 20km on the outskirts of the city, where I found everyone that was there, my wife, my brothers, and a few of my friends, shot to death. I drew it. I remember the tree. I found this place. I cant take this as a dream anymore.

    • Clint Young says:

      get away from the city. far more than 20km. the time is coming in the summer of 2013 you will not want to be near any city. the cities will traps of death.

      • emily says:

        i agree, suburbain areas as well will be quite dangerous, mountains seem like the safest places to be

  3. John Weed says:

    The sky was brownish orange. A long slit appears in the clouds, about 1-2 miles across, heavenly white. There were sounds from above. The clouds suddenly split and above was all fire in the higher altitudes. The fire after a few seconds began pouring down and annihilated us all in this area.

    In another, brownish clouds, sunlight is orange yellow on horizon, objects coming from sky but can’t be seen.

    Another, sky is brown yellow orange. All water is dirty. Life accepted change.

    Lastly, a black hole machine malfunctions and cannot be shut down. Air is weird suction type of feeling. Warnings on news sound for block, then township, then region, then state. I could not escape and was trapped in debris until death. I remember seeing a giant vortex, dark clouds, yellow sky in background.

    • cows says:

      I had the same black hole one.

    • Gabriela Eru says:

      I already dream with the black hole but after ive been killed by the black hole and the red fire something happend that i just “awake” in a silent and pleasure room in some quiet pleace.I heard voices in another room and I know that the vocies came from my family…my true family.

  4. Norm says:

    Giant tsunami that swept over the top of the famous Melbourne Bandshell, just the tips stuck out as I watched from overneath.

  5. shawnta says:

    I had this dream when I was 7, I am now 32.
    Half the sky was day half the sky was night.
    The night sky had millions of stars. they started. Falling, millions.
    I said out loud, no, not stars, angels, they are coming, this is the end.
    I awoke.
    I remember it vividly to this day…I had no idea at the time what it meant.

    • Frenchy says:

      This has to do with the “3 days of light and 3 days of night”.
      What is “falling” out the sky are the starships (your angels), because the sky we actually see, is only a holographic image of the stars.
      And it will be the end of THIS time and the beginning of the next one.
      I hope you’ll read this soon, because it will happen soon and so you won’t panic.

      • JPUnique says:

        Could you please explain more about this time to me. I’m very interested. Please contact me.

      • Sacha Leigh Curtis says:

        Ditto Amazing lets share info please.

      • bindi says:

        Yep it sounds as though you have visioned the falling of the angels …you can get all the info from the book of revelations …read up on the seven seals….now dont worry if you are not christian and dont go to church , as all people that do study the wrong versions of the order anyways…this revelations is worshipped and study by the royal bloodline, and can prepare you for what the goverment and there brainwashed foes know¬!.

      • VTA says:

        what is the meaning of “wrong versions of the order”? order of what? BTW, it’s the (book of) Revelation (not plural).

      • bindi says:

        Sorry to have written this in haste and not care, The version of the bible that the christian churches preach!!!, is not that which the royals and other sects worship…Order of the garter .”must go tudalo”

    • Donna says:

      Just typed my dream about falling stars…..so I searched for similar. Really interesting! I always felt they weren’t just stars and it always meant bad news for Christains afterwards. Thanks for sharing! -Donna B

      • Donna says:

        ps: The Bible ‘of the Christians’ is the only trustworthy one there is. Guard yourself from false ones. Go straight to the English Translation of the original. If you want to be safe read the Old Kings James Version. It’s the most acurate even though the language is a little harder to understand (thee thou etc.) lol Happy Reading ;)

  6. Jake says:

    What a great idea. I will be looking forward to the contributions to this portal, and pray I have something to add myself.

  7. Juan says:

    Oh this is great, I’m going to tell all of you guys my apocalyptic dream.
    I was on the shore somewhere, with a beautiful woman (I need a real one) by my side looking at the moon, and then, it suddenly starts to grow and look bigger and bigger, and other planets starts to appear around it, suddenly a typhoon rises from the sea spreading lots of huge ostrich-like animals so i start to run, and I run, run like hell, and hide in a basement with nothing, only the lights of a candle, and a little window, so i’m with her looking at the sky, waiting for the end of the world. And then i woke up with a eerie feeling like it was real, like every dream that i have lately..

    I’m glad to share this with you Alvin.
    Thank you, for keeping me up with all the news.

  8. radiogirl says:

    Yes, I had a dream I was in an earthquake before the Japanese earthquake hit. Soon after I had a dream an incredibly huge hurricane hit Texas and Jesus appeared in front of it as it engulfed the state. None since then. Just an enormous wake up call to remind me to get my affairs and my life in order. Take Care All, R

  9. Paul Demorest says:

    It always involves the water, I dream of massive waves, the sloshing about of the oceans, because of my location near the Great Lakes in Canada the fear of the ocean forcing it’s way up the St Lawrence River and well, it just gets worse from there.
    I have been dreaming of this for about the last three years, thanks Alvin I come here everyday.

    • Matt says:

      Are you near the waves? Are you above from a vantage point? I have very similar dreams pretty frequently. I am not sure if it is all of the programming I have had with TV and movies and the such, yet I am feeling something with the oceans.

    • SC says:

      Paul, I have wave dreams too! In fact, I’ve had two of them in the last few months which is unusual. My wave dreams generally occur once every one to two years, and now I’ve had two in 3 months. My most recent dream was a huge tsunami out in the ocean (which ocean I couldn’t tell). At first I saw it from the corner of my right and then it moved to my front vision. All I could see was the huge tsunami rising higher and higher. Strangely the wave didn’t come toward me, it just stayed out in the deep ocean. When I asked “Is this coming toward me?” The answer given to me was “Not yet.” I know from past experience with these dreams that waves mean major change. Something big is coming. Thank you so much Alvin for giving us a place to share our dreams. Blessings!

      • Lydia says:

        Paul/sc I too have been having occurring dreams of a tsunami and a giant tidal wave. My last was happened in the California area which I believe to be San Francisco. I remember everyone screaming,running for their life. As if I was there yet watching it at the same time I see a gigantic tidal wave moving upon the city. The wave is taller than the tallest skyscraper near the water. Somehow I escape the rampage yet I then somehow start to see earth break away and tornadoes appear taking people and ground with it. The people in my dream are going crazy trying to fight for their lives, but some seem to go Mad bc they don’t have a clue what to do. The only thing that seemed to really disturb me though was that in the dream I’m running to safety but as I run through the city dodging people, their pulling out guns and shooting others trying to save to save themselves.(although I don’t know why they would think doing that would help) but it makes you wonder how people would react under a situation as this. May we be blessed and more enlightened so that in our time of change humanity will rise up and show the best of ourselves.

    • Jachin says:

      I have had many of these water/wave dreams. I live at 3500 foot elevation in N. Cali. Yahweh told me it was good we moved here because it was going to flood again! I have had dreams of people in the valley using boats and jet skis to get around in the valley towns. Many dreams of tidal waves especially in Lake Tahoe. Wow, i guess the waves will come up upon Babylon!

    • Elaine says:

      I had a huge wave dream about 5 or 6 years ago but the image stays with me. The entire dream took about 2 seconds:I hear or sense something and I step into a short hallway that goes into a room that faces west toward Lake Michigan which is about 6 blocks away. Through the window I see a wall of water blasting the houses across the street into splinters instantly. The thought flashes through my mind, “Dear God, I don’t want to drown.” Then I feel the walls pressed tight against both cheeks at the same time and realize that I have been totally squashed and do not have lungs left to pull in the water anyway.
      For some reason it was not a “bad” dream and I woke up saying out loud, “Thank You Jesus!”

    • Rayray says:

      I live on the St. Lawrence and have had this dream a few times as well. Also, someone above mentioned something on watching the planets become increasingly visible in the sky- I have seen this as well.

      • morris says:

        I too live on the St Lawrence River near Montreal. There is a huge dam spanning the St Lawrence from Cornwall ON to Massena NY.
        Start of Dream
        I have been away and am driving east towards Montreal. As I approach Cornwall (highway 401) there is destruction all around I can no longer drive any further. So I take to foot and start walking; where Cornwall once stood there is nothing but mud the entire city as far as I can see has been washed away. I see people standing on the shore fishing. I’m totally shocked as there really is nothing left, even difficult to imagine what was once where. (I know this city well enough, as I once worked there.) End of Dream

        Upon waking my thoughts were that the dam had burst, it holds back enough water that there is actually a Lake immediately west of the dam. But why did it burst was it a seismic event or a tsunami that raged up the St Lawrence crashing into the dam?

  10. Ryan Erickson says:

    3 nights ago I had a dream of a building which exploded and was collapsing while I was inside of it. There seemed to be complete and utter destruction around me as well. I was in fear, until I became conscious that I was dreaming. It seemed more of a collective dream as it felt like New York City, which I have only been a few times… and the people around me were terrified. Ever since I had that dream though, I feel like it’s going to happen in this reality too.. World starts falling apart and then, in our deepest state of fear, we become conscious

    • Jen says:

      Someone once said, “sometimes we have to be knocked down to make us look up.” It’s in our nature that change happens when the status quo becomes too painful, too uncomfortable… “in our deepest state of fear, we become conscious” – what a profound insight, and a powerful message. Could this be the spiritual awakening, the conscious evolution, that we’ve been waiting for, striving for? I hope so.

  11. Sandra says:

    I’ve had a lot of prophetic dreams that manifested within a couple of weeks. The last dream I had was of a 9.5 earthquake. I couldn’t tell where it was. Hopefully, it was just a bad dream.

    • Serpanol says:

      I have also had dreams like this, several times in fact Although in my dreams I am always in the city when this earthquake strikes. given the dream I would have to say that it was the west coast USA.

  12. Robert says:

    Yes, I had one dream about the end. it came in the form of Solar storm and wiped out everything. Melt downs of Nuclear Facilities and such. Was horrible!!

    • nickk0 says:

      Very Interesting dream / insight, Robert.

      I have a question : WHEN did you have this ‘dream’ ??

      I recently read about this, being a REAL possibility.

      – Nick

  13. E says:

    It started with a huge storm rolling in really fast, and the brightest, closest, most intense lightning I’ve ever seen and the lightning was taking out everything, people, planes, cars, etc. Then all of the channels on the TV had the same 2 people on it, but they were wearing weird gold & black outfits & basically telling us why we were being destroyed. Then the rain started and the water just kept rising and rising and rising and there was nothing anyone could do. It was the scariest most vivid dream I have ever had, it was terrifying!

  14. LouiseGray says:

    I do not know what to make of this dream. The other night I dreamt that I was at my family home. There was a terrific storm brewing and you could determine this from looking at the dark clouds. As the storm unfurled, there was a strange type of lightning which consisted of large dark red orbs which emitted a loud electronic noise and were very destructive. In my dream, my deceased sister and I were embracing out of fear. I do not think that the phenomena was actually lightning or that there was even a storm but in our human experiential system, this is how we interpreted it. This was some type of extraterrestrial attack and they were using pulse weaponry. I did not like it.

    • Brittany says:

      I am new to this site and have been just looking around. This really scares me for one simple fact. I live in Middle Georgia and i was outside one nite like a month or two ago and me and my boyfriend saw a red glowing orb. aircraft of some kind, it flew right over a field across the street from where we live. He says he saw one earlier that night but not nearly as close. it made no noise at all it just kinda floated by. This was not a dream which is why it scares me.

      • Brittany says:

        even more disturbing i remember it was a very clear night and a crazy looking storm came in pretty fast not too long after we saw this object. (we stayed outside waiting for it to come back for about an hour or two before it started pouring

      • Elizabeth says:

        Brittany, I live in eastern North Carolina and I have seen the red orb crafts. I’ve also seen them in green. May I ask if you saw the man inside? The green ones are translucent and I’v had one fly about 3 feet off the ground parallel to my car in the field across the ditch as I was travelling home one evening. I could see a full-size man inside piloting it. The thing just took off and literally disappeared into a green blur. When I got home I was so freaked out I waited for my ex to come home to even get out of the car. Before we could get in the house, something huge (like three football fields huge) drifted over our house emitting a low hum. It blacked out the sky above us. If I had to pick a shape I would say triangular in nature. It whooshed away in a blink and for over two hours I watched as green and red lights (orbs, I assumed) made trips around and to it at a distant point (upper atmosphere at least). It was the most amazing and scary thing I have ever witnessed.

        This was in 1999, btw and like you, it was no dream!

      • lilly says:

        I have been coming to this site daily and I am very interested in the Red orbs that you and your partner observed. I was driving towards Welcomebay Tauranga to go check my horses and I noticed the sky being quite red in the distance. My daughter said mum what is that and asked me to stop the car to get a better look. There hovering just above the Kaimai Ranges on the Outskirts of Tauranga New Zealand Were Giant Red Orbs, They were stationary and totally silent. They firery red glow from them lit up the entire

        Previous to this sighting I witnessed 3 large red orbs at around 1.30 am hovering in the night sky , the size of the closest orb covered the entire township of Te Awamutu . All three objects looked to be the same size just sitting back from each other and also seemed to be sitting above each small town which are around 25km between each town. Tho this sitting never made the news, though it was early hours of the morning.

        Thank you Alvin for this Amazing and Interesting site.
        And God Bless .

      • Thanks, Lilly


  15. Jim says:

    On February 6, 1999, the Lord spoke to me these words in a dream:

    “Tell them that I love them. Tell them that I care. Tell them that I am coming for them. Prepare, like a man who has been told that he has just a short time to live. Heal, forgive, and perform those acts of charity that you have been putting off. Tell everyone that I am coming soon for My bride.”

    At this point, the Lord said: “What do you see?” I looked down at the pattern on the bed. It was a repeating pattern of a budding flower. He said, “Open yourself up to praise Me…receive My love…stretch yourself out to Me”.

    After that, He said: “My reward is with Me”.

    Then I said: “Lord, give me a sign in the heavens or on the earth, so that they will know that this word is from You!” Then I saw a vision of an arm, up to the shoulder, with a gun in its hand. The gun fired two times. The arm was pointing downward. The Lord said: “There will be two shots fired that will be heard around the world. This is a sign, so they will believe that this word proceeded from My throne.”

    I had forwarded the Lord’s message to many churches and ministries, but it was basically ignored. Then, on September 11, 2001, I was shocked along with the rest of the world to learn about the attack and the destruction of the twin towers

    • robinb333 says:

      Very interesting dream….Thank you for sharing…

    • Jachin says:

      Wow, i have this stretch that i do. Your Lord showed it to me. If you saw it you might think it was yoga. The arms go from a praying position in front of my chest straight up into the air like i am swimming under water. I inhale through my nose slowly as this part develops. Then as i exhale through my mouth my arms stretch down to my side and back up to the praying position in front of my chest. He told me to do it at least three times, four is better. But the whole time i am stretching and praising Him. On the second repitition i see myself as a lilly blossoming and going though the stages of bloom. On the other two i am looking up to the starts on the inhale and back down on earth below me on the exhale. Interesting.

      • Joel says:

        Very good, Jachin. The ancient Egyptian adepts did this with large crystal wands in each hand. The inhale/exhale cycles are boosting your spiritual energy, and you can feel it. You are experiencing the beginnings of oneness.

  16. frankie says:

    hello, like dreams i am able to enter a trance where music i listen too can be put together “perfectly” to predict future events of all kinds, keep in mind i listen to a variety of music frm all times, and the catch is that i find this music or is givn to frm many sources..after years wth this experience i am now able able to turn on the radio almost anytime and here a song that portrays almost exactly of wht im doing or how i feel, its like ive become one wth the music. Haiti&Japan are some predictions.

  17. Louise says:

    In a dream, in May 2011, I was holding the Earth and humanity in my Heart, along with Christ. Suddenly, we all took off, flew into the Sun, where the white Light of the Beloved purified all that needed purifying. We ended up on the other side of the Sun, in another dimension, where the Earth had an enormous Light body on which human beings had elongated Light bodies. In this dimension, the skeleton of a planet was left behind, covered by ashes, and the forces of darkness had been destroyed. Love, peace, and plenitude were present on this New Earth.

    I have been meditating in my Heart many hours a day for many years, holding the Earth at times in my Heart. I adore Christ who, according to great Sufi mastersis, is the Spirit of Allah, the Beloved. Althoug I was raised in the catholic tradition, I am now a non-religious Sufi and my Heart sings His name incessantly.

    Love to you , Alvin, and all of you, readers.

  18. Joy Heasman. says:

    About two weeks ago I had a dream in which I saw a globe showing rings indicating a really big earthquake in NZ – i think is that it is in the area of the north island. The rings on the globe indicated it was a really big earthquake and as I watched it, I thought this will be devastating and destructive. I have since watched dutchsinse.com and his website covers global earthquakes and shows exactly what i saw – but not the particular one that I saw in the future.

    Two days ago I woke up with a dream.
    I think I was in England getting ready to fly back to Australia. I was packing my suitcase and had to give away lots of my stuff, especially the heavy stuff. Then I had to pick up my new passport and get my ticket.
    I was on a train station on my way to the airport when a big wind came which blew big insects (sort of strange big “butterflies”) that had been hiding in the bushes. Then I realized out to my right the whole sky was filled with a wall of humungous black storm clouds. It was really close and there was no way to avoid it. It was huge and all encompassing – filling the sky from the ground up as far as i could see. A huge black wall of boiling cloud.


    • Mrs. C says:

      Me too! I had a dream a few weeks ago that was so scarey I had to force myself to wake up. It involved billowing black clouds twirling towards me and inside the black clouds were millions of spider like bugs twirling through the air. I could see a white light shining down on the other side of the clouds, but I was so afraid, I couldn’t bear to look at the faces of the bugs, only saw their bodies which resembled spiders or scorpions. I remember apologizing to God, saying “I just can’t look at this, I am terrified of bugs, please forgive me, Lord” I felt like if I could have made it through to the light I would have been okay, but I was too terrified to try. I forced myself to wake up, which was really hard, because I felt immobilized. Later I read in my Bible, and it was Revelations 9 that I think my dream was about.

  19. frankie says:

    This a continuation of my previous comment, if any out there is interested in my post or has any questions please do so because i myself feel a little lost , sometimes i think that its just intuition but there are moments where i know its more than that because my music i play also matches weather patterns exactly this power has driven me to be somewhat of a “dj” and its just not music. I step fwd wth this cuz i want to help where i can so if u have any insight on this please let me know. Thank you!

    • Louise says:

      It sounds like you will know where to be when our liberation happens. Keep on with the flow of life. Lucky you, with music!

      Love, Louise

      • SC says:

        In my unscientific opinion, I think you are in tune with vibrations. Everything on this planet has a vibrational frequency, and think you have the ability to synch nature with other vibrations. I’m sure there is a better scientific explanation of this. I can only speak from my own experience, because I feel vibrations all the time from people, plants and things. I think you are much more evolved. What an amazing gift you have frankie!

    • skywalker says:

      i have been having very similar life experiences , i hear sounds,vibrations,rythms,all the time, i hear songs that repeat over and over in my head then i turn on radio and there is the song,for 24 years i have been playing didgeridu and all types of drums and percussion, i am also a dj .and i love to trance dance .i also play tibetan singing bowls,chimes,bells,trumpet,and gongs, and i overtone chant.i am also a crystal keeper ,a time keeper , and a custodian of the akashic records, i have been having prophetic dreams all my life. i am a vipassana meditator , a shaman ,and a rainbow warrior.
      there are many people like us, who are patiently preparing, with love in our hearts and the presence of mind to see clearly our role in the birth of a brave new world.
      dont let fear motivate you , let love guide you through the tribulations of our time.
      blessed be

    • Jeeen says:

      Frankie, Carl Jung called this type of experience a “synchronicity”. It’s actually a fairly common experience in most spiritual traditions and in many indigenous communities as well. Robert Wolff’s true account of his life among the Sn’goi people of Malaysia is a great example. Fittingly, the Sn’goi actually followed their dreams in a literal sense, acting on the information they had received at night.

    • lilly says:

      Hi Frankie, you are more spiritually evolved like myself. I prayed for a piano and after many years was given one. The piano was made in 1809. Now everytime I sit at my piano I compose music that seems to come from the heavenly dimensions. I have not had a music lesson in my life. I had to purchace a keyboard to record the music onto floppy disk to be able to take it to a recording studio. I now have 11 tracks on CD. The music I hear seems to flow insinc with the weather and the vibrations from the earth and also the animals and equatic sea life. I also feel a very heavy but bright vibration around me while I am playing and it seems to consume me to the point where the music becomes more intense and I struggle to stop playing like something has taken over me . The gift of music, treasure it franky for you too are blessed.

  20. Ange Britt says:

    i had a dream i was at the ocean, and when i looked out into the horizon of the water , i seen what can only be described as a row of nuclear bombs going off, in the mushroom clouds after the explosion , in every cloud was the face of Barack Obama

    • Guide Bobby Fleury says:

      who will be the man who goes down in history, and it will be a man, who blew up the world?

      • Steven says:

        All of us, who are not repenting as the dominant life form of this planet. We as a species are currently enjoying the benefits of a technology developed during the past 2 centuries, which necessarily involved the experimentation with, and the development of nuclear energies. We were erring egregiously in misusing our scientific explorations during WWII, by annihilating two densely populated cities of our own kind, for experimentation purposes so a weapon of mass destruction could be discovered for the use in war-time as the ultimate bargaining tool. All of us, as a human race are now the culpable ones, as we may soon understand, we all are united in and by the use of our advanced technological means, which were gained in, and motivated by, a highly sinfull deployment and misuse of our God given freedoms of choice. The fact that this was not avoided, and we are all in a particularly tight spot at the moment is a fore-gone conclusion. What I propose is our mass repentatance to God, giving our precious caretakers the message of a plea for mercy, understanding as God’s children that we are not worthy of our newly gained advantages, as that we have brought them into our midst employing the gravest of misconducts, and poorest examples of judgment that were in our freedom to choose from.

    • bindi says:

      It seems subconsiously you know that obama is just another puppet , that can and could lead the future to a dangerous place., the water signifys spirituality and calm , maybe an emotional dream that has a few truths.

  21. Jessica says:

    I had a dream about the world ending, I was out at my family’s farm and it was the end of the world. When I looked up in the sky I saw two stars one was the moon, the other was flaming blue. It was about to hit the earth, not to far from where we were. it turned on its side and rolled like a Frisbee, I could see it crash through the trees I could see the sky so clearly, we had lost all power and the world was in chaos, I was very frightened after that dream. This is strange because when i was very little i had a similar dream that i can still remember to this day. i was out at the same place, and i could feel that something was wrong. and I looked up and their was the sun rolling down the hill like a Frisbee turned on its side. my husband just had the dream about the two stars hear last week. I feel that the world is changing, and i know that I can not stop it.

    • Jachin says:

      Ok, my blue star dream is of being in the pickup of a neighbor with some others getting out of dodge in a panic at night time. I remember looking up to the sky and seeing this blue star that blows up and turnes into an oval ring of small blue stars. End of dream. Ever heard of the Hopi Blue Star prophecy? Maybe check it out. Peace.

  22. Mary says:

    In a series of dreams that started in the mid to late 1970’s and stopped in 1980-1981 I say was was a bright flash coming from Mt Doable San Francisco Bay area, California. I was on the beach and a tsunami warning comes over the radio as the ocean begins to boil. A massive wave hits SF and the city is destroyed. Marshall is declared and survivors are put onto military transport boast and shuttled across the bay to Oakland. There is no food and people start gang and kill other to eat for food. Later all the major cities are too dangerous to go near and you can see them burning from many miles away. I think this is after I see the sky filled with small nuclear warheads, white with red fins filling the sky. War breaks out like Red Dawn and there is Russia military invading and we hid in cave trying to keep children quiet so were are not found.

    Another dream is a false flag attack by our own government plant a small nuke in New York. As they leave the three men go separate ways, it must be on a timer or radio detonator because the leader tells the two to make sure the direction they go is not down wind.

    • Dov says:

      I had two dreams about San Francisco being nuked in rapid succession the same night. In the first, I was a business woman in an airport southeast of San Francisco (perhaps Modesto), and everyone I was traveling with was telling me to write a certain number on my right hand as it would give me priority to get on the plane before the nukes went off. I said no to the number on the hand, we only have a short time so I am going to take a shower, which I did. When I finally got on the plane, on the takeoff roll I could see the nuke going off in San Fran, and our plane struggled when the shock wave hit; I could see the lights going off starting where the nuke was radiating outward. In the next dream I was in the home of a wealthy Chinese woman; her house was on a cliff overlooking San Fran with a wall of windows floor to ceiling. I saw the nuke go off from there. It was terrifyingly real.

    • Michele B says:

      I’m thinking you mean Mt. Diablo? I only point this out because diablo is Spanish for devil. Related to our word “diabolical.” I’m guessing also that your spellchecker changed it to “doable.” And yes, the daughter of a friend or ours who lives in San Jose says there is heightened military presence in the SF Bay Area and she thinks martial law will be declared once riots break out over the economy. And that it will all be downhill from there.

      • Guide Bobby Fleury says:

        I know someone who was told the same war could happen. he’s what you call a native american. there is nuclear war. invasion from the North. horrific events and yes cannabalism. there will be artificial intelligence created and the ammunition will be used mainly on the AI. animals will fight humans. people don’t think it could happen, thats why its going to happen. Even Alberta Einstein said, “I dont know how WWIII will be fought, but WWIV will be fought will sticks and stones.” The smartest man who lived did the math and all the numbers say it will happen with time, its just a matter of time. The weapons have been created already, it was meant to be….

  23. Gian says:

    Sept 11, I had a dream of a rapture like scenario. It was at night and I was climbing a steep hill and my family members were behind me. As I got up to the very top, I saw hundreds of this unidentified flying object which was illuminated by bright lights. They were batchs of seven and it seems like it was taking people of the ground.

    I told my brother(who introduce me to the comet elenin, end of days, etc..) about the ufo grouped together in 7. I told him how this is the perfect 7 which God always use. Me, my brother and the rest of my family walked towards the light were all these people were getting taken by the beam of light. As I walked towards the hill I saw lights shooting down and hearing people in agonizing voices. When I finally got to the top and as I looked down I saw numbers of people in agonizing sound from their scream. When they finally reached their death, a bright entity coming out of their body. In the back of my head I was thinking that God doesn’t need our material body only our souls, but for some reason I refused to go down.

    My brother went down together with his family member and I never saw him since then. Few of my family member stayed with me, I can’t excatly remember who it was but I believe it was my older brother. We all watched the UFO took off and on the horizon, thousands of these ufo took off together.

    After awhile these strange feeling of the earth being destroy was not there at all. The feeling of being left out from the rapture was absent. Our surroundings was strangely quiet and we were all confused what really happend. Suddenly I heard a voice and it was coming from everywhere and I heard it say “I will reform this earth” and it was repeated several times.

    That was the end of it.

  24. Ron says:

    Dear Alvin,

    I recently had a dream about two weeks back that Hawaii was suffering from a major flood. My entire dream was viewed from a helicopter perspective and water was as high as rooftops. What do you think this means?

    • In the context of dream symbolism- water represents the emotions. A house is the seat of the soul. An island (Hawaii) is a place for spiritual retreat. Air is the mind or intellect. Being transported in the air represents moving from one level of consciousness to the next and a flood signifies the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

      In the sense of symbolism; your mind appearing to beckoning you or maybe telling you it’s time for life-shift.

  25. Marc says:

    In a dream of early 2009 I was at first being chased down, running for my life, through a hugely spacious modern high raised glass building and I had a sports bag full of paper money with me when I suddenly realized a heavy earthquake starting to shake everything and the building’ glass front started shattering and coming all down and I more or less jumped down across floors of that building (James Bond-style – only works in dreams,movies&nightmares…) and I faintly remember just escaping out of that glass building in the very last moment before it completely collapsed.
    This summer I dreamed that I was in a high raised apartment building overlooking, from a wide, big window an ultra-modern city, which had some very rich architecture and especially a load of golden, somewhat conical roof tops, as a huge sun was setting (or rising? – it might have actually not been on planet earth, but somewhere else, as everything seemed very red-ish; perhaps Mars…). It was a big, intense, but (brightness wise) diminishing sun. Suddenly this time the whole building toppled and everything became dark and I actually do remember feeling the toppling in that dream, causing me to wake up from that dream in terror. Feeling such intense flying-/free-fall-G-forces are something I can hardly every remember from dreams in which they occur, accept for only a very few occasions on which dreamed I was flying and it actually did feel like I was.

  26. Laurie says:

    Late this past June, I dreamt about a man I had known in life who was an occult master while he was here — easy access to the astral and other planes. I first dreamt cataclysm markers — 9-11; then thousands of birds crashing down from the sky; then thousands of trees with their limbs surgically cut off and each limb had borne a beautiful colorful bouquet of flowers — it was obviously the cutting short of human lives. And this man I had known was giving some kind of seminar in the midst of the devastation. Then he looked at me and said, “I can only give you EIGHTY DAYS now. Then I need to go to California to give a seminar THERE.” And I woke up with the song “Around the World in Eighty Days” in my head — which of course ends with, “No more will I go all around the world….” In other words, GROUNDED. So I counted out the eighty days and it came out to September 15-16. Then I looked on the web and saw that others had noted that the three previous major earthquakes (Chile, Haiti, Japan) were spaced 188 days apart around The Ring of Fire, so others out there were looking for California to blow around that same date! — September 15-16. So we’ll see. I did dream 9-1-1 within days before it happened. I know that such things can sometimes come through in dreams.

    • nickk0 says:

      I hope you are wrong, Laurie !! ( Meaning that in a good way )

      – Nick

    • jeff says:


      Your message resonates highly with my intuition. I would tell of my dreams, but they are constantly changing. If I do not like a dream I make a mental effort to change it and it does in future dreams. Not only do I change my dreams , but everything that goes on around me in my conscious moments.If a destructive storm is coming towards me I can deflect it around me or lessen it’s affects before it get to me. If my wife or children or anyone around me gets mad and starts a verbal fight, I stop it mentally. There is not anything you can not change with your mind, but if it hurts others it will come back and visit you in the future- be it near or far. I desire to learn all the truths I can.


  27. Kelly says:

    I had a few dreams that were similar to this but I will only share the one that has stuck out the most. All of the dreams happened early this year.

    This dream I was at my college and I hear loudly in the air that they want people to meet here, and I was one of them. I went with a bunch of people in an open area and a man with a kind face I still remember his face and his purple shirt, say loudly no we need to run they want us here because they know they can’t control us. They want us here to kill us. So its easier to get rid of us. So than everyone started running around like crazy, trying to escape. I ran into a library and an old woman said your one that was suppose to go to the field, your not confroming. So I ran down stairs i was trying to hide and kept running because I felt the presence of those after us though I hadn’t seen them yet, Later I leave the college campus and go into a neighborhood and meet up with some girls who I randomly come upon and I sneak into a home grabbing food for everyone but than I see in the yard next door military type men with guns searching the area. I yell we have to leave they are coming. Thr military men didn’t have American uniforms, they looked more like old fashioned military uniforms with red bans on their arms. I woke up after running into The front yard seeing more men and I was scared what to do next asking God to help us. Than I woke up.

  28. Stephen says:

    I had a dream two months ago about a 7.0 earthquake that struck Manila. And in my dream it was as if the moon became as bright and as large as the sun.

  29. Kelly says:

    Just wanted to add I said the uniforms were old fashioned Because they weren’t modern looking and they reminded me of pictures I’ve seen of Germans in WWII. They had strange hats on not what I was expecting on soldiers and I looked up military hats in war and they looked identical to the M43 field cap the SS wore in WWII. Gives me chills.

  30. skeptic says:

    When my wife and I departed a restaurant we both looked up to see thick brownish-yellow clouds billowing across the sky cumulus clouds. In the dream I recognized the restaurant (located in New York); the clouds were coming out of the west. I knew to head home before the ash started falling….but I didn’t hear any unusual noises.

  31. Nilda Kindorf says:

    About a year and a half ago: Heard a huge thunderous blast like a huge bomb, so loud, that I felt shocked even in the dream, because it was so real. I heard a second just as thunderous blast, just as loud and frightening. The two occurred while I faced the south. A third and last blast sounded, just like the first two, and it occurred behind me, north. I woke up thinking it had to be real since the blasts were incredibly loud. Nothing in the real…it was all a dream, and it left me very unsettled. Thinking that 3 is divine completeness, the Godhead. South refers to the world/natural. North can mean spiritual, judgment, heaven. Two world wars in the natural have occurred a third, God’s judgment on its way?

    • Guide Bobby Fleury says:

      the third has to be completed. they were built, now they will be used. people can’t just build weapons like that and not expect them to be used.

  32. Susan D. says:

    A few months ago I had a vivid dream that stayed with me for days because it felt so real. I remember being on a cell phone outside. I was standing on a high hill or plateau looking down at a valley. For some reason, it seemed like it was California, although that is not where I live. The scenery reminded me of that area. In the valley there was a plume of the blackest smoke I have ever seen and I was on the phone telling someone about it, describing it in detail. I was alarmed and was asking what was going on down there and where the smoke was coming from. Suddenly there was an explosion — like a nuclear explosion — and I remember hitting the ground as I watched the energy wave expanding my way. That was it. I woke up shaking because it had seemed so real.

  33. sophia carlson says:

    I’ve had many prophetic dreams and precognition of things that have come to pass like the Christchurch Earthquakes but it is very difficult if you warn people they call you alarmist. Anyway this one was 4 years ago and has to date has not come to pass. It was in colour and it was a picture of New Zealand from side on suspended in mid air. My country was shaking violently and the shaking was radiating out from 3 points down the main fault line, one point was on the left side of Christchurch, the second point was on the right of Christchurch and the third was above Wellington but lower than Rotorua. It was a very vivid dream which I can still recall with absolute clarity. I hope and pray it does not come to pass.

  34. robinb333 says:

    Two nights ago (March 13, 2011) I had another disturbing dream, night vision, or premonition. I appeared in a room which was dimly lit. There was an older man in the room sitting to my left. All of a sudden above my head to the far left corner, I saw water flooding a town. And I was told this flooding was in New York. The scene lasted for approximately 5 to 10 seconds. I asked the man if I could speak to the individual that was responsible for this issue.

    The man allowed me to speak with two other men one named Gabriel and the other who did not offer his name. I asked why I couldn’t speak to the person who was responsible or in charge of this issue. I was told I was too late. This man proceeded to tell me I had been late too many times so I was not allowed to speak to the person who was in charge of this issue. Unfortunately, I was refused. I was then sent away.

    I found out that New York was declared a disaster due to the FLOODING and others issues that took place April 26, 2011 to May 8, 2011. Below is the link.


    Why was I allowed to see this? I believe it is a warning, a sign of things to come! People all over the world are having visions and prophetic dreams. God is giving everyone a chance for eternal salvation. If you’re not right with God, it’s time to repent!

  35. Lucy says:

    Around nine months ago I had a vision that part of a city collapsed into the ocean. The remaining part had waves rushing up the streets of highrises much similar to the scene of the smoke rushing down the streets in footage of 911, but instead of smoke it was water. I do not know which city but I know I needed to be eased into the reality of it as it will be disconcerting when it does happen and I feel shortly. Sorry I do not know which city nor the cause.

  36. Robert Vogel says:

    Seeing it is not too long but maybe a little too long for here…….. http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=185070404854481

  37. robinb333 says:

    On September 6, 2011 I posted an article which stated, For the past month I’ve had a feeling I can’t seem to shake. I have no detail, location, or time frame, but, I continue to get a “feeling” Russia will suffer from an earthquake. From the “feeling” I’m experiencing I believe it will be between a 7.0 to 7.5. I hope I’m wrong.

    I also feel there will be a disruption in the Netherlands. Still unsure what will transpire, so I will continue to pray for this situation.

    I often believe when God allows me to see different issues, we are being called to pray for the situation. I believe in this instance, prayer is needed.

    On September 8, 2011 The Extinction Protocol posted an article stating, 4.2 magnitude earthquake strikes the Netherlands. Below is the link.


  38. Francine says:

    I dreamed of a large planet like object crashing into the sun and knocking out it of it’s place. that’s been the most recent, I hate dreaming lately, so thankfully it doesn’t happen too often.

  39. Catalyst says:

    @frankie — In regard to your trance: your comment suddenly reminded me that about 15 years ago I had experienced a sort of trance and had scribed several pages of what seemed like jibberish, writing or symbols in a format that resembled Gregg shorthand. I remember at the time thinking I was speaking for someone and giving instructions and I DO remember talking aloud as if I had a heavy speech impediment. I felt very out of control, almost drugged, and was speaking this labored “tongue”, if you will, while I was “writing.” I had totally forgotten about those pages. I will search for them.
    Alvin, thank you for this opportunity.

  40. Matt says:

    Alvin, I had this dream when I was about 14. I am 34 now. I had recently moved from Chicago to California and it was a good move, but a life changing experience. I remember one dream that really stood out to me. There was a star in the sky that I was watching in the dream. The dream setting was always in the night, and the dream was a culmination of nights in one dream. It kept getting brighter and brighter and what I remember realizing in the dream is that is was God’s army coming to battle. At least that’s what I thought when I was 14. There were holographic like images, very large, of Angels and other beings. It was very amazing and I was not really scared. Never had the dream again, but it is one I remember quite well. The recurring dreams I have had along with my brother are the little glowing orbs in the sky and lots of them flying all around. The dream never gets to where we have any kind of encounter, but it seems scary. I don’t want to be scared in the dreams, but I am because of the amount of “lights in the skies”. We have been having these since we were kids and just within the past 5 years found out we have been having the same kinds of dreams. Thanks Alvin, we check the page daily, I don’t know how you keep up with all of the info, but its cool to see. Thanks! Matt.

  41. Louie says:

    Several months ago I had a dream that there was a earthquake where I live. I went out of the house I had been in, that was not destroyed? And as I looked around every single building had been flattened. All I saw was total flatness and destruction. I live in a subdivision and a part of the country with many hills, mountains, and trees (the Northwest). All was flat.
    A couple of weeks after that I had a dream of the rapture I believe. I was laying in bed, when suddenly light started pulling me up by my shoulders, chest, and abdomen, with my legs and arms sort of trailing behind. I started shouting to the Lord, “Here I come, Lord Jesus”, “Here I come”. After I said that several times, still being pulled upwards, I awoke completely and suddenly. I knew the Lord had given me that. And I thank Him for it. I long for His coming.

  42. Didn't ask for it... says:

    On early Sunday, September 9, 2001 I awoke in a sweat panic after having had the most intense “dream.” What I saw, was an out of focus shaking large school wall map with four bleeding “X’s” all along the west coast of the United States. Then I recall seeing a pick-up truck with Middle Eastern turban bearded men moving very carefully stacking suitcases and car batteries in the back. The tallest and most intense looking, seemed to communicate without speaking, the man waved me away when I tried to speak to him, when I was asking him if he was a “good man” or a “bad man”, then I saw the shadows of airplanes flying over the shaking map, and I could hear thousands of people yelling, screaming, crying, shouting for help and I could see there was thick dust in the air. It jolted me out of bed and forced me to contact people who might explain what the shaking map and screams might mean–two mornings later I found out. We all found out…

  43. susan says:

    I have had a lot of dreams in the last two years that have profoundly affected me. Some of them actually feel other-dimensional, like seeing into an alternate reality.

    About 2 months ago, I had a dream that i was descending from some sort of platform, just off shore from the white beaches of a tropical island. Indonesia maybe. I have lived in Indonesia. It was one of those groups of islands I think. There were many people, single, couples, children, all streaming from the platform to water level from stairs, runged ladders and even a chute type of slide. People then chose either to dive into the water and hold their breath to enter a safe watertight undersea compartment, or to stay on the water line. It was a beautiful glorious tropical sunny day and the colours were so vivid and the air had such clarity and I sat on a walkway with my feet in the water, while my children swam in the ocean – there were a few others who were swimming or letting their chidren swim, but not many people wanted to stay above water. I felt such joy and peace and even though I knew that there was a massive tsunami coming that was going to wash everything away, I wasnt scared. A man came and sat beside me, and i remember communicating what i was seeing to him, non verbally. and the words going through my head was ‘its such a beautiful day. its too beautiful a day to die. We cant die when its all so beautiful’. I felt no fear or panic at all. I was at peace, totally absorbed in the water and the beach and the tropical vegetation i could see just a short swim away. I felt so very much alive; it had a magical quality to it.

