Iceland, Chile, Africa: earthchanges have become a uniform planetary geological phenomena

 June 13, 2011 – ICELANDIt began, in earnest, about a year ago with an inordinate number of volcanic eruptions reported in the year 2010. In 2011, mud volcanoes also begin erupting in Azerbaijan and Vietnam. Unexplained incidents of lithospheric fracturing and fissures were also being reported across the globe- in the U.S., Canada, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Pakistan, and Spain. Many of these incidents mysteriously occurred with no seismic precursors. Tectonic plate agitation was increasing across the globe though few were taking notice of the dynamic geological changes sweeping across the face of planet Earth. Then came the 9.0 2011 Tōhoku earthquake, which Japanese geologists said appeared to have awaken as many as 20 volcanoes across the Japanese Islands. As early as 2010, I stated Japan, like Iceland, had entered a new period of geological dynamism. One early indicator was the number of volcanic eruptions at Japan’s Mount Sakurajima had nearly doubled from 2009 to 2010. Earth has entered a period of hyper-volcanism both on land and under the sea- where 80% of all volcanism occurs. As these submarine volcanoes erupt, the oceans are warming, becoming more hypoxic and acidic and marine kills across the globe will continue to increase as a result. This earth-changes phenomena can no longer be consigned to the geologic peculiarity of the Pacific Ring of Fire where 75 of the planet’s active volcanoes are located. The effects have now extended well beyond the Pacific and will continue to destabilize geologic and meteorological conditions across the planet. On the above map, in the last 24 days, Grímsvötn volcano in Iceland (May 21), Puyehue volcano in Chile (June 4) and the Nabro volcano in Eritrea (June 13) have all been awakened by the sudden explosive stress of seismic swarms. It is of particular interest to note that Nabro is not a Holocene volcano and has never erupted before in recorded history. These events are early-warning signs of just how far along these processes have already progressed. –The Extinction Protocol
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65 Responses to Iceland, Chile, Africa: earthchanges have become a uniform planetary geological phenomena

  1. Jens Skapski says:

    Nice speech but you forgot something:
    - 8.8 in Chile last year
    - Popocatepetl last week! It erupt without any sign!
    - New Zealand-Quakes

  2. kristoffer says:

    which will be the next volcano, or something? We don’t know
    I am scared of something big will happen

    • J Guffey says:

      kristoffer: On a personal note. Are you a Christian? If so, God will be with you no matter what comes. God bless you.

      • kristoffer says:

        I am kind of a christian, not a religious christian or anti-christian

      • Maiden PEI says:

        Why only Christians?

        There are multitudes of people…if not ALL of us…that God is always with, even when one does not acknowledges/believe in him/her/it!

        I don’t think he picks just Christians.

        I really don’t understand how ‘Christians’ do not see this.

        Love to all,

      • J Guffey says:

        According to the Scriptures only those that have trusted in Christ as their savior will not perish. Christ was God’s provision for us to spend eternity in Heaven. Because of His great great love and sacrifice we have hope after life on Earth ends. It’s a free gift – all we have to do is believe, ask for forgiveness, and turn our lives over to the Lord.

        John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life”.
        John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
        John 5:24 Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. He does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life.

        When I asked Jesus to save my soul, I knew how undeserving I was and couldn’t believe it was so simple. But God sees the heart. When we turn our lives over to Him, He forgives and forgets our past sins. Hope this answers your questions.

        True Christians are honestly concerned for the lost and are not trying to be judgmental. We are all born with a sinful nature. In the times we are facing, hopefully many will be seeking the Lord for answers.
        Praying for you to have understanding and find your way. God bless!!

      • kristoffer says:

        I don’t think something big will happen here where I live, here in Norway
        but an earthquake can come anytime, It have been some earthquakes before here, but not big, maybe around 4 on the richter scale, and that felt I last year.

