Scientists puzzled by giant whirlpools that have appeared in the Atlantic Ocean

April 13, 2011SAO PAULO – U.S. scientists discovered two giant whirlpools in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Guyana and Suriname. It became a sensational discovery because this part of the ocean has been studied thoroughly, and no one expected anything like that to appear in the area. More importantly, no one can understand where the whirlpools came from and what surprises they may bring to people. According to Brazilian scientist Guilherme Castellane, the two funnels are approximately 400 kilometers in diameter. Until now, these were not known on Earth. The funnels reportedly exert a strong influence on climate changes that have been registered during the recent years. “Funnels rotate clockwise. They are moving in the ocean like giant frisbees, two discs thrown into the air. Rotation occurs at a rate of one meter per second, the speed is sufficiently large compared to the speed of oceanic currents, on the border hoppers is a wave-step height of 40 cm,” Castellane said. Even during the dry months, when the movement of oceanic currents and the flow of the Amazon River practically comes to a standstill, the funnels do not disappear. Therefore, the nature of the funnels does not depend on the flow of water, which one of the world’s biggest rivers brings into the ocean. The natural phenomenon, which creates the whirlpools, is unknown to modern science. As a matter of fact, the phenomenon of giant whirlpools in the World Ocean is not new to science. In most cases, the craters, or rings, as scientists call them, are formed as a result of so-called vertical currents. The latter, in their turn, appear because of differences in water density which appear because of difference in temperatures of water layers. It is an open secret that cold water is thicker and heavier, so it goes down, underneath the masses of warm water, which is lighter. This is the reason why warm currents in the World Ocean always flow closer to the surface, whereas colder currents flow closer to the bottom. However, such movement of water may not always depend on the difference of temperatures of the water column. The difference in salinity can also be a reason. The mechanism here is the same. The density of saltier water is higher, this water is heavier and it moves closer to the bottom, pushing less saltier water up. This type of vertical fusion occurs frequently in the tropics because high temperatures lead to the evaporation of water from the surface. The salt does not evaporate with water, though. It stays in the ocean, which raises the level of salinity on the upper layer of water. This layer “drowns” and gives way to less saltier waters of the depth. Such vertical movements of water create giant whirlpools. The whirlpools, tens and even hundreds of kilometers in diameter, may last for months and even years, scientists say. The vertical movement of waters is a slow process, though. Why do those whirlpools exist for such a long time? This is partially the effect of Earth’s magnetic field. In addition, marine water contains many charged ions, Na and Cl for example. To crown it all, water molecules are dipoles that are charged both positively and negatively. Any dipole starts spinning when moving in the magnetic field. An oceanic ring gathers millions of billions of molecules together. That is why the giant circle movement triggered by the vertical movement of water may last for months and years mechanically. Ions also give more power to the craters. Natrium and Chlorum are charged as well, and their movement in the magnetic field of the Earth also leads to the appearance of the circle movement. –The Jungle Apocalypse
contribution by Kia
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85 Responses to Scientists puzzled by giant whirlpools that have appeared in the Atlantic Ocean

  1. eric gonzales says:

    400km whirlpool. 2012 is here. Getting real scary.

  2. J Guffey says:

    Does it make you want to take a cruise in that area?? Cannot imagine running into one of these. Really freaky!

  3. Luca says:

    Wow that is incredible. I have a question though and I hope someone can answer me.

    I know that Whirlpools occur in many parts of the world but have any others been found out in the open ocean?

    If I have read this article correctly these two were found in the open ocean just off the coast of South America. English is not my first language.

  4. gerald says:

    It looks like someone pulled the plug on the ocean floor! Does this have anything to do with plate tectonics?

  5. M Semple says:

    I have been having dreams off and on since last year, and these dreams and messages time and time again come to life. We are in tribulations, a dream and voice I heard before awaking the past week. Another part of it I missed, I believe to have been very important, I hope the message is remembered later or said again. I wanted to voice a statement because there is so many events happening in this world.