    About 4 weeks ago, I dreamt that I was in a house built on a bit of a rise. I came outside to see fire raging from first one direction and then the next. I wanted to use my phone to call my mother and sisters, but I knew, and somehow knew that they knew, that there was no way any of us would be able to reach each other before the fire reached our homes. I sent out my love to them, knowing that we would all have to face this wherever we happened to be. Then i was out on a type of verandah with my 4 children, and the fire was coming from every direction and it was moving fast and I knew that soon the fire would wash over us, and that no one would escape from this fire. I pulled my children into a group embrace and told them that everything was going to be okay and that the fire would come fast but we would not feel any pain. i just remember the totally enveloping feeling of love that was present between us and their faith and trust in me to keep all the fear away.

    I will post other dreams in another reply :-) sorry its so long.

    • Lisa says:

      Both of your dreams have blessed me Very Much.
      I have been led to pray (for the last few months) for God’s grace and mercy upon all who will face physical death from all that is coming (some of which is already here).
      For those who are and will be martyred, for all children especially.
      That The Lord would spare people from any kind of fear, pain or torment.
      That when the time comes that they/we (I have no sense if I will be one, or will make it to the end) will only experience God’s love, peace and joy…no matter what.
      Your dreams are the 3rd I have read recently expressing the very thing that The Lord has led me to pray for. :)
      God Bless you and yours

      • susan says:

        thank you Lisa, for your response, and for your prayers. they are obviously working :-) a year ago, i was scared for the future, for the future of my children in this world, but the closer i came to my fear, the more i was able to deal with it. it was a true cleansing of fire of the soul. i have completely relinquished all fear and uncertainty, for in truth, i have little control over what happens, only in how i deal with it. I know that death is not a truth :-). The world is still beautiful, there is so much love in it. love will survive.

  44. Jesebele says:

    I had weard dreams most of my life. sorry for my bad english.
    Once I was dreaming that the earth was crying. I didn’t see it, but i knew somehow in my dream that earth was hurt. I woke up, and i was crying too, as it was real.
    Next dream i remember as though it was a real experience – a vulcano errupted, and i saw the fire and lava from vulcano comming towards me with the speed of light.Somehow i became a light, the fire passed thru me without harm.
    Another dream was about floods. Horrible floods.
    Another dream was about some kind of vortex wheel,i knew it was important somehow that i go into that wheel because it will bring me to another time/space?? hard to explain.
    Another dream was about people who were violent. I don’t know why, but they were like canibals here in Germany, eating everything that moved, including people.
    Another dream i had was a loud was constantly repeating “bless the candle and light it up”. I am not sure who said it or why.
    Another dream was about huge winds and sand storms..
    Anyway, i don’t like falling asleep.

    • Guide Bobby Fleury says:

      there is a story from the native americans about the wind that makes a hurricane seem like a whisper. It is even said that the great grandchildren of the white oppressors will find the last of the native medicine people and tell them they destroyed the Earth-almost and they want to help it now.

    • prayntongues says:

      Thank God someone here has had a dream about cannibals! I’ve had “zombie” dreams, I will post them. I’ve been scrolling and reading the dreams here, hoping that someone had similar dream as mine.

  45. Staci says:

    I had a dream that I was standing in the middle of what seemed to be a dark dust storm, and angles where flying around me like a tornado lifting me and others up into the air. I could feel my skin and body changing as I was lifted up. I heard the voice of my ex telling me ” You were right I cant beleive it I should have lisened to you, This is the end. This dream couldnt have been more real. I woke up and thought to myself ” Oh man its not real. I look forward to meeting our Lord and Savior in the air. I will see many of you there. God bless.

    I was in a big compound where there were all sorts of people, good and not so good but all were in peace basically except for the usual troubles. (The world ) There was a big building there that everybody used to do whatever it was they were doing. ( commerce). It was a prosperous place.

    There was a massive vegetable garden out the back of this building with all the things you can think of growing. It was an excellent garden, it seemed that there was nothing left out. There were people in the garden working, good and bad. I was with a group of men who were saying how good the garden was, they were just men, there was nothing different or special about them. But I was about a foot taller than them and could see the garden just over the top of a rise that they couldn’t see. The garden looked like it went back for a long, long way but I could see that there were a wall of mirrors facing back our way in the middle of it to give the illusion that is was a lot bigger than it really was. I thought these people are being conned.

    Then I found myself in a large river under the building. I was just under the surface and there was a herd of about 20 or so Elephants walking towards me but about 200 feet below me on the bottom of this river. I thought these are not good but if they stay on the bottom and keep walking then it’s not so bad. They will take some time to get to me if they wanted to because they are so big and slow. Then all of a sudden they started to swim to the surface at an amazing speed and I had to get out of their way. They were not good elephants. ( bad spirits hidden in the world just waiting for there time to attack) They came up through the building and all spread out. Each one seemed to know where they were going and they raced into the garden. I don’t know much about Elephants but I know they eat a lot of food. I ran out the back to try to scare them off and succeeded in getting one to leave by throwing a cauliflower at it. And it actually worked to my surprise. ( sacrifice something that costs little to secure some food and whatever else you need. It will pay off big in the very near future.)

  47. Mint says:

    At the beginning of 2004, I dreamed of a tsunami hitting a tourist spot in my country, Malaysia. I saw the waves crashing in and there was no place to hide. It felt very real. After waking up, I totally dismissed my dream because I don’t recall Malaysia ever been hit by a tsunami before. I have always considered my country to be one of the safest countries in the world. On 26th December 2004, my husband called me from Japan to tell me that Malaysia has been hit by a tsunami. I laughed and told him to stop joking. Just to prove him wrong, I switched to the news channel and I was rendered speechless with shock.

    • Elaine says:

      Hey Mint! That would be about the same year that I had my tsunami dream posted above somewhere! That dream is what got me searching the internet and finding sites like this and Larry Taylor, Quayle, Trunews,Deyo’s, etc….I live on Lake Michigan and there has NEVER been a huge tidal wave on the Great Lakes but somehow that split second dream has affected my life ever since….I have since found out about pole shift and I think the giant waves so common in these dream descriptions have to do with that sudden flip of the planet! Like all the water in the world doing a giant slosh like when you flip a full dishpan on its side and the water sloshes way up the side of the sink.
      Also, read where I woke up with gratitude to the Lord that I was taken before having to inhale water….He has a plan for each of us and there is no reason for fear!

  48. Trudestar says:

    A few months ago I had a dream of incredible upheaval and people streaming out of cities and towns to find stable higher ground after earthquakes. I was in a group of people I did not know and I’d lost my children and family members, I was on my own. This wasn’t like a normal dream, it was vivid, and like living real experiences and when I woke up, I remembered every detail, every conversation, every emotion and felt like I’d been on a journey. We came to the crest of some lowish mountains that were inland (everyone was heading inland) and we turned to look back towards the ocean, and the ocean was hurtling across the land, in very large waves, not just one wave, we could see wave after wave, very high, full of unstoppable power and it was terrifying and awe inspiring. We could not stop staring and there was a great wind blasting us. Our group headed as far into a mountain range as possible on the other side from the ocean, which was now covering what was once land. We worked as a group to make plans for survival and what to do – there was nothing left – it was like we all knew we were lucky to survive and we had to start from scratch.

    • nanette granneman says:

      I’ve been scanning the dream section in hopes of finding someone with a similar dream.

      In Jan. ’94 I had a very vivid dream. This took place in Northern Kentucky, USA which is where we lived at the time. There were multiple earthquakes, I saw gas lines in front of peoples homes exploding. I tied my dog in the back yard, I left food and water for him. My family went up to the highway to see if we could help the people, our street wasn’t safe with all the fires in front of the homes. There were ambulances lying on their sides, cars on fire, sections of the interstate had collapsed. Death was all around.
      My daughter who was 4 y.o. at the time, was a young woman in the dream and was helping those that had survived. We moved off into the woods to look for other survivors that had gotten off the road. We found very few. We formed a group, went into the grocery store and took shopping carts full of food. I went back for my dog, his leg was broken but he was still alive. I bandaged his leg and let him off the leash, he followed.
      We traveled as group, we walked down the highway trying to get towards the river to see if there were any survivors in the larger city. We didn’t make it far because the Ohio River had overflowed its banks and had followed the interstate road up into the cut in the hill. We were shocked, Covington, KY and Cincinnati were nothing but water.
      We went back into the woods, determined to find others alive, we were a small group of about 10, we met a young man who had a CB Radio. He told us there was nobody there. He came with us and we walked and walked, we got to another area, high up on a hill. We could see the water and knew that across the river was Indiana. The bridge was gone just as with Cincinnati but we thought we could see people. The man with the CB Radio made contact with others across the river. We weren’t alone. It was just a matter of time to put things back together.

      My husband woke me up, said I was crying in my sleep. At some point I had gotten up during the night because I smelled smoke and thought the house was on fire, I thought it was part of the dream. I dressed my kids and went to take them sledding because it had snowed heavily during the night. I didn’t realize the extent of snow and cold until getting outside. We had over 20 inches of snow and the temperature was in the minus digits. When we got to where I took them sledding there was a smouldering wreck where a two story apartment complex once stood. It had burned all night, there was no water to put it out because the lake had frozen over. I was upset by this and took the children home just in time to see that California had a major earthquake!

      I have been plagued all my life with weird dreams. Usually there is someone I call the blue god, he points and says “look” and shows me scenes of devastation. Flooding is recurrent, hence I’m afraid of open water.

      • catherine bridges says:

        I just posted below of my dream and it seemed to follow yours. I always shorten my vision to what part brought out the most emotion and it was that the raging water was preventiong me from getting to the other side of a place that used to be passable. The water was like that of a river so I thought it must be the Mississippi. Only because it is the only one I have a personel connection with. I too have had dreams that were very vivid but they always come in threes when they end up materializing. God Bless.

  49. Rey chavez says:

    Yea about two days ago I had a dream I was in this 7.0’earthquke ok the 8th floor of this building, I haven’t felt. 7.0 but i could imagine the intesity of the earthquakes magnitude having recently with the 5.9 that hit us in dc.. I felt how much the building was swaying since our buildings aren’t built for withstaining earthquakes … It was a bit scAry, but having experienced it I know would to expect a lil ….kinda

  50. Rock says:

    A few years before the movie “Deep Impact” came out I had a dream where I was standing on the beach and a tsunami wave thousands of feet high was coming down on me. Then I don’t know if I woke up or just forgot what happened next but the wave looked real and although I forget most of my dreams I remembered this one. Then when the movie “Deep Impact” came out and they were standing on the beach while the tsunami wave engulfed them, I freaked. It was like my dream had come alive on the movie screen.

  51. V says:

    A couple of weeks ago I had an out of place dream where fissures opened up in the earth and consumed anything in its path.

    • Rapunze says:

      Similar dream a couple of weeks ago too. I was running away from those fissures with my daughter. It was happening where I live, in Longueuil, province of Quebec, Canada

  52. mladen says:

    Hi.. If i dont dream about travelling, i dream tsunamies and falling UFO spaceships. I just woke up (its 10 am in Slovenia) from a nice travel trip and saw this. Yes- tsunamis follow my dreams and i remmemeber one night i dreamed about .. it was a dark dark sky, i saw a falling object. Ok, it felt just on my car, it was huge. It had the shape of a pen. i went there to check out, but then i woke up:(

  53. Kayenne says:

    I’ve had many dreams/visions of catastrophic events, amongst them the 9/11 NY incident (which is a matter of record elsewhere); most have come true unfortunately. Here’s one which hasn’t come true yet that I know of; it was a very short “vision” like about 8 seconds in length, just before I went to sleep; happened about 18 mths ago now. I saw a “drowned city”, cars deep under sea water; buildings still intact, with fish swimming in and out of windows and car windows. It “felt” as though the ocean just suddenly rose, rather than crashing in and demolishing buildings. It wasn’t damaged like in a tsunami. The paint on the cars hadn’t yet rusted, everything looked very surreal. The water must have been hundreds of feet deep, to cover the higher buildings I “saw”. It “felt” like the west coast of USA.
    Another dream I’ve had which seems close to happening now (had this one last year) was seeing the sun, as though I was quite close up, and it suddenly had over thirty, nearly forty sunspots all appearing at once, like a bad rash. In this dream I was riding a rollercoaster with my son and his girlfriend, and at the point I noticed the sunspots, we were just about to go down the long downhill part of the ride. Son’s girlfriend was complaining she didn’t want to wave her hands in the air; when I saw all the sunspots, I turned to her in the dream and said “If you think you’ve got worries now, wait till that lot hits!” (referring to the sunspot activity.

    • Judy Sanford says:

      I had a similar vision not too long back. I do not call them dreams because they happen like moving pictures as I am laying there trying to go to sleep. I see the water rising in a big city with skyscrapers. It was not a big wave, as I have seen those in visions as well, but rather, the water was just coming up higher and higher as though the city were sinking. I often think about where this could be and the city appears to be a place like N.Y. Another vision that happened some months back was of houses just falling down the side of a mountain. The houses were built along the side of the cliffs and it kind of reminded me of houses I have seen along the mountains of Portland, Or. They just started falling, sliding down the hills, first one house and then the other. There is no set plan for when I see things. It just happens whenever it happens. Lately there have been scenes of the heavens with stars moving by very swiftly, and what appears to be the moon, only much brighter moving by quickly too.

      • Kayenne says:

        I’ve had very similar dreams re. the “moving stars” myself; I’ve seen it as though there’s a “war” going on; dog-fights involving “stars”.
        Insofar as the Oregon portions of your dreams, I believe there has been a lot of earth movement and houses having issues with soil/earth movement. Youtube has lots of videos on this if you’re interested…spanning the last few years….reading through everyone’s dreams on this site; we all seem to be having quite similar visions, or dreams with common elements. Undoubtedly some big changes coming.
        Yes, regarding your sinking city, that’s exactly what it felt like for my dream too. I may indeed be wrong on which city was involved, but I have no doubt it will occur.

  54. michael du toit says:

    I am employed at a shipping company and continuously having dreams about containers falling off from ships due to massive tsunamis, sloshing against the coast. It’s scary and there nothing I can do to stop it.

  55. Joe says:

    I was struck when I saw this post today – I read your site daily and check the comments of your loyal readers – as I had a dream a few days ago and can’t get it out of my head. I have not posted a comment in a while, but would appreciate your thoughts on this. In my dream I was looking at a map of the U.S. and there was an outline of a scorpion that covered most of the eastern half of our country. The tail at the north and the front facing south/southeast. That’s it. Very real and I think of that often. Can’t seem to get it out of my head.
    As always, your work is so appreciated! God Bless you, Sir. And God Bless all your loyal readers. Peace to all.

    • beck says:

      Stinging tails

      “And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months.” (Rev. 9:10)

      We may see, in the stinging tails, the practice of cowardice � of stabbing someone in the back or saying evil things about them to others re1204a, ps01503, The enemies of God’s people will be those who follow the majority religion as the world tries to unite in face of widespread calamities and chaos. They will probably use devious attacks to counteract the influence of those whose consciences demand a different path. Because followers of the apostate religious movement will have no basis of Scripture to support their worship, they will try to discredit the righteous by false accusations. We may expect to be betrayed by our own family members .

      Our world is fast coming to the time pictured here when people will be hurting each other. It appears that during the time of the fifth trumpet sounding, probation will close and that the righteous will be sealed and protected re0903, but they will first be persecuted. In the scorpion work, evil words will be spoken about the remnant and evil plans laid to destroy them. This they will sense during the five-month time. Finally, the wicked will be their own real enemies.

      Given power like scorpions

      Again notice that these pests were given their power. Even in Satan’s most violent aggression, God is in control allowing him to demonstrate the folly of his rebellion so that no one will ever want to copy it.

      ” And he said unto me [Ezekiel], Son of man, I send thee to the children of Israel, to a rebellious nation that hath rebelled against me: they and their fathers have transgressed against me, even unto this very day. . . . though briers and thorns be with thee, and thou dost dwell among scorpions: be not afraid of their words, nor be dismayed at their looks, though they be a rebellious house.” (Ezek. 2:3-6)

  56. Alen says:

    Someone was whispering to me in both dream and awake but when i turned around there was no one there :: Nature’s Drum ,Horn ,Beacon and Lance will mire the affairs of man.

    This occurred at the start of this year. No images just a male voice whispering. This was very different from the other premonitions i have had over the decades.

  57. luisport says:

    I had one this morning. I dream that it will happen a M5 precursor earthquake some hours from a big one happen in the same place as the one who destroyed Lisbon in 1755. In the dream i understand that this was a precursor and phone to my family that live near the cost to run away. Then some hours latter the big one happen and form tsunamis that destroy low parts of Lisbon, and strike many countries including US cost, Ireland, Ingland, Spain etc.

  58. Adriaan says:

    i dreamt last night that i awoke from the thunder and lightning…. i went outside and it was raining…red dust…the dust was cool to the skin and come down in droplets… when i wiped it away the droplets fell to the ground in powder form.. i heard peole yelling all over the area surrounding me.. a person came running down the road and begged me to help…he was burning up…when a drop of dust fell on his body it was absorbed by his skin…he ran further and collapsed in the middle of the road… the lightning and thunder was way above in space… the sky was lit up each time….

  59. Pagan says:

    I dream all the time, in both sleep & awake states. I also keep a private journal for referencing later on as events come to pass.I guess my most vivid dream is not really a dream at all, it happened during an NDE in ’92. Alvin, I will try to be brief :)

    I was in an impossibly immense partly enclosed hall, lying on my back on some sort of floating slab looking up into a night sky that was absolutely beautiful. I had a feeling of utter calm & peace & remember reaching out to touch the stars & as I caught them they crumbled into diamonds in my hand. I sat up in complete wonderment & all around me there were souls, millions, billions of them – it is impossible to say how many & they were all transparent & bright, without true human form & I knew I was one of them too. Way down below me there was a stage, with the richest, most luxurious red velvet curtains tied on either side of it. On the stage was an ancient bearded man with an ancient papyrus scroll who was whispering names. The soul next to me didnt want to go as its name was called but was taken gently by beings that I can only describe as Angels. I told the Angels I wanted to go that I wanted to see what was behind the stage – so they took me into another great hallway where I met three Beings of Light who told me of many things that would come to pass. All my questions were answered & everything was made clear. I was shown the truth of the past, the future & all of the realms that lie in between. There was no time in this eternal, sacred & holy place just total illumination & clarity.

    This experience changed my life forever as I have no doubt whatsoever I stood in the Hall Of Truth & was spiritually gifted & bestowed upon. All of the things I was shown have come to pass – not just the awful, also the sublimely beautiful. Light will always outshine the dark.

    May you be Blessed

    • Paula says:

      Thank you for sharing this lovely experience Pagan, and thank you to all who have shared their private experiences. I think NDE’s are happening more often as well as dreams to help us handle the transition of this planet. Many of these dreams are very frightening but I think its important to remember that God does send warnings, prophesies and visions so that souls Will use their free will to transcend the past and build a better future. We are all one family.

      • Cherry says:

        God speaks once yea twice and man perceives it not. in deep sleep among mans bed he seals up his instructions to keep his soul back from the pit. DREAMS! Ecclestiasties.

    • Raven says:

      Home…..thank you Pagan
      Blessings x

  60. gvendolina says:

    Several dreams where town where I live was flooded.

    Dream of a heavenly body exploding in the sky with a loud boom. Heavy winter, very dark day.

  61. will says:

    The morning of 9-12-11, everything was burned away. Trees, grass, bushes, everything. But it was raining. Not just a normal slow or even a storm. Rain that seemed to come from every direction. I stood and watched. I saw others doing the same. Some of them have been gone from this world for a long time but there they were watching with us.

  62. Gen says:

    For the last couple of months I have had a strange “type of premonition” probably about three times now. I am always standing at the sink so I am facing north west. It is hard to explain and happens so fast but it is like a “lurching” feeling, as though one is on a train and the breaks suddenly go on and cause a lurching, jerking forward sensation, very short just enough to make me think what was that. Every time it has happened I have thought what if the earth stalled. Or is it what is happening to the earth in these big quakes like Japan and Chile. It worries me that there is a M10+ coming.

    • Pagan says:

      Gen = I get the exact same sensation, I call it vertigo & it has increased in frequency over the last few months. Sometimes it’s strong enough to leave me disorientated.. After one severe occurence at a shopping centre carpark & again once whilst sitting at my comp I asked my boyfriend if he’d felt anything which he hadn’t. That’s exactly what I think it feels like also – that the Earth had stalled & stopped spinning.


      • Kelly says:

        Wow me too! I call it vertigo too that it what it reminds me of but I kept getting it all this summer. My sister thought I was crazy, but it kept happening everywhere I went. And I have never experienced it before. However It has stopped this month.

      • Kayenne says:

        I got vertigo just like that for about three months before the big Sumatran quake and tsunami. On Boxing Day morning, around 1:26 am Australian time, I almost fell off the couch, the vertigo was so bad.
        I always associate the vertigo with a very large quake to come, since that time before the Sumatran quake. Additionally, I noted animal activity (the crows around my place were extra noisy, flying around in circles, roosting back on the telephone lines, then taking off again, over and over) about three weeks before that big quake.
        Another symptom was when everything seems extremely quiet at night or even during the day; as though sounds are muted. It felt like I had cotton wool stuffed in my ears; there were still traffic sounds, but all very muted. A “waiting” feeling.
        I agree with your feelings re the “earth feels like it stopped spinning”…and Gen seems to be picking up on this too.
        I swear, for three days after the Sumatran quake, the moon was in the same position in the sky for the entire time – all day. Yet I couldn’t seem to find out from official sources if this was the case and I didn’t know anyone who was an astronomer at that time…it would have been useful! That was very weird.
        Generally I have found that if a quake hits near or at Macquarie Island, in the south Pacific area, a larger one is to follow within a few days…so since I’ve noted that pattern, I watch Balleny Islands/Macquarie Island area closely via IRIS and other earthquake monitioring sites.

    • Shawnta says:

      OMG, I have been having the same feeling!!! I was sitting in the floor in my girls room and felt myself lurch several times, small, and I look around a nd nothing is happening and noone else felt it. Also happens here while I am sitting at work, I feel it while sitting in my chair…very intermitent and not every day.

      • Kayenne says:

        Don’t want to cross over the line on personal information, but where in the world, in general, are you Shawnta? and Gen and everyone else feeling this vertigo?

      • Ashley H. says:

        I know exactly what all of you are talking about. It comes sporadically, there doesn’t seem to be a pattern. What you’ve all said about the feelings you get from it, during it, etc. is the same for me as well. Strange.

    • Lisa says:

      I also have been having the same sort of sensation, and have called it vertigo.
      It started (if memory serves) late last year.
      It’s sporadic, and I have not noticed any set pattern to it, or anything I can correlate with it, but I will pay more attention to nature from now on when it happens.
      God Bless

      • Sherman says:

        Its very odd, but I’ve been getting a similar feeling, but far less intense. Its like the pressure wave from a sonic boom causes me to sway a little. (although nothing has been heard, and no seismic events have been recorded.) I’m on the east cost of New York.

  63. karlo says:

    About 4 or 5 years ago I dreamt that i was witnessing a huge mile high wall of water thundering towards me. This wall was miles wide and obliterated everything. It was only about a mile away at the time but i knew that this was the end. I think I woke up in panic before being engulfed and was so relieved it was just a dream.

    What was peculiar was that I had been ‘witnessing’ this from an upstairs bedroom in my longtime childhood home (lived there for about 30 years) but had moved house three times since then. All I could think of as a possible reason was that it allowed me to accurately determine the direction this thing was coming from. The house I was in is in Manchester, northern England, UK and the wave came from the SW or even the SSW direction which would mean from the south or mid Atlantic ocean.

    keep on smilin’.

  64. Rebekah J says:

    I had a dream about a month ago that my husband and I were driving in our car and the sky was an orangey-brown color and it was like the sun was trying to shine through but just couldn’t. I just remember it feeling so eerie and I even said in my dream “I wonder if this is the 3 days of darkness they speak about.” It still gives me goosebumps thinking about it. Alvin, I’ve never posted before, but I felt really led to share this especially after being so shocked that others have had this same type of dream. I also wanted to tell you that I absolutely love, love, love your website. I am on here several times a day & appreciate all the time and hard work you dedicate on a daily basis. God Bless You

    • Thanks Rebekeh. That’s so very kind of you to say. Grateful to God for the avenue and for the many readers, contributors, and supporters who are all such an intricately knitted-part in the tapestry of the planet’s unfolding story.

      God bless you in peace and love,

  65. Sascha says:

    Just a question to all of you, who read this:

    is it just a coincidence that me and my spouse don´t seem to “sleep”
    anymore, but get into something like a dream-state when we go to bed
    that lasts the whole night?
    (..don´t take any drugs, don´t drink – well.. maybe we should?! =) )

    ..are there more than Pagan (entry of “September 14, 2011 at 9:30 am”)
    out there who have a similar experience?


    • Paris says:

      This happens to me all the time. There’s seems to be no rest for me, as my dreams state starts before I fall asleep and lasts until I get up in the morning.

    • SC says:

      Sascha, I was just thinking about that this morning! We are on the same frequency because I too was saying to myself that I am not under the influence of any substances, yet it feels all I do is have lucid dreams all night. It’s a wonder I feel “rested” at all. I’m also like Pagan, as I have “dreams” when I’m wide awake. I call these visions for lack of better words. Thank you so much for asking the question. Love and light to you and your husband.

      • Paula says:

        Sascha, Paris and SC- same here! We are living on more than one plane of consciousness all at the same time. Lucid dreaming keeps waking many people up.
        At least we know we are not alone, Thank you Alvin, very much!
        Blessings to you and all,

    • Susan D. says:

      My husband and I haven’t slept well weeks and weeks. Now my 4 year old is also waking up during the night for no apparent reason. Could this have something to do with the magnetic field or something? Problem is, we are exhausted all the time now.

      • It’s possible Susan. Declination is suppose to have effects on the brain.

      • Edyta Holden says:

        I have been feeling very exhausted lately, and my 4 year old woke every night screaming for a few weeks a couple of months back.

      • Richard says:

        Stress in one individual can carry over to your immediate family members. This is especially true for parents that have children. These are stressful times, but sometimes we have to take a break from the craziness and do something fun. I suggest reading fairytales with positive outcomes to your children as a start.

      • prayntongues says:

        I wake up frequently too, over the last 6 months. My body tries to fight it, its as though I am unable to lay still, like I HAVE to get up out of bed. My friends (i’m a christian) tell me that its best to pray, that the Lord is waking me up, He needs prayer warriors immediately. The praying does seem to help. Once I asked Jesus, what am I to pray for? He showed me a large map of Israel. It was golden, bright and shiny, then the surrounding countries burst into flames. He said, Pray for my people. This vision was around july 2011.

      • pagan66 says:

        I’m nocturnal so am usually awake at night, it’s the time I pray, recharge, dream, meditate, write & paint. But it’s strange you mention being exhausted because lately I am also, I can’t fall asleep till about 4am, then I miss sunrise salutation, then am awake around 7am again feeling exhausted. 3am here now & wide awake but tired beyond belief if that makes any sense. Strange weather also could be causing it, as it causes headaches etc. We are almost at the start of midsummer & are debating whether to turn the heater on for warmth. Weird.

      • Richard says:

        Fluctuation in the magnetic field do have effects on all living beings as well as the fluctuation in the frequencies in which animal life bases its behavior. There are other things as well that I think is causing a whole host of problems…or at least contributing to them. One of these is headaches and congestion that people I know who has never had a history of them, now do. I have been looking for logical explanations why my son has autism and why there has been an increase in the amount of kids diagnosed with it from 1 in 10,000 in 1992 to 1 in just 67 today. Quite an alarming number considering that we are approaching a time where every child born will have some form of it. Besides the increase in radio technology in which has been suspected of altering brain function, there has also been a ego-engineering approach to the so called global warming. It is called cloud seeding in which causes what these engineers call global dimming. They atomize the atmosphere with particles such as aluminum in which is suppose to reflect the sun back out into space. Anyone that lives in a western country, look up in the sky the day before a weather front moves through. Early in the morning you may notice some very high altitude airplanes…30,000 ft or so, in which you will see contrails that do not dissipate as they normally would after a few minutes. “Contrails do not create cloud cover as the newer, much more efficient jet engines burn fuel at nearly 100% leaving almost pure water vapor in which dissipates rather quickly after the jet passes. Back in the 70’s it was not the case and unspent fuel would linger in the the air.” They will crisscross over and over and by high noon, there is a thin cloud cover over the entire area. What is interesting is that you can see that these planes work on one section…such as south and work their way out in the direction away from the incoming front.

        Rain water that has been collected in a bucket has shown elements of aluminum. There is no other place this could come from from. Heavy metals are known to cause brain abnormalities. This could be one of the reasons behind the ever increasing depression, autism, downs syndrome, Alzheimer, and dementia. There are plenty of websites that advertise cloud seeding as a service to snow pack. The UN website proudly advertises the use of spraying the atmoshpere with metals, polymers and chemicals in an attempt to reflect sunlight into space. I do not even think most politicians know about it really. They have to breath the same air we do after all.

    • sophia carlson says:

      Exactly the same!

  66. Anand Bela says:

    I was in a small town and I noticed a tall thin man with quite a prominent facial feature, sharp face and penetrating eyes. A striking appearance. I was drawn to him, like a magnetic force. I came up to him and told him ‘I need to speak to you’. The he pointed to my partner and said… ‘he can’t be here for this’. And I saw my partner slipping away into the distance. Then I turned back to the man and suddenly his face was like an arrow piercing through me, shocking me, his eyes were looking straight through me with a transmission of strong light. And there was a flash of lighting around him and then I noticed that he had was flashing an image for me to see. There was a flood all around us, and there were bodies floating on the surface, many many bodies. This dream stayed with me for a long time, because there was a strong energy transmission, shocking me, waking me up. Now I am not sure if this is just an ordinary dream or a real premonition. The only thing that I can say is that my partner is now gone, he died of cancer one month ago. And the man in the dream said ‘he can’t be here for this’.

    • Laura says:

      Anand, I am so sorry about your partner. I just had a dream about a flood last night! Very vivid. I live in a small town that’s sort of near a river (my dad once said if the Appomattox River gets to my backyard, it’s armageddon). I was babysitting my goddaughter and the water reached my backyard. In my dream I knew what I had to do – get my things/supplies together. Get in the car. Go north. Go somewhere else. But I was frozen, and I think I didn’t want to alarm the child. It was very disconcerting, and different from your dream which sounds a lot like a premonition to me. God bless

  67. Paris says:

    I’ve have these types of dreams all the time. Sometimes its a quake, a tsunami or nuclear bomb. In one of the more recent dreams I was sitting in a boat off the west coast. The skies were thick with black smoke and everything had an eerie red glow.
    I looked toward the land, but I could see no solid ground; up and down the coastline, as far as I could see, everything was molten hot. Red hot lava poured into the steaming ocean as several volcanoes spewed black smoke in the distance.

  68. SteganosV says:

    I was mesmerised by the inviting deep blue ocean and the white popcorn-like clouds on the horizon as they drifted against a blue sky. The crystal-clear water was calm as I walked toward a brine soaked pier aged by weather and at near collapse. To the left and right of the pier were the sun-bleached skeletal remains of animals and humans until they were consumed by the distant horizon. Beneath my torn and scarred feet lie the death-toll reality of miilions as I awoke from this horrific dream.

  69. v daraei says:

    Hi there. I had a dream 2 years before the Iranian revolution started- Usually, I have not seen a dream or can not remember when I wake up but this was really special and I really felt like I was awake and it was very effective to me. That’s why I decided to share it with you. Just to let you know, at the time, still the revolution in Iran wasn’t widespread.

    Anyway on my dream I seen a tree ( like ecualyptus or blue gum tree in Persian BID MAJNOON) grown from middle of sun which was in noon time and come over the country but before arrived split off on 3 branches one comes over Iran and the other 2 on over different place on the Earth.

    It absolutely scared me and I jumped up and said to myself something big will be happen soon. The day after, I did ask some people who knows about dreams and they said some big change will come all over the world and its gonna be started in Iran, and after one year all over country will rise up against the Shah’s regime.

    I hope this will be of interest for you because still after 30 years; it is like last night for me .

    Wish luck for all.

  70. MarcoPolo81 says:

    Well ive read all these dreams theyre interesting im 29 Alvin and ive been having end of time dreams since grammar school. I use to be scared of them at first but not anymore seeing as i still have them right now. Well one of my dreams it was me and my brother and wife sitting in my room watching tv. Suddenly everything turned black and the roof of my house removed i looked in the sky and i could see star and suddenly a fighter jet flew over my head I got scared and jumped on the side of the bed as to hide myself. Then suddenly the Lord lifted me up as if i was levitating and with all my dreams I can see the whole world. Well when i was in the air over the house i looked and i seen tanks and missles and nuclear explosions. Then I looked and I saw Ufos coming to the earth. I looked more to see wars and the planet was just going nuts, jets were flying it was just crazy and their was a nuke that hit america which was so big that it woke me out of my sleep. I really dont know what they mean but, it was alot going on comets and all of that destruction but but ive been having these type of dreams since 12 or 13 and, theyve all been like this if u wanna know other let me know but, these rare the type of dreams i have what do you think alvin

  71. leigh edwards says:

    I’m not sure exactly when but I estimate I was between 9 & 10 years of age – I’m now nearly 40. This vision came to me several times over a few months – I would be lying in bed at night settling down for sleep – I was not asleep, & this was not a dream, I’m certain. There was a distinct ‘physical’ feeling to this experience & I was in some degree of waking consciousness – perhaps a little sleepy. I would find myself (seeing from a view of 1st person) suspended in space someway above the earth – I could clearly see the earth below – about a third of the curvature/circumference so to speak.Ahead & slightly above me, in the near distance, was a huge spherical mass ‘rolling’ towards me as a ball rolls on the ground. The mass was dark brown or black & glowing slightly with a deep red in places – the surface looked quite rough but uniform. There were feelings & mental messages accompanied with this vision. The feeling was that of this object being of an unimaginable density – a very oppressive feel to it – it made me feel scared. The message that I ‘felt’ was that this was a warning & it was something about the future.Another important part of this vision was that to the right & in the distance in mid-space I always saw what seemed to be 2 atomic explosions shown as the typical ‘mushroom-cloud’ appearance. The message here was that “You can stop the small ones, but this (the rolling mass) absolutely cannot be stopped”. I’ve come to think that perhaps there were smaller ‘objects’ that were being destroyed by bombs – hence this part of the message. The vision ended there with me coming back to ‘normal’ consciousness, feeling slightly panicked & confused as to what was happening to me.These visions stopped & after sometime – again, I’m not sure how long – I started to have recurring dreams. These I’m sure were dreams because they just felt that way. I have experienced regular vivid dreams throughout my life & usually remember my dreams on waking.In these recurring dreams it felt like what I imagined at that time to be hell. I was on the surface of the Earth in a ‘random’ place outside in a neighbourhood somewhere I didn’t recognise. The sky was ‘coming down’, a roof of thick black clouds with what seemed a glow behind them. There were several black/red glowing rocks the size of footballs – maybe bigger – raining down from the clouds & pelting the Earth. Just in front of me was a high wooden panelled fence – too high for me to see over, & it stretched away as far as I could see. I felt in this dream that I must stay on my side of the fence & get away from it quickly & I would be ok….The dreams stayed for a while & like the visions left me again – perhaps within the space of a year. Leigh.

    • Kayenne says:

      Just about three nights ago, I had a ‘working’ dream where I had to repeat the same things over and over again with a large group of people, and just before waking up, as we were all clearing things away to start this whole sequence again (obviously I wasn’t getting ‘something right’ in the dream and had to repeat everything!) a small guy with dark hair, a dwarf, came up to me, hugged me around the waist (I’m not tall either!) and said quite distinctly “I am a sinister mystery”.
      We all laughed, and agreed, yes he was a sinister mystery. For me this was the clearest part of the dream. Very distinct.
      Since then I’ve researched “brown dwarfs”. “Travellers” . Check out info on brown dwarfs, you might be surprised at how much your dream relates to this. I also looked up the root meanings to “sinister” and “mystery”. There are the obvious meanings, and not so obvious. “Sinister” also has the meaning of “the judgement of the gods”. Or judgement is delivered by the left hand (sinister relating to the left hand side). Interesting. Mystery can also mean “hidden knowledge” not just the unknown.

  72. nanoduck says:

    Maybe 5 or so years ago, I dreamt that i was watching the news on TV. The news was talking about that the four horsemen from Revelations had arrived, and they showed four horsemen touching down in a desolate town. Then I woke up.
    I also had another one where I was walking down the street in the city. The city was broken down, and I saw a dirty old man sitting beside a cardboard box. Inside the box was a little girl, no older than five and was chained. The old man was selling the girl for favor sexual favor. It was so disturbing that I woke up right then.
    Don’t know if any of these mean anything, but thought I would share them.

  73. Violet says:

    One vivid recurring dream over the years involves massive waves; usually I’m standing in a location far from the ocean and seems to be sort of flat and dessert like and on the horizon I see a rapidly growing towering skyscraper wall of water and realize there is notthing that can be done everything is going to be crushed and there isn’t any possibility of outrunning the coming wave. This wall of water make the Japan sunami look tiny in height, these waves are so tall I have to completely tilt my head back to see the top of them and feel like they are at least 15 stories tall. I don’t have any feeling for timeframe or location or what caused the big waves.

  74. willy-in-japan-USN says:

    I’ve been having a lot of dreams for the past year. All of them have been tied in together with specific places. Not certain on [times], but here we go. I dreamed most of this before and after the big quake over here
    ( I had just gotten back to the states. San Diego specifically, I remember feeling anxious in the dear because some type of societal collapse was occurring. I remembered that I have a place on the East coast that is more like a prepper/survivalist compound. So me and my wife stole a truck. (I think it was a toyota.) And we headed east…. We had to stop in Texas, and divert from the I-10. So we bartered for supplies. I went to go make a head call and left my wife with the truck. She only had a knife, so a guy tried to stab her and steal our stuff. (I did teach my wife how to use a knife). She “ventilated” him. No other dreams after “Texas”} — During the time in Texas, and most of the other dreams too, there was ash.. Every where. —Most of our dreams my not be prognostications, and this may not be either, but I and my wife are writing them down, and it looks like a really gripping story. I have a quite a few on economic collapse, and perhaps that’s what “is” happening when I ship back to SD. I can understand the coming collapse. But the ash in all of these dreams is really weird and I have no idea what it could be from. Look at all of these entries above for the word “ash”. and tell me what y’all think.

    • Kayenne says:

      Several years ago now, I awoke startled from a very vivid “dream” where three “mega volcanoes” were going off in the world at the same time. The part I recall most vividly was being in the woods (possibly NW area of USA) where the trees are very tall, quite large around the trunk. I “heard” the most enormous explosion, could feel it right through me and began running away as fast as I could, knowing I could not outrun a volcanic eruption of that magnitude. The next part of the dream I was high above the world, and I could see these three volcanoes (super large ones) all going off at the same time; the noise was terrifying, a continuous roaring, rumbling noise which made my teeth ache, and could be felt through my entire body.
      From my “birds eye view” above the planet, they seemed to be in the following areas 1. Northern Russia, eastern 2. Pacific North west of USA and 3. South America -west coast somewhere. As I began to awaken from this dream I could still hear the awful roaring, and from that hint I gathered that everyone on the planet would hear these volcanoes if they all go off at the same time, or pretty close together; and that the immense sound of their eruptions will continue for possibly days, if not weeks, causing great fear and panic everywhere – you will feel it through your bones. No one will be able to sleep, animals will panic too… Another thing I’ve found from my more “prophetic” dreams is that if I hear words, or sounds, they are most certainly going to come true.
      In fact, that dream shook me up so much that if there’s any kind of similar noise, like unexpected rolling thunder or a low flying passenger jet reversing its engines; I still get that feeling of dread and pretty much hold my breath, waiting for that rumbling/roaring noise to stop. Get instantly tense if a similar sound starts up, especially if I don’t know its origin or its unexpected.