      • J Guffey says:

        kristopher: Disaster / death can strike anyone unannouced from any number of causes. Death is no respector of persons, regardless of age, color, size, political affiliation, rich, poor, male, female, etc.
        You may want to read what Alvin said below in his post June 13th at 10:46.
        Satan likes to keep people in the dark or trying to straddle the fence. Either of these ways, Satan wins.
        God is so willing to save those that trust in Him. Then come what may, in the end, eternal life with no more sorrows will be the reward. Consider the alternative, if I am right, is it worth the risk? It (salvation) could be yours for the asking.
        I’m sure many on this site would be more that willing to help guide and encourage you along the way. My heart goes out to you as I feel you are truly searching. I will continue to pray for you and others that seem to sense the urgency to have a spiritual life-changing experience. God bless.

      • Maiden PEI says:

        Dear J Guffey,

        Re: “True Christians are honestly concerned for the lost and are not trying to be judgmental.”
        But that’s just it…I’m not ‘lost’…never have been!

        So you see, it IS being judgemental.

        Christianity isn’t the ONLY way Home to God.

        That’s like saying something like, only people who go to YOUR University will get their degrees.

        That none of the other Universities count.

        I’m just saying I really don’t understand this view & like I said to Luca, I would really appreciate it if you or anyone else would explain it to me?

        My best friend, in her own words, is a ‘born again Christian’ & she too believes that her way/religion is the ONLY way & all the rest of us are going to Hell.

        Being in the ‘end times’, she has spoken more about the “Rapture” that of course will only SAVE people who are Christian.

        So one day, when she said this again, I asked her how she will feel, rising up, being saved, going to Heaven & seeing me go to Hell.

        She asked me why I thought I was going to Hell, & I said, “Because, you keep saying only Christians will be Raptured/saved.”

        I think it gave her something to think about.

        Another time I said something about her husband not being “Raptured” as he is not “a believer”, & you know what she said?

        She said that, no, all family & pets will go with those “Raptured”…even if they were “lost” because they did not “believe”…even though they weren’t Christian.

        I guess what I am trying to say is that, I respect & am happy for my Friend for what she follows & believes in on her Spiritual path…I just don’t understand why what I/other people follow & believe in on our Spiritual path is not respected as well.

        Anyway…wanna join Luca & me in some ice-cream????? :-)

      • J Guffey says:

        kristoffer & Maiden PEI – Ice cream sounds great. Thanks for the invite.
        So as not to post a seriously long note on this site, I am posting three links that may help you to understand where I am coming from. One explains meaning of “Christian”. The 2nd one explains the difference between discernment and judging (without condemning). The 3rd concerns the “Roman Road to Salvation”.
        Maiden PEI – as far as non-Christians family members going to Heaven because of a family member that is Christian. That is not in my Bible. Accepting Christ is a decision each individual must make for themselves. God forces Himself on no one.

        I am a sinner saved by God’s grace. Only by accepting Him as my Lord and Savior do I have hope of entering Heaven. It is definitely a gift I do not deserve and the one I am most thankful for.

        God bless you both. You seem to honestly be seeking answers to many things. Hopefully I have not confused you even more and you will find the answers you seek.

  3. luisport says:

    Magnitude Mw 6.7
    Region MOLUCCA SEA
    Date time 2011-06-13 14:31:24.0 UTC
    Location 2.49 N ; 126.51 E
    Depth 87 km
    Distances 186 km NE Bitung (pop 137,364 ; local time 22:31:24.8 2011-06-13)
    221 km NE Tondano (pop 33,317 ; local time 22:31:24.8 2011-06-13)

  4. Blacktail says:

    We have another 6.2 on Molucca Sea, its almost the same situation than the 9.0 Japan earthquake !

  5. Francisco Matamala says:

    It’s interesting how people from all over the world are starting to become aware that “something’s up” (to put it mildly). I live in Chile, and about 6-8 years ago began to have an indescribable “ache”, a strong push to act, to be be aware, to prepare. I still do not know how this feeling came to be.

    The scientist in me hypothesized that dormant areas of my body, parts of me that my consciousness cannot understand, are listening and receiving information, warning signs if you will, much like deer sense the approach of hunters. I think it’s an innate survival mechanism, and I’m listening.