    And great site, thank you for your commitement to world events/news. I only follow this page because you provide accurate information :) and without your site I would have not known these things exsist. lol I live in the far north.

      • M Semple says:

        to me tribulations is a time of trouble. just to make the statement clear or some may become confused.

    • Doreen Moss says:

      You reminded me of a experience I had a few months before Hurricane Katrina when I awoke from sleep, actually it was the voice that awoke me and
      it sounded like a man’s deep resonating voice as if it was coming from a
      huge hall. It was so clear, the voice said, ‘The coming world catastrophies and weather changing patterns are the beginning of the end time’ I am not given to things like this happening and it really spooked me. I awoke my husband to tell him as I was so startled. It wasn’t a dream as I seemed to be semi awake when it happened. It just felt like a warning of things to come.

      • old bat says:

        yes, doreen, we are in the end times.

      • M Semple says:

        this voice I hear just before awaking, is a mans voice, and no vision of anything. just darkness :) I have never experienced this before. I have talked with many but they can pin point an answer. but as I read of things that are happening in the world, and comments of similar dreams, I am certian we are in a time of trouble. but so many, many people are so unsure.

        I remember years ago people talked of the same thing, the world is ending. but to me I did not believe it, and at that time we didnt have access to world news, just televised news. I think this is one of the reasons people wont believe it is possible.

      • M Semple says:

        Alvin, edits – I think the dreams were sent for a reason, and that reason is for the people to hear, for the people to understand this earth we live on is not infinite and it is unstable. and now in this age, people are looking for another planet. I have also had visual dream, seperate from the messages. edit-I have talked with many but they can’t pin point an answer. thanks to all that have shared their experiences. I was moved to share, I have never felt this way before. and I think, if I kept it to myself in light of the visual dreams it would be selfish of me. I think the dreams were sent for a reason, and that reason is for the people to hear, for the people to understand this earth we live on is not a infinite and unstable.

    • Mark says:

      Tribulations hasn’t start yet. It is not far away though.

  6. Michael says:

    They lie, though things are not natural, and do not happen every year. Never been reported before. It is a good chance because of all the crazy earthquakes Caribbean Sea going on now, that their may have been some holes opened up on the Ocean floor.

  7. Marilyn says:

    Greetings Alvin,
    I eagerly await your hypothesis. This is very interesting.

  8. J Guffey says:

    Nasa site posted an article about deep-ocean whirlpools. But these could not be seen on the surface. Will be interesting to find out what is causing the sudden change.

  9. Wiseguy says:

    Sorry Alvin, but this time, the picture on top of this article is too dramatic and unreal for what it is. I saw graphics about it and it doesn’t even look as a whirlpool, it’s a very subtle ocean current running clockwise in the ocean. It would be like taking a picture of a Tsunami when talking about higher tides.

  10. Lucy says:

    M Semple thanks for sharing. I also have been having dreams off and on they started in this year and I have never been a person to remember dreams but these are all similar. I do believe that the Lord is coming soon. I saw Christ as a child and I know changes are coming quickly. God Bless you all. May angels guide you safely through whatever may be before you in this life.

    • M Semple says:

      ss Alvin I was not on topic. I just had the sudden urge to share :) I have had many others. One with the moon or sun orange and all looking in the direction of it. than an earthquake before Japan’s March 11, 2011 quake. than a war. Some days its just the messages. Truly amazing… God warned people thoughout the bible of Judgement. I truly believe he warns us now, and more than ever.

      • SC says:

        I too have had many visions of natural disaster in the US and other parts around the world. I keep seeing the land area around the New Madrid fault line get sucked in (literally). The Gulf of Mexico turns black with oil while this happens and somehow the two events are connected.

        I have other visions but have kept them to myself, because no one believes. For the record, I am not religious – spiritual yes, religious. No offense to others. I believe we are all seeing the same things. Thank you Lucy and M Semple for opening the door.