      Another dream was about fleeing while falling ash turned day into night. Many many people trying to get away. Again I got the impression of the northern parts of North America (though since then we’ve seen this happen quite a few times, especially in Chile South America).
      The third dream which seems related to volcanic activity involved tourists visiting some kind of tourist destination where a deep river cut through ochre/reddish coloured ravines. Perhaps Montana? or Colorado? There was a butte or very high piece of ground (looked a bit like an isolated, water carved mesa with the top wider than where it was in the river) which had a bridge over to it from the river bank where tourists were strolling back and forth. There also seemed to be another of these mesas further up the river, like the one I was standing on, in the middle of the river too. The river was huge, very long, winding, but seemed to be quite low in volume. Perhaps before the snow melted? Anyway, I was doing the touristy thing, standing on a ledge on the downriver side of this mesa out in the middle of this huge river, and further up river, I heard someone shouting (and if I “hear” anything in a dream, it means it is prophetic, I’ve found). This guy was shouting with all his might “GET DOWN! GET DOWN!” and I looked up past him and saw a huge black swirling mass of what looked like steam, mud, water, spray, all mixed up, churning at almost the top of the level of these mesas, which might have been about fifty or sixty feet higher than the river level.
      This churning terrifying mass was speeding amazingly quickly down the river, kind of sliding over the top of the river water. I was so scared I went to duck down in the vain hope that the body of the mesa would protect me; then I could see other tourists who hadn’t heard this man yelling his warning, and thought “I’m not going to make it, but that guy sacrificed his life to save people, and so should I”.(I felt ashamed that I’d panicked and not thought of anyone else’s safety!)..so instead I kept standing up and also yelled above the roaring of this huge mass “Get Down Get Down” to any tourist I could see who might be in its path. As it swept around my mesa and downriver, the last thought I had (before thankfully waking up!!) was “this is a LAHAR”. (I had to look it up after I woke up!) – A lahar is “A flow of pyroclastic material mixed with water. A lahar is often produced when a snow-capped volcano erupts and hot pyroclastics melt a large amount of snow or ice.”
      I’ve posted this particular dream on prophecy sites, and some people have thought it might be Green River or a similar water system. All of these dreams occurred within a two/three year period; around 2005 – 2008 and I believe, were all posted on the internet on the same prophecy site,
      If you all look up volcanic activity (and this site is excellent for keeping us all up to date!) you’ll see how its ramping up.

  75. Kat says:

    All my life I’ve had such dreams. When I was 21 I went through a 6 months period where I did nothing but sleep for about 12-14hr/day dreaming about ‘end events’. The pictures I saw were of tsunamis in Bondi Sydney, & Coffs Harbour (where I now live, coincidentally, at age 36). One dream I had the daylight sky had turned black, & smokey & I was collecting children & animals to rescue. I’ve had a recurring dream about a tsunami of recent years, but never knew where it was. One part of the dream looked like Manly beach in Sydney, but then the next part of the dream it looked tropical. Then the other day I went to a place near Coffs Harbour I’d never been to before, & it was exactly the place in my dream!
    Months ago I dreamed my cat (who’s dead) I were traveling as spirits in Peru. There were a group of western people moving machines & building equipment for these weird kind of special houses. There was an earth tremor & a landslide but it didn’t effect them. I looked up & there were 4 UFO things studying me – like they were curious of how I’d got there. They looked like small round silver balls hovering above me. They seemed happy I was there, but also indicated that I shouldn’t be there. Next thing I know my environment started to vibrate, the clouds went weird, a rainbow appeared & the trees changed & became eucalyptuses & I was back in Australia. When I woke up, I jumped on the live earthquake reports & sure enough an earth tremor had occurred about 1/2 an hour before I woke up.

  76. yoMOMMAknowsABOUTit says:

    I have a recurring dream, that always comes in bits and pieces, but it seems to me to be a part of the same “episode of dreams.” It starts of with me and a friend driving to some large event. I’m always rushing her and we are always running late. When we get to the event, their are thousands there. Even my sisters are their. We are all their in unity. Music is playing. Repetitive electronic music that soothes and hypnotizes. I look around and everyone’s eyes look the same. Everyone’s eyes are completely black, like alien eyes. They are all dancing and throwing their hands in the air, as if they were worshiping something. I llook to the front of the crowd to a stage. The same image is being played over and over, the triangle with the eye in the middle of it. I look to someone next to me, I look into their dark blackened eyes and hear a voice. The voice says ” this is how it all ends, every time, it ends the same way.” and I wake up. And when I wake up, I’m scared because in my mind, I have already seen this before in real life. IT WAS A RAVE, but this one is the end of the world rave.

    • prayntongues says:

      that sounds like a really scary dream, especially the part about the eyes. I’m sure the alien/demons will show themselves at the very end, before Jesus returns to throw the antichrist and the demons into the lake of fire.

  77. R Shurtz says:

    Our daughter who is ten at this time, had a dream. She told us of her dream and her dream went like this: It was In a marketplace; in this marketplace, the people would take the money and give you food. The money went to the king. In her dream she gave them money, they gave her food, but she pushed it away. She said, “you can keep the money and the food I bought with the money, don’t give the money to the King” The people who worked there were so very poor, and they did not get paid to work. The King got mad at her for doing that. So he made a court, and there was one man, who was jumping up and down…and there was a black cross above him. He looked like Jesus, and he was pointing to the black cross. Beside him there was a man who looked also like Jesus, above him was a white cross, and he was bowing down and praying. The King said, who will you pick? SHe picked the man bowing down to pray, Jesus. And that whole marketplace turned into a beautiful church. The king and the man with the black cross, were put into jail. The poor workers were given lots of money and food.

  78. The Shurtz family says:

    Our daughter is eleven, she had a dream a few nights ago. Our family was sitting and watching a movie in our home. All of a sudden, our sun was visable. It was an absolutley huge sun, and it was very close to earth. It was rising at Midnight. And there was a smaller sun or planet, next to it to the left side and up a bit. Then we were looking at it, and our pets started going crazy. Then came a small earthquake. And then a small aftershock.

  79. Ryan says:

    Many dreams of earth changes, mostly floods, come to me. One from a few months ago stands out from the others because it was not a flood. Observing the earth from the darkness of space I witnessed the crust of the earth collapse in several spots symmetrically all around the planet. 1,000’s of miles in diameter and hundreds of miles deep, several sink holes or dimples began to give as the earth seemed to draw into itself. At one “high-point” where the edges of two of the sinkholes met the crust of the earth finally split. The split ran through land and sea. From the split a bright blue light radiated out as a if a huge blue sun had been within the earth all along. It’s light had now broken through the surface. The sliver of light shined beyond my perception in space…. and I woke up…

  80. Dr.Kruger says:

    As a child during the Cold War my nights were filled with apocalyptic dreams of nuclear holocaust. I couldn’t believe that humans had actually taken the gift of this planet and brought it to that brink. As an adult I came to understand that we are not that powerful. If we irritated her, Gaia would only need to shrug her shoulders and we would be gone … but she would endure and continue to generate life.
    I have no apocalyptic dreams now because I cannot see the coming ‘shoulder shrug’ as anything other than a healing moment – a restoration of peace for that being of earth,air and water who transcends us all.

  81. Shawnta says:

    Two more dreams from the same time, around age 11 and I am now 32 yet I still remember them.
    I was in my room, walked to the front door b/c there was a boom/crash. As I walked out, there was a downed airplane in the front yard, I saw parts of the plane, the blinking lights on the wings, seats/items, bodies…strewn about and in trees. :( It was so real and I had never even seen an airplane up close. I woke up very disturbed thinking the plane crashed b/c it was the end…
    Second, I walked outside and there was a HUGE ugly vulture there in the tree that then swooped down to kill me. It was very violent and ended with me basically biting its throat out. And I thought this was b/c we are being attacked by evil but we will silence them in the end…
    Third, I grew up in the country in TN near the smoky mtns. I used to dream I was flying all the time as a child, I could see very detailed landscapes of my neighborhood, their roofs, the land surrounding, all things that I could not have had any idea how they look from above. As an adult, I have seen these areas from above and am amazed they are as I remember. I thought as I was flying that I must not fly too high or I could not go back. It was very odd and to this day very clear in my mind.

    • Edyta Holden says:

      I too have had many flying dreams but what struck me about your post was your comment about ‘not being able to go back’ if you fly too high’. I had the same feeling once when I dreamt I was flying up to the stars and I felt I didn’t want to come back but saw a vision of my mum reaching out to bring me back and so I did.

  82. chris says:

    This happened three times within a month a couple of years ago. I am on a back porch with about 20 or so friends having a good time when on the horizon I see this magnificent blinding light. Then a few seconds after I feel this intense heat over my entire body and then I wake up.

  83. jason says:

    I’ve had this recurring dream over the last two years. some of the locations change but there are a few unchanging events in this dream. It always starts in a large populated area (city). It begins with a large vibrating noise that can be felt. (when watching the videos about whats going on in Windsor, i get goosebumps because that is exactly how it sounds, but much more prolonged). This noise gets everyone’s attentions and the city pretty much stops it activities. At some point soon after the noise stops, a voice can be heard that tells everyone that “things will be ok” and “they must follow a set of instructions”. The voice gives instruction for everyone to go home and find a type of mineral or powder that has been delivered to households. The populous in these dreams begins to go crazy and everyone leaves this central location in a frantic and scared fashion.
    The final part of the dream has always been in a rural setting and it always involves protecting a handful of people that are trying to not be found.

  84. indry cortes says:

    I had a very short dream in March 2009, I am not native to the United States. “I dreamt that an american lady, which is a friend of mine told me: ” the earthquake killed about 3 million of people here in the U.S. “Where? I asked her (so she can repeat it to me): “Here in the U.S.,” she answered. I told her in my dream, I am going to read the news on the internet or in the computer. “

  85. Pal secam says:

    I had a dream few nights earlier, i was in the french riviera in a appartment with view on the sea and i was looking throught the windows when suddenly a volcano entered in erruption on the sea.
    I was closing the windows because of the dust but i ain’t the time to finish it when a big wave hit the bulding, there was water in all the room.
    Later water have been evacuated and i closed the other windows and when i looked outside i saw two black creatures getting out of the sea and attacking people, first creature look like a Golem or a Tulpa, very big and humanoid form and the second was a big rond sized sort of mayan statue.
    It mean nothing just my imagination and reality mixed in my head during a simple dream but i was so scared when i woke up…
    Excuse my english, it’s not my language and i don’t have the chance to practice it a lot.

  86. Raven says:

    This was by far the most vivid dream of late. My husband and I are in a house with our kids and there is deafening noise and vibration…I can feel the earth shaking like there is an earthquake but I know in my heart that the whole world can feel it. Things begin crashing around us and my husband just escapes being crushed. I get to the front door and a sudden heat and severe wind hits me as I step slowly outside. I stand and look around and above in awe and fear as I realize that the whole sky is filled with ships from somewhere else, and the humming vibration is deafening. My family step out behind me as I begin screaming for my husband and we stand together knowing that life as we know it is over.
    We are then suddenly in a camp like place ( as dreams jump in time) and I know we are trying to survive with others in this place. I am walking towards a gate where I see my teenage sons returning with a group gathering wood. My second son is wearing blue…and I see a group of people running towards them. I begin to run towards my sons screaming as I know they are in danger, but I see a man lift some sort of gun towards the group and my world stops as I am running. As the shot rings out I am running and as I see it hit my son, I fall to the ground..then I am crawling and trying to run to him again and my heart has stopped. My older son is trying to catch him as he falls and I am screaming and screaming for my son, who turns and looks at me and I feel a light go out inside me. Never in all my life have I felt a pain like this..not in life or dream..a physical pain indescribable although I have watched both my parents pass and both quite young. When the light goes out in my son I felt my heart physically break. I awoke screaming and sobbing and could not sleep for days…and felt the pain walk with me. My only prayer is that no matter what may come…it is not my dream. Never my dream.
    Blessings and love
    As always Alvin…Thank You x

  87. Karen Kraemer says:

    I had one a couple of years ago – everything is in chaos, hubby and I are running along a highway that is full of panicked drivers, I turn and look and there is a semi flying above the traffic heading right towards us, I duck and take cover, not hit I get up and the next thing I know I am on the other side of all the chaos in a field of green grass. I can see it all happening behind me and I turn to the NE and look up at the blue sky and this huge white ribbon of energy is coming right towards me, I let the energy embrace me and feel so much love and bliss and than I woke up.

  88. Andrew says:

    I had a day dream a few years back that I was beamed off of the planet and on to a spaceship. I stood looking at the Earth through a large rectangular window as it was ravaged by a celestial body. As I watched I was overcome with grief and began to cry.

    Later that same day I was watching a new episode of Doctor Who. In the episode a character beamed off of the planet and on to a spaceship. He stood watching through the same large window I had seen in my day dream as the Earth was destroyed from space. As he watched he began to cry.
    I’ve had dreams come true in the past, but this was the first day dream to come true…well, true on TV that is. Personally, I believe the daydream was placed in my head. It was someone or something telling me when the time comes I will be lifted off the planet…and I’m not talking about the rapture.

    • skywalker says:

      i had this vision 20 years ago……..” i am flying like a bird in the air and i see about a dozen flying pyramids before me, i fly amongst them and see that the tops of them are like glass,and inside these glass tops i see many large beetle people operating equipment like computers etc , obviously flying these giant pyramids. i fly around a few of these pyramids looking at the beetle people flying them, then i move away from them and see that there are small objects falling from underneath the pyramids. i fly lower to get a better look at these small objects and realise that the pyramids are flying close to the ground and the small objects are falling onto the ground,the ground is all like mud as though a huge flood / tsunami has washed the earth clean, and these objects are falling into the mud , when i get closer i see that these are actually naked humans that are falling into the mud and then getting up and walking around looking at each other and their surroundings.”
      this vision is still as clear in my mind now as it was when i had it, i believe i was witnessing the re-seading of this planet.

  89. Fay Mowry says:

    Back in the 80s I was doing a lot of meditating and chakra work…no drugs involved as I was a flight attendant and we can not do that. I had a very vivid dream that I was standing on the street in NY and watching a wall of water as high as the skyscrapers coming in over the coast. I told everyone to run and we went into a building and up in an elevator then out on a higher level which put us on a hillside. Everyone was following me and I seemed to know what was happening and where to go. We got to the top of what seemed like a small mountain and watched the water cover everything. The other dream is about being stuck in traffic and getting out to talk to people, seeing a huge white flash in the direction from where we had come, and the waking up. That’s it. Doesn’t sound good. I guess I survived the first one but the second one didn’t feel good.

  90. SC says:

    I had this vision in a dream in August, 2010. I was shown a view of the US and the Gulf of Mexico water. The water in the Gulf was pure black and I could not see any movement of ocean current, white caps, waves, etc. It was just pure black in color.

    The US was entirely green – lush foliage, trees, plants, even the mountain areas were entirely lush green. Everything looked so tropical and the entire country looked like this. I could not see outlines of states, only the entire country.

    My picture then zoomed in to the water in the Gulf. I felt vibrations like something was happening underneath the water. Then I was under the water and I could see the ocean floor was buckling and breaking. The ocean floor eventually gave way to becoming an endless pit of black oil. Ironically, the ocean surface was completely flaccid. This didn’t make sense to me because I thought if the floor underneath is shifting, there would be movement in the water, but I saw none.

    Then I saw the US again, and this time my focus shifted to the area somewhat west of the New Madrid fault, and still in the southern part of the US. I’m guessing it was somewhere around Arkansas, but I couldn’t see the outline of the states to be sure. I tried to calculate my location while in this vision, and I knew it was east of Texas, west of Tennessee and south of Missouri.

    I then heard a loud sucking sound, and I could see this area start to get sucked in. Literally the ground was being sucked in and I could see lines in the ground of the ground being pulled underneath. Picture cinching in a piece of cloth, and notice how you see fabric forming folds – the US looked exactly like that. The US got smaller and I could see the states move closer to the area getting sucked in. In particular, I saw Illinois move south (I’m from Illinois and that’s why I think I was shown it). All the other states were moving closer to the point where the ground was being sucked in. My vision then panned out, and I could see that this was related to the buckling of the ocean floor in the Gulf.

    That was the end of the vision.

  91. rby86 says:

    I had a crazy dream about 3 weeks ago, I kept seeing 8.2 like a ticker tape flashing in front if me! Maybe earthquake? Maybe not?

  92. Rhonda says:

    I had a dream about a warning from Mary, the mother of God. I asked God to let me dream again with possibly a little more information about the warning. Another dream happened…

    I dreamt I was standing outside the door of my house watering plants in the garden. All of a sudden a dark ominous thing darkened the sky…as if it was sunny and a huge storm cloud darkened the sky behind me…but I couldn’t tell what it was at all. It was coming from over the house, so I looked back and up at it. The feeling of the unbelieveable fear overwhelmed me. I looked down at the hose in my hand and for a split second thought I should turn it off…but then I thought…It won’t matter…I then turned to reach for the door knob to get into the house, but then I thought, I know I could get in but…It won’t matter….

    It scared me so much that I woke up screaming, and my heart was pounding so hard, it took a while to calm down. I don’t know what to think of it.

    1) It was not winter.
    2) It was over my house, and not in my house, so I don’t think it was directed to me personally.
    3) It was so very horrible – the opposite of nice beautiful gardens.
    4) It seemed fatal.

    I had another dream after this that indicated this took place in the fall. In that dream, I looked to the sky and saw a circle of stars. I focused on it and it drew me and others up to it. We were screaming with complete joy. The joy that was felt was like no other joy. We were being lifted from the ground and were drawn to the star circle. I felt as though we were all being saved from some horror on earth. Personally, I believe this was a vision of rapture.

    May God bless you, Alvin, for this website. All praise and glory to God.

    • All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.


    • prayntongues says:

      Hi Rhonda, I think that dark ominous cloud you saw in your dream was the antichrist. Last year, about 2 wks after I got saved, I had a dream I looked out my kitchen window and I saw black clouds moving quickly across the sky, kinda like how time lapse photography showing the clouds forming and moving across the sky. I felt so terrified seeing these clouds, then I heard a voice, you will be under an attack. I woke up sitting straight up, my heart pounding. Then 3 days later, was the beginning of harassment by evil spirits because I was involved in occult and new age. They finally left me alone after I got baptized 2 months after the “attack” started. So I think that maybe the antichrist spirit is now “activated”.

  93. Dakota says:

    Dreams can and are most often based everyday thoughts or what you’re thinking before you go to sleep. That being said they can sometimes stray from from the norm.

    For instance last night; I dreamed that I was in rather large bedroom suite dressing to go to a dinner party, my husband can into the room, (I’m not even married) and asked if I was ready. After he left the room I found myself walking down a hallway – the house seem to grow additional rooms as I walked – turning a corner in the hall I found myself in a large room – facing a sofa that was flushed against a large glass pane window. I went to the sofa mounted it pretty much like a child would do when they want to look out of the window – on my knees with my arms folded laying my chin on my folded arms and looked out the window.

    In the far distance there was a mountain, like the ones found in Arizona, (rugged and dry) somewhat parallel to the long sofa. What drew me to the window in the first place was to the two objects that seem to be in the final stage of rising over the mountain top. On the left was a reddish brown/terra cotta looking planet, (Mars?) on my right was a luminous gently pulsating/glowing planet, (Moon?) they were at the same height and level. I watched in awe for a while at the beauty of them. Then the next thing I became aware of was that I was sitting in a motor cycle side car being driven to the dinner party by K. D. Lang. (LOL & ???)

    The other two dreams which I have every so often is:

    One in which an Alien being is at the foot of my bed, (I’m motionless and cannot move no matter how hard I try – cannot speak. I’m trying to call out to Jesus and God for help – but no luck) attempting to impregnate me. I struggle with all my might. I’ve learned over the years that since I cannot be audible when this is happening……….. I concentrate deeply very deeply asking Jesus and God to make the Alien go away…………..finally the force that’s holding me down releases me and disappears.

    Two: I follow my grandfather around a lot like I did when I was a child growing up – he passed away in 1992 and has appeared often since then.

    • pagan66 says:

      Dakota your alien dream may not actually be a dream at all. People under extreme psychic attack often find they cannot move, speak or scream & feel immense pressure bearing down upon them or a sense of being held down & experience great fear whilst this is happening to them. By your words I gather you are Christian, I would suggest you speak to someone you trust from your Church about these episodes as soon as possible.

      Peace & Light

      • Very true, pagan66. The beings responsible for abductions are not respecters of race, creed or religion. Why they are still allowed to interfere in this way is a mystery to me, but it happens. Unfortunately, most Christian churches view this entire subject as falsehood/Satanic activity and such, so our friend may not get much help there (even though an acceptance of ETs and their interference on Earth is indicated throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation).

    • Dakota, one of the principal ways that aliens keep people from being aware of what has happened or is happening is that they make it all seem like a dream from which you awake only remembering disjointed fragments. One “low power” way of figuring out what was a dream and what was an abduction is remembering aspects of the “dream” that seem alien in nature, mostly places and facilities. God bless you throughout this.

    • DaughterofGod says:

      This happened to me many, many years ago, I could not move or speak, but in my heart I cried out the name of Jesus and it left. I have recently done some reading and I believe this is an incubus-type spirit. I was not a believer at that time, but somehow knew to cry out to Jesus.

  94. valhartley76 says:

    I have had several dreams of the end of the world for the last 4 years , but I will share with you the one that brought me to this website – this occured earlier this year in April (I think)
    “I was with my family in the North of England and on the horizon we saw what appeared to be volcanic plumes of smoke and ash , then the scene around me changed and I was overlooking a beach and the sea in front began to swell and the ground began to rise up , knowing there was nothing I could do I grabbed the tree next to me and waited for the inevitable as the water hit i wondered where I was and the scene changed again and I was looking at a google map showing a beacon flashing just off the south coast of Spain.” Naturally I was curious , and in searching for information on underwater volcanoes by Spain I came across this site

  95. Elizabeth says:

    2 or 3 years back, I dreamed the entire world was burning… not enough for extinction of the human race, but enough to cause absolute destruction of everything we pretty much know. I am starting to feel very weird about it right now as the sun *feels* much hotter lately… for lack of a better word.

    • prayntongues says:

      thats interesting that you noticed that the sun feels hotter because my husband and I felt the same way this summer. We wondered if it was possible, how much hotter could the sun get? In Revelations, it does say 1/3 of the world will be scorched. I believe you saw that happening, it will happen

    • jehjeh007 says:

      the sun feeling hotter is because the ozone is thinner. Additionally (although I can’t prove it yet) the magnitism coming from the sun is greater due to planetary alignment behind the earth as the great conjunction grows closure. Nibiru is also amplifying this effect as it draws closure to the earth.

      • I am reminded of a verse in the Bible where it said that the sun would be given the power to burn people in the End Times, but I can’t remember exactly where I saw it. Can anyone help? It sure is becoming true.

      • Beverly Fox says:

        It is in Revelation Rev 16:8 And the fourth angel poured out his vial onto the sun. And it was given to him to burn men with fire.

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Hi Davidgreybeard! You have probably got the answer by now but I could not find the other responses to your question. TheBible reading of the scorching sun in the last days is in the book of Revelation chapter 16 vs. 8 & 9 I believe. Be sure to read it in the context of the verses surrounding it too. You may want to note as well that many of the plagues of the last days mimic the plagues sent on Egypt just before the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt.

      • Thanks for the references, Joseph, exactly what I was looking for. And yes, there is a lot of correlation between the plagues inflicted on Egypt and some of the plagues to come.

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        You are very welcome davidgreybeard. My pleasure.

  96. Cheyenne says:

    I usually have good, happy type dreams but I had this one dream in the recent past that has stayed with me very vividly. I live in the Tampa Florida area. I dreamed I was on Bayshore Boulevard (right near downtown on the bay) and was looking towards the east. I saw this huge mass of red and orange clouds rushing towards me and I felt like it was some kind of nuclear cloud. I felt real sadness and panic because I realized that there would not be enough time to make it home to my family before the cloud reached me. I never had a dream like that before and it was kind of unsettling.

  97. supercrazyeyes@gmail.com says:

    This morning I dreamt about 5 Megatsunamis all hitting one after the other. I was in a building with a friend of mine and I was looking through the window of the room. I was about halfway up the building which seemed like a skyscraper. The first wave was immensely huge and it came over the hills. I was terrified to death almost but weirldy I survived it.
    They just kept on coming and everytime I scrambled to a different place in the building. After the 3rd one came through I was on the groundfloor and left the building. I got into this weird room on the corner of the street when the fourth one came by. I met a guy and a girl in that room and when the 5th one was coming we jumped into a car and drove away from it all the way up to this huge gigantic mountain which had flowers on top of it. I was amazed by this dream and it seemed very realistic and vivid. I’m just happy I managed to survive it. Yet, it was so intense and I told my friends about it and I got directed towards this site so I just thought I’d share that with you guys..
    The size of these Tsunami’s is unlike anything I have ever seen on T’V or the Net..

    • Kim says:

      I had a vivid dream of huge tsunamis too. I mean the waves were so big we only escaped up to the top of what looked like the mountains in The Sound of Music, it reminded me of that because it was open grass and high. We all ran but than we got onto a bridge thaT floated above the water and a child fell off. I screamed no God and put my face in my hands. And than we reach another tall mountain and I ran to a truck and we see the water rising again after more waves and than I woke up. Frightening truly frightening, I had this dream in January 2011

    • Angie says:

      Oh yes me too. I have been having tsunami dreams for the past few months n the wall of water is huge! I have never seen tsunami this high in real life before. I have the feeling that something bigger is coming for us in New Zealand unfortunately and a lot of people here in Christchurch have had these ‘water’ dreams.

  98. Nick says:

    Oh, I’ve had so many of these dreams – yes, to spaceships on the ground, yes to New York under water, yes to tsunamis, and to the darkness, and to the cessastion of Earth spinning. Quite recently I dreamed Chicago was partly destroyed in an earthquake. Not devasted, per se, but many buildings were damaged and the power was out everywhere and people were just sort of wandering the streets, not knowing what to do. Anyway, the only thing I know for sure now, is that opening our hearts, like flowers opening to the light of God, is the only thing we need to truly focus on. It’s what we need, and it’s what our Earth home needs.

  99. donna says:

    A year ago, spring, I woke up with the need to go to the bathroom. Coming back into my bedroom, I knew instinctively that it was 3:00 a.m. which is known to be a strong hour for the demonic and making a mental note to myself I looked at the clock when I climbed back into bed. It was 3:02. As I lay my head on the pillow, I heard the date 6/11 (June 11th). Two nights later I had a dream which I felt was connected to the experience I had two nights before. I dreamed that I was outside, it was late in the night, and I was looking at a Israeli flag blowing in the wind. But instead of the flag being white with a blue star of david, the star of david was red. I started asking those standing around me if Israel ever uses a red star of david flag.No one seemed to answer. When I got up the next morning, I got on the computer to see if such a flag existed. What I found is that Israel uses the red star of david flag to represent disaster, calamities, etc.,( their version of “the red cross” organization). I believe that the Lord was showing me that Israel was/is in crisis.

  100. Patti says:

    I have had so many of these dreams/visions that it is hard to pick just one. But here is a dream I had on Dec. 4th, 2009: I was in what I thought was a bank, except there were no tellers. The lobby was circular or oval, and there were small TV’s on the walls. In one spot there was a larger TV that was showing the news.

    The President came on and addressed the nation. He told us that there was a great disaster coming on “December 11″, and that we needed to prepare ourselves. I wasn’t shown what the disaster was, but it seemed so terrible that I was in despair, as I didn’t see how anyone could survive. I was devastated by the news and walked outside. As I left the bank, I thought to myself that at least we had 7 days to get ready, and I was grateful for that.

    Since I had the dream on Dec. 4th, and 7 days later was Dec. 11, I thought at first that the disaster was going to happen on that Dec. 11th. However, nothing happened, and actually in the dream he said “December 11″, probably as in 2011.

    One interesting thing; about a year after I had this dream, I changed banks. My new bank has an oval-shaped lobby with TV screens inside. Instead of being face-to-face with a teller, you speak with them through the TV monitors. It is just like the bank in my dream.

    Thank you for keeping us informed through this website; I check it all the time. Blessings to all.

  101. Michele B says:

    Goodness, Alvin, you’re going to have your hands full moderating all these comments… AND keeping up with your blog! I love this dream portal. Thank you so much!!!

  102. Pia says:

    I receive many warning dreams from the Lord. As soon as I get these dreams, I know to pray against the very thing that I have dreamt about and to plead The Blood of Jesus over that specific situation. Sometimes these dreams don’t come to pass for a couple of years and don’t make sense until the actual event has already happened. I feel blessed beyond measure to know He loves me so much, that He sends me these dreams in an effort to protect me.

    In mid December 2010, I dreamt that I was outside and all of a sudden, it looked like it was going to rain. Rain clouds started forming but they were not a normal color. They appeared to be this horrible green color and had razor sharp barbed wire running all through the clouds. I looked up and thought to myself, “These clouds look demonic”. Then, all of a sudden, things began falling out of these dangerous, demonic-looking clouds and falling towards the ground. I had an intense feeling of uneasiness and thought that I needed to go inside. As soon as I was inside, I was looking through the window and my parents were standing next to me. They too, were able to see these “unsafe” clouds and the things that were falling from the sky. I then said to them, ” The tribulation has started”. And then the dream ended and I woke up.
    On January 1st, 2011, news stories broke out all over the world about dead birds falling from the sky, first in Arkansas, then Canada, Louisiana, Texas etc…

    Joel 2:28 And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.

  103. nancy says:

    I recently dreamed that I was standing on a mountain with other people as far as the eye could see occupying the mountain ridges. Some people were crying and moaning, some were solemely praying, and others just stood still – transfixed as they stared at the sky; but all had the look of fear on their faces.
    Then a strange loud sound like a blasring hum sounded followed by an enormous round bright white lighted object hurtling towards the mountain. I was so frightened and I threw my hands up to block my face. That”s when I woke up–scared, sweating and disoriented. The dream was so vivid that I thought I heard the crash.

  104. peotreelene says:

    I had a vivid dream some years ago. It was set on the island where I am from originally. It began as a beautiful dream, but turned into an all out catastrophe. There was so much going on at one time. There was earthquakes and the place was splitting apart, a tsunami, and in the middle of all that there was a dog fight in the sky with strange aircafts and unknown fire power. There was chaos everywhere.

  105. richard says:

    My 67 year old mother had a dream last fall. She said she felt like she was actually in the dream. She said she had all five senses. Sadly she was and is still horrified by that dream.

    In her dream she was window shopping in northern cincinnati with some friends. As she walked over the hill looking into downtown Cincinnati she noticed a huge cloud above the city. The cloud has getting bigger and bigger until she noticed a large craft. When people saw the craft behind the cloud they began running to their cars.

    From the craft came small vessels, once they landed demons or aliens came out and they werent no friendly.

    Its wierd but how does a 67 year old women on disability who loves the lord with limited cable have a dream like this? She never watches alien shows? There is nothing suggestive that she watches that could have created this night terror as she calls it.

    • Dov says:

      It is not literal. The aliens represent demons. There are many (not her) opening themselves up to them via meditation and eastern practices like Reiki. Many will be possessed by demons in the time to come, but those who are believers can not be, because stronger is He that is in us than demons.

      • Pagan says:

        Dov – seriously now – How can you equate meditation & reiki with demonic possession? On what basis have you come to this conclusion? If you took the time to study cases of alleged demonic possession, you would realize that many of the individuals are extremely religious people of many Faiths who don’t even know what reiki is let alone have practised it.

        It is ignorance which causes many misunderstandings & problems. Open your heart & mind, let knowledge, Light & Love in – the Truth shall set you free.


      • Gillien says:

        I agree with you. If some of you don’t know what Reiki, and some other eastern mediation practices, please check them out, yes, they do open one up for demon possessions. Not only that, a lot of the rock music, chantings, repetitive music also does the same thing. Our young generation is in danger. It’s important to make sure they have Christ in their life.

      • Kayenne says:

        Prayer is talking to God, Meditation is listening to God.

    • prayntongues says:

      To those who think Reiki and meditation are “good”, you are wrong. I was involved in new age, including having Reiki treatments, chakra clearing, past life regression, channeling, etc. I was told I was working “in the light”. I played in this realm for 15 yrs. I was deep into it that I could even “see” demons, reptileans occupying people, wherever I went. I realized that it can’t be good to see ugly evil things. I wanted to see angels and beings of light! I stopped my involvement for about 8 yrs then I got saved and gave myself to Jesus last year. about 2 wks later, I was under a spiritual attack, I was hearing horrible screams, shrieking, howling and growls at night time, they would not let me sleep. I was seeing dark shadows in the dark!, having sleep paralysis, hearing whispers and hissing. I threw away my new age books, crystals, tarot cards etc. While that stuff was in the trashcan outside, I heard scratching, knocking on my walls and window. It turns out that I allowed demons into my home with my new age/occult involvement, I gave them a legal right to be in my home. They were very angry that Jesus was my master. It wasn’t until I was baptized 2 months after my salvation, that they went away. New age is a lie! it is a deception cover for the dark side, its a way for satan to steal your soul, don’t be fooled that you are a “light worker”. I thought I had spirit guides and ascending beings helping me, they are really demons in disguise. I thank God for showing me the true light, Jesus Christ! He is the Light of the world!!

      • Herein is wisdom for all. Many have come out of the New Age deception and we should be wary of such things that self-power the human machinery on the way to its own self-appointed path to godhood.

        Grace in Christ

      • Kayenne says:

        Hmmm. And if you ask for the guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit before meditating and the set intention is to commune with only The Most High? Have you seen those “Christians” who foam at the mouth and “speak in tongues??” That looks like demonic possession from where I’m sitting. Prayer is talking to God, Meditation is listening to God. Nuns and priests meditate. They just don’t call it that. There are diversions and distractions all along the Path to God; can’t just paint everyone the same color! Discernment and discrimination is the key. And trust God. He is, after all, the ONLY POWER. That’s rule No: 1. ‘You shall have no other gods before Me.’ Even thinking that some group or other being has any kind of power to “take” you away from God is a lie that you are swallowing whole. Spit it out. Get back on track. Let go of fear. Good grief! The lies and fear you believe in are an illusionary wall preventing you from seeing that God will lead you Home, no matter what tangled path you take. You are never out of His sight.

      • I might add, prayer is talking to God. Meditating in putting the mind in altered state of awareness and is an eastern teaching. Meditate in the Bible has nothing to do with the lotus position/Yoga of Eastern teachings.

        “The book of law shall not depart ouf of thy mouth: but that shall meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein.” Josh 1:8

        “I will meditate in thy precepts, and have respect unto thy ways.” Psalm 119:15

        Meditation in the Bible is thoughtful contemplation on God – not a mental excusion as taught in Eastern ideology.


      • pagan66 says:

        Prayntongues, sorry to read about your unfortunate experiences but it sounds like you dabbled in more than just reiki & meditation & I am unsure how you picked up anything so spiritually unclean from them. You mention occult involvement which there are many, many branches of but reiki & meditation are not classified as such. It seems you let something in very early on & things bred nastily from that point. Channelling is normally safe practised by a fully trained medium, unsure which level you or your practitioner trained to but if you are spiritually unaware, untrained & ill prepared, then yes, you can leave yourself open to certain types of attack. Past life regression again practised responsibly is actually no more than a deeper form of hypnotism & has been proven beneficial to peoples general state of emotional/spiritual well being. I suppose it’s each to their own but I wouldnt fix labels to alternative beliefs & to the people who both practice & believe in them because I was untrained & irresponsible enough to let unclean energy in & witnessed unpleasant things.

        I don’t believe in Satan & demons from Hell but I have no doubt that you experienced something unhealthy that frightened you immensely. It is a very good idea you cleansed yourself & rid yourself & your environment of such dark negativity, I have worked closely with people, some who have found it almost impossible to do so after delving into things they had no business being involved in.

        Peace & Light

      • Something to remember, Prayntongues, is that before our world was created the archangel named Lucifer was a being of great light and beauty, and while his rebellion cost him a great deal he still can appear as such. Not all that appears as light is from God. I went through some similar experiences to yours and I know that you are on the right path now. Just stay strong and remember that there is usually more to things than there may seem.

  106. I dreamt I was awoken to screams I opened door to see hundreds of people running down the hill.
    The sky looked like oil in a clear puddle and the Moon was in piece’s.
    Some of the pieces had entered the atmosphere and were burning, streaking across the sky.
    Some other pieces were nearly here and a big chunk about 50% size of the original moon was getting closer and it covered a good percentage of the sky.

  107. Rick says:

    Keep Having The Strongest Sensation About San Diego, Things Going Dark Again Lots
    Of Brown Outs And Major Shaking-Haggai 2:6 For Thus Says The Lord Of Hosts Once More
    (It Is A Little While) I Will Shake Heaven And Earth The Sea And Dry Land. I Wonder If This Vision
    About The Brown Outs Have Something To Do With Governor Jerry Brown And His Decision
    To Teach Filthy Lifestyles In The Classroom. Luke 21:36 Watch Therefore And Pray Always That You May Be Counted Worthy To Escape All These Things That Will Come To Pass And To Stand Before The Son Of Man.

  108. RainMan says:

    There is so much comfort to know so many people have these dreams, although frightening at times. I used to think I was alone and feared ridicule so kept them to myself, it’s nice to know we are not alone. Bless

  109. Michael says:

    The dream I had was actually a series of dreams over a 2 1\2 year period from 2006 – 2009. I was walking along I.H. 45 South of Houston Texas; a hurricane was approaching, stronger than ever recorded. It spawned very quickly in the Gulf of Mexico catching everyone of guard and not leaving enough time to evacuate most people.
    Just as the storm came ashore, A 9.5 earthquake in the Bay of Campeche struck and created what would be a 60 foot wall of water that inundated everything below 40 foot elevation from Texas to Florida.
    Then the dream shifted to being in Austin Texas and reading a newspaper that the devastation had affected 6.79 million people 145,000 dead , 2 million injured and 5.1 million homeless, the cities of Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Galveston, Houston, Beaumont, New Orleans were wiped off of the map. The Brazos, Trinity and Colorado rivers flooded 150 miles inland.

  110. lili-ni-viti says:

    A niece that knows I collect this stuff emailed me this one in March this year. She called it “A vision of America and the Northern Hemisphere”. In her words: I received this on Tuesday 15th March 2011. I was sitting in the office around 2.30pm marking some papers and got tired and lay my head on the desk for a short nap.

    During my nap I had the vision and below is the account of what I saw:
    I was sitting on a satellite looking down to earth and saw America and the rest of the world. There were no clouds so all i saw was green/brown land and blue oceans. In addition to this from where i was sitting i could also see all the plates on earth floating on the magma. There was also a clear division between the northern and southern hemisphere (almost a visible line to divide the earth up into north and south). While looking down to earth, I saw that the plate on which America was sitting on slipped and turned the whole of North America upside down. Nobody survived from north America and also a new mountain range grew in its place. Instead of the whole newly formed young mountain range, the range which appeared in North America’s place was some sort of ‘from of old’ kind of mountain range.

    The slip of the plates caused a major tsunami to form and travel along the Northern Hemisphere and swallow up all the countries and islands in the northern half of the world. I sat on the satellite watching the wave move across the earth until it destroyed everything in the north. While all this was happening, the islands and continents on the south were perfectly unharmed and sunny like nothing was happening in the north.

    This is where the vision ended and I got up and instead of praying for America straight away, I prayed for the peace of Jerusalem (i don’t know why but that was the first thing that came to my heart).

    My humble attempt at an interpretation – Based on what the LORD has already spoken through many of his faithful servants through the years; this event could not be physical. I suggest that an event that spares the south but not the north could well be the financial crisis now unfolding. And that the newly-formed ‘from of old’ mountain range could be the ‘new world order'; that’s been here before (think tower of Babel).

    • Michele B says:

      Lili, I think the Tower of Babel is a very apt comparison in these times. In the coming New World Order I think we will see a repeat of what happened so long ago in the land of Shinar, only in the terms of our modern times. (The story is in Genesis 11 if anyone is curious.) “And the LORD said, ‘Behold, they are one people and they have all one language; and this is only the beginning of what they will do.'” And I think this financial crisis is just the thing that could bring this about. We are well on the way now. It’s interesting that our technology is so incredibly advanced that the things we can now do would have seemed supernatural to people just 100 years ago or less. And yet the world is in the worst shape it’s ever been and getting worse every day. God bless you for praying for the peace of Jerusalem. Thank you for your post!

  111. Daisy says:

    On January 23, 2009 I was given this vision. I was taken to a city with tall buildings, tightly together with a few taller ones mixed in. Then from the northeast I saw fireballs falling down on the city. They were various sizes, rocky in shape with a smokey black tail behind them, that would hit the city. There was an explosion that would envelope the surronding areas. Soon the whole city was burning. I woke up right away and wrote down what I saw and drew the city. One of the taller buildings was the Empire State building. I too, have had many visions.