    The spiritual side of me is also listening. Love mixed with responsibility have pushed me to better myself NOW, to embrace what time I have left and care for my family, my wife, my kids. If it is their destiny to survive, I must help them get there. It’s not a sad feeling, though, I am somehow at peace.

    I lived through the 8.8 Richter on the 27th of February, last year; I was 100 kms. from the epicenter. It was an experience like no other, one which reinforced what my body and soul already knew. IEarlier this year I came across this site and finally became consciously aware. “Something’s up” is all I can now say. The rumbling underneath my feet from a volcano exploding 400 kms. away a week ago merely confirmed it.

    What I know, what I feel, I cannot truly describe, in fact I don’t think we have words for it. I’m not so sure about apocalypse, about all things ending. All I know for sure is that CHANGE is coming. And change is not necessarily a bad thing.

    Thank you for your site, for sharing this with others. To everyone who reads, contributes and who is becoming AWARE, thank you, I’m not alone now :).

    To everyone, God Bless. We’ll be all right.

    • I like your spirit. Many can be inspired by your love, devotion and awakening to the spiritual side of life. We should feel consoled by such an attitude.

      May God bless you and keep you and the family in His ever-abiding love and care,

    • Maiden PEI says:

      I’m glad you’re not afraid…nor am I.

      There’s nothing to be afraid of…least of all death, because ‘who we are’ does NOT die.

      I live on Prince Edward Island, Canada, which is but a mere sandbar of an ‘island’, so I understand we are likely going under some time in these Earth Changes, & I am prepared for it, if that is what will happen.

      I’m not afraid of death…it’s long, drawn out suffering/pain that I’m not a fan of, though! :-)

      Ah, well…what will be will be…I’m ready.

      Love & support to all,

      • A_lad says:

        Wow! That’s where the found the Blue Lobster Maiden. Very cool!

      • Maiden PEI says:

        Oh, we catch them here all the time! ;_)

        Well, not ALL the time…but considering how rare they are (1 in 4-10milliion) I would say we catch them pretty darn often…the one before thisyear’s one was caught in 2009 & there was one caught in 2002…those are the only ones I know about, but there are probably more.

        Thw 2002 one was kept for a short while before being preserved & mounted on the restaurant’s wall…people come to the island for the musical ‘Anne of Green Gables’ & for the lobster & the blue ones draw even MORE tourists from all over.


      • Luca says:

        I couldn’t reply to your comment above but why put Christians in a box?

        You say Christians do not see this in your comment about God caring for people. Are all Christians like that? No and I am offended by you saying that Christians only pray for Christians. Please take me out of the box you put me in.

      • Maiden PEI says:

        Luca…please re-read my post…I said nothing about Christians praying.

        I was replying to J Guffey’s comment: “Are you a Christian? If so, God will be with you no matter what comes.”

        I was asking J Guffey: “Why only Christians? I don’t think he picks just Christians.”

        I hear a lot of Christian people say this & I honestly don’t understand it…it just doesn’t make sense to me.

        I would sincerely appreciate you or anyone else explaining it to me.

        PS: I didn’t put you in a box…you put yourself there , & no-one can take you out of it either…only you can…so come on…hop out & let’s go get an ice-cream! :-)

      • PD says:

        Dear Maiden PEI

        you are not lost, trust in your instincts, you are aware of what is going on around you, as you have said previously there is more than one way to home and there is!! love will lead you there and the spiritual universe will know and be there for you. there is nothing to be afraid of, and you sound like an amazing person if I could eat ice cream I would join you!!

        wish you all the best for the future of love and support

      • Earth Angel says:

        Hi Maiden PEI…I quite agree with you and I can’t wait to go play in another universe real soon. I do believe in another consciousness greater than my wee pee brain ego thingy that I am…also your invitation to eat ice cream sounds like it could be fun…. NZ ice cream is the best I do believe. Opps it’s all those beliefs coming up again bugger!!
        Ummmmm Christian ummmmm Bhuddist….. ummmm Shintoism ….. Catholicism…. Judasim the list goes on and on… since the begining of time we have been searching and becoming through the mind.