        Extinction Protocol 2012 – your site is amazing. I just discovered and love it!

    • AncientPollyanna says:

      I have recurring, incredible dreams where I’m near the ocean and there are just monstrous waves, really gorgeous turquoise color… then I go look it up in my dream interpretations book and voila! Not the end of the world, but indeed, chaos in my personal life. Go figure.

  11. John says:

    Wow, this is weird. I actually got goosebumps. What if all the old ships near the Bermuda Triangle got lost in whirpools like these?

    • It could be one plausible explanation- the USGS just recently added a Bermuda seismogram on the LISS site. We will likely see more strange occurrance on this water planet as the field declines further.

      • Prion says:

        There have been unusual earthquakes in Ontario Canada near Detroit recently. A long, low intense rumbling sound like an underground train has been heard rumbling at points all along the east coast- from Florida up to Windsor Ontario. One post claimed it was the same roar he had heard before the Montserrat eruption a few years back in the Carribbean.
        Seems to parallel the New Madrid area along the coast running all the way from gulf of Mex to Great Lakes ala Edger Cayce. I have been feeling that the East Coast tragedy will catch all by surprise by hitting first, while most are expecting Calif. David Wilkerson 1974 visions seem to also support this.

  12. William Kolhs says:

    This was a strange event as I am an American living in Brazil. Whats more was to see a giant tornado from the sky reaching down to the sea off the coast of Sao Paulo a few days ago. As the people here are not familiar with those, they did flee the beaches in droves. Yes all are correct, these stange happenings are occurring more frequently. The events are beginning to mirrow the book.
    Thanks EP for the best coverage and updates.

  13. Penny says:

    Ive just seen a video of Japan where the buildings are swaying and the cracks in the road and ground is moving LIQUIFATION, people are carrying on walking around you can see the concrete moving scary!!

  14. Kathleen Baglio says:

    Didn’t a French airliner explode or disappear over that area unexplained a short time ago..did magnatism in affect the planes instrments/

    • Yes, Kathleen. Air-France Flight (447) went down in the South Atlantic Anomaly on June 1, 2009 from a mysterious and still unexplained electrical failure. Similarly, the Japanese satellite Midori 2 was microwaved by radiation after passing over the South Atlantic Anomaly in 2003. Satellites that traverse the area now are programmed to power-off. The SAA is spreading and is clearly one more indication of rapid field deterioration. I document these incidents in my book.

  15. dp says:

    There were many stories of whirlpools in the Atlantic during the 1400s.

  16. says:

    @Kathleen – strange that you would mention that today, noticed this news story earlier – – they found the tail section & black box from that crash, wonder what answers it’ll provide, and if it’ll be the truth.

    great blog btw, I’ve added you to my site, – latest headlines from 32 “alternative” news sources on one simple page. Keep up the great work :)

    • Prion says:

      Found your newsblok by accident and really like it. Thanks for putting it out!

      • says:

        you’re welcome Prion, glad you like it :)

        I found this blog by accident also, glad I did, excellent articles and like Apocalyptic77 said – not many of the mainstream sites are reporting on this, no surprise there…

      • says:

        you’re welcome, glad you like it :)

        I found this blog by accident also, glad I did, some excellent articles that are hard to find elsewhere, good stuff :)

  17. mybetter4you says:

    My thoughts go to the pole shift as a partial cause of these whirlpools?

  18. Lyndon Eaton says:

    this needs to be studied thoroughly, photos taken and a report made for the public to understand this better. I am a sailor, and i would want to be warned of such a thing if i was sailing through that area. also, wanted to mention that oen of those japan liquification videos it shows a mud whirlpool. it was weird, it looked like it was powered by something.

  19. Prion says:

    How much of this is gravitational pull from nearing Planet X or Haarp manipulation of the magnetosphere?

  20. ICA says:

    Wonder what travel agency is gonna be the first to offer tours to Davey Jones’ Locker?