    • Gillien says:

      My girl had the “fireball falling” dream as well. It was last year, and she was only five years old. She never had any dream of that sort. One morning after she woke up, she told me she had a dream of fireballs coming down onto the earth, and the whole earth is burning. Another kid from her school, also had a similar dream, and he was able to recall in the dream that the only place on earth that was not burning was Israel, Jerusalem. The little guy does not even know that place, but he was able to recall it from the dream

      • jobeth says:

        My son aged 4 had a similar dream a few mths back. he said balls of fire were falling from the sky and hitting trees and the trees exploded. “OMG” i said. his reply was “dont worry mum they wont hit us” (comment seems to be of future) A week later he told me of another dream in which lava was running under our house and the house starting shaking and i was packing up the car. My son was very upset by the fact that i didnt pack the wall clock. I live in australia where we dont have any active volcanoes, but saying that I live on an extinct one…

  112. Charlotte says:

    Thank you Alvin for this opportunity to participate in sharing this ancient phenomenon, visions and dreams, gift and warning from Our Creator. Lili’s astute comment that her dream portends a spiritual event is an important reminder to us to prepare ourselves spiritually, as we live through these times of tribulation and purification, for our souls will live in eternity.
    My dream, that left me trembling, was of many people with faces of demons banging on the doors of our home, screeching for me to give them my children. My husband and I secured the doors and windows, closed curtains, and prayed with our children against the onslaught. The “people” outside set up bleachers (?), cooked, ate, drank, got drunk, partied, continued to hurl insults at us, and tried to break into our home, which had no electricity, so we burned candles at night. It was so real that when I awakened, dripping with perspiration, I ran to the window to see what was outside.
    For comfort and consolation, we can flee to the safe refuge of the sacred heart of Jesus and the immaculate heart of his Blessed Mother. The evil one is attacking us with intensity, especially in the spiritual realm of our lives as mankind increasingly rejects God, and human behaviors deteriorate. I think my dream indicates the bond we share with our Father God who loves His children (all of us) and is warning us that the evil one wants to devour our children (and us.)
    Whether dreamed or real, physical disasters are result and symbol from the universe of consequences of separation from God (sin). Everything is connected.

  113. Jenny says:

    I have had dreams about major earth events every day for the last two years. It’s haunting me. Half the dreams are on the Gulf of Mexico, boats and cruise ships slamming onto shore with no one on them. There are MASSIVE waves. The other dreams are buildings in a city collapsing. I’m usually in the building (NY or Boston), the collapse is caused by an earthquake. I also dream of Tornados moving through New Hampshire and Maine. There is another dream of me on a canoe in Alaska drifing by sinking ships that clang together. Fires errupt everywhere, nearly everything burns in some dreams and in others we run like rats from tsunamis blanketing New England. In all the events there are survivors, people kill for food and shelter. The masses meet up in cities with ports, I see people clinging to boats, tired and scared. There is a strange orange glow in the sky in every dream. Thank you so much for this post, it is good to know I am not alone.

  114. Jenni says:

    I am saddened that most of the end-of-the-world scenarios here reflect only the darkest aspects of that reality, with no hope. I too have had recurring storm and tsunami dreams, but they have seemed to be symbolic of specific fears or trials I have faced, as my losses (family, specifically) and means of dealing with them seem to improve each time I dream about them. For example, in the last tsunami dream, I was in a building on the beach that was set into the ground and it had a hole in the middle for the water to go right through, so I was completely protected. However, I have recently had a dream of a different nature in which I was aware that there was a worldwide earthquake, but I had absolutely no fear because of the joy I was experiencing, preparing for a wedding. In the dream, I received a package with a ring inside, which I somehow knew was an inheritance. It was a huge pearl, with gold filagree across part of it, and it was embedded with a huge diamond. I put it on my right hand, even though in the dream it seemed like a wedding ring, and I can’t describe to you the joy and excitement I felt. I awoke with the phrase “as a bride adorns herself” on my mind, so I looked it up in a concordance and found this passage in Isaiah 61:10, “I will greatly rejoice in the LORD, My soul shall be joyful in my God; For He has clothed me with the garments of salvation, He has covered me with the robe of righteousness, As a bridegroom decks [himself] with ornaments, And as a bride adorns [herself] with her jewels.” (NKJV) Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ have such a blessed hope, and those who are eagerly awaiting the return of Jesus and living out His word as faithful servants, truly have nothing to fear, for even in trials, His grace is sufficient, and as Paul tells us in Romans 8:18, “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy [to be compared] with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” May I encourage each of you to turn to Jesus, acknowledge Him as the only provision God has made for the forgiveness of your sins, and find peace and comfort in knowing that you’re on the same side as the King of kings and Lord of lords, for it is His fearsome wrath which will be revealed against those who are against Him, that will come upon the earth in all these forms, as the book of Revelation shows us. Search the Bible, know the truth, seek the Lord, and live for Jesus, and find that “peace that passes understanding” in Him. Blessings!

  115. Carol says:

    I have a lot of water dreams – Not oceans, usually just bodies of water – dirty pools, or glass rooms full of water either dirty or clean. Generally I am terrified of bodies of water that I can’t see through and of anythin IN the water. One recently though was of me trying to get away from something in this huge pool with me. I would see the far edge one direction (like miles away) and was swimming that direction. There was something chasing me. The water was moss green with a lot of particulate matter and a million tiny planets of all shapes and sizes and colors, including some that looked like Saturn, the moon and others that I have never seen. I was about to go under when I made it to the other shore, and saw this little plaque as I came out of the water “Planet birthing pool”. Hmmm

  116. Carol says:

    I had another dream that I was living in an apartment in a large city like New York. the building was circular with the elevator in the center, and glass all around – each floor was just one apartment and for privacy, they had curtains that you could either shut by hand, one room at a time, or a remote that would shut all of them at once.

    I was home and it was night. I could see millions of lights in the city when I heard something loud. Looking out the windows, I saw that a lot of the city was on fire, and then I saw Godzilla bashing every building he could. I was on the 80th floor, but he was so tall he had to be at least 130 stories tall. Just then I saw him looking at me, and instead of getting out of there, for some reason I just started closing all of the curtains. Then I woke up.

  117. DJ says:

    My four-year old son woke up and told me about his “scary dream”. He said “We couldn’t see the Sun because it was blocked”. He was too scared to say more but I thought the timing was interesting as it was the night Elenin reached perihelion. I’m certain it was a dream because we do not discuss any current events/concerns around the children.

    I’ve had a few ‘survival’ dreams recently; one I had 2 nights ago involved my family arriving at a mountain survival camp and I was carrying a little girl that was not mine and I remember thinking, Well, I guess we have 3 kids now. There was more to it, some “not so good”, but I just thought I’d mention it because of so many other dreams here where adults are gathering and caring for children. That part is beautiful.

    I’ve had premonition dreams, some where the actual event happened that night or next day. If any of these recent dreams come to fruition, I hope the bad parts will remain only in my dreams. Thanks for this opportunity to share.

  118. Mel says:

    These posts are absolutely fascinating. I wasn’t going to share, but changed my mind:

    About 20 years ago, I had a recurring dream that I was standing on a hill top at a friend’s home where we had been gathered for some sort of party. We were all staring toward the west (we are about 30 miles inland from the west coast as the crow flies) and the sky was a deep red/orange and filled with black smoke. The mood was solemn. Somebody said, “it’s happening.”

    Strange thing is, I mentioned the dream some years later to the friend (I had originally blown it off, since I am typically a vivid dreamer), and she said she had the same dream many years ago, and starting to recount the same dream – and said “it’s the end of the world, and everyone is gathered at my house”. Even stranger… now, 20 years on, she currently lives in this same childhood home that she and her husband eventually bought from her mother. We both still live in the same town now as adults and our children go to school together.

    I’ve had many curious dreams (many of which have been prophetic – actually happened). I’ve prayed that the Lord stop them if they are not of Him – I do not want to be deceived about the events to come.

  119. netty says:

    ..the dream :// I was alone, scared on the peak of the mountain {wooded area} under severe lightning/thunder storm. I recall wondering where everyone else were, calling to beloveds; relatives but nobody came to help. I sensed they were alive, felt energies around but uncertain what to think.Gone on and on with the same recurring dream for months on end. Finally it {dream) stopped…the dream kept me thinking and trying to find any interpretation. In searching for answers I stumbled upon some sites and this EP that gave me so much information. I am not very religious but more on spiritual side and I realized what it means…. I am what I am and accepted the assigned. Perhaps, I have some roles to do. TAKE CARE.

  120. Catalyst says:

    Hello! I had made this comment yesterday, but it is still awaiting moderation, so I’m trying again in the event there was some glitch. Thanks!
    @frankie — In regard to your trance: your comment suddenly reminded me that about 15 years ago I had experienced a sort of trance and had scribed several pages of what seemed like jibberish, writing or symbols in a format that resembled Gregg shorthand. I remember at the time thinking I was speaking for someone and giving instructions and I DO remember talking aloud as if I had a heavy speech impediment. I felt very out of control, almost drugged, and was speaking this labored “tongue”, if you will, while I was “writing.” I had totally forgotten about those pages. I will search for them.
    Alvin, thank you for this opportunity.

    • susan says:

      My comment is also still waiting on moderation, but i just wanted to reply to yours especially the ‘laboured speech’ . i had a dream where i was with my children and there were people on the roof of the house repairing it … it is the same house i am in, but much much bigger. i know i was communicating telepathically with the other people in my dream, but i had to make a phone call and i remember having to use my hands to move my mouth so i could emit speech. i sounded really drugged, or as if the dentist had given me anaesthetic, and i remember saying to the person i was talking to on the phone that i was sorry about the speech and using the dentist thought as my excuse. though it wasnt the reason. i have also had a couple of occasions where i have been moved to say things to people, that arent from me or my own thoughts. i think both of these were communications for people here on earth, from departed loved ones. i really fought the overwhelming urge to say the words that were in my head, but I felt like i had no choice. strong compulsion indeed, but nothing nothing nothing bad or evil or unpleasant about it. both times i was in a moment of great love and peace.

  121. shivani says:

    I have all the time. But first i will tell one from my childhood. I dreamed it was AFTER the end of the world. I was living in a commune in the golden future. On the high plateau. North of Brasilia. It was very flower power energy….at that time I was living in the Catskill mts of NY and knew nothing of Brasil or communes..The funny thing is… I now live on the High Plateau..North of Brasilia..

  122. shivani says:

    Mid Jan i had a waking vision. Or a flash..i saw many buildings full of people. being flooded and engulfed by water. A tsunami. I could see the people inside the windows going around and around. Like in a washing machine. I was deeply disturbed. I told a few friends..When the tsunami happend.. I knew. That was my vision. Since then i really cant sleep well.. Yesterday i woke up after hearing in my sleep.. you have 20 minutes to get your money..all banks are closing down..

  123. Patty says:

    Great dream/vision writings! The last couple nights I’ve seen two huge volcanic eruptions both blowing differently. I kind of thought it was my emotions – which it could have been. But for the real good ones, the most beautiful one was where I saw Jesus standing and all these people were coming up towards Him, he was recreating everyone through Himself. I saw how everyone was kind and joyful and helping each other get “there”….into Heaven. Finally, everyone was the perfect Christian! He was very beautiful – a most Beautiful KIng – I believe it was the Final Resurrection. The most horrible dream I had was that I saw a whole range of foothills and saw many destitute people – they weren’t in cities anymore and it seemed that there had been a horrible manifestation of human evils – killings, depravity – people were still living, but very, very broken and couldn’t organize themselves into a society that could go forward. There was sand/dirt over all the streets and it was pretty much without foliage. After a time, People will then be able to go forward and in the manner God wants them to go forward – humbly. No one wants technology anymore. My take on it is that it is the scenario was after a severe earth happening – like a pole shift or a huge war – something or a serioes of events that shake everything “typical” up. I also saw the San Diego area after a huge earthquake – the land there will only contain islands that have been swept clean by a tsunami.

  124. Jake says:

    Any dreams that you have had personally, pertaining to the end of this age or whatever, Alvin? This portal is crying out to know…Ok so am I!

    • I have them often but I don’t think any of you can bear them

      • concerned mommy says:

        please? there are many unbearable visions being shared. Also many ones give hope.

      • Concerned Mommy,

        I know but I’ve learned a long time ago…there are things which I should not utter and perhaps that’s the best place to leave it. That doesn’t mean I won’t discuss other subjects…

        peace and blessings,

      • Paula says:

        I think we can Alvin, if we have faith in God and His love than we have to KNOW that all of this is for a reason, and in the end, all shall be well. So, while we are here we can strengthen each other. Anyway, God Bless You and everyone on the portal.

      • That’s very kind. Thanks for the aromatic words and sentiment.


      • ColeK says:

        I would like to know some of your dreams, if you can add some.

      • ColeK says:

        I have complete empathy, I have lost friendships in the past. Some are scared of what they do not understand. Sometimes the 6th sense is a blessing and curse . Thank you for sharing that. Pretty much a loner here, I am glad you have this site. Amazing work.

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Thank you for sharing these visions! Most here are friends.The strange things with visions is that only those who can have understanding of them can appreciate them. Much of the world is oblivious to these visions even after the fact. I live in NJ and before 911 we had a huge meteor go by that was brighter than the sun in July..an incredibly vivid Perseid meteor shower in August and a very visible early dawn reentry of a Soviet rocket shell smoke through the sky. Note that the daytime meteor brighter than the sun pretraced the exact flight path of the 911 flight that crashed in PA. Meteors streaking through the sky have often been poetically thought of as tears from God and the rocket that burned through the atmosphere pretraced the trackof the 911 flight that crahed into the Pentagon. Yet few want to hear of these coincidences. ColeK , please keep us informed. It can only help us. BTW…Many years ago a clairvoyant friend mentioned something drastic was to happen in my life time. Many would die. I don’t want to go into details as I am not sure I am allowed to tell yet, but sickness rampant. God bless you ColeK.

  125. oana says:

    Many prophetic dreams this year. Just picking some of them. I was in my grandmother`s house in the countryside, watching the road through the window and I saw a major flood coming from uphill. I told my grandma that we were safe because the house is supported on big logs and we waited for the flood to pass. Then, we got out of the house and we were moving very fast, very light and we were carrying some dough that we wanted to bake at some neighbour`s house and make pies. We got there and everybody was baking big round pies and it was a feeling of joy and fulfillment. I know that baking means creating and bread or pie means reward. I usually dream in a symbolic manner, so I have to decipher most of what I dream afterwards.
    Another one..I was in a large room, it was night, but the room was lit, and suddenly I saw a big sphere of white light in the room, pulsating, surrounded by other bright spheres of light and I began to levitate and I just knew in my dream that ascension is real. Feeling of great joy..

    Oana from Romania

  126. The Earth will begin to tear itself open. There is nothing after that.

  127. shivani says:

    I just woke up after a conscious sleep all night. I received the very powerfull message..we cannot put one more toxic drop of anything in our air or water. They are saturated and.the atmosphere around the planet is so toxic that one solar flare can explode it all…like leaving the gas on in the kitchen and striking a match! The message was. .if we dont stop the drilling. Fracking..mining..bombing..missileing. Nuking…the ions are at apeak point…POOF!!!

  128. valle says:

    my mom passed last October. but before she left me, i asked her to visit me in my dreams from the other side if she could.. she has…3 times. in January i dreamed that i was sitting on a bench in an office building on the 24th floor. to my left was my hubby and to my right was my mom. we were just sitting there, when all of a sudden a tidal wave hit the window of the building we were in. i turned to my hubby and said, “i’m sorry.” then another wave hit and i woke up. the next dream happened in February. my mom and i were walking quickly down a dark street, she was working some numbers on a paper as she went. I looked up at a clock tower that we were passing and yelled at her, “Hurry mom, its a quarter til midnight!” about then, the sky erupted in meteor showers and i woke up shaking. The third dream, we were near a beach though no on one. we were standing in the street and the waters kept rising.. people were laughing and playing in the water oblivious to the fact that they were coming in further and further. my mom looked at me and said, “i’m going home straight up 13.”

    i have not a real idea what any of this means. the only thing i’ve managed to possibly decode is the 15 minutes til midnight…i think it translates to 15 months early… so take 15 months away from the publicized 12-21-12 mayan end date…and you get sept/october of this year…it was in March or April that i found out about Comet Elenin… i don’t know if its appearance is what she was trying to draw my attention to or something else that i missed. i am certainly open to suggestions…


  129. Sightunseen says:

    I dreamed this dream when I was 14. I am a 39 year old woman, but in my dream, I was looking through the eyes of someone else. I saw that I was in a man’s life, so it was as if I were dreaming from his perspective in the future. He was running in the dark of night and bombs were exploding all around him. He was dodging bullets and hiding behind trees. All around him people were killing each other. He didn’t pay attention. He just kept hiding and running to a destination. He stopped and looked up and saw the faces of Mount Rushmore. He went into a room behind the face of Washington. There was a hidden oval office in there. The president was faced away from the desk and when he turned to look at the man whose eyes I saw through, he smiled with recognition. Suddenly the man who I saw through lifted a gun and said, “Traitor”, and shot the president in the head. I was really upset the day I first set eyes on President Obama when he was running for office. He was the president I saw shot. Keep hoping this dream isn’t going to happen, but so many of my dreams do come true, I am nervous. It was a civil war, and there was no law, order, or help. All there was was a government who sat back and relaxed while our country destroyed itself.

  130. KENN says:

    Above, Jenni has written that the dreams “reflect only the darkest aspects of that reality, with no hope.” I remembered a wonderful dream I had about 25 years ago. We lived in Grand Rapids MI across the street form a rental hall. There often were wedding receptions there. From my bed I heard one going on and got up to look out the window. A few polkaing couples and an accordian player had come out to the parking lot. I was enjoying watching as they enjoyed themselves. Suddenly there was a huge flash to my left which I believed to be a nuclear bomb. The couples stumbled to a stop as the accorian droned to silence. I looked to the left expecting to see my approaching death. A shock wave was coming, however it was not what I expected. As it approached I saw changes, not obliteration. The gas station morphed into a park full of flowers. The sausage factory became an open-air farmers’ market. The rental house (which had had too many years of too many tenants and too many absentee landlords) became painted and repaired and surrounded by flowers and vegetables. Broken glass and debris was swept away.

  131. Laura says:

    Through God there is hope. It seems that we have to go through the bad stuff to get to the good stuff. Every time you turn around, you’re hearing about the bad stuff, it sure is great to hear about the good stuff as well.

  132. Troybach says:

    This is truly inspired Alvin, for “God does speak – now one way, now another – though man may not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men as they slumber in their beds, he may speak in their ears and terrify them with warnings, to turn man from wrongdoing and keep him from pride, to preserve his soul from the pit, his life from perishing by the sword.” Job 33:14-18 – the seeing of dreams and visions by many is one sign of the outpouring of the Spirit of the Lord on all flesh in the “last days” as spoken by the prophet Joel.

    I would join Jenni above to encourage a serious study into the Bible for answers – what a wonderful image of the bride you have been given Jenni. The Lord Jesus Christ Himself spoke of those that believe on Him doing His works and more; because HE is the great LORD of the universe and that’s His will. The dark days of destruction will be dreadful for many but there will be some that will walk as the LORD did, doing exploits and providing light and hope by the power of their GOD.

    I dreamed this scary but interesting dream in March this year : I was lying in bed when the earth started to shake. I got up to look out the window and saw a hill about 2 miles east of our house was a volcano and it was erupting causing the shaking of the earth. It was like the eruption scene from the move 2012 – it was a dreadful frightening sight! I knew that with the amount of lava spewing out that it was the end and no-one would survive. I ran to the front door and looked out and saw that the lava was shooting straight toward the house. I slammed the door shut and ran to the back to tell my family not to go outside to look at the volcano because they would be killed. But on the way I looked out an open side door and saw that all of them were outside looking at the volcano. Before I could open my mouth, the lava had flowed past the house and engulfed all of them, but instead of them burning up it flowed right through them. I then knew that this was something good to go through so I went out of the house with my youngest cousin who is 8, so we could get done too but the lava had already passed. We were still out there in the yard when I saw an army of creatures entering the yard via our driveway. I understood that these creatures were here to do something to those who did not go through the lava. The leader of these creatures was Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, the pro-wrestling superstar.

    He got to me and started to choke me and punching my throat. It was supposed to be painful but I felt no pain. I was thinking that I ought to tell my young cousin, who (like me) hadn’t been through the lava, to be strong and not to succumb to the torture. I was also thinking how I was going to cut off the Rock’s head after the torture. Next thing I knew I was standing next to the Rock’s head, already cut off. I don’t know how this happened but someone was there explaining to me that these creatures were from long ago and that you could tell how old they were by looking at a strand of flesh that looked like a vein, which was hanging from the neck. While I was looking at the severed head, I woke up.

    While I would like to witness the days of great exploits; yet it probably will take the baptism of fire to bring it forth. I sort of can get an inkling of what The Lord Himself felt as he approached the crucifixion day – yet there is no resurrection power before death. This weighs heavily on my mind and heart. I can understand what you mean Alvin that many will not be able to bear what some have been shown, and I pray for the strength of the LORD to be with us all to bear what each has been destined to go through. GOD Bless TEP.

  133. i have had a dream about the west coast of america being devastated by a mega earthquake just offshore of Seattle creating a huge tsunami that devastated the surrounding area.

    have also had dreams of a volcanic eruption but from a volcano that everyone thinks is sleeping.

    and also had a vosion if the sky turning to flame and a huge hand reaching down to save a few

    i know there all doom and gloom but i hope with all my heart none of these come true as many of my other dreams have god bless skywatcher xx

    • Ashley H. says:

      Which sleeping volcano are you referring to? I’ve had dreams of some type of disaster happening west and north of the rockies. In that dream I am in Colorado Springs, CO. Whatever it is is pushing lava over the mountains. In other dreams I’ve had there is a volcano in the North (I’m assuming in this one it’s of an Alaskan volcano) that goes off. There is another in which goes off that is in the North in by WA that when it erupts goes into the Pudget Sound region in WA. I’ve had dreams of “fireballs” reigning down from the skies in another city, one that I do not know well enough to place.

  134. Hopingalways says:

    I was in a wake state one day when I suddenly dozed off lightly and saw a symbol suspended in the air. This symbol was a six pointed star and it had six eyes about every point. I looked upon this symbol and it had a crown on the top and on the bottom it had a dangling snake. Then something amazing was happening what appeared as calendar years started to increment rapidly up to the year XXX. I don’t know what XXX means but the year seemed a beginning of another chapter in human history. Shortly after this I saw this symbol in flames and blood was issuing out of it and for no apparent reason it disintegrated not into pieces but into nothingness as if it were not there at all and no traces of it were found anywhere anymore. I was so amazed and scared at this disturbing vision I remember yelling out of fear and suddenly a brilliant light started to pierce from the east so bright that the sun appeared as a flash light compared to it. Under this tremendous light came many brilliant colors and resided where once the six pointed star suspended. Then in terror I woke up and understood not this vision. Does anyone know the interpretation of this dream, because I think it is of a future event that will usher in the brilliant light that represents Devine righteousness over that of man’s deception.

  135. robinb333 says:

    I found myself standing at the edge of a large open room. This room is filled with a white foggy substance which completely covers the floor to approximately my knee. Within this room are 3 men which are standing extremely close together whispering(I can hear the whispers but cannot detect what is being said). The men were dressed in long white robes with a thin white rope tied around the waist in a knot. Each of the men had long white hair down to the shoulder with a long, full, thick beard which extended to the upper chest area.

    As I walked into the room they acknowledge my presence by looking at me. The man closest to me, took a step forward and walked toward a table in the middle of the room. As the man approached the table, I found myself meeting him. As my eyes gazed upon the table, I noticed a map of the world. The map was constructed of an old brownish yellowish paper and looked as if it has been rolled up similar to an old scroll.

    In his right hand, the man held a candle holder and placed it over the lower East Coast of the US(the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee). As the candlelight illuminated these different areas, the map came to life. I could actually see movement in the map. I saw and heard people screaming, saw darkness, fires and people walking westward.

    Then the man illuminated Florida and what I saw was devastation! Fires erupted, people were shooting each other in the streets, looting, businesses being broken into, people yelling and screaming, robberies, explosions, glass shattering and darkness.

    Once again the man illuminated the Georgia, Tennessee area and I saw me and my husband walking in the darkness climbing a hill while holding each other’s hand and a voice echoing, “higher ground”. I remember turning to my right and I could make out other people in the darkness walking, but they were in lower lying areas.

    As quickly as the dream appeared, it was gone! I know this was a prophetic dream, premonition, or vision given to me by God. In the Bible they were often referred to as seers. Their gift was strictly used for God and to give his message to the people. I know there is more to come!

  136. Minysue says:

    5 years ago, I had a dream (this was after I received a renewal of the Holy Spirit), and I dreamt that me and others were in a mountainous region, and I sensed the need to get away from the mountains to the valleys, and some followed, others didn’t, and a terrible earthquake happened, and many died. It happened again, and more died.

    Another dream was where my sister gave me a tour of an army base, and in the end, she brought me to this area where the uniforms brought tears to my eyes, because I recognized something major, like what country they were from, and it frightened me.

    In May of this year, I woke up to “Soon”, an audible voice. I sat up, looked around to see if someone spoke to me, but no one was awake or around me. I remember nothing else of my sleep that night except for that voice.

  137. Lauraw7 says:

    Laura says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    September 17, 2011 at 2:45 am

    Through God there is hope. It seems that we have to go through the bad stuff to get to the good stuff. Every time you turn around, you’re hearing about the bad stuff, it sure is great to hear about the good stuff as well.

  138. Stephen Hiller says:

    Not a “recent” dream – I was 4 years old then, now I’m 67 – but never forgot it. The whole world was on fire and a great big hand came down out of the sky and lifted my Brother ( 5 1/2 at the time ) and me up out of the flames.

  139. susan says:

    earlier this year i woke up from a dream around 3.30 in the morning and i had to get out of bed and write as much of it down as i could before i forgot.

    in my dream i was driving in my car that i currently own with a friend who lives on the other side of Asutralia, but we had gotten lost. we pulled up outside a house and went in to ask for help and we were taken through what had looked like a small house from the outside, through an enormous house of many rooms. the telephone was right at the very end of the house. we passed huge open areas where many people and families were gathered, all sitting happily and communally – it was very mult-cultural and there were a lot of children playing. i rememered a long strip of grass that ran down the side of the house and i could run and take great bounding leaps through the air, like i was wearing shoes with springs in them and i was lighter than air. for some reason, i couldnt use the phone so i went to the front of the house again and outside and saw that my car had been damaged and i couldnt drive it. i tried to use my mobile phone but i couldnt work out how to use it. i wanted to phone my children to see if they were at home. eventually i went out the front to call for a taxi and while i stood there, i had a look at the street sign and house number to let the taxi know where to pick me up. i was at 100 Church Street !!!! next thing i know i was back at home with my children who were all safely asleep in bed.

    though the dream isnt apocalyptic, for me it felt like some sort of gathering, a waiting place. I wasnt ready to stay there, i had to go back for my children.

  140. Mariel says:

    My unpleasant dreams I forget quickly, but on rare rare occasions I have a good dream. I think this one is of the next world (I hope so). I was in a large house which sloped down towards water, but I was not watching the water. The furniture in the house seemed to be refurbishing itself, becoming new. Some of the furniture was from my childhood home. The house seemed to grow as I walked through it, adding rooms. In about the second room I saw my deceased husband and a few others, all dressed for a party. My husband recognized me and came over to me, and we had a wonderful reunion, and then he walked with me through the house, looking at it. This dream was blissful, not one of fear. My husband could not walk at the end of his life, but he was younger and walking well in this dream.


  141. Mariel says:

    The first dream I remember from childhood was a technicolor one of Mt. Rainier erupting flame.
    In this dream I tried to save my mother by taking her to a boat on a shore. We had to get into the boat and away from land to survive. We lived in Seattle where one could often see the mountain, but it is not supposed to erupt with flames, but to have mud lahars going down to the sea.

  142. Patti Skonicki says:

    Patti says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    September 14, 2011 at 9:46 pm

    I have had so many of these dreams/visions that it is hard to pick just one. But here is a dream I had on Dec. 4th, 2009: I was in what I thought was a bank, except there were no tellers. The lobby was circular or oval, and there were small TV’s on the walls. In one spot there was a larger TV that was showing the news.

    The President came on and addressed the nation. He told us that there was a great disaster coming on “December 11″, and that we needed to prepare ourselves. I wasn’t shown what the disaster was, but it seemed so terrible that I was in despair, as I didn’t see how anyone could survive. I was devastated by the news and walked outside. As I left the bank, I thought to myself that at least we had 7 days to get ready, and I was grateful for that.

    Since I had the dream on Dec. 4th, and 7 days later was Dec. 11, I thought at first that the disaster was going to happen on that Dec. 11th. However, nothing happened, and actually in the dream he said “December 11″, probably as in 2011.

    One interesting thing; about a year after I had this dream, I changed banks. My new bank has an oval-shaped lobby with TV screens inside. Instead of being face-to-face with a teller, you speak with them through the TV monitors. It is just like the bank in my dream.

    Thank you for keeping us informed through this website; I check it all the time. Blessings to all.

  143. shivani says:

    The weeks after the Tsunami were very powerfull. I never lost a connection with the Japanese people.. One dream i remember was a group event….. Many peole gathering. coming for a big party..we all had to sign responsibility forms…everyone was very joyous and the group began.. All of a sudden i. Remembered what the paper i signed said.. It was concent for death. Group suicide. The latest fashon.. I remember. I. Panicked. Not wanting to die.. The whole day after the dream i thought about all the radiation and eventual cancers.. The massive suffering to come. Group suicide does not seem so far off..It was like government euthenasia

    • susan says:

      This to me is a great dream. you see, we are all dreaming, seeing things, making choices, in our dreams, that affect our waking life. i see your dream as portraying those that died in the earthquake and tsunami, as having in dreams, agreed that they would be ascending en masse. they agreed that they were ready to move on – in their astral lives. they were all connected by the same central energy, had reached the same stage of readiness.

      I think what we see as death, is actually ascension taking place, right in front of our very eyes.

  144. SA says:

    had a dream last nite where it was me and my family sitting in a cafe eating a meal on hollywood boulevard. then all of a sudden five extremely strong tremors started to hit one after another. i looked up and saw people running in panic, buildings started to fall, and the entire boulevard crumbled away into the abyss. never had a dream like that before. not much i know, but just thought i would share.

  145. Nick says:

    Last night I had a dream I was in some huge underground bunker complex (not sure how I got there, as I am a complete nobody in life,) and at one point a buffet type dinner is being served, and I was looking at some corn on the cob, which was going a little brown, and thinking, ‘this is the last fresh food I’m going to eat in a long time.’ The dream jumped forward a little and I was in a small room, almost like a closet, sitting on a cot, when suddenly I had the intuition to get out of there fast, and back to the surface, as being underground was not safe. So I got up and started running up stairs and telling everyone I met to get out, get out, we have to get out. Finally I made my way all the way up, many flights of stairs, and there were a few other people with me at that point, and we got out the doors, outside this sort of industrial building. I think there were a few cars parked near the building, but that was it. The sky was an intense boiling gray, and then a tremendous earthquake hit and all the glass in the building shattered outward, and the whole thing started to collapse. That’s when I woke up.
    The other thing going on with me lately is that my soul is intensely wanting to lift, it’s ready to lift, but the rest of me is heavier than ever, to the point that I can’t get out of bed some days, and I feel like I’m moving through goo the rest of the days. And I either can’t sleep at all, or I sleep 15 hours at a stretch (not good on my work life.) But I can feel joy and love bubbling up, really wanting to burst out, and my soul is longing to take flight. So that is hopeful for me.
    Thank you everybody for sharing. That helps too.

    • susan says:

      ahhh me too, with the heavy body, but in spirit so light … its a real struggle. its my body i think, dealing with removing all of the dense energies that i have been finding and releasing in so many areas of my life. good luck with your energy. stay aboveground :-)

    • Jen says:

      I’m comforted to see I’m not the only one struggling with this heavy/light feeling! – I haven’t completely lost my mind!…but makes sense considering that our souls are “entombed”-if you will- by our physical bodies…fighting to break through these chains and emerge from our caves. I think the time is well over due. Thank you for the renewed hope Nick and Susan.

    • gabe says:

      sounds like you need to get grounded,,listen to eckhart tolle,,feel the energy body inside your body,get barefoot in nature,maybe wear some black tourmeline

  146. Beverly Fox says:

    About a week ago I dreamed a huge black object was in the sky. It had a kind of hole in the middle. As soon as I saw it I woke up. This is very unusual. I never remember my dreams. Some 30 years ago I dreamed in vivid color I saw an extra sun in the sky and was on a beach where the water was being pulled back until it mounded up over a thousand feet. That scared me so bad I woke up. That’s the only other dream of any kind I remember.

  147. Dan says:

    Last night I had a very vivid dream….

    I was watching a “video loop” (from space) of a giant tsunami bearing down on the Los Angeles basin (LA & Orange County)… The loop was in “real-time”, with each successive “refresh” of the loop showing the wave getting closer and closer….

    The tsunami’s epicenter was along the Santa Cruz – Catalina Ridge, near Santa Barbara Island….. As the wave approached the shore, the satellite measured the wave at 120 ft…. right when it was about to hit, I woke up….

  148. Bill says:

    Had a dream last night. I was running behind a person and was always ahead of the ground being tore up behind us. The person led me into a building that was falling down we came out a door and i was looking at a port with a war ship tied to the dock and behind it was a supply ship but it was listing to port like it was ready to sink. Then went through another building falling down went out another door and saw a bunch of war ships leaving port.and I said oh no don’t want to go there. Then i was in my bed room and i saw a red ball of light with halos all round it’s was by my door that i leave open at night for the cool air[have a security door. i woke up wondering what was going on, went back to sleep and saw what looked like red spikes coming down at about a 45 degree angle then woke up and stayed.

  149. Richard says:

    I will share my young daughters nightmare she had the other night when I woke her up as she was screaming in her sleep. This is a common thing since she was born

    Afterwards I asked her what she dreamed.

    “Fire was racing across the earth and many people where trying to outrun it. She had said that she could see them being engulfed in flame as they screamed…running towards her. When some of them got close, it was then that she realized that she was sitting perched in a very big tree and the flames kept trying to get at it, but they quickly retreated when they got close. She said she could feel the heat, but the tree was not burned nor was she. As she wept in my arms, she said she tried to reach out to some of those suffering, but the tree pulled her tighter into its folds, protecting her.”

    I have had my own vivid dreams since I was very young as well…long before it was acceptable for 5 year old kids to watch horror shows. Yet those visions still managed to make it into my subconscious from somewhere. Perhaps I will share one of my own later in the post.

  150. gabriel says:

    Very cool to idea to see everyone’s different dreams and share.

    I’ve had many dreams too lengthy to share which may be upsetting to others to hear, however, all possibilities can be altered. The future is always changing. The only thing constant is change, so when we are in balance with the universe we move and flow within it. Creator will create for us a new reality within the web of this universe in another place at another time when this life is done.

    Those who are out of balance or who have forsaken their rightful place within the universe by relinquishing their souls in return for material items, power, fame, etc., will be extinguished during the times of purification now coming, and what remains of their life force will be sent to the dark void. This place has been a giant experiment and many have failed and will not be moving forward. Our bodies are temporary, but our souls are forever. Once you give up your soul, it cannot be purchased back, because it should never be for sale in the first place. It is your birthright to hold on to that at all costs and to never let it go.

    No matter what dream you have had, if you love God with all your heart and hold on to that connection to God, you will return to the place of light and creation. It does not matter what faith you have, just as long as you remember your connection to the source, the light, and Creator.

    • Guide Bobby Fleury says:

      Creator, thats what we native people call Him. very good observation. the native people have held on to the old ways in this modern world.

  151. Kyra says:

    Three nights ago, I experienced more of a vision than a dream. It only lasted a few seconds. I was overlooking a landscape when suddenly I heard a massive explosion – I looked up and it seemed like various explosions (like when they blast for mining) The sky was red and there were lightning strikes moving from the earth upwards. I looked to the left of me an realized that everything around me was on fire (bubbling). the thought that came to mind (whilst in this vision) – when the time comes there will be nothing that one can do in that moment. I woke up without any fear and the immediate thought that came through was “the earth as we know it will not end with water but fire”. Through out this experience I was aware of the heat and I could smell it.

  152. twin star says:

    i’ve had several tsunami and earthquake dreams in the past year. i’m in the bay area.
    some martial law dreams as well. maybe i will move soon!

    a little over a month ago, i had a dream where i lived in the mountains of Guatemala. ( a place i have never been) It was as if my childhood home (which was overall a great place) was transported there. I was breaking up with my boyfriend… (which was also happening in waking life) I went for a drive to get out and clear my head. i drove a white honda civic hatchback- early 90s (which i don’t really drive) and headed up the mountain. as i ascended, many cars were pulled over and people looking at something to the side of road. maybe a football field or two away, on a medium sized mountain were 4 GIANT serpents wrapped around the mountain. they were HUGE like dinosaurs. each was a different color: Yellow, Green, Blue, and Magenta. at first they were very still and eventually they decided to unravel themselves and head towards us. People freaked out- went running and screaming. i once read that in times up upheaval and chaos its best to NOT do what everyone else is doing, it actually increases your chance at survival, so I got in the Honda! figured i’d wrap my body with some metal, glass, and plastic to keep me safe. as the Magenta serpent heads my way it morphs into a Triceratops- i decided i didn’t even want to watch what was going to happen and covered the windows. the Triceratops picked up my car. at first i felt fear all over, then i relaxed into acceptance. “is this it? my life has come to this… i’m getting eaten by a pink triceratops. wow! who would have known” and maybe it was the release of fear into surrender that made the triceratops lose interest, but…it did. it put the car on the ground… and on i went with the night. there was much much more to the dream, but that was probably one of the more otherworldy dreams i’ve ever had. the serpents had an ancient consciousness with in them.
    i didn’t know why they were there, but it was obviously a sign of profound change for us all.

    • stv says:

      One thing’s for sure, serpents certainly do have an ancient consciousness within them. and without. Their wave-like form serves to remind us that everything is really waves of energy, condensed and vibrationally slowed down enough to created wave interference patterns that we call “matter.”

  153. Joy Heasman. says:

    Very interesting to read about the children seeing fire balls raining down on earth.
    You said you live on an extinct volcano. At the moment we in toowoomba which is also an extinct volcano crater. last year they had flood here – an inland tsunami in the crater and flowing down the sides of the mountain to the east(causing floods in Brisbane) and west. Joy

  154. Jessie says:

    I dreamed just recently about 2 or 3 weeks that there were three trees in which a strong wind was encircling although it did not uproot them. I ran to a house that I saw in the distance then I climbed up its wall in order to get in. Then I saw inside my uncle and other people having some kind of celebration and I told them that a mighty wind is coming and so they dispersed and went out of the house for the house is not strong enough.

    • Guide Bobby Fleury says:

      there is a story that i heard from a native man in Canada and he talked about a great wind that will go across the Earth one day.

  155. Karen says:

    I had a dream of chiildren surviving too. I had made my way to the west coast unarmed, and I was young again as though I had been restored. Throughout the land there was war–good people fighting bad people, bad people fighting bad people, good people fighting good people, and essentially everyone killed each other off. There were still pockets of fighting, and there were people who were SO bad that they were viscious cannibals who would eat people alive. Somehow through all of this I had made it to the coast. I was coming around the corner of a hotel right on the beach, a fancy one, and over the mountains behind me this hideous beast came. It was a black pegasis, but it was putrid and horrifying, and pure evil. It was the enemy’s beast. After it over the hill cam the Lord’s beast. It was a winged horse, too, but it had talons instead of back hooves. Looking at the Lord’s beast, I knew the enemy’s beast was just toast, and while I knew the Lord’s beast was pure and could not tolerate sin, I desperately wanted to see it and would not hide. I went to the shore and then it was upon me. I knelt and expected it to kill me, as that is what it had been doing to the evil zombies and people. It sort of mentally chided me for thinking it would kill me and landed close to me on the promenade. It was so majestic and beautiful and wonderful, but so holy that I knew better than to touch it. It brought me about 12 children, and they were suddenly there with me sitting on the promenade, and I understood that I was now their caretaker. They were also awed by the Lord’s beautiful beast, and one of them wanted to touch it despite me telling him not to, but the beast stepped out of reach. The beast flew off, and it was just the children and me. We were going to go up the coast eventually, but rested for a while at that hotel. At one point a lioness ran through the hotel hunting something awful and black, and we weren’t worried about the lion getting us. I presume it was the enemy’s beast that was being torn to bits by the indiginous predators. My dogs were there, too, and they were chasing after the black thing with the lion.