        Now it is time for us to live in Oneness without the mind so to speak. Living in the heart as Jesus did…. we cannot get to GOD through the mind…. that is why Jesus said that chidlren would get there first… And all of what I have just said is through the processs of the mind…. one must experience GOD…. and GOD is everywhere…. qualities of love, compassion, humbleness, forgiveness etc. abide… ummmm much to think about I say… there is that mind again!!
        In the east they say… Life is relationships… and the mind keeps us separate from the other, we are not the mind, we are not the body… And then came the Law of Attraction…thoughts create things… better start having positive thoughts don’t you think (there is that mind again). What is happening in our external world (what we can see) is only a reflection of what is happening in our internal world (the mind and our feelings)… Keen to hear what others think or should I be saying FEEL…

    • patrizia says:

      God bless you, your ancient Spirit, and all your family. I’m aware, too, like you, like a lot of other people

    • Robert Lee-Webb says:

      Very well said Francisco, I live in Zimbabwe and have felt the same way you have for a while now. Change is coming, I can feel it in my very being and one needs only open their eyes and their hearts to see that it has already begun.

      To Everyone– We should be more specific than “change” however. To mention change is to mention life itself, they are one and the same. What is coming i think is a complete change for life on earth, a broad stroke of the divine brush. A collective step.. or a step by the collective. To be reflected at every level. A revolution.

      If we think about it like this it makes more sense. The key ingredient for any change is energy.( of which there is an endless supply in our wonderfull universe) When we describe change what we are really describing is changes in enery at one level or another- for as i’m sure you know energy is never lost. It simply changes form. Now without getting lost in complicated detail here, the point at which this change occurs depends on the amount of energy or pressure needed to initiate it. It therefore makes sense to say that a good indication of where this change will occur is where the pressure is building.

      Now with rising food prices, oil prices, a global unemployment crisis, global inequality, a loss of personal identity amoung individuals, the exspansion of science into fields such as cloning and genetic manipulation, an increase in natural disasters and disease, pollution etc etc etc… we can see that pressure is building on every level accross the globe.

      The change that is coming is not only certain but natural. It is as we have said- life. A future down this path we are travelling is unimaginable.The pressures are too great. A good example- But fifteen years ago cell phones were the peak of global communication technology..and we all have that old relative who reminds us about the time when television was a myth. Now we communicate in extraordinary ways and watch 3D tv’s high definition. Both technological feets achieved within the decade. Can you imagine where we will be in these fields in another ten years? What about fifty? Or by the turn of the next century? U can’t. And it is the same no matter where u look. Another easy topic-cars! The Bugati veron supersport.. described by its creators as the fastest one can travel on a road on four wheels( At 435km/h they are probably right) And if it is the fastest what next??

      As for us- I believe that is where the greatest change will happen, for it is because of us that these pressures are building. It is our ignorant self- destructive nature that has caused most of this and it is us that will have to change the most.

      The nature of this change that has begun is another topic well as what awaits us on the other side. However hope in the fact that there will be another side should be with us all and in these growing times of pressure and uncertaintity, hope and belief in our ability to change as human beings should drive us through to the other side.. to a better future.

      I Believe.

    • Tony says:

      Well said Francisco…
      After reading what you had to say, you’ve made me realise myself also feels this way…I have the strongest feeling, I call it Anxiety.
      For the last three years I have had this erg to study Ancient civilisations, I cant explain it because I hated history at school and geography was boring…Non the less, Iv’e enjoyed the last three years.
      I’m not a Christian person, but I do believe in something, I just don’t know what that is. What I do know is, it gets stronger each day and my erg for information overwhelms me.
      I agree with your CHANGE theory. I’m starting to believe that we who feel this will get through it.

      Thank you for posting this, and I hope you and your family keep safe….I have six kids and a beautiful wife and I know how you feel…

  6. Luke says:

    Alvin should we be getting ready ?