  21. Jay says:

    Sounds like there’s a hole in the bottom of the sea. If there is, then as the water on the surface moves toward center mass of the earth, then the earth will spin faster, which will shorten the length of days and nights. That’s what God said would happen during the tribulation for the sake of the elect because otherwise there would no flesh be saved.

    Did you see Japan today? Downtown streets look like they are floating.
    “And every island fled away.” Revelation 16:20

    • ICA says:

      No, that isn’t what God said. It’s is not the *length* of day that would be shortened, but rather the *number of days* that the people of God are persecuted. In other words, this time is cut short to 1260 days with the Second Advent instead of being permitted to continue indefinitely.

      • GAR says:

        Actually the scriptures do indeed say the day and night will be one third less at some point. basically a 16 hour day. study to show yourself approved. Although you are correct it that “the time will be cut short else no flesh would be saved” or “no flesh would remain alive”. So you are both correct.

  22. Trusthim33 says:

    Yes times of massive tribulations are arriving…but why fear them…for if we fear then we lack in faith and without faith we have now trust in God for faith is a powerful thing…for faith the size of a mustard seed is powerful enough to move mountains

  23. Roy says:

    Last year, off the coast of China/Korea/ somewhere, a large whirlpool developed and took down a very large freighter, with many lives lost, some were rescued.

  24. Billy S. says:

    I agree with Gerald & others, that ‘due to under sea earthquakes, openings in the earth are swallowing many millions of gallons of sea water, & into caverns deep under the crust. I’ve read that there’s 1000’s of miles of tunnels, that may be flooded as well.

    I had a cousin (now deceased), who worked for the U.S. Government years ago as a geologist, who told me one evening that “all those stories about ancient under ground tunnel systems, are actually true, but mostly classified information none the less”.

    They’re used for transportation, by the Elitist. And it was true all the time! I say, ‘better bring a life jacket, if you’re going down under’! Even Edgar Cayce, said things about the oceans losing water due to this phenomenea of these times…

  25. Chad says:

    Don’t believe everything you read on the internet kids…

  26. Javier says:

    WOW i’m from suriname and i thought is was a joke

  27. Madeline says:

    The only areas I liked in geology were outer space and the ocean, so this caught my attention. I’ll just read about it, tho, I don’t care to see it up close.

    • Screenshot says:

      Ya, the universe and the ocean are very interesting. About the giant whirlpools: I’ve seen the same things in Mexico waters about a year ago. But not this big.

  28. 5Sigma says:

    It was a UFO!

    Just kidding… Realistically, one possible reason would be a massive sea floor methane release. Such an event could create a ‘pull the drain plug’ set of forces to develop.

  29. Mahati says:

    Somebody said he will believe it, when he it,s written/ published in a mainstream media. Here is a link to:
    And you will find information also in wikipedia:

  30. Mahati says:

    There are this giant garbage whirlpools in the oceans, this is what humans started.
    I am sure men started all this mess in nature and nature just reacts.

  31. goodbyemilkyway says:

    if there are ‘legit’ news sites..but a ‘newspaper link’, gov-link..nasa image..

  32. Razia says:

    i live in Guyana and this is scaring me…..

  33. Capt.Damir Pavicic says:

    no danger for humans and ships of such big and slowly moving whirlpools.

  34. mg says:

    Perhaps there is an external magnetic field causing the whirl pools. Remember the simple experiment when bar magnets are held under a paper containing iron filings? Well the iron particles form concentric circles due to the effect of the field.Water as a dipole moment and so does all the Na+ and Cl- with their own electric charge can generate circular motions. could it be that the Planet X is generating this field?

  35. sullinsea says:

    What about CO2? Depending on whether you believe th AGW hypothesis, my understanding is that excess atmospheric CO2 isabsorbed by the oceans. I believe it increases acidity and there has been some concern about the effect of that on coral reefs and sea life, especially up here in the North Pacific. My understand is that if atmospheric CO2 remains constant the oceans release CO2 (like bubbles from a carbonated beverage) when ocean temps rise. Would increased acidity impact density enough to contribute to whirlpools? Didn’t read anything in the post or comments that would suggest a causal correlation between the oceanic whirlpools and land tornadoes. Any theories?