  156. godismystrength says:

    I had a dream in August where I saw the Angels coming down from the sky. They said they were coming for retribution. The people who bring evil to this world began running afraid but there was no where for them to hide. I was told in the dream that this would take place in September, and I feel they will come on the 29th during the Feast of Trumpets for this is their day. God’s Army, the Archangels will return for judgment. While thinking about this all month and watching events taking place I had another dream. In this dream I kept hearing the words, “Holy, Holy, Holy, the Lord Has Come.” I found out after looking up the message that it’s from Revelation 4, the song of the Seraphim who sing day and night “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God, the Almighty, the One who always was, who is, and who is still to come.” It does not matter where the dark ones try to hide, God and his army will find them all. There is no escape from judgment. For those suffering because of all the darkness in this world please know their time of terror is coming to an end very soon. Heaven will come to earth. Love God and Love each other.

  157. Jon says:

    I recently had a dream where I was an angel flying through a dark sky as meteorites pelted the earth like rain. I held my best friend’s soul in my right hand and I continued to pray as I flew.

    • Tam says:

      I had a dream few years ago I was at a Old drive in Theatre it had over grown weeds and people were there in there cars but I did not get the impression to see a movie. It was getting near dusk and I was with my grand child and I looked up where everyone was pointing and meteorites were shooting down exploding on the ground and people were running and dodging and some where being hit and dying. I saw my brother in law standing there looking up and I screamed for him to hurry and run and he told me no I think I will just stay and watch. I ran for some camping trailers and was hiding my grandson and I under the awning and against the rock of a hill and then woke up.

  158. BM says:

    I have had several dreams about the highway I used to live by I wake up and hear military tanks rolling down the highways instead of cars and something to do with the 3or 4 horseman. I see clear a black and white horse only .I did not know what that meant but read a scripture sometime later about a reference to horseman. I had a strange feeling when i read it. I often have dreams of me and and my family living in a new house but kinda hiding from someone to keep safe.It’s like i have two lives. We are always fearful when we look to the sky at helicopters or planes.Even when I am away I have this weird obsession like at the sky day or night , what i am looking for I dont know?

    • Edyta Holden says:

      I had a dream some years back that people were all swimming out to sea and there were helicopters above. Gives me the chills whenever I hear one. And lately I can’t stop looking at the sky when I drive (the cloud just don’t look ‘right’) and go out at night and stare at the stars.

  159. Cynthia Morshedi says:

    I have had several strange dreams over this past month that has actually led me to researching what might be going on and I would like to share them. I actually ended up here and thought, wow this is weird, are other people having bizarre dreams too? And maybe someone could give me some insight to these.

    In the first one was that I was walking my dog in the front yard and there was a weird humming all around me and the air became electric, there was a crackling and I had a weird feeling moving through it. I looked down my street and felt completely alone and knew no one was here. I felt sad that I was a lone and came into the house and the walls were throbbing and in my dream I realized there was something wrong with the density of things. My walls looked as if they were as they were normally, but I knew they were hollow and not dense. There was something wrong the mass or density? It is very hard to explain since I have no understanding what so ever of what I was seeing and feeling within my dream.

    The second dream I had, I was walking in an open market mall, shopping. I was looking at the price tags and the prices were astronomical! I asked the sales lady if these were priced correctly and she said that they were and I asked who on earth could afford these. At that moment, I heard this weird humming again and then a crackling. I looked up to the sky and the sky was ripping open. I ran and hid under an overhang, fearful I was about to be burned when some people showed up and started pushing on us buses. I kept fighting saying I didn’t want to go. I was sitting on the bus trying to call or text people to tell them I was on the bus and didn’t know where I was going.

    This third dream was very vivid and shook me to my core. It haunted me for days. I dreamt I was looking at my life from outside of my body and could see all my attachments, not physical attachments, but attachments to identity, like being an artist. My dream then shifted, and I again was walking my dog in my yard when a loud voice came from the sky and the earth started to shake. He was yelling at people on a stage. He was yelling at the people that they were thieves of the land. I became scared and tried to get in doors when everything fell silent and still and an awareness fell upon everyone. I realized this was judgement. We all stood in judgement that was our own awareness. I felt guilt, horrible guilt and shame for things I had done and for times I was deliberately mean to people. But, I also felt guilt for things I hadn’t even realized I had done and had acted unconsciously. I began to see people around me struggling to walk with their burdens of guilt and some of them suffered greatly and it was painful to watch. I heard someone cry out that they had asked forgiveness for these sins and the voice said, you knew you should have never committed them. I woke up, shaken from the intense feelings in the dream.

    This last dream I had a few nights ago was equally strange. I dreamt I was in a large complex with people and we were under attack by an alien invasion, although it turned out to be staged and it was actually the military acting as aliens. One of the aliens/military men, grabbed me, sobbing looking in my eyes and said he couldn’t do this to people. We were supposed to be transported to the camps but he couldn’t do it. He then put me in this container that had boxes and I had packed my pets in them, and he told me some of them won’t make it. He was putting soil type bags and other things in my container and I was asking for my dog. He brought her to me and was closing the container and he kept saying, do not open this door until the event is over, you will hear when it is over, wait then open the door and use the things I gave you. I kept trying to unpack my animals so I could be with them because I was scared when I heard several latches on the container and I woke up.

    These are the latest ones I have had and had started getting worried by them. I have never had vivid dreams that were similar to this before. Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.

    • Karen says:

      Only good people feel guilt. In some of your dreams it sounds like part of you is crying out to repent of your sins. If you don’t already, it is time to start praying. Only one can grant you forgiveness.

      You might be having dreams of what is to come. Many are, as it says in scriptures.

    • jsOhio says:

      Cynthia, I don’t know if you will ever read this reply, but the one dream you had was about the Illumination, which is a moment when every human on earth will be enlightened as to their sins, like a mini judgement. The Illumination is to prepare a world living in darkness for the final coming fo Christ, who is mercifully giving them one more opportunity to know the truth and act on it before the end. There is biblical evidence of this Illumination and it’s reality is well-known in Catholic prophecy, but I would have to spend some time researching to find the specific passages in the Bible that point to it. These passages are in the apocalypic literature of the Old Testament and indirectly describe the Illumination as a period near the end of time when the Holy Spirit will act in a decisive way to bring light to men’s souls. If anyone knows of these Scripture versese, I would appreciate knowing where they are.

      • Beverly Fox says:

        The Scripture you are looking for may be this one:

        Joe 2:28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

      • Jachin says:

        How about Isaiah ch. 60 verse 1. Arise shine, for your light (illumination) has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon thee. 2. For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness (sin) the people, but the Lord shall rise upon thee and the glory of the Lord shall be seen upon thee.

  160. Carol says:

    I had a dream last night that went something like this:

    My husband and I were in his truck driving somewhere and we saw a pair of glasses clipped to the windshield that made it really hard to see. We stopped and got out to remove them, and three men with large chunks of firewood jumped out and tried to take the truck from us. My husband got away but I started running. I have bad knees so running is normally difficult, and it is hard to explain, but suddenly I was lighter than air, there was no pain and I was running soundlessly. I had on a full length body suit and full length duster, all in white. I also have brown hair. I stopped at one point to catch my breath and the guys ran right on by. I was trying to figure out why when I realized that everything – the ground, sidewalks, building, etc. were all white, and the windows were brown. The way I was dressed hid me when I stood perfectly still against one of the walls.

    Next my husband found me and were were trying to get out of the city when we got caught up in the traffic. Swept along, we realized that tens and tens of thousands of people were standing in platoon type rows and lines with their hands held in the air. They all wore bluish / grey jumpsuits and were obviously prisoners. We were trying to figure out how to get away and I was ready to abandon the truck when I woke up.. Brrr

  161. Laurel Anderson says:

    when i was maybe 4 or 5 years old: men wrapped in bedsheets (is what it looked like to my young little mind), they were being hunted. literally. and killed. and their homes were ruined. i wrote the spelling of the words “tehran” over and over at the kitchen table the next morning, because it was interesting the way the letters looked. i did not yet know how to spell or write, was due to start school at the end of that summer. my mother called my grandmother to drive over and see what i was doing. after some “do this, do that” tests, my grandmother gently but firmly urged me never to do that anymore, that it was the devil or something like that.

    next, about a year later: i “saw” my mother’s slow death, over a period of several nights of sad little dreams. she died mostly as i saw it, almost to the detail, but not until i was 23 years old. all those years later, a couple of months before she died, i knew it, i could feel it, and i dreamed a more “adult” and detailed version of her actual last moments. i told my grandmother about it, as i had in the past about certain other “dreams” or whatever, and she knew it would be true. it happened nearly to the hour and nearly to the detail as i saw that. the night after she died, i swear, i was “visited” by her and it was as if she was sitting behind a wall of wavy water. her words did not sound like our words we normally would say. there were other people with her, they were speaking, i could understand them, but not a single damn word was a language i knew. so whatever, but anyway, we spoke for a little while. she reached out her hand through the watery air, i reached in and held it, so i knew she was real. she apologised for many things, warned me about “jim”, promised she would try harder, and that she had good helpers to guide her, and she cried, but not as much as i did. she left. i mourned the mother she had not ever really tried to be, and that i would not get to know in this life. the warning about “jim” was a very serious one, one i have found to be very real, and has and continues to be a terrifying menace to me and my childnre. daughters i did not have at the time my mother died, but she had named them, knew them, told me when i would have them.

    there is more, maybe the others are more “apocalyptic, i guess, but i am tired, head hurts, will come back later, get one of them out. they are complicated. detail detail. i get brain-numb when i let myself remember too much at one time :/

    • Laurel Anderson says:

      when i get back from the dr i will take the time to try to condense the one that worries me most, where i feel it is at least a good indicator of things to come. maybe. i dont think anything is set in stone, so i can only say it is an indicator of what would logically follow if the right circumstances remain in place.

      • jobeth says:

        looking forward to reading them laurel

      • Susan says:



        When my Mother passed she came in a dream and said “Jim”

        Jim turned out to be real and became a most dangerous stalker. Very very dangerous.

        I have since moved.
        Your dream on Tehran is most fascinating.

  162. Fernalea says:

    There was a safe house where we were invited in. The “bad” people were coming, dressed in rags with sticks, mean guys and lots of them. I searched for a safe place for my little daughter so they wouldn’t find her but there was no place in the house to hide. I knew they would find me and take me, but I couldn’t let them take her. She said she could hide under the bed but I knew they would find her. I finally cut a huge slit in the mattress and she climbed in, then I covered her gently with a sheet so she could still breathe. Right as the “bad” people were preparing to enter the house, I told her no matter what, not to make a sound. I told her I would find her somehow some way, but not to move or make a sound no matter what she could hear happening in the room. Then 2 “saints” appeared, one in a gray robe and the other much younger and in a sari appeared and took some clothing to the corner of the room and set it on fire. Immediately the smoke alarms went off and everyone fled the house for safety, including the “bad” guys. I pulled her from the slit in the mattress and hugged her to me and woke up. Maybe just a bad dream but I woke up with a sense of doom and have had it all day.

  163. Peter says:

    Last week I asked the Lord jokingly to tell me when something serious was going to happen in my area. That evening I dreamt that I was standing in front of a high brick wall and there was a woman I don’t know standing next to me. I looked up and I saw a battle ship being drawn in the horizon in charcoal by a invisible hand …I said to the woman next to me, look! Then she signaled and the ship was moving towards me in a large wave. The woman told me the wave would not touch me! The wave went right over me. I woke up feeling a great peace. No matter how bad it gets I know the Lord will protect His children; even if that means he is taking me to heaven!

  164. Marc says:

    In the early hours of the 15th of June 2011 I had a dream that I had previously forgotten to mention here: I was at a big airport somewhere (not quite sure where, but the people had white skin, and I presume it was either in Europe or (seems less likely to me) in America). I was waiting for the airplane to get ready for boarding the flight but it was delayed quite long, which caused me to become curious and I ended up running into, what turned out to be a Russian airplane (high-tech and all) (nobody stopped in that dream) to find out what exactly was going on and I was shocked to find out that: 1.) the airplane had a nuclear reactor in its middle; 2.) standing there and watching technicians load the reactor with new fuel rods, I realized they were doing some mistakes or rather experiencing some extreme technical challenges and they actually brought the reactor onto the way of a nuclear meltdown. I instantly knew we would have a nuclear explosion within very short time and I ran out and warned everybody I came across on my way of simply running away from that airport and trying to quickly get away from there as quick as possible and running up a slope and hoping I would just be able to hide in someones basement.
    My interpretation of that dream: a) nuclear reactors are being and/or will be used to power airplanes, no matter what the public is being told; btw: according to Wikipedia these nuclear airplanes actually DID exist (and I did NOT know ANY of this prior to that dream!) but aren’t used any longer for [OBVIOUS] safety issues); b) I live just outside of Frankfurt am Main/Germany, about 23km north east from Frankfurt am Main International airport and the next nuclear power plant in Bibilis (61km from me) is built on a fault line of the river Rhine, which goes right down into Switzerland and connects the German super caldera (which most don’t know about, but it’s even larger than the Yellowstone caldera) with the alpine and Italian calderas. What’s the idea here? Take the airplanes and the airport and go down to Biblis. We had official preparedness alert warnings here a year ago telling us to prepare for scenario of that power plant being hit by an airplane and/or an earthquake (the German Fukushima remake). c) deriving from scenario (b), I would suggest, that we might sometime, sooner or later, also see the Laacher See volcano errupt again and then blow the whole German super caldera up along with it. That would be a good reason to abandon this hemisphere.


    I had multiple dreams…I recall one that was so clear. My family and I were all in vehicles driving as fast as we could from PA down to the Southern States to escape the destruction. As we looked back, we saw everything on fire and in ruins. The North was obliterated!

    My second dream was me watching TV in bed and the newscasters were screaming and pointing at all of the destruction and chaos. People were running. Buildings were in ruins. Then a report came on that people were missing everywhere. I woke up screaming to God, “What did I do, why didn’t you take me too”!

    My third dream was me standing at my back deck. All of the sudden loads of clouds began rolling toward my house from afar. They got bigger and bigger and began to turn deep purple, orange, yellow. All of the sudden the clouds opened up and it appeared to be Heaven coming down to earth.

  166. robinb333 says:

    Early this morning I dreamed of Flooding in some part of California. Has anyone else experienced a flooding dream that involves California? Within the past month? Just curious. I posted mine on my blog….Robin

  167. Blair says:

    I had a Dream awhile back (I am one of those that dream in “spells”, or off and on.over periods of weeks or months). In this particular dream, which is as vivid today as then, I walked out of a store to see alot of people stopped still, all staring and some pointing at the sky. It was just past sunset. I looked up, and a chill ran up my spine. The moon was ON FIRE. Fully engulfed. I awoke in a sweat so heavy I had to take a shower and change the sheets, they were soaked with sweat. I was so ratteled I couldnt sleep, even after praying for an hour or so. It is justr as unnerving now as that night.

  168. Terry says:

    Yesterday, dreampt that New York will be completely engulf with water, except for sky scapers. Boats, yaghts were parked near skyscapers as if ppl were occupying-living in those buildings. This mornings dream; indicate this divine life will follow through as it is written, without fear. Fear, is not the answer. So stick to the Divine plan, you will be guided to peace & love! =)

  169. Karen says:

    I have many end time dreams, only one of which I have posted here. I’ve had them about everything–zombies, machines, super-soldiers, waves, nuclear bombs, etc. I know it can’t possibly all happen the way I have dreamed it, so I look for recurring themes and patterns. For instance I survive and am usually restored to a younger age. I am seldom fighting, except for zombies–those I went from being killed by to being able to kill with little difficulty. In the nuclear bomb dream, I am not sure if I survived or not, but I expected to die, and I was sad but ready. I wasn’t afraid or regretful; I was prepared to die and knew that I would be with the Lord. Even when I was in the LA skyscrapers that were overcome with the tsunami, I survived.

    Alot of people are dreaming, and I enjoy reading them. Many dreams, or maybe all of them, have personal meaning to the dreamer. They are probably all prophetic in some way, however everything listed cannot possible happen. So there must be patterns to seek out. The patterns will also be significant to the dreamer. It’s an interesting subject and I’m glad this is here.

  170. jordi says:

    I had a moon destruction dream too a few nights ago.

    • Jachin says:

      I had one of these before Katrina hit New Orleans and i have seen similar dreams posted from time to time. In my dream there was an explosion at the surface of the moon like a missile hit it and then it cracked like an egg shell and exploded. I remember NASA doing a test by firing a missile at the moon after this dream. Some people say the moon is hollow.

  171. stv says:

    I’ve been a devoted rock climber for 20+ years, and enjoy hiking and boulder scrambling also. A few months ago, I dreamed I was scrambling in a boulder field with which I am very familiar (which is unusual in itself, usually my dreams are set in locations I am NOT familiar with) near my home in the Hudson Valley, NY. An earthquake commenced, and I tried to find a safe place, because I figured any second now those boulders are going to start tumbling down on me. Instead, after a few moments of ordinary earthquake experience, the boulders did begin to move, but not according to gravity. They just stared moving around, rolling up, down, sideways. Then some stared levitating slightly, and from below the surface of the earth, blindingly white shafts of light started emerging. Not fire. Not lightning, but a kind of pure white light. As I awoke, it occurred to me that what i experienced seemed to be the earth transforming itself into (or giving birth to) a STAR. Crazy. But very cool, and actually not that scary to me, because I somehow felt that I would be wrapped up in that process (not killed, per se) and be transformed WITH the planet! It was an exhilarating, if slightly off-putting dream!
    Cheers and thanks for this site!

  172. Michele B says:

    Last night I had a very realistic feeling dream in which I was at some sort of seaside resort. Probably in California, as that is where I live, and It didn’t feel too far from home. Also there were some rides and things that reminded me of the Boardwalk at Santa Cruz, although I haven’t been there in years. Anyway, the resort was at the more or less center of a wide bay, again reminiscent of Monterrey Bay here in Cali. I was climbing up to a high point in the resort complex when someone yelled something. I looked out to sea and saw a massive wave or swell coming in. People were running, screaming, generally panicking. I was high enough above it, but barely. Someone yelled “the kitchens are flooding!” And I thought (oddly) “Well there goes breakfast!” Indicating it was the morning, obviously. And the last thought I remember was “this is just the beginning. Not sure I’m going to be high enough.”

    • Beverly Fox says:

      I had a similar dream many years ago. I was on a beach in California and the ocean started rolling back. It rolled back until it made a mountain a thousand feet high. I looked up and there was a planet or a moon next to our moon. They were the same size. When the water came crashing down I woke up. It was so vivid and real I never forgot that dream even though it was many years ago.

      • Jachin says:

        Had a dream one week before the Japan earthquake/tsunami where i was walking up onto the beach in front of the Santa Cruz board walk and all these buildings were just piled up upon one another on the beach and i asked what that was from and someone told me in the dream it was from the disaster that happened.

  173. Alan says:

    Yesterday I had an odd experience after watching a news clip about occupy Wall St, I was sat thinking about another clip of families made homeless by the fallout of the subprime mortgage fiasco and i was thinking how those responsible had crossed a line from crooked to just plain evil and the strangest thing happened. A sensation of great loving warmth and reassuring peace enveloped me and the words The Book of Isaiah in white letters appeared before my minds eye,

    The strange thing is i am a Bhuddist always have been and have never read the bible or had any religious education at school either. Of course i am now curious to find out what this book of Isaiah is about and anything therein might relate to what i was thinking about at the time. The sensation lasted about forty minutes and was like people describe when they have a near death experience so very beautiful and filled with love and peace.

    • edmundo says:

      Do you see eleven eleven.Read Isaiah 11:11! Maybe a connection to why millions of people all over the world are seeing this number right now. Some people say that this phenomena is satanic or some how related to the occult. My belief is that it has something to do with Christ consciousness (what ever that is). Love is all there really is! When we can recognise that there is no such thing as good, bad, corrupt or evil and when we can move beyond judgement many veils will simply fade away.

  174. jsOhio says:

    I know you’re only supposed to post one dream, but I’ve had a series of dreams in the last 2 months that are worrisome. First I dreamed I was looking out over a field to a forest in the distance and saw water rise up to half the height of the trees as it rushed into the field and moved in my direction. The sense was that it was flooding a vast area. Then I dreamed I was parked on the edge of the town I grew up in next to a business I frequent; everything beyond was desert like the Middle East. A group of young Arab men gathered in the distance, and then a group of women in burkas emerged from behind them and came and surrounded my car. In my rearview mirror, I saw them bending down at my bumper and then a blast of smoke and ash rose up from under my car. I turned around in the car and fled, only to be ruthlessly pursued into a cemetary where I narrowly escaped…by praying for my life. Then I dreamed I was in a clinic and a young pregnant woman lay on a gurney type bed. They casually came up and injected her with poison. I reached over to feel her heart and felt the last throbs of her heart as she died. Last night, I dreamed I was imprisoned with others in a concentration camp facility. We were trying to escape, but there were dogs or wolves which would spot us as we ran in multiple directions and lay down to hide out in the field beyond the camp. I was aware of the dogs attacking others as I continued to run for my life. The dream went on for a very long time and my brother was captured. Each dream was very detailed and clear and much longer than describes, unlike any other night when I do not remember my dreams at all. I think these dreams are warnings of coming persecution and/or cultural wars in the USA. The town I grew up in is a typical middle-American town. In the dream, it was surrounded by hostile territories that were no longer Americanized.

  175. Pat says:

    For over a year my repeating dream is Japan goes into the sea, and I try to warn some people in California to get out, but ofcourse no one listens, they get hit with a massive tsunami and everything just starts spiraling from there. The earth changes itself almost all at once, so that there is no help for anyone, because it’s just to much at once. It’s a pretty vivid and scary dream that happens at least two or three times a month.

  176. Scot says:

    Had this dream about a year ago,i’m in like a shanty house,my brother and some friends are there eating pizza,chicago deep dish.Ex boyfriends of a friend of mine are stopping by but they are ignoring her,the pizza is hanging over the edge of the table,the cheese is slowly falling off, the way cheese is stringy.I open the door and there’s wild boars wandering about.Suddenly i’m on the roof of a house,going down a hill,shaking violently,boards go shooting up,the sound is deafening! I’m only wearing short’s,”were are my cigarettes?”,is all i can think.Ahead of me a river of mud,like chocolate milk shake,is racing left to right,full of houses,trees,cars,and people.A hill in the distance is moving right to left,another set of hills,further distant,is moving left to right,i can barely hang on,like a marble bouncing on a drum. I look behind me to see a friend of mine on the roof of another house,following my death ride house,when i turn to look back he and his house are completely gone.I’m now almost on the river,i wish i was on the opposite bank it looks pretty quiet there,to the left of me a line of school buses,buried in mud move toward the river,was anybody in the buses?I don’t know,then i woke up.

  177. Martine says:

    I had a strange dream also a few years ago: I was living in south California (in this dream) up a hill above a city close to the ocean. I was home teaching 2 children for a fairly young couple (in their late thirties) it was their home. at night around dinner time we were all getting dinner ready when suddenly the earth started to shake, it lasted only 1 minute but it seemed to be like a century in my dream, the children were not as affraid as their parents were, they calmly packed clothes and dry food, survival kits into their bags, their father gave us all some money just in case and we headed down, leaving the house towards the city. We were up a hill and the road had vanished, a great cliff that wasn’t there before blocked us from going down, we stood close to it to see the damages, the city was gone, totally drowned under the sea water and thousands of people were floating, some dead some alive but were being smashed against the cliff by the waves…… it was horrible we went back to the house to get ropes and such then i woke up…..the very strange thing is: i do not live in the USA, I live in Paris, France!!!!!!!!!! but this dream still stays very vividly in my mind i haven’t been able to forget it ever since!!! the children worry me, they were very bright, altruistic and had no egos, the kind everybody would love to teach!! i think the city might have been San Diego ( I went there one in the 90s and the hills looked very similar to the one in my dream)

  178. Tam says:

    I had a dream a few months back in the dream Im working on what looks like pipe lines next to a ocean and Low mountains (low to me Im in Colorado) the ground begins to shake violently and there a huge rubbling in the distance and I look up and a portion of the Moutain next to the ocean slides off and into the sea I begin looking around and everyone still just working like nothing happen and I begin shouting we have to move quick because a giant wave will be coming and they tell me to get back to work nothing wrong and everyone arounds me begins working no expression on there face and I woke up.

  179. Karen says:

    I’ve had two wave dreams about California. In one I was in a skyscraper on the beach in L.A., and the wave made the entire skyscraper fill up with water so that there were pockets of air in it. In that one there were also secret government agents in scuba gear performing some operation. They know it is coming folks and want as many of us to die as possible.

    In the other one I was in our beach house, which is in Ventura, at Thanksgiving, and the wave was only up to the first story, but the downstairs was like a pool. It wasn’t that violent in the ocean and people who had been out there were unharmed. The wave also was slanted, slightly deeper on the L.A. side of the house, and slightly shallower on the Santa Barbara side of the house, as though it was the North side of a wave that peaked somewhere to the south. Ventura is about an hour north (driving) of L.A.

  180. Karen says:

    I’ve had two wave dreams about California. In one I was in a skyscraper on the beach in L.A., and the wave made the entire skyscraper fill up with water so that there were pockets of air in it. In that one there were also secret government agents in scuba gear performing some operation. They know it is coming folks.

    In the other one I was in our beach house, which is in Ventura, at Thanksgiving, and the wave was only up to the first story, but the downstairs was like a pool. It wasn’t that violent in the ocean and people who had been out there were unharmed. The wave also was slanted, slightly deeper on the L.A. side of the house, and slightly shallower on the Santa Barbara side of the house, as though it was the North side of a wave that peaked somewhere to the south. Ventura is about an hour north (driving) of L.A.

  181. myska says:

    My dream happens 7 years ago, i remember i was in some town with my mother, it was day light because i can recognize every color there, lots of tree too, it was green and feels familiar to me. i was walking or maybe sight seeing , but then suddenly i see people point their fingers up, like trying to show other people something is going on up in the sky, and there i was, looking up the sky, my mother was next to me also, i saw the sky turn black like it was night time, and then i start notice the stars are moving very fast, like the earth itself spinning so fast, i remember the movement was from left to right, it was beautiful and for a moment i keep looking at the sky, amazed by what i see. my mother was on my right side, and she also look at the sky, everyone around us was running away but we both just stand there and i remember i look at her and she look at me, and i asked her ‘this is it?’ and she answer ‘this is it’ and the stars (or what i thought was stars) start to get closer and closer and it becomes spaceship, it was shiny black color with lights very bright lights.. next thing i know it was spaceships everywhere above our head, and last thing i remember i started to pray, getting ready for what will come next .. then i woke up, my mouth still praying that exact words from my dream. it was amazing. it looks very real.
    all this time i just keep telling myself that i watch too much tv or something
    forgive my english, it is not my main language

    • Donna says:

      I also saw stars falling from the sky slowly, and it meant bad news for believers. And I also had my mother on my right hand side. LOL And I didn’t say well….this is it…..but it was like we both had already said it and were just watching. We ourselves were calm but everyone else were terrified.

  182. mek says:

    you know many don’t agree with and/or have never experienced deja vu…for some reason after leaving NY/SF some twenty years ago i ended up in las vegas…it’s been in the past three years or so that i’ve had recurrent memories of the home i’m in and dreams and/or situations repeating themselves…last night i had a strange dream that i was back in my home town in silicon valley and far off in the distance i could make out strange looking buildings shrouded in smoke of some sort and then mini explosions that looked like mini mushrooms…we were trying to run to the other side of the valley to get into the mountains but the ground was so uneven it was difficult going…i did wake up but it was strange…however the dream that comes to mind i had some 20-30 years ago…i was walking on a road and had entered into an area that was shielded a little by mountains/hills which blocked what was behind me…when i came to a break in the mountains wall i looked out and there was a small metropolis that all of a sudden lit up and mushroomed and i jumped into a culvert or drainage ditch and shielded my eyes…there was a great wind that blew over my head and i laid there for sometime before getting up…i continued my walk down the road and i remember sort of fainting but there was a man who picked me up and took me to what can only be described as a tube with stairs going into the ground…underneath there were great tanks of water and he was growing food and such…the hatch had been camoflauged and he said no one could get in…where i’m living now–approx 2 miles away is a road going out of town that could resemble that road with the culvert/ditch…and the metropolis–it could’ve very well have been las vegas…very strange and i don’t ever tell people usually since they’re dreams and though i do believe in the mysteries of the universe and have had certain events happen recently that don’t make sense, i’m not sure of bombs…i usually think of it as a wild imagination and susceptible to what i ate and/or drank before bed…however there are events happening and it’s only when i bought a computer and plugged in some info into the google search that i found out others are having the same occurences…ie…1111, 2.22, 3.33. 7.11…i don’t accept any particular one of the reasons presented however i do spend much time looking into the skies as i “feels it in my bones” that something big is on it’s way…there’s other things but i keept them to myself for the most part since most want to attribute it to the biblical prophecies and there’s so much more out there than the christian versions…it’s why i became a theosophist as it allows for different explanations and/or possibilities…i also know, as many of you should know and should have noticed, that your searches are logged when specific words/phrases are flagged…i don’t want the men in black at the front door…

    • Sherman says:

      Sometimes in dreams we see things that are hidden or gain knowledge that we have no other way of knowing… That underground area could be very real and could be in the area you describe. Your dream could be the key to finding it.

      Freud says that in our dreams, we are all the people we meet and interact with. Maybe the man who saves you, is you..

  183. tiff says:

    I dreamt in sequence for three months straight, each dream consistant and leaving off from the night before. I dreamt that Japan bombed Alaska with a Nuke for Oil (japan had the nuclear plant explode during tsunami not long after). Then German sent a boat with massive flame throwers to the East coast but for some reason it never made it. In the dream I was in Kentucky, traveling to Virginia (where I’m from). The group I was with in KY and myself thought we were safe from the Ocean levels which had risen. And we were safe from the water, but what we didn’t know is that FEMA had Human testing facilities set up in Tennessee and West Virginia. Whenever the chaos struck the guards had left the FEMA camp and the test subjects had escaped. The testing facilities were testing a shot to make soldiers see like an owl in the dark; however, it backfired and it made them completely blind in the dark and it induced their brain with rage, lilke in 28 days later. In the dream my family and i were able to hide in the bathrooms and rooms without windows and they couldn’t see, because it was dark it was like the room was nonexistant. The escapees from West Va. migrated south and the ones from TN migrated North and bombarded KY and we were in the midst of running from FEMA and the test subjects. Eventually we have to be on fast boats and jet skiis because the land is tainted. I have many reoccuring dreams about familiar landscapes as well. I dream about what’s going to happen and having to hide. I Ludic dream to the extreme. My dreams also tell me where to hide, like in holes in trees and in bushes. I have a friend who said she dreamed she had to dig up a bush and put her little brother in the hole and put the bush back ontop of him.

    I am cherokee american indian blood and was named “dream eagle” by the Chief, he named me before he knew i had dreams. he said “the young will have dreams and the elder will have visions.” So this is natural for us to be dreaming in congruency with one another. My cousin and I have the same dreams on the same nights about the “end times” and about FEMA chasing us.

  184. tiff says:

    I have also had dreams about being on the 14th floor of a sky scraper in Miami and the wave filling the bottom floors up with water and my grandma is on the first floor and i must retreive her…

  185. bckincade says:

    I recently had a vision/dream after a prayer. About ten minutes into sleep I was being shown major cities to small villages in the middle east being torn apart from war. The names of all the cities were being named one by one. The onlyname I could remember was Pompei. From the bottom floors to the tallest floors of buildings there was destruction. Jets came firing away in the after math to finish the job. There was a man clothed in military flat drab OD green with a black hat with possible gold stars on the hat. He had a political stance and met with leaders of some of the greater cities shaking their hands and smiling. He marvaled at the current statis of these cities and how the people and business moved to and fro. But this isn’t what satisified him. He enjoyed the fact that he was about to destroy the cities and the people he was watching were oblivious. The thought fed his ego more than his political or finacial stance. He was given the power of destruction. this was about a 10 minute nap and I woke up remebering. I felt this vision was nearing soon. This is not the only vision I have had. There are many over the last two decades but is the most recent. God gives us these warnings to prepare and to tell others. I believe this last summer was the last free summer of peace. I think the violence of people, countries, the earth, the sun, will accumulate and compound next year to the point of heavy stress on the hearts and minds over many people around the world. Prepare not only with foods and water filtration,medicines, but mainly your hearts and souls.

  186. susan says:

    i love this dream i dont know what it means, but the symbolism is exquisite. i am sure you have the answers to this dream inside you. God bless.

  187. Donna says:

    Hi Susan…I’ve taken biblical dream interpretation courses for about 10 years…would it be ok to help Tiff with her Oct 29th dream? Please let me know…thanx Donna

  188. prayntongues says:

    I’m really amazed by all the dreamers here having similar dreams of tsunamis, fire, vibrations, etc. My dream is different, but I found one other person who had one about cannibals. In 2008, I had 3 dreams that were very similar. In these dreams, I am out in public, like inside a restaurant or store. When all of a sudden, I noticed that people running by outside the windows screaming, being chased by zombies. I saw the zombies catch them, and then start biting them and eating the people alive. I manage to find a cupboard to crawl into and hide. I can see through the crack, people trying to get away from the zombies that came inside the building. I can hear the zombies making horrible growling sounds. I hear horrible screams of the people being eaten alive. The whole time, I am praying and holding my hands over my mouth to keep from screaming or crying out loud becaus I am terrified, so afraid that any second the door of the cupboard was going to be opened. Then finally the sun comes up and the zombies go away to hide. I come out and there are dead people and blood everywhere. The dream ends with me walking away, trying to find survivors. I know zombies aren’t real but last year the CDC made an announcement for zombie preparedness and recently I saw a program on how to survive a zombie attack. That same program said that there is a virus being developed by the government that makes people crazy and blood thirsty. There are real networks of people who are zombie survivalists, they believe this is a real threat.

  189. prayntongues says:

    I’m sitting here thinking about the dreams I just read about, the water and tsunami dreams. I just remembered a dream I had about 2 wks ago. I dreamed that I went outside to let my dogs out before going to bed. As I usually do, I looked up at the sky to look at the stars and moon. I saw the moon with a large portion missing and the moon was so big, as it was very close to the earth. I ran into the house and got my phone, to tell people on facebook “Go outside right now and look at the moon!” then I turned on the tv. There was breaking news that an unknown object struck the moon, breaking off a 1/3 and it knocked the moon off its orbit, sending it closer to earth. End of dream.
    Maybe the gravitational pull of the moon will disrupt the oceans and cause huge waves and tsunamis??

  190. I have a strange relationship with dreams. As a child I read an article in a science magazine on a therapy for nightmares. The article used subconscious “awareness” to “wake up” the dreamer while they still sleep. So from within the dream a person can alter a nything in the dream to “change” the nightmare into something pleasant. The reality of dreams are pictures or movies made inside your head so in theory you can do anything you want. Like you can play a video game, you are the controller. in a dream, if you are “aware” you are dreaming your powers or ability is anything you can imagine. I developed the “habit” of playing in my dream world just for fun since I love to fly. When my “awareness” is good and my focus is stable I can dream fantastically. Wen my sleep is not deep enough my powers in the dream weaken even when I try to induce a deeper sleep by telling myself not to wake up. I do anyway. Drugs that alter the mind make it almost impossible to control a dream since u lose the ability to “realize” you are sleeping. But if the sleep is deep enough a nightmare is almost impossible to escape. For a dreamwalker the mind must be “clear” so the picture does not waver or get fuzzy. Strangly no matter how hard I consentrate or how good I dream, the charecters or people in the dream i cannot control. I cannot make them “think” how. I want them to. It is like they have a mind of their own. When I tell the m they are not even real and just a memory or charecter in my dream, they think I am crazy. When I try to prove it is a dream by moving mountains or shifting houses or flying they are afraid of me. It seems perposerous I have to respect the people in my dream even when they are simply fabricated by my mind. It seems spooky I am not alone in my dream world. Also as a child i had an imagionary “friend” I pretended in my mind that he was real when I was awake. However he is real in my dream world. Even though it is my brain he somehow has the power to “guide” my dream his alertness and consentration is better than mine. So I am distinctly aware the dream he shows me or the movies he makes in my head are not mine. He has shown me things I did not know how to descibe. Like a singularity. I was delighted to discover from another science magizine that such a thing really does exist. The zest for knowledge I have comes from these dreams. Because past present or future the things he shows me are real in this “awake” world i discovered fom auto biographies and history books. The “events” I saw actually happened. I realized the “guide” in my dream was showing me real memories like time could stand still. To say my “guide” is a genius is an understatement of monumental porportions. As must have given him access to my “dreams” when I imagined he was real so he behaves perhaps as a doorway to a global mind or time itself. I could write a set of encyclopedias on the “memories” he showed me. Suffice to say when I learned his identity I came to the conclusion. We are “creations” of God’s mind we exist only in his memory which is “trapped” in time. He must be having a nightmare since life on earth is not good, when our dreams are trapped or lost in the void or blackhole of debt. What amazes me is all the gloom and doom of “the end” but this “end” is also the “beginning”. As I could not fit all the things my guide showed me in my lifetime, I will sum it up to say, according to “him” time is both the enemy and the savior. Of humanity. Used properly that is. Yes the world as we know it ends in fire. The power of time will be greatest enemy as long as we are “on the clock” when we stop “working” so does the clock. There are other life forms that existed before us. These worlds all collapsed” into a void or black hole, including ours. The seed that results from a universal IMPLODE. Also makes the big bangs that begin a new world. The differance my guide showed me is we can “choose” to use time or remain attached to age being trapped by time. By death we escape time and become a “reminder” to God we still exist. We are his memory but we become our own memory when we die. Time can be a weapon used by ruthless leaders to keep you on the job for their benefit or it can be a tool for our own benefit. If we “take” time for ourselves to “dream” we are killing time and using it for ourselves. Time is a trap and a ladder. The war against good and evil is the battle of fire and water. In the end water wins because time cannot be burned, it can be waded away, killed or frozen. When hell freezes over it makes the bridge for the populous to escape. There are those who walked through fire to get to the other side. But the if truth is heaven is out ther.e, you just have to go through hell to get there. God has the pwer to make “time” for us. But humans can freeze time.time is hell it kills us all in the end. But to freeze time and escape hell you have to move it somewhere else. Hell is buried in time. The power of the common people is to “raise hell. Raising evil to our level and accepting the consequences of our own actions is reality “faced”. Heaven may be out there….but hell is created by humans. there imagination of horrible death is so vivid on the big screen and our virtual reality on the web and in our games. These things are more stupid than evil when it is a waste of time. The media became our god. The only problem humans have according to my guide is cowardice and limited imagionation. Letting someone else “think” for us. Having a mind of our own but not using it. Working to pay debts instead of an occupation to engage the mind into the art of dreamwalking. It is truley better than a movie or video game. This imagionary world would be lonely if you dont let anyone else in. But this realit y is possible to be “real” dream, then all u have to do is want it badly enough to raiae hell and w. alk through hell or die trying. The fear of death is so powerful most people give up their dreams or lack the conscious awareness to “awaken” themselves in a dream. Unity is the most powerful magnetic force on earth, not just strength in numbers but power of the mind over matter.. techonic plates and mountains move because the earth is “alive” as far as we know there is no other. One mind is one God he does exist but is divided among us. When we agree on one thing we are putting god back together. God cannot remember us if we do not remember ourselves. You not even have to believe in god to get to heaven. You just have to think he is possible. The idenity of my guide is “chance” gods name is “possible” and humans are “destiny” and time is “fate” the trickster is chance made it possible for destiny to decide her fate. The complexity of such a concept to be made into pictures is the reason dreams are so powerful. For unity to exist with one mind you only need one word. Liberty. Something we all have free-will. But seldom use for fear of the consequences of debt, death or crippling. When the cosequences of trusting others to think for u. Fear may take your life but the suppression of liberty and restriction of free will has greater consequences. Conformity will take your soul. Dreams memories, killing time washing away its power and freezing time will free the soul. ghandi had it right, if you cannot dream, meditate. Then the dream will come to you, soulsearching….

  191. northerntreck says:

    This dream I had recently, my roof unbuckling.. than another one a couple weeks after, I owned a home south, and that roof collapsed. after these 2 dreams I heard of a few homes where there roof collapsed.

  192. claudia says:

    One night several years ago during the summer, I was soundly asleep, and then suddenly I woke up and looked out the window, a rather strange thing for me to do. I looked up and saw something very similar to a plane flying @ a very high altitude, higher than the planes I’ve usually seen and it appeared to be moving faster than a normal plane. Then suddenly it made a 90 degree turn to the left and I lost it in the trees. It was a technology I had never seen before.