    • We’re getting closer to a break-out point where these events will soon begin erupting in concert and in cascading fashion. It’s definitely a call to move up in readiness mode. Geological processes are occurring within the planet which we can’t see- only the effects, which means this process is probably further along than we realize.

      • Kathy says:


        Other than spiritually, what is “readiness mode”?

        God’s Blessings to All.

      • Kathy, we’ll have to find a way to devote more space to this vital subject. Readiness mode involves a lot of things but of immediate concerns is starting with individual personage and radiating outward. Everyone should have a back-pack or emergency disaster kit available at a moment’s notice. It should include basic essentials that can see through an emergency for 3 days- water, dehydrated food, first-aid kit, flashlight, space blanket.

  7. Jose says:

    6.2 Mw – MOLUCCA SEA
    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude6.2 Mw
    Date-Time​13 Jun 2011 14:31:17 UTC​13 Jun 2011 22:31:17 near epicenter​13 Jun 2011 09:31:17 standard time in your timezone
    Location2.516N 126.438E
    Depth13 km
    Distances​211 km (131 miles) ENE (57 degrees) of Manado, Sulawesi, Indonesia​218 km (135 miles) NNW (331 degrees) of Ternate, Moluccas, Indonesia​424 km (263 miles) SSE (161 degrees) of General Santos, Mindanao, Philippines​1044 km (649 miles) WSW (239 degrees) of KOROR, Palau

  8. archaios says:

    the signs are worldwide, if people ignore them then they will suffer from their own ignorance.

  9. luisport says:

    MariRamosCNN Mari Ramos
    There is a volcanic ash advisory for aviation over parts of #Eritrea #Ethiopia #Somalia & #Sudan ~ #volcano #ashcloud
    há 8 minutos

  10. J Guffey says:

    Very informative article Alvin. Praying for God to continually bless you as you seek to serve Him. Your witness and the humbleness you display is commendable and apparently God-given.

  11. Wiseguy says:

    I’ve red that Katla is having a lot of harmonic tremors and it would be no surprise if it erupt soon. Like Francisco is saying, it will be a change but not in a bad way, maybe bad for some, but so much better for those who are spiritually prepare. The way I see it, it’s exciting and very interesting. Why in our era, I say why not !!! It has to happen and we’re lucky to witness it. Mayans knew, they were certainly jealous because they knew we would see amazing things from the universe happening.

  12. Texas Listening Post says:

    It would seem that the earth’s energy system has received additional energy and this extra energy is driving these changes. The source???? Add enough energy to water and it will change state and boil.

    To me, for the believer in Christ, this is not a time to run and seek a “safe place”. For us to know that these events are trying to wakeup believers and non believers alike. How much more of a dramatic message does the world need. Do not rejoice in the destruction but that Christ is coming.

    May the blessing of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirt descend upon you and remain with you forever.

  13. Swan says:

    Elenin ? Much buzz nowadays about this comet leaving a signature in the infrared spectrum (which it should not if I understood correctly, but a specialist should infirm/confirm that). Some youtube videos show an interesting hypothesis about the correlation of its alignment with earth and sun (mainly) over its ongoing approach and some of the mega tectonic shakes which occured recently. Food for thought.

  14. Brandon says:

    Everyone, Let’s see if y’all can stomach this one. Want to know how near Christ’s return is? This is how near. I was reading a huge thread on ATS regarding the EQ swarm and Nabro eruption. One person highly recommended this site for extremely good info on the current earth changes. A naysayers says that Alvin’s data is wrong and that he is fear mongering in order to sell a book. He also said…. wait for it…. earth changes are not increasing, quakes are not increasing, and the global climate is not becoming inhospitable. I know Jesus said in the Last Days there would be scoffers. I don’t know what to say, Alvin.


    • Say nothing. Pray for them and continue to tell others about Christ’s soon return. Doubters are plentiful as rain.