    • None. I don’t see a correlation between gases in the ocean and whirlpools, unless we are talking about a temperature inversion or frozen methyl hydrate exsolving creating a pressure bubble. CO2 is absorbed by the ocean and the oceans hold more CO2 than the atmosphere. However, warming oceans from submarine volcanism and anaerobic organisms must also be considered.

  36. Owain ap Thomas says:

    Deary, deary me. This sentence, ‘Even during the dry months, when the movement of oceanic currents and the flow of the Amazon River practically comes to a standstill, the funnels do not disappear’ is so incredibly rubbish it beggars belief. Do the writers have ANY understanding of the hydrosphere and the movements of rivers? If the ocean currents and the Amazon EVER did come to a standstill then you should start to worry.

    And what on earth does this sentence mean? ‘ Natrium and Chlorum are charged as well, and their movement in the magnetic field of the Earth also leads to the appearance of the circle movement.’ Translated it means sodium and chlorine i.e. sodium chloride or SALT are charged and are moving in the magnetic field. Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. Whirlpools are overwhelmingly the result of the interaction of winds and tides. Very, very occasionally as seen off Japan they are caused by earthquakes disturbing the movement of the currents. Whoever wrote this cr*p either knows nothing of oceanic currents or is deliberately trying to cause panic.

  37. Roadpirate says:

    If it has to go with our Magnetic fields they should be @ or around 19.5 degrees off of the equator. Has anyone checked this?

  38. Speter says:

    goodbyemilkyway says: “if there are ‘legit’ news sites..but a ‘newspaper link’, gov-link..nasa image..”

    wha… ha? hahahahaha? bwwaahahahhaha….. you are joking right, you expect the government sites especially nasa to be upfront about the truth?

    They are nothing but a bunch of spokes-holes , chartered with doing certain “allowed thinking” and basic scientific cosmic experiments. all the while discrediting anything remotely related to the truth of humanity. nothing changes, new kings and the slave think they are free. Nasa was also boosted by importing the nazi scientists, sides mean nothing to the elites.

    the space program is a 2 faced joke, because they have probably and likely had antigrav and special propulsion vehicles for a long time in secret. Tesla was playing with anti gravitics and free energy 100 years ago!

    The sheep are none the wiser as long as they have reality tv and sports fandon.

  39. Norrin says:

    hello together
    here is the link to a object which maybe makes a lot of the problems you all talk about…maybe this is has electric whings and is the reason for the heavy suneruptions in the last days…it was visible on lasco c3 from 06.06.2011-19-06-2011 (12.06-15.06 lasco c2) and this object is not merkur!! here is the link:
    if you want to watch the whole event: here the link to the soho gallery:
    have a good life

  40. DKA says:

    I think that global warming has the power to end human life on earth. So you are not dreaming, it is real and Katrina maybe seen has the starting point of a 150 years slow death. It will become so warm that the earth will be a very different planet than today. Perhaps more than 15 or 20 degrees warmer than today. A more softer soil that allows earthquakes to occur much more often than today. Sea hight over 20m higher than it is today. no more ice, or very little in the center of the middle of antartice and a little bit in greenland only.

  41. evoldog1234 says:

    I remember seeing a sign that proclaimed “The World Will End In 1962″. It may have said 1963, but you get the point…;-)

  42. Avdhut says:

    these are called aghulas rings, they do not suck ships down into them. They do not look like whirlpools. They are huge but barely perceptible amidst the currents and waves on the surface of the water. Photos that have been published of them in various media are sensationalist crapola folks.

  43. Lou Rollins says:

    All I want to know is where everything is going to that is being sucked into the whirlpools. Like in a river it has to have a bottom right?

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