    • Elaine says:

      wow, way back in 1963 I saw (not a dream) similar walking at night with a friend…..he pointed and said “make a wish” thinking it was a shooting star but it stayed instead of rapidly fading and did a giant Z pattern before winking out after about 3 seconds which, if ya think about it is a long time for a shooting star!

  193. MalachiYAH says:

    This is a “waking” dream that i had, it was full of many signs and this is only a part of what ive been able to decipher. I guess the rest will be given to me in a future revelation. A red moon disappears then reapears (maybe a lunar eclipse) and then during 3 periods of 7 seasons (just over 5 years) a man arises among the star and moon culture (Islamic/Muslim). Gaining wide support then fading for a season then regaining for a season… He become widely recognized as the leader of that people beginning out of Demascus, Syria. Very gifted with words, seems very charismatic. Makes his way to the influential circle of mecca and then unites the whole region as a one-nation islam faction with the individual territories of the current countries all support him. He become proclaim to be the long awaited deliverer from God. Then he launches an attack on isreal and ends up in millions of deaths and bloodbath. Destruction and fire run rampant. Jerusalem is destroyed. The mulitudes of servivors flee to a valley in the dessert where they launch an attack that ends up in even more deaths.

  194. archaios says:

    In the last few days, I have only an inking of my dreams, I cannot recall the specifics. Yet I know that I have learned something from their messages.
    Though I could not recall the dreams, I did record the time that I was awakened. With faith I learned that time referred to specific scriptural messages I had to read.
    I learned that the (2) sixes portends to the beast (political/religion) who prepares to enact the last six to complete their plan of action so they can begin to enforce the last part of their diabolic scheme.

  195. Pink Panther says:

    I had a dream early this morning 12/8/2011, I was in San Franciso ,in a large older nice cement Hotel lobby, sitting with people I did not know and we had come to S>F. to wait for the earthquake.There was a heavy grinding tension in the air.My tmj was worse, Iwoke up my jaw was hurting. checked the IRIS report- ther was a4.2 of CA coast at 5:09 am. That,s when I woke up, I live in WA state and this quake is at the bottom of our Juan De Fuca plate that causes megathrust quakes,I am a visionary seer. I haven,t been able to get back to sleep. There is a lunar eclipse on sat.that includes a T square with mars and a jup. saturn opposition. Get ready down there. I love you San Francisco!

  196. Sevina Polio says:

    I have recurring dreams where I am able to soar above all the chaos. I simply raise my arms in the air and push down like I am swimming and I can take off and fly. No matter what the problems are, whether it be humans or monsters or storms or earthquakes, I seem to always be able to fly up and look down on the chaos below. I soar in and out of the clouds, through the trees and sometimes just a few feet off the ground but always come out unscathed. The rush is awesome!! I love these dreams even when there appears to be so much chaos and destruction all around, I have always come out safely. Flying in dreams is truly awesome!!! Anyone out there ever experiment with Astral projection combined with lucid dreaming? I’ve flown in my dreams for many years and have recently dabbled with lucid dreaming. I’m not too concerned about apocalypse 2012 or any other time. If my dreams are anything to rely on, I think it will all work itself out. Some dreams are better than others but the worst is still awesome as flying above the apocalyptic chaos is truly a rush!!!

    • Susan says:

      I’m hip to that! Wow, I haven’t enjoyed a flying dream in a long time. I also merely lift my arms and soar. I had heard that flying in one’s dreams positively affects Life while awake.

  197. Judson Arce says:

    I have many dreams about great catastrophes regarding our planet, some of them dealing with aliens, but most dealing with flooding and earth changes. These dreams are so detailed and vivid and feel prophetic. I dreamt one time , years ago, when visiting NYC, that something was going to hit the earth. “The powers that be” knew it was going to happen and maybe were even controlling it. I saw a vision of a large room where there was what looked like the face of giant clock made out of glass panels on one wall. It almost looked as if the signs of the zodiac were intertwined into it as well as alchemal and astrological symbols. Each pane of glass was some kind of portal, giving a view of different world events occurring. Many leaders were there including the pope, as well as scientist or technicians who were operating this device. They were trying to manipulate world events to make “something big” happen. It was all very sinister. A couple of months after this event, 911 happened. I thought, at the time that this dream had foretold that event, but now I feel like it could be regarding something yet to happen. Most of these dreams related to a global event started when I visited Egypt in 2001. My mother was living in Cairo as a diplomats wife at the time. One day I had an overwhelming urge to visit the Kings chamber inside the great pyramid by myself, much to my mothers chagrin. When I entered, I had an almost spiritual awakening. There was a group of westerners inside meditating and taking turns laying inside ” the sarcophagus ” I felt energized and there seemed to be an audible humm emanating from the pyramid. I later realized that that day happened to be the summer solstice. At that time, I started coming across information regarding 2012 and earth changes in an almost synchronicitus way. Since then I have had these dreams and have this overwhelming feeling that something big is going to happen. Not all bad , though. I had a dream once that I was in a round temple underground, like stone henge. Except it was somehow alluminated by sun light. On a mezzanine there was an alter or control panel. I found a crystal shard or obelisk in my hand. I placed it in a groove in the alter and everything began to change. I felt that some how knowledge about our civilisation encoded in the crystal activated something that brought about this change. Suddenly all light became more brilliant and I could feel myself becoming a higher consciousness. Even the plants of the earth seemed to grow differently. Everything was beautiful to me. As time passed I began to understand everything about the universe. It was like I was leaving my physical body behind. In away I was sad and fearful because the “old me” was disappearing. But what I was becoming was so beautiful, that I surrendered to it. I had the choice, as did everyone else, whether or not accept this transformation. As I woke from this dream, I could almost feel my new found consciousness dissipating. It was sad to see it go, but at the same time exhilarating because I had a glimpse of how we could be.

  198. When I was a child I could fly in my dreams, to go higher I would tense up, to land or come down lower I would relax. The odd thing about it after I was diagnosed as being Bi-Polar in 2009 in a conversation with my brother-in-law he said the very same identical thing. He flew the same way and as he grew older the same as me, he finally stopped flying. My family found me lying in the yard with a sack cloth dress I had made with a Bible laid next to me my legs and hands cut and bleeding where I had tried to “fly back to Heaven” but my wings had been taken from me. I remembered being in Heaven with all of these Angels gathered around like they were waiting for someone to speak of something and I knew I was sent on a mission so I slipped out the back. I was back on earth (And put in a hospital) Another time I was sleeping in a little travel trailer on our property, the dogs went to barking, the cows went to mooing, and even though I was in a deep sleep I knew I was being moved. It felt as if I were on a conveyer belt going up backwards, my hands were crisscrossed over my chest and I was flat on my back. I woke up and somewhat screamed, it looked like I was in a computer lab, everything was very bright and everyone had on white lab coats, I heard a woman say, “Oh My God, She’s Awake” and that’s all I remember. They say when you talk to God it’s called prayer or praying. They say when God talks to you it’s called being Bi-Polar…….I can go on and on about the different places I have been taken to “in the future” just to prepare me for future events, but sometimes God will shew you a mystery for a reason…..Teresa P.

  199. alan tyler says:

    Ive had two end of the world dreams. I was in las vegas during one of the dreams, and in phx az in the other. Both dreams took place in vegas. the first dream, i was walking down the road with a friend, and a giant wall of hieroglyphics appeared, very high, at the top middle a woman was trying to communicate with me in some language i had no clue of… she was giving us a warning, i looked towards the city, and I saw green auroras everywhere, and i knew in my dream the end was coming from the skies……….
    secondly, I was on the freeway drivin home from vegas, and space ships swarmed the city and started attcking, and a bunch of us military planes intervened and locked down the whole city, and I heard on the news it was worldwide destruction…

    I loved those dreams

  200. Lori Leigh says:

    Over the past few years I have had a few different dreams which until recently I did not really realize were prophetic dreams of things to come. (1)The first one I can remember is my family and I were out on a walk around our property when all of a sudden I see and hear planes flying low right above us and they were so close I could see that they were foreign fighter planes….so I immediately got scared and took off running towards our house and the then BAM!!! I was shot in the head…end of dream. (2)The next dream that comes to mind is all of my family and I being outside in the front yard of our home and everyone was laughing and having a good time like we were gathered for someones birthday or a Holiday and just all standing around and walking around the same area out front when all of a sudden we hear a LOUD BOOM that shook everything and I looked over towards the East and there was a HUGE mushroom cloud and we all just knew…that was it and we all huddled together and just cried and prayed and told each other how much we loved one another and just waited for it to do us in. I suppose. End of dream. (3)The next dream that comes to mind is I was in my room and I think I heard and felt a loud noise and vibration getting closer and closer and was trying to figure out what and where it was coming from and so I look out my bedroom windows out towards the big side yard/pasture beside our home only to see HUNDREDS/THOUSANDS maybe…of Wild Animals running fast right towards our house where I was standing and I remember the panic I felt and thinking they were going to just bust right through the windows/house and just trample us to death..I woke up before anything happened. (4)The last one I that I had most recently was…I was outside in a neighborhood standing in a driveway with some friends or fam and all of a sudden off in the distance we start seeing fireballs/meteors fall from the sky and hitting things..so we started freaking out and running as fast as we could into the house that was next door and en I got inside my family was in there so Im guessing it was our house. So I kept watching out the windows as these things fell and they were starting to hit really close to us..it was really scarey but I remember the worst part was one hit REALLY close and stuff was flying and you could hear it hitting the house and I started to think…oh no…my Dad cant get up and walk by himself (he has parkinsons in real life) and there was a really LOUD CRASH like right by the house and I went over and was trying to get my Dad up and bring him closer to the middle of the house so at least if something hit by the house and there was flying debris he would be safer…I was struggling and struggling to get him up to lift him by myself (with parkinsons sometimes he can move better than others this was a bad time) and it was like no one else cared and wasn’t helping me at all…I just kept hearing the LOUD EXPLOSIONS closer and closer and I was struggling and struggling and then something hit right beside the house and stuff came flying and I was just thinking OMG I can’t save my Dad…and then I woke up. *whew* man was I glad when I woke up. Well..there ya go. Thats the ones I can remember right now. I’ll come back and post more when I remember. GOD BLESS <3

  201. Angelwithin says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 18, 2012 at 3:36 pm

    HI Andrew
    I too have had dreams of being taken up in a space craft and being able to see the devistration below!

    In my dream it is the early hours of the morning (I am a night person, my friends call me the night watch person!) I hear a deep pulsating humming (Which strangely I hear a lower frequency of most mornings around 4/5am now) then a brilliant bright light illuminates the whole place, so I walk toward my window to see a spacehip land on the field across from my home.
    The sky is full of these space ships landing in various places around the earth (I can see the ones here but also KNOW there are millions more across the planet) I go and wake up my family and start to walk towards the space craft, We are not scared in any way, we all feel very calm and know this is what we are meant to do.
    As we start to walk towards the space ship a few other families join us, about 15 families in total, then a very tall being comes out of the space ship and ushers us inside, once we are settled he explains we are to be ‘saved’ to start the new world, all of us have ‘old’ skills which will be needed to restart human life on earth.
    The space ship takes off and we are above the earth watching as the whole planet is transformed back to nature and it’s natural state.
    Everyone is sad but also we all have this ‘knowing’ that this is how things are meant to be so we sit quietly hugging each other waiting for it to be over.
    eventually we are all taken back down to earth, we are told to go work in the group we are in and form a village that is self supporting but we are to remember that the earth is our home and we are not to exploit her again, we are only to use what we need and nothing more.
    Our ship lands near a woodland with a lake nearby and we are left to restart over again.

  202. Intrinsic Whimsy says:

    Two nights ago I had a dream, I was at work in an office environment. I was going about my daily business. It was just another run of the mill day. I was in a plate glass office building – one or two floors up. I was at my desk working when all of a sudden there were these loud unnatural groaning sounds. It was the sound of something large grinding upon anonther. The ground began to shudder and I looked up. The sounds were omni directional and eminated from below and all around. Other staff began to rise from their desks too. The office felt as if it had begun to shift. As I stood, I felt unbalanced, like I was trying to stand upon a waterbed. Initially there was a moment of confusion in my head as I was trying to process what was actually happening. I was not sure at first if it was me feeling light headed or if it was actually the building moving. I looked out the plate glass window and watched in horror as the ground appeared to take on a life of its own. It was rolling like the angry sea. It was as if the ground had become almost liquard in its movement. All within a matter of seconds the movement and swaying became more violent. The ground beneath me began to rip appart before my very eyes. The building that I had been standing in began to shift and topple. Large pieces of cement came tumbling down around me. I felt that this was the end. As I tumbled down, I could see throught the gaping holes of the building that was disintergrating around me, fire and the earth ripping appart. The pavement and asphalt buckling under the groanings of the earth. Flames erupting from the ground as it tore appart. I thought to myself “I am going to die”. The landscape was no longer recognisable, alien and angry as it shifted to and fro. It groaned like a woman in childbirth giving birth to a non exhistant future. Molten rock spewed forth from the torn earth. I could hear peoples crys as they met their fate. I believed that it was only a matter of seconds before I met my maker too. I then lost consciousness. The next thing I knew was that I awoke on a crudely formed stretcher however I was not being admitted to a hospital but rather some makeshift military compound. As I looked about all I could see was deverstation. Buildings leveled, thick dust hung in the air, the sun was blocked out and day had become as early night. The landscape was devoid of life but had taken on new form. Angry and twisted. My body ached. I was told that they were to place me in a radioactive room where they would do a scan of my injuries. The room was not sterile. It appeared to be an old disused freezer crudely set up to perform some sort of scan. They then did a scan and advised me that I had minor internal bleeding around my lung however that they did not have the facilities to be able to treat it. They advised me from here I would need to look after myself. They could give me llittle informatin about what had happend. Some suggested a shifting of the earths axis. I then left the compond in search of my family in the hope that they had somehow managed to survive. (End of dream)

  203. Ann says:

    Hello to all with night time eyes
    I have had many dreams of what will come. The dreams began when I was 14, now I am 45. I have studied dreams for close to 20 years now because of these dreams. My dreams almost always show the people going crazy and killing each other. After 30 years, this is the truth of what people are slowly begining to do to each other now.

  204. Lorraine says:

    I have a recurring dream where we are living in our kitchen, which is lined with blankets. We are wearing multiple layers of clothing and outside all is ice and snow. We cannot use the other rooms in our house because they are iced over.
    This is very weird because we live in a temperate part of the world where the temperature does not fall below 10C.

  205. Daniel says:

    I have had an reoccurring dream, very lucid, and very graphic. The general setting tends to lead to this…..
    I am on a different planet. There are Pyramids all over the place and we seem to be in the sky. Then as I am walking around these huge black shadowy alien figures start falling from the sky attacking people everywhere I look. I run into a pyramid building and immediately a gates closes and then electrifies. I walk around and then I am greeted by a woman in a lab coat who then gives me a shot which is the antidote/antivirus to protect me from any harm from the Black Attackers and it is the only and very last that there is. The woman in white then tells me I am to stop the black attackers and that I am the only one who has the ability and power to do so. I look in the mirror and I am really Buff (strong), dressed in some really tough armor and my hair is white as snow and my eyes are glowing white. I walk around to the exit of the laboratory and I hear the woman in white’s voice echoing throughout the building explaining something about my genetics and how there will not be another born with genes like I have ever and that I must not forget the truth and I must harness this new found power quickly because what I saw in the dream is what is happening on other planets and is coming to the earth. I start towards the door and then I see one of the black attackers this time close up and it almost looks like the aliens from the movie “Alien” reptilian, slimy and ugly as sin….a gate closes right in front of it and electrifies and shocks the monster and it disappears and then I am told to wake up and then I do….When I woke up from the dream I recalled it all so vividly and soooooo clear it was crazy. Another dream I had there was a ship flying above me and and then I seen a predator (like the movie) type being he was searching for something and then with my thoughts I zapped him with some kind of energy and killed it. As soon as I did that I was transported into a craft or ship of some sort, all types of controls written in alien symbols that I have never seen before and a deep garbled voice says “Formidable Opponent initiate invasion immediately.” …. and then I woke up. this dream was one of the weirder ones and No I wasn’t watching “Predator” or “Alien” movies or ANY sci-fi movies at all plus I don’t have cable and I do not buy movies of that type….any thoughts?

  206. jennifer wesolowski says:

    Have many dreams but only one vision that sets it apart from the dreams..had this one eight years ago..I was standing on a hill by myself I was looking around and everything was bright green (like fullbloom)it was beautiful outside! I looked to the right and a missile hit it let off this green/yellow smoke then I looked to the left and another missile hit/same smoke so I ran down into the population in the distance and everyone was running chaotically trying to get into buildings where there is clean air and I was making my way through a crowd I looked down at my leg and there was a huge red vein sticking out of my upper thigh I looked up and I saw this woman standing there it was like I knew to ask her as I pointed to my leg..What does this mean?She said if the green/yellow substance gets into your bloodstream you will instantly die otherwise it will just eat at your skin (like acid) I left and all of a sudden my sister and children showed up(we have 8 children in all but in the vision I only recall my 13yr old boy Tony and her 12 yr old boy Shaddai) we were also trying to get in anywhere to the clean air but noone would let us in came across a brick house with sliding glass doors saw an older woman sitting in her recliner shaken and too scared to let us in because the air then all a sudden it was like the POWER of GOD was with me because I was able to take this ladies wall down to get my family inside and then put the wall back up! So while we were inside we must have been letting others in because her walls were now lined with strangers sitting along the wall.So our two boys were laying under this ladies coffee table from the chest up like they were playing around and talking…the next morning we woke up and the boys were dead they must have gotten the substance in their system So the only thing I knew to do was get on my knees and pray as I was weeping for the boys! As I was praying THE SPIRIT entered into my body and was speaking out of my mouth in another language as my head was looking toward the ceiling I did not know or understand the language THE SPIRIT was speaking through me nor have I ever spoke or experienced speaking in tongues before but I was flooded with the most amazing feelings of joy and peace and happiness that I have ever experienced on planet Earth lol it was truly amazing to feel the Holy Spirit overtaking my being(a taste of Heaven)when the SPIRIT was finished speaking I stood on my feet and our boys were already STANDING! YESHUA had raised them from the dead and every stranger in the house witnessed this miracle and they were all asking my sister and I about the God that we serve and we told them He was our Father and He had a personal name and it was YAHWEH and that HIS SON YESHUA/JESUS came and died for us so that we may be saved and that we were in the last days before His return and HIS same power would protect all His children everywhere if we only repent/turn back to HIM and believe on HIS SON YESHUA/JESUS that died for our sins that he conquered Death once and for all! Everyone was excited and they were all repenting right there and asking YESHUA/JESUS into their hearts!!!! I believe He was revealing that I was born in the earth at this time for a specific mission at an appointed time because this dream is only one out of many that fits together like a puzzle also when I awoke from the vision the HOLY SPIRIT was literally still inside me from when He had entered into my body and prayed in tongues it was so amazing I never experienced the Lord quite like I did that day not even unto now 8 yrs later!

  207. joy says:

    I just woke up a few minutes ago from my unusual afternoon nap and had this strange dream that is bothering me:
    I had a big drink of something (I never drink alcohol), jump into the car and started driving at high speed, without doing my seatbelt first. (I never speed and always do my seatbelt up). Suddenly I noticed the police car (random road check) and two policemen on the road flagging me to stop. I froze and knew it was the “end of the world” for me!!!

  208. I had a dream a couple of months ago about the end of the world. I was sat in my living room with my two brothers, smartly dressed as if we were going somewhere. I noticed that there was’nt any electricity and it was deadly silent which was strange as i live very close to a busy motorway, so its always noisey. I dont remember what exactly happened next but i remember feeling very scared. next i knew, me and my brothers were behind our building running through the field towards the motorway when i suddenly heard a sonic boom and was knocked to the ground. as i got up there was a military helicopter passing us which came down to about 2 feet off the ground and let me and my brothers jump aboard. I thought we were saved but just as we began to climb to about 15 feet there was another sonic boom and the chopper began to spin out of contol and we crashed. as i got out of the wreckage, i was facing the building i live in ( and had just run from ) .i suddenly just felt at peace and fell to my knees, like i just accepted i was going to die and there was’nt anything i could do. i looked up and noticed how beautiful the day was. ( it seemed like a summers day, the sky was really blue and there was only a few scattered clouds ). it was then i noticed in between the clouds there was hundreds of tiny silver space ships leaving the planet and heading in to space. as i realised this i lowered my eyes back onto my building just a a massive wall of fire insinuated it. luckily i woke just as the firegot to me. To me the sonic booms i heard sounded like the came from a nucular bomb. this dream was really vivid and fast and i hope it isnt mine or my brothers future. good luck and god bless.

  209. rayray says:

    When I was young I had a dream that stuck with me forever. My mom and I were walking to an old abandoned beach house. It was completely secluded and right by the shore. Suddenly a huge cracked ripped through the earth on the opposite side of the house and we were trapped by the ocean or the crevice on either side. The sky turned black and planes dripping in blood fell to the earth all around us. We calmly and safely made our way into the home and I can’t remember anything after that.

    Recently I had another dream that included the same old abandoned house except I was trying to get away from it. Dark clouds that touched the earth were coming towards me and a friend. We tried to run but realized we weren’t getting anywhere. His pet who was a giant manta ray came to save us. We sat on top of him and flew out of the clouds over many scenic landscapes. I watched myself fly through the air to yet another old abandoned house by another ocean shore. It was almost like an out of body experience. When I woke up I felt happy and less worried about the world and what may happen tomorrow.

  210. Cherrybaby says:

    I prayed to God to show me whether there was anything that was stopping me from getting closer to Him…that night I had a VERY vivid dream.

    I dreamt that I was travelling in a car with a bunch of people. We were on a journey somewhere and we came across a large shopping centre. I asked if we could pull over so I could get out and have a look in the shop. We all went into the shop and I got way too consumed in the store looking at all of the products and trying on the luxury items. The people from the car wanted to keep on going and I told them that I wouldnt be too much longer and could they wait in the car for me. I was in the shop totally absorbed and then thought that I had better keep moving and join the others in the car. I bought a bottle of perfume and left. When I got back to the car and got in, I realised that the driver of our car had gone missing and we were all up in arms about how we were going to keep on travelling without our driver. At this point I looked at the parcel I had purchased and decided to look at the bottle. I opened the parcel and on the bottle in capital letters was written the word REPENT. I then had a vision of the outline of a human body, the body was completely normal except that the head of the body was missing.

    I have shared this dream with a few people and believe that it is quite symbolic. The body could be the body of Christ (His church/people) and we need to ensure that we have Jesus as the head, without Jesus as the head we can not continue on the path towards everlasting life. We must always keep our eyes on Him and not be distracted with the material possessions of this world. We must also repent of our sins and ensure that we are clothed in the snow white garments that are offered to us freely through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. We are spiritually blinded without Jesus.

    Thanks Alvin for this site to share our dreams.

    Hope this is relevant to others out there


    • You’re welcome.

      peace and blessings,

      • merle says:

        Within the past 10 years I’ve dreamt the same dream every few months about being in an abandoned shopping center with my two children, and trying to find something…not sure what, except that it is always in a store empty of other people. It is always a dusk-like time of day, with an orange horizon, and we are trying to find or hide from something. It is very surreal, and I always wake up feeling as if it was some sort of doomsday, and we were just trying to survive. Sometimes we’re walking through a supermarket, but there are never other people, and the feeling is very eerie! These dreams always enter my thoughts the next day, but never did I feel they were a precursor to some similar event in the future. The way things appear lately, gives me second thoughts

    • K Hillberg says:

      Very powerful and what a witness! Thanks for sharing! As a born again Christian, I am finding my dreams center on witnessing to those who are perishing in many ways. Thanks again! It’s very comforting to know I am not alone. \o/

  211. hawk says:

    Hello, researching anywhere I might gleam a bit of similar– or helpful insight– regarding an ongoing series of seemingly related dreams, and was led here. LOTS of Fascinating dreamers and thought-provoking dreams here! The following were dreamed by my young 7yr old daughter. But 1st a bit of poss helpful background: She has never slept alone. Excepting small bit of sleep anxiety, she is a very lively, happy kid, affectionately labeled “joy to the world” by kinder teacher. Has been raised in a very “Waldorf” environment so no computers, no video games, no TV excepting some parent approved G movies, few innocent “Barney” like shows. Left Waldorf school 2 yrs ago to b homeschooled by me.That said, she developed a greater aversion to sleep around age 4. A lovely Waldorf Kinder teacher composed a ‘protection song’ and accompanying pedagogical story for us to read and sing each night before bed about a little unicorn, as my daughter LOVES unicorns. She often tries to program or will or wish herself unicorn dreams before bed. I do think that my daughter sometimes ‘wakes up’ in her dreams, and suspect it has arisen from a need to escape scarier subject matter. She states that closing her eyes in a dream while counting repeatedly 1,2,3 will bring her back to her body and back “to Mommy.”

    Ever since being lost in a maze-like dream a year or so ago, daughter claims to have met and now made a friend in “sleeping world.” Friend appeared and led her safely out of maze; same friend introduced her to the closed-eyes-while-counting-dream-escape. Friend described as beautiful, glowing blue eyes, golden “princess” hair coiled into a braided type bun, or hanging loosely in ringlets, dressed in a flowy”not like clothes we wear” shift style dress (based on her drawings.) Relationship has been evolving in successive dreams, and in most recent dream this friend took my daughter into “another dream” “that wasn’t mine at all, mommy” to view brown skinned men with bald glistening heads and dark dark eyes, 7-8 ft tall (based again on pics she drew us to show how much taller than daddy they were). Was told that they were very bad and that they were stealing stars, and that friend needed help to stop them from destroying any more stars. Daughter saw these men with huge piles of gold stacked beside “rocketships” they were working on before loading the gold. She was also shown our sky with different arrangement of star patterns in it, and much darker nite, which frightened her. This dream was so vivid that she insisted we take her to the place where she saw them in her dream to check if they were still there (a large open hillside near home). She checks on the stars every nite…

    In related dream she learned from this friend that the Sun and Moon are fighting. Somehow relates to tall brown men– and she’s been concerned because she said that she could “talk to the Moon, which answered back with scary music.” She says the Moon has “a portal” ( this surprised us as we didn’t think she would have occasion to hear such a word) that is, “like, snap!, and I am there, as soon as I enter it I am out at the other planet” and this planet is home to very scary monsters but only some of them can see her and she always runs away from them because they are soo scary to her. Immediately closed her eyes and counted to go home, and eventually was allowed back through the portal and then able to awake at home in our bed. She says some of the monsters are also on the Moon.

    Brief aside, regarding something I just remembered as typing this, before continuing with latest series of dreams, is that my daughter went through a period of a few months back when she was a bity thing, maybe 21/2 or barely three, being terrified of “little monsters” (guessing 21/2-3ft tall) resembling monkeys– without tails without fur– that came for her at nite while she pretended to be sleeping out of fright and exited (and entered) witih her through “Mommy’s closet onto an invisible elevator that brought her down, down, down, and then she would always fall asleep before they reached the destination, waking later back in bed, or exiting the closet for bed…

    Last, there have been numerous dreams of an apocalyptic nature, and so my daughter worries about us dying together. Two most recent, abbreviated: house is between two mountain ranges “like the highway cuts through the mountain at X-X” when, looking out the window, she sees plumes of thick smoke, and then the sky changes, and then there is a volcanic eruption, though there has never been one before, and everyone all around in all the houses are fleeing, and we are 1st driving away, then eventually all that’s left is her swiming up for air, then sinking, then struggling up for air, as she floats down a river of green-colored water, and I am floating/half sinking behind her and my eyes will not open… And:waves and flooding and lots of water everywhere and we are drowning from all the water, which changes to bad policemen hunting us in our house and we are hiding behind the curtains and then running to closet, etc trying to avoid detection…they have guns and knives, and from this dream she awoke shaken and crying just starting to have a potty accident…

    Suggestions or opinions regarding symbolism???
    Thanks and blessings, w/ sincere apology for lack of brevity!

    • Aneriz says:

      The thing that stands out about your daughter’s dreams is that they sound more like nightmares. They are scary, threatening scenarios.

      Where I am from, many famiies were involved in occult practices (not saying that you are, it could be someone around you) and more often then not, spirits would attack, oppress and show themselves as “friendly” characters to the children. However, the dreams and encounters always left the children full of fear and confusion.

      I suggest that if you have not done so, you find a godly, Bible abiding priest, minister or church elder to pray over your household and particualry over your daughter. There is no power or dominion that can stand against the blood of Christ. Renounce any sin, commit your family to Jesus and ask God to remove whatever is interfering with your daughters mind.

      I will pray for “Joy of the world” tonight. God bless you.

    • Cherry says:

      Pay attention!

  212. Dan says:

    im 17 and i used to have a dream about once a week for about 2 years when i was 9.
    it would start with me standing about 100 ft from a cliff looking up at a a very orange sky for a bit
    and then after that i would look in front of me to see a bus right near the edge (a yellow one, american school bus i think it was) full of people but mainly adults and a few children everybody inside looked really calm like they were waiting or some shit then suddenly the side of the cliff would give way and the bus would fall. so i ran over to the edge look down and see that the bus had just vanished but i find out that its a stupidly huge canyon like after a earthquake in a film or something and the bottom was filled with fire for as far as i could see from left to right looking down
    and then i wake up. but i used to have that dream about once a week for like 2 years and this is the first time ive spoken of it. and i live in england and the bus was american. like of the simpsons the one that otto drives. lol
    dont know if it helps but there you are : )

  213. Derek Taylor says:

    Had a vivid dream of drifting over the landscape in a flying craft. I was accompanied with three other people, one female and two males. We were observing the remaining survivors who had taken over homes and farms after a catastrophic event, in this sprawling landscape. In the dream we seemed to know the name and history of each occupant but we did not make actual contact. The craft we were flying in made no noise and could stop in midair as we observed the surviving occupants. I had this dream over a year ago and has stuck with me since.

  214. K Hillberg says:

    In my dream I am reading a book. I am in total white place laying in a bed or hospital bed reading. I realize that the more I read the more the world is coming to an end. I read the final page and as I close the book, the world ends and I am in heaven.

  215. K Hillberg says:

    End of the earth scenario: foreign military is killing our USA people. There are ufos in the sky with true futuresque like military jets and lights. People are running, fleeing bullets and bombs. I am concerned those fleeing dont know the Lord and I begin to witness to them. I am crying for them to change their ways. I am in a room with many doors, one door’s window is fuzzy but you can make out flames. People are dying in there. In another is a door with a window to freedom. It’s just white from what I can see and I am holding my daughter praying she will come to know Christ as Her Savior. She’s in her 20’s but in the dream she is 5. She hugs me tightly and says she wants Jesus and I cry, happy for her, holding her tight as I witness to others in this room. There’s only 2 doors, I say, please choose Christ! I woke up very aggitated as I was crying and wailing for people to listen to me.

  216. I dreamed that all was dark grey and we were all just standing around waiting to see were we was going. In this dream i was very happy and excited about going to Heaven, but my mother was crying hysterically. I kept asking her what was wrong but she never answered. Then this elderly man i’ve never seen before, but i will surely know him when i see him again, tells me “your not going to heaven.” also all of the trees had kinda sucked themselves into the earth. I woke up in a cold sweat and got up at four a.m. and walked to a friends house.

  217. Laurie beare says:

    March 22, 2012
    I was in a room, not my home, possibly a place of work…It was quiet so I decided to turn on the TV and listen to a radio station. I turned on the TV but every channel I turned to was over broadcast by a news alert. I did not listen to the alert. The next thing I recall is standing outside. It was daylight and I heard something which caused me to look toward my right. I saw in the blue sky 2 white cloud tornado funnels. They were high in the sky but their tails went to the ground. The one on the right has a split tail when it neared the ground. They looked far off and I was not concerned they would come too close to where I was, at least not soon. Suddenly the sky darkened and instead of the tornadoes I saw a large billowing dark smoke cloud that went clear to the sky…at the bottom I saw orange as if a fire were inside the smoke. The fire was at the bottom and upwards but not in the top puffy cloud. A shaking began around me. People began to get into their vehicles to leave but before they could drive off their vehicle would fall on its side. I watched as people ran down the street. Some stayed toward the center but others at the edges fell into ditches. It was as if there was a hole in the road that they could not see. Some would get up but be on the other side of the ditch away from the road and could not cross back over. A white large white trolley with many cars attached to each other drove up and fell over on its side, not flat but crumpled. There were a 2 children awaiting the bus but when their parents got to an opening and the child hugged the parent they were both killed by electric arc…. It looked like an electrical field around both of them which killed them. No more people got off the bus. Although I could see no one I thought they were all dead. Next, there was a young dark skinned boy, I think he was a black child or at least of a darker race, not Asian, laying on some sort of flat hard surface. He looked burned as if he had a severe sunburn, but the burn went all around his body except where his body touched what he was lying on. I was going to put some lotion on him to soothe his skin. The person next to me squirted some clear jelly stuff, like Aloe Vera, on him. I told him to quickly rub it in as it would feel real cold to the boy. The boy never moved, just looked at me. I remember looking into his dark brown eyes. I thought his skin looked more chemical burned than sunburned. Next I saw a man to my left, a bit of a distance away. I knew we needed to get away from him quickly. I told my son to run to the back door and make sure he locked the gate. I grabbed my 2 grandkids and ran to the back of the house. We all ran inside and locked the door. I awoke. After prayer seeking a biblical interpretation to this I read Ezekiel 36-38 and Hosea 13. This is a dream of judgment and devastation. It is here folks, get ready for the storm.

  218. Moni says:

    For the past two years, I have had a recurring dream. I am in city, at a lumber store buying supplies for a building project. When, I hear loud rumbling noises under the ground. Then, massive explosions are occurring all over the city. I quickly get my cell phone to call my family, but their is no signal. News reports come through the radio, stating that a powerful solar storm has affected all electronic devices, and immense heat could cause fatalities. On the way home, people, are parked on the side of the road, with fear in their eyes. The electricity goes, out and we are unable to get gas. So, we pray that we make it home. Once we are home, I run to my family, but the sky grows dark, and what seems like fire intermingled in the clouds seems to strengthen. My father, tell us to go to the center of the house, because the people in our city become violent and dangerous. We light our candle inside the oversized closet, praying. In my dream, I felt it was the end of our lives, and when the candle blew out, I remember holding my family tight, and I woke up.

  219. Moni says:

    (I didn’t have to time to completely explain my dream, I had a phone call to answer) In my dream, I was able to see all sides of the explosive events. The massive explosions occurring in the city, were created, by water lines busting due to extreme heat warming up the sewage and drainage vents, causing the boiling water pipes to break, and bust through the the natural gas line. When the gas line, was heated by above 100 degree temperatures and other fiery elements, it caused massive explosions.

  220. Genesis says:

    The last dream i had about natural disasters was me dreaming that i was in spain (a vacation which im supposed to go to soon) i was with my family outside having dinner by a beach with my family and for some reason i look to the mountians and i get a bad feeling in my stomach knowing something is about to happen ,i look back at the beach and see the water being sucked away by a force and quickly call my mom make sure they are alive and all i hear is it say no longer in service and i take a deep breathe in and close my eyes and i feel at peace knowing im about to die ,i opened my eyes and see a big wave come by way….

  221. Aimee says:

    I have had many dreams over the past 10 yrs. In two dreams there was only a map. One map was of the United States and it showed a large body of water running from Missouri to the Gulf. This was before Katrina so maybe that was what it was about. The other map I sad was focused on CA and AZ. The map was rippling with waves of sand over those two states. Another dream I saw the pyramid with the all seeing eye in the sky and then a rocket passed with a military jet trailing it. I was with my family in another dream at the Opryland Hotel and I went out side and the stars or wierd lights were moving all over the sky. Then fire started falling and I went inside to be with my family. We knew it was the end and was holding each other and I said to them, ” You know what comes next don’t you, the earthquake”. I have dreamt of fireballs, floods, and lava coming up out of the ground. I was on a plane with Satan and we went into a large tower where people were screaming and running. This was before 911. All these dreams were very vivid and caused a great amount of fear in the dream and upon wakening. There are more but I’m trying to keep it short. Maybe they are just dreams. I don’t know

  222. Angel says:

    Back in January 2012 I had a horrific dream, that I actually sat up in bed according to my husband. All I could remember was a woman with brown, permed hair. I gave it to Jesus to see if I was strong enough to see the dream again.
    On 4th Feb 2012 I saw the dream again it was horrific and still my mind had trouble remembering it but I saw what had happened and at the end of it two angels explained further.
    Apparently on Jan 28th 2012 a group of men went back in time to devour the earth with a kind of disintergrating ray in Fourth Reich flying saucers (Cosmic wars by Joeseph Farell). I heard screaming and saw the rays, basically bio-resonator rays vibrating people to dust. Parenting were vibrated to dust in front of their children, The whole world was affected. The population was decimated. Many children had been left alive, as God had changed their DNA and they vibrated differently. I had been left alive also.
    This explains the vision seen by Ezekial where the bones join together and flesh covers them. This is how Ezekial saw time go backwards when Yehovah God restored His timeline. This was the sudden destruction in Daniel 9 and it made me sick afterwards just like Daniel.
    The two angels explained to me that this is the fourth beast in Daniel where it ‘devours the earth’. The ‘beast’ had gone back to 23 May 1987.
    Since then God has put the whole world on different timelines which I, my husband and my children has seen with their own eyes.
    In the rest of the dream I was working with the angels to restore the timelines to two. They kept saying ‘Harmonic Convergance’ and this I remembered after I awoke.
    When I woke up I burst into tears and for a few weeks after, I would remember the dream and burst into tears, for the whole world had been devastated.
    Since 1987 God has had to keep changing the timelines slightly so they can’t go back in time again.
    I shared this on ATS and I had other people email me of their 20yr odd dreams of the same flying saucers disintergrating people.
    I am pretty sure that April 2012 is the first rescue of the Bride.
    We have also been out twice this week and we have seen a triple rainbow on each occasion. In my life I have only seen a double rainbow. I am sure God was saying He would rescue us like Noah and He is going to wipe certain races (the mingled ones/nephilim etc) off the face of the earth, just like the Flood.
    Now many people are remembering the horror of those days in their dreams. Some dreams are of the future but some are actual memories.

  223. Lucy says:

    I recently had a dream that Lake Michigan flooded so high that the city of Chicago was completely under water. The flooding stopped about 10ft. from my front door (I live in a suburb just outside of Chicago). I looked out and could see people in the water screaming for help and then I woke up.

  224. What do you mean by first rescue of the bride? very interesting dream by the way and I agree with the significance of rainbows, single, double or triple :-)

  225. C.M. says:

    My 5 year old granddaughter said she dreamed that the earth was on fire and all the people went somewhere. She said that after the fire, the whole earth was covered in flowers, even the buildings, then the people came back.

  226. cap says:

    dream two nights ago:I had been driving on a bridge- but itwas rollercoaster- that looped upside down. I jumped out of my car and landed safely. But didnt know where I was. I searched the town andwas told I was in Maplewood. Walking further there was an outdoor festival. I was trying to get home. I looked to the ocean and saw an large glowing translucent orb falling into the ocean. I tugged on the should er of a blonded haired woman- we were the only two to see that this orb was the cause of a huge tidal wave.We screamed and told everyone to run. Before the wave come someone showed me a map and explained -you are here now, when the wave hits you will be here. this way I knew how to get home.I was not afraid. I ‘ve had tidal wave dreams for since 18 I am 28.This is the first with a giant orb. Recently i had a dream about cannibalism, also about being a store and herded into an underground complex with my family. they were trying to take my son. I got him and my family out of there. Yrs ago i had a dream- I was a native american warrior on a horse leading my people to safely. The landscape to one side was destoyed charred by fire. But where I was leading my people was clear with beautiful skies. It was weird I was suited up in armor. found out later that I am Mohawk indian. weird. meditated once with an old boyfriend- wound up in a beautful white city..there was a council there.. everyone in white. at least 4. I was moving towards them- then I saw the back of t his native american man. hishead was shaved clean sans a dark black pony tail. he had the most glorious glowing skin with tribal tattoos. and he blocked me simply standing there… but he was so peaceful. that was t he first time i meditated and the last.