      • Luca says:

        So true I am surrounded by doubters, naysayers. I at first I get angry than sad. Christ whispers in my ear, pray for them and love them. Christ said for us who follow Him to love God and love others. And I love Christ more than words could convey and He has taught me how to love others. Its disheartening to be around people who either give you mean looks, laugh at you, etc. When you tell them what is happening around the world. But I will pray for them.

        God Bless you all

  15. Fernalea says:

    Thanks to all of you for your spiritual insight, to Alvin for your steadfastness in the Lord, to Texas Listening Post for telling it like it is: “Do not rejoice in the destruction but that Christ is coming.” I do believe He is coming soon and we all must be spending more time bringing others to Christ before the end, instead of sitting on our blessed assurance and waiting. I certainly believe that now is the time for the workers to be putting in overtime.

    Any comments on WHY the media isn’t telling this like it really is? Why we have to glean information off the Internet rather than having it blasted at us from the news 24/7? Who is in control in keeping the media so quiet? They are more concerned about politicians personal texting habits than what’s really happening to Planet Earth. Is this part of Satan’s plan to keep the ignorant…. ignorant?

    • Frogs in boiling water under a slow burn has always been Satan’s plan. The book of Revelation says the devil “deceiveth the whole world.” Rev. 12:9 Before the close of Earth’s history, his power is to reach its zenith. Precious hours are ticking away that will never again be found in a world that is increasingly tilting more in the direction of chaos, destruction and desolation. While many are absorbed in the vices and pleasures of this world, the Bible warns us destruction will come upon the Earth mightily and suddenly just as it fell upon the people in the days of Noah. Soon, the peace and residual tranquility we now know will be engulfed in the chaos of the tempest and will be gone forever. While wheat is languishing in the fields, withering from lack of hope and harvest, we have a mighty work to do in heralding the last message of gospel truth to a dying world. Rev. 14:6,7

      May God bless you Fernalea

      • Luca says:

        You are a wise man my friend. A wise humble man of God. :) a true example of Christ message of love. Christ is smiling down upon you my friend.

        someone once said to me they didn’t follow Christ because they hated Christians even though they liked Christ. I was upset because I am a Christian and The fact He didn’t want to follow Christ though He liked Him a lot just because of some False Christians who were cruel to him. So I told him what I heard a man once say to me. If you like Christ than follow Christ and not Christians.

      • Luca…kind words from a warm soul.

        May God encircle you in His light always,

  16. PD says:

    it’s sad to see that religion is once again at the forefront of doom and gloom scare mongering!! trying to get people to join their cults. Whatever you need to do to cope with change, is what you need to do as change is coming and it’s about time! yes there is a universal presence a power beyond us mare humans and yes we have been selfish people and religion has been at the forefront for many a year also. you don’t have to be involved in religion to know love, respect, honest and compassion for mankind and respect the world that has been given to us and its spiritual universe. I am looking forwards to this time as its time that we all will be humbled, and yes some of us won’t survive and some of us will and those that do are that ones that we hope will bring a unity to the world of love your fellow man! we all have this quality in us!!!

    • PD, you’re enlightened enough to have your own opinion free of criticism…I trust that you have also evolved enough to let others have theirs. This is part of the same problem that’s putting the world’s powers on the path of self-destruction. It’s called- ego control.

      • PD says:

        Thank you for your words Alvin, and I am quite happy for others to have there say, but it shows that others here are not accepting of others beliefs which you nicely put is … EGO CONTROL!

        wish you all the best

  17. Brandon says:

    Well it was only a matter of time before a skeptic showed up. Alvin, what will it take for people to WAKE UP?! PD, Jesus loves you more than you could ever imagine. This was predicted in the Book of Revelation. All these earth changes. It will get worse! It will get so bad that God Himself will have to shorten the Tribulation days to keep life from being wiped out. God loves you.


    • PD says:

      Dear Brandon I’m no sceptic thank you for your judgement of me therefore I can see you have take on the role of your GOD and His son Jesus. my 20years of studying religion and going as far as going to Israel and seeing and reading the bible in its true form in Hebrew etc. please don’t quote scriptures to me, as I sand in my first note I know what is coming and I am very happy that it is you do not have to be involved in religion to know this.