  227. ColeK says:

    My GOD, I am so glad I found this site.. I’m excited yet scared. I have had; the only way I can explain it is “GOD moved through me”. It has happened 3 times in my life and I am 35 so you can probably figure those out. I don’t want to seem like I think I know, but I do know what have felt and seen. Please prepare people.
    As a child I was always fascinated by the apocalypse , I always drew scenes of cities destroyed and would write “The End is Near” on every notebook, or whenever I was doodling, it just seem to come out. I have never told anyone about my childhood. As it seem disturbing perhaps.
    A couple weeks back I had a Dream about a Space Shuttle Crashing, with in the same dream I look to the sky, me and my sister are panic stricken, The Sun had stopped and started to set again backwards. People are going crazy, and even in my dream I felt the overwhelming feeling that it is something akin to seeing a 6mile wide spaceship in NY. Anyhow, I have had recurring dreams horrific scenarios playing out before me. The last dream that really shook me to my core was, another Sun dream, but it was like a wall of fire striking the Earth, I could even see the fire engulf me and my sister. I then died and began to see from all direction like a 360degree view of everything. Then I awake.
    Ok now, here is where it gets stranger, I see a man on youtube Ed Games, and what he has viewed is strikingly similar to what I have seen in my Dreams. Please check him out , he is an official Government Contracted See’er .
    My stress level has become so severe. I pray for us all, GOD Bless.

  228. Frank R. Cox Jr. says:

    Ok, many dreams of being here leading a long convoy of people out of the US,after chem-bio-nuke war, moving at nite to avoid SOS(soldiers of satan) and animals( dogs to bears that could sense if christian-minded) eating what could salvage, cans of food,etc. Also dreamed that “aliens”( actually Fallen angels) were coming down to attack us. the people didn’t want to ‘see’ what they really were?? Then another dream of the whole world was being burnt up and a fire tornado was close by and had ‘eyes looking out at me’? Another dream of ‘lighting’ striking the ground in front of my grandmothers home and causing the dirt to catch fire as it moved into my grandma’s home, left side of home looked like tornado hit it; I was in ‘fetal position on couch and was “worried” for my sister..and due to worry …it moved toward me ‘crackling with POWER and holiness” Only when I calmed down did it go back to track it had already started. But Just Last week 2 dreams of being in asian country..one looking out at vast country side? other of being on train( dressed in dark blue suit) opening up a suitcase and finding a flat-gray and stainless rifle with silencer to be used? In mirror I looked Chinese? in that country.MAKES me think that some spy agency is going to kill North Korea’s leader…NOT GOOD! War soon happened, more questions… Also 1 about Israel about 30 yrs ago popped back in my sleep, of “generals” discussing how to send a nuke tipped missle over arab territory and ignite it to START a HOT war? Usually I dream of events at a distance and in future all the time; too many to write here..Also have had many instances of “REMOTE VIEWING”?? I DO NOT LIKE THAT!! .BEEN lookinhg for Christian site that does what you have started…documenting ENDTIME dreams and visions ; as it says will happen to people., in the Bible…sincerely, Frank

    • Aimee says:

      Here is another one that might be of interest. I interpreted it as how satan has infiltrated the churches and tries to keep people in the dark. We have to be very careful about our desire to want hidden knowledge because I believe Satan tries to use this as a way to seduce us. After all that is what he promised to Eve.
      In the dream I walked into a church hallway. There was two service rooms, one on the left and one on the right. The right was protestant and the left was Catholic. I was going to walk into the protestant side but it felt very evil so I went into the catholic side which also felt evil but not as bad. I walked through the center isle toward the front and there was a man in a hat and long coat sitting in the middle pew. When I got to the front a woman walked up to me and grabbed my arm and dug her other hand in my spine and was crushing it. She said,” If you want to see the light I will show you the light”. She started biting all over my arm and the man got up and started walking towards me. I was praying for Jesus to rebuke them and to wake me up and I finally pulled out of it.

  229. Frank R. Cox Jr. says:

    Man that is strange-brew…that post above mine: ColeK states about REMOTE VIEWERS, and he posted at APRIL 28th. 2012 at 2:55am… I just posted at April 28th. at 9:09pm, makes me think things are about to START…or someone in GOVERNMENT IS MONITORING this site???

    • ColeK says:

      WOW , I really do not know what to say. I had a lot more that I could have added, but like I mentioned I do not talk about it, this is the first time I have ever wrote about it. I hope to not offend anyone, but what my experience has been is a nightmarish affliction. Not a GIFT. I new my mom was going to die before she was sick, I know things and see things that I do not want to, what lies ahead has frightened me since I was a child, and now here we are coming up to the Kill Shot, I mean I know it is not the end, but for most that are left they would wish it were.
      I have prepped for a a little over a 1 year food and water, for 2, but I have known my entire life, I was put here to Witness this, and I have a tattoo I did in 2000 in regards to my life as a Witness, …. As far as; is the Government is Monitoring? YES they are….
      As like others I do not know the exact day this shall begin, but begin, it will. I sometimes feel as though my soul is just gonna leave my body, almost like my soul cannot even prepare for may be and what I may have to do. My whole life has been Love, Light, Generosity (i know i am a sinner) but I have done nothing that anyone else can judge me for. I am walking in my path, the path GOD chose for me,
      Sorry, enough babbling , I just want everyone to prepare. Get the essentials. I cannot say it enough. Please do not mistake anything that I am projecting as fear mongering. As only our body suffers, Death brings us back to who we really are.
      We are NOT Humans on a Spiritual Journey we ARE Spirits on a Human experience.
      Love and peace to all…

      • ColeK says:

        Let me correct part of that, I know I have typos, sorry guys. Not a typist.
        I meant it to read, I do not know when the larger of the events will begin, Because it has already begun, anyone who has read and watched, main-stream or alternative media- knows that something is wrong, In Government, Foreign Relations, the Planet, Sun, Moon, Stars, everything is coming to a boiling point. It has already begun, I think it started a good while back, before anyone even realized it.

  230. Frank R. Cox Jr. says:

    Cole , I’ve always known things before hand, just as you have stated, even tired to understand this” stuff’ from esp standard, but now I know it’s akin to as in the Bible “seer”….cause I see thru time and space( I know you’ll understand).(tho sometimes I hear events??)..yet like you it scares me silly…And yes my friend we are closer to our Lord’s coming then most realize, I say in “weeks” not months and definitely not years. There is a prophecy about those of us…in the endtimes that the spirit (holy) will have old men dreaming and yound men having visions…I know I’m OLD LOL! but have both dreams and visions and they are to get people READY! As it says: be ready, and I used to think to have all my provisions stashed…but the way things are rolling we may not be able to get to them, so we have to trust God even then; for ALL THINGS! Even the air(might need to know to stay out of areas that are toxic, by chem- bio or nuke) so stay ‘tuned into’ what your instincts are saying…AND yes things started a ways back….Blessings to you and yours, look up for our redemption drawth nigh!

    • Chris H says:

      Frank, I believe you are correct… time is short. We seem to be racing towards something… I like to think of it as a new beginning, rather than as an end. I think too have been dreaming dreams (not an old man, but an old woman!) although my dreams aren’t of fire and destruction but of signs in the sky (a pink sky and a cross of stars) and a feeling of hope and love. Yes, we need to prepare but not in the physical sense. God will provide all that we need if we trust in Him.

  231. Mary says:

    I’ve been having dreams to do with the future for many years. They used to be long. Over the past three years they have become very short and direct. Frequently I’m looking down at the earth. Europe turns white. We are at peace, so nobody fear. Love God, imagine beauty – that is the best advice I could give. My children are, of course, of top concern. There is nothing to worry about because we are all exactly where we need to be. Have faith.

  232. catherine bridges says:

    I had three dreams all pretty much the same. I was on a mountain or large hill and I came out of my home and was walking somewhere. I am not sure why I was walking and have never lived in such a home. But I was walking down this road when the road became impassible with a huge amout of water gushing down the hill. There were people directing myself and others to stay clear but they were on the other side of the gushing water and we could not get to the other side to join them. We were stuck. The dreams bothered me because I live in Virginia and my daughter lives in Arkansas and you have to cross the Mississippi River to get to her and I felt strongly that if I was going to see her I needed to do it now rather than lateror I may not be able to get to the other side. So I just got back from making that trip. Hope all is well and these were nothing but a dreams.

  233. Clint Young says:

    When will the USA be Destroyed?
    I was given this vision as I was going to bed one evening in January 2009. I did not keep a record of the exact day when I received this vision but in was definitely in January 2009. Just before being given this vision I asked the Heavenly Father, “when will the USA would go down”. Immediately, I found myself in a vision state. I was approaching a white wall. I knew that this wall was a time barrier wall in late 2012. I don’t know how I knew; but I knew. All knowing in this vision were instantaneous without any instruction given. I immediately knew that I could not penetrate this continuous wall. But, nonetheless, I continued to approach it.
    Just before I reached this wall I was taken up above the wall. There I saw a lake of fire on top of the wall. This was not hell. Just what seemed to be an endless lake of fire. I was afraid of the fire. Immediately flames came towards me and engulfed me. I was not harmed. At the same time I noticed that another identity was with me. I presumed it was an angel but I do not know for sure. I was not given any knowing of what or who this being was. I wanted to know the identity of the being with me. I was tempted to ask the name. But I knew not to ask the name and identity. So I remained silent. As we moved together across the lake of fire, it was like I was gliding. What would have been a step was a glide across the lake of fire. In the middle of the lake of fire was an upside down, black periscope. I immediately knew that if I looked into this periscope that I would see all major events and their associated times that the time wall masked from the end of 2012 on . I wanted to look into this periscope so I started to glide towards it.
    I was immediately told not to go there and I saw the flames. I was afraid and obeyed. Even though it was a long way across the lake of fire it did not seem long before we crossed the lake. At the end of the lake I went into a tunnel. The other being was no longer with me. Soon I was traveling very fast through this tunnel. There was light in the tunnel but not bright light. All the walls were blurry because I was moving so fast. Soon I came out in the air above the USA about Midway. I was facing the East. Immediately I saw nukes going off in the South and the East Coast. Then all the MidWest, South, and East were filled with nukes going off. I could not see what was behind me which would have been the West Coast. So I had no ideal what was going on there. Immediately, a large banner went across the sky. It had “July 8, 2013″ written on it.
    After the banner passed above, I clearly heard in a loud voice the date, “July 8, 2013.” After hearing the loud voice, I was immediately back in my bed. I thought that I had just had a dream. But I was in an entirely different state than waking up from a dream. I had never experienced this state before. I knew that I had seen a vision. Everything was so clear and distinct. It actually was more real than anything that happens in normal life. I figure that is because there is no interference from the mind, will, and emotions which can get messed up at times. It was like input going directly to my spirit which then went to the mind, will, and emotions. I will never forget one detail of this vision, unlike dreams I have had.
    I do believe this vision was a direct and immediate answer to my request to the Heavenly Father. I do believe this vision was accurate. I do believe that this vision was given out of the love of a most gracious and loving Heavenly Father to warn whomsoever was humble in heart to listen.

    • Sky says:

      Thank you for sharing this. I do believe you but hope that at least part of the humanity can be saved.

    • Joseph t. Repas says:

      Hi Clint Young! Incredible vision that you witnessed. A.A. Allen had an extremely similar vision in 1954 but no date was given to him. It can be read online. The date of July 8, 2013 was given to you and I was looking up this date and found that it is the first of Av on theJewish calendar. This begins the nine days of mourning for the destruction of the temple according to the Jewish site I entered into. Also I read somewhere on this site previously that the month of Av has been a month of destructive events happening to the Jewish people so it seems as no coincidence that you were given this date as a major attack on the USA, perhaps it will be a two prong attack simultaneously against Israel or Israel will be attacked later after USA is severely weakened.Prayer is so needed…hopefully it is not too late to change the future chastisement, though I feel deep in my heart that society is already embracing satan to the point that heavy chastisement is due.

  234. Blanca says:

    I have had premonitions and apocalyptic dreams ever since I was a child. I have never thought of myself as gifted in any way, instead most of the time i’ve been afraid, hoping the things I.ve “seen” or dreamed or thought won’t happen. Some have been a swift matter-of-fact- sort of thought such as: this person is going to die today (and it happens a few hours afterwards). Others it has been a recurrent dream that is like a nightmare until it finally becomes real and makes sense. For example traveling at night on an unknown road and reaching a dead end, and and abyss. Finding in real life a place like that, but no abyss, instead a turning point and a meaning in my life. Seeing or dreaming of, at different intervals throughout my life, a soft white curtain, moving with the breeze, and knowing , as if this is a signal, that I am at the point in my life where I am supposed to be. Dreaming that there is a huge surge of water that inundates most of my hometown and that I am looking at it from a high place, before I knew what a tsunami was and that there had actually been one there in 1918, after an earthquake. Telling the person that I have loved the most in my whole life to please die because I dont want her to go through the terrible things that are going to happen, and she died, a year ago,and I am still in mourning. Before that I dreamed that she and I –she has been a spiritual mother to me– were collecting tongues of fire that were falling from the sky, because it was the time of the harvest, and everyone else in our community had ran away in every direction, only we were collecting the fire which did not harm us, and putting it in a basket which each one had. All of a sudden I see her rise like the prophet Elijah in a chariot of fire. Dreaming that I was eating ice cream with some friends at the neighborhood ice creme parlor early in the evening, and when we look at the stars they get bigger and bigger and are coming down toward earth. Another dream that impressed me a lot because I didn’t realize until afterward that there was some scriptural basis-everything scrolling up–was that i was in a bus and I realized that the world was coming to an end and in the bus they were celebrating the last mass. But the end consisted in the extinction of the third dimension, so I had to extend my arms with all my strength so the bus wouldn’t turn flat before the mass would finish. Some time afterwards —I saw a photo in a magazine where they were celebrating a mass in some mission territory in the USA, I can’t remember where. Lately I wake up frequently dreaming that there is an earthquake.

  235. Gordian Knot says:

    I had a dream about ‘the rapture’ and you were my messenger as to the time and day. In a calm manner you warned me that it was time to leave the city as I reflected “well, where will I go out of the city?” I mentioned to you that I was working that day and you calmly responded “I’m sure you’ll find a way to be off when the time comes.”

    That lonely, dreadful work day arrived and the “rapture” happened. For me it was triggered by a frequency, a series of timed short beeps as though it was a countdown. I knew immediately what that meant as I ran like an Olympic track star crossing the finish line. In a flash everything turned burning white hot as the world around me disintegrated into free floating particles of light energy.

    I awoke from the dream with a sense of dread and labored breathing. I opened a window to clear the stuffy room, turned the heat off and went down stairs for a cold glass of water.

    I have had similar dreams on this level, but this is a first where I recognized names and faces rather than faceless, cryptic and problem solving.

  236. Chris Mickens says:

    I have been watching and reading the bible to see how much the world has changed in just the past 10 years or so, I don’t have providential dreams of the future…. But I do know that bad things are coming very soon. Alvin love your site, it is wonderful to hear that so many people are having pretty much the same dreams of the end times. It won’t be long before our lord Jesus Christ returns. God bless you, Chris

  237. witnessof1 says:

    My dreams are a vision of a blue gass swirling in space. I can see the stars shining like points of light farther away. A square white page appears in the slowly swirling gas and turns slowly to reveal “November” and “11” below it. The following night I am again viewing space but I am looking at the Earth below and seem to get closer, seeing the United States, but the lower half of the central states are standing out in my vision. There are stormy waters covering much of the land, very windy…and what looks like 3 large hurricanes spinning in the lower Atlantic into the Gulf of Mexico….These dreams were very vivid and while I could clearly see the cloud tops of the hurricanes and sense the destruction over such a large area…I could’nt help but feel that the “ground” had something to do with all the stormy waves in what could only be described as sea water covering much land….This was only 2 of some of the dreams I have been having that are so vivid and telling. One other makes me question what will happen in the North East US….may God bless us and keep us all…..I think we will be seeing things we never thought we would….

  238. VTA says:

    Dream: Walking near the ocean. (I live on East Coast.) Fast moving clouds, like in a movie. The clouds move away, and there are 2 suns in the sky. Feeling of evil, because it is impossible to tell which is the real sun.

  239. KB says:

    I just woke up from a dream 2 hours ago. There had been a large earthquake close to or in west Tennessee. I was taken by my Heavenly Father to a small town on the TN/KY border to see the destruction. I live in western KY and had been sitting in a small diner before this earthquake when the gravity (for lack of a better word) “changed” right before the quake. People could literally feel and see (a little bit) their hair standing on end-it felt difficult to stand up straight-kind of dizzy like-and silverware, etc. didn’t seem to have much weight to it any more. At first people around me were a little freaked out about it, but then they started saying…wow! this is cool! and saying things such as that but I said NO! really loud :) it’s not cool! and I grabbed the hands of my family members and started praying loud, as loud as I could in Jesus Name, for Father’s protection in His judgement and I plead the blood of Jesus over our family and those around us who I could grab hold of and convince them to join in prayer and agreement with us. (not everyone in this little diner would). This is the point in the dream where I was taken to this small town along the TN/KY border or what used to be a town. Right after the first large earthquake there was another earthquake but not as large as the first. I saw it on a map on a tv screen blinking red dot with the circle lines coming out. It was in northern IL also along the border but with Wisconsin and it towards the left looking straight at a map of Illinois. So it would be northwest but it is not right in the northwest corner but yet it’s not right in the middle of the state either lol. There was one more large earthquake in the US but I cannot remember where. All 3 hit almost one right after the other or really close together. There were also quite a lot of smaller earthquakes because I can remember in the dream everyone being relieved when the ground would shake again but not as violently. This dream showed me that the coming judgement of our Heavenly Father’s is terrifying. It is coming on the just and unjust. Prayer is the most important thing to do at that time whether we live thru it or not. God Bless

  240. AMG70 says:

    VTA…I live on the east coast, and my husband, my son, and I HAVE seen 2 suns here recently. Last fall, my husband was hunting, and when he came home, he tried describing to me what he saw in the sky, while in the woods. At first, he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. He tried to describe how the clouds kept dancing around each other, and he would see the sun pop out in between, and the next thing he knew, the sun would appear somewhere else in the sky. But he said at times, he could see both at the same time, but one of them was almost transparent, and you could look directly at it. The other one was normal, where it hurt your eyes to look directly at. I have to admit, I could not eben imagine what he was talking about…until this past February, when I witnessed the exact thing he was talking about, right in my own back yard. This past February has seen record high temps on the east coast (80+ degrees) but this particular day was cool and cloudy, but the sun was shining bright behind the heavy cloud cover. Just as my husband described his hunting excursion, the clouds on this February day seemed to also be “dancing around” each other, moving in various directions. It was like the upper layer of clouds would move, and then the middle layer, then the lower layer, each taking turns moving, but never all together. In between the movements, I would see the sun…but then, just as I fixed my eyes on the sun (measuring it between 2 exact points between the trees) lo and behold ~ it moved!!! There appeared to be 2 suns, just as my husband described, and one of them you could look at, while the other one was blinding! It’s not difficult to tell the fake from the real. I only have one question…what in the world IS this other “thing” in the sky??? Scary, indeed.

    • Joseph t. Repas says:

      Hi AMG70 ! What you and your husband have witnessed is called a sun dog. They are very common in a sense yet don’t usually mirror image the sun completely. Physically, they are caused by high level cirrus clouds which are made up of ice crystals. When the sunlight goes through these thin clouds the sun’s colors of light refracts as it bends because of going through the ice crystals which act like a prism. Sometimes they show as a bright blotch of colors in the clouds and sometimes they can be just as bright as the real sun even taking on the shape of the sun. Is there a spiritual message as well with these sun dogs? Not sure though many people now report seeing them. I had a dream once where there were two setting red suns and it was extremely frightening in it’s feeling. Also, others have reported seeing two suns in dreams but I have not figured the indication of the meaning or at least found a written meaning that fufills the horror felt in the dream I had.

    • VTA says:

      interesting… in my dream, the 2 suns were identical. but over the years i’ve formed the idea that if this were to happen, one of them, the “false” one, would be a comet.

  241. I left a post on here a while back, but had to come back today, I do not know if others are returning and updating as well. But last night I had another horrible nightmare.
    An event had taken place, not knowing what in the dream, I do not want to speculate.
    It was daytime mid-morning, sky darkened above, but fading into the horizon the sky turns an Orangish-Red, glow, light from the Sun spilled thru in spots harshly towards the West.
    Not surrounding me, but in the distance everything was slightly chard. Large and small columns of smoke rose, like towers reaching straight up towards the sky. Sirens are blasting all about, and people are shout in the distance, not totally audible. Yellow dingy school buss’s were picking people up, Not really forcing more like relocating. Urging people to leave the area that its not safe.
    I boarded one of the buss’s and some people on there had that feeling of knowing them, you know what I mean?, that feeling that these are people in your life, but not remembering their faces after waking. Well one was another guy, and I sat with him, and the buss’ continued to carry us, towards the mountain range, heading Northwest from my house. ( For some reason I do have a good sense of direction in my dreams) The other man and I, were both uneasy about everything we started seeing as we traveled. They fear one bus had escalated from background events, I do not recall any Military on the bus.
    We approach the base and they park the bus in a dropped level, the bus driver exits the bus. They begin to bury the bus’s with the people in them, the back door and windows had been sealed. We were sitting in the back, and somehow escaped, looking back at what we left with a few other from other bus’s, They were burying people alive, all of them and it was many.
    Then I awoke, I fought myself awake, and carried this all day with me.
    I would never want to think of myself as someone who would abandoning people in need.

  242. Aneriz says:

    The post is about the two suns in the sky. It says there is a possibility of a dying star appearing “next” to our sun in the horizon in 2012 and giving the appearance of two suns.

  243. Christa says:

    In January 2004 I was in a prayer group praying and seeking Jesus’ will. I had a vision of a passenger train that started to shake and jerk and the cars started sliding into each other and being thrown off the tracks. I can still see the cars [like from the sky in a helicopter] lying all over the ground. They are spread out and go on for quite a distance.

    Later that year, I started getting the impression that the Lord was telling me that I should buy a few more double beds, blankets and prepare for housing ALOT of children. I have felt that as this train wreck affected more and more areas that people would be abandoning their children in the streets. In the US we now have a couple of generations that are not attached to their children. They already kill them for convenience through abortion, now they will abandon them because they “can’t watch them suffer” or because they are becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol rather than face what is coming.

    I have felt that the Lord will ask us to go out into the streets, into abandoned homes [like one of the above dreams] and gather these children so they don’t become prey for perverts and animals. We will have to trust the Lord with all our hearts and lean not on our understanding. He will provide for us if we share what we have and listen to Him. We will teach them the gospel and the great harvest for the Kingdom will come from these children.

  244. Paul says:

    I have also had the dream of Armageddon. It must have been two and a half years ago that it occurred. The dream unlike any other before or since that date outlined horrific happenings to our planet, towards the end to the dream/foresight I was stood with a stranger on a hill when the suns ;light appeared to be stolen from our earth. On this escalation I turned to the stranger and said that I hoped he was ready. At this point he fell like a stone out of my sight and I rose like an avenging angel so high that our planet appeared little more than golf ball sized. At this point I awoke not to the normal fear that would come after a dream of this nature but a realization that the good people have nothing to fear but fear itself and we can but wait.

  245. witnessof1 says:

    I had a dream last night of a page with perfectly drawn, round planets in pencil. The paper looked yellowed with age. One planet had an X drawn over it, then suddenly I woke up and immediately looked at the clock (like I had to), it was 2:24 a.m….I know it may not seem like much, but I have this strong feeling that it is important….and I wonder if anyone else had a dream similar to this?

    • Lori Leigh says:

      X represents Planet X is here it’s coming closer and closer and people must wake up! They have known about Planet X since back in the 50’s (or before who knows) so that would explain the paper….not sure about the time…but what is amazing…is I read this as 2:23 pm was turning into 2:24…. hmmmmm ;)

  246. Lori Leigh says:

    *They* are the people with the big telescopes and space programs ;) but yes its already here! Everytime I find a video I save it to my playlists. Check out all these videos people from all over the country and the world are posting…showing it!! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL22B7322E60FF6EF0 (there are 2 other playlists as well with a BUNCH of videos 2 Suns and Object by the sun)

  247. ramyas2s@yahoo.co.in says:

    hi everyone,this is a dream my son had 4 years back when he was around 11 years old.he had a severe fever the very next day after seeing the end of the world in his dream.he said the end will come when technology is at its highest ..making people lazy.people would spend most of their time before a tv in a couch,children would go to school only to get spoilt,parents will not be able to correct their children as they themselves will be corrupt,scientists will do more harm than good by their inventions,even baby food will be adulterated.there will emerge new kinds of species of insects and animals unknown to humans .there will be more ghost activities,people will be terrified at their sight.the earth will be more colder.the end is sure with the advent of the flying vehicle.the world will be ruined in a second.there will be intense chaos before that,with jail breaks and looting and killing.the only remote villages that have no kinds of technologies and who drink water alone will survive.in order to save ourself we should keep away from television and go back into nature.this is my son’s vision which i had written down,though he does not recall anything now.people are anticipating something big but they don’t know what to do about it.REPENT,FORGIVE,LOVE AND BE AT PEACE,then all will be will.grace and peace be with u always.thank u.

  248. witnessof1 says:

    @ Lori Leigh and Elaine; The time was 2:24 am Central Time. Also the fact that it was all in pencil was important- it stood out. The planet with the X on it had what looked like continents and was tilted a bit so that below the continent you could see the “Southern Hemisphere” and I got the strong impression it was water….and this was where my vission was drawn to….it looked like Africa above, but the focus was in the ocean below. Thanks and God Bless~

  249. redskinsrock1973@yahoo.com says:

    Ive had two dreams of Chinese invading. In the first it seemed i was in some sort of construction yard on the porch of one of those portable trailers they use for offices. I just happened to look up and i saw waves of airplanes and jets. There were hundreds of them. Next thing i knew there was a loud explosion near us. i noticed it was the wreckage of a small sesna. i looked up and around and saw tons of people trying to escape in their private planes but they were being shot down and crashing to earth all around me. Then i woke up. the second dream was even more vivid. I was in a house that was not mine but i felt it was mine in the dream. I looked outside and saw a few teenagers stealing our trailer. I rushed out and jumped into my truck to chase after them. My roomate took off on foot. I searched the neighborhoods but couldnt see them. I stumbled across my roomate again and he jumped in my truck. As we were driving down the street i noticed police roadblocks, but by this time we were already stuck. they dragged us out. next i was in a group of about 10 men outside with 3 chinese soldiers armed around us. next thing they started shooting us. i fell to the ground but i wasnt dead. i didnt know where i got hit, but i played dead. i waited for a while and peaked open my eyes and saw one chinese soldier standing there. He looked at me and shook his head, sort of like he was telling me not yet. I closed my eyes and continued to play dead. Next thing i heard was a bunch of gun shots i looked up and a few guys had shot the chinese soldiers. Then we hurried off into some trees. we saw people coming so we hid. I looked and it was a large group of children with just a couple adults being led somewhere. I noticed my 9 year old son in the group so i snuck into the group and comforted my son. Told him to trust in God and stay calm id get us out of here. They gathered us into a big room with a movie screen on the wall but no seats. The soldiers were motioning people here and there. There was what appeared to be 2 brothers. one about 14 and one about 10. the soldier was mad at the younger one for some reason. he screamed and ordered some older white man who appeared to be a traitor of some sort to slice the kids face 5 times. He said to the soldier how about i only slice him 3 times. The soldier shot him and grabbed the kid. He was about to slice his face and the older brother charged him. He shot the older brother point blank in the face twice killing him instantly. He then put the gun to the other kids head and shot him. He said is there any one else who wants to disobey? Nobody said anything. Next i was being placed in what appeared to be some sort of golf cart / tram vehicle with my son and a few other people. we were driving along and i could see a big open area with lots of troops marching in formation and other prisoners. The really strange thing about the dream is i could hear typical propaganda being given over the loud speakers. Saying something like we have defeated you finally. Do not try to resist or fight back. The odd thing was the voice on the speaker was clearly Alex Jones. Ive always felt hes one to fight for the people so that confused me. Then i awoke. I could not sleep the rest of the night just couldnt clear my head of that dream. I rarely remember any dreams but those two i remember all details.

  250. AL Martinez says:

    I had a dream about an earthquake three weeks ago. I was asleep in my dream. I woke up to the bed shaking violently. I was still groggy and rolled over to grab my phone. I have an earthquake app on there. I looked at my phone and saw that there was an 8.5 or 9.5 earthquake in Alaska. All of a sudden my cell phone rang and it woke me up. I looked around and thought to myself. Please, Lord, let that have been a dream. I rolled over and grabbed my phone to answer it. This was really freaky, as it seemed so real, and exactly what I would do if something like this actually happened.

  251. I have had prescient dreams ever since I was a small child, of many different types, but this particular dream is a recurring one that I used to have from about the ages of 3-6. I am standing on a flat, featureless plain when I notice a small dot in the sky at about 45 degrees elevation, and as I notice the dot I start to hear a very faint sound that is pitched so high that I can barely hear it. As I watch the dot grows and grows and the sounds gets louder and deeper in pitch. Soon the ball is huge, planet sized, and the sound has increased to a deafening roar that makes the very air shake. Then the ball grows until it gets so large that it crushes me and I wake up. I used to have this dream several times a year but it stopped about the time that I was seven and went through some bad stuff. I haven’t had it since.

  252. John says:

    Not a fdream as some Qualify, but during an Inipi (sweatlodge) ceremony it was like watching the world in its new state, many things gone and destroyed, yet sittin in an openeing to a cavern there were many peoples of the world, (all 4 races white yellow, red and brown) living as we had thousands of years ago, in tribal format, there was a new life and stability that the world had not known, until that point. Telling a story to the children of times past where we had come from historically. I was assuming that this “vision” was given to look into our past, until looking at myself i had become much older, with all the scars I now have and a few new ones, After this ceremony the Holy man had explained to me that i was given this vision to prepare myself for the last gate of the world to come and help others when it is happening, to not be afraid, that all of the turmoil, and enviormental concers, are as they have always been in the “long time” before we came! and we shall walk through this door and rediscover OURSELVES as we were meant to live, only a few will be around to tell the stories to the younger generations, and that we should all remember the important lessons of our past, so we can pass down our knowledge, and avoid these mis-steps in the future

    • This is actually a prophetic vision of our world after we have gone through the cataclysmic events we are about to pass through. Every prophetic source I have studied reveals the same thing, that the world will pass through a great deal of suffering on an unprecedented scale, but then we will get to live in peace. This is forseen by the Mayas, the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, Nostradamus, Mother Shipton, Edgar Cayce…the list goes on. Your vision is a blessing to let you know that the reward for the suffering we’ll endure will be great, and to be one of those chosen to survive and teach the young our mistakes in this age is wonderful.

  253. tamer says:

    When i was younger i had lots of dreams that use to come true. I can only remember one dream about the end of my life, i was sitting in a tall building, quite like a classroom and i looked out of the window and saw a bright light coming my way like a nuclear explosion. I thought it was real and felt right then i was going to die. i did not panic in my dream i just closed my eyes and allowed death to take me. Of course i then woke up, but this dream did not scare me but has in fact helped me over come my fear of death. The things that are occurring now do not scare me because i have already died once, even if it was in a dream.

  254. don says:

    It will be nice to open a new topic, “deja vu”, got some during my life, I’m close to 50, field electrical engineer with a degree in law(from 2010).This topic is full and hard to follow,got some strange scary dreams with allien invazion,some time in tahe past, lot’s of them, over a 2-3 years period.Wait to hear from you, and, I’m for real not a fraud (except for the name, hope you do not expect to give the real one, considering the issue)!

    • Peter says:

      Don, aliens are the great deception.. They are inter dimensional (demons) .. Read some of chuck missler’s work ..
      Please find truth ..

  255. SoSoSon says:

    Since last April I am waking up between 1am and 3 am – never failing. I have a panic in my chest come to my throat – where I feel impending doom, and horrible sadness, and the month August in my mind. It is a dream that I can’t remember but can only feel once I wake open my eyes; that in August the East coast is gone, and the ocean is at my door. So many are dead, and there are bodies, including children all over. I kinda just laugh it off as a crazy dream for fear to tell anyone. While trying to awake, or get my bearings, it is horrific because of the children, and people all over dead. This is a recurring thing.

    • Recurring dreams have a tendency to be prophetic in nature, SoSoSon. I have had similar dreams about the coast here in the Pacific Northwest. Given that the entire East Coast from Florida to Massachusetts is on long, flat, low elevation coastal plain, a tsunami event on scale similar to that which hit Japan last has the potential to cause an unfathomable amount of death and destruction. One big geologic event along the volatile Mid-Atlantic Ridge, or even a small meteor strike in the ocean, could be catastrophic to the American East Coast.

      • SoSoSon says:

        David with so many having similar dreams, and with all that is happening with the crazy weather I do not doubt that these things WILL happen. I guess it’s a matter of when :))
        I don’t like the felling of my dream. I don’t know how to take it. I wish this one would just fade away. It makes me feel like I am somewhat on eggshells. I am acting upon the dream. I am pulling money from my banks, and I am stocking up. These things I scoffed at before. I trust my SELF though and cannot ignore the dream. I MUST follow my inner SELF in order not to have conflict.

    • I was wondering where Sososons and davidgreybeard were located,on the east and west Coast?

      • SoSoSon says:

        Sacha it looks as if we are on opposite sides of the coast.

      • davidgreybeard says:

        Sacha, I am located on the Oregon Coast, just seven miles inland from Newport, Oregon. It’s so beautiful, but then, I am biased!

  256. davidgreybeard says:

    SoSoSon, there’s nothing wrong with acting on the warning in your dream. In fact, these dreams are usually given to us as warnings so that we can take the appropriate actions. However, I agree with you that these kind of dreams can put you walking on eggshells; I experience a similar feeling due to mine. The important thing is to not let the dream take over your entire life while at the same time heeding the warning and acting on the warning. I know too well how easy it is to obsess on these things. Keep acting on the powerful warning you’ve received, my friend, but don’t let despair take over. I firmly believe that after 2-3 years of “troubles” as they say in Ireland we will enter the next age and things will be a lot better. Godspeed…

    • SoSoSon says:

      For two weeks now my land has flooded. WATER AT MY FEET literally. I do not know why I dreamed of all the children floating ?? But water has been at my feet twice now. Under my house is a mess from the flooding – house lays low on ground in front left side. We have has 2 flash flood watches. Also. smiles – I don’t despair I prepare. My knowledge that we continue is like Cement :)) Still feel something East Coast HUGE is coming.

      • Sorry to hear about the flooding problems you’re having. I’ve got a feeling about the East Coast as well but no clue concerning the imminence. Glad to hear that you are prepared.

  257. Christa says:

    David, you might want to read the bible. We are not in for a couple of years of trouble. We are in the great time of trouble and it will get worse and worse until the second coming of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. All these things were prophecied to come.These are the end of the end of days as we know it. These things happening and the earth heaving and reeling are not accidental. Even the number of people of all faiths having dreams and visions.
    Acts 2:17-21
    And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy: And I will show wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke:The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come: And it shall come to pass, [that] whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved

    • davidgreybeard says:

      Actually Christa, I have been reading and studying the Bible for over thirty years! I also believe that we have nearly reached the “end of days”, and I have addressed the subject in part on my blog “itsaweirdweirdworld”. Even though I understand and can explain the geological processes behind great earthquakes and “the roaring of the sea”, I don’t make the mistake of thinking that these are anything but signs of the Lord’s return, and I personally am relieved to see things cranking up for exactly that reason. But I have not been called to preach, but rather to teach that others may have understanding. If I have failed to make clear what I write then it is my own failings as a flawed mortal (aren’t we all?) and should be taken as nothing but that.

  258. jehjeh007 says:

    I have had many “end game” dreams over the last 2 years. All in all, it appears that I live though it but it is like living in a war zone, like the pictures you see of bombed out places in Syria. Forth Worth TX splits in half and hell is exposed because the twin rivers dry up. South side of Houston is flooded up due to some event causing a big tidal wave. Louisanna? Gone Brother, gone. I move all over the US in these dreams and people are a lot kinder too but they appear confused. I too end up doing some silly stuff in my dreams that don’t make sense. I saw a water wave come over a mountainous area while this guy was stairing at it from his desk overlooking his huge wood balcony. He had just woke up and made coffee. I feel GOD in these dreams, but I don’t see GOD in them or any affect to the masses accept when all of the little children started floating to the sky. Even then, it may not have been GOD gathering them but the rotation of the earth slowed down. Well thanks Alvin for giving me a place to finally put this down. I treat them as dreams and omens too. The dreams come true but never the way you expect them to. I OK with that and thank GOD for giving me the ability and pleasure of dreams.

  259. HolyTruthWarrior says:

    July 13, 2012 I dreamt of a huge wall of water. Miles high and long higher than the highest mountain. It filled the valley’s with rushing water. I was safe. In my dream as I was looking at the water, a voice said September 12. i thought they said December 12 but they said no September 12. ????. May God give discernment regarding this dream/vision. I woke up and read Psalms 93. because the day before the dream I saw on hummingbird027 site PS 93 mentioned as prophetic but i hadn’t read it then. But then I had that dream about the water and thought I’d better read it. God confirmed the dream pretty quickly Amen. He is so great.
    Psalm 93
    1The LORD reigns, he is clothed with majesty; the LORD is clothed with strength, with which he has girded himself: the world also is established, that it cannot be moved. 2Your throne is established of old: you are from everlasting. 3The floods have lifted up, O LORD, the floods have lifted up their voice; the floods lift up their waves. 4The LORD on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yes, than the mighty waves of the sea. 5Your testimonies are very sure: holiness becomes your house, O LORD, for ever.

    When I shared this part of the dream with a friend, she made mention about some event in Sept 2012 regarding the Kesha Foundation and some new technology to be announced. Something about traveling being fast. This confirmed the beginning of my dream. The part of my dream before the huge wall of water. The dream began where I was in a big garage where they were putting up white walls and renovating. People came, in mostly older woman. They seemed dressed up for something. Then I was laying down, where I was being told I was sick and I knew I wasn’t. When I got up, there was another small white room off to the side where a man and two children went in. They were going to be sent somewhere, as in transported somehow by a force I couldn’t see. Then a boy came back, very upset. I took him and we got out of the building into a large dark parking lot. I kept pressing my key remote but couldn’t find my van. Just one or two cars were leaving, but it seemed like the cars were abandoned. Then I was shown the huge wall of water and given the Sept 2012 date. Anyone know about what the Kesha Foundation is up to?

  260. HolyTruthWarrior says:

    July 19, 2012 I had another weird dream night before last. We were driving somewhere and then being held in some big area outside. Then we got free. THEN out of nowhere two men appeared and I knew them in my dream as the two witnesses! After that I was tying to help others get out of another dimension trapped in water but it was upwards above us. Once free we were traveling thru tunnels but some people were changed or muted in some way. I think we were living.for a while in the tunnels. Weirder than the last dream. But cool about the two witnesses!

  261. Tammy says:

    I dreamt of the rapture. I dreamt that we could all see a large comet headed.toward earth, and we all knew we were gonna explode, but we didnt. And then people started falling over everywhere they were. I ran inside saying it’s the rapture, thank you Lord, and waited to go, but we didnt die. We only lost conscious long enough for God to call us each by name, and tell us each his word. it was like a pow wow. In my head His word was written and I could see it, and feel it, like a story being played out. And He spoke of good and kindness and love, and said that even though that He had done such great things, like the comet hitting earth, and everyone everywhere falling out and hearing Him, that there would be non believers and that we didn’t all recieve the same message but what each of us needed was highlighted.

    I woke with tears of Joy. I feel like I’ve been touched. He told me that though I feel angry and defeated that I’m here to spread love, that my fury was unnecessary and that each day is a gift to share love.

    this was my adult daughter’s dream from last night. She posted it on facebook, I wanted to share it here.

  262. alexander boutin says:

    I just had the onkly real vivid dream in my life it felt like months the world became dark ppl lied dead and were running every where I stayed hidde it became silent I walked over to where the sun was shinning I get there theres other survivors I look up and I see man made buildings in the sky from all the explosions im so glad to wake.up cnt remember too much more those are the basics

  263. skwooshie88 says:

    this was in the summer of 2011 so i dont know if it still matters but it was an intense dream and i just found this article/blog..there was hundreds of tornados that were made of what looked like water. some people were being cocky i guess and wouldnt take shelter, they were too busy partying, but they wernt hurt.i live in michigan in case that matters.

    • SoSoSon says:

      These are called water spouts, and this year they are all over the south east coast. I have not heard of anyone killed or injured yet, but have heard and seen where folks just sit on the beach and watch these!!! If they come onto land they turn into tornadoes. Pretty dangerous.

  264. michael says:

    I had a wierd dream in the last 2 nights that jupiter would harm me and family here on earth right around the alignment the other night but I didnt know about the moon earth jupiter line up im very worried about my small kids im 40 yrs the havent gotten into jr high email me anyone

    • skwooshie88 says:

      first, dont worry. thats what attracts harm to yourself. second, know that the alignment is a natural thing and it cannot harm you, being natural, i believe it can only improve things. but dont allow yourself to be opened up to harmful possibilities in your thoughts. dreams are wierd sometimes and what it seems to be telling you, sometimes its not saying that at all…

  265. Sheila says:

    I had one more end time dream that was so incredibly real that I cried when I woke up. I was in the park in our small hometown in upstate New York. My husband was a short distance away and suddenly helicopters began landing in the streets surrounding the parks (East Park and West Park). A large oriental man exited one of the helicopters. He had a mustache and beard and looked the size of a suma wrestler. He had what looked like bodyguards with rifles standing near him. He pointed to me and told some men to bring me to him. As I was being taken to him he began to announce in a very, very loud voice that he was going to make an example of me and that he would pull my heart out in front of all of the people. The two men placed me in front of this man and he pulled back his arm – at that point another man (a bystander), someone who had been in the park, someone I didn’t know came running quickly toward me and pushed me out of the way. As I was being pushed out of the way, my husband came running up behind me and grabbed me and we started running. We climbed a steep hill in front of the hospital in our town and we could see the sidewalk below from up above on the hill that the soldiers were wearing tan uniforms with black braiding. They had on tan berets and wore thick black belts around their waists with very high black boots. They also spoke in a foreign language but I do not know what language it was.

    We ran away and planned what we should do. We ended up going through our town looking to see if we could help anyone and arrived at one of our elementary schools. Behind the school they have a football field with bleachers. We crawled under the bleachers to observe what was going on in the field. There was a guillotine at the far corner of the field and in a line which stretched from the guillotine backward for about 1/2 a mile were children from very tiny children to young teenagers. The children were passing by the bleachers on their way to this guillotine. There were armed guards stationed at different areas in the field constantly looking to see if anyone would be approaching. My husband and I began to try to get the children’s attention and tell them that they should climb through the bottom of the bleachers and we would try to help them escape. When we whispered to the child nearest us to tell her to come with us, a person (looked like a woman with long hair and a white robe – angel) speaking in a gentle and peaceful voice said to me, “Don’t stop them, they are going to go and be with the Lord this day”. I was shocked and extremely distraught. This angel was walking in line with the children but I don’t know what the angel’s function was nor did it look like the children knew that this angel was there. I then could see several other (what looked like angels) standing in line with the children with smiles and seeming very peaceful.

    As I looked across the field, I could see the children one by one going to the guillotine. There was a young girl in line who was trying to encourage the other children by telling them not to be afraid, that they were going to see Jesus today and that they would live in a beautiful place. She was told to be quiet but kept on talking. She would say things like “Don’t be afraid of them, they can’t hurt you. Just close your eyes and you’ll be with Jesus.” She would not be quiet.

    I watched to see what would happen to this very brave little girl who loved Jesus with all her heart. When it was her turn, I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t. I just stared and prayed. They placed her in the guillotine upside down so that her feet were where her head was suppose to be and then they cut off her feet and threw her back onto the field to bleed to death. I was literally physically ill when I finally woke up. But that was not the end of this horrible dream.

    My husband and I left there not knowing exactly what we should do. We needed to hide somewhere away from people and get some rest and I realized that I had a friend who owned a trailer out in the country. Along the way, I found my Dad and took him with us.

    Long dream short, my friend let us in and explained that his wife worked at one of the schools and that he was going to pick her up and that we could sleep, shower and eat and he would be back in a couple of hours. Apparently, he was one of them, which I did not know, and a few hours later while we were waiting for him inside, I looked out to see if he was coming and I could see men in uniform with rifles begin to surround the trailer. They were creeping up through a wooded area and I told my husband and Dad. They threw open the back door of the trailer and yelled come on and they went running down the road. I got scared and knew that I didn’t have time to get out, so I got on my hands and knees with my face to the ground and began to pray. I didn’t hear anything after a while until there was a knock at the front door of the trailer. I stood up ready to face whatever it was and it was my husband and Dad. They came to get me. Apparently, when they leaped out of the back of the trailer and went running they were both shot and killed and when I knelt down to pray (even though I didn’t feel anything or hear anything) I was also shot and killed. They came to get me and when we exited the back of the trailer this time, we were on our way to heaven. WEIRD DREAM! It made me very ill physically and it feels like I dreamed it yesterday. Most of my dreams are in color with dialogue and with very vivid detail.

  266. HolyTruthWarrior says:

    Wow Shelia…I pray for you to have peace with that dream…Pray to God to ask Him to take it away if it was from satan. If it was from God, ask Him to give you peace and interpretation as some of the literal things maybe symbolic. He will be faithful to you if you turn to Him and ask. Glory be the God of Abraham, for He is our only stronghold and Deliverer.

  267. HolyTruthWarrior says:

    About 6 or so years ago, I dreamt of big fireballs falling from the sky as I was trying to find my family to go to safety. My son was around 11 at the time in real life, but in my dream he was driving, so that would bring him to his age now.

  268. skyleral says:

    LAST NIGHT – I had 2 dreams. Both very short. First, I saw civilization crumbling. Buildings were falling, people were running. We were running up an alley to escape. Total chaos and very scarey. About 2 hours later, I dreamed I was in my car in the passenger side and a guy walked up to me, seemed to be in great need…it was like he was admiring that I had a car. He said, “you are so beautiful”. I nodded then he nervously pulled out a gun and pointed it directly at my face…he was so nervous, almost like he had to do what he was doing. I said, “what do you want, you can have anything”. He was so sweaty and scared and would not answer me. It was like he had never done this before but he had to do it to survive. I jumped up out of my dream and just shook. I can still remember seeing the pain on his face that he was doing this to me.
    2 nights ago, I dreamed that something very large and overwhelming was trying to kill all of us. We were running to escape and we hid in each other’s homes. I can even remember seeing the locks on the doors to protect us. It was horrible.
    ps I have 2 other posting on here from last year that detail what I saw in the end times

  269. Dr. Scott says:

    I have a reoccurring dream of three planets reaching alignment. I know very little of space or planetary topics.  So this dream has always intrigued me, it began 9/16/03, I know this because I journal dreams and prayers, i have a fairly good record of these dreams. It involves three planets that I have post dream reviewed represents: father, son and holy ghost..meaning when I woke up I put two and two together.  While in the dream this was not apparent. Three planets are moving into an alignment with each other, forming a straight line, from my vantage point I see them side by side. The first two are relatively the same size, the middle one represents the son, it was bluish/green from my vantage point.  I had a strong attraction to it, similar to what people describe during NDEs, I wanted to be there…and sensed something was keeping me from it.  Somehow I knew it was pronounced Belleni (sp?) the planet communicated with me…not someone on the planet. The first planet represented the Father and know nothing more than that, except it’s location was to the left of the middle planet. The third planet was significantly smaller, it was known to me through the dream as Seres.  The alignment of these three is to be a marker of an earthly storm (waters rising, waters dirty, high winds, sweeping fires, little food to be found, ocean life all but extinct, things falling from above little time to catch your breath) (I do remember lots of kids and older people, the 20-45 were not in these dreams, but I never journaled that, didn’t think it important till I read other posts here) ahead I was going to experience and needed to begin preparations.  I also knew that what ever it was that was holding me back, would then release me after this storm, then I  would be satisfied.  I felt great peace from the dreams and from that first or maybe second dream on have studied scripture, prophecy and tribulation. I have prepared physically, spiritually and mentally for “hard-times” ahead. These dreams were part of that influence, at least the influence to read scripture, prior to this I read what people said about scripture.

  270. Nostradamous says:

    On Sept 9/2012 Morning I had a dream about a nuclear bomb is descending from air on the west, Every time i dream a dream it becomes a reality and may you protect yourself.

  271. Well I have had a lot of strange dreams since I was a little girl. ( To many)

    This one dream that stands out strongly for me which happened oh at least 15 years ago now.
    Their was a couple that got elected into a presidency or something of that nature, they looked just like president Obama and his wife the only difference was in my dream they were white.
    Well not sure how long after but the world was not as we see it now, people were dying all over, no more electricity, food was on shortage. Basically our world ended as we know it.
    ( I could go into greater detail about my dream but I am not one for writing but more for talking about my dreams.)

    In these past few months now my dreams have become about survival once again with no electricity and it’s just myself, my son and our 3 dogs alone with not a lot of food left and there is a knock at the door but it’s like I already know who is on the other side.
    Scared too but I finally open the door the person grabs me and says they are the disciple’s his name is JD. He doe’s in fact protect me and my son and home and provides me with warm, food, and a generator.
    They are not nice at all, to me yes but they are more what government is in this time and one’s that do not submit to them are either killed or made to work. ( I do pray this dream does not come true)

    My dreams have come true far to many times and they have never really been good.

    Like when my grandma died 6 months before she passed I had a dream my grandma was in a church in a coffin and everyone was there crying. And sure enough 6 months later I was at her funeral and just as my dream was. In her coffin the same way the same church everything and everyone. I had called my dad 6 months prior to my grandma dying and I went and seen her, I am ever so thankful I got to see her one last time.

    Again this happened with my father before he died, I dreamed of my father dying too.

    Whenever it is someone close to me or my heart I have dreams of what will happen and I tell you at times I think I am cursed instead of blessed. As I wish there was something I could do to change what is to come. I guess it is God’s way of preparing me.

    Sorry for adding in extra dreams that have nothing to do with the world just my piece of the world.

  272. Butterfly Laa "PJ" says:

    Over the years have had many dreams come true all those being in color,, another on I had in color hasn’t come to pass yet..I am standing in a treeless land near me was a building… people staggering around and some looked into tiny cracks in the ground where green ooze type liquid was coming up..one touched it and she fell over I guess died, a radio is on a wooden table broadcasts from Italy, England, other countries one by one saying “Its Coming” as each said it… then there would be static, the last one said its on the way to the United States…as this was going on,,the earth began to shake, and it began to separate into grand canyon size pieces and very wide,, saw some people falling in and I was separated from some people as the land drifted apart. The air became very heavy like a suction feeling,,, I looked into the sky and imagined what it would feel like to die,,, I woke

  273. Butterfly Laa "PJ" says:

    I can share a couple more dreams, ones that have come true, one of them also not as one would expect either. This dream happened about 15 years ago..Was in vivid color. My ex-father really had gone to the hospital for a surgery before he continued on his way camping figuring he would be out in a week or so. While he was in the hospital I had this dream. Angels gathered around the head of his bed I thought to myself Oh My Gosh he is going to die. One of the angels came to me and said if you go with him and us we will make him well. I was willing to do anything to help him, and making him well to me meant him living. They had me board a plane only the angels, he and I were aboard it and we landed on a planet in space. The angels pulled his hospital bed out of the plane on to the surface of the planet and circled his bed and created a great light. I was standing there thinking to myself as I watched them … they are not making him better. One of them looked at me and without walking to me glided over and peaked around at my face and said… Oh you have lost your faith…that Angel picked me up like a baby and flew me through all the universe, showing me the colors and beauty in space that I had no idea could be! It was so fast I felt a bit dizzy and I guess could describe it as a feeling of being on a fair ride. I woke crying because I don’t think I had ever seen anything as beautiful as what I had just seen, I felt how massively wonderful God is.. That morning I got a call that my father in law had died,, but I knew he was in good hands, and yes the Angels had made him ok.. not by my standards but by Gods.
    I got confirmation I believe of what I had seen in the heavens about 4 years later.. I was dressing for work in the morning and on the news the hubble space craft had just brought back images from far out in space.. I had to sit on the edge of the bed because I had in my dream been flown through all those areas..God is good! I will tell you another on another day if allowed.. God bless

  274. SoSo says:

    Well, I guess that dream I posted about, that I kept having – came true. I posted a few months back that I dreamed water was all over the East Coast, that my feet were covered with water. Looks like Sandy did it.

  275. trikki nikkii says:

    people who are dreaming about cars and transport .. its really about how you are travelling in yoru life.. for those who are dreaming of houses and buildings that is your body you are dreaming about.. water you are dreaming about is your emotions.. rough seas… scattered emotions/ emotional hardships.. calm sea river swim pool.. etc.. balanced emotions and so forth

    • SOSO says:

      Last summer I was having dream after dream of water at my feet from the East Coast, and of floating bodies including children. I posted that here on August 7th, and David too was having this feeling, and I posted on Facebook in that in August or September that something very big and very bad was going to happen and to stay away from the East Coast. In October Sandy hit. I wasn’t far off.

      The dreams are with me again of 3 different coasts are falling, breaking into the seas, this January coming….. Of people falling off the earth into the sea. I believe because the nausea I feel this time it is oceans rushing in from land breaking off from the earthquakes, the shaking. So I am posting this now and we will see. I don’t take my dream visions as symbolism, as since a child they have not been symbolic but actual events. So I don’t attempt to interpret them or turn them into something symbolic. They just are what they are and I listen and prepare. I don’t care what others think about it :))
      We all gotta take care of our business.

      Nonetheless I am sharing this and we will see.

  276. davis says:

    i had a hopi blue star prophecy like dream where i was fighting strange demonic creatures every night with my tanto blade and a usp 45 from a dead soldier different one for the past 2 weeks ongoing still they were 6 foot tall beasts on all fours long shaggy black hair large teeth and no eyes or nose as well as other smaller creatures and also mythological creatures like orcs trolls and dragons and at the end of each dream im falling into a dark ocean and entering a white glowing room with the date 12 21 12 glowing with a black aural glow.

    note hopi blue star prophecy says strange creatures from the past and the future and those of which have never been seen before on earth will roam the earth

  277. Jinx says:

    last night and this morning after putting my daughter down for her first nap i had two seperate dreams, both similar…the first all i remember was being in a sort of mountain town by an ocean (harbour) with me and my family…i came to, standing outside what i felt was my house with my parents, wife, and child, and looking up into the sky to see a giant piece of machine falling from the sky…it looked almost like a satellite or something of that sort…i remember saying “this is it” and instantly a feeling of the time has come came over me…as it crashed i looked out towards the water and seen massive groups of people in uniforms holding weapons coming out of the ocean…some on boats, some just walking straight out of the water…i remember looking at my family and we all knew we had to get out of there, but could not…there was no where to go…after that it was a sort of blur of just hiding out in the house accepting our fates which never turned out as we expected…no deaths, just control and feeling afraid of making the wrong moves…so long as we kept our cool and heads down we were not bothered by these “soldiers”…who appeared to be some sort of foreign people like russians or something i dont know…i live in canada by the way, vancouver island, british columbia….the rest of the dream from what i recall was nothing out of the ordinary besides the feeling of being watched with a close eye…just your basic reoccuring dream conversations, and things of that nature…i awoke and still cant get the vision of that machine falling from the sky.

    then a few hours later after putting my daughter down for her nap i laid down to do the same…instantly i was thrown into a dream where it was night…i was standing in what appeared to be the same town from the dream before but in a different area closer to the water…i was near a pub and hanging out with some friends, who i had never met before…we were all standing out on the pier chatting when out of nowhere in the sky a giant star started falling from the sky…top to bottom were 2 points of light and left to right were 2 more smallers points of light…almost like a single LED headlight from a car slowly moving down from space…again i had the same feeling of “this is it”…as we watched the star fall it crashed into the ocean not very from where i was standing…instantly i started running towards it to get a closer look…when i got to the crash site the ocean was drained and there was nothing but a muddy ground left…i approached what appeared to be a crater of some sort and a dragon type of beast emerged…it felt like a cut scene from a Final Fantasy game…i’m not sure what happened in that timeframe as my memory chose not to include it…but the dream continued…next thing i knew i was back in town during the next day i’m guessing as the sun was in the sky and the army of soldiers were still monitering the population…but this time i was working with them…almost as some sort of prophet/scientist/a knowledgeable person of some sort (i’ve always felt i’ve been destined for something of that sort when the end days come)…and i was in search of something that they needed…i have these reocurring dreams of a beach with a small amount of sand that leads to land, but it goes fromwater to sand to a giant stone wall with weird markings/carvings/symbols all over it…and over the wall is usually some sort of HQ for what appears to be a kind of new aged Nazi regime in a forest…large buildings full of glass windows, art filled walls, and plenty of plant life…for some reason i’m always in search of something for these people…and this time i found it…in the forest i found a spot with a tree growing out of a hill horizontally and there was a glowing lime green piece of machinery laying in the tree…almost like an alien artifact…so i go to investigate this thing in the tree and as i’m climbing i notice a black panther sitting in the tree, not threatening nor being threatened by my presense…just watching me as i watched it…i cautiously moved towards the artifact to grab so not to test the feline in anyway…but no wrong feelings were present, all good, just cautious of eachother…i grabbed the piece of whatever and instantly gained the power to fly/float…it was a really cool feeling…as i flew away from the big cat in the tree still watching eachother it was almost as if the cat was saying to me “there you go” and i nodded and flew off…as i was flying away i remember thinking there’s no way in hell these people looking for this things are getting it from me… and i woke up

    all of the places, buildings, roads, and towns are from reoccurring dreams i have…only there is not so much control of the population by an outside force and never anything falling from the sky…it’s like i had a continuation of dreams i’ve been having for years…and only left more chapters open for me to experience…before i was only a citizen…but now i am a prophet, a gate keeper, i have control over something that these people/beings want…we are now less than one week away from 12/21/2012 and a dream this intense and meaningful seems almost like a blessing…if anyone has any insight as to what this all could possibly mean please let me know…as i’m becoming more and more curious of my visions

    i’ve always had visions of this sort even as a small child i travelled between dimensions in my awake states, seeing this world but with different minor tweaks otherwise unnoticeable to the naked eye…i feel a time is coming of a war…but not a traditional type of war like what we are used to created by our governments…something else is coming here and a lot of our questions are about to be answered…i do not believe in the bible by the way…the bible is “new” all of the things in the bible were prophesized by civilizations before that time…i believe angels are aliens…god is the collective soul of all living beings and we are all playing a part in collecting knowledge for it’s self gain…we are all one…living seperate egos of one, multiple personalities to the maximum

    • Two elements of your dreams caught my eye as they correlate with dreams that I’ve had at different times over the past twenty years.In one of them the Russians were landing troops on the Oregon coast, but they were landing unopposed as if they had been invited. The other part that caught my eye was the very modern building that was an HQ for New Age Nazis; I had a dream where I was at a facility very like this someone in Oregon east of the Cascades. I live near Newport Oregon, on the coast, and would have the ability to watch troop movements like you described. When they landed they were, as I said, unopposed, but they also were not conducting combat ops; they were acting more like an occupying force that was entering an area where they had been asked to control. When viewed in light of these increasingly uncertain times, with American power waning and so much agitation for secession and dissatisfaction with our Federal government, I can see the possibility of a foreign power being asked to come in and regain control over the west coast of North America, and who has more troops available than the Russians or the Chinese? Thanks for sharing, Jinx!

  278. annie says:

    I live in Fairbanks,Alaska,last month these 2 dreams came to me-I am back in hometown(Dunsmuir,CA)and have my son,daughter and their father with me.Out in front of my grannys house,we looked up to see another planet close to the moon.Then we could see that it was obviously going to hit us.I told them all that we needed to hold eachother very close cause this was it. as it was approaching, i could start to make out the cracked crust around this massive thing and could almost feel the heat!All of the sudden i have the view from space as it was about to hit earth and some how,as soon as it touched our atmosphere,it gently “bumped” us,like we had developed some sort of atmospheric cushion or something over the years.the object then went and shot around the sun,came back by us,and kept on going.So relieved!!

  279. annie says:

    the other 1(dream) was in Hawaii,my mom and i were staying in a 2nd story room.I could see the great Tsunami coming and was trying to get my mom to get a move on.she said “theres nowhere to go”but i knew i could get us safe.the only people being told where to go was the University students for some reason.woke up.

  280. Michelle says:

    I have done a lot of work with teens, they are having flood dreams in droves! They are also feeling compelled to honor the 11:11 time with a moment of silent daydreaming in groups, and they don’t even know why or anything about11:11. These kids don’t have any real information, which is why they end up around me I think, but…I ask a lot of questions right off the bat and those two things are with every single kid no matter where they are! The also feel the need to speed up…have children, get married, do things that would typically be reserved for later years. I help them understand what’s going on, why they might feel the way they do and how to come to terms in this world as it is now….the information they all share is unreal! Flood dreams in every single child!

  281. Michael says:

    As mentioned by Redskinsrocks I have had reoccuring dreams of an Chinese invasion over the last year 1/2 and I am with other soldiers getting ready to move out for battle. Although I have never served and I am disabled. I know in my dream that it is basically WW3 and that I am not going to return. Even though I don’t want to die I am motivated to fight the invasion as I feel that it will help ensure the survival of my family. Late Summer of 2012 I had a dream of a terrorist detonating a small nuke in a small city that i’m in that i don’t know but happen to be in. Anyway the nuke turns into a terriffing firenado. There are others around and I tell a young boy to lay face down on the ground only thing is that we are on a side of the hill facing the blast. I could feel the heat on the entire back of my body as the heatwave approach and could smell the intense heat as well. I could feel the burning sensations for several minutes after waking. Haven’t had a dream shake me quite like this on in a long time. I also have had dreams of raging flooding rivers and streams since childhood but believe that they may represent turmoil within myself. I still haven’t made peace with having to resign after 24 yrs with the state, especially with a family to support.

  282. I have had recent dreams where I was looking from above at a large map and all of a sudden a huge explosion with a type of mushroom cloud happened over what I saw on the map was Oregon, and another in Montana. In years earlier I had a dream that never left me. It made such an impression I am afraid to cross bridges to this day. I was standing what I knew was somewhere in Florida, and I was on the ragged edge of a bridge that had collapsed. But it wasn’t just the bridge, the earth under fell away and it was hard to see the bottom, the hole was so big. And people were dazed and running all over and they seemed to be running to me asking what to do or where to go, and I remember shouting I didn’t know, I didn’t what to do myself. This dream has never left me.

  283. Ilana Levy says:

    This dream/vision is taken from http://www.lastofdays.co.za/other/athiest.htm
    where this man (AC ) had an amazing vision of his life,relating these events, December 28th 2012 and includes the end of this age ,as we know it.
    I have excerpted this portion below from his story and invite your readers to look into this vision.It is amazing !we all need to be aware of this.
    I cannot contact AC but want to let others know of his dream/vison as this will affect us all.
    Part of his dream( excerpted about the end time.)
    There is a vast and terrifying abyss just ahead. Many millions dying.. war.. death.. loss of hope. Our whole way of life.. our entire civilisation.. will soon be in ruin..That is when lights shine the brightest.. when darkness falls.
    The darkness falls very soon. Before the middle of next year… I cant see clearly WHAT it is.. I only know its devastating.. and permanent.. as in.. it ends western civilisation.. forever.
    One other thing I know about what’s coming..
    THERE WILL BE NO WARNING…NO one will predict it.. NO prophet will warn of it.. NO one will KNOW.. until the final few seconds.
    Its going to be FAST and SUDDEN and WORLD SHAKING..NO warning.. not even from the Lord.
    The ONLY clue I have been given regarding the beginning of the end is…it will happen on an ordinary day. A day just like any other. No change.. no “feeling” of impending doom…just a sudden and shocking CHANGE.. and nothing will ever be the same again.
    Our epoch ends.. just.. like.. that.(Snap of fingers)
    Then following this change.. this devastating world rocking event.. comes the harvest.
    Then before the year 2020,,,the final end.
    I was told I would see it.. the return. Its right at the end. I was also told I would not see the age of 50 in my current body.
    I am 44 tomorrow. That is the year I was told my destiny and all these years of hardships.. stupid mistakes.. lessons learnt.. and character building would all find the uses.
    We have.. I feel.. but a few weeks of “Normal” left.
    When the change comes.. it will catch everyone totally off guard.They are already off guard because of the December 21st campaign.. designed BY the media.. to achieve just that.
    Now they have an entire world population not caring one bit about any predictions or prophecies or forebodings.
    Everyone is asleep.. as planned..” and the flood came on a day they knew not.. and took them all away”…as in the days of Noah.. so shall it be again…and so it actually IS…NOW.

  284. VTA says:

    Whenever my deceased father shows up in dream, it’s like he’s really here, giving me a message. Last night I dreamed he asked me to help him fill out checks to withdraw money from the bank. The idea was he wanted to have CASH. I get the message.

  285. I had a dream of a huge earthquake. I was in the San Diego area for some reason when the ground started shaking. At first it wasn’t too terribly bad, maybe a 6.0, but then the shaking paused and then the ground was struck by a violent shock. The ground kept shaking for at least two minutes, and the intensity of the quake was around 8.0. Buildings and bridges collapsed, hills were shaken into little more than landslides, and many people were killed, largely because they relaxed after the 6.0 portion of the quake. The dream ended when the shaking stopped and I began to look at the widespread destruction around me.

    • Ilana Levy says:

      Have you posted the dream from this man whose initials are AC. It is extraordinary and he was given a warning of a disastrous event very soon….before June ! Please read this http://www.lastofdays.co.za/other/athiest.htm Ilana

      • That was a very interesting , very powerful vision or dream (I’ll say vision) that this person had, and it fits well with so much. Not to be alarming, Ilana – even though I have been called an alarmist by many in the past few years and have seen even friends turn away from me because of it – but the events that are going to sweep our world into the Tribulation are moving swiftly and that terrible time is nearly on us, if it isn’t already. Thank you for sharing that link, I had not run across it before. Peace and blessings to you.

      • Ilana says:

        Shalom David
        I am glad you read this vision from AC. It is REAL and not far away.(I am now I touch with AC.)
        Yes I know well what the Bible says is going to happen and we are at the beginning of the end of life as we know it here on earth. The LORD is coming soon….we have 7 years of tribulation which has already started , the disasters He said would happen are happening.
        READERS PLEASE TURN TO THE LORD NOW as only HE can give you peace and comfort during this time of tribulation which the whole earth will go through before HE comes.
        IN HIS LOVE

  286. jeffrey says:

    Last night I dreamed of small sinkholes becoming volcanic and ejecting material into the air. We had to get under cover because of all the material flying through the air, it was like rain and when it came down it sounded like glass. The sink holes were all over. but small like only a foot in diameter and the material was in pieces like gravel so if one hit you in the head it would hurt but not cause serious harm.
    Mr Greybeard, Its tough to lose friends. Most of us males who abide by a strong personal ethic can count our close friends with the fingers of one hand.
    There are a lot of people who can talk, some that can listen and only a very few who can communicate effectively.
    Some of the wisdom of a forty seven year old- not quite the grey beard yet.

    • Very true, Jeffrey; not all wisdom is confnied to those who are grey! You’re mention of the sinkholes spitting our flames really caught my eye – I was just reading this morning an account in Tacitus where sometime around 60 AD the ground in NW Germany did the same thing, which of course terrorized the locals. They tried pouring water on the flames to no effect, and were finally about to smother them with old clothes and such. This is something I’ve heard of before but never really paid a lot of attention to; I made the snap judgement that it was perhaps oil rich soil that was ignited, but there are no major oil deposits in that region of Germany that I know of, and it was distinctly said that the flames came from holes in the ground and would be ejected far enough to land on the roofs of houses and set them alight. Interesting!

      • nickk0 says:

        David – Have you heard of the Laacher See in Germany ? Probably not far from the area described by Tacitus.

      • No, Nickk0, I hadn’t until you mentioned it; thanks for bringing it to my attention! That is right in the area that Tacitus described, so that was probably the source, especially since one of the articles I just read mentioned that there is still occasional exhalations of volcanic gas around the caldera. And I agreed with the one writer you stated that if this volcano erupted today it would an unthinkable catastrophe! Thanks again…

  287. Donna says:

    I’m sure this doesn’t sound unique at all but I’d like to share my dream anyways. :)
    I have had numerous dreams of slow falling lights in the sky. In my dream I always sense that they mean bad news for the people on earth, but because of my faith I know it’s just part of the end and am strangly calm.
    Sometimes I am in different cities/countires, but they are always the same ‘falling star’ kind of lights, they always mean bad news, and I’m always eerily calm watching them while non believers panic.

    Thanks for reading~ Donna B

  288. Lisa says:

    I had a vivid dream last night that my hubby and I looked outside after a TV news weatherman reported an unusual moon phenomenon. There was a large bright full moon over our home. It had what looked like a stretched drop of blood on the bottom. Like a droplet of water that is being pulled by gravity from the faucet or something. As it finally falls, several planets flew out of the blood…one bright blueish/greenish, one red (looked like Saturn with rings) and one yellow/gold. Fascinating feeling. As they streaked across the sky, falling away from us and out of sight, we heard an odd noise. Suddenly a round ball of fire?a missile? (too bright to discern for sure) came back. It screamed past us and out of sight. Terrifying…felt like an attack, perhaps a nuclear warhead. There was an explosion, but no fallout. I haven’t been about to stop thinking about it.

  289. Cherry says:

    Myans maybe be off a year. OR WE ARE. This year, ison. Lemmon and pansstarr r coming. COMETS. We r already n ison’s electrical field. The sun is being affected and has a spot bigger than the earth and is ready to blow. CME. Don’t mean to sound CHRISTIAN but SWEET YESHUA! Jesus that is.

  290. Joseph t. Repas says:

    I had a dream in September 2012 that went like this: I am looking at the front of my house from about the center of the street and I noticed that the houses to the right were all gone and there was a realator sales sign where the houses were. I was thinking I could probably use those properties to extend my yard, garden…then I looked down the street and saw a vintage steam engine [ circa 1945 era] drifting down the track towards Camden. There were no freight cars nor passenger cars behind it. Which is called dead heading. I ran to the tracks to see if I could get a better view but when I got to the tracks there was a vintage steam engine from the civil war days there and a camp scene from the civil war with a campfire and two American flags on dowels next to the fire. It struck me as odd that there was not a union and confederate flag there at the campfire. One of the flags was leaning towards the fire much more than the other and started to catch fire. I approached that flag but a light skinned chubby man put out the flames before I got there. The flag was badly burnt but still in one piece and still recognisable though much of it had been blackened. END of dream.

  291. Terri M. says:

    I had a dream that everyone was evacuated on foot. No vehicles were allowed in the evacuation. Sirens were going off everywhere. We could only take what we could carry and I didn’t know what to do with my dog and cat. It was a long hard exhausting trek. When we reached this city I didn’t know, bombs started going off around us. I have these moments of nothing and I found myself standing on this platform looking out over the universe. I didn’t know where the earth was, we were just there in the middle of nowhere in space. There were select few with me. I don’t recall any walls or ceiling, it was just a massive platform and I walked to the edge and looked over. Then I woke up not understanding what I was feeling.

  292. tsungai says:

    i dremnt it was about to rain , dark clouds and everything including thunder . As it was about to rain i started seeing streaks of light trailing rocks ( meteors ) . As they were about to hit i searched for my family . As i found my wife and kid , she turned to me and said ‘YOU ARE LOOKING FOR GOD NOW THAT THE WORLD IS ENDING ‘ and i woke up .

  293. Nicholas Jenkins says:

    In September, 2010 I had a dream that rocked me to my core and have beeen left wondering about it since.

    I remember being at a large gathering of people. friends, family, and strangers. It was previous stated on the news that comets were near earth and could possibly hit. The tone of everyone’s mood was it was global warming. in the sense its talked about but no one really cares or understands. I’m standing in the rolm and everyone is laughing and enjoying themselves. The asteroids are visible in the sky, like jet fuel behind a plane. I then walk by everyone. No goodbyes or even an exchange of a look. The tvs are rapidly reporting the sky and its now known the comets will hit. I leave and find myself in a cottage. All wood, run down shack if you will. I’m in a valley of beautiful grains and grass. the wind is blowing and its so warm and calm. I get down on my knees and I pray. I actually wrote down what I remember in my journal for I am not a religious man nor do I have any knowledge on the topic. When I stood up I was completely relaxed and at ease. I went outside to stand on a hill looking out onto the amazing valley of warmth and grass. The sky grew bright and everything became silent. Just like that I watched three comets approach, hit and everything became shades of red, orange and yellow. The impact rushed torward me like a tsunami as I stood there perfectly content and happy. I then woke up.

    • Joseph t. Repas says:

      That is awesome dream Nicholas! If I may take a message from your dream would be the following….The people that are freaking out over what is to be and worried about it will die freaking out and worrying…The people who find peace, contentment, and love in living the simple life will die in peaceful, loving, contentment, but, also that they may survive all of this BECAUSE they have found the key that God gave to life…which is what the Hopi’s also talk about with future events and somewhat with some Christian prophets.Be blessed!

  294. chad storie says:

    I am 23 yrs old. In my dream i was looking at a green field with 2 trees, all of the sudden i heard a deafening boom i looked up at the sky and i saw the sun shining bright like normal and a giant blue star exploding,instantly i looked at the field and it was burning i turned and ran to a mobile home trailer which was my house in the dream, all my family was inside including my fiance, they were all panicking and concerned argueing about what it meant. i screamed for them to shut up they all stopped panicking and all eyes were on me i told them that if god wanted to destroy his creation that we had nothing to fear. what does this mean?

  295. Athol says:

    Hi, My name is Athol I am 37 and I would just like to share that I have had several dreams or visions in my life although not so much of late.

    One interesting vision I had occurred when I was in my late teens and has some interesting points but it’s not that dramatic, I guess just revelatory at the time for myself and only later did some meaning become applied to this but it’s interesting to note that I consider myself someone who took an interest in the subject matter and a maintained curiosity for this also was the only way to gain the insight into the vision.

    The first part of the vision was of a view (some of it came by a sense or knowing or kind of recognition) of the Earth from an outer perspective like from space and the Earth was covered completely as if by clouds, next I was in a representation of a section of the Earth with no special detail which contained a body of water and what appeared to be a bridge being built over the water but was not completed, this gave way to a new position near the edge of this water with what now looked like a jetty or pier going over the water from the edge and then I noticed someone dressed in robes which I imagined was a Pope walking along the jetty/bridge until he reached the end where he stopped then clapped his hands in front of him and where he clapped there appeared a frog.

    I do get the symbolic links to the Scriptures and find that this was intended for a guidance and confirmation, it is not the only vision I have experienced but it is one of the profound, with these kind of experiences in life you gain a certainty others only dream of (no pun intended) and it leaves you admiring when people ask “Do you believe?” and I do believe these kinds of experiences as confirmation leave no doubt with the se’er and move one from Faith to Truth with an unshakable foundation, a kind of cornerstone.

    I would love to share some more that I have recognised with people that I am sure would appeal to their curiosity for that edge of mystery….

    • jehjeh007 says:

      Athol, you are at the right place to discuss these types of dreams. Personally, I know what they feel like. They are not like the many dreams you have had before or even after. Almost to real to be a dream and you really feel that “out of my body” thing almost to a point of exhaustion and fear at the same time. But strangely, you are not afraid and cant believe you are not afraid. I believed the whole point of this “elevation” is a message to be dissimilated or understood by you and possibly others. Only you and the messenger (who or what that may be) can really make that call. I can say that there is rarely a cynical audience here, hence feel free. If it appears “out of line”, trust me when I say the “Oracle will get you”. He watches his site and is very knowing about these things we discuss. Sometimes he will chime in, most times not. Check out his books. Thanks for sharing – Peace Athol.

  296. Christine Collins says:

    In 1997, I had a dream that I was walking in a town when I decided to turn down a side street. I was not familiar with that neighborhood.There was a line of unkempt white row houses on each side of the street. The grass and plants in all of the yards were dead. There was a median in the center of the street which contained grass and trees that were also dead. There was no evidence of life or movement in or around any of the houses and the whole area seemed to be abandoned. At the far end of the neighborhood there appeared to be a large body of water on the horizon. Just in front of the water there were two more trees standing side-by-side which were living. They were both massive and their tops reached into the sky and could not be seen. The tree on the left was much larger than the one on the right and was twisted slightly with rough, gnarled bark. The tree on the right was younger and the bark was normal. As I was wondering about the trees, the younger one on the right broke in two somewhere in the sky above my vision. I saw the top of the great tree coming down out of the sky toward the neighborhood. I began to run to get out of the way when the treetop landed across the fronts of the houses on the right side of the street.
    I walked back out of that area but soon heard a siren and saw an ambulance turn in to that neighborhood. By the time I got back to see what was happening, the EMTS were loading an elderly black lady into the ambulance in a wheelchair with a broken hip. The tree had broken off the front of the house exposing what was inside. I entered the house and saw a bed against the wall where the lady had been sleeping. There was a child about 6-7 years old sitting up in bed rubbing his eyes. His stomach was bloated and he was emaciated. There was a long hall down the center of the house lined with beds and stretchers on each side. Each contained black people who were sleeping. A couple of them opened their eyes briefly and looked at me as I walked by but went back to sleep.
    Finally, I came to a room at the back of the house where there were a few younger women awake, but had evidently been involved in illicit acts with a large white man who was sneaking out of a back window.
    I got the impression that the two trees represented churches and the white man represented a church leader or pastor.

  297. Clemychaz says:

    hy everyone,
    i’m astonished yet not surprised to read all your dreams…let’s say i do dream too:
    nov 2004 it starde to be a little too weird; i dreamt i ‘could see thru the eyes of an engenieer, working on some blue eggshaped plasma bomb(?), in some underground lab, (electronics), so i checked out the place, there was a time matter. then the dream switched and i am facing the ocean somewhere from an upper road. big explosion in the water abt3miles from the shore..then nothing more than some splashes on the beach….then wake up. 1month later, tsunami in thailand etc.
    a lot of dreams where i am like an homeless, searching for food/ batteries/weapons. getting freely supplys in a mall, camping stuff mostly. panic, car stealing…
    a lot of zombies also, any form, most of the time the beginning of infection. virus, waves…etc. a lot of fighting sklls and ways to not get splashed with blood)…
    a lot of ufo dreams, i precise, ufo war; with our armys jets…but we are chasing them…or peaople, and we are running from ufos, cus they ‘blast’ us(beam)…i met some ETs too, some look like insects, they have brain control weapons, witch work on them too(good to know);,
    a lot of tsunamis too, mutli configuration too me, i live by the ocean since 2007, but these came a long time a go (see 2004..)…either way i’m at the beach, seeing the waveS, splshing over the dune(who protects us from the ocean actually), i think i can escape, but the water already is coming from the land….
    i recently had dreams where it mixes : tsunami, then people turning to zombies….
    or typic vivid dreams where i try to show ufos to people, or taking pictures, but i got it, i am dreaming right!!? then wake up…
    i dont know how you behave twds your dreams, but since the homeless mode and zombies, i pratice krav maga, have katanas an d others :), grow my own food, got my evac bag ready…..and the dreams seem to rarefy….be safe everyone, no fear, listen to you inner voice:)
    after all the ufo dreams, where i hear ‘it has started, it’s begginning”, sseeing planets super close (like jup or sat), moving objets in the sky, i had this dream :
    i was hiking with others(maybe20), on a path on the side of a montain (the valley was asain or something cu i could see a buddhist temple on the other side of the very green valley, huge, golden helmets buddha as roofs, still golden but upsidedown and with jungle over it…) we walked with backpacks, silently, for a long time…then we arrived at what seemed to be the top of earth(?) so we could embrace the whole sky (as the ‘little prince of st exupery!)..what we saw was just beautyful and somptuous: it was a huge black/withe(?) hole, not spiraling, but same as a fall, where any object from the sky was heading to, getting to its plan, then when falling, desintegrating and turning into pure light….(planes, ships, asteroid belt, planets….etc) i was very at peace, ans say to myself: so::this is where everything i saw before inthe skyes are going!!finaly!lol) so i was quiete happy…
    then the bad dreams with ufos , bluebeam holograms odf zeus , the crowd fascinated…pff… (lol)

  298. Dare says:

    I had this dream twice. I was in the middle of no where and everything around me was burnt to a crisp. Big fiery meteors were falling all around me and I was all alone. I saw the skies split open and before god came down from the skies I remember I was on my knees asking for forgiveness while I hid behind a rock. And before god came out of the sky I woke up.

  299. Tracy says:

    I had a dream that the moon was hit by something. Volcanoes started erupting on the moon and it was covered in lava. Something that looked like glass fell from the sky. People were panicking and no one’s cell phone worked. Some kids asked my for money for a pay phone. Then I walked into a building where people were scared and acting crazy. Some little kids took me into an elevator, then through a secret passage. The room was full of kids. I knew what was going on outside the room, but I was safe. The weird part i