      I hope your conversion of people goes well for you and wish you all the best for the future!
      love thy neighbour as thy self

  18. Luca says:

    What a nice thing Brandon to say and so true

    Christ loves you my friend. And everyone else too. :)
    God Bless

  19. i thought that chile was part of the ring of fire that goes to the west of chile. this is news to me. i suppose that all earthquakes are connected, though.

  20. Brandon says:

    PD, I apologize if I sounded judgmental. That was not my intention. Thank you for taking the time to respond to me. I do love my neighbor. Trying to love myself, but it’s hard.


    • PD says:

      Thanks for the reply. Don’t be to hard on your self Brandon, One must love themselves to know how to truly love another, which I am sure you are doing :)

  21. Bev says:

    I am not a religious person, yet in october 2003 (the 29th to be precise) I saw something that I still cannot explain. I couldn’t sleep and took my dogs for a walk at about 2am.
    It was one of those lovely still full moon light nights, and I saw a flash out the corner of my eye, looking up I saw a red ball of light shoot across the sky from horizon to horizon. Following it with my eyes I almost screamed because filling the sky in the west was an angel made of cloud. Now I do not mean ‘a vaguely angel shaped cloud, I mean a perfectly sculpted angel of cloud, every muscle, sinew and detail of the robe it wore, it trailed a sword in its right hand, then turned its face and looked at me with terrible regret.
    I have never, NEVER been so terrified in my life, I froze, then ran home. I don’t know why, but I just KNEW that something very bad was coming.
    If this was an hallucination, then its the only one I have ever had,
    I don’t believe in angels, but I know what I saw.
    The following night I saw for the first time the northern lights over britain. Since then I can not shake the feeling that ‘a storm is coming’.
    I am a sceptic, and anti religion and its very hard for me to share this with anyone, and being a sceptic, I do not expect to be believed.
    But you are all right to be aware that something is coming, in fact, I think its already started.

    • J Guffey says:

      Hey Bev,

      Maybe it was a vision you were meant to see, so that you would realize there are angels. Some are sent by God for various reasons, one being to warn people. Praying for you, that you may know the truth and hope God offers. We may be afraid at times, but don’t have to live in fear if we trust in Him. God bless you. You are most likely right – it’s already started.

    • Julie says:

      Bev –

      Your comment made me cry – it is so . . . raw.

      What works for me? I hold on tight to the love I know the Creator has for me. Has for us all. Yes, for us ALL.

      When my child is in my arms, he is not scared. He relaxes and knows that everything will be all right. That is what I’m doing. I’m relaxing in the arms of My Creator. Watching the storm come. And it has been coming for some time.

      I wish could chat with you – chat over a cup of tea. And don’t worry about being believed. Many of us have had our own experiences that have led us here. You know what you saw – it was a message for you. Thanks for sharing it with me.


  22. Bev says:

    Thank you Julie, to be honest I don’t even know why I decided to finally tell someone about this, but I just couldn’t hold it in any more. .
    I’ve been sitting outside life ever since, watching the world, watching how crazy and fast society has become, like bees gorging on the earths honey because they feel the forest fire coming, numbing their brains with the manstream media. I don’t feel right being around them anymore, I’m moving at a different speed and they are just a blur of ignorance.

    • Julie says:

      G’morning Bev –

      I’m drinking my morning coffee w/ hot chocoate – so it is close enough to tea!

      I’m so glad you shared you story, vision, experience. I’ve had a few “odd” experiences in my life – made me feel crazy. (My husband still thinks I’m crazy – but loves me for it, I guess!) And yes, I also hid from the world. But my hiding did not work for me, or for the world. i don’t have all the answers but I have answers that absolutely work for me. I do think we are approaching a time of absolute chaos. Call it armageddon, the end of the world, the great awakening, the 2nd coming – I don’t know what it is exactly but I know it is fast approaching. I love this web-site because it is filled with mostly kindred spirits. I agree with some, disagree with others. Try to love them all. I relate to your post more than you will ever know. (I’m not religious – every time I’ve tried church, it has ended badly. I get judgemental and don’t recognize myself, or they turn on me – humans are a funny bunch!) You were chosen to see what you saw – don’t know why, but I know that is true. I don’t believe in accidents. And I could agree with your assessment of the world – the craziness is stunning, the going so fast – what’s the point? If we are part of God – would this earth be a cancer on His body?
      Please, don’t give up or hide. You can be the light someone needs, to know they aren’t crazy, either. When I hid it was with absoulute fear. I finally put my fear away from me. What did it? A bumper sticker: Enjoy Life – It’s Not A Dress Rehearsal. That was it. A BUMPER STICKER! Isn’t that great!? A silly bumper sticker penetrated that fear and got me out of fear. I then really got that if the soul is eternal (which I believe) then there really is nothing to fear. I GOT IT! So now, I relax . . . and watch it all with a non-judgemental eye because I know everyone has their own path.
      Thanks for having breakfast with me! :-)


  23. Bev says:

    I must admit Julie that it has been interesting reading this site and realising that there are a lot of others who have stepped outside of the craziness that seems to be filling the world. Thank goodness for the free thinkers.
    It almost seems there are 3 kinds of people,
    The sheep, who follow the herd, and pretend its all okay because somebody else is in charge, and they feel nice and safe in the middle of their flock.
    The wolves, who feed on the flock.
    And the sheepdogs, who, though they are more like the wolves, they have buried their darker instincts and selfishness, and want to protect the sheep.
    Its a very simplified analogy, but one that amuses me.
    I might not have explained myself clearly in my last post, I sit outside, yes, but I find I am gathering other people who are stepping out of the craziness that society has become. I almost feel like I am waiting for something to happen, and until it does there is no point in making plans or starting down new paths. Its a big change for me, as I was always someone who set goals and worked towards them.
    I know what you mean about churches, tried that myself, but unfortunatly its often the least spiritual of people that are drawn to them. One does not enlighten oneself by focusing on the darkness in others, though perhaps one might believe oneself to look brighter in comparison….lol
    I have been a wolf, and understood how it can seems to be a good choice, after all one gets to eat the sheep, but wolves are hated, feared and killed, wolves suffer starvation in the winters and live a harsh life, wheras the sheepdog also gets to eat, run, chase and play, and is admired and valued.
    I wish there were a church where nobody has defined God beyond aknowledging that God is the desire in us all to work in harmony for the good of all. Where everyone is encouraged to find God as they define it as part of themselves.
    Religions are all so male, rules, regulations, systems and heirarchy, how can the spirit fit such a confined space!

  24. Julie says:

    Hi Bev –
    Sheepdog Julie here! Love that analogy!
    I often tell my hubby that Jesus knew EXACTLY what he was talking about when he said he was the shepherd for the lost sheep! I often feel half nuts that the sheep won’t wake up!
    Yes, I feel it coming, too. I’ve felt it for sometime, but there seems to have been a lull for a while – maybe 30minutes of silence? But it is back now, very strong. Like a train coming down the tracks. I don’t know if you have kids, but my kids have forced me to look for hope and the positive.
    I have a hard times with some “Christians” (forgive me all who read this, if you are easily offended) – but I find Jesus of the bible to be an amazing rebel. I think the whole point of existence is to love God and love each other and love yourself. And I often wonder if this isn’t one and the same. And I am making plans – sortof. We continue to live – because who knows what tom will bring, right? I ran a 10k with my kids on Memorial Day and feel the joy of being alive. That’s what I’m taking from all this – be joyous and grateful and enjoy the moment!
    I’m SO GLAD you haven’t become a recluse. I thought maybe you had. And how incredible that you were chosen to see such an amazing vision! WoW! It is fabulous that you are seeking like minded folks – the more we share, the more we realize that we are not crazy.
    And remember, in the words of Jack Kerouac: Enlightenment is: Do what you want, eat what there is.
    - Thanks! And I do love your site!